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Yikes!!! Written Up In The Washington Times…

Back in the day ūüôā This is what God led me to do…and it worked. Of course I was attacked…lied about and slandered but I take that as a complement! ūüôā I have paid my dues…and God knows that and to hell with my enemies who I am to pray for! ūüôā Not quite there yet!

Program lends hand to poor Indian tribes

By Valerie Richardson
December 20, 2007


Photo by Paul Beaver – Independence Missouri
Agnes Running Enemy, 78, who lives on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Indian Reservation in South Dakota, has received groceries and other essentials through the Adopt a Lakota Family program. (Richard Boyden/Special to The Washington Times)

The plumbing in Arlette Loud Hawk’s small home on the Pine Ridge Reservation hasn‚Äôt worked in more than three years. Her furnace broke four years ago, but she doesn’t have the money to fix either.

That could soon change, now that the 48-year-old Sioux woman has been “adopted.” She is receiving fuel and food credits from several donors through Adopt a Lakota Family, an innovative program designed to give direct help to the poorest of the Indian poor.

Ms. Loud Hawk would definitely qualify. She hasn’t been able to work steadily since a diagnosis of breast cancer, which now has spread to her lymph nodes. She has no car, and depends on friends and relatives for rides to Rapid City, S.D., 70 miles away, for second-stage chemotherapy.

“I’ve had a lot of help with groceries already, which is really helpful because I’m dependent on the reservation,” said Ms. Loud Hawk, who lives with two of her five children and three grandchildren.

Adopt a Lakota Family is the brainchild of Richard Boyden, a former Kansas City, Mo., radio talk-show host who now works full time to alleviate what he describes as the “Third World poverty” on Sioux reservations in North and South Dakota.

His charity, Operation Morning Star, pairs churches, businesses and individual donors with needy Lakota or Sioux families and senior citizens. Donors have the option of sending checks to the charity or directly to power companies and grocery stores in the family’s name. All donations to Operation Morning Star, a nonprofit, are tax-deductible.

“We’re unlike the Red Cross or Salvation Army where you send them money and it’s redistributed to various causes,” Mr. Boyden said. “You say you want to adopt a family and help with utility bills, foods, school supplies, and we connect you with a family. Then you can send money directly to the grocery store or utility company.”

Some donors send their adopted families gift cards to Wal-Mart, which operates stores near most of the reservations. Others send letters and Christmas gifts to the family’s children. The process helps reduce worries about whether the money is used for its intended purpose. “People are leery of charities,” said Mr. Boyden. “This way you know where your money’s going.”

It would be difficult to find a more desperate group of Americans than the North and South Dakota Sioux. The unemployment rate tops 80 percent and most residents live below the poverty level, with the average annual income on the reservation less than $3,200.

The casino-driven economic boom enjoyed by some tribes has bypassed the Sioux, whose remote location puts them beyond the reach of most tourist traffic. The result is a host of social ills ranging from suicide and substance abuse to crime and homelessness.

At the heart of the plight is the lack of decent housing. Most Sioux live in dilapidated trailers and creaky federally built houses, cramming as many as 20 persons into single-family structures. Many homes are infested with black mold, which may be contributing to high disease rates.

“The need for homes affects just about everything else,” said John Yellow Bird Steele, president of the Oglala Sioux tribe at Pine Ridge, who testified before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee on the housing crisis in March. “You have two to four different families living in one home. It means the kids don’t have a place to study and there’s conflict between people who have to live together.”

Randy Stires, president of Victorian Sales in Fenton, Mo., donated a company van and 23 wood-burning stoves last year after seeing photos of the deplorable living conditions on the Operation Morning Star Web site,, where contact and donation information are available. “It’s cold here in Missouri, but in the Dakotas it’s cold-cold, and I look at those houses and say, ‘How are they staying warm?’ ” said Mr. Stires, who is giving another 27 stoves this year.

Operation Morning Star has proposed a long-term solution in the form of modular geodesic dome homes. For as little as $15,000, the charity can purchase the kits from their designer, Bob Conroy, and use tribal labor to build them. The homes are airtight and use radiant-floor heating, which is more efficient and less expensive than propane or gas, said Mr. Conroy. But $15,000 is big money on these reservations, and Operation Morning Star doesn’t have any deep-pocket donors.

Part of that lies with Sioux pride. “I find it difficult to say, ‘We need help,’ ” said Mr. Steele. “We don’t want to appear pitiful. We make do.” It’s also a result of widespread stereotypes, Mr. Boyden said. “Indian Country is either portrayed in a negative light or a diversionary light, like, ‘Oh, they’ve got casinos now. They’ve got the government.’ ”

“You have all these charities going to Africa and Mexico,” he said, “but people forget about what’s happening in their own back yard.”



The Ignored Racist American History Targeting Native Americans For Mass Genocide

Preface: This is information I shared on my Operation Morning Star web page when I was working with my charity and on radio. It addresses many issues concerning the history of “Indian Country”¬† under the subject of “Racism”. It is archived with the dates.

All races except American Indians have had the historical truth revealed in a fullness. That is what I did…exposed the flagrant hypocrisy of the Whites, Blacks, Christians and Jews and their contribution to the genocide of American Indians like no one else that I know of. There are some broken links but the ones that work will take you to places in history concerning “Indian Country” not found in ANY history taught in this counties public schools thanks to the Free Masonic manifest destiny murdering cabal who control the education format. Read, Learn and Share!

This Blog is dedicated to Karen Sue Andras and her boy toy who almost killed her William R. Bunting. He was and is still my cyber stalking sodomite demon in the flesh and confirmed lover of Satan and racist to the core White KKK dirt bag who threatened to murder me.¬† His racism targeting American Indians was a in my face sent text/email stating that American Indian women deserved to be raped while calling them “Prairie Niggers”….this being a quote about “real men” from him…

‚ÄúUmmm‚Ķany woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful‚Ķ I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please‚Ķ If she was a real woman she would be begging for more‚ÄĚ

With that said….

This “Short Course In Indian Country History” in 2 Parts (somewhat overlapping)¬† is dedicated in part to two brave, loving, and beautiful Native American Women who were raped and murdered by demons in the flesh who William R. Bunting and Andras said…”they deserved it”!

And here is the link to Part 2.


Preface: The Prayer of the Ghost Dance

i wanna go where the blind can see
i wanna go where the lame will walk
i wanna see the sick ones clean
where the deaf can hear and the silent talk

where are you going, to a Ghost Dance in the snow?
where are all your warriors, i see they’re finally
coming home

i wanna go where the dead are raised
where the mountain lion lays down with the lamb
i wanna stand where God is praised
i wanna ride across the plains to the promised land

where i’m going don’t need to raise your voice
no starvation we’ll have plenty to eat
no guns no wars, no hateful noise just a victory dance, we’ll never taste defeat

where there’s nothin’ done or said that can’t be forgiven
where every step you take is on sacred ground

walk away from death into the land of the living
where all the lost tribes are finally found

This “Short Course In Indian Country History” ¬†is dedicated in part to two brave, loving, and beautiful Native American Women.

One but a young Lakota woman, the other a Mic Mac Mother, both raped and murdered…¬†¬†¬†¬†

Jancita Eagle Deer 

who was¬† raped by former South Dakota Governor, William Janklow and had signed a statement to that affect. She was murdered before she could testify. Her mother was next…


Annie Mae Aquash 

who was “allegedly” murdered and raped by so called “Native American’s” within the¬†

Thirty Years of FBI Harassment and Misconduct 

“Research Papers”¬†

for your enlightenment and understanding.

“The American Holocaust” – “Manifest Destiny “

A Comparative History by Lilian Friedberg, A Jewish Scholar

Reflections on “Manifest Destiny” and Race

A Jewish Writer For Wall Street Journal Justifies the Extermination of American Indians!

Indigenous People of America Have “The Right To Exist”

A Translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought

Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization

By Debbie White Plume

Native American History, Comparative Genocide and the Holocaust

by Brenden Rensink

How Can You Go To A Church That Killed So Many Indians? 

Deconstructing The American Mythology: Revisionist Western and U.S. History

By Adam Rlcoh

“Rainbow Swastika” – New Age Plan for Native Americans, among others: “The Final Solution”!

“Welcome to one Jew’s analysis of a Kinder, Gentler Final Solution” – By Hannah Newman – A Conservative Jew Living In Israel

The war continues daily in “INDIAN COUNTRY”…that being a genocidal war against American Indians.¬†

This war is a historical continuation of genocide which began when Europeans first stepped on the shores of this continent. 

It is a war to annihilate American Indians using a process of social, political,¬† economic and spiritual¬† ‘engineering’¬† inspired from the Throne of Hell itself and which has targeted Indigenous Peoples from the beginning in the implementation of those¬† ‘living conditions’ (“ethnic cleansing“) which are designed to cause the physical and spiritual death of a race of human beings.¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Thanksgiving” – A First Nations View

Terrorism in my Homeland: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Navajo Long Walk, to the suffering place

Geronimo – His Own Story

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 1)

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 2)

Trail of Tears – A Death March of the Cherokee

 Documents on the Sand Creek Massacre

Trail of Tears from Mississippi walked by our Choctaw ancestors

The Effects of Removal on American Indian Tribes

“The American Holocaust” – “Manifest Destiny “-¬†A Comparative History by Lilian Friedberg, A Jewish Scholar

Indigenous People of America Have “The Right To Exist”¬†¬† Buy this book!¬† A Translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought

Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization

The Canadian Holocaust

Jewish Exploitation Of American Indians

SOUL WOUND: The Legacy of Native American Schools

Abuse Charges Hit Rosebud Reservation Church-Run Schools Cited In Wide-Ranging Lawsuit


Universal Wholly Pedophilic Church

HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard – The Harvard-Bush Connection

HUD Corruption and Money Making

Bill Clintons Speech of “Broken Promises” on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation after the Tornados in 99

“America’s Pathological Behavior”

“The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian”¬†

Standing Rock: America’s Indian’s Are Still Losing

Honoring Indians With Disrespect

The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge

Lord Jeffrey Amherst’s letters discussing germ warfare against American Indians


Connecting the Murderous Dots between the “Wizard of OZ”, L. Frank Baum, The European Holocaust of Jews, The American Holocaust of Indigenous Americans, and the Present Day Racial Insensitivity to “Indian Country” .

Conversion to Jesus, “Catholic Style”

Sitting Bull, His Vision of the “Little Big Horn”, and Defeat of Custer

Racism in the Media Towards Native Americans

‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’ brings controversy

Before there was¬† “Luby’s Massacre” and “The Virginia Tech Massacre” and “The Columbine Massacre”¬†

There was ¬† “The Bear River Massacre” and “The Sand Creek Massacre” and “The Wounded Knee Massacre”

Mass Graves: The Open Sores of a History in Denial from the Depths of the American Continent

Cherokee Nation Under Attack by Racist, Ignorant, Uneducated, Unable to Read Treaties “House Negro’s” and Incognito “Buffalo Soldiers” Diane E. Watson and Mel Watts


The 9th Calvary of black buffalo soldiers at Wounded Knee who brought in 2 of the 4 Hotchkiss Guns used to slaughter 300 innocent Lakota Dec. 29, 1890. The 9th Calvary is alive and well today in the “Congressional Black Caucus”, the “Black” version of the “White” KKK led by Diane E. Watson and Mel Watts!

Black Mercenary Buffalo Soldier on left with with members of Custer’s “White 7th Calvary” and one of the two Hotchkiss Guns the 9th Calvary of “coloured soldiers” brought to the “Killing Fields” of Wounded Knee!

Big Foot’s band of Lakota, destined victims of the Mass Murder Massacre at Wounded Knee (Library of Congress)

In the 1860’s, “slaves” were hired by the United States government to kill Native Americans for MONEY in order to “EARN” their “FREEDOM” from their


The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments of ‚ÄúBLACK MERCENARY Buffalo Soldiers‚ÄĚ conducted campaigns against American Indian tribes from Montana, Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota and Arizona. Throughout the era of the Indian Wars, approximately twenty percent of the U.S. Cavalry troopers were African Americans. They fought over 177 engagements against the Apache, Comanche, Ute, Kiowa, Shoshone, Cheyenne, Bannock, Kickapoo, Sioux and Blackfoot.¬†At least 18 Medals of Honor were presented to Black Buffalo Soldiers during the Western Campaigns!

A Murdered Chief Big Foot on a 100 Dollar Bill just off the press for Watson, Watts, and their “Freed Men”!

¬† (At least the Cherokee aren’t MASS MURDERERS of FREEDMEN!)

‘Freedmen call Cherokees racist’ – Senator Coburn (Oklahoma States WHITE Mr. KKK!) Supports Group¬†¬†

By Mike Graham

Ballard Of The Hotchkiss Gun

Ballad by Private. W. H. Prather, an African-American member I Troop, Ninth Cavalry (Black Buffalo Soldiers). 

Composed and sung by troops during the “Wounded Knee” campaign of 1890 In honor of the victory at Wounded Knee

The Red Skins left their Agency, the Soldiers left their Post,
All on the strength of an Indian tale about the Messiah’s ghost
Got up by the savage chieftans to lead their tribes astray;
But Uncles Sam wouldn’t have it so, for he ain’t built that way.
They swore that this Messiah came to them in visions sleep,
And promised to restore their game and Buffalos a heap,
So they must start a big ghost dance, then all would join their band,
And may be so we lead the way into the great Bad Land.

They claimed the shirt Messiah gave, no bullet could go through,
But when the soldiers fired at them they saw this was not true.
The Medicine man supplied them with their great Messiah’s grace,
And he, too, pulled his freight and swore the 7th hard to face.

About their tents the Soldiers stood, awaiting one and all,
That they might hear the trumpet clear when sounding General call
Or Boots and Saddles in a rush, that each and every man
Might mount in haste, ride soon and fast to stop this devilish band
But Generals great like Miles and Brooke don’t do things up that way,
For they know an Indian like a book, and let him have his sway
Until they think him far enough and then to John they’ll say,
“You have better stop your fooling or we’ll bring our guns to play.”

They claimed the shirt, etc.

The 9th marched out with splendid cheer the Bad Lands to explo’e-
With Col. Henry at their head they never fear the foe;
So on they rode from Xmas eve ’till dawn of Xmas day;
The Red Skins heard the 9th was near and fled in great dismay;
The 7th is of courage bold both officers and men,
But bad luck seems to follow them and twice has took them in;
They came in contact with Big Foot’s warriors in their fierce might
This chief made sure he had a chance of vantage in the fight.

They claimed the shirt, etc.

A fight took place, ’twas hand to hand, unwarned by trumpet call,
While the Sioux were dropping man by man – the 7th killed them all,
And to that regiment be said “Ye noble braves, well, done,
Although you lost some gallant men a glorious fight you’ve won.”
The 8th was there, the sixth rode miles to swell that great command
And waited orders night and day to round up Short Bulls band.
The Infantry marched up in mass the Calvary’s support,
And while the latter rounded up, the former held the fort.

They claimed the shirt, etc.

E Battery of the 1st stood by and did their duty well,
For every time the Hotchkiss barked they say a hostile fell.
Some Indian soldiers chipped in too and helped to quell the fray,
And now the campaign’s ended and the soldiers marched away.
So all have done their share, you see, whether it was thick or thin
And all helped break the ghost dance up and drive the hostiles in.
The settlers in that region now can breathe with better grace;
They only ask and pray to God to make John hold his base.

They claimed the shirt, etc.

American Horse

“They turned their guns, Hotchkiss Guns, upon the women who were in the lodges standing there under a flag of truce, and of course as soon as they were fired upon they fled…There was a woman with an infant in her arms who was killed as she almost touched the flag of truce [which flew over the Lakota camp], and the women and children of course were strewn all along the circular village until they were dispatched. Right near the flag of truce a mother was shot down with her infant; the child not knowing that its mother was dead was still nursing, and that especially was a very sad sight.

The women as they were fleeing with their babes were killed together, shot right through, and the women who were very heavy with child were also killed…After most all of them had been killed a cry was made that all those who were not killed or wounded should come forth and they would be safe. Little boys who were not wounded came out of their places of refuge, and as soon as they came in sight a number of soldiers surrounded them and butchered them there…Of course it would have been all right if only the men had been killed; we would feel almost grateful for it. But the fact of the killing of the women, and more especially the killing of the young boys and girls who are to go to make up the future strength of the Indian people, is the saddest part of the whole affair and we feel it very sorely.”

James Mooney, “The Ghost Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890,” in Fourteenth Annual Report of the United States Bureau of Ethnology (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1896) Part Two, p. 877


“I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes still young. and I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard.¬†

A people’s dream died there.¬†

It was a beautiful dream.”¬†¬†¬†

Black Elk, Oglala

Chief Big Foot, MURDERED and His Body Frozen 

“Having wronged them for centuries we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth. In this lies future safety for our settlers and the soldiers who are under incompetent commands. Otherwise, we may expect future years to be as full of trouble with the redskins as those have been in the past.”
Quote – L. Frank Baum, 1891

10 years before L. Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz, he was also calling for the genocide of Native Americans in his editorials.

L. Frank Baum’s “GENOCIDE” Editorials


“… every redskin must be killed from off the face of the plains before we can be free from their molestations. They are of no earthly good and the sooner they are swept from the land the better for civilization… I do not think they can be turned and made good law abiding citizens any more than coyotes can be used for shepherd dogs”
Quote – Major John Vance Lauderdale, surgeon US Army. Attending physician at Wounded Knee Massacre


“Hunting redskins became for the time being a popular sport in New England, especially since prisoners were worth good money, and the personal danger to the hunters was now very slight.”
From Douglas Edward Leach, Flintlock and Tomahawk: New England in King Philip’s War (W.W. Norton & Co. 1958)

“Fact: Most modern scholars estimate the population of the indigenous people of North America to have been between 10-20 million. In 1840, the population was estimated to be around two million. By 1880, native numbers had dropped to 250,000.”

“It’s Only a Game?” Exhibit, Western Carolina University Cherokee Center and the Native American Student Association at WCU

Bounties offered by the British, French, and American colonial governments ranged in amounts but in some regions a male Indian’s skin was worth the same as a deer’s “buckskin” hide. Hunters began applying the word “buck” for Indian males.


“Others say it was first used on signs at Dutch Trading Posts that listed the ‘skins’ they brought. Among them were beaver skins – and redskins.

On the Northeast coast, the U.S. Government had put a bounty on American Indians’ heads. People had to prove they had killed an American Indian in order to get the bounty. How did they prove it? At first they would bring in the head, but that got too cumbersome, so it simply became the scalps. The prices for scalps were different depending on whether they were taken from a male or a female, and whether they were taken from an adult or a child. Adult females brought the most money because they could produce American Indian offspring killing the reproducing members of a society is a mechanism to reduce the population. How did they prove the sex of the person the scalp once belonged to? For women they would cut off the breasts and present them with the scalp. For children’s scalps it was often the feet that were cut off.”

Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition
American Indian Mascot Page


Colonists during the Revolutionary War wrote what they did to Indians “tortured . . . whole families, and scalped the dead” and “honored their bravest victims by eating them.” The American soldiers “showed off pairs of legging made from the skin of dead Indians.”
From Schanzer, Rosalyn – George vs. George : The Revolutionary War as Seen by Both Sides


Redskins” is at the top of the heap on the offense side. Its origins are despicable, arising from bounty-hunting days, when hauling “Indian kill” by the gunnysack and wagonload became too cumbersome. Bounties then were paid for scalplocks, instead of heads, and bloody “red skins,” in lieu of whole bodies of Native children, women and men.
– Quote Susan Shown Harjo


“Both being beasts of prey, tho’ they differ in shape.”

Quote -George Washington, President of the United States of America (Stannard) – referring to Native Americans and wolves

Washington’s troops amused themselves by skinning the bodies of Indians “from the hips downward, to make boot tops or leggins.”
Works Cited – Anthony F.C., Wallace, the Death and Rebirth of the Seneca (Knoph, 1979)
Editor’s Note: Government sponsored democide and skinning of “Redskins” under George Washington




Connection to suicide and murder-suicides in ‚ÄúIndian Country‚ÄĚ

Think “Red Lakes” and PROZAC!

Paxil Directly Connected to Suicides

 Experts say psychiatric drugs linked to long list of school shooting sprees

Evidence Of Anti-Depressant/Psychotropic Drug Connection To Suicides and Suicide/Murders In “Indian Country” and America

Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis

Biological Psychiatry Of Nazi German

Psych-Rights Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

The Hidden Side Of Psychiatry

Nazi Eugenics Conspiracy-Psychiatry Kills

Eugenics and the Third Reich

Mass Murderers in White Coats  

From Harvard to Buchenwald: A Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics

Cannabis/ Marijuana May Trigger Schizophrenia

Vaccines and the negative affect on “Indian Country”

Questions about Vaccinations

¬†YES, there are “religious exemptions” so your children do not have to take vaccines!¬†


 Think HIV/AIDS!

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The Reservation’s Ten Commandments

(As Given By The United States of America) 

  1. You shall have no other forms of government before me

  2. You shall not make for yourself an independent and self-sufficient government, for I am a jealous bureaucracy and will punish the Indian children for the sins of their fathers to the seventh generation of those who hate me

  3. You shall not misuse my name or my symbols, for I will impale you on my flagpole

  4. Remember the first of each month by keeping it holy The rest of the month you shall go hungry, but the first day of each month is a tribute to me, and you shall receive welfare checks and commodity food in exchange for your continued dependence

  5. Honor your Indian father and Indian mother because I have stripped them of their land, language, and hearts, and they need your compassion, which is a commodity I do not supply

  6. You shall not murder, but I will bring FBI and CIA agents to your reservations and into your homes, and the most intelligent, vocal, and angriest members of your tribes will vanish quietly

  7. You shall not commit adultery, but I will impregnate your women with illegitimate dreams

  8. You shall not steal back what I have already stolen from you

  9. You shall not give false testimony against any white men, but they will tell lies about you, and I will believe them and convict you

  10. You shall not covet the white man’s house You shall not covet the white man’s wife, or his hopes and opportunities, his cars or VCRs, or anything that belongs to the white man¬†

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Catholic Church Removes “Suicide Prevention” Radio Program On The Rosebud Sioux Reservation

The radio program is downloaded to listen to.

Best Heard Using Windows Media Player 10 or 11 – Click HERE to download.

Part 1 and Part 2

“The White Man’s 400 Year Tsunami” Against First Nations Peoples of America”

Hog Farm Contaminates Rosebud Sioux Tribe Land and Water


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This Marine Slandered By Fake American Texas Roadhouse Owner Johnny Cunningham

Johnny Cunningham, Snowflake, Fake American and Owner Operator of the Texas Roadhouse Springfield Missouri believed lies about me fabricated by a newly hired female “skirt” and pathological liar/manger…which resulted in this fake use Veterans for profit loser to cover her lies and in the process denigrated my “credentials” while he called me a LIAR!!! Nothing like disrespecting a United States Marine Corp Vietnam Combat Veteran!

I do not take kindly as a USMC Vietnam Combat Veteran and syndicated journalist getting a phone call and listening to being lied about and profiled by liars who are trying to cover for a “new female managers lying vagina” and the believer in her lies and who uses her lies to attack me with on the phone which is in essence calling me a liar.

Then he denigrates and mocks my credentials which includes being a “USMC combat Veteran. Who is this maggot? Johnny Cunningham is who…the franchise owner of Texas Roadhouse, Springfield Missouri! (See my “credentials” listed below compared to his in detail ! )

She reminds me of the days when the “dirt bag hippies” called us “baby killers” after we were blessed to return to the “land of the great PX”!¬† Now I am blessed to find myself profiled with lies so as to stigmatize me again except in this case…it is by a “fake American”!

Related image

My best friend Ronald Longanecker who I joined the Marine Corp with in 1965. The Govt. said KIA/MIA but a 3d Recon member that I met in Independence Missouri said he was a captured…a POW…lived 2 years and died.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Vietnam USMC, 66-68 I Corp 0311 i.e. “credential”

This is the GOOGLE REVIEW that I fist posted close to 4 years go…about this Texas Roadhouse Springfield Missouri and “owner”. Google says 9 months (due to edits). It will stay there but with a “link connection” to THIS REVIEW! Read what I said “then”. Was I fooled or what? That’s what I get for believing a “fake American” who uses Veteran’s for profit.

Texas Roadhouse Google Review Most relevant This USMC Nam Combat Veteran says…. “Thank You For Your Service” has been directed at me many a time as a USMC Vietnam combat vet.¬† Thankful I am to hear that but the followup in terms of deeds does not always match the words.

In fact when I ask about a “Military/Veteran’s Discount” in a food establishment and the answer is no…that ends me doing business there.¬† With owner Johnny Cunningham there is no doubt that he personally is thankful for the “Service” of Veterans by honoring on “Veteran’s Day” over 1000 being treated with a steak dinner right out of his pocket personally! His personal history supporting Veterans is outstanding!

Having been in the meat business years back, I know for a fact that he makes sure that his USDA Choice/Aged steaks are the best possible for us Veterans as well as his “civilian customers”! I personally ask each and every one of you reading this to thank Mr. Cunningham “For His Service” to us Veterans by giving him your business each and every time your taste buds start lusting for a quality premium choice steak!

And I present this last thought and question for you to consider…why would you give your business to ANY OTHER “Steak House” in Springfield who either does not honor and/or thank Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day for their service with a full meal? For me…a meager “appetizer” is almost a slap in the face! I actually refuse to spend my dollars with any business that does not honor Veterans on Veterans Day or with a discount when buying a meal or a meal! And for the “critics”…not every employee of ANY business “walks on water” here or anywhere else for that matter. We all fall short at times and make mistakes but that should not be used to denigrate THIS business in a nasty way like the two dirt bags above. And on a personal note…Thank You For Your Service To Veteran’s Mr. Cunningham!

P.S. For Lee Vang and Billy boy who trashed Cunningham…(or are you a girl?). This Veteran is always impressed with wimps and whiners. You Lee keep coming back to suffer such indignant treatment huh. You need to find a place where the servers will feed you and wipe your face. And Billy…anyone who orders a steak TO GO is either a liar or just got released from a padded room in a nut house! I know the cooks and the owner and management and if you told them what happened they would have made it right but truth is Billy boy (nice pic…:))…ya got caught lying to discredit this business owner and employees. Just letting folks know Mr. Cunningham does not run the kind of business described by two insecure losers.

Preface: In addition to this blog…there are also 2 half hour Blog Talk Radio programs. The links are down below along with my bio and…

Below I have posted links and history of my “credentials” which Texas Roadhouse Owner/Franchisee Johnny Cunningham blew off. Information included is my assistance to Native American Veterans above and beyond what this fake “cowboy/American” has done! That includes feeding Veterans and their families, helping pay utility bills, more then $5k in gift certificates and connecting them with “outsiders” who assist them with the same etc. etc. etc. Difference between me and Cunningham is that my work was “Service With Heart” rather then “Service For Profit” and being apart of a community of “narcissists” and “idol worshipers” who’s existence and self glorification focuses on “Success” AKA. MONEY using Veterans as a “prop” to exploit and increase ones “bottom line”.

And now to my wonderful Texas Roadhouse Birthday experience as a United States Marine Corp Vietnam Combat Veteran…

9/13/2019….Got a call today from owner of Texas Roadhouse in Springfield Missouri, Johnny Cunningham. I thought it would be a “belated Happy Birthday” given Sept. 12th was my 73d birthday and I had left a message earlier to call me about a special cut rib eye that I wanted for my own birthday present that I was going to treat myself with. All by myself as usual…great meal fantastic rib eye cooked by my favorite chef Seth! Little did I know it was “Satan in disguise” on the other end of the phone who proceeded to detail one lie about me after another by 3 female employees…2 managers and my server and which he believed without hesitation which for me makes him a liar like them! When I arrived and got seated I asked my sever to ask the managers to come over. The name of one was Whitney. The is the one that LIED about me.

I showed her and the other one on my cell phone the most read Texas Roadhouse Google review about Cunningham and his work for Veterans written by me and that Cunningham bought meals on Veterans Day for Veterans to the amount of 1500 steak dinners out of his pocket. In fact…I shared with them that on my review I said that Cunningham was one of the few business men in Springfield that helps Veterans. The other reason I asked them to come over was to ask if they would also save scraps for my German Shepherds as other managers have for the last 4 years and including my favorite cook Seth.

My Birthday Dinner Steak Cooked By Seth…(One of dozens over the years and who I tip $5 bucks when leaving!)¬† The Memory Of Which Was Destroyed By Phone Call From Cunningham Believing Slandering Lies About Me!

When I was finished with my meal, Manager Whitney and the other one proceeded to give me my bill which included a 50% discount!!!! Holy wow!!! Really I asked them. They both stood there smiling and I asked them WHY? And they said “Because you are a good guy“. I said you don’t have to do this…really…as this has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE (and keeping in mind…I never asked for this ever in 4 years…including NOW ON THIS MY BIRTHDAY! ) but they insisted even though I stated to them that I was to ONLY GET A 10% Veterans discount which I told them more then once.

Cunningham can ask ANY manager of server if I ever asked for a 50% discount! (And most all know me by the way!)So did she ask for “permission” to do this and from WHO? Cunningham was not there because I asked. So either she did this on her own and “got caught” and had to lie about me to cover her ass when Cunningham confronted her.

I have never asked for a “xtra” discount EVER in any of my times coming to TRH let alone a 50% discount…YOU READING THIS CUNNINGHAM?

Image result for meme taking a polygraph test

And I am ready to take a polygraph test and taking bets the newbie lying manager won’t!

Out of thankfulness, I even joked…J O K E D… wow…how nice of you..Whitney…laughing I said…Let’s elope”which means “let’s get married”…but instead of this being understood as a joke…it is used against me when Whitney had to cover her ass for giving me a 50% discount to justify that by LYING and telling Cunningham that he buys me meals all the time. And for the record…I have never asked one server or manager for any discount other then the 10% Veterans Discount offered to me by Cunningham when I first met him or has ANY manager offered me more then a Veterans discount.

But Cunningham kept repeating over and over in the phone call…YOU ONLY GET A 10% VETERANS DISCOUNT! Not nice Cunningham to accuse me of this!

Now this is a NEW manager mind you. Never has a manager before accused me of anything in my four years as a customer. Many know or knew me personally. I joked with them, shared my blogs and showed photos of my dogs etc etc etc. Every time I went to TRH, I asked the server who was on duty and they said so and so and many knew me who I then asked them to let them know I was there and when they could… came over and sat down and visited! They all had my cards, knew what I did as a syndicated investigative journalist and that I was a Vietnam Veteran etc etc.

Not one of them made up any LIE about me like Whitney and her partner slandering me and jacketing me with unfounded lies which they shared with CUNNINGHAM WHO DEFENDED AND BELIEVED THESE PATHOLOGICAL LIARS WHICH MAKES HIM ONE…ARE YOU READING CORPORATE?

Now the lies from the sever who introduced herself. She was new and over the four years coming to TRH…there were many before her. If they are a server I never met before, I introduced myself and we communicated. Some more, some less. I spent $700 in meals if not more…sometimes I think closer to $1000 over a 4 years time…if my old memory serves me correct I tipped well.

This new server offered and shared about her move to Springfield from St. Louis…and that she was a “Christian”…oh oh… She later jumps on the bandwagon of profiling me the 73 year old Vietnam Veteran and tells Cunningham that I made her feel “uncomfortable” and why?

Here is the rest of the story about that servers “LIE” and WHY! What did I say to trigger her phobic mind? I asked her after she shared with me about her move to Springfield if she was alone and if so…if she carried a gun for protection. Not yet she said but considering it. I said…go to a gun shop with a range and they will teach you. Best to have a gun I said and never need one then to need one and and not have one. And I said…this day and age women are targeted more for violent crimes and she agreed and even said her father said the same about having a gun for protection. Johnny Cunningham never shared that with her or any of his women employees…and that is the difference between Cunningham and me…yet he says he cares about the welfare of his employees!

Being a “Investigative Journalist” and aware of the “rape epidemic” of women all over this country and especially in the new town she just moved to namely¬† THE NEWS STORIES OF THE RAPES IN SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI…I felt led to make her aware of what I was aware of this out of genuine concern for her protection and safety which I can assure you…is not the case with Johnny Cunningham because I know for a fact he would not or has not shared this kind of information with any of his female employees and that in spite of his outward “facade” of caring.¬† I shared what I did because of the potential of a young woman new to this crime ridden town where women ARE targeted for rape! That is the difference between Cunningham and me! Yet he says he cares about his employees!

I also also told her as a new employee at TRH, to be aware of men who at Texas Roadhouse who might want to date her for all the “wrong reasons” and being she was a “Christian”, if someone asked her out…to ask him if he “believed in sex outside of marriage” and if he said yes…to leave him alone. I did this as both fatherly advice and as one who said this to hundreds of young Native American girls who I addressed when speaking at detention centers and jails on Reservations in South Dakota while addressing the subject of suicide among them. Many had been raped and abused and me being aware of that reality…counseled the same to this young girl because that is my “God inspired service from my heart!

Never asked where she lived or about her “gated community” but said that is good for your protection to live there. I shared about me interviewing as a radio talk show host attorney Kevin Jamison who wrote the Missouri conceal carry law and that now in Missouri you can carry any time anywhere on you without a “permit” etc. Se did not know that. By the way…Jamison knows me and my character and what my “credentials” are! And she said her father suggested the same!!!!


I reiterate…I have never asked for TRH employees phone numbers, full names, addresses or asked “would you go out with me” in all my visits over a 4 year period of time and if I did…you can bet I would of got a call from Cunningham!

But this is what happens to a single 73 year old bearded ragged looking Vietnam Combat Veteran who came to the Texas Roadhouse on his Birthday…alone…trusting and sharing and being honest like all my previous visits and mostly on this day…my Birthday…wanting to have another bone in rib eye and a good memory… only to be turned on by the LIAR IN CHIEF who believed the LIES of his phobic suffering from a “selective hearing disability” new managers and employees.


After all, I am not one of those “Amazing Families Who Support Us At Home” members ūüôā Not a snowflake or suffering from a Satanic case of “Sexual Dyslexia” AKA…a Gay/Sodomite/Trans endorser of “bowel movement sex” because¬† this Marine knows the difference between a man and a woman per Almighty God. In other words, the reason why I was singled out was because according to Johnny Cunningham and his “senior citizen Vietnam Veteran” profilers of me…I didn’t fit into or belong in the TRH “Family Atmosphere” meaning… I was “Age/Gender/Vietnam Veteran” profiled by him and his “hired liars” who made that clear with my birthday experience by those he trained to share “Service With Heart”!

My second syndicated journalist article was about this Marine Jon Hammar taken prisoner by the Cartels that run Mexico

Image result for Jon Hammar marine mexico Image result for Jon Hammar marine mexico


Read The Stories About What My Fellow Marine Went Through At The Hands Of The Cartel Controlled Mexican Government! And as I got up to leave, I saw manager Whitney and gave her my syndicated journalist card with stories from this blog and one in particular connected to the 2d syndicated article I wrote which was in part responsible for Obama to move to release fellow Marine Jon Hammar who was kidnapped by the cartel controlled Mexican Government! That article was read by the Department of Defense and the State Department. I said that there were at least 100 Marines who were on standby to go to Mattamoris Mexico and break him out of jail and leave a trail of dead Mexican bodies to Brownsville, TX and it worked! ūüôā ¬†

My first syndicated article that went national and as a result, the State of South Dakota “backed off”. State of South Dakota Initiates ‚ÄúPogrom‚ÄĚ Of Economic Genocide Against Small Farm Raw Milk Producers..

Cunningham’s Credentials vs. Mine Or…The Difference Between Real “Service With Heart” Vs. Fake “Service With Heart”!

Cunningham said he did not care about my credentials…oh really?

So I am going to share with him and you reading my “credentials” so that you can judge who has done more for Veterans and others and why? That’s fair isn’t it? My first Blog Talk Radio program during which I address the lies and Cunningham personally¬†¬† Part 2¬† Blog Talk Radio Program “continuation” of expounding lies of employees of Texas Roadhouse about me with Johnny Cunningham’s endorsement and approval!¬†¬†

Cunningham’s Credentials For Veterans

1.Cunningham buys steaks for Veterans on Veterans Days. Approximately 1500 he said. 6 oz. Choice or Prime? I doubt it but no matter…because TRH buys direct from the Packers which means being I used to be in the meat business selling saw blades, frocks etc…his cost for a 6oz. could not be much over $1.50 up to $2.00 which calculates to $2,250 to $3000 bucks for 1500 Veterans. TRH locations average 5,000 guests a week according to TRH stats. I am going to be nice and say…the average meal “minus alcohol” is $4 bucks and that does not include the large number of families I saw each time I came there. That equals $200,000 in one week of revenues and Cunningham’s cut is TEN PERCENT = $20,000. Of course there is “overhead” but all I am say is…a one time steak giveaway of $3,000 bucks for Veterans is hardly a great sacrifice ūüôā If I am way off…then he or TRH can send me the correct stats ūüôā

2. Donates $5,000 in gift certificates so Veterans can fly to Washington D.C. Wow…I am impressed. Another donation had to be used to complete the trip for the Veterans by the way.

Below is a “partial” list of my credentials Johnny Cunningham said he was “not interested” in¬† and denigrated ūüôā

Of course by “default” this includes my¬† includes my rice paddy two step in Vietnam for close to 18 months documented…tour and a half.

Introduction Article I wrote to allow you to understand how and why my God inspired my “Service With Heart”¬† An American Indian ‚ÄúAngel‚ÄĚ Amidst ¬†Ethnic Cleansing in America

1. Vietnam combat Veteran…USMC…18 months…honorable discharge. My Biography 2. Worked with and ministered to sexually abused children as a volunteer Seattle Public Schools when Harry Nelson was principle. Inspired by God prayers for a young Black boy named Michael who’s mother found him being sodomized by her brother were answered. He was healed and restored to normalcy by Jesus Christ.

Pedophile Priest who snuffed my suicide radio program. John Hatcher…member of the pedophile infested Catholic Church of the Devil.

3. Ministered to and counseled Native Americans struggling with suicide. Did this for 3 years living on Reservations in South Dakota. Wrote a God inspired article titled “Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide” . Gave out over 6000 copies which my God used to reveal the spiritual consequences of suicide which in turn saved hundreds of lives. Spoke at jails, detention centers, homes and did a radio program on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation what was removed by the Pedophile Infested Catholic Church by Pedophile Priest John Hatcher. Calls from families were immediate because their children were considering suicide…young as 10…12…and I went to to many wakes and funerals.

3. Radio Talk Show Host for 5 years. The Heart Of America Forum. It was a drive time and most listened to and Arbitron rated radio show in the Kansas City area during that time . Shared the information on my first web page which now is on this one… and launched Operation Morning Star charity for American Indians using this show. See below information.

Interviewed Marine Carl Gorman Sr. Navajo Code Talker who was among many Native American Code Talkers responsible for saving over 100,000 if not more White (like a Johnny Cunningham) lives on both fronts during World War 2

The Manifest Destiny of the genocide of American Indians I exposed on my radio program and Operation Morning Star Blog and Cunningham and those like him have no problem calling “Redskins” like the Jew owned mostly all Black football team

Taking bets George Custer is a hero of Johnny Cunningham!

Mass Murder of 300 Lakota Dakota men women and children in 1890…Wounded Knee South Dakota!

Just a few of the families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that I delivered food, appliances, wood burning stoves etc to over a 20 year of time…my credentials Cunningham disrespected and denigrated. Is he a racist?

No photo description available.


4. God inspired Charity called “Operation Morning Star”. Over 500 tons of needed items and supplies such as chain saws, 30K garden plants, fresh meat, fresh veggies, over 3000 fresh turkeys, canned goods, stoves, refrigerators, freezers and good quality furniture like beds and couches, quality clothes including thousands of diapers, formula, and children’s winter clothes and school supplies to Indian Reservations including to Veterans and their families in South Dakota. Over $100,000 in wood burning stoves given to families and Elders in need of “heat” and who’s stoves were in need of replacement. ALL DOCUMENTED. Below read the letters of appreciation from Tribal members and Chairman below. I was honored at the Vietnam Veterans Pow Wow for bringing food and family size tents to the village of Oglala on Pine Ridge that had been hit by a tornado. I invested over 75K of my own money…and thousands of hours preparing web pages with information, radio programs about when trips were planned and where drop off points were set up through out the Jackson County area.

Image result for steve curd newspaper


One article published in the Independence Examiner but removed along with all the others by RACIST KKK EDITOR STEVE THE NAZI CURD! More articles below.

No photo description available.

Image may contain: 1 person

Gave energy efficient Eden Pure heaters to families



This is a SEMI being loaded for our 0/4 Christmas Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation taking “gifts” to the communities of Manderson, Porcupine, and Allen.¬†In the first photo, you see former Independence Mayor Ron Stewart on the left. He helped load the “Teamsters Local 41” 18 Wheeler which they “loaned to us”!¬†In the next photo, you see the “volunteer loading crew” who assisted loading the¬† van!¬† I am next to Mayor Stewart on his right. Ray Lewis on my right, was the “backbone” for many years of Operation Morning Star!

Made close to 15 Christmas Trips¬†¬† (over 35 total) with supplies PLUS THOUSANDS OF TOYS FOR KIDS…ALL NEW…GIFT WRAPPED AND AGE GENDER LABELLED and close to 3 thousand fresh frozen turkeys if not more!

5. There were close to 30 newspaper articles published about Operation Morning Star including in the Washington Times, Kansas City Star and the Independence Examiner among others!

Below are just a few articles documenting my “credentials” which Cunningham felt were of no importance compared to the lies about me.

  1. Independence Examiner Article Read about my “Credentials” that Cunningham “MOCKED”!
  2. Independence Examiner Article
  3. Washington Times Article.
  4. Dakota Journal Article.
  5. Kansas City Star Article.
  6. Kansas City Star Article,local/3acd368a.c16,.html
  7. Article From Me Exposing The “Jewish Exploitation” of Native Americans¬†
  8. Article By Me On Pedophile Infested Catholic Church Snuffing Successful Suicide Radio Program
  9. Oglala Sioux Tribe Letter of Support Per Tribal Chairman

Mack Truck donated by Jack Carter of Carter Glass Company…used to bring donations to Pine Ridge.

Steve Crawford putting up one of the donated family size tents for Pine Ridge residents who lost their homes to tornadoes. Over $6000 dollars raised for tents purchased from Target.

6. Spearhead a Tornado Relief with photos and other trip photos. OMS raised $7000 for family size tents and delivered food, water and other needed items.

7. Some Referral Letters AKA my CREDENTIALS!

8. Over 30,000 Garden Plants were delivered to Lakota Elders and Families over the time OMS was active. This is but one to the community of Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Donated garden plants from Cameron Green House…taken to Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations…close to 20,000

Agnes Running Enemy, Rosebud Sioux Tribe. She was adopted by a radio listener who sent her $ on a regular monthly basis

9. Over $100,000 in wood burning stoves were delivered to Lakota Elders and families on the four Reservations we serviced. Here are a few examples with photos.

  1. Elder Receiving Wood Burning Stove Pine Ridge
  2. Started A One of A Kind Assistance Program For Families and Elders…including Veterans!


This is off my web page back then…. You can provide needed food, payments of utility costs etc. How?¬†By sending money/credits in THEIR name to: Grocery Stores, Propane Companies and Utility companies. You KNOW where your money goes! NOT to Operation Morning Star. You have a record and you will be in personal communication with the families! We ask for a one year commitment if possible of $50.00 or more per month. Let us know if you are interested and we will introduce you to Elders or Families in need of support.

10. Taught Introduction To Radio Broadcasting At Haskell Indian Nations University. Read letters of thanks and reference letters. 

11. Why God sent me to Pine Ridge He seeing the suffering caused by this country and government that is ignored to this day.

Elder from Pine Ridge…one of dozens…who received a new needed wood burning stove. His home above.

12. Photo History of OMS Delivery of Food, supplies and wood burning to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota





In ending…I have been prompted to share this paper I wrote that is on my web page. In it there are scriptures that reveal what lies in the future which include the Judgment of God on this nation and why and what God has prepared for those that are left from World War 3 on this land…yes…you read right!

I am soooooooooooooooo used to being lied about, threatened and treated with absolute disrespect…the below examples being one of many which is why I exposed Johnny Cunningham for how he treated me. I consider him absolutely no different then a Bill Bunting…yep…you read my lips right!


‚ÄúUmmm‚Ķany woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful‚Ķ I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please‚Ķ If she was a real woman she would be begging for more‚ÄĚ. Bill Bunting/William R. Bunting

Heads Up:¬† I have been lied about and¬† cyber stalked (thanks to Karen Sue Andras¬†) for six years by a flaming sodomite and rape promoter named Bill Bunting who goes out of his way to jacket me with lies like I NEVER SERVED … I am a pedo, stalked my x with a gun, exposed myself at MacDonald’s etc. etc. etc. But…of course…no proof and never to my face because he is a coward! ūüôā

He almost killed his harlot Andras and threatened to kill me as documented and heard by Independence Police in a voice mail left with me. 

He is a felon who threatened to kill cops and a friend of mine who made the mistake of befriending and helping him. Bunting also “promotes the rape of women” in his own words above no less which are quoted per his emails to me. All documented whereas with me…not one lie out of his vile filthy mouth about me is documented with LE or anyone ūüôā


No photo description available.

So what happened to me at the hands of Cunningham is nothing new, after all…not everyone has a ex-wife, Karen Sue Andras…who colluded with her “whore-monger” and others to have me murdered.

After John Trudell threatened me as recorded in the Douglas County Sheriff’s office…CANCER kicked in! God’s vengeance is how I looked at this. After all…he was the Chairman of the raping murdering pedophile infested American Indian Movement…and is now in HELL!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

Image may contain: 1 person

Karen Sue Andras and daughter (below) worked in tandem calling for my murder.

Daughter Amanda Shelton right after her jumping on the “homicide of me bandwagon” suffered this!

Related image

faggotbook won’t let my experience with Texas Roadhouse be shared. LOL…figures.

Past Media Articles and “links” For My Charity Operation Morning Star


Thought I would start this blog with a few words about this KKK Schmuck (Yiddish = “little penis”) named Scott Prentice who started messing with me because he is one of those Satan led he/she androgynous closet Nazi’s who hates Native Americans! He hacked into my web page¬† removed content and THEN committed a “unforgivable sin” and REMOVED THE RADIO RECORDING OF A SUICIDE PROGRAM THAT WAS SAVING NATIVE LIVES IN THE ROSEBUD RESERVATION. But that is who this Free Masonic Sodomite is…a Lucifer worshipping demon in the flesh after the order of a George Custer! Someday “we shall meet”!

Next are a few “archived” links for your reading pleasure to get a idea of what Operation Morning Star was and did. I was able to find a few news articles but the majority were “server removed” by the Independence Examiner’s new KKK BOY PUBLISHER Steve Curd. The Kansas City KKK Star did the same thing. This area is a Indian Hating area…just look at it’s history and what I had to deal with like with HY VEE, INDEPENDENCE EXAMINER, KANSAS CITY STAR, ALL THE COUNTRY STATIONS IGNORING FOOD DRIVES, KCXL 1140 AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY!

This blog is a bit sloppy but…it’s the content…not the style! ūüôā

Scott Prentice, race hater of American Indians who he calls "SAVAGES"   


Scott Prentice, South Dakota Race Hater Of American Indians 

2/12/13 by Richard Boyden -Founder of Operation Morning Star -United States Marine Corp Combat Veteran

THIS Operation Morning Star web page was hacked and deleted on Feb. 8/9,¬† 2013 (as was my (Richard Boyden web page)¬† by South Dakota racist and hater of American Indians, Scott Prentice. He deleted this page for one reason only, he considers them “SAVAGES” and thus totally rejects their history and claims to treaty land etc. as well as delegating them to a “sub-human” status equal to that of animals.

I consider Prentice to be a representation of and a historical and spiritual reincarnation of another fellow Free Mason/ KKK member, President Andrew Jackson. Jackson  who was founder of the modern Democratic Party and greatest Indian killer of all American Presidents.

Prentice agrees with Jackson’s urging of United States troops “…to root out from their ‘dens’ and kill Indian women and their ‘whelps'” (Stannard, p. 240).

Prentice’s hero Jackson adopted the habit of cutting off his victims’ noses as trophies to commemorate his exploits. He earned the name “Sharp Knife” from Creek Indians for his penchant for skinning victims and using the cured and braided tissue as reins for his ponies (Takaki, 1994). Connect this historical dot to why the Operation Morning Star “index page” was deleted by Prentice and you then understand the seething demonic hate that rules this mans heart.

Prentice further confirmed his hate for American Indians by removing every single story and link that exposed the “same spiritual and temporal racism” of Whites like Jackson among others.

In other words, Prentice the KKK/Free-masonic racist agrees totally with the United States Government, Whites, Jews, and Church’s, of the hateful and evil treatment of those who he calls “SAVAGES”

In talking with a representative of the Justice Department, this is a federal crime and which is being reported to the FBI with the help of a Black Congressman and friend of Attorney General Eric Holder. And we all know how Holder feels about White/KKK racists!

Questions? Contact me at



Suicide work and radio program deleted by catholic church PEDOPHILE PRIEST JOHN HATCHER…ROSEBUD RESERVATION¬†¬†

Referral Letters

This letter is in reference to the 0/4 Full Semi Load delivered for a “Christmas Giveaway”! About 30 tons of “GIFTS” for distribution to this community.

Unfortunately, while I was away from the high school gym, that night, 3 pick up trucks and a van came and filled up before the “give away” on the 26th! GRRR!¬† This theft was witnessed by 3 members of the community. How sad and NO, I did not report it to the police. I will let the Creator deal with “them”. He always does sooner or later ūüôā

Sat, 31 Dec 2005

Mr. Boyden,


On behalf of the residents and community members of the Red Shirt Community of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, we would like to humbly thank the sponsors and people who opened their hearts and donated much welcomed articles of clothing, gifts, the gift of warmth and food for our residents.


Red Shirt currently has a population of roughly 200 people who are residing 56 miles from Pine Ridge, and 40 miles from Rapid City.  Our unique rural area has both advantages and disadvantages.  Located on the edge of the Badlands National Park, the residents of the Red Shirt Community have a great need for self sufficiency and economic development. The solution lies within us and the ability to look forward and actually envision a future is paramount to the development of our community in the areas of jobs, housing, economic development.


My name is Roxanne Two Bulls and I am the Chairwoman elect in this community and believe strongly in capacity building efforts by this community to help us help ourselves. Your unselfish acts and generosity made a huge impression on this community and we are thankful  for all of the staff of Operation Morning star and also the kind people who opened thier hearts to those in need.



Roxanne Two Bulls

Dec. 29, 05

Hello Richard,

I just wanted to email you and thank you for coming to our community. There was so much, I took things to an extended family in Rapid City. I recently let my son (Hunter) go live with his grandmother and dad in Rapid city. I took things to them also. While you were here, you told me about the website, operation morningstar. I finally had time to get online and take a look at it. It’s nice. I am wondering if you would be able to help my son’s grandmother, Lucy Little? Hunter’s aunt Marta had a terrible accident in the first part of December and she was sent to Minnesota. Rochester, I think. She had a major operation and the outcome isn’t very good. I know it will break Lucy’s heart if she dies over there. I don’t think she can bear losing another one of her kids. She had two sons die, one back in the 80’s, he was the twin to Dave (the one you met at the gym) and he was in the Marine Corp too. If there is anything you can do, it would help tremendously.

Well, Happy New Year.

Patsy Two Bulls, Red Shirt Community, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation


This letter was in 98 when I interviewed Melissa Buckles when no one else would. I was a talk radio show host in KC Missouri and she shared information about US Govt. involvement in the smuggling of drugs from Canada into the US through her “reservation”. Over 35 tribal members were killed in connection to what was going¬† on and the number rose after and with no interference or investigation by the FBI…hint hint! ūüôā

Hau Koda,
Caze Mitawa Wamni Wakan Wiya, Emakiyabi MelissaBuckles, enrolled on the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux
Tribes, Reservation in Montana and residing thereon.

I read a response you sent to Richard Boyden regarding his website and content.

I have known Richard Boyden since approx. 1997.  At that time he was a talk show host on an AM radio station in Liberty, Missouri.  He had heard about the corruption and sanctioned drug trafficking here on our reservation as well as my efforts to bring the issue to mainstream media.  He offered to interview me and others regarding our problems.  As a result of his kindness and understanding in providing us one of very few media voices, he suffered.  He assisted in bringing attention to our situation which has had its effects on the corruption we are dealing with.  He took a chance on us and gave us a voice when no one else would.

Since that first interview I have come to know him professionally as well as personally.¬† I know him to be a man of his word, he is not a well intentioned “bring the Indians to Christ” advocate, he is a man who does good works and views our native religion with the utmost respect, just as my people are taught to respect all religions.

Through my legal work with our local treaty organizations and the contact we maintain with numerous tribes, I am also aware of his work on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota.

His website provides many links and the key words do not necessarily reflect the content of the documents or sites.

I would hope that you would review the content of the links offered on his site. I hope that you would put aside whatever “past experiences” (which all of us have had as Native People) and look with an open mind at the work this man is accomplishing and work together in raising volume on our Native Voices throughout the world.

I hope that my writing has not offended you in any manner.  My intentions were to give you some insight as to who this man is and the work he has done & continues to do.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Melissa Buckles

This letter is one of about 5 from my former students at Haskell Indian Nations University where I taught “Introduction to Radio Broadcasting”.

I created this accredited “3 credit hours” class which was approved by Haskell. My students stated it was the best class they ever had and I am a FULL BLOODED WHITE MAN! ūüôā

Tribal Chairman, Tribal Council, and people of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation,

The class “Introduction to Radio Broadcasting” taught by our Instructor Mr. Richard Boyden, and which was offered at Haskell Indian Nations University this Fall 2000 semester, was an eye-opening experience. The material matter covered in class is information which is not widely available to the vast American Public.

I am thankful to be aware of such matters as Freemasonry, disease-causing-vaccinations, Native American rights, and a vast array of other topics. I enjoyed researching my chosen radio program topic weekly. This exercise helped me to understand the issues mentioned above with deeper meaning. My weekly research was the best part of the class, because it was a consistent exercise in investigative journalism.

I also enjoyed the weekly class discussions. Being able to be broadcast live on the radio in Kansas City, Missouri was the highlight of my experience in “Introduction to Radio Broadcasting.” The topic I chose to research was “The Presidential candidates and how their election may affect Indian Country.” This was fruititous because it happened to be the Thursday before the election.

Being broadcast live over the radio was helpful in developing my “radio voice” and also to experience first-hand the necessary work which must be put into only one program. It is a lot of work.

Another great experience was the field trip to Kansas University’s radio broadcasting building. I learned how the radio machinery works and how the tight time schedule they operate by is necessary to assure radio quality.

Overall, the “Introduction to Radio Broadcasting” class was the best college course I have taken thus far. I felt excited to attend every class because the way in which class is held is like an open forum, where ideas are shared and better understood. Thank you so much for your cooperation in making this course possible.


Christopher Stachura

Christmas Trip to the “Green Grass” Community on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in December 0/6.¬†

They include Blue River Community College Students Gifts and a BIG SCREEN TV to the Cheyenne River Battered Women’ Shelter.¬†

These photos are NOT scaled down so if you are “dial up”, it may take a while.¬†

Also, they speak for themselves with those involved here and those Lakota Oyate at Cheyenne River. There is one of Tribal Chairman Joseph Brings Plenty standing next to me in front of the Sacred Heart Battered Women’s Shelter in Eagle Butte where the Big Screen TV went.¬†

Photo 1 

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

Photo 12

Photo 13

Photo 14

Photo 15

Photo 16

Photo 17

Photo 18

Photo 19

Photo 20

Photo 21

Photo 22

Photo 23

Photo 24

Photo 25

Photo 26


A Few Photos of Past OMS Activity to the Oglala Sioux Tribe

  • Photos of Christmas Trip to Cheyenne River Sioux in 0/6 We delivered a brand new donated BIG SCREEN TV to the Sacred Heart Battered Women’s Shelter on the Rez. Donated by students from Blue River Community College along with 60 box’s of other needed items, clothes, appliances, furniture, and food.

The 06 Christmas trip was made possible by the Conservative Jewish Congregation of Beth Shalom Congregation in Kansas City, They financed the rental and fuel costs for the Penske Truck used for that trip. It is a LOVING Jewish Congregation under the leadership of Rabbi Scott White. I call them “Jews after the example of Jesus”! ūüôā

A donation in late 0/6 of¬† 23 NEW wood burning stoves and piping from Victorian Sales allowed us to deliver “HEAT” to homes without. These went to Cheyenne River, Rosebud, and Standing Rock Tribal Members in 12/06 and 2/07…in 2007 because when we returned to CRST in Oct. 0/7, the stoves delivered in Feb. 0/6 were NOT delivered to those in need.¬†

According to the Property and Supply workers under Galan Means, the reason they were not delivered was because the stoves were “to heavy”! With permission of Tribal President Joseph Brings Plenty, I “repossessed” the HEAVY stoves with the help of two men from the substance abuse treatment center, and we delivered them to the families and elders on the original list. The two stoves “missing” apparently went to Means and a “rich” well to do tribal member names Ted Minor.¬†

Letter of Thanks for 0/5 Christmas Trip to the Red Shirt Community on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Operation Morning Star delivered a loaded semi on Christmas Day. 

The semi used in this was from Dave Jungeblat of “Fright Limo”.¬†I drove it all by myself and yes, I have a Class A CDL! ūüôā Thanks also to Local 41 of the Teamsters and OOIDA for allowing for “radio publicity”.¬†¬†

Unfortunately, the night that all the items were unloaded in the high school auditorium, I¬† eft to visit friends in Manderson, there was a theft of some of the best items when 3 pick up trucks and a van came and loaded up. It was an “inside job” by those who were either friends or relatives of the Two Bulls family. One of the “thieves” was Mary Fast Wolf of Red Shirt. There were witnesses and I have the names of those involved. Also, there were families prevented by the Two Bulls family from receiving “gifts”. LAST TIME TO RED SHIRT!

Both organizations assistance made possible the use of TWO “18 wheelers” which were fully LOADED and which totaled OVER 80 Thousand Pounds or 40 TONS of food, appliances, clothing, wood burning stoves, toys, etc!

The Christmas Trip in 0/4 went to Pine Ridge Residents. The full semi-load made stops at Allen at the Tribal Secretary’s home, Donna Soloman, in Porcupine at Wilson Coleman’s home, and in Manderson at Wilda Black Bear’s home.¬†

Over a 11 year span, at least 13 fully loaded 22-26′ box trucks and 10 pick-up w/18′ flat bed trailer loads “collectively” went to the homes of Mildred Alkire in Manderson, Darwin Apple in Manderson, Arlette Loud Hawk at her home in Oglala Oglala, Wilda Black Bear in Manderson, to Loneman High School in Oglala to feed and “house” the ’99’ Tornado Victims with Family Size Tents. All of the above residents live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Besides trips during the year, EVERY CHRISTMAS OMS made a delivery of toys, food, wood burning stoves, appliances and clothes to a Lakota Community since it’s inception. ¬†

Operation Morning Star raised over $6700 dollars when I was a “radio talk show host” at KCXL 1140 (they stole my OMS web page) and used that money to purchase, deliver, and set up¬†over 60 large 5 room family size tents for families who’s homes were either destroyed or damaged by these tornados in the community of OGLALA!¬†We got a special deal from Target.

Deliveries of food and clothing have gone to the Community Buildings in Pine Ridge under the “watching eyes” of Eileen Janice…and Mary Long and Ima Jean Charging Elk at the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation (3 full loads).¬† Appliances, wood burning stoves, furniture along with food and good quality clothing were in these “give away” loads.¬†

Close to 20,000 donated garden plants such as tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, watermelon, cucumbers, peppers etc., have been delivered to the Pine Ridge and Rosebud “Sioux” Reservations on two trips, one this year to Rosebud and in 2001 to the CAP Office in Manderson on the Pine Ridge Reservation.¬†

Also, gardens planted, mini chicken farm put in place, 1 commercial and over 3 dozen non commercial sewing machines have been given for “work”.¬†

Over (not enough) 70 families and individuals have been “adopted” by OMS supporters and myself personally. Moneys were sent to the grocery stores and propane companies in the name of the families at the Sioux Nations Grocery and PTI Propane and other locations at Eagle Butte on the CRST Rez, at PR or direct to individuals or families or Elders.¬†

Also, Operation Morning Star supporters sent monies to the Standing Rock Rez propane company during the bad winter of 2002 when they ran out of monies for propane for tribal members and elders, some who froze to death!

There have been over 45 new and 70 used wood burning stoves delivered as well as chain saws, axes, and wood splitters, a work trailer in the last 13 years. 

We also built a food pantry in Manderson at the home of Mildred Alkire. It was lost in a fire.¬†She was a recipient of a used donated commemorative “Smith and Wesson” van which was given her while I was a radio talk show host. She and her granddaughter Nikki came to Liberty to receive this “gift” and drive it back to Pine Ridge where it now sits broken down because she has no money to fix it.

A Few Reference Letters


Angel of Pine Ridge

{In The Midst Of ‚ÄúEthnic Cleansing‚ÄĚ}

By Paul Beaver, Former Head Photographer for 6 Years of the Independence Examiner. 

Maykala White Face, 5, must be an angel. Her pink shirt is emblazoned with the word in large glittering script. Her precious smile melts the heart of the biggest and strongest of visitors to her Manderson, S.D., cluster home on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

She does not know that the six friendly visitors during Christmas from the Kansas City area bringing food, toys, wood stoves, appliances and household goods might not also be angels to her.

The six visitors were part of Operation Morning Star delivering about 10 tons of food and other needed items to some of the families of Manderson Christmas Day. Operation Morning Star is a Kansas City metro wide project founded in Independence to collect goods for the people there. A month after Christmas that food was gone.

Woodrow Respects Nothing, 78, and his family were another household visited. Respects Nothing uses his World War II, Korean War and Social Security benefits to help provide food and housing for his two daughters and grandchildren in Manderson. Respects Nothing earned three Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts from the wars.

Paul Beaver, the Examiner

John Yellow Bird Steele, right, lives with 23 members of his extended family in the house house behind them. Steele is president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Mattresses are laid throughout the house for people to sleep on at night and stored away during the day.

He reluctantly lives in a HUD house for now but hopes someday to move back to his land on the reservation where he was raised and where he has a small herd of horses. The log cabin on that land is six miles and a half-hour’s drive off paved road. The now-abandoned cabin is where Woodrow lived until he was nearly 50 years old. It has no electricity or running water or plumbing.

His granddaughter Anna, 17, takes the other children in the family there regularly so they can ride his horses and get away from the cluster housing conditions that offer few opportunities for Lakota children to play safely and experience that part of the Lakota heritage. The group of visitors watched the children come to life when they were able to go to the land of their grandfather and ride his horses.

Richard Boyden of Independence founded Operation Morning Star six years ago. It is dedicated to providing relief to people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In perhaps 14 trips to Manderson within the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation more than 45 tons of food and other needed items have been delivered because of the response of donations from Kansas Citians.

There were a few old and worn out chairs in Wilda Black Bear’s house at Christmas. The couch that was once there that was also a bed had fallen apart and was gone. A mattress lay in the middle of the living room floor where Maykala sometimes sleeps with two or three other young children. There are not enough beds for the extended family of 17. A small freezer sits in the corner of the living room, no longer working. Now, a month later, neither does the used washing machine that was delivered at Christmas to her house

Paul Beaver, the Examiner

Woodrow Respects Nothing, 78, grew up in this log cabin and lived here with his family until the 1970’s. He would like to fix it and move back to this land where he keeps a small herd of horses. Currently he lives in a HUD house in Manderson with his two daughters and grandchildren.

The visitors were offered coffee and asked if they were hungry. They were given food from a family who has little to eat.

This is the spirit of generosity seen among the Oglala people. It is a tradition of love and giving from those who have very little. It is humbling to the visitors.

Emmery Black Bear, Wilda’s husband, has no job. He is a carpenter and wants to work, like so many other Oglala Lakota men. But, there is no work. There is only the economic assistance program that does little to supply the basics promised by treaty ¬≠ right of food, shelter and other needs. He does what he can to keep up their dilapidated HUD cluster house. But, without money, he is unable to do all that is needed.

Now black mold has been found inside their home and hundreds of others on the reservation. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Indian Health Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs say it is a result of sewage backup and other excess moisture sources. This black mold can cause flu and allergy-like symptoms that can include skin rashes, inflammation of the respiratory tract, bloody noses, fever, headaches, neurological problems, suppression of the immune system, and in some cases, even death. Some forms of black mold are known to cause cancer.

Paul Beaver, the Examiner

The day before Christmas about nine tons of goods are passed from the 22-foot box truck at right to an unused trailer at left to later be given to residents in Manderson on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

The houses will have to be sanitized, or more likely the houses will be condemned and will result in hundreds of displaced Lakota families with no place to live.

What was a problem of roaches is not as important anymore. Nor is the sliding of the house on its foundation. Nor is the insulation that has disintegrated to the point of giving little benefit. Nor is the leaking plumbing needs as important as before.

Instead the primary fear is when will they become homeless while getting sick during the waiting process.

John Yellow Bird Steele is the President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and a Vietnam veteran. Steele explained to the group of visitors the fight he is involved in for his people and the assault upon the national sovereignty of his tribe by the Federal Government and the state of South Dakota. Land rights, water rights, legal rights, among other treaty rights, are all under attack, he says.

Paul Beaver, the Examiner

Two Operation Morning Star visitors carry a sewing machine, bench, and several small items to a woman in this house on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

He cites the 85 percent unemployment rate, the per capita income of less then $2,800, more than 60 percent of tribal members are living below the poverty level, 1/3 of the houses are without running water or electricity.

He says the Oglala have an 80 percent alcoholism rate, the nation’s highest suicide rate, eight times the national rate of diabetes, five times the rate of cervical cancer, twice the infant mortality rate and a life expectancy equal to that of Haiti.

These provide the groundwork, Steele says, for the economic destruction of his people while at the same time creates social conditions that cause the further deterioration of the people physically and spiritually. Steele chooses his words carefully and calls this “ethnic cleansing.”

Steele, who lives with his wife, Anna, in a small HUD house, has an extended family of 23 children including their own. Beds materialize at night when mattresses are laid out on the living room floor.

For more than one month, Steele said to the group, the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have done nothing to release the trust money checks owed to more than 300,000 American Indians. This is money the residents depend upon to buy food and pay bills.

The six visitors were reluctant to say “goodbye” the day after Christmas. They had grown to love them deeply.

There is no word in the Lakota language for “goodbye” because the circle of love among the Lakota can never be broken because of distance or circumstance.

There are plans on the drawing board that Steele and other tribal leaders are interested in for geodesic homes at $16-23,000 each to replace the HUD homes. These can be built in one to four days. Also, an “Aqua-Ponics” food production system costing and initial $4,000 would provide food for a family of four more than a year’s period time.

In the Kansas City area, Operation Morning Star responds to ongoing needs of the Oglala Lakota people by asking for gifts of food, wood burning stoves, chain saws, working appliances, washing machines, dryers, beds, good furniture, hybrid seeds for gardens, tools, compressors and even good running trucks and cars, including a diesel tractor and trailer.

Paul Beaver is the photo editor at The Examiner and was one of six visitors from this area who visited the Pine Ridge Reservation over Christmas and helped deliver food and goods.

To make a contribution to Operation Morning Star, contact Richard Boyden at 816-461-6666 or email him at  For more information, go to Boyden’s web page at

Mailing address for donations is 213 1/2 West Southside Blvd., Independence, MO 64055.


The Washington Times

Program lends hand to poor Indian tribes

By Valerie Richardson
December 20, 2007


Photo by Paul Beaver – Independence Missouri
Agnes Running Enemy, 78, who lives on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Indian Reservation in South Dakota, has received groceries and other essentials through the Adopt a Lakota Family program. (Richard Boyden/Special to The Washington Times)



The plumbing in Arlette Loud Hawk’s small home on the Pine Ridge Reservation hasn‚Äôt worked in more than three years. Her furnace broke four years ago, but she doesn’t have the money to fix either.


That could soon change, now that the 48-year-old Sioux woman has been “adopted.” She is receiving fuel and food credits from several donors through Adopt a Lakota Family, an innovative program designed to give direct help to the poorest of the Indian poor.


Ms. Loud Hawk would definitely qualify. She hasn’t been able to work steadily since a diagnosis of breast cancer, which now has spread to her lymph nodes. She has no car, and depends on friends and relatives for rides to Rapid City, S.D., 70 miles away, for second-stage chemotherapy.


“I’ve had a lot of help with groceries already, which is really helpful because I’m dependent on the reservation,” said Ms. Loud Hawk, who lives with two of her five children and three grandchildren.

Adopt a Lakota Family is the brainchild of Richard Boyden, a former Kansas City, Mo., radio talk-show host who now works full time to alleviate what he describes as the “Third World poverty” on Sioux reservations in North and South Dakota.


His charity, Operation Morning Star, pairs churches, businesses and individual donors with needy Lakota or Sioux families and senior citizens. Donors have the option of sending checks to the charity or directly to power companies and grocery stores in the family’s name. All donations to Operation Morning Star, a nonprofit, are tax-deductible.


“We’re unlike the Red Cross or Salvation Army where you send them money and it’s redistributed to various causes,” Mr. Boyden said. “You say you want to adopt a family and help with utility bills, foods, school supplies, and we connect you with a family. Then you can send money directly to the grocery store or utility company.”


Some donors send their adopted families gift cards to Wal-Mart, which operates stores near most of the reservations. Others send letters and Christmas gifts to the family’s children. The process helps reduce worries about whether the money is used for its intended purpose. “People are leery of charities,” said Mr. Boyden. “This way you know where your money’s going.”


It would be difficult to find a more desperate group of Americans than the North and South Dakota Sioux. The unemployment rate tops 80 percent and most residents live below the poverty level, with the average annual income on the reservation less than $3,200.


The casino-driven economic boom enjoyed by some tribes has bypassed the Sioux, whose remote location puts them beyond the reach of most tourist traffic. The result is a host of social ills ranging from suicide and substance abuse to crime and homelessness.


At the heart of the plight is the lack of decent housing. Most Sioux live in dilapidated trailers and creaky federally built houses, cramming as many as 20 persons into single-family structures. Many homes are infested with black mold, which may be contributing to high disease rates.


“The need for homes affects just about everything else,” said John Yellow Bird Steele, president of the Oglala Sioux tribe at Pine Ridge, who testified before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee on the housing crisis in March. “You have two to four different families living in one home. It means the kids don’t have a place to study and there’s conflict between people who have to live together.”


Randy Stires, president of Victorian Sales in Fenton, Mo., donated a company van and 23 wood-burning stoves last year after seeing photos of the deplorable living conditions on the Operation Morning Star Web site,, where contact and donation information are available. “It’s cold here in Missouri, but in the Dakotas it’s cold-cold, and I look at those houses and say, ‘How are they staying warm?’ ” said Mr. Stires, who is giving another 27 stoves this year.


Operation Morning Star has proposed a long-term solution in the form of modular geodesic dome homes. For as little as $15,000, the charity can purchase the kits from their designer, Bob Conroy, and use tribal labor to build them. The homes are airtight and use radiant-floor heating, which is more efficient and less expensive than propane or gas, said Mr. Conroy. But $15,000 is big money on these reservations, and Operation Morning Star doesn’t have any deep-pocket donors.


Part of that lies with Sioux pride. “I find it difficult to say, ‘We need help,’ ” said Mr. Steele. “We don’t want to appear pitiful. We make do.” It’s also a result of widespread stereotypes, Mr. Boyden said. “Indian Country is either portrayed in a negative light or a diversionary light, like, ‘Oh, they’ve got casinos now. They’ve got the government.’ ”

“You have all these charities going to Africa and Mexico,” he said, “but people forget about what’s happening in their own back yard.”







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Independence man helps Oglala Lakotas survive on South Dakota reservation

By NICOLE GULL – The Kansas City Star
Date: 12/16/01 22:15

Alex White Plume, a member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, said the majority of his people are “just existing.”

He raises buffalo and horses on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Manderson, S.D., where he has lived all his life. He said he does not know how his people will survive.

White Plume said that well over half the families on the reservation live in poverty in rotting homes. Food is scarce, he said, and winter is just setting in.

Needs, he said, are many.

For the past six years, Independence resident Richard Boyden has been trying to meet those needs through Operation Morning Star. And this year, he’s preparing to do it again.

Boyden has made the 14-hour drive to Pine Ridge three to four times each year with food, toys, new clothes, wood-burning stoves, chain saws and sewing machines.

Over the years, Boyden said, he’s provided the Lakota people with more than 35 tons of goods.

This year, Boyden will pack up Saturday and, with a dozen other volunteers, drive the familiar 750-mile route in pickup trucks pulling 16-foot box trailers.

The volunteers will stay two or three days and help the Oglala Lakota people with chores, repairs and whatever else they need.

“I would like to get up there six times a year with people who want to get involved on an ongoing basis, not just Christmas,” said Boyden, a former radio personality. “The conditions up there are ongoing. The needs are ongoing.”

Wilda White Face, another resident of the reservation, said Boyden had brought loads of donations to her home in Manderson, including canned food and tomato plants.

“I gave out a lot of food to a lot of people,” said White Face, who said she uses food stamps to feed her family of 18. “Everybody came and got what they needed.”

White Plume said that the Oglala Lakota people were thankful for the effort of Boyden and other volunteers.

“What most people need around here is wood stoves,” he said. “And last year he brought a bunch of them. A lot of people just had a good winter because of him.”

Boyden said that if people were interested in helping, he’d like to set up a fund from which tribes could draw to pay for heat. He also said individuals may “adopt” Oglala Lakota families.

In addition to items such as commercial sewing machines, sleeping bags and wood stoves, Boyden said he needed a donated diesel truck with a 16-foot box trailer so he could haul as much as possible.

Boyden has set up two drop-off locations for his trip:

  • From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Budget Muffler, 720 W. 23rd St., Independence, will accept nonperishable items. Frozen and perishable foods may be dropped off only after 3 p.m. Saturday.
  • Overland Park Jeep, 8775 Metcalf Ave., will accept donations from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday.For more information about Operation Morning Star, visit, call (816) 461-6666 or send e-mail to reach Nicole Gull, call (816) 234-7805 or send e-mail to



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Web posted Friday, December 28, 2001


photo: make

¬† Richard Boyden of Independence and Essence White Face, 7, of Manderson, South Dakota, feed grain to two horses of a small herd belonging to her grandfather Woodrow Respects Nothing and his family on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, Christmas day. White Face said she had never been close to her grandfather’s horses and was afraid. Boyden grabbed a piece of plywood with grain on it and coaxed the young horses to him so she could pet one.Paul Beaver/The Examiner

Operation Morning Star founder would like city to adopt Pine Ridge MAKING A DIFFERENCE
By James Dornbrook
The Examiner

Imagine an area where the average family makes $2,800 per year, there is an 85 percent unemployment rate and basic needs such as food and shelter from the winter cold are often unmet.

No, this isn’t the Third World. It’s Shannon County, S.D.

Shannon County is one of the poorest counties in America, and is the home of about 35,000 citizens of the Ogalala Lakota Nation. There are 2,000 to 3,000 homeless people on the reservation right now.

Richard Boyden of Independence went to visit the Pine Ridge Reservation about six years ago, and was shocked at the conditions he saw.

“I weep when I go there, because the conditions are so bad. People have no idea about the suffering they go through on a daily basis,” said Boyden. He described an area filled with contaminated water supplies, houses with inadequate insulation and no heat, malnourishment and unsanitary conditions.

“The needs they have are all things we take for granted. They don’t have diapers for their babies or toilet paper. The women don’t have sanitary items. There’s no dish soap or laundry soap or any cleaning supplies. They have no beds. They sleep on old mattresses on the floor with inadequate bedding. Many don’t even have wood stoves to keep warm.”

Boyden decided to act once he saw the conditions the Ogalala Lakota were living in. He formed Operation Morning Star, an organization which collects supplies and takes several trips a year to drop off gifts to the Ogalala Lakota. Boyden has been going for the last six years, ever since he first laid eyes on the place.

His most recent trip was over Christmas. People all throughout Independence and the metro area sent gifts for Boyden to give to the reservation’s residents.

Boyden collected between four and five tons of food, bedding, wood burning stoves, toys, good quality clothing and construction supplies. The collection sites were at Budget Muffler in Independence and an Overland Park Jeep dealership.

Bobby Hewlitt, owner of Metro Ford in Independence, loaned Boyden a truck and a 23-foot box trailer. The trailer was jammed as full as it could get with supplies, and the group took off for South Dakota to spread Christmas cheer.

“All this came together within two weeks, that’s the miracle of it all,” said Boyden. “I wasn’t going to make a trip this Christmas, because I didn’t have enough stuff. Then Frank Haight wrote a story in The Examiner and several pastors at churches around the area put leaflets in their church programs. We got a huge response from all that. It was a miracle. Everyone who has been involved in this has allowed these people to be blessed this Christmas.”

Boyden was adamant about how important these gifts were to the American Indians at the Pine Ridge Reservation.

“These are not people who fit the stereotype some people have of a bunch of drunken Indians. These are a proud people who are survivors of United States Indian policies which have historically only caused them grief on a spiritual and physical level. Without our help, many would have no food and no heat. No heat! This is South Dakota in the winter time,” Boyden exclaimed.

“This last trip we sent them a couple of wood burners so they can keep warm. Without these many would probably freeze, because the U.S. government recently cut off the trust fund money they rely on to buy fuel to heat their homes.”

The trust fund money comes from agreements with American Indians which allow grazing, mining, logging, oil drilling and other activities on reservation land, in exchange for fees paid to the Indian Trust Fund. The money is then distributed to those living on the reservation.

Boyden said that on Dec. 5 the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a branch of the U.S. Department of the Interior, shut off the computer system which handles the delivery of trust fund money to Native Americans on the reservations. The computer system was shut off by a court order, right in the middle of reorganization and an investigation into a possible misappropriation of funds.

This shut-down completely isolated nearly all the information available on the Internet regarding the trust fund. Almost every Web site related to the Bureau of Indian Affairs is also shut down. Attempts to telephone the media department at the Bureau of Indian Affairs were not answered.

Boyden said many of the Native Americans who rely on the Indian Trust Fund now have no income and can’t wait for the government to figure out what the heck is going on. These people need help now.

“What I would like to see is the City of Independence adopt these people. They need a city of God-fearing people who want to reach out and help. They need a loving group of people who want to want to end their suffering. This would be my challenge to the Independence City Council,” Boyden said.

“Americans have organized to help out the children in Afghan istan and elsewhere around the world, yet the suffering going on right here within our borders seems to have gone unnoticed.”

Operation Morning Star makes a trip to visit the Ogalala Lakota whenever there are enough supplies to justify the trip. Boyden said the greatest need right now is for food, wood burning stoves and building materials such as insulation for windows and doors.

To donate supplies contact Operation Morning Star at 816-461-6666, or send funds to Operation Morning Star, 110 West Ruby Street, Independence, Mo., 64050.

“There are other ways to help than donating money and supplies. If anyone wants to teach vocational skills such as plumbing, carpentry or electrical, there is a great need. This would enable them to learn how to help improve their community and also teach them a valuable skill,” Boyden said.

“This is an opportunity for the people reading this article to make a difference. I hope God touches people’s hearts and the principle result of their faith is action. Action is how you make a difference.”

To reach James Dornbrook e-mail or call 350-6322.


The Examiner

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Web posted Monday, December 10, 2001
Operation Morning Star prepares for annual trek By Frank Haight Jr.
The Examiner

Some 150 to 200 impoverished Oglala Lakota Indian families on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are again looking to Richard Boyden and his humanitarian Operation Morning Star program to meet their Christmas needs.

For the sixth consecutive year, Operation Morning Star is soliciting donations and Christmas gifts for the Pine Ridge residents, many of whom, Boyden says, live in conditions “equal to or worse than those found in Third World countries.”

It was these squalid living conditions the Independence man saw while visiting the reservation in 1996 that moved him to reach out to these American Indians.

“I felt led to try to make a difference by starting Operation Morning Star,” which has delivered more than 35 tons of items to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation over the past five years.

Between now and Dec. 22, Operation Morning Star is collecting food, new clothing, furniture, wood-burning stoves, appliances, bedding and more, as well as financial assistance for propane and utility bills.

Donations can be left at Budget Muffler, at 720 W. 23rd St. in Independence, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. To make other arrangements, call 461-6666.

Boyden and other supporters will deliver the donations to the Pine Ridge Reservation. They will leave Dec. 22, and return Christmas Eve.

The gifts, Boyden says, will be distributed from homes of families who have worked in the past to make the distribution of gifts equitable to those families in need.

Calling Operation Morning Star the true spirit of Christmas, Boyden says he is “hoping and praying” that the public will respond to the ongoing needs of these people.

“I am hoping that this Christmas there will be a kingdom of God response so much needed among these people, who very seldom see any expression of the love of Christ in their midst by outsiders.”

Boyden, a former radio show host, continues to use the media to promote Operation Morning Star, as well as through his Internet Web page,

Operation Morning Star is making a difference.

Boyden related the story of a mother of three, who, because she could not find food for her children, went into deep depression and started drinking heavily.

However, when Operation Morning Star made food available for her family, “She stopped drinking, got her life back in order and was able to set a good example for her children … all because of the charity and love shown by those who gave through Operation Morning Star.”

All Christmas gifts must be new. They should be Christmas wrapped and labeled either “boy” or “girl.” Clothing donations for all members of the family should be new or nearly new, Boyden said.

Always in demand are blankets, sleeping bags, beds, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and good industrial grade sewing machines, as well as chainsaws, wood-burning stoves and non-perishable food.

Boyden says he desperately needs a large boxed trailer and a diesel-powered towing truck to either be donated or loaned to Operation Morning Star.

For Boyden, who will be spending Christmas Day with his family for the first time in five years, Operation Morning Star “translates Christmas into a living demonstration of the love that Jesus demonstrated when He was here on Earth, and thus enables me to taste that same spirit.”

To reach Frank Haight Jr., d e-mail or call 350-6363.

Operation Morning Star Past Assistance Program Pine Ridge Indian Reservation


This is how this charity which I founded with God’s help worked…and what I did and how “outsiders” helped those in need then and could now even! ūüôā So much for “ripping off the elders and poor”.

This is a Operation Morning Star Assistance Project on Pine Ridge South Dakota READ AND LEARN what we did and how! Notice NO monies were sent to OMS or ME…no new truck dang it! Read the letter from Oglala Sioux Tribe President…when we were just getting going. Oh well…liars caught again! ūüôā


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Monday, January 25, 2010 at 10:59


***UPDATED AGAIN*** List to assist Elders and Families at Pine Ridge


Fri at 11:51pm

Latest Update: 01-24-10 11:17 PM ET (Updated with one man whose house burnt down and is in desperate need and updated that Arlene Bull Bear and Joyce Last Horse have some help on the way but they still need help with propane, food, etc. Please read what need remains on their listing)


Below are several Elders and families in the Kyle Community of Pine Ridge that are in immediate need of assistance. The contact information has been confirmed and permission has been granted to share their information with you.


There are several ways I will mention where assistance is needed and I’ll share here before I begin the information for where you can assist in paying for Propane or electricity for those who need it or to contact a local grocery store to pay for food for families who need this. Other ways of assisting the individual families will be listed with their contact information below.


To pay for propane for any individuals listed below use the information here and be sure to make your payment to the account of the individual(s) you choose to help. The propane company requires a minimum order of $120 of fuel before they will make a delivery to the individual. You can also pay for a persons propane and they will credit the individuals account so that when they do run out of any fuel they may have at the moment they can simply call and the company will deliver more.


Lakota Plains Propane (will take credit card)

Highway 407

Pine Ridge, SD 57770


Be sure to request a receipt and use the contact for the person you are helping to call and followup to be certain they received the help you paid for.


Kyle Grocery (will take credit card)

Owner: Liz May


What you do is call the store…give name of those you want to help and amount of money you want to give credit for food


Electric Company: LaCreek Electric – 605-685-6581

P.O. 220 – East Hwy 18, Martin SD 57551


Wood Vendors: These are the list of vendors that will take “CHECKS ONLY” sent to them to deliver wood to an individual you choose from the list below. You can call them and get addresses to mail checks to and be sure to send with the check the person’s name, address, phone number that you intend your donation to go to.


James Two Crow



Ed Clifford



Brian Garrett



Elders and families in need are as follows:


Adolph Bull Bear 76 – Keep in Prayers…taken to Hospital in Martin SD with pnuemonia 1/22/10

Son Meltino Bull Bear 42 -605-407-1551

P.O. Box 83

Kyle, SD 57752


Groceries and Propane (Recieved $120 for propane and has a check being mailed to him)


Arlene Bull Bear Talks (I have someone sending Arlene boots, coat and Katie Clothes, etc)

Sister of Adolph



  1. O. 733 Kyle, SD 57752

Needs electric bill help of $189.00

Needs Big Propane Tank 500 Gallon from Lakota Plains Propane which costs $500 to buy. Then they will have deliveries. Right now using a 100 gal tank they have to take to get filled.

Has NO car or transportation.

Arlene has NO boots…sz 11…needs winter coat… sz 40

Living with her is 1 granddaughter of Arlene and Niece of Leann

Leeann Gabriel 43 Needs a car…Victim of violent abuse by x…children “legally stolen” by x husband with help of “white court system” out of Nevada.

1 grand daughter 7 named Katie

“Adopt/Sponsor” Katie who needs clothes such as jeans sz 8, boots sz 3 girls, sweaters sz 8, winter coat 11…stocking hats, underwear 8 child

Groceries and Propane


Andrea Marshall ‚Äď 67 – Mother of Meltino

605-433-5473 leave message

P.O. Box 158,

Interior SD 57750

Needs wood, wood stove wearing out…needs new wood stove…main source of heat.. stranded…can’t get out…needs $100 for cord of wood.

Uses propane…needs $50 per 100 lb tank

Old Log House at lost dog creek area off of BIA 120.

Groceries through Kyle Grocery


Janice One Feather


  1. O. Box 44

Kyle, SD 57752

House 307

Age 61

Groceries and Propane

2 Grandsons : Asa Steele 7, Dylan Westover 9


Lily Mae Red Eagle – 88

HC 2,

P.O. Box 2 Kyle, SD 57752


Lives with son Jonathon One Feather 57

Groceries at Kyle Grocery


Donna Garnette ‚Äď 70

House east of Kyle about 3 miles east of Kyle



Propane and Groceries

Lives with grandchildren 2… boy and girl


Joyce Last Horse 46‚Ķ Lost sister…funeral today…keep in prayers (Someone is sending Walmart card)

5 children…needs help

Propane needed for house.

Food from Kyle Grocery or Wall Mart Gift Card

7 miles south Kyle off of “Last Horse Road”

P.O. Box 503

Kyle, SD 57752

605-455-2056 (someone told me that they had helped her with a walmart card)


Perlene Yellow Wolf ‚Äď 65

P.O. Box 700

Kyle, SD 57752

Lives with Grandson Brad Randall… 20…

Electric help need through LaCreek $100…

Groceries from Kyle Grocery



Cheryl One Feather – 55


Cares for six grandchildren

Needs help with propane and groceries.


Fern Red Owl


Needs help with Electric at LaCreek $250-300

Needs help with money to buy wood (Info above)


Jeorgiana Has No Horse age 55 in a wheelchair

Kyle House #42


Needs Propane and Groceries (received some help with groceries)


Peter Brown Bull – NO PHONE

Lives with Delphine Bullman in a trailer – no electricity needs wood, food, clothing and candles Peter’s home burned down Wednesday and Tribe sent him to Pine Ridge to live with his Mother.

Delphine Bullman

P.O. Box 193

Kyle, SD 57752

Peter Drown Bull’s home burned to the ground last Friday and needs clothing,food ,wood as he has nothing; all he has is 1 blanket and 1 comforter to keep warm


Felicia Whitemouse 605-462-6195

pregnant – due next month has run out of propane…

Lakota Fund Housing #29

Wanblee, SD 57577


Marian Whitemouse


house 247 Old cluster housing

Wanblee, SD 57577

Needs Propane

May you be richly blessed for sharing your blessings with these elders and ensuring some relief to their suffering. Please help now as the need is immediate but please remember to help again in the future if you are able to as their needs are continual. Thank you in advance for sharing your love and helping these elders.


No automatic alt text available.

Operation Morning Star received from Cameron Green House in Cameron MO over 30,000 garden plants… squash, tomatoes etc. which were delivered to Lakota on Pine Ridge and Rosebud mostly. Elders LOVE growing gardens. Almost nick named Pine Ridge the Tomato Capital of South Dakota! ūüôā Operation Morning Star did this (ME) for over 20 years. NEVER had a salary and spent $75K of my own to keep it going while being slandered and hated by those I helped
Image may contain: 2 people

THIEF MARY FAST WOLF PINE RIDGE! One “Christmas” I did not think a trip to Pine Ridge would happen. But I was interviewed on OIDA radio. A caller responded to a need for a truck. I said are you giving it? He said…no but you can borrow. What? He said a SEMI! ūüôā Drove it to Red Shirt Table on Pine Ridge and THIS HAPPENED>>>> I documented the theft of 3 full pick up trucks and 1 van full of “Christmas Gifts” by her “friend” Roxanne Two Bulls, Mary Fast Wolf. The very BEST items were STOLEN…small appliances, new clothes, toys, food. wood burning stoves etc…from a FULL VAN FULL that was placed in the school auditorium at the school in Red Shirt which is on the north west corner of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Also, her “relative”, Roxanne Two Bulls deprived family and children of the Swallow family the gifts and toys on the “giveaway day ie. Christmas”.

You should also notice that Operation Morning Star does NOT solicit in the name of Tribe…but functions independently in have Oglala Sioux Tribe members ADOPTED/ASSISTED DIRECT meaning that ALL MONIES are sent in THEIR NAME to SIOUX NATIONS GROCERY OR LAKOTA PROPANE IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY OR ELDER…unlike all other charities faking as helping the Oglala. Our documented record of over 500 tons of “gifts” also shows what we have done. I do NOT receive a salary or have I ever…unlike Two Bulls and others who have initiated this RACE HATE SLANDER CAMPAIGN against me.

As for her comment on housing conditions…she must have been on “crack”! ANYONE knows the conditions of housing on Pine Ridge and elsewhere. But when you have a Vice Chairman named Shorty Brewer who sets up a “shipping charge of $3,000” for FEMA house trailers, you simultaneously make sure the poorest of the poor do NOT have a chance and therefore remain in living conditions that are appalling. MANY Oglala Sioux Tribal members have waited from 20-35 years for a home. Yet only those that are “connected to the ruling clans” get new housing with a few exceptions to the rule.

Paul Iron Cloud, Director of Housing and Ernie Little…have made sure of that during their “nepotistic time in office”.

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Budget Muffler…major drop off and load up site Independence Missouri for trips to Pine Ridge … this is Randy Prentence loading up gifts!
No automatic alt text available.
Mobile home of Wilson Coleman from Porcupine Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. A “unseen with NO warning” MICRO BURST “tornado” came out of NO WHERE to pick up and smash their mobile home into the ground. NO WHERE on the rez was anything taking place but HERE! This family was slandering me after I helped them for years with $, food, appliances etc. They were part of the Native American Church no less!

For those that have lied about me…take notice! The ONLY “micro-burst” on Pine Ridge THAT DAY! Amanda Shelton is dealing with the same AKA “still birth” and now a $20,000 law suit from the whoremonger black sperm donater of her child. She is my “xxx”Wife Adulterating Whore’s daughter ūüôā Like mother like daughter ūüôā

The “xxx” is now demon possessed by choice and is eternally owned owned by the demon who appeared to her and said “I OWN YOU” through his representative in time Bill Butt Plug Bunting who’s family breeds documented child molesters ūüôā like HIM! So her soul is sealed to be in hell by choice of admitting she knowingly listened to Satan to destroy me and aligning herself with the liars murderers and peodophiles like John Trubell and other who have targeted me with lies (Trudell DEAD from KarmaKancer ūüôā )

I just sit back wait and watch and say to my enemies…YOU will suffer the same judgement in one form or another…sooner or later…and that is God’s promise not mine!

via Michelle R. Shining Elk via Richard Boyden: Good month for Operation Morning Star on Pine Ridge. 1 Elder in Kyle gets $125 a month each month, 1 family $100 food credit per month, 1 family $500 for phone & elec. bills, 1 family $300 in groceries, 2 Oglala girls 10 and 11 “adopted” for clothes & school supplies per month, $350 for electric bill for diabetic & 3000+ garden plants given to residents of Oglala, & 1 Oglala student now sponsored! Thank you G-d

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Delivery to Mildred Alkires…Manderson… 10 years of trips

Image may contain: 1 person

Energy Efficient electric stoves donated

No automatic alt text available.
Operation Morning Star recieved close to $100,000 in donated wood burning stoves distributed to Elders and Families on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Crow Creek, and Cheyenne River reservations. Joseph Brings Plenty CR Chairman let 13 of them SIT in the warehouse during WINTER! Two “buddies” got one though. I came and “repossessed them and took them to those in need! Another NOT fake Lakota so called “leader”..talking about “Being Lakota” yadi yadi yadi while the POOR suffered under his watch!
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New wood burning stove recipient Rosebud Rez


Google “Richard Boyden” Please

Why? To see all that is there i.e. me being jacketed with slander and lies? By who? The very souls who I have exposed as raping murdering pedophiles in “Indian Country” such as those in the American Indian Movement such as now dead and in hell John Trudell and Russell Means and those who have and continue to idolize the documented and still protected killers of Annie Mae Aquash outside of John Graham. Trudell with Dennis Banks colluded to have her murdered. My blog exposes “The Rest of The Story”. I connect them to the truth whereas their lies about me are totally unsubstantiated!

See my¬†Operation Morning Star¬†page for details and the “spiritual war” I have been and am still dealing with by daily being attacked by those who admit listening to Satan to murder me spiritually…say “FakeWifeAndWhore” Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue”/”Karen Sioux”) who with her daughter Amanda Shelton “liked” lies about me as Facebooked by rapist of a 14 year old girl Lee Whitehorse and Roy Lombardo a x con molester of young girls and Whitehorses “sodomite brother”!

I am not wanted for rape. Have not been escorted off ANY reservation but I did deliver over 500 tons of food and other needed supplies to Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, and Crow Creek Reservations including over 30,000 garden plants, tools, appliances, over $100,000.00 in wood burning stoves to families and elders. I NEVER earned a salary or did I ever have a “new truck” and never will!

I put in place an “assistance/adoption program” where I “matched” Oyate with “outsiders” DIRECT. The outsiders would pay DIRECT propane and utility bills, send food credits. I used Lakota Propane and Sioux Nations Foods. IF a outside family wanted to do more…that was between those I matched them up with and them. No other “charity” like that. Teresa TWO BULLS falsely accused me of using the Tribe to make money. This is the NOT OGLALA…NOT A TWO BULLS BUT A THOMAS…who and her council scammed the OST of close to 2 million. Her half breed “black” son Will Tyne was selling cocaine out of HER HOME when she was TRIBAL PROSECUTOR! Protected to this day by the FBI and FEDS…say Bob Perry and Greg Peterman.

My “BLOGS” expose and document the truth about the American Indian Movement of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles…ALL of them! I also expose the complicity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in this “history” to this day! They are no friends of mine or Indian Country as shown by their deliberate cover-up of the murders of Annie Mae and those who gave the order!

Same with Black Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robinson…murdered at Wounded Knee on orders from Dennis Banks and the shooter being David Hill. John Trudell was AIM Chairman during this time of butchery of innocents and never came clean. Not to mention the other 7 -10 more buried at Wounded Knee as admitted by American Indian “fake chief” and killer Leonard Crow Dog. And the world wants “parole” for the in the know and murderer Leonard Peltier who is fully aware of what happened to Aquash and Robinson and the others murdered. How pathetic!

See the message Trudell he sent me personally on the OMS page while saying on his FB page he did not know me…”we have been watching you for a while” etc… So go ahead those of you who uphold this LIAR who is in hell now all you want. I know the truth and so does the daughters and family and First Nations peoples…about Trudell and AIM.

And to think I used to interview these PreTendians…believing their lies. I even did a live 25th Anniversary of Wounded Knee2 two hour radio show from the high school in Kyle on Pine Ridge. Banks, Means, Bellecourts among others spewed their lies while unbeknownst to me I was interviewing killers and rapists!

But my G-d set me free by allowing me to find the truth about what happened to Annie Mae Aquash when I read a blog that contained the words of her daughter. I literally wept when I first read what was done to her…beaten…teeth knocked out…RAPED and then dragged out of a car by AIMSTERS as if she was a piece of garbage and taken to a hill near Wanblee on Pine Ridge and a bullet was put in her head while she was crying…praying…mourning over her children. I felt her spirit next to me when I had this experience and personally feel she has been praying for me unlike my “xxx” wife.

Psssst…. be assured not Crazy Horse (who the hypocrite Trudell used the name of in his self glorifying poems/music) shunned Trudell in the Spirit World! Crazy Horse is aware of the “punishment affixed” for the likes of those in AIM who raped and murdered his people. He saw and witnessed. No different the Custers 7th Calvary who massacred 300 Lakota. The FBI and US government who have protected these killers to this day…but ONLY in the realms of time! In the realms of eternity…they shall have their own “tiyospaye” in hell together with their “god”…even the “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning”…say SATAN!¬†¬†

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