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Bill Bunting Threatens To Murder Latino Business Owner And His Wife

UPDATE: NEWest Blog Radio Program/Podcast about Bill Bunting 10/15/2018

Pathological Liar Bill Bunting Further Exposed As Woman Beater and Rape Promoter




Boyden Report Blog Radio Program

Hear Bunting in his own words threaten to KILL Larry Rodriguez and what Rodriguez did for Bunting in contrast to recorded BUNTING LIES!


Bill Bunting…Facebook page for homicidal woman abuser and promoter of the Rape of Women in his own words sent to me.

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Business owned by Larry Rodriquez who helped Bunting…let him stay in cabin, fed 2 meals a day and gave money to!

Felony Truck Damage To Larry Rodriquez’s Truck by Bill Bunting


William Bunting

CountyFulton, GA
Booking Number231540
SO #P00872657
Hair ColorBlond or Strawbe
Eye ColorBlue
Booking Date2002-10-05


Warrant # Issuing Auth Offense Date Bond Amount Fine/Crt Costs Disposition Charge
0.00 Transfer to Another Agency COLUMBUS PD #02011918

“Karen Sue” ANDRAS BILL BUNTING’S “GODDESS” AND WITCH (Facebook Page) who Bunting BEAT !

WITNESS TO BUNTING’S PHYSICAL ABUSE OF KAREN SUE ANDRAS From Page Pusey Forth: owner of Bonnie Lea Farm and Retreat

“His GF…(Karen Sue Andras) smacked her head on a rock, trying to get away from him: AKA Bill Bunting

In total, she has injured herself on this farm FOUR times (that I know of) TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM BILL. She started a fight with him a couple of weeks ago because she felt the static in the air — ANY woman who has EVER been abused KNOWS what I’m talking about — just before lightning strikes and high tailed it out of here BEFORE she got hurt again — from him “not laying a hand on her.”

“I’m hoping that his on again, off again girlfriend comes back to file HER charges, at least, for that gash on her head.” Page Pusey Forth

Page Pusey Forth After, finally, seeing my therapist and going over the events of that Friday night, I am able to get a clearer picture of what we have been dealing with since Bill arrived here:

He admitted to having been diagnosed as a psychotic, paranoid schizophrenic. I did not see the paranoia, only a modicum of schizophrenia and the psychosis seemed to be intermittent but largely controllable with marijuana.

BOTH times that Bill flipped out on me, Karen was missing AND we were out of pot — he was, also, drinking BOTH times though, I suspect, drinking has less to do than the other two factors.

Had Karen been there, it would have been her, not me, both times: of that, I am certain.

However, I am extremely concerned about a few other things, particularly, what he SAID:

While I largely was not listening to what he was screaming at me, I did catch a few gems, not the least is my promotion from “ignorant cunt” to “filthy whore.”

“Ignorant cunt” is what you call someone you have no personal relationship with, while “filthy whore” implies someone with whom one is having a physical relationship: NEITHER is true. I considered Bill a friend though NOT one with whom I had ANY other relationship…. but, WHAT does any of that mean in the mind of a psychotic?

The PERCEPTION of a psychotic can change from one moment to the next and, since perception IS reality, their REALITY changes just as quickly.

Bunting also threatened Page Forth…call it abusive assault and kept moving toward her face screaming and she DEFENDED HERSELF  and then beat his ass!  See link to story and PODCAST

Page Pusey Forth Beat The Shit Out of Bill Bunting The Pussy

Bill Bunting believes women deserve to be RAPED BY “REAL MEN” LIKE HIM!

…quote sent to me

Documented in his own words below sent to me personally!

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- Bill “ Proud Confederate” – Bunting


Bunting calls Native Americans “Prairie Niggers”! This woman was raped and murdered by Buntings IDOLS…AIM! She deserved it Bunting said!


Suzanne Dupree a friend of mine was raped by Russell Means the American Indian Movement killer who Bunting said DESERVED IT!

Missing and Murdered Toni Anderson…

Read what Bill Bunting the RACIST AND WOMAN HATER said about her in this quote on my blog page from his!

Said Toni Anderson deserved to DIE BECAUSE SHE SUCKED “NIGGER DICKS”!



TA (Toni Anderson) sucked nigger dicks for crack. She was a drug addict and drunk stripper and nothing you can say will change the FACT she was nothing more than and party girl who fell asleep after being high on coke and Meth and up for days sucking nigger dicks on dope and drowned.

And all you are trying to do is get a free lap dance from her friends. But you can’t even buy pussy boy(den) one wants a fat one nut john who lies snout service.

You like hookers because your mom was one. She came home after being butt fucked by sailors and you were butt fucked by your dad. All Zicklers are sexual deviants.

So quit trying to make the dumb party girl out to be some Joan of ark… She was a party girl… DOCUMENTED. And party girls are coke heads and Meth addicts like she was.

Fucking loser. Get real


Karen Sue Andreas with son Norman Shelton wh are both  Satanists and embraces the teachings of Demon Aleister Crowley. Both heard Crowley breathing under her bed at 117 E. Vine Oberlin Ohio where Norman lives! (His wife also heard Crowley)

Image result for marijuana demon possession

Buntings and Karen Sue Andras’s demonic possession…Psychiatrist Says Demonic Possession Is Real

In Nam from 66 to 68… 18 months…12 and then 6! United States Marine Corp!!!

ALL of  Bunting’s lies about ME exposed in below blog and link including “never served” etc etc etc.

Bunting LIES about me. NO documentation or from “Karen Sue” ANDRAS on her FB page ANYWHERE!!!  i Never beat or raped her like Bunting did! Ask her if I did! Message her!

Image result for Tom Januzzi

See timing of my court case … and marriage certificate … Karen Sue Andras came to me AFTER AND MARRIED ME! 🙂 The Pedophile friendly Catholic Church active member and judge Tom Januzzi would not let her testify.


Gave a “no contact order” which SHE BROKE and asked ME to marry her and came to Missouri to live in the A FRAME LOG HOME I got her in Ava Missouri ! 🙂 DOCUMENTED TIMING WISE!

I brought a gun when going to see her in case one of her REAL ABUSERS WHO TRIED TO KILL HER one being the father of her daughter in law Rusty/Dusty Laudermilk (never filed police report or tell family but had to go to hospitial) saw us and tried to hurt her AGAIN! This bastard judge and tyrant tried to put me in jail for 3 years while violating all my constitutional rights!



Hy-Vee Chief Executive Edeker Teams With Racist While Terminating “Employees” At A Successful “Market Grill”!

No automatic alt text available.
I am convinced that Hy-Vee has a problem with “Systemic Racism” when it comes to American Indians. My 2d Blog documents my first experience with their hate of American Indians. Read this as a “INTRO” to this one >>>>>>>>

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CLICK THIS>>>>    Did You Know That Mark Wahlberg, Hy-Vee Chief Executive Randy Edeker’s Buddy Who He Is Going Into The BURGER Businss With, Has a Criminal History of Racially-Motivated Assaults?

Related image

” Kristyn Atwood was among a group of children Wahlberg and his friends attacked with rocks and racial epithets during a field trip in Boston in 1986.”

Can you say “GOOK” and “NIGGER”?

Wahlberg can and that’s not a problem for Hy-Vee Chief Executive Randy Edeker

Mark Wahlberg.
Mark Wahlberg filed an application for a pardon with the Massachusetts state parole board in November 2014. Photograph: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Hy-Vee Chief Executive Randy Edeke partners with racist homicidal bastard and his favourite celebrity Mark Wahlberg to get into the

“burger business“.

Related image

Related image

Related image

Meanwhile, while tainting the Hy-Vee name with Wahlberg, Edeker and his “bean counting” fellow execs decided to “destroy” a profit making “Market Grill” in Independence Missouri (23d and Lees Summit) by converting it into a “Market Express”. Reason? Because the seating capacity is LESS THEN 120! No matter the two managers that put this Market Grille on the map made THIS MARKET GRILL the most profitable in the area! Another “stinky butt” rumor is that Edeker and “boys and girls” are trying to save money!

That really makes sense…IF your business brain matter is the left over remnant of a combination of multiple shock treatments and a frontal lobotomy. The genius behind this revolutionary decision is saving money by removing the two managers who made this Market Grille THE MOST PROFITABLE, then removing the servers to work “outside the door” (still being paid “min wage”) and the ‘new remodel” ending up creating a combination of chaos with customers going back and forth for “refills” bumping into each other and then experiencing the cooling of their food at the same time!

Add to that…the servers and management who worked diligently to make this “Market Grill” into a quiet and private restaurant with a unique menu and superb Sunday Brunch serving kippered salmon, oysters on a half shell, USDA Choice Prime Rib, waffles made from a tasty formula, omelettes, friend chicken, fresh salads and deserts are going to be out of a job at this Market GRILL to try and save the others LOSING MONEY! 🙂 That leaves the 23d and Lees Summit Hy-Vee MG a dumbed down over priced commodity fast food hole in the wall not worth wasting your time or money at for basic menu items that are over priced especially when you can get better tasting burgers down the road at Back Yard Burgers for 5-6 bucks rather then pay 10-12 bucks or more for a burger that is smaller and not as tasty.

AND…on the “New OVER PRICED Menu” for Market Express…right in the MIDDLE OF THE NEW MENU IS ALCOHOL and the removal of past tasty dishes that were popular before. Real ingenious move NOT and especially for FAMILIES!

So much for Hy-Vee Chief Executive Randy Edeker and his alter ego’s giving a damn about the single mothers, students and others who were making a living to pay their bills and feed their children. And he and Hy-Vee dare tout their business as being “employee owned” when in fact they use and discard employees like they are going to do at the Market Grill!

The motto of Hy-Vee needs to be changed from “EMPLOYEE OWNED”  to “EMPLOYEES EXPLOITED”!