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The FBI Must Investigate Toni Anderson’s Disappearance And The North Kansas City Police Department Direct Connection

UPDATE 1/30/17

But they won’t and here is why as explained on my first blog…

“Seems the FBI is NOT going to investigate the NKCPD involvement in what happened to Toni Anderson and this is fine with me because from what I know and have reported as well as revealed about the FBI when a radio talk show host…their spiritual DNA gravitates toward siding and protecting liars, murderers and pedophiles when “they” are a part of the “circle of law enforcement” including big names in high places like the Clinton’s and Bushes as examples.

I named a FBI agent working with CARTELS using Montana as a pipeline DOCUMENTED! Then there is the FBI agent who murdered in cold blood a mother holding her child with a HEAD SHOT not to mention his connection to the intentional burning to death of women and children. I also covered the FBI cover-up of the what FBI operative Darlene Novinger reported naming GW Bush and his and families cocaine connection to cartels. After she went public her husband was murdered and then she was using “cancer bio weaponry”.

Dead bodies galore and the FBI helped hide the truth…say Clintons as one example. How about Oklahoma City…the truth about the bombing of as documented by retired Air Force General Ben Partin.

The FBI forever protected a pedophile named BUSH!

And there is FBI working with cartels who are bringing drugs on the Lakota Dakota and Nakota Reservations in South Dakota and other reservations throughout the country.

Then there is the FBI covering up murders and protecting serial rapists like Russell Means and making sure that the 12 murdered and buried bodies by the American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee in 1973 remain  hidden there including Black Civil Rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. who worked with Martin Luther King and they knew because the FBI Agent in Charge at Wounded Knee Joseph Trimbach was there when this happened and the FBI said and did nothing! (But they weep and wail about their 2 murdered agents!)

Connect Wounded Knee to South Dakota Senator James Abourezk and his working with AIM and the later rape and murder of First Nations Woman Annie Mae Aquash who KNEW that the American Indian Movement was in fact a FED OPERATION protected by the FBI and the “Syrian Sioux” as documented on my blog.

In other words…the chances of the FBI going after the NKCPD in the case of Toni Anderson is next to nothing because their spiritual DNA is inherited from the Liar and Murderer from the beginning¬† even their father the Devil…just like the North Kansas City Police Department and Kansas City Police Department.”

You reading female FBI agent who never called me back as promised?

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If they don’t…this perfect crime will never be solved let alone her being found.

I suppose I could repeat and focus on all the lies by North Kansas City Police Department as pimped by the Kansas City Police Department. Instead of repeating here that information, I will direct you to where it is found in the blog which I updated and corrected a few days ago. Click HERE TO READ.

Finally after 3 calls to “screeners”, a real deal FBI agent responded to my questions about NKCPD and the lies and inconsistencies¬† pertaining to Toni Anderson being missing. I received the call at 4:50 PM on 1/26/17 from a female agent who I asked to call me back in 10 minutes so I could talk in private plus finishing a meal. She did not call back as promised and has not returned any of my calls to her which when I think about it…makes sense because the FBI and in particular female agents that I have talked to in the past…have a very pompous and condescending attitude toward us “bottom feeders”.

I am convinced and I should not be alone in this…that ONLY if the FBI investigates the NKCPD is there any hope of finding out what happened to Anderson.

The family of Toni Anderson as well as her friends should DEMAND that NKCPD be investigated by the FBI and if NKCPD is “clean”…then they would want to be investigated for that reason alone.


816 920 2147

If the FBI does not do this…then the FBI is complicit in whatever happened to her by the NKCPD officers and they are as guilty as those who are responsible. If I am proven wrong then “show me” and I will be the first to apologize.

As the family said…they believe that “Foul Play” was involved and that their daughter was “abducted” while the the cops say “No Foul Play and just Missing”! Interesting and self incriminating on the cops part!

Am I missing something?

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