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Psychotropic connection to suicide and murder-suicide

Information I shared on my radio program and in Indian Country where the highest rate of suicides take place. Wrote a God inspired paper focusing on suicide among the Lakota….did a radio program which was nixed by the pedophile infested church and pedo enabler John Hatcher on the Rosebud Reservation. The recording was snuffed by a KKK Free Mason named Scott Prentice…a two faced liar and hacker.

Psychotropic connection to suicide and murder-suicides

Prozac, Zoloft, Paxell, Luvox, and others

Listing of Information Links for Your Examination and Evaluation

A Front Group for the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex –

School Shootings Linked to Psychotropic Drugs Such as Prozac, Ritalin, Luvox, and Paxil –

50,000 Prozac Suicides Covered Up  News/Current Events News Keywords: PROZAC, PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, SUICIDE, VIOLENCE, ELI LILLY
Boston Globe
May 7, 2000 Author: Leah R. Garnett
Posted on
05/07/2000 10:17:22 PDT by Al B.  

Psychotropics and suicide prevention. Implications from toxicological screening of 5281 suicides in Sweden 1992-1994 

FDA Covers Up Report – Mosholder: ‘Antidepressants Double Suicides in Children’ 

Eli Lilly Knew Prozac Causes Suicides, Violence – FDA Closed Both Eyes

The Drugging of Our Children

End Of Antidepressants? – 68
Times Greater Suicide Risk Shown!

Experts Say Antidepressant Drugs Cause Suicides Instead of Preventing Them –

Psychiatric Drug Facts

Drug Awareness Information – Psychotropic Information Site with data and case histories –



Prozac Information Sheet #2 – Prozac Causes Violence – Originally Issued 4 June 1990 –

Let them eat Prozac –

Suppressed Paxil Suicide Data Released –


Bush launches controversial mental health plan –


Death From Ritalin – The Truth Behind ADHD –


History of the Fraud of Biological Psychiatry

Lisa Marie Presley Takes a Stand for Children’s Rights click HERE

Psychiatric Drugs (articles and resources)

Suicides and Homicides in Patients Taking Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft: Why They Keep Happening — And Why They Will Continue –

A Couple of Possible Sources for Possible Legal Help and


Anti-Depressant Connection To Suicide and Murder-Suicides


This is a Feb. 17, 2008 post off of my Operation Morning Star web page. I was exposing the connection of Anti-Depressants to suicide and murder suicides among American Indians. This information applies to everyone world wide.


Anti-Depressant Connection to suicide and murder-suicides in “Indian Country” = GENOCIDE

Prozac, Zoloft, Paxell, Luvox, and others

 Paxil Directly Connected to Suicides

Experts say psychiatric drugs linked to long list of school shooting sprees

Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis

Biological Psychiatry Of Nazi Germany

Psych-Rights Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

The Hidden Side Of Psychiatry

Nazi Eugenics Conspiracy-Psychiatry Kills

Eugenics and the Third Reich

Mass Murderers in White Coats  

From Harvard to Buchenwald: A Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics

Cannabis/ Marijuana May Trigger Schizophrenia

“All Truth passes through Three Stages: First, it is Ridiculed…

Second, it is Violently Opposed…

Third, it is Accepted as being Self-Evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer (1778-1860) -Archive    


By Charly Groenendijk
March 22, 2005

  Prozac (fluoxetine) Homicide/Suicide
School Shooting Massacre  

Another tragic Prozac/Sarafem (fluoxetine) Homicide/Suicide School Shooting Massacre

Jeff Weise, 17

Jeff Weise before taking Prozac

Jeff Weise before taking Prozac

Jeff Weise after taking Prozac

Jeff Weise after taking Prozac

 22 March, 2005Minnesota Red Lake School Shooter Jeff Weise, age 17 -taking PROZAC!

The Destructive Effects of Prescription Meds on Our Children’s Minds
There are NO excuses left for the Pharmaceutical Representatives…

Depression makes one down and depressed, but NOT a Smiling Active Killer…
However, Psycho-active medication such as Prozac has this potential influence…
*** The FACTS: Jeff Weise as ‘Nazi’ Prozac School Shooter ***

The FBI has arrested Louis Jourdain, an innocent 16 year old kid who supposedly “planned” the attack together with Weise. Louis Jourdain told the FBI that he never had any intention of going through with the “plan” and that he did not believe that Weise did, either. He even tried to stop Weise from carrying out the act when he saw his friend entering the school armed and shooting. Yet, U.S. federal prosecutors charged this boy with conspiracy to commit murder! And to make matters worse, the FBI now have their eyes on 20 other innocent children who may have heard about the plot! The FBI suspects at least 4 to be directly “involved.” The 2 Big Questions Are:

1. Why does the FBI denies the influence of Prozac (fluoxetine) on the mind of Jeff Weise?

2. Why is the FBI looking to blame innocent school kids who had NO part in the school shooting and some of whom were solely expressing and exchanging their non-serious adolescent videogame mentality?
*** FBI arrests Louis Jourdain, 16 ***

*** Louis Jourdain charged with conspiracy to commit murder ***

*** FBI looks for other “suspects” ***

There are NO excuses left for the Pharma Public Relations Lords:

Jeff Weise was taking medication Prozac (fluoxetine) for a prolonged period of time:
…Prozac, which he had been taking since last summer…

Prozac-dosage upped within range of commonly prescribed dosage 1 week before shootings:
…his prescription was refilled for 60 milligrams a day of Prozac…
…His medication dosage had been increased a week earlier…
…Dr. David Fassler [a psychiatrist] said daily dosage ranges from 10 to 60 milligrams…

He was closely monitored by a mental health professional, teachers, friends & acquaintances:
…he saw a mental-health professional at Red Lake Hospital on Feb. 21…
…”He was getting counseling”…
…not uncommon for him to spend at least one night a week at her home…
…He was on a Homebound program through his own choice…
…received home tutoring…
…his friend Grant, who had Weise at his home for sleepovers nearly once a week for seven years…

He was befriended with and loved the ones he shot:
…nephew she knew as polite and happy…
…”He always made me laugh”…
…”he shot my brother, and he was friends with my brother”…
…Jeff Weise had “a good relationship” with the grandfather he shot and killed…
…”The daughters said Jeff loved his grandfather, and his grandfather loved him”…

His friends noticed a negative personality change as a direct result of taking Prozac:
…”Everybody changes when they start taking antidepressants,'” Grant said.
“He was a lot more quiet. I wouldn’t say any better”…


Medical Reports:
*** Prozac (Sarafem, fluoxetine)-induced Mental-state, Perceptual and Emotional Changes ***
** Prozac-induced Akathisia & Mania: can lead to suicidal, aggressive and/or homicidal behaviours **


March, 27  2005


March 27, 2005

Prozac – Ingredient in a Deadly Rampage?
By Roman Bystrianyk, HealthSentinel

As the victims are laid to rest from the horrible rampage that occurred at Red Lake Indian Reservation just days ago, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people, some are questioning the role Prozac may have played in this tragedy.

According to a recent story in the New York Times, Tammy Lussier, Jeff Weise’s aunt, stated that, “They kept upping the dose for him and by the end, he was taking three of the 20 milligram pills a day. I can’t help but think it was too much, that it must have set him off.”

Another relative of Mr. Weise, Lee Cook, said his medication had increased a few weeks before the shootings on Monday. Mr. Cook states that, “I do wonder whether on top of everything else he had going on in his life, on top of all the other problems, whether the drugs could have been the final straw.”

16-year old Sky Grant, a friend of Jeff Weise said he and Weise talked in detail about antidepressants. He said Weise told him he was taking 40 milligrams a day of Prozac: 20 in the morning, 20 at night. He noted that, “He was a lot more quiet. I wouldn’t say any better.”

According to the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information 2005, “FDA now states that it has determined that antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in children and adolescents with major depressive and other psychiatric disorders”, and states that, “FDA states that a causal relationship to antidepressants has been established in pediatric patients.”

The text also notes that a study of over 4,400 children in short-term placebo controlled studies that the analysis revealed a greater risk of suicidal behavior or thinking in pediatric patients during the first few months of treatment. The average risk was 4% among children receiving antidepressant drugs, including Prozac, whereas those receiving placebo had a 2% risk. In other words, those taking the antidepressants were at “twice the risk”.

The FDA also notes that, “patients being treated with antidepressants for any indication be closely monitored for clinical worsening, suicidality, and unusual changes in behavior, particularly during periods of dosage adjustment.”

According to Drug Facts and Comparisons 2005, there are a number of possible side effects of Prozac. Among the side effects listed are: apathy, euphoria, hallucinations, hostility, neurosis, paranoid reaction, personality disorder, psychosis, antisocial reaction, delusions, confusion, suicidal ideation, and violent behaviors.

An August 10, 2004 Washington Post article, stated that, “Two-thirds of the trials conducted by drug manufacturers found that the medications performed no better than sugar pills, but details of the negative trials were kept from doctors and parents.”

In that article, Steven Hyman, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, noted that, “more government-sponsored research is needed to objectively evaluate the issue. All the company-sponsored trials, for instance, excluded children who were suicidal to begin with.”

Tarek A. Hammand, an FDA medical reviewer, found that compared with depressed children who got placebos, children who got antidepressants had 1.78 times the risk of making a suicide attempt or making preparations toward “imminent suicidal behavior.” Another FDA scientist, Andrew Mosholder, had found that children getting antidepressants had 1.9 times the risk of “serious suicide-related events.”

Over the years a number of horrific events have made it into the headlines:

1989 – Joseph Wesbecker walked into a printing plant in Louisville, Kentucky and killed eight co-workers and then himself. Mr. Wesbecker was taking Prozac, which had recently been approved.

1998 – 14-year-old Kip Kinkle, who was on Ritalin and Prozac, killed his parents and then went on a shooting spree at his Springfield, Oregon, high school, killing two and injuring 22

1999 – Eric Harris, one of the teen gunmen in the infamous Columbine massacre in 1999, had been prescribed Luvox, an antidepressant similar to Prozac. The two boys entered the school with an arsenal of weaponry killed 12 people with many more injured before taking their own lives.

2001 – Christopher Pittman killed his grandparents while taking Zoloft, another antidepressant similar to Prozac. His lawyers faulted the drug, but a jury in Charleston, S.C., convicted him of murder in February.

According to a recent New York Times article, Dr. Frank Ochberg, a former associate director of the National Institute of Mental Health, said he once dismissed any links between antidepressants and suicides or homicidal acts, but that recent research, however, has changed his mind. “If your intention is shooting the place up and dying as you do it, you can put the fantasy together,” he said. “Suicidal and homicidal intentions together could theoretically follow the same path.”

As the first funerals began yesterday for victims of the shootings on the Red Lake Indian Reservation we should pause and examine this tragedy more carefully. If we don’t, then we will not ask, “whether” there will be another school shooting – but “when”.

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Left by: Anonymous on Mar. 28, 2005
Subject: Prozac and Akathisia, Mania

And also go to and you will discover medical reports linking Prozac-induced “Akathisia” to not only suicidal but also aggressive and/or homicidal behaviours!

Left by: Anonymous on Mar. 28, 2005
Subject: Prozac and the U.S.

Simply go to Dr Ann Tracy’s website and/or and you will discover the shocking truth that she is trying to tell everyone, including the president !


Listing of Information Links for Your Examination, Evaluation, and Application to the Understanding Necessary for the Saving Of Native American Lives!

GLAXO Warns of Paxil Suicide Attempts in Young Adults !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here

A Front Group for the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex – 

School Shootings Linked to Psychotropic Drugs Such as Prozac, Ritalin, Luvox, and Paxil –

50,000 Prozac Suicides Covered Up News/Current Events News Keywords: PROZAC, PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, SUICIDE, VIOLENCE, ELI LILLY
Source: Boston Globe
Published: May 7, 2000 Author: Leah R. Garnett
Posted on 05/07/2000 10:17:22 PDT by Al B.

Psychotropics and suicide prevention. Implications from toxicological screening of 5281 suicides in Sweden 1992-1994

FDA Covers Up Report – Mosholder: ‘Antidepressants Double Suicides in Children’

Eli Lilly Knew Prozac Causes Suicides, Violence – FDA Closed Both Eyes

The Drugging of Our Children

End Of Antidepressants? – 68
Times Greater Suicide Risk Shown!

Experts Say Antidepressant Drugs Cause Suicides Instead of Preventing Them –

Psychiatric Drug Facts

Drug Awareness Information – Psychotropic Information Site with data and case histories –



Prozac Information Sheet #2 – Prozac Causes Violence – Originally Issued 4 June 1990 –

Let them eat Prozac –

Suppressed Paxil Suicide Data Released –


Bush launches controversial mental health plan –


Death From Ritalin – The Truth Behind ADHD –


History of the Fraud of Biological Psychiatry

Lisa Marie Presley Takes a Stand for Children’s Rights click HERE

Psychiatric Drugs (articles and resources)

Suicides and Homicides in Patients Taking Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft: Why They Keep Happening — And Why They Will Continue –

A Couple of Possible Sources for Possible Legal Help – and

The Link Between Psychiatry, Drugs, and Suicide

Screening America’s School Children for Suicide, Violence and Mental Illness


The Fake Christian Run “Dustin’s House Of Hope” Is Not What They Say It Is

Again I find myself being a magnet for another fake smile in your face stab you in the back FAKE CHRISTIAN experience and who of course…always thank me for my service  as a USMC Vietnam Combat Veteran!

This experience with Dustin’s House of Hope was unique because they professed to be “Veteran Friendly”  with and for combat Veterans suffering from PTSD and who are a potential suicide statistic unless that is…your “spirituality” does not “mesh” with theirs. (See article below with services mention and NONE OF WHICH are on their Facebook page or were mentioned to me.)

But they will “bait you” to get “donations” which after they get, will cast you off like a piece caca which donations from me were VERY SPECIAL AND USABLE which I only gave because I trusted these LIARS who used the “Name of Jesus” to deceive me no less!

At the suggestion of a REAL BELIEVER…I was informed about this group and made a call to the woman who ran this scam program. I came, I met and shared my experiences in the Nam…as well as my God given insights into the “Reality of Suicide” having had personal and secondary experience with.

This included working directly with American Indian youth and adults speaking to them in their homes, jails and detention centers. I  shared with them information from a inspired by God paper titled “Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide” that addressed the “spiritual” reality of suicide that did in fact save lives. There were over 7000 copies given out on Reservations in South Dakota and to NATIVE AMERICAN VETERANS!

One Lakota woman I picked up who was hitch hiking on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (and where I lived while doing this work), asked me what I was doing there. I told her and mentioned the paper. She said she had just read a copy and that it “save her life”! My God at work.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this so called “non-profit” that professes with their lips Jesus was for me a failure given the woman who runs it failed to prevent the suicide of her own son! And what she, her brother and “husband” shared with me…they have little if any understanding of the Satanic forces at work in the lives of those men and women in the military suffering from Satan inspired “suicide ideation”.

So after I shared my testimonies (which I realize later that they categorically rejected and in spite of successes), I was invited to come back again and guess what? After I drove 40 miles one way to the “gate” to meet at the appointed time, the “husband” was not there. Neither did he answer my calls then or later which made him and this organization a collective of liars!

But they did keep my most prized gifts though and more then likely sold them for “profit” like they do with other donations as shown on their Facebook page.

By the way…during the two times I was there…I only met ONE and the same VETERAN and he was a family member. And if you scan their Facebook page and timeline of postings…count just how many veterans do you see staying “there” with a photo, discussions about etc. etc….good luck! But you will see lots of “family” photo’s though..meaning a “not for profit” for the benefit of “family and friends” more than the veterans they say they offer help to and for!

From my personal experience with “Dustin’s House of Hope”, they offered nothing of substance for PTSD Veterans and I could see and other than their “Christian” failure to save one of their own and if they can’t do that, then I ask what can they do for you!

The way they treated this combat Marine of 18 months in Vietnam was a throwback to the days of my experiences with the “hippies” upon return from Nam except for the fact…these folks added a new definition to the word “hypocrite”!

As if I didn’t have my own PTSD memories and they showed they could of cared less as “Fake Christians” who used me to get valuable and worth money donations for their failed project while then ignoring me as if I was a “KIA” and I was…as a result of my “action”  with them! (And do you see ANY Vietnam Vets mentioned on their page?)

Semper Fi to my fellow veteran brothers and sisters.

FACEBOOK PAGE for this fake “Christian” lying to this veteran page who they USED! When I called then out…THEY BLOCKED ME LOL!

Image may contain: text

Family plans house of hope for those with PTSD

The family of the late Dustin Hudson hopes to honor his memory and help other soldiers with a new retreat center designed to help those dealing with post traumatic stress disorder and their families.

“There wasn’t enough help for my fiance,” says Michaela Ray, Mr. Hudson’s fiancee. “Afterward, we found out that, on average, 22 soldiers fighting PTSD take their life every day. That’s a lot. And that’s not OK.”

Mr. Hudson took his life on April 21 after struggling with PTSD for four years. He had served with the U.S. Army for four years and went on tours to Afghanistan in 2007 and 2011.

“He was amazing,” Ms. Ray, of St. Joseph, says. “He was very loving and caring. He’d do anything for anyone. He used to pick up hitchhikers on the road so they didn’t have to walk. He’d accept you as you were.”

They had planned to get married this July and move to Tennessee to be closer to his two children, Ms. Ray says. He’d also planned on adopting her 5-year-old son.

“He took my son in as his own from day one,” Ms. Ray says. “My son didn’t know what a dad was until Dustin came.”

Now, Ms. Ray and the Hudson family hope to help other soldiers and their families facing similar situations.

“We don’t want other families to get the phone calls they got, to make the phone calls they had to make,” Ms. Ray says.

House of Hope

Mr. Hudson grew up on his family’s land in a house that they built by hand near Fordland, Mo., just outside Springfield. After Mr. Hudson’s father passed away in February, the family planned to sell the property.

“That was their whole life there,” Ms. Ray says. “When this happened, they decided to turn it into a way to escape the PTSD demons.”

The family is in the process of turning the house and land into “Dustin’s House of Hope,” a nonprofit retreat center for soldiers dealing with PTSD.

“There is tons of land,” Ms. Ray says. “You can go fishing in the creek, have campfires, go camping. It’s completely away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

There will be volunteer nurses on call as well as a certified therapist. The house has multiple bedrooms, and they are working on securing cabins for extra living spaces on the property. They hope to be able to house families as well as individuals, Ms. Ray says.

“There is something therapeutic about being with other people who have experienced similar things — just cooking together in the kitchen, hanging out together, all the inside jokes you have,” Ms. Ray says. “You know what the other person has been through.”

They are currently in need of furniture and other basic items and hope to be able to pave the gravel driveway. They are working with Battling Bare, a nonprofit organization for soldiers with PTSD, to raise money and have a Dustin’s House of Hope page.

There will be no cost for the soldiers and their families to use the center, and they hope to be able to open it as soon as possible, Ms. Ray says. They are willing to provide transportation to help soldiers get to the house.

“We want to open as soon as we get the first phone call,” Ms. Ray says. “It’s just getting the word out there.”

Getting help

Getting help for PTSD isn’t always straightforward, Ms. Ray says. Mr. Hudson sought additional help starting in January, but waiting lists are often long and it can be difficult to find the right help, Ms. Ray says.

“We didn’t get an appointment for in-processing until the third of March. We couldn’t get a behavioral health appointment until May,” she says. “But May was too far away.”

They hope that Dustin’s House of Hope will help fill those gaps by providing aid quickly and without “red tape or slammed doors,” Ms. Ray says.

“We want them to have peace and healing, a way to have hope again because they all lose hope,” she says. “We want them to know that (suicide) isn’t the only way out. There is hope and help. People do care.”

Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide…The Genocide of Native Americans By Self Murder!


Karen Sue Andras and Bill Bunting…who  call Native American’s “Prairie Niggers” and laugh when another one commits suicide!


Genocide of Native Americans by Suicide As Spiritually Understood

The Deception of Self-Murder As Inspired By The Deceiver and Liar and Murderer From The Beginning…SATAN!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to do it….”

 FOREWORD: There are more suicides by American Indian Youth per capita then among any other ethnic group in America. This article I wrote being inspired by God to do so was for the purpose of both exposing the “spiritual understandings” connected to suicide as well as offering a “spiritual of God” solution.

During a two week period in the month of July and August 08, 2010, there were 4 suicides in the community of Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Overall…suicides are on a RISE throughout the Reservation.

This was a email received (12/9/09) concerning the week of (12/2-12/9) from a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. A State of Emergency was declared on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe reservation in 3/07 because of the increase in suicides and attempted suicides. There were 61 attempts from Jan 1-07 to March 12-07  

“Hey we had another suicide you probably heard about last week, also 4 attempted this past weekend, the youngest being 14 year old male, who tried to hang himself but was caught, one cut their wrist, one overdosed, the last just happened last night, didn’t get the info on how they tried. I now am hearing that the kids today are thinking “It’s the in thing to do”…on some of their bebo pages they brag about…if their going to go out, “their going to go out to suicide, end their own chit”. I’m in total disbelief right now, this is a emergency situation. I think what’s needed to be done to try to combat the situation is change their perception of thinking, shove it down their throats, Suicide is evil, something is messed up here. – Anthony Bordeaux Jr. is a Sicangu Lakota and member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. 

 Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide

Buddy Red Bow, a traditional Oglala Lakota singer wrote a song entitled “Journey to the Spirit World”, a song about “getting ready” to pass over into the “Spirit World” and into a life of joy and not like the one here. “The Ghost Dance” was and is a prayer expressing the visionary hope and promise of a better life before and after death because the “Red Messiah” who’s name is “Wanikiya” (Jesus in Lakota) will return to deliver His people from all that is not of Him in this life. He will raise from the dead those of our relatives that have passed into the Spirit World and we all shall be together again. Traditional Lakota and most other Native American beliefs say our spirit enters into the Spirit World upon the death of our body. Once there, it is our hope and the promise of the Messiah, even Jesus Christ, to be in His presence where we will experience the healing of our hearts, be with our loved ones and relations, and where all suffering and pain is no more forever.

There are many reasons for the death of the body. Some natural such as old age with the body simply wearing out like an old moccasin. Other things contribute to the death of our body such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease and in Indian Country, they are primary killers. Then there are the drug and alcohol death destroying affects on our body, on our brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.

These same drugs and alcohol also allow for “spirit-heart changers” (evil spirits or demons) to overthrow our souls. These evil spirits inspire first thoughts and then the behaviors that hurt and kill as evidenced in rape, abuse, fights, beatings, shootings, stabbings, child molestations, and alcohol connected car wrecks as seen throughout “Indian Country”. These dark spirits work both in us and outside of us through others. They contribute to the destruction of marriages, families, young and old alike. Alcohol is the preferred beverage of the devil and his angels (demons/evil spirits) and is his “death drink” that is used by him to inspire evil Non-Lakota/Non Native American behaviors found among us. Drugs are also used, both illegal and “legal”.

Then there is the death that is different from all others. It is death by self-murder which we call Suicide. Suicide is when we make a choice to “kill ourselves”. We do this because we believe that we will be delivered from all that troubles us here in this life. We are “evil spirit/demon led” to believe this lie. Otherwise we would not attempt to kill ourselves. Native American spirituality does not allow for, inspire, or give examples of suicide as being the will of Tunkasila the Creator…our God.

It is important to understand that suicide is ONLY the killing of ones body. The spirit inside of the body never dies. Only the body dies when we kill ourselves. When the body dies, the spirit continues to live as it immediately leaves the body and enters into the “Spirit World”. After your spirit leaves your body, you find yourself awake then even as you are now in reading these words.

All the feelings, thoughts, and experiences that lead to suicide first begin with a “spiritual thought” that is next acted out through our flesh in the act of killing ourselves.  Before we “kill our body”, we are FIRST “spiritually attacked” in our heart and mind by the evil spirits who give us the “excuse or reasons” to kill ourselves. The ONLY goal of “evil spirits/demons” is to “convince us” that there is no other choice in life but to kill ourselves and that suicide is our only escape from the pain we are suffering here. It should be noted, that the very same demons/spirits that put the reasons in our mind to “kill ourselves” also are responsible for helping create the real life experiences which hurt us.

One of the most used “excuse or reason” put into our heart and mind to murder ourselves is when our heart is betrayed by the one we love, who we find with another. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, THIS betrayal of our heart has been said to be the same as death itself for THIS pain is not measurable in words. It is then we begin to experience the thoughts of suicide and we “feel like dying” and this is because the “demons/evil spirits” KNOW that we are now at our weakest. It is also then THEN that the “demons/evil spirits” put the thought into our mind that “killing ourselves” is THE ANSWER for us to escape this pain and to “hurt those that hurt us” because they “broke our heart” when they betrayed us.

Other times of when we are weak spiritually is when we lose a loved one to an untimely death where they die from cancer, an accident, or when a close relative, loved one, boyfriend or close friend, kill themselves. All of these experiences cause spiritual pain to our heart and mind. If we do not understand the promise of the Jesus Christ that we shall be reunited together in the spirit world when we pass over, we find ourselves in our weakest state of mind and then are more easily influenced by the “demonic spirits” who put thoughts in our mind for us to kill ourselves.

How cunning are these evil spirits? Think about this. Not only do they try to get you/us to kill ourselves but they also were the spiritual source of the lusts, thoughts, and feelings and actions on the part of those that chose to betray our love and hurt us! It is the same even when we lose a loved one. They try to use any loss to tempt us with the thought that maybe we now should kill ourselves.

There are other reasons “put into our hearts and minds” to kill ourselves as found in the “memories” of parents, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend never being sober, who drink themselves into total unawareness of us. Children especially suffer because it is they who need most the love and affection of their parents but receive none. Some suffer from beatings and sexual abuse and have nowhere to go or no one to turn to or trust. Young children kill themselves to escape the “hell of home”.

The daily experiences on the majority of reservations are a constant reminder of the past and present oppression. No jobs, houses that are falling apart with no way to fix them, no money for food and bills, to buy things needed for children and babies and the list goes on leaving us with no hope for things to get better. It is this feeling of hopelessness that also pulls us into the dark pit of despair. It is then we are tempted to believe the LIE given to us by evil spirits that death by suicide will deliver us from our pain and suffering and be our “Savior”.

The harsh, oppressive, and inhuman realities of reservation life are NOT an accident. They are made by those who followed the “intelligence” of the same evil spirit who is trying to convince us to kill our self. That spirit is called the “devil”. Think about this. What is the solution he offers you for things to change? Say “get drunk or high” or WORSE , “kill yourself” while he IS the one that created the very “reservation reasons” which he then uses to convince you to destroy yourself!

In the beginning of Native American history, it was the Creator (called Tunkasila among the Lakota) who taught us our spirituality. It was not learned from the White man, the “Catholic-Christians”, the Pope, Mormons, or any other European source. Our spirituality and teachings do not teach us to hurt, betray, humiliate, defile, disrespect, murder, rape, abuse, or desecrate another soul. The Creator said in all our relationships we should do good to one another and love one another in all areas of our life. We are to be faithful to our wives and husbands. We are to be compassionate, generous, and giving, We are to make sure that there are no poor or hungry among us, no homeless, our elders, women and children are to be loved, respected, and taken care of. That is the will of the Creator Tunkasila and when we follow His spirit in being that way, we are then living on the Red Road and are who we were created to be.

To not live this way is to live and experience the spiritual and physical “death” of the Black Road and is not the way of God. When a soul “listens to and follows the evil spirits of the Black Road, we begin to do things that are hurtful to others and ourselves. See how smart the devil is? Of course, while he is doing this, he whispers in our ears “there is no devil…I am no devil”.

A man wrote about an experience he had in the Spirit World. He was shown how evil spirits enter our mind and influence us. While in a hospital and very sick, he suddenly “died” on the operating table and was “dead” for 8 minutes. During this time, he began to experience his spirit leaving his body. The next thing he realized and understood was that he was in the presence and company of one who identified himself as Jesus Christ. It was during this experience with Jesus that he witnessed two most important scenes.

The first one was when he was taken to to a scene where he saw a young man sitting down next to his father and saying “Pops Pops…I am sorry … please tell mom I am sorry…” begging his father to tell his mother over and over again. The problem was, his father could not hear him cry out in this pain and agony. Another scene he saw a young girl crying out to her boyfriend…to forgive her and that she was sorry for what she had done. Again, she could not be heard.

What Jesus revealed was this. He told the man who was with him that “These are those that committed suicide and this was the consequence of their act”!! How powerful and yet sad. They did not know that when they killed themselves that this was what they would be experiencing in the “Spirit World” and having to confront. There is more about this understanding in this writing down below.

The next experience Jesus showed this man was when he was taken into a bar and allowed to witness a scene where he saw many men who were heavily drinking. He also noticed that their were other “spirit bodies” there who were trying to drink the same drink but they were unable. These “spirits without bodies” were trying to grab a drink of alcohol. Each time they tried to grab a drink, their hand passed through the glass. The man then realized the “others” trying to drink were “spirits” of those who had died and were in the Spirit World in this same “need to drink” but could not. In this condition. In the spirit world, they found themselves still craving and wanting to drink but without a “body of flesh”, they could not. This was their torment…to want to drink but to never ever experience again and this was their “eternal condition” in the Spirit World. A word for this is called “hell”.

Then Jesus was directed this man to observe a man who passed out from drinking heavily and fell on the floor. All of a sudden, he was shocked to see this man’s forehead open up a “spiritual hole” in the front of his forehead. All of a sudden, one of the “spirits” that had died and had no body, the one that was trying to drink his drink, IMMEDIATELY entered into him through that opening in his forehead like a flash of lightening.

This experience shows how alcohol and drugs are the “door openers” for demons/evil spirits to enter our hearts and minds. Once “inside of us”, they can then more easily influence our thoughts, feelings, and then our actions. It is when one drinks alcohol and or is doing drugs, that anger, rage, hate, beatings, abuse, rapes, killings etc, take place because they are “evil spirit” inspired. Sometimes one remembers what they do when under the influence of EVIL SPIRITS other times no.

It needs to be understood that the most EVIL of acts we commit are inspired by those “spirits” caste out of Heaven with Lucifer who is Satan the Devil. They are here on earth without bodies. They work is to change our hearts and thinking so that we do the most evil things to one another and ourselves. They are the spirits that convince us to kill ourselves!

So we now we see how these spirits get us to KILL OURSELVES through use of alcohol and drugs. Once they have place in our hearts and minds, they are then able to become one with our thinking and are then more easily able to convince us that “their thoughts” are OURS. They work to get us to believe the LIES they put in our mind that there is only ONE WAY to stop all of our pain, to end the memories of suffering. Finally, they are able to overcome our will power and thinking so that then we cannot tell their thinking from ours. They are so good at what they do, that we are now thinking their thoughts to the point we do not know this. This is how the devil uses alcohol and drugs with their goal being to convince us to KILL OURSELVES. When we believe their lie because they are now in control of our spirit and body…all of our thoughts and feelings and we no longer are aware of this.

This is why alcohol is the preferred beverage of Satan. Alcohol and drugs are more times then not, directly connected to “self-murder”. Remember, that it was the European who first offered alcohol and continues to do so now. Therefore, understand who the Oppressor represents in both this life and eternity. Say Satan who has his regional headquarters in White Clay!

The following story is a powerful, sad, and painful one. During a traditional Lakota wiping of tears ceremony during a sweat, Elder’s Beatrice Whiting, member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe and her husband Ed, member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, had a revealing and powerful experience “FROM the spirit world”. It came in the form of a young Lakota woman who committed suicide at the age of 17.

While they were singing and praying during their sweat, a light began to appear before them. As it increased in size, they began to see the face of this young woman they new. Her name was Darliss Brown, a member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. Darliss was the daughter of Darla Rabbit and was a past student of Beatrice. Darliss had committed suicide two weeks before. Why? Because her heart was betrayed when she found her boyfriend with another girl. Darliss was also carrying “their” child.

The spirit of Darliss was weeping and cried out saying “I am sorry, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do it”. Beatrice saw her suffering and saw that Darliss NOW realized the consequences of her self-murder. In the spirit world, Jesus allowed Darliss to experience and feel in her heart and mind every single emotion of pain and sorrow of those that loved her as if it was her own. As a result, she suffered “with them” because of what she did. She wept as they wept and mourned as they mourned over her death when they found out, at the wake, the funeral, and in the private places of weeping and wailing where no one saw them except her!

Darliss saw the hurt she caused her mother, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, friends and relatives. This was the consequence of her self-murder. No escape, no joy, no deliverance from THIS pain and suffering. This was the consequence of her being “deceived” to kill herself.  She was so sorry she HURT THEM THAT MUCH and had she known, she would never have killed herself.

One has to ask when you are being given thoughts by demons/evil spirits to kill yourself, do YOU want to hurt those who love you THAT MUCH? Darliss had been deceived into killing herself and was sorry but ONLY after her spirit left her body and entered into the spirit world. There her awareness was immediate and it was there that Jesus allowed her to understand that suicide was “demon/evil spirit inspired/alcohol/drug connected” and that she believed the lie of the devil and his evil spirits that they put into her mind. We now see how alcohol was the door opener for these evil spirits to enter into her body, heart, and mind…even her soul.

On November 25th of 0/7, four years after Darliss killed herself, Jesus allowed her mother to receive a visit from her daughter. Darliss came to her mother from the “spirit world” and into “time”. Darla was in her bedroom lying on her bed. She was holding a photo of Darliss and still grieving and weeping for her and still feeling the pain of missing her in her heart. All of a sudden, she felt a cool breeze in the room. At that moment, Darliss appeared before her in spirit and spoke to her in comforting words, “Mom, it’s all right, it’s all right”. Darla felt the love of her daughter for her as she spoke to her and that she was still sorrowful for what she had done as she was still grieving over the pain she had caused her mother and others, four years later.

Few who commit suicide are allowed by Jesus to come back from the “spirit world” to explain or share anything. They only see and witness the suffering of those they hurt. It is like the “two way mirror” in a police movie where you see but are not seen by those on the other side. You weep and wail and cry out for forgiveness and try to explain to them your mistake to all those you loved and who loved you, but it is no use because you can neither be seen or heard. You realize once you are in the “spirit world” that you were deceived by the devil and his evil spirits into believing the LIE that committing suicide was the “right thing or cool thing do” or that all your “troubles” would be over. This was a lie because now you suffer the torment and pain in realizing your act of self-murder cannot be undone. This is and will be your torment…or “hell”. Is there an end to this suffering? YES and there is forgiveness but only when Jesus determines you have learned your lesson. Then there is a healing. The question for everyone to ask is, do we want to kill ourselves to experience this?

Cherokee Walking Eagle Kills In Water is a Sicangu Lakota and member of the of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. She lost her daughter Crystal to suicide. Crystal was a mother of six children. She also was drinking alcohol when she killed herself. She likewise was deceived by “evil spirits” into believing the lie that she could escape the pain that was in her life by committing suicide. Cherokee also had a “spirit world” experience with her daughter Crystal that helped her in her grieving. Three weeks after her daughter’s funeral, she had a “real life vision where Crystal appeared to her and started gently rubbing her head. She could feel her touch on her head. Crystal asked her mother “Are you alright”? Cherokee said “Yes, I am alright”. She felt Crystals concern for her as well as her sorrow over what she did. Cherokee wept during this visit from her daughter and was thankful that Jesus allowed Crystal to come to her as this helped her heal. When she awoke from the dream, Crystal had gone back to the “spirit world”.

Evil spirits will destroy our soul directly or through others using alcohol and drugs which are the tools of the Devil. He is then able to trick us (as the “trickster from hell) into believing the lie of suicide. The truth is suicide only releases our spirit into the spirit world when our body dies and when we arrive there in spirit, which is instantly, we then begin to suffer the consequences of this deception with no place to hide from the witnessing of the pain we cause those that loved us.

So what is the answer and alternative to suicide? It is the restoring of our love for one another as inspired by and demonstrated by Jesus Christ when He once walked among Native Peoples on this land. Crazy Horse was that example, Sitting Bull also was. The Spirit of the Creator manifested in the flesh through Jesus, must be restored in our hearts again. When that happens, no longer will we do or say anything to hurt another and thus we will no longer be used by the devil to be the source of death and destruction of other souls or our own. This also means we no longer use alcohol or do drugs. Until we cease this evil, we will continue suffering as a people individually and as a Nation.

The Black Rap Culture is also a tool of of the devil and his evil spirits. They are working hard to place in the hearts of young Native youth the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are demeaning to young Native men and women, Elders etc. This evil spirit of the THIS BLACK ROAD inspires violence, hate, vengeance, abuse of women, inspires murders and reduces Native sexuality to something disrespectful where women are dishonored, abused, raped, beaten etc. A Native females is not a “bitch” or “ho”. She is to be treated with dignity and respect. That is being truly Native. The opposite is the way of the devil. Native men have no excuse to be or do the same and in the spirit world, if they do not stop this behavior while alive, they will suffer the eternal consequences…say hell and deservingly so. In fact, Native men who treat Native women and children this way, will be with those blacks and whites who have done the same to their women as well as Native women.

What does all this mean in “real time’? It means one ceases to do in their life all that you know hurts and harms another including oneself. You do what you must to quit drinking, doing drugs, gambling. You seek out help, go to ceremonies, and pray to your Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ to be given the power to change. It means you go to those you have hurt and tell them you are sorry and ask for their forgiveness and that you forgive those that hurt you. It means to become once again the faithful husband and wife, the mother or father that has been missed and is needed by your children, the relative and friend that was once there and needs to return. It means you forgive yourself even as Jesus has forgiven you. It means you begin to love yourself because you loved by Jesus and that His example of love is the example you were created to also be in your life for that is truly being Native.

It means that while you are here alive in your flesh before you journey to the spirit world, that you make this change while you still can so that you can undo the wrong which you have done to others. It means you no longer allow yourself to be deceived and directed by the evil spirits and be used by them in the destroying of your own people, your women and children, and yourself. Because when that happens, it is to late to love those that are lost even as it is to late to return from the spirit world when you kill yourself because of what others have done to you. It means turning to your Heavenly Father and praying for the strength to do what you must, for Him to heal you of all the pain and suffering you have caused or experienced in your life, because it cannot be done without His power which is His love for you.

This is the way to heal the broken hoop, to break the cycle of oppression and hate experienced and learned from Satan. God is waiting for us to turn to Him and ask for the strength to change in our hearts. He promises to heal us of our pain. That is what the Sun Dance is really about, as shown by the ultimate sacrifice of THE First Sun Dancer, even Jesus, the ultimate gift of healing and love. He is asking us this day to decide which road to take, the Red Road of blessing and healing and which restores our love for Him and one for another or the “Black Road” so many find ourselves on now, the one of evil inspired by the devil himself, the one of cursing, death, and hell, the one destroying us individually and collectively

The choice is laid before us to have restored that which was lost at Wounded Knee on December 28, 1890 in the vision, purpose, and prayer of the Ghost Dance. It is said in our prophecies given to us by Jesus  that the Wasichu (White man) and Oppressor will never change for our good and that is the reason why Turtle Island will be “cleansed” by Him in the judgments soon to come upon this land.

This is why we must pray together to Tunkasila…even Almighty God, in the name of the One who represents all that is Holy, Jesus Christ, to deliver us from those evil spirits represented in the past and present so that the influences and affects of the devil are no more found in our hearts. When this happens, we once again can be called the people of the Almighty God and Jesus Christ and experience the answer of the Ghost Dance in having restored unto us the blessings we once experienced when He was in our midst on this land as His People.

When this happens, we will again be his Holy people, a people of one heart, one mind, dwelling in righteousness with no poor among us. It is because of His Sun Dance that death and hell IS overcome and our bodies and spirits healed and restored one to another. It is because of Jesus Christ that we will experience His promise of all of us being united together not only in the Spirit World but also on this earth!


Richard Boyden is available to speak at schools, community centers, church’s and (or elsewhere). He is a former instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University and taught “Investigative Journalism-Introduction to Radio Broadcasting”, former Marine and combat veteran. He is as an “attempted suicide survivor” who knows from personal experience what the spiritual realities and consequences of suicide are.

He can be reached at 816-599-1388 day or night or email at

He has documented information on the suicide connection to anti-depressants on the OMS Web site at

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