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Attorney’s For Liz Anderson, Toni’s Mother Settling With NKCPD “Out Of Court”!

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Just my gut feeling. Say “BIG BUCKS” too! 🙂 After all…NKCPD is underwritten by Harrah’s and they use old laundered dollar bills for toilet paper.

The silence about the law suit is not only deafening but also indicative of what has been decided and that is…KEEP IT OUT OF THE COURT AND MEDIA! After all…the complicit in the cover-up attorney’s Wright and Grigg’s would shoot themselves in the head if they even began to question the bullshit accident theory not to mention putting their careers on the line…not to mention their lives. After all…who the hell is Toni Anderson anyway…especially if “her sell her soul to the devil for 30 pieces of silver” drunk loser failure as a mother doesn’t want the truth to be known about those who murdered her daughter!

This way…the “status quo” continues as hidden by the FAGGOT BROTHERHOOD INBREEDS… AKA “FBI” with the support of the U.S. Attorney and the LE administer lies reinforced and regurgitated by the emasculated local press and echoed nationally by that LE whore Chris Hansen of Crime Watch Daily and the infamous Nancy Grace who won the “Puke Award” per her also protecting the NKCPD and the FBI working with documented drug dealers in Toni’s case. One collective ALL working with the owners of Chrome and Paradise and others to exploit girls using them to traffic either drugs or their bodies or both.

Toni Anderson said NO! So they took her out…end of story.

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Liz Anderson will NOT see her daughter in the realms of eternity any more then the PIGS and ATTORNEY’S will because THEY WILL BE DROP SHIPPED INTO HELL when their lying murdering spirits leave their bodies upon death…GUARANTEED!

The most realistic example I have seen that depicts what happens to MURDERERS and those who are complicit is seen in the e below clip from the movie “Ghost”! The end of a murderer and scripturally supported too 🙂 !

This is FOR YOU Ficken, Romine, Kimmel, Freeman, NKCPD, drug importer/distributor Rusty May AKA Charles Russell Hopkins…Chrome and Paradise owners. And YOU FBI boys and girls and any and ALL involved in the cover-up of what happened to Toni Anderson…and most especially ATTORNEY’S WRIGHT AND GRIGGS AND TONI ANDERSON’S MOTHER…LIZ ANDERSON!

Almost forgot…Sanchez as in Pete Senior and Junior… 🙂

It is in ETERNITY that Toni will get JUSTICE!

For their is no escape from death in the realms of time for the guilty!


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The Real “Uncensored” Justice For Toni Anderson Page!

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No censorship on this page like the FAKE JUSTICE FOR TONI ANDERSON PAGE which is controlled by those who are confirmed friends of those guilty of being responsible for what happened to Toni Anderson…say Mary Ward, Allissa Cordova and Rusty May’s wife Paylen/Hopkins (not to mention Toni’s so called “real friends” like Townsend, Carli and others AKA Cowards!) ! 🙂 Those “women” who continue to support the LIARS and cover-up admins on that page are going to die from the toxic spirit that rules that page.

ANY one in the “media” can rehash and regurgitate and even fabricate diversionary “subject matter” while intentionally NOT focusing on those NKCPD thug pigs (personal friends of Mary Ward the lying poster bitch/whore who is friends with) who are guilty (with Rusty May) and that is exactly what the admins of that page have done.

As for the “fund raising” approval of the Hero PETE SANCHEZ who donated nothing to the memorial bench (same with son). I did a search for the exact same thing and came up with LESS THE 1,000 BUCKS! Smell’s scammy to me…again. And to work with the CITY that is in collusion with the COVER-UP of what  happened to Toni is mocking her to the max. Be sure…not one word will be “printed” about the TRUTH! They have made sure on that page…the GUILTY ARE NEVER MENTIONED…GO FIGURE!


“Ok. So a few things if I do come on the radio show.
I dont want to mention names.
My in-laws are close with the judge and some officers in NKC.
And since I have put my face and voice out there seeking justice, I have been especially shunned.
This is, I believe, 1 of the reasons they are not helping us with a car temporarily.
Email From Mary Ward – May 4, 2017

Mary Ward is a lying slandering of me PAID OFF friend of NKCPD cops and a OXY MORON!


Justice For Toni Anderson Page Taken Over By NKCPD Trolls And MORE

This lies and liars appear to be winning and denying Justice for Toni Anderson…including on the page.

Tonight at 8 Central and “Podcast”…

300,000 Views On Toni Anderson Abduction and Murder By NKCPD Rouge Cop Bill Ficken

Toni Anderson and this BLOG

Just thought I remind my readers that MY GOD inspired me to tag the North Kansas City Cops and the “ONE” in particular named Bill Ficken who stopped Toni Anderson and I believe murdered with his other brothers in blue. Say OVER 300,000 VIEWS!

You can bet I took lots of crap from the “nay sayers” from the beginning.  All you have to do is read the comments on this blog! 🙂 Lots of “cops” not to mention “operatives” and friends of those who are GUILTY!

Speaking of “operatives”…some of you might have noticed that I have a “bowel movement sex” freak named Bill Bunting who literally has to wear a diaper given his sick sex fetish for sodomizing himself with a “toy” in front of his so called “wife” Karen Sue Bunting. Yep…you read right! Just quoting from his text’s to me! His family has convicted sexual molesters of children.

His personal history as a lifetime member of the Southern Poverty Law Center which is “sodomite and pedophile” infested in it’s leadership, has been used by the FBI to “track and harass ” folks like me and discredit them and their work because of their work. Bunting works for them.

For me…my past includes exposing rapists, pedophiles and murderer with my focus on women, children. One organization I outed is the American Indian Movement who Bunting “protects” as a FBI operative by targeting folks like me while publicly he extols AIM. AIM was founded and funded by the U.S. Government to do what they did.

There are 12 bodies of those they murdered at Wounded Knee in 1973 still buried there with FBI both knowing and hiding this truth. They had a hired agent named Doug Durham working in AIM at Wounded Knee when these men and women were murdered. He was the “Chief Security Officer” at Wounded Knee for AIM.

Image result for aimsters guilty murder wounded knee

The FBI worked with AIM to murder Annie Mae Aquash. Before being shot in the head while praying…this innocent mother of two was gang raped. Bill Bunting said she “deserved” to be raped and murdered!  Aquash had become of the corruption within AIM…went to her so called “trusted friend” and Chairman of AIM John Trudell sharing this information. Right after she walked out of his door he made the call and said “This bitch knows to much…and has to go”!

One last “work” I wanted to share is this story I covered when on radio and now on my blog. I was one of the first to expose the FBI’s working with drug cartels in Montana bringing drugs into the United States from Canada through the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Reservation into the United States. The rogue domestic terrorist FBI “Agent In Charge” of that operation was Terry Nelson who worked with fellow agents with he watchful and approving eye of the DOJ and Bill Clinton. I interviewed on my radio program Mellisa Buckles from that reservation. Both Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh did nothing…of course!  Freeh almost died in a car wreck…to bad he didn’t so that he would if been drop shipped into hell earlier.

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“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be be

Now Bunting along with a Mary Ward…who are being paid and used by the FBI and NKCPD attorneys to make sure MY GOD LED work exposing the truth about what happened to Toni Anderson is snuffed using slanderous unsubstantiated LIES about me because they have no interest in the justice of any woman…just read Bunting’s latest videos which Ward “seconds” and then say “TONI ANDERSON!”

Bunting and Ward are working in tandem to jacket me with lies on the Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page AND making sure the followers of do NOT initiate and set up a most needed protest at either the U.S. Attorney’s Office in KCMO or outside the NKC City Counsel building and/or NKCPD headquarters.  Why? Because that is their “job description”!

Unless there are protests that will attract NATIONAL ATTENTION…Toni Anderson will never get justice and that is exactly what Bill Bunting the “rapist/FED” and Mary Ward don’t want!

End of story!

A Woman’s God Inspired Vision Of What Happened To Toni Anderson And By Who

Image result for her blood cries from the ground I am not for them, I am against them. And woe that God’s reply comes to me, as it did to Cain: “What have you done?” [The echo in my head, “What have you not done?] “Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!”

This was sent to me on April 23d by a woman friend and before Bill Ficken was outed by NKCPD with their cover their lying murdering asses altered video and Toni Anderson’s “fake autopsy”. When I read this…it was almost as if I too was seeing this “spiritually” as I felt the power of the imagery and the truth of what this woman was shown.

You reading this can decide what you feel or whatever you want to believe. For me…it is at least a confirmation of the NKCPD cops and Bill Ficken (and other’s) abducting Toni the second time after it was shown they followed her leaving Quick Trip. Yes…these are those who murdered Toni Anderson and God knows that Himself!


“I got caught up on your blogs and commend holy for taking a stand against the obvious. Nkcpd is fully corrupt and no one cares to admit it. Etc.

I went last week to park. No one paid one bit of attention to me. No drones. No neg eyes on me feeling. There was gun fire across river but sounded like cop shooting range. And felt one set of eyes on me. As if Toni was looking at me from houses on hill you can see from there.

And another vision. …. in the vision A male cop holding Toni’s phone…As if I was seeing thru it.

I saw all three cops you’ve mentioned. Both cop suvs. The black SUV two men not cops and the guy holding her phone was with them when they got Toni. I see her tied up in a barn in a very deep wooded area. This vision is of that am. It happened yesterday at work.

After I left park last weekend I went to nkc. I know it shows them following her south on Burlington but my gut says Buchanan street behind qt. So I turned into it.

That’s when I saw another vision. Her two cop suvs and black SUV stop her. The second stop. She texted. They approached and she ran. I never knew til recent she knew the area. Which I thought early on she did.
In my vision she turned left from Buchanan. Then right at light. Then left onto armor. Running all of it.

My vision early on , a good month into it, and visiting the 35 armor area a lot was the feeling of her presence. So as I drove the way i saw her doing I came to shoulder before exit to bond bridge. There is a 29 south sign and that’s is where I saw them finally get her.

Even last weekend that vision has never changed. They dragged her out of car. Kicking screaming etc and was put in black SUV. I see 6 ppl total. Three cops you’ve named. Two non cops and the male cop who is the same one on the vision w holding her camera of her being in a barn etc.

This male cop never harmed her. Only observed and helped.

But latest vision is that this guy has a very guilty conscience. He wants to come forward but can’t cuz he knows they will kill him for snitching.
Back to last week w me driving route I thought she ran and was caught. When I drove to that 29 south sign I felt Toni’s presence again as if she is still alive. If she is I felt her still in parkville. But then think why would ficken take chance in keeping her?”


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Another “NKCPD Troll” Working With Mary Ward To Hide Bill Ficken’s Abduction and Murder of Toni Anderson


Radio program discussing this on June 3d 8 Central time with a surprise guest or 2 🙂 !

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Image result for bill ficken

Rouge NKCPD Terrorist Criminal Thug Bill Ficken (Gary Ficken) who stopped Toni Anderson BOTH times and is being protected by his accessories to his crime of murder with his other son’s of Satan brothers in blue…Romine, Kimmel, and Freeman. There day will come when they “die” and meet Toni Anderson in the realms of eternity just before they are thrust down to hell!

Image may contain: 2 people

Related image

His name is Adrian Lang. This “white black boy”… yep…I said that and this is why…he attacked me for sharing a email sent to me by Mary Ward who Bill Ficken brutalized while calling her a “CrazyDrama Queen Bitch”. So I am the evil man for exposing the truth shared with me about Ficken who Ward said she believed Ficken murdered Anderson! Oh really…the rogue terrorist thug Bill Ficken who I identified as the cop who stopped Toni Anderson and as seen but not named on the latest Crime Watch Daily cover-up program!

I believe that like Ward…this dude is a  LE “plant” to make sure I am discredited working with Ward who has done the same with her “Blog 4” full of lies about me from a REAL sick pathological liar dodomite named Bill Bunting who’s family is full of convicted and in prison child molesters! 🙂

Evidently Lang “likes” and thinks like Bill Bunting who is Mary Ward’s new friend and who she has to want her son to be just like Bill even as Lang does his! By the way…on the “arrest charge” LIES about me…it is documented that my “wife” came to me after the Ohio visit by me. I was jailed for carrying a gun which in Nazi Ohio the laws are not the same. Her boyfriend before me almost killed her. After court…she called in and asked me to marry her breaking THE NO CONTACT ORDER! 🙂 And by the grace of God she left for good! 🙂 Read about her and Bunting below and why Ward identifies with their sick perverted filthy “death style” and the lies about me and what I shared to destroy the lies and them in the process!

Let me ask YOU reading this…would Lang be hiding the truth about Ficken as found in Wards email to me and Justice For Toni Anerson if his woman was “Toni Anderson”? Ya think? In fact he would be all over Ward for hiding the truth about Ficken and what her experiences was with him were.

Read Ward’s email to me and I ask any of you eading this WHY she would want this hidden especially since she is a “Heroine” for putting a “Marker At The Boat Ramp Site” but yet deliberately hides the truth about what Ficken did to her. The reason why is this…Ward’s hubby is not only friends of Ficken and NKCPD but her also called the cops on her twice when she was drunk on her ass…almost losing her boy when wandered off and was picked up by a neighbour who called the NKCPD cops. Only because the cop identified her “husband/boyfriend” as a “friend AKA Oh Mr. Ward” did the cop let her off. Otherwise they would of called CPS! To bad they didn’t!

The below is that part of her email to me and Justice For Toni Anderson and which Lang said “this should not be shared”! No truer words out of the mouth of one who “likes” Kansas City Police Department”on his Facebook page and has posted not one thing about NKCPD and Ficken on his page…let alone by his woman!

From Mary Ward…

Next thing u know, I have 2 officers, one of the coincidentally being Ficken, waking me up saying my bf wanted me to leave so I needed to get up and leave. Another side note, the law is that if someone stays even 1 night in someone’s home and have personal items of theirs in the home, they have established residency. I even had my kids personal items in the house. So, I tell the officer’s we are just arguing and I would leave after I took a nap and called for a ride. They told me “the homeowner wants u to leave NOW, so are you going to leave?” Now, I’m irritated and mention I have been living there so he would have to go thru the court in an eviction process. I once again said, “but I will leave after a nap and finding a ride. They STILL would not leave me alone. At this point, I sit up, grab my phone and tell them I’m calling my lawyer.

Within a second, my phone was hitting the wall across the room and I was pulled up thrown around and handcuffs on. They told me I was being arrested for trespassing. Then they physically push me out of the house, pushing me into the back of a police car to take me to jail.

At this point, I had a serious emotional breakdown, crying so hard and panic attack like I EVER had experienced before and I could not breathe. Like my face was going numb, my hands and feet were tingling and cramped up. All signs of not enough oxygen getting to my brain. I’m not nor have ever been a criminal or been in a jail.

The 2 minute that felt more like an hour drive to the police station, I was telling Ficken that I can’t breathe, feel sick, going to pass out, PLEASE JUST OPEN MY WINDOW EVEN AN INCH so I can get some air. He TOTALLY is ignoring me, no acknowledgement I was even in the car, which intensifies the panic attack.

By the time we get to the police station and he (FICKEN) opens the door to get me out, I can’t walk. Legs are jello, and I start to black out. He just let’s me collapse on the ground. I hear him saying something to someone about needing help cause he has “a crazy drama queen. And the bitch is acting like she can’t walk.” I somehow get into the police station on a bench waiting while they book me in, but of course taking their time. I lay over on the bench and immediately get yelled at to “Sit back up!” I said “I’m sorry sir. I’m really not trying to be hard to handle, I really just don’t feel good.” I mention I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and take medication for it. My medicine is in my purse, my name is on the prescription bottle, can I please just have one? They looked at each other and just laughed.

I finally make it to Clay County jail, I was so happy to be out of NKC.

I get out the next day, and between then and my court date a few months later, my husband and I decide it was stupid and he isn’t going to pursue anything. He is going to tell the judge he wants to dismiss it.”

So why should Mary Ward’s experience with NKCPD rogue terrorist thug cop NOT be shared given Ficken was ID’d finally by yours truly? Why attack me and me only by Ward and Lang? Think about that!

Ward is also working with NKCPD to lie about Michel S. Stewart by jacketing him with lies and threatening him. He also had a “near death” experience with Ficken who is actually a “family friend” of Mary Ward’s husband Jason. They are working to destroy this man including having him murdered if possible! Read this blog and see WHO Ward is being paid off by! And why she and Lang are targeting me and Stewart with LIES so as to hide the truth about NKCPD etc.

Here is more of what Lang and Ward want hidden.

As for the label of me being a “racist” for pointing out the truth and jacketing a “cop troll” in black skin who I can assure you is not a “Black Lives Matter” member 🙂

Now who is the racist?

So here we have a “black man” named Adrian Lang working with Mary Ward to slander me while they BOTH hide the truth about what White cops did to a White woman named Toni Anderson. This makes Adrian Lang a racist dog! Like I said…what if it was “his WHITE woman” was the victim of Ficken? Do any of you think he would agree with Mary Ward withholding her experiences with Ficken? I think NOT!

You bet both of them are doing their best to hide the truth about Ficken and that is WHY they are targeting me and not saying one word about Ficken and the others.


I used to teach at Haskell Indian Nations University…wrote the class curriculum which was accepted and accredited by the Board…a 3 hour class and which I raised the funds for personally.

Here are a few blogs that contain information about what I taught and which was accepted and which Native American students rated my class as the best they ever had!

I exposed racism by Whites, Christians, Jews and African Americans targeting Native Americans. I lived on reservations working with suicide prone youth…counselled them…spoke in detention centers…jails…schools and in homes of families etc. DOCUMENTED! Wow…and I am a “racist” as jacketed by those who I documented “racially” as being racist targeting Indigenous peoples for extermination, mass murder and rape of their women and children starting with Columbus who was a “Jew”!

Just to give you a history lesson on the difference between the race labels of “nigger” and “Redskin”…guess what? There is NONE in the eyes of “Real Indians” who have experienced being called a Redskin when they were being murdered, raped and their body p’arts turned in for “Blood/Bounty Money” documented. Want to learn the truth then read this history and ANYONE who denies this history IS A RACIST!

I am going to share some history about Adrian Langs racial posterity and collusion with Whites and Jews and Christians targeting Indigenous Native American peoples for GENOCIDE! (But of course I am the one who is a RACIST! 🙂 )

Lang’s Black Buffalo Soldier connection includes them being hired to remove Native American’s from their own land so that the owners of the rail road companies could pass through Tribal land. The Black Buffalo Soldiers went out of their way to rape and murder the women and young girls in the process. Think not? I will introduce you to a Full Blood Oglala Emerson Elk who lives on Pine Ridge! The Lakota/Dakota/Nakota people know that history because they experienced it! Want to talk to him? Not only does he know about White Jew Christian racism but also Black!

News site the documents race crimes of blacks on whites…scary to say the least!





Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hansen Paid Off To Hide The Truth About Toni Anderson’s Murder


Image result for bill ficken

This blog and others below are what the paid off media whore organization Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hanson ignore! The don’t even name FICKEN… who stopped Toni Anderson…amazing but NOT! More below

I ID’d NKCPD rouge terrorist thug cop Bill Ficken LONG before NKCPD came clean with altered video dash cam and time line. TWO individuals on the Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page have gone out of their way to discredit me and what I have share…Mary Ward a White woman and who had experiences with Ficken thanks to her “husband” Jason…a friend of NKCPD cops and Adrian Lang who “slandered me” as the “white black man” that he is because he also did not want Wards info shared. And why? Because he is a “friend” of KCPD is why! He has a White woman as a “wife” and I can assure you if she was the victim of NKCPD rogue cops…he would be on Mary Ward like fruit flies on a pile of fresh monkey shit. To bad she wasn’t because I don’t see her saying one word about Toni on her page or her “Oreo” on his. You bet I will put the “race issue” in this…because HE IS A RACIST by working to snuff any and all information that tags HIS FRIENDS who are cops as does Mary Ward. Get it? GOOD!

Radio program on Sat 6/3/2017  8 Central Time discussing the latest Crime Watch Daily / Chris Hansen cover-up of the murder of Toni Anderson.

Image result for crime watch daily chris hansen toni anderson

This is the lated Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hansens cover-up of the truth about the murder of Toni Anderson complements of being “paid off” accessories to what happened to her at the hands of North Kansas City rogue thug cops Major Kevin Freeman, Bill Ficken who was seen following her out of QT, and the other officers being Christoper Kimmel, and Patrick Romine who were involved in the second stop AKA…”OMG just just stopped again” NEVER to be seen again!

They were ALL on duty the night Toni was abducted which is why ALL the dash cams, stop light videos from NKC QT to Parkville were shut down, the QT video and all the NKCPD vehicle dispatch information that was removed after the Ficken stop of Toni with there being a 6 hour gap in dispatch records from 4:40 on for 6 hours on on Jan. 15th.

No wonder the 3 day delay of LIES by KCPD covering for their rogue brothers in blue and the lies CWD quoting the KCPD liar extraordinaire KCPD Sgt. Ben Caldwell among others.

Nothing about the discrepancies in the autopsy and lies contained in…especially concerning length of Toni Anderson’s body in the water and the LIES about the chemicals in her body…drugs etc.

Good job Hansen…how much were you and Crap Watch paid? To bad a women in your family wasn’t the victim of NKCPD rogue cops and I mean that!

The below blogs are what Crime Watch Daily has IGNORED from the moment Toni vanished and they always will and that is why KCPD contacted them and helped them with this “case is closed”…no foul play LIE video that was authored by the king of hell himself!


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