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Operation Morning Star Past Assistance Program Pine Ridge Indian Reservation


This is how this charity which I founded with God’s help worked…and what I did and how “outsiders” helped those in need then and could now even! 🙂 So much for “ripping off the elders and poor”.

This is a Operation Morning Star Assistance Project on Pine Ridge South Dakota READ AND LEARN what we did and how! Notice NO monies were sent to OMS or ME…no new truck dang it! Read the letter from Oglala Sioux Tribe President…when we were just getting going. Oh well…liars caught again! 🙂


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Monday, January 25, 2010 at 10:59


***UPDATED AGAIN*** List to assist Elders and Families at Pine Ridge


Fri at 11:51pm

Latest Update: 01-24-10 11:17 PM ET (Updated with one man whose house burnt down and is in desperate need and updated that Arlene Bull Bear and Joyce Last Horse have some help on the way but they still need help with propane, food, etc. Please read what need remains on their listing)


Below are several Elders and families in the Kyle Community of Pine Ridge that are in immediate need of assistance. The contact information has been confirmed and permission has been granted to share their information with you.


There are several ways I will mention where assistance is needed and I’ll share here before I begin the information for where you can assist in paying for Propane or electricity for those who need it or to contact a local grocery store to pay for food for families who need this. Other ways of assisting the individual families will be listed with their contact information below.


To pay for propane for any individuals listed below use the information here and be sure to make your payment to the account of the individual(s) you choose to help. The propane company requires a minimum order of $120 of fuel before they will make a delivery to the individual. You can also pay for a persons propane and they will credit the individuals account so that when they do run out of any fuel they may have at the moment they can simply call and the company will deliver more.


Lakota Plains Propane (will take credit card)

Highway 407

Pine Ridge, SD 57770


Be sure to request a receipt and use the contact for the person you are helping to call and followup to be certain they received the help you paid for.


Kyle Grocery (will take credit card)

Owner: Liz May


What you do is call the store…give name of those you want to help and amount of money you want to give credit for food


Electric Company: LaCreek Electric – 605-685-6581

P.O. 220 – East Hwy 18, Martin SD 57551


Wood Vendors: These are the list of vendors that will take “CHECKS ONLY” sent to them to deliver wood to an individual you choose from the list below. You can call them and get addresses to mail checks to and be sure to send with the check the person’s name, address, phone number that you intend your donation to go to.


James Two Crow



Ed Clifford



Brian Garrett



Elders and families in need are as follows:


Adolph Bull Bear 76 – Keep in Prayers…taken to Hospital in Martin SD with pnuemonia 1/22/10

Son Meltino Bull Bear 42 -605-407-1551

P.O. Box 83

Kyle, SD 57752


Groceries and Propane (Recieved $120 for propane and has a check being mailed to him)


Arlene Bull Bear Talks (I have someone sending Arlene boots, coat and Katie Clothes, etc)

Sister of Adolph



  1. O. 733 Kyle, SD 57752

Needs electric bill help of $189.00

Needs Big Propane Tank 500 Gallon from Lakota Plains Propane which costs $500 to buy. Then they will have deliveries. Right now using a 100 gal tank they have to take to get filled.

Has NO car or transportation.

Arlene has NO boots…sz 11…needs winter coat… sz 40

Living with her is 1 granddaughter of Arlene and Niece of Leann

Leeann Gabriel 43 Needs a car…Victim of violent abuse by x…children “legally stolen” by x husband with help of “white court system” out of Nevada.

1 grand daughter 7 named Katie

“Adopt/Sponsor” Katie who needs clothes such as jeans sz 8, boots sz 3 girls, sweaters sz 8, winter coat 11…stocking hats, underwear 8 child

Groceries and Propane


Andrea Marshall – 67 – Mother of Meltino

605-433-5473 leave message

P.O. Box 158,

Interior SD 57750

Needs wood, wood stove wearing out…needs new wood stove…main source of heat.. stranded…can’t get out…needs $100 for cord of wood.

Uses propane…needs $50 per 100 lb tank

Old Log House at lost dog creek area off of BIA 120.

Groceries through Kyle Grocery


Janice One Feather


  1. O. Box 44

Kyle, SD 57752

House 307

Age 61

Groceries and Propane

2 Grandsons : Asa Steele 7, Dylan Westover 9


Lily Mae Red Eagle – 88

HC 2,

P.O. Box 2 Kyle, SD 57752


Lives with son Jonathon One Feather 57

Groceries at Kyle Grocery


Donna Garnette – 70

House east of Kyle about 3 miles east of Kyle



Propane and Groceries

Lives with grandchildren 2… boy and girl


Joyce Last Horse 46… Lost sister…funeral today…keep in prayers (Someone is sending Walmart card)

5 children…needs help

Propane needed for house.

Food from Kyle Grocery or Wall Mart Gift Card

7 miles south Kyle off of “Last Horse Road”

P.O. Box 503

Kyle, SD 57752

605-455-2056 (someone told me that they had helped her with a walmart card)


Perlene Yellow Wolf – 65

P.O. Box 700

Kyle, SD 57752

Lives with Grandson Brad Randall… 20…

Electric help need through LaCreek $100…

Groceries from Kyle Grocery



Cheryl One Feather – 55


Cares for six grandchildren

Needs help with propane and groceries.


Fern Red Owl


Needs help with Electric at LaCreek $250-300

Needs help with money to buy wood (Info above)


Jeorgiana Has No Horse age 55 in a wheelchair

Kyle House #42


Needs Propane and Groceries (received some help with groceries)


Peter Brown Bull – NO PHONE

Lives with Delphine Bullman in a trailer – no electricity needs wood, food, clothing and candles Peter’s home burned down Wednesday and Tribe sent him to Pine Ridge to live with his Mother.

Delphine Bullman

P.O. Box 193

Kyle, SD 57752

Peter Drown Bull’s home burned to the ground last Friday and needs clothing,food ,wood as he has nothing; all he has is 1 blanket and 1 comforter to keep warm


Felicia Whitemouse 605-462-6195

pregnant – due next month has run out of propane…

Lakota Fund Housing #29

Wanblee, SD 57577


Marian Whitemouse


house 247 Old cluster housing

Wanblee, SD 57577

Needs Propane

May you be richly blessed for sharing your blessings with these elders and ensuring some relief to their suffering. Please help now as the need is immediate but please remember to help again in the future if you are able to as their needs are continual. Thank you in advance for sharing your love and helping these elders.


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Operation Morning Star received from Cameron Green House in Cameron MO over 30,000 garden plants… squash, tomatoes etc. which were delivered to Lakota on Pine Ridge and Rosebud mostly. Elders LOVE growing gardens. Almost nick named Pine Ridge the Tomato Capital of South Dakota! 🙂 Operation Morning Star did this (ME) for over 20 years. NEVER had a salary and spent $75K of my own to keep it going while being slandered and hated by those I helped
Image may contain: 2 people

THIEF MARY FAST WOLF PINE RIDGE! One “Christmas” I did not think a trip to Pine Ridge would happen. But I was interviewed on OIDA radio. A caller responded to a need for a truck. I said are you giving it? He said…no but you can borrow. What? He said a SEMI! 🙂 Drove it to Red Shirt Table on Pine Ridge and THIS HAPPENED>>>> I documented the theft of 3 full pick up trucks and 1 van full of “Christmas Gifts” by her “friend” Roxanne Two Bulls, Mary Fast Wolf. The very BEST items were STOLEN…small appliances, new clothes, toys, food. wood burning stoves etc…from a FULL VAN FULL that was placed in the school auditorium at the school in Red Shirt which is on the north west corner of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Also, her “relative”, Roxanne Two Bulls deprived family and children of the Swallow family the gifts and toys on the “giveaway day ie. Christmas”.

You should also notice that Operation Morning Star does NOT solicit in the name of Tribe…but functions independently in have Oglala Sioux Tribe members ADOPTED/ASSISTED DIRECT meaning that ALL MONIES are sent in THEIR NAME to SIOUX NATIONS GROCERY OR LAKOTA PROPANE IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY OR ELDER…unlike all other charities faking as helping the Oglala. Our documented record of over 500 tons of “gifts” also shows what we have done. I do NOT receive a salary or have I ever…unlike Two Bulls and others who have initiated this RACE HATE SLANDER CAMPAIGN against me.

As for her comment on housing conditions…she must have been on “crack”! ANYONE knows the conditions of housing on Pine Ridge and elsewhere. But when you have a Vice Chairman named Shorty Brewer who sets up a “shipping charge of $3,000” for FEMA house trailers, you simultaneously make sure the poorest of the poor do NOT have a chance and therefore remain in living conditions that are appalling. MANY Oglala Sioux Tribal members have waited from 20-35 years for a home. Yet only those that are “connected to the ruling clans” get new housing with a few exceptions to the rule.

Paul Iron Cloud, Director of Housing and Ernie Little…have made sure of that during their “nepotistic time in office”.

No automatic alt text available.
Budget Muffler…major drop off and load up site Independence Missouri for trips to Pine Ridge … this is Randy Prentence loading up gifts!
No automatic alt text available.
Mobile home of Wilson Coleman from Porcupine Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. A “unseen with NO warning” MICRO BURST “tornado” came out of NO WHERE to pick up and smash their mobile home into the ground. NO WHERE on the rez was anything taking place but HERE! This family was slandering me after I helped them for years with $, food, appliances etc. They were part of the Native American Church no less!

For those that have lied about me…take notice! The ONLY “micro-burst” on Pine Ridge THAT DAY! Amanda Shelton is dealing with the same AKA “still birth” and now a $20,000 law suit from the whoremonger black sperm donater of her child. She is my “xxx”Wife Adulterating Whore’s daughter 🙂 Like mother like daughter 🙂

The “xxx” is now demon possessed by choice and is eternally owned owned by the demon who appeared to her and said “I OWN YOU” through his representative in time Bill Butt Plug Bunting who’s family breeds documented child molesters 🙂 like HIM! So her soul is sealed to be in hell by choice of admitting she knowingly listened to Satan to destroy me and aligning herself with the liars murderers and peodophiles like John Trubell and other who have targeted me with lies (Trudell DEAD from KarmaKancer 🙂 )

I just sit back wait and watch and say to my enemies…YOU will suffer the same judgement in one form or another…sooner or later…and that is God’s promise not mine!

via Michelle R. Shining Elk via Richard Boyden: Good month for Operation Morning Star on Pine Ridge. 1 Elder in Kyle gets $125 a month each month, 1 family $100 food credit per month, 1 family $500 for phone & elec. bills, 1 family $300 in groceries, 2 Oglala girls 10 and 11 “adopted” for clothes & school supplies per month, $350 for electric bill for diabetic & 3000+ garden plants given to residents of Oglala, & 1 Oglala student now sponsored! Thank you G-d

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Delivery to Mildred Alkires…Manderson… 10 years of trips

Image may contain: 1 person

Energy Efficient electric stoves donated

No automatic alt text available.
Operation Morning Star recieved close to $100,000 in donated wood burning stoves distributed to Elders and Families on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Crow Creek, and Cheyenne River reservations. Joseph Brings Plenty CR Chairman let 13 of them SIT in the warehouse during WINTER! Two “buddies” got one though. I came and “repossessed them and took them to those in need! Another NOT fake Lakota so called “leader”..talking about “Being Lakota” yadi yadi yadi while the POOR suffered under his watch!
No automatic alt text available.
New wood burning stove recipient Rosebud Rez


Why Obama Is Allowing Mexican Criminals In…say “Indian Country”!

Drug Busts & Seizures Meth ring targeted reservations

Methamphetamine and Native Americans

By BRODIE FARQUHAR Casper Star-Tribune correspondent Sunday, August 21, 2005 LANDER —

A ruthlessly planned and executed business plan developed by a Mexican drug ring targeted Indian reservations in the West for methamphetamine distribution. Leaders of that drug gang are in prison or on the run, say law enforcement officials, who broke up a meth distribution ring based in Ogden, Utah. The gang’s tentacles reached deep into the Wind River Indian Reservation and surrounding Fremont County communities in Wyoming. Last month, Jesus Martin Sagaste-Cruz was convicted of distribution of methamphetamine and conspiracy, and sentenced to life in federal prison.

Authorities said he executed a business plan to sell meth not only in Fremont County, but also the Rosebud, Pine Ridge and Yankton reservations in South Dakota and the Santee Sioux Reservation in Nebraska. Authorities estimate he directed the sale of 98 pounds of meth in and around the Wind River reservation. Cruz apparently believed he could exploit jurisdictional loopholes and barriers by focusing on the reservations, authorities said.

Assistant Wyoming U.S. Attorney Robert Murray, an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, helped prosecute and break up the drug gang’s distribution ring. Murray said he was amazed and disturbed when he learned of the business plan used by the drug ring gangsters. “It actually started with a news article they read in the Denver Post a few years ago,” Murray said.

The article described how liquor stores in the tiny town of Whiteclay, Neb., were profitably selling huge quantities of alcohol to American Indians from the nearby Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Gleaned from several sources in the investigation, the following picture emerged, Murray said. The drug gang business plan was based on the following information: * The Whiteclay liquor stores sold $4 million a year in beer and malt liquor primarily to residents of the nearby Pine Ridge reservation — 18,000 Oglala Lakota Sioux. *

The reservation had an alcoholism problem of epidemic proportions. * Liquor sales peaked each month shortly after monthly per-capita checks were sent in the mail. * Gang members reasoned that if people who were addicted to alcohol could be given free samples of meth, the addicts would quickly switch over to being addicted to meth. * The Mexican-national gang members figured they wouldn’t stand out among American Indians. free and true wyoming :: Meth (1 of 3)14/09/07 1:08 AM free and true wyoming :: Meth Department of Health Substance Abuse Division

According to Murray, the plan identified a potential consumer base (Indians living on reservations or nearby); successful businesses that already preyed on addicts (the liquor stores); a regular source of income their customers could use to buy meth (the monthly checks); and the conviction that alcohol consumers could be switched over to being meth consumers (free samples of meth). “It was all there,” Murray said, referring to the elements of a classic business plan.

The gang led by Cruz and his brother, Julio Cesar Sagaste-Cruz could distribute the meth via customers who would be forced to become dealers to support their own habits. The meth could be supplied by “super labs” in California and Mexico, controlled by the Sinaloan Cowboys gang. Law enforcement officials traced the connections from the Sinaloan Cowboys (headquartered in Sinaloa, Mexico) to the Los Angeles-based 18th Street Gang, to the Cruz brothers’ cell in Ogden. “They realized that if they could convert the addiction from alcohol to meth, they could reap the profits,” Murray said.

Executing the plan To execute the business plan, members of the Cruz cell moved into nearby communities of the above reservations, Murray said.

The first thing the Mexican-national gang members did was to develop romantic relationships with Indian women. “Some of them even had children with these Indian women,” Murray said. The women were introduced to meth with free samples, he said. “All of the low-level distributors said they started as recreational users,” and all became severely addicted to meth.

To support their new and expensive habits, meth customers became dealers and distributors themselves, using free samples to recruit customers, Murray said. From there, it was steady growth as customers became dealers/recruiters themselves, and their customers became dealers/recruiters in a deadly pyramid growth scheme.

The growth of the customer base was equal opportunity, with meth sold to Indians and nonIndians alike. Brian Eggleston, a Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agent, said the key to breaking the Cruz ring was communication with local law enforcement offices, on and off the reservations. Sharing information and resources allowed for a gradual realization that they were dealing with a large-scale criminal enterprise — much bigger than a few meth heads hanging around a reservation.

Doug Noseep, chief of police for the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Wind River Agency, agreed that shared communications and resources were crucial. Noseep, an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone, is a federal police officer, a graduate of the federal law enforcement training center. When he was working for the BIA in Albuquerque, N.M., he began to hear rumblings about a Mexican-national gang targeting reservations. “When I came back to the Wind River reservation as the police chief in July 2003, I started hearing about four or five Mexicans living over in Arapahoe with some Indian females,” Noseep said. “I kept hearing they were selling a lot of drugs.”

A January 2004 drug bust in Ethete convinced Noseep that he needed help. During that bust, with close to a dozen agents inside the drug house, customers kept coming up to buy drugs. As drug investigations progressed on the reservation, Noseep said the same group of Mexican nationals and their women kept cropping up. “They were tied into everyone we knew,” he said. DCI “opened doors” for the Wind River police, Noseep said, providing a vehicle that could be used for undercover operations, a computer and a slot on the DCI Northwest Enforcement Team for one of Noseep’s patrol officers.

Tightening the noose As meth customers and dealers fell afoul of various law enforcement agencies, Eggleston and his partners in other law enforcement agencies were able to “turn” various meth addicts into informers or cooperators. A complex web of drug, business and romantic relationships (2 of 3)14/09/07 1:08 AM free and true wyoming :: Meth emerged, not only on the Wind River reservation and throughout Fremont County, but in and around the other reservations as well.

Here in Fremont County, a total of 17 men and women were swept up in investigation in the communities of Riverton, Lander, Pavillion, Kinnear and on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The noose tightened, and while authorities were able to catch, convict and sentence one Cruz brother to life in prison, the other, Julio, is still at large. “This is an ongoing investigation,” Murray said. “The gangs thought they were safe on reservations,” believing that reservation police departments were nothing to worry about, Noseep said.

They were wrong, largely because of the new partnerships that have emerged among reservation, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. “What I want people to know,” Noseep said, “is that if they see something, they should report it and something can be done.” He cautioned that it takes time — months and even years — to put together a solid case that stands up in court. The Cruz investigation dates back to 1999. “It can be frustrating, because when you see something, you want them busted right then and there. It takes patience,” Noseep said.

Murray said he’s been told by some of the meth addicts who cooperated with the investigation that getting arrested probably saved their lives. All are in prison, he said, and participate in what may just be the best treatment program in the country — 500 hours of a high-intensity residential program developed by the Bureau of Prisons. “Ultimately, our goal is to reach beyond Wyoming and work up the food chain to the super labs in California and Mexico,”

Noseep said. ‘A business, pure and simple’ In sentencing Jesus Martin Sagaste-Cruz to life in prison July 6, U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson said the following: “(This sentence) sends a strong message out to the public of the court’s abhorrence of the poison of methamphetamine that is and has been, under this conspiracy, distributed in Wyoming and elsewhere and, more particularly, targeting Fremont County, Wyoming, and the problem-plagued society on the Wind River Indian Reservation… “The sentence imposed certainly does express the government’s strong desire to inform the public and this defendant as to the danger and injuries that are caused by methamphetamine.

It is a sad thing, certainly a sad commentary upon America, that there is such an appetite for this controlled substance so as to stimulate and offer incentives to men like Martin Sagaste-Cruz to violate the laws of the United States as a business. And that’s what this was, a business, pure and simple, to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine.

“Standing before me today is not a man who is addicted to drugs or is dealing with his own personal depression or demons in his life. He is a man who is part of a business organization which exists for the purpose of bringing his poison into the United States, over the borders, from California to Utah and onto Wyoming, for consumption by those people on the reservation and others throughout the state of Wyoming who do suffer from a wide variety of ills as well as disorders in their own lives that feed upon this appetite or a part of this appetite for methamphetamine.”

“Wasichu” White Man Alert! Sexual Perverts Coming To Pine Ridge / Wounded Knee!




This Blog is about a White Satanist/Rape Promoter of Native American Women and Children and his White Pagan New Age Witch Wannabe and his “whore” (to use his words  as this is what she likes being called by him during their “sadomasochistic” most perverted evil acts of sex “known to man”) …SAY Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras.

Bill Bunting comes from a incestuous pedophile child molesting raping family!

The warning is for the protection of any and all Lakota Oyate and Native American women and children.

WHEN a vile evil spirit and devil as embodied in Bunting sends me a “text” in which he explicitly shares about “a MAN sticking his finger in the anus of a child before he then sodomizes/RAPES that child”…then for sure…such a beast needs to be removed if not delt with by the Oyate.

He calls the Lakota “PRAIRIE NIGGERS” and glorifies Custers 7th Calvary Wounded Knee Massacre of 300 Lakota at Wounded Knee.

He stated serial rapist of Cheyenne and Lakota women George Armstrong Custer was doing what needed to be done to the women he raped as well as justifying their murders


Knowing personally Full Blood Traditional’s among the Oglala Lakota such as Emerson Elk who lives in Porcupine on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation…they are historically aware of the wasicu (WHITE MAN’S) history of their vile filthy murderous spirits in how they have and to this day treated their women and children…murdering…raping both on a individual basis and historically like at Sand Creek and at Wounded Knee as well as among all other Tribal Nations in Indian Country.

Being Elk lives at Wounded Knee…he knows the “rest of the story” of what Bill Bunting’s “brotherhood” did to Big Foots people in 1890 and that is…not only did they murder unarmed men women and children..but they also raped the women and children before sadistically killing them while cutting off body parts and bayoneting them for “fun” to avenge their RAPING MURDERING FREE MASONIC IDOL Custer as if they were less then animals.

It is also important to know that his “wife/my XXX” Karen Sue Andras has in the past frequented Wounded Knee to see her “friend” Barbara High Pine PELTIER who is a life long supporter of the raping murdering pedophile infested “American Indian Movement” as is both Bunting and Andras are. And High Pine according to sources on Pine Ridge is involved in drugs.

True Lakota spirituality is VOID of the “devil inspired filth” represented by Bunting and Andras in their “Sodom and Gomorrah” death style of “Wasichu” sexual perversion and filth.

The word FUCK is exclusively a WHITE MAN word and REAL LAKOTA despise this word. They want NOTHING to do with WHITES who use this word and the “lifestyle” reflected by…unless they are AIMSTERS or supporters of. Now they will know that BUNTING has this word as his “middle name” and Andras and him are “ONE” in the  use of.

There are over 600 murdered and missing First Nations Women in Canada…all victims of the “spirit of a Bunting” who like him are “sons of Satan”. They are the ones the initiated the “FORCED STERILIZATION” of Native American women. This is also a Nazi thing…and BUNTING IS A NAZI…(more on the confirmed SODOMITE PEDERAST connection below!) They are the ones who have raped, sodomized and murdered Native American Children or brought into Indian Country those “Wasichu DEMONS” that inspire the same.

I feel it is necessary to share their quotes and “lifestyle” for you to read and so as to be able to identify spiritually and physically when they show up. Mind you…these are THEIR WORDS…not mine and try as they will to jacket me with LIES to denigrate me as have others…the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! So know that those lies are perpetuated so that you won’t read the TRUTH about them and the American Indian Movement and the  “spirituality” they bring with them to Pine Ridge.

Emerson Elk is a FULL BLOOD LAKOTA “HEAD MAN” and he agreed with me in what I am doing and said he will share this with those on Pine Ridge in order to PROTECT HIS OGLALA LAKOTA OYATE from the “legions of Satanic Aleister Crowley DEMONS” (see links below about Crowley and his “Magic” of Nazi/Sodomite Pedophile Murdering of Children beliefs”) who follow Bunting and Andras and they will bring them to Pine Ridge when they come!


This is what “Wasicu”Bunting’s “spirituality” is and what he will bring to Pine Ridge. This is what he shared with me personally and in his own words which is a defilement of ALL THINGS LAKOTA!

“i enjoy open women and ones who fuck and orgasm because they know i love that about them….im gonna keep her for mine tho, because her and i are just alike and i own her mind and body….”

“i love evil dark deep sex and Karen is fulfilling all my fantasies and carnal lusting pleasures…”

“i will making love and enjoying Karens XXX dark side because i adore her and am enjoying her dark side and she is the most interesting woman ive ever met…and i cant wait to taste her flesh as our souls dance in the glow of our carnal appreciation of each other”

“as far as calling her a whore, well i like that….because she is my whore and i love all the whore in her…whore is a term for a woman who enjoys sex her way given by men who fear a free spirit and sexual domination of a woman..i dont fear this and love her openess and experience and will be her student in all things carnal and sexually deprived and imagined…

it doesnt bother me because i need that erotic openess to be one with her as we have become”…”the way i become her master and her slave as we explore every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…” SAY SODOMITE

Wow…never had skype sex in the morning….nothing like watching a fres spirited open sexual lady enjoy her toys from the store….that was satisfying a

this sodomy/dark sex thing is very deep and mutual

 Im talking to your mother on my ouija board….she loves satan and licks the ass crack of Aleister Crowely.
….she says it tastes like heaven!


Karen Sue Andras quotes sent or said to me…

“I want you to call me a whore and slut as my “Master”!
“I want you to beat my pussy with a belt buckle and piss on me”
“I want you to tie me up and PUNISH ME”…
“I want you to RAPE ME”…
“I am going to suck taste and  fuck John Trudell….”
“I want you to piss on me and beat my pussy with a belt buckle”

I don’t make this up…she said she listened to SATAN to destroy me and apologized for the “sexual darkness” she brought into my life! Make sense now?


Pedophile Child Murderer Satanic Sacrifice of Crowley

About Crowley the DEMON who appeared to and inspires these TWO who might show up on Pine Ridge!…/inconvenient-truth-32-jack-par…/

Here is proof the NAZI’s like BUNTING were in fact SODOMITES. and PEDERASTS. Calling me a JEW and denigrating Jesus over and over is just like CROWLEY ! .…/pinkswas…/html/Chapter2.htm

When you Google Buntings last name as did in Georgia…what is on the highlighted link and under Georgia child SEXUAL abuse” you will see the Bunting name pop up! So another warning and therefore to be on alert when if this “wasicu” shows up with his “wannabe white New Age Witch” to see Barbara High Pine Peltier.

In ending…so everyone KNOWS THE TRUTH as to why I AM warning the LAKOTA about these two… it is also important to counter the LIES with the very words of Karen Sue Andras and who “she was” but no longer is because that Karen now has chosen AS ADMITTED BELOW to forever listen to Satan the “trickster”!

Dearest Richard, I know you said to never write etc. To you ever again and I understand n I truly dont blame you. I was trying not to but I thought maybe I could just one last time Please.

I know there are no words that can change what I have done. I wish n pray n beg God that it could have n that you wouldn’t feel as me as you do but I understand why. I really do now.

I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn’t even truly me at all and I really don’t believe those bad things about you at all.

It was not my heart n mind speaking. I didn’t have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process.

I only want to address my part in all this and words don’t really help I know this.

I am so truly sorry with all my heart n soul. I don’t deserve you. I know I will painfully regret my actions forever. I ask Jesus how could this have happened?

He has shown me in many many ways as to how, why, where n what my part was in all this n why I failed even in the “good intentions” I wanted to walk together on the higher road for your ministy’s sake and our marriage but I failed miseribly.

I still ask God how can this be as I walk through the cemetery and I already know the answer but still I ask again n again.

I thought I had forgiven but the trickster seeped in and stopped the healing for both of us unfortunately. I am not asking for you to forgive me although I wish you could just for your own peace of mind and spirit.

You are a good man and part of the reasons why I left is because I knew I blew it. I tried to Justify some things but no way was that going to work with God and he loves you very much and I shamed you both and I am so very very sorry.

I pray for your life to be so blessed and I was going to wait the day b4 my phone runs out so I wouldnt be tempted to contact you.

But it is Sunday n thought I would today. I think I left some n bags or something got mixed up idk haven’t went through much or care to.

I will give all back n pay you back2. I do know that I have never cheated on you ever and I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

I do pray the best for you because I’m not it I guess/I know.

I so wanted to be but failed.

I love you n miss you, my eternal love lost*

Her words…not mine!


Now I share the truth about AIM…so you can understand why they continue to jacket me with lies!

Information I put on radio… I was the ONLY radio host who interviewed Buckles! I interviewed Darlene…and tried to get her to Missouri but the REAL FEDS MURDERED HER! She exposed the BUSH CONNECTION TO THE CARTELS!

Bunting quotes LEE WHITEHORSE…not Lakota but a WHITE MAN who made a FB page just for me “Richard Boyden Oglala Obsessor”! Whitehorse BRUTALLY RAPED a 14 year old girl on Pine Ridge. His DAGO buddy Roy Lombardo was in prison for “molesting young girls…and was a “BITCH”. Read this about them by a FULL BLOOD LAKOTA WOMAN! Bunting and Andras are a part of this group.

My work with Lakota/Dakota youth contemplating suicide.

On the OMS page there is further documentation of me being jacketed with lies per the American Indian Movement!

Here is my web page…

I suggest you read about WW3 / Tom Beems / George Washington’s visions…GOD GIVEN about the total destruction of WHITES LIKE BUNTING AND ANDRAS FROM THIS LAND!

Happy Belated Passover Everyone!

P. S. If there is a more accurate defining of Bunting, Andras and the American Indian Movement…then this is it!


By Looking Back Woman…Suzanne Dupree …member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who was RAPED BY RUSSELL MEANS at 17!

As hard as it is to read about, imagine begin THE TARGET of it!
Exposing it is the only way to destroy it!

And, this filth, the Satan inspired Crowley mind-set of it, is a threat to anyone’s soul involved in, participating in, supporting, ENABLING or justifying it.

And, currently, & historically it has been pervasive in mankind’s behavior, doing Satan’s will!
Destroying the children’s souls, raping & murdering men, women & children under the guise of Manifest Destiny, when it is truly an assault against the whole of mankind & God/CREATOR!

It has been successfully done by those engaged & enjoying the thrill of God’s forbidden acts, believing there will be no punishment for the “sin” committed in the most vilest ways against the Innocent, or those who oppose it by believing in God/CREATOR & Jesus Christ.

For they that are the DEFENDERS/Protectors of the sexually abused for thrill or sport are most targeted, jacketed by those who Satan inspires & owns to steadily, methodically, maliciously attack, TERRORIZE, abuse, stalk, harass with vicious CYBER stalking, text messaging, videos, threats, lies, character assassinations, emails, phone calls, vile comments on posts. I have had all of it done, know it 1st hand, experienced it….why?
Because, I chose to expose the rape by Russell Means when I was 17, & his serial Pedophilia, molestation’s, & murders of innocent souls captured by his faux persona, celebrity as a hero, when in reality he was a very predatory, self-absorbed child sex addict who needed to hurt someone vulnerable to FEEL he had power, because in reality…he hated himself, & felt powerless in real life….not the outward face/image the public & movie goers saw & which was created for him, for this very weakness in HIMSELF.
Hense, anyone adoring, idolizing him, glorifying him & this evil which was hidden within himself from self loathing, only pushed his ego for more, an insatiable appetite for murdering, raping, Pedofilia, & greed.
The instilled belief from Satan, whatever he WANTED, should be HIS!
An incurable sickness, not only he but all of the American Indian Movement loved & instilled in anyone they came in contact with, which was millions of people, all infected with the same desire to mirror their idols, AIM!
So, Hick & Trickster Goddess, you are owned by this filth of desiring to be like AIM, raping, murdering Pedofiles, pilfering the innocence that was the Tetons & Indian Country.
The whole WORLD now has this viral infections disease sent by Satan to consume your body, minds, & souls, & if you want proof of the punishment from God/CREATOR & Jesus Christ, take a look at Russell Means, & John Trudell on their deathbeds knowing full well they were NOT GOING to the happy hunting grounds, their predatory hunting days were over, & now even though they were suffering as they took their last demented breath, it was only going to get worse, much, much worse & all the work they did for Satan was going to be Eternally excruciatingly painful for all Eternity.
So, if you bought into Satan’s little WASCIU (White) lie, there is no sin, no punishment, you & you alone are the fool, & Satan played you & played you hard, so think about that the next time your vile urges kick in!


  1. Thank God/CREATOR, Boyden that He set you free of Karen Sioux Andrass, to protect His Man of GOD, doing His will, exposing to destroy the evil & DARKNESS of Satan/Crowley.
    She is where she wants to be & it is all about desires of the flesh for Satan, & only for the individual’s moment in time, the “sin & punishment” for it is For All Eternity, & soon she & Hick will look like Means & Trudell on their deathbeds, their heros & idols!
    What I wrote about the spiritual infectious disease Means & Trudell had, & all in AIM, idolizing AIM… the two of them are already infected with, & it is incurable & terminal for all Eternity!

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    “Wasichu” Sexual Pervert Alert For The Ogalala Lakota on PINE RIDGE!
    Posted on April 3, 2016 by Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree
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    As hard as it is to read about, imagine begin THE TARGET of it!
    Exposing it is the only way to destroy it!
    And, this filth, the Satan inspired Crowley mind-set of it, is a threat to anyone’s soul involved in, participating in, supporting, ENABLING or justifying it.
    And, currently, & historically it has been pervasive in mankind’s behavior, doing Satan’s will!
    Destroying the children’s souls, raping & murdering men, women & children under the guise of Manifest Destiny, when it is truly an assault against the whole of mankind & God/CREATOR!
    It has been successfully done by those engaged & enjoying the thrill of God’s forbidden acts, believing there will be no punishment for the “sin” committed in the most vilest ways against the Innocent, or those who oppose it by believing in God/CREATOR & Jesus Christ. For they that are the DEFENDERS/Protectors of the sexually abused for thrill or sport are most targeted, jacketed by those who Satan inspires & owns to steadily, methodically, maliciously attack, TERRORIZE, abuse, stalk, harass with vicious CYBER stalking, text messaging, videos, threats, lies, character assassinations, emails, phone calls, vile comments on posts. I have b
    had all of it done, know it 1st hand, experienced it….why?
    Because, I chose to expose the rape by Russell Means when I was 17, & his serial Pedofilia, molestations, & murders of innocent souls captured by his faux persona, celebrity as a hero, when in reality he was a very predatory, self-absorbed child sex addict who needed to hurt someone vulnerable to FEEL he had power, because in reality…he hated himself, & felt powerless in real life….not the outward face/image the public & movie goers saw & which was created for him, for this very weakness in HIMSELF.
    Hense, anyone adoring, idolizing him, glorifying him & this evil which was hidden within himself from self loathing, only pushed his ego for more, an insatiable appetite for murdering, raping, Pedofilia, & greed.
    The instilled belief from Satan, whatever he WANTED, should be HIS!
    An incurable sickness, not only he but all of the American Indian Movement loved & instilled in anyone they came in contact with, which was millions of people, all infected with the same desire to mirror their idols, AIM!
    So, Hick & Trickster Goddess, you are owned by this filth of desiring to be like AIM, raping, murdering Pedofiles, pilfering the innocence that was the Tetons & Indian Country.
    The whole WORLD now has this viral infections disease sent by Satan to consume your body, minds, & souls, & if you want proof of the punishment from God/CREATOR & Jesus Christ, take a look at Russell Means, & John Trudell on their deathbeds knowing full well they were NOT GOING to the happy hunting grounds, their predatory hunting days were over, & now even though they were suffering as they took their last demented breath, it was only going to get worse, much, much worse & all the work they did for Satan was going to be Eternally excruciatingly painful for all Eternity.
    So, if you bought into Satan’s little WASCIU (White) lie, there is no sin, no punishment, you & you alone are the fool, & Satan played you & played you hard, so think about that the next time your vile urges kick in!

    About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree
    Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.

    Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree says:
    April 4, 2016 at 7:23 am (Edit)

    For the RECORD, this reality check about “sin” & God/Creator-Jesus Christ’s “punishment” for those engaged in this filth/lust of the flesh/rape/pedofilia & wanting to TERRORIZE Richard Boyden with their celebration of wallowing in it, inspiring others in it…that being Bill Bunting & Karen Sue Andras going to my Ancestors Traditional Teton territories to visit your AIM buddies, like High Pine Peltier, let me warn you this ALERT was compiled especially for you.
    My Tetons are already living under the Black Cloud of Satan’s Evil & DARKNESS which has consumed their honor, dignity, righteousness as being God/Creator’s CHOSEN people for His gift via Whope, White BUFFALO Calf Pipe Woman bringing the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to them in 1540 because “At THE TIME” of the Tetons moral character….which currently with AIM & Looking Horse’s betrayal of GOD/Creator/Wakan Tanka & Jesus Christs instructions, & Sacred Lifeways upon this land “America,” has been violated, desecrated, your Satan owned souls will be destroyed along with the filth you visit there.
    No longer will these violations be tolerated, as I lift the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to the Heavens & pray for this DARKNESS & Evil be wiped from His & His alone SACRED Lands & with it, all the foulness that resides there once the Tetons abandoned their belief in Him, Wakan Tanka, & took the Wasciu DARKNESS & Evil for their own.
    Example: Tad High Hawk’s attack on those (Boyden), who tried to HELP a TETON family in need & responded to their voice in despair…*****without a proper response from the recipients who benefitted from our generosity, & the time it took to put the gofundme together. If the funds were not distributed as Tad thought they should have been, he should have spoken with his Uncle, not attack Boyden saying he, Tad…didn’t get anything from the scheme, which on our parts there was no scheme, only generous, loving hearts responding as a Man & Woman of GOD/CREATOR would.
    That’s the problem today with Tetons…fighting over the crumbs, when had they conducted themselves morally as they should, they would not be living under the Curse of the Wasciu!


UPDATED: Black Judge Michael Davis Complicit With “Tutor” Clyde Bellecourt In Murder of Black Man Perry Ray Robinson Jr.

UPDATED 2/25/2016

Michael J. Davis

Photo of “HOUSE NIGGER” and Judge Michael Davis who spoke at his retirement event that also honored Martin Luther King Jr. who had as one of his followers Perry Ray Robinson Jr. MURDERED by one of Davis’s best friends.

“His lifelong commitment to and pursuit of equal access and equal justice for all began with his work with the Legal Rights Center. Under the tutelage of Doug Hall, Willie Mae Dixon, Clyde Bellecourt and Jim Krieger, Judge Davis perfected his legal skills to serve the voiceless and underrepresented in our society.”

Related image

I withdraw my apologies to Judge Davis for assuming he was a “Judge” in 1975 based upon a email from a JEW attorney named Barry Bachrach who’s fellow “Synagogue of Satan” brother Bruce Ellsion, said that Davis was not a “judge” then. But I do KNOW for a fact that Davis was fully aware of the fact that Bellecourt was at Wounded Knee when Robinson was shot and witnessed him bleeding to death and thrown in a unmarked grave like a KKK lynched nigger.

I jumped to a forgone conclusion in a email I sent to Judge Davis’s chambers that stated that anyone who was a “friend” of one of those directly involved in the cold blooded murder of Black Civil Rights Worker and follower of Martin Luther King Jr. Perry Ray Robinson Jr. or of Annie Mae Aquash and the 10 others at Wounded Knee in 1973 would automatically know the truth about Clyde Bellecourt (Satanist…see pentagram on shirt).

Well…me thinks my foregone conclusion about this animated by Satan pile of black feces so called JUDGE was in fact RIGHT as evidenced by when after talking with Judge Davis’s assistant and assuming I would get a call back, that I was instead called by a “Sheriff” who said “papers were being prepared” which I assume were about me no longer contacting Judge Davis’s office. I would of liked to hear the sheriff say that Judge Davis said “Thank You” and that he would contact those in authority to begin investigating his FRIEND?TUTOR Bellecourt’s involvement in the murder of a REAL BLACK MAN in contrast to his “House Nigger” response. Amazing that a sub-human like Davis would dare use the anniversary of the MURDER of  Martin Luther King Jr. as a launching pad for into his retirement. Pssssssssssst…after that….say YOUR cursed by God trip into eternity!

So on this day I hold Judge Davis COMPLICIT IN THE MURDER OF PERRY RAY ROBINSON JR. and that he knows for a fact his “tutor” Clyde Bellecourt’s was directly involved as Co-Founder of the American Indian Movement’s in the murder of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. at Wounded Knee in 1973.

With that said, I will again remind those in the “dark” about what happened to a man who represented the spirit of G-d in his works as well as followed the example of Martin Luther King Jr. with basic public information so as to inform the uninformed.

Justice For Perry Ray Robinson, Jr.

Instead of my words shared, it is best for you to read the words of the family of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. From Ray’s family:  

“Perry Ray Robinson Jr., more commonly known as Ray Robinson was shot and killed inside Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1973 during the occupation by the American Indian Movement. Ray was last seen being confronted by AIM security during April of 1973, including (names alleged so far) Leonard Crow Dog, Carter Camp, Dennis Banks, Frank Blackhorse, Stan Holder, Harry David Hill, Clyde Bellecourt and others in a Wounded Knee bunker after an argument ensued over the oatmeal he was eating.(or Robinson’s unwillingness to shoot at the FBI etc.)

Leonard Crow Dog led the group with a leg table or other wooden weapon of some kind. After entering the bunker to confront Robinson, one member of the group shot Robinson in the knee and he was then dragged outside, beaten and taken to the Wounded Knee Medical Clinic overseen by Madonna Gilbert Thunderhawk and Lorelie Decora Means and several other volunteer nurses and medics including several non-Indians, shoved into a closet where he bled to death.”

In correspondence with AIM members, Carter Camp notes that he left Ray in Eagle Bunker after he had been shot in both legs.

Many witnesses to this event have been afraid to come forward, and several of those involved and named above were also involved with the 1975 execution of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash murdered in part, because of her knowledge of the Robinson murder. If you have information on the death of Ray Robinson please contact the office of South Dakota State Attorney General Marty Jackley at (605) 773-3331 or email at

And another American Indian Movement member and witness shares what happened to Robinson and that PBS covered up his murder INTENTIONALLY!

Richard Two Elk, a member of the American Indian Movement was intentionally not interviewed for the Public Broadcasting Series Part 5 “Wounded Knee”. PBS CEO Paula Kerger who is a Ashkenazi Jew, made sure any and all first-hand accounts of the shooting of Black Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by American Indian Movement member David Hill on orders from Dennis Banks would be left out (as well as the other 12 murdered and buried at Wounded Knee.)

Two Elk stated “I witnessed the incident when Robinson was shot in the leg and carried away after an argument with some of the leaders. Carter Camp knows that Robinson died after bleeding to death and he lied about even meeting him.”

Madonna Thunder Hawk was there…and allowed Robinson to bleed out but when you look at the “Trailer”…this “Last Real Indian” complicit in the murder of Robinson is quoted on the PBS page saying “I was ready to do whatever it takes for change. I didn’t care. I had children, and for them I figured I could make a stand here.” So she allows a husband and father of 3 to die in her presence and is free to this day.

Then there is Carter Camp…another AIM leader who appears in the film, defends his actions as an instigator of several gun battles during the occupation. Two Elk laments that PBS now appears to be a part of the effort to cover up the Robinson murder in order to “glorify” AIM leaders.

AIM hijacked the legacy of Wounded Knee and exploited it for their own gain. They cashed in and left their fellow Indians behind, homeless and destitute. That should have been part of the story.

Now it appears that PBS has helped them/AIM get away with it.”

Robinson’s family wants his body. Bellecourt KNOWS where he is buried. It would be a sign of “repentance” on his part…for him to come clean and help retrieve Ray’s body. It could even be a part of a “plea agreement” and given Bellecourt knows folks in the “legal world” like Larry Leventhal, I am sure arrangements could be made so as to lessen his sentence.

Maybe Bellecourt would be willing to go with the others already preparing to go to Wounded Knee to get his remains and those of the others buried there. Maybe even Judge Davis would want to help find Ray’s body.

What is known for sure now, is that the FBI knew what happened to Robinson 40 years before they made an announcement that the American Indian Movement was responsible for his murder. They knew through their operative Doug Durham that David Hill shot Robinson on orders from Bellecourt’s “brother” and AIM’S co-founder Dennis Banks. Also, FBI Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach also knew and may in fact have helped Hill with a “get out of jail pass” by making sure he would not be charged along with all the other AIMSTERS involved in the murder of up to 12 buried at Wounded Knee and so stated by AIM “Spiritual Leader” and participant who also knows where Ray and the others are buried…Leonard Crow Dog.  AIM Chairman John Trudell was also in the know. So was Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, and most importantly former Senator James Abourezk…AIM’S “Godfather”.

On a small note, just today I realized that Ray and I have the same birthday. Interesting to say the least. Same with me and Leonard Peltier. Kinda strange but no more then the fact that once upon a time as a “radio talk show host” I interviewed Clyde and his now in hell brother Vern a number of times as well as Banks and Peltier’s daughter Marquita who I brought from from Pine Ridge to the LPDC office when it was in Lawrence.

I even did a LIVE broadcast from the the Little Wound High School in Kyle on the Pine Ridge Reservation…a program “Honoring the 25th Anniversary of the 1973 Wounded Knee Siege”…a 2 hour show…with AIMSTER’S Russell Means (gang rapist, killer), Banks, the Bellecourt’s and a few other who took “15 minute turns” doing their monologue “snow job” presentations to the Kansas City listening audience!

Yes…I once upon a time I thought the American Indian Movement was in fact “All Things American Indian”…promoting them as being direct representatives of the Creator…probably just like Judge Davis even. But my G-d opened my eyes to the truth…that they are in fact “All Things Of Satan” in their history of rapes and murders of innocents and in fact have been to this day protected by the Government of the United States and those within…

and to their ETERNAL CONDEMNATION AND DAMNATION as revealed in the words below as inspired by Jesus Christ!

And wo unto the deaf, that will not hear: for they shall perish.
Wo unto the blind, that will not see: for they shall perish also.
Wo unto the uncircumcised of heart: for a knowledge of their iniquities shall smite them at the last day.
Wo unto the liar: for he shall be thrust down to hell.
Wo unto the murderer, who deliberately killeth: for he shall die.
Wo unto them who commit whoredoms: for they shall be thrust down to hell.
Yea, wo unto those that worship idols: for the devil of all devils delighteth in them.
And, in fine, wo unto all those who die in their sins: for they shall return to God, and behold his face, and remain in their sins.
O, my beloved brethren, remember the awfulness in transgressing against that Holy God, and also the awfulness of yielding to the enticings of that cunning one.

I say unto you, Can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, in that day, Come unto me ye blessed, for behold, your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth?

Or do ye imagine to yourselves that ye can lie unto the Lord in that day, and say, Lord, our works have been righteous works upon the face of the earth, and that he will save you?

Or otherwise, can ye imagine yourselves brought before the tribunal of God, with your souls filled with guilt and remorse; having a remembrance of all your guilt;
Yea, a perfect remembrance of all your wickedness; yea, a remembrance that ye have set at defiance the commandments of God?

I say unto you, Can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands?
I say unto you, Can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?

I say unto you, Can ye think of being saved when you have yielded yourselves to become subjects to the devil?

I say unto you, Ye will know at that day, that ye can not be saved: for there can no man be saved except his garments are washed white: Yea, his garments must be purified until they are cleansed from all stain, through the blood of him of whom it has been spoken by our fathers who should come to redeem his people from their sins.

And now I ask of you, my brethren, How will any of you feel, if ye shall stand before the bar of God, having your garments stained with blood, and all manner of filthiness?
Behold, what will these things testify against you?

Behold, will they not testify that ye are murderers, yea, and also that ye are guilty of all manner of wickedness?

And now, I have spoken the words which the Lord God hath commanded me.

And thus saith the Lord: They shall stand as a bright testimony against this people, at the judgment day;
Whereof, they shall be judged, every man, according to his works, whether they be good, or whether they be evil; And if they be evil, they are consigned to an awful view of their own guilt and abominations, which doth cause them to shrink from the presence of the Lord, into a state of misery and endless torment, from whence they can no more return: therefore, they have drunk damnation to their own souls.

Therefore, they have drunk out of the cup of the wrath of God, which justice could no more deny unto them than it could deny that Adam should fall, because of his partaking of the forbidden fruit; therefore, mercy could have claim on them no more for ever.
And their torment is as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flames are unquenchable, and whose smoke ascendeth up for ever and ever.

And now behold I say unto you, then cometh a death, even a second death, which is a spiritual death;

Then is a time that whosoever dieth in his sins, as to a temporal death, shall also die a spiritual death: yea, he shall die as to things pertaining unto righteousness;

Then is the time when their torments shall be as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flames ascendeth up for ever and ever; And then is the time that they shall be chained down to an everlasting destruction, according to the power and captivity of Satan: he having subjected them according to his will.

Then I say unto you, They shall be as though there had been no redemption made; for they can not be redeemed according to God’s justice; and they can not die, seeing there is no more corruption.

Even so…AMEN!

More Dark American Indian Movement Secrets For Your Eyes Only



Richard Two Elk, a member of the American Indian Movement was intentionally not interviewed for the Public Broadcasting Series Part 5 “Wounded Knee”. PBS CEO Paula Kerger who is a Ashkenazi Jew, made sure any and all first-hand accounts of the shooting of Black Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by American Indian Movement member David Hill on orders from Dennis Banks would be left out (as well as the other 12 murdered and buried at Wounded Knee.)  

Two Elk stated “I witnessed the incident when Robinson was shot in the leg and carried away after an argument with some of the leaders. Carter Camp knows that Robinson died after bleeding to death and he lied about even meeting him.” Madonna Thunder Hawk was there…and allowed Robinson to bleed out but when you look at the “Trailer”…this “Last Real Indian” complicit in the murder of Robinson is quoted on the PBS page saying “I was ready to do whatever it takes for change. I didn’t care. I had children, and for them I figured I could make a stand here.” So she allows a husband and father of 3 to die in her presence and is free to this day.

Then there is Carter Camp…another AIM leader who appears in the film, defends his actions as an instigator of several gun battles during the occupation. Two Elk laments that PBS now appears to be a part of the effort to cover up the Robinson murder in order to “glorify” AIM leaders.

AIM hijacked the legacy of Wounded Knee and exploited it for their own gain. They cashed in and left their fellow Indians behind, homeless and destitute. That should have been part of the story.

Now it appears that PBS has helped them/AIM get away with it.

Another fact not mentioned in the film is that most of the invaders were from outside the reservation. They were not local people with local grievances.”

Like the Thunderbird of old I shall rise again out of the sea. I shall grab the instruments of the white man’s success. His education, his skills – and with these new tools I shall build my race into the proudest segment of your society.”

– Chief Dan George

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, No matter how improbable, must be the truth!”




Have-to-be 20th century indian leader roster of 


1. dennis banks is 1/2 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————–> 1/2 non-indian
2. clyde bellecourt is 1/16 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————-> 15/16 non-indian
3. vernon bellecourt is 1/16 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————-> 15/16 non-indian
4. russell means is 3/4 indian..X Y Z A B * <—————> 4/16 non-indian
5. winona laduke is 1/64 indian..Y ? A * <————–> 63/64 jewish entity
6. leonard peltier is 1/4 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <—————> 3/4 non-indian
7. robert robideau is 1/4 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <—————> 3/4 non-indian
8. ward churchill is 1/128 indian..Y ? A B * <—————-> 127/128 non-indian
9. john trudell is 1/2 indian..Y Z A B * <—————–> 1/2 non-indian
10. dino butler is 1/2 indian..X Y Z ? B * <—————-> 1/2 non-indian

Grand total DNA lineage: 2 59/64 indian <——–>7 7/128 non-indian


? = tribal or public search records do not support their tribal lineage allegations
X = they been incarcerated
Y = they have worked for a state or the us govt
Z = county jail time
A = public relations expert
B = has assaulted a real full blood indian who questioned their indian lineage
* = being of espanic descent, wearing stereotype indian style jewelry or clothing, always being the first to call a press conference with the AP news media, adoption into a reservation family using old ceremonial rites or starting your own non-profit indian support organization, does not establish nor automatically qualify you as a bone-fide american indian leader.

What is the criteria behind a 1/64th indian? 

4/4 >> 1/2 >> 1/4 >> 1/8 >>1/16 >> 1/32 >>… 1/64 indian

This breakdown of blood lineage represents 6 non-indian consecutive copulated off-spring co-productions within a continued 1/2 direct blood lineage individual from a 4/4 indian blood lineage. This is only true if the indian lineage produces off-spring with a 100% non-indian person in all 6 stages. The seventh generation will be of 1/128 degreed indian lineage.

Evaluation:  This have-to-be indian chart indicates 10 people claiming they are american indian but the indian lineage research indicates 2.83 indian and 7.18 non-indian total indian lineage. some thing isnt right here. our research shows someone is playing 10 little indians. it is a subtle “identity hijacking” that has been overlooked for many centuries.

John Trudell directs the yuppies, “look to the DNA. in there lies the key to the indian people.” hmm? If we accept the reality of indian lineage and its DNA evidence, that makes lobo johnny a non-indian. What a surreal heyoka fatalist. perhaps this other example explains the situation much easier. a very simple theory of adding 64, 1/64th cherokee lineage people. it plainly show a collective summary of 1 full blood indian and 63 non-indian lineage beings.

1 full blood indian standing among 63 non-indian beings simply because we have failed to see or recognize them. They demanded we see the 64 indians they claim they are, and we do, but we fail to see the 63 non-indian lineage beings standing there invisibly by our own admission, acceptance and reality. we empower them with the gifts of invisibility, total access permissions into our sovereign american indian communities, acceptance, recognition and a sustaining membership into the validity of our sovereign nations destiny and existence. They are the invisible nation and it appears they are here to stay.
whats are the characteristics of this DNA?

Other than the fact they are partial-indian entities, perhaps, ashamed of their primary identity and knowing full well they can be accepted into the sovereign american indian nationhood. they claim to represent self-sustained leadership within the sovereign american indian people. exactly same denigrating white supremacist discovery story as tarzan in africa. They were never elected to any rightful sovereign tribal leadership and more or less, hijacked their indian identities through self selected methods of on-going modern day political revolutionary personification and affiliation. irregardless if their “tribal affiliation” mattered or not. they pursued fame, notoriety, and profiteering from political prostitution via first rights exposure press releases to the global media of “atrocities” in indian country. They could wear both the character of the sovereign american indian and the common united states citizenship. issuing daily continuous barrages of their self-propagation and personification to the global community as members of “third world holocaust survivors”. which kept free monies or donations flowing to their places of business and insured their identities as real indian leaders to the naive global community, irregardless if their “tribal affiliation” mattered or not to protect that revenue generating venue, they “patented” their organizations and place of businesses within the united states american government. So it matters little or not, if any indian enters their place of business as long as they continue to own and control those organizations or “patented” rights under the auspices they are genuine american indian organizations or leaders. this would continue to insure the coffers of their businesses or organizations were continually full and it mattered little if they did represent the american indian people or not. or? they have actively solicited submissive american indian situations to further furnish more “third world atrocities” or “staged evidence” to the global community. easily satisfying and pursuing some merit of justification for their active global solicitations of monetary contributions to their organizations or place of businesses. they continue the repetitive and constantly exaggerated press release alert of another “genuine american indian crisis.” further implying they are the organization or indian leaders who were addressing the situation and were the front lines solution advocacy.

In essence, they keep saying, help “us” to help “them”. Their sales pitch is,  “we are so helpless without your donated money it will insure our survival from another immensely destructive crisis situation in our nation. send  any donations to “our” non-profit organizations bank account. your generosity is greatly appreciated within the sovereign american indian communities. thank you. “

On the reality side, they seldom ever participated on the front line grass root level of advocacy. Yet, they were the first to issue press releases to the global community of another terrible living condition the sovereign american indians were facing again. Most of the time if the donors had checked for verification. they would have found the have-to-be indians organizations, or place of business, were situated thousands of miles away from the actual crisis situation. The sovereign american indian rural reservation way of life was not an active part of their lives and community. Their activities were more of a “let me prove i am american indian” and thus substantiate further profit enabling interest, then actually being a working and caring member of the rural sovereign american indian community they alleged to represent. They openly advocated ignoring legitimate reservation level elected leadership and furthered efforts to disenfranchise the sovereign state of each reservations in the united states territories. why?
As the solicited assistance monies and donations were channeled into these have-to-be Indians organizations or places of business. all relevance of their connection to the sovereign american Indian communities was forgotten. It was a never ending cycle. What usually happened as the funds were received, was simple. The have-to-be Indians tagged all donated funds in priority to their needs and organizations survival. They quickly fund their very own personal interest budgets, itemized a hefty salary be paid for their services and what funds were not used would ultimately get placed in a general fund for discrete distribution. Usually distributed discretely straight into their own pockets and visiting friends per-deim.

Its no big secret in many urban city indian communties all charity donations and free contributions were used and solicited explicitely for that primary purpose. It was unaccountable funny money to pay themselves and their Indian type of social services.
They kept one step ahead of the grass roots reservation elected tribal leaders attempts to connect with “third world countries donations” by the major global organizations or affiliates through various means. The have-to-be Indians seemed to have a consistency to further insult the reservation people since most donations and assistance never reach or trickles down to the grass roots reservation tribal level. As long as the have-to-be indians continued their charade as representing the sovereign american indian, not even a cheap 35 cent can of wal-mart coca-cola or a mere bologna sandwich reached the american indian reservations.

This type of activity will continue until some investigative legitimate tribal entity finds a legal remedy to prevent further degradation of the integrity of the sovereign american Indian nation in this regard. Funny thought, only the have-to-be Indians will initiate a ground level search to do such a “investigation” into their sustaining life style. No grass roots reservation people have the notion to think they need to investigate themselves.
Believe it or not, there were actual donors and organizations who knew this is what they were donating too and do not care about the distribution long as they get a “tax-break receipt” from them. The fact to their soliciting legitimacy was they possessed a valid and authentic united states government tax free status certification. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization type of status. They could, and did, solicit all year and were not liable to ever pay back any donations that came into their places of business. No accountability of those funds were seldom asked for or submitted by the donors as long as that 501(c)(3) non-profit status was approved by the united states government. Its a legal venue to pursue free corporate “dirty bucks” and turn them over as “clean monies” for “alleged” grass-root organizations or groups. the donating party can ask, and usually did, for a “tax credit receipt” they can apply towards their tax write-off check lists.

Somehow this looks exactly like “exploitation” and certainly not indicative of genuine grass-root elected sovereign leadership. However, let me explain the theory of big peter and little peter. Then you be the judge and realize if its exploitation or something entirely unexplained.

There were no set limits how far this exploitation the have-to-be indians could and did pursue. They are totally free from any criminal charges. Should bona-fide sovereign american indian leaders even attempt to investigate the organized have-to-be indians for exploiting the free state status of the sovereign american indian or any active public charges filed or public outcry is raised? The have-to-be indians simply turned to smoke and quickly claim united states citizenship and constitutional rights. They subtly dumped their american indian leader charade for a few weeks while using and seeking protection behind the united states constitutional rights and laws.

They’ve pushed the sovereign american indian into the 20th century law books by implementing both a legal valid american indian civil rights violation defense issue plus having u.s. citizenship rights to protect them and their fraudulent organizations and businesses. Within this legal vise they actually blatantly bait the real sovereign american indian leaders to react or initiate a reaction to their bold legal maneuver. The trick they’ve been using successfully since most reservations at opposite ends of the united states land area do not have working relationships or close connections to verify if a pending legal case is happening there that could invariably effect them at a later time.

They use another reservations’ legal issue from other obscure and remote areas as precedence. If its a state legal jurisdiction issue, they go federal level. If its federal level, they go state level. Third resort is to go for the united nations indigenous declaration scam or simply manufacture a new indian country crisis to fit their agenda. Whether it actually applies to their issue doesn’t matter long as they bend the laws of justice to fit their cause and subsequent exoneration from any “actual charges.”

What happens next is usually very straight-forward. Straight-forward out the doors from the halls of american justice back into the reservation ethics of “smart wannabee indian versus dumb reservation indian.”

After the legal complaints and the Code of Federal Regulation 24 Indians are read again the united states laws invariably will protect the have-to-be indians from criminal prosecution resulting in more rhetoric and exposure of the one-sided legal posture permanently affixed to the united states government versus the sovereign american indian legal status. Any serious validity or recognition of a viable sovereign american indian legal state is further obscured as another, indian versus indian issue. Another in-joke family situation. as long as the united states government can keep the seriousness out of the sovereign american indian recognition in the world community. Any thing is good.

However, no one ever said the have-to-be indians were real indians either. he fact of their indian lineage shows they are not indian but the united states government continues to allow recognition of them as “bona-fide” sovereign american indian leaders and organizations or businesses and yet, no sovereign american indian tribal entity ever said or recognized them as indians.

The invisible nation has made another victory for their people. Nothing has changed nor will there be any investigations by the United states government into that matter. The have-to-be indians are back in business before the ink is dried on the newly enacted legal protection laws and sanctions. The laws were never enacted for the sovereign american indians benefit. They are always enacted for the have-to-be indians authenticity and continued demise of the real sovereign state of the american indian people.

90 % of all sovereign american indian laws are actually not for the sovereign american indian people but for the people who have to deal with the sovereign american indian people. A genuine “how to deal with the indians” book entitled, CFR 24 INDIANS.

There is nothing any of the have-to-bee 20th century wannabee indian leaders have ever done which benefitted or effected any tribal entity in a positive manner. Te can not continue to recognize them as wanna-bee indians. They’ve discovered the legal void in sovereign american indian recognition and application 41 years ago. Arbitrary, they implied the quasi-sovereign state of the hundreds of “surviving” american indian tribes as one group and since they didn’t know where their lineage was attached to. They blended into the main frame of the sovereign american indian people under this assumption.

So, now they believe they have-to-be indians since they’ve spent so much time soliciting monetary donations and issuing press releases about the terrible living conditions “their” sovereign american indian people are living and yet, they, themselves, all live in the cities.

They have made a lucrative occupation of “representing” the sovereign american indian when its about soliciting monetary donations from unsuspecting people, organizations, businesses or global governments who think about doing some thing good and monetarily assisting the poor impoverished sovereign american indian people.

Although they don’t know who they lead or are the leaders of. Its a big mystery. They have moved into hollywood and have been the “savage sensations” in make believe tinsel town USA…a place where they can talk, dress and act out any personal interpretation of the sovereign american indian people according to script and sensationalism.

The have-to-be indians are experts in that field of operation. Really, they have realized their true identities and their DNA took them home, back to hollywood, akin to a salmon going back to their spawning grounds.

Like the notion democrats and republicans are different people. No matter who gets elected they still support each other, write laws, appropriate or generate non-existent federal monies that will benefit them and their supporters. They are the same people and they play both sides of the game. After a good fight, they all celebrate, make plans to divide the free monies, install the political privileges allowed in the game and they all start to implement political situations and actions that will generate free money for them. They also make sure someone else pays for their services with more generated taxes and other “human services” you render to their cause.

Whether you voted for them or not. it doesnt matter any more after they take office and it certainly doesnt matter whether they do represent the people or not. The ink will dry on yet another moment of written documents to be changed later on by the next self-selected leader. they will write laws and manufacture evidence to make sure what they do is enacted. The white people will continue on their racial white supremacist manifest destiny. whether you like it or not.

This same parallel scenerio actually happens every fiscal year in downtown sovereign american indian country. “Nationally noted” have-to-be indians actually have organizational affiliates in place that research and find any changes of the current status for many united states government fund-able sovereign american indian issues. The numerous possible seed-grants and monies associated with the newly enacted laws or policies meant for the sovereign american indian on the reservations, are exploitable by anyone possessing a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization status certification by the united states government which are addressed on either the state or federal level.

They have their “monitors” in place not for the benefit of the sovereign american indian people but for the continued funding of their organizations and place of businesses. If any changes in funding sources are detectedt the have-to-be indians alert their other have-to-be indians affiliates while the grass root sovereign american indian still have no clue of these available funds and changes. Usually the grass root leaders find out about the available funds as they are about to run out.Grass-root tribes have a lousy commitment to each other and seldom ever try to keep a daily connection with each other.

The have-to-be indians seek immediate funding as bona-fide sovereign american indian organizations, or businesses.They submit funding proposals and grant applications as directed by the newly enacted legislation guidelines. As non-profit business status owners they can submit funding applications to virtually hundreds of corporate businesses, federal or state level funding appropiation sources who fall within the guidelines. This “cyber” national network belongs to the have-to-be indians and as usual, there are no reservation level leadership involvement in its ongoing existence. Why? Its a business funding source for them and not a sovereign american indian nation relationship with the united states government.Would you share your money tree with someone you dont know? It definitely undermines the sovereign status of the american indian.

You realize the game plan yet?

Yep, we’ve been had, hoodwinked, intellectually ambushed, bamboozled and used like commodity cheese at a pow wow taco stand.

The have-to-be-indians will play on both sides of the sovereign american indian versus the United States of America legal status. They actually stole and hijacked the sovereign american indian identity and we didn’t see it coming till its almost too late. Why? Check these facts out.

Wounded knee 1973 hides the united states government theft of the uranium in the badlands.

36 trillion dollars worth of uranium taken without 1 pine ridge indian attempting to stop them.

The united states government walks away with trillions and the pine ridge warriors get a lousy stinking eagle feather from an eagles ass.

I guess we know why they are the poorest and dumbest people on earth today. The large indian demonstrations at gallup, santa fe, Albequeque, oklahoma city, phoenix, farmington and many other large southern indian cities actually hid the navajos vast four-corners coal area theft by the united states government which was arranged and brokered within the congressional drafted natural resources national land sacrifice act.

I believe this was the time leonard peltier, john trudell, dino butler and bob robideau took canadian anna mae pictou-aquash and interrogated her as a suspected working federal indian informant.

The indian takeover of hardin montana quietly hid the theft of the crow tribes vast sarpy creek coal reserves. All indian coal was worth 12-15 cents a ton. You could buy 4 tons of indian coal or a cup of coffee on wall street.

At the same exact time frame as the crow coal theft, their neighbors, the northern cheyenne had a “B” team special forces detachment doing “secret work” in the sarpy mountains area also. Local reservation people implied the placement of nuclear missiles while others said they were digging in the yellowish white tinted gumbo earth that had blue geodes and people wearing white containment uniforms doing the earth work to remove them.

The northern cheyenne were never paid any money or compensation for that event but the special forces did recruit some northern cheyenne men. If you have time to do some research about more sovereign indian land thefts? The list goes on and on and on.

Not since the the Homestead Act of 1862, (president lincoln – emacipator of the african american slaves and later assasinated.) when vast amount of “public domain” was given to united states citizens, has the outright theft of sovereign american indian land been so obvious. “Public domain” meant any un-ceded sovereign american indian land. All current national parks were unceded sovereign american indian land until another american president (president roosevelt – polio victim – physically handicapped) stole that land with a simple law he personally advocated and favored. He also advocated termination of all sovereign american indian status and deporting the “indians” back to Siberia where they belonged.

No one in the sovereign american indian nationhood was paid one cent for the theft of the unceded sovereign american indian land now known as national park areas and tributeries. The federal department of the interior, via the bureau of indian affairs, were the people left in charge of protecting and maintaining the sovereign american indian lands since they were designated as “wards of the government” by congressional action. Records have been proven that many bureau of indian affairs superintendents openly conspired with special interest groups to swindle their wards of their live stock, land and mineral rights. Which is why there is the scandal involving the bureau of indian affairs and the IMMs individual money accounts and land swindles some say is estimated as high as 360 trillion dollars.

If the alaska oil boom companies made over 42 trillion dollars profit, how much did the alaskan natives recieve?

At every major sovereign american indian land theft area in the 1960s, and 1970s. “indian rights” occupations or staged uprisings occurred more coincidentally, the united states government knew of and allowed these events to happen. These same “indian resistance press releases” diverted global community attention away from the real issue of outright sovereign american indian land theft and continued to portrayed the perpetual instances of subtle non-viable issues being associated with the sovereign american indian and land.

All press releases being allowed into the mainstream developing global human rights consortium were allowed by the united states government and many without regard to validity or truth. The united states government knew this. They used recruited have-to-be indian operatives to direct political traffic away from the real intentions and efforts of the united states government and allowed the have-to-be indian operatives to stage and use the “militant card.”

The best candidate for have-to-be indians were mixed indian-caucasian-espanic heritage individuals that had been displaced from their childhood or tribal group. They were participants, or the unwilling subjects, in one of several forms of childhood mind programming and reorientation programs. Many having only one parent to raise them or they were simply abandoned at an early age by both parents due to mixed racial heritage or other circumstances. They were subjugated to religious boarding school mind programming, placed in an all Caucasian religiously orientated foster or adoption homes where they eventually resisted the mind programming by running away or fighting their Caucasian hosts and became institutionalized individuals due to their mental state.

Tto control them they eventually had to have a federal level handler and were often lifelong parolees or were recruited to work with the United states government in one capacity or another. All the have-to-be indian operative have a federal handler they report to all their life.

Some amazing characteristic of the have-to-be indians is most of them have no recollection of their tribal language or heritage but they will all participate into any sovereign american indian heritage event and blend in so deftly they actually take over the leadership positions.

They openly advocate ignoring legitimate reservation level elected leadership and further efforts to disenfranchise the sovereign state of each reservations in the united states territories  irregardless if their “tribal affiliation” mattered or not.


Many of the have-to-be indians are life long bi-polar diagnosed individuals having extensive mental and sexual issues affixed to their lives. Functioning in a daily life is a real event for them. There are some have-to-be indians that broke the mind programming efforts and simply vanished into the ethnic group they best blended into. They can be found but you have to look carefully or they will simply vanish into thin air. They look caucasian as president george bush, African as secretary of state condoleza rice or Espanic as united states attorney general alberto r. gonzales or they can be as indian as tina turner, president bill clinton or dolly pardon. Many of them speak their tribal languages flawlessly.

The united states government have no records of these have-to-be indians. They will tell you there isn’t and never was any such mind programming of the sovereign american indian mixed heritaged children. However, there are thousands of survivors of those mind programming religious schools, foster or adoption homes that don’t exist according to the united states government. Those survivors are still alive and can be found very easily. They still wear the mind programming simply because they haven’t been able to break its deadly grip on their minds and lives. Unless someone who knows or understands the mind programming commands to either set them free or direct them to act under their guidance and command.

They just keep praying every spare moment they have to jesus and god, like the jewish people at the prison death camps and they find no formidiable justification for living except at the will of their handlers. So they just exist. Some times simply hearing of a troublesome “indian” on life-time parole is enough of a clue about finding another have-to-be indian. They are still trying to break free of the mind programming. If you ever find or recognize a have-to-be indian running or owning a have-to-be organization or business? They are probably one of the few success stories in the have-to-be indians inception within the united states.

Should you ever wish to see an authentic successful sovereign american indian orientated organization and business openly operated and owned by have-to-be indians, look in the yellow pages under ” AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT, INC. 2300 Cedar Avenue South,  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  1-612-724-3129 or 1-612-251-5836.” Please ignore any messages which imply,  Send your direct contribution (by Check, Money Order, or currency) to: AIM Project,  P.O. Box 13521, Minneapolis, MN 55414. They have such a wonderful sense of indian humor as they allege the  united states government funds and finances the american indian movement, inc. They really don’t need the money. The big fibbers!

The National AIM organization has several hidden off-shore bank accounts stock-piled with donated monies from foreign countries or corporate level businesses that the National AIM owners have solicited or accepted donated dirty buck monies from.

The united states government allowed it to exist as it was founded by have-to-be indians on prison-parole-release programs who wanted to address their miserable lives as they struggled to stay out of prison and fit into a community. It was either do the AIM project or violate their parole and back into prison for them plain and simple.

Analyze these noted members who elected themselves “leader.” where their station in life was? where they were recruited from? Here is a very small list:
Known have-to-be indians with a criminal past:
1. leonard peltier..recruited from job…37 years in prison
2. dennis banks..recruited from stillwater Penitentiary, minnesota…no job…11 years in prison
3. vernon bellecourt..recruited from stillwater job…5 years in prison
4. clyde bellecourt…recruited from stillwater Penitentiary…no job…6 years in prison
5. dino butler…recruited from oregon state Penitentiary…no job…29 years in prison
6. george mitchel…recruited from stillwater Penitentiary…no job..8 years in prison
7. richard oaks…recruited from mohawk country…no job…3 years in prison
8. eddie banai..recruited from stillwater penetentiary… job…8 years in prison
Known have-to-be indians that escaped going to prison:
1. janet mccloud…recruited from yelm, washington…domestic….deceased
2. clyde warrior…recruited from tulsa oklahoma..mechanic….deceased
3. bernie whitebear…recruited from seattle, student…deceased
4. rueben snake…recruited from omaha, nebraska..ex-special forces man…deceased
5. yvonne swan wanrow…recruited from spokane, washington..domestic killer…hollywood
Known wanna bee have-to-be indians that slipped in between the crack. innocent victims who actually thought there was a real sovereign american indian resistance movement happening and never knew what hit them until someone sent them to detox, rehab or prison.
1. russell means…recruited from oakland, california..street hustler..8 months 6 days in prison
2. john trudell…recruited from san fransisco, california..ex-navy man
3. carter camp…recruited from ponca, oklahoma..ex-army man…6 years in prison
4. leonard crowdog…recruited from rosebud, south dakota..holy fool..4 years in prison
5. anna mae aquash…recruited from canada…assassinated
6. floyd westerman..recruited from sisseton, south dakota..drunk country western singer..relic
7. buffy saint marie..recruited from canada….singer…

The “militant have-to-be indians” were expendable and could be re-incarcerated if they didn’t follow the rules, guidelines and advise of their federal parole handlers. The exception being the indians who had never been to prison and fostered the AIM as a front for the american indian national political organization. They were front lines defenders in the “indian revolution” and did instruct many naive sovereign american indian youth to fight to their death and who usually went to prison with no chance of parole after following the advise of the very street-wise intellectual have-to-be indians. They will probably die in prison thinking they were defending the sovereign american indian people never realizing they were used in a nasty political front organization initiated by the U S govt land resource attack on indian lands. 

If you research the have-to-be indian leaders who had been sent back to prison for their “militant bravery”, you will realize why they were back out on the street before you can say “indian federal operative.” The court transcripts are not very informational but it appears the court room proceedings were rigged like a hollywood script. The federal operatives were never re imprisoned for a very long time and if you look closely, even though they say they hate the police and the united states government, they still work as operatives in some capacity within the communities they live and work in.

They have a federal handler to manage them. They have been redeemed and no one is none the wiser except their federal handler. The united states government will usually sanction and finance their organizations and place of businesses.

The most damaging documented “modern day indian leadership event” was the supposedly bona fide “sovereign american indian leadership” that went to the united nations and for some insane reason. That same “sovereign american indian” group has never become established or recognized as legal representatives of a United Nations recognized sovereign nation. There were many actual sovereign american indian elders that were used as props in this venture and by all accounts they didn’t really lead or direct the group. In this attempt to get United Nations recognition they pre-empt any further status applications the total sovereign american indian people can make later in the coming decades or centuries.

Everyone in their family, parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, mooses, goats and chickens were included in the application which had a far reaching total land mass from the southern most tip of south america to the polar caps of the north pole. All people in between those points were included in the application.

I don’t know if the united states, canada, mexico, or other central and south american countries that were already recognized by the united nationswere notified of this claim. It was an insane application implying some rather profound implications. So, amidst this supposedly protest for dignity, their acceptance into the united nations as a sovereign nation representatives, exposure of the united states governmental indian land thefts,  human rights violations and genocidal policies waged upon the sovereign american indian which was revealed through testimony before the united nations assembled delegates. It was supposed to be a great event for the sovereign american indian people.

However, after a few years we see the reality of that global declaration on behalf of the sovereign american indian enabled the United States of America to walk away from any interference of actions or investigation by the United Nations into the united states of america versus the sovereign american indians issue. Total exoneration from any tribunals or criminal charges for any united states government representatives involved in any alleged conspiracy negotiations with the sovereign american indian land theft claims and all the genocidal policy acts applied within any offensive military action by the united states of america against the sovereign of the american indian people.

Who did these indians really represent and what did they accomplish on behalf of the american indian?

37 years later, we still see the have-to-be indian organizations or businesses that were made and started during the 1960s and 1970s. The untold-unaccountable millions of dollars in financial donations they accepted on behalf of the sovereign american indian. They called the sovereign elected reservation leaders “tontos” and “apples.”

Yet, these same have-to-be indians led the way for the united states government to bring a closure to the vast land theft and claims the sovereign american indian were destined to realize the united states government used them like fresh wood for a big fire and when it got too big, the united states government pissed on the fire.

You know leonard peltier and many former GOON members feel betrayed after their faithful loyal service.

The sovereign american indian lost untold trillions of dollars in restitution for land and natural resources stolen by the united states government and their special interest groups. Any attempted prosecution for the human rights atrocities and genocidal policies that were inflicted and used upon the sovereign american indian people and their ancestors is a foregone conclusion. NO ONE WILL BE PROSECUTED in the global arena of politics for those historic moments. What ever happened to the jewish people who asked for jesus christs death from the romans?

Does it seem like we’re reliving another reenactment of the boston tea party? When hundreds of white gentiles dressed up as sovereign american indians and dumped two boxes of imported tea into the boston harbor. What a terrible vicious act to blame on the sovereign indian people or maybe you’ve heard the other good deal where manhattan island was bought with 1 box of beads and 3 bags of sugar. Its the same 1492 game plan.

Thomas bunyaca said it best when a camouflagued clothed racist heckler kept shouting, ” hey? old man. we stole your land, what you think about that? what are you going to do about it?” after more insulting comments, thomas banyaca smiled and finally replied,  “my land? you took it? you tooketh my land? if you stole it, where you toke it too? i am still living on my land. thats what i am doing about it. wheres your land?”

Its never too late to realize what reality is and how to do the right thing to rectify the small negative aspects of life. watch for the invisible nation that keeps killing the sovereign american indian. They will keep selling and stealing all that is real about the identity of the sovereign american indian.

Keep a vigilant watch for many more anna mae pictou-aquashs and little joe stuntz’ to be found as secret unexplainable deaths on this land.

Many more dino butlers, john trudell, leonard peltier and bob robideaus’ to investigate them. All the federal operatives know who killed both anna mae pictou-aquash and little joe stuntz. Homeland security measures ensured no one will ever tell either or face imprisonment, or death, for leaking a national homeland secret. They will never tell unless they no longer fear the truth of their lies.

Never underestimate that the United states government will have their operatives sitting and organizing within the sovereign american indian nationhood. The game is not over. Its at a time out. They are too busy stealing oil, raping and murdering innocent iraqian-afghanistanian people right now. The sovereign american indian is safe for the moment but when some thing valuable, plentiful and easily available is discovered on their reservation land, the game will again be put into motion and there will be the invisible nation or someone recruited from mexico, canada and other global communities to assist the united states government in setting up the necessary reasons and laws to take that valuable commodity from the sovereign of the american indian people again.

Its a matter of time.Mmake no mistake about it. The reason will be its for the common good and benefit of the whole united states people and for some long standing reason, the sovereign american indian always pays and foots the tabs and bills with that “united concern of a better tomorrow for humanity.”

Did anyone mention an abundant reserve of uranium, oil, copper. molybdenum and gas under the northern cheyenne reservation in montana? Many trillion dollars worth of needed resources? How much do you think they will receive in compensation for their natural resources?

We heard old winona laduke has her money eye set on them cheyennes to allow her to legally represent them in the american indian resource sales within the global markets. Shes a player for the big time corporations. Make no mistake about her jewish nature. Either way, winny laduke will get thousands of dollars playing the game. Either the cheyenne will pay her or the flip side of the political drama that will happen will pay her big time.Shes staked out her money wagon and she has every intention to cash in on that.

Eradicating and terminating the american indian sovereign is a “coming soon to your reservation” future event. Players are dime a dozen and there is a whole new generation of neo-phyte have-to-be indians that have matured and are ready to step into the game. It doesn’t matter whether they look american indian or not any more. Did someone say Sheridan Murphy, ward churchill or winona laduke? They can have “almost indian” ancestry or be a part of the southern current of native people coming from central or south america.

They are ready to get into the easy money game. there is quick easy millions to be made in indian country right now and all you gotta do is find the game plan and players. The sovereign indian gaming and casino gala is in full stride of quick money generating instances. Free land to be had on most sovereign american indian reservations. You can either buy it or simply marry one of the people. Your kids are in for the duration of the game.

Did someone mention “meth sales and south american relatives” on the reservations?

MS13 members have staked out many indian reservations and quietly do their drug business among the reservation kids and addcits. South dakotas’ bear butte cave was demolished by the navy ordinance team in 1945. Enclosed inside the cave were the writings and pictures on the walls that told of the history of the black hills. They have destroyed many sovereign american indian sites over 500 years. Which tribe will ask and get compensation for that little evil act of disenfranchising the sovereign american indian from its history and tributaries? None to date.

The Sioux tribe is originally from the east coast and have no actual legal or legitmate claim to the black hills area. The ft laramie treaty is worth as much as the ink that was used to create it. All indian tribes not indigenous to the area were used or forced to sign off on the land acquisition paper.

A reflective thought is realizing the sovereign american indian community creed to never ever leave someone behind or omit anyone that doesnt have a home, family or friends. To take every one into the common good and hope for the best to occur for all our lives. It is a tough decision and commitment to stay the course irregardless of their nationality, sexual preference or creed. Sovereign american indian leaders without their community creed will often follow the accepted political correctness when they first step into office.

In time, they will also directly reflect other subtle and globally accepted leadership traits of sexism, prejudice, tyranny, discrimination, hate, distorted wisdom, payoff scandals and more then likely, a leadership only for special people.

Maybe the united states government leaders and doers will grow up some time in the future but right now the sovereign american indian always ends up paying for their freight. Its always the same nasty behaviors of killing, raping, stealing and imprisoning the global communities who have natural resources that are valuable. This United States Government logic imply s taking our kids to foreign lands to train them in murder and other killing ways. Then bringing that persona back to this land, will be considered community wealth and protection. global communities will respect the united states of america, its people and land base. further, the sovereign american indian should praise the returning killers and leaders for the killing, raping and outright destruction of other innocent global communties lives, homes and land.

Who do you think the local police departments will employ and use as a community protectors and leaders? Thats right, returning killers and rapists proven in “combat.” Another further mind logic is that the sovereign american indian should educate their children to become willing military killer soldiers pre-destined to fight the battles of the wealthy united states selected white leaders or they can accept becoming another lifetime clone slave laborer in the vast united states work force. they and their grandchildren can immediately start working to pay for the iraq massacre and the afghanistan killing fields. the current war cost is $469,918,109,230.29 and rising every day.

We become what we do – good intentions are only a potential.

Interview With Full Blood Lakota About Rape and Punishment

Click>>> Interview  with Full Blood Head Man Lakota Emerson Elk from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

His words speak on behalf of the Creator on this subject. Lakota Law states that those who rape their own women and girls according to the teachings of Traditional Full Bloods were punished with death. The guilty were brought before the Chief and Headman. They were then given a sharpened knife wrapped in leather and told go and kill themselves. Those that did not…tried to run…were found. They then were wrapped in wet leather…tied down on the ground and left to be devoured by the animals, insects etc.

By Traditional Lakota Law then…most ALL members of the American Indian Movement should be punished with death according to the Creator. This Traditional Law then would also include all AIMster WannaBe “NiggaNative” thugs who rape their own girls and women today all over “Indian Country”!

A few names that come to mind would be Peltier who said he “liked them when 13″, Dennis Banks is another…raping pedophile of young girls. Then there was Russell Means who raped Susan Dupree at a Sun Dance and with 7 others ‘gang raped” the sister of Doris Respects Nothing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. And I would  assume those who were “complicit” in the cover-up such as John Trudell who knew EVERYTHING about who did what to who RAPE wise among his AIM brotherhood!

One blatant example of one who raped a 14 year old Oglala girl on Pine Ridge is the “Head Rapist” of the “Hostile Indian Tribe” or “HIT”…Lee Whitehorse. Application of Traditional Lakota Law to this feral beast and rapist is discussed in this interview with Emerson Elk.

The Creator will punish those who’s spirit’s escape “man’s justice” here no matter what. That is a given because sooner or later everyone is going to have their “own ride arrive” when their spirit leaves their body…no matter WHO they are and then they are going to suffer the consequences of their evil acts compliments of Wakan Tanka…the Creator…even Wanikiya.

So much for the “Coyote Logic” of one who was “Chairman of the American of the American Indian Movement when innocents were murdered and raped at Wounded Knee in 1973-1975, and who said to appease his own GUILT…“It’s like this whole concept of guilt, sin, and blame…it’s all bullshit. It’s an external programming put inside of us. What we are is natural human beings, natural human beings when we are honest with ourselves, when we tell ourselves the truth, and then we act according to that honesty…doing the best we can with what we have and understand the power that is in that….”

American Indian Movement’s Russell Means Exposed As Rapist and Murderer

A Few Unknown Factoids About AIMSTER Russell Means

Born on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in 1939, Russell Means has dedicated his life to American Indian activism and constitutional rights for over three decades. He is widely regarded as the most influential Indian activist and political leader of the later part of the twentieth and into the twenty – first century.

A few of the many “first” and “hidden” accomplishments which can be attributed to Russell Means include the following:

Russell Means’s real linage was Crow, White, and Dakota…not Lakota blood at all. Is was a womanizer and abuser or, a documented rapist, murderer, pedophile, spin doctor, propagandist and never took care of his children. He threatened volunteers who collected the American Indian Movement telling them that he and Dennis Banks would kill them if they did not turn over all the donation monies.

Russell Means raped Suzanne Dupree, a 17 year old Lakota girl at a Sun Dance and which was witnessed by 18 members of the American Indian Movement at the Frank Fools Crows arbor in 1972 in the gym of her Catholic Girls school. She had gotten AIM lodging on the Trail of Broken Treaties. The 18 AIM witnessing AIM members did nothing to stop him.  Means was acting long before he ever reached Hollyweird. He also raped with 8 others the sister of Doris Repects Nothing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

I personally know of another woman Means raped…GANG raped he and 8 others on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She was the sister of Doris Respects nothing. Her life was destroyed and her spirit murdered.

In the early time of his life, Means was pardoned for his AIM crimes by South Dakota Governor William Janklow because Means and AIM got rid of a young Lakota girl named Jancita Eagle Deer who was raped by Janklow when he was her guardian and she his babysitter. Means and this young attorney, before becoming Governor of South Dakota. When her case for rape against Janklow was nearing, she was hit by a car along side of the road and said to be drunk. Her mother Daphine tried to open an investigation knowing the truth of what happened to her daughter. She was found mysteriously dead too!

Yes, be assured there was FBI complicity in this and still continues to this day protecting the murdering American Indian Movement “leaders” and with Jew Attorney’s working hand in hand to hide the truth…say Bruce Ellison…about ALL the crimes of AIMSTERS..

The pardon was so Means could write his book  “Where White Men Fear to Tread”. There was never any Lakota total immersion school on Pine Ridge as promised by Means…never using any of the monies he made from being in movies or on his book to help relieve the conditions of poverty among the grass roots Lakota Oyate poor. So much for his “Lakota Nation”!

This man should of been sent to prison but when you have the goods on the Governor and Senators and son of South Dakota…but that was never going to happen! But it can truly be said the Creator administered a minuscule pre-eternity taste of His justice…say “Lying Throat Karma Kancer”… just like his fellow murderer John Trudell who was directly involved the in the murder and cover up of Annie Mae Aquash as well as the other 12 buried at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation including Black Civil Right’s worker Perry Ray Robinson who was murdered be David Hill and who was buried with the supervision of Dennis Banks! Say “Karma Kancer” again and for John Trudell!

Both are now in HELL!

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