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Native American Suzanne Dupree In Voice Audio Names Murdering Real Estate Fraud Criminals

Image result for suzanne dupree looking back woman stcu

Just published for everyone’s eyes!

Background blogs…For everyone’s information outside of the circle of criminals named and documented!

Suzanne Dupree’s Blog…one of many… Read and learn about Criminal Johnson and STCU the racist organization targeting this woman for MURDER by Don and Chris Dickey and with the collusionary help of Duane Greves, AVISTA, CenturyLink Quest, House of Music, Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen, Washington State AG Bob Ferguson, Governor Jay Inslee and the top executives of Spokane Teachers Credit Union starting with Tom Johnson. 

Her phone number is 509-684-9359. Her phone and internet has been hacked by CenturyLink Quest … House of Music and one phone and internet disabled by this maggots.


Racist STCU President Tom Johnson Complicit In Murder and Attempted Murder With Don R. Dickey and “Friends” DOCUMENTED!

Washington State…owned by Free Masons…Drug Dealers, Murderers and Pedophiles…AKA the KKK targeting Native American Suzanne Dupree…say STCU PRESIDENT TOM JOHNSON

Image result for sodomite tom johnson

Image result for KKK history Washington State Native Americans

KKK history and Native Americans.       Free Mason history and Native Americans

KKK founded by Free Masonry

KKK / Free Masonry Washington State Racism Targeting Native Americans


Howdy Johnson…

You are a piece of work hand crafted by Satan himself!

So you being the racist KKK hater of this Native American woman bastard that you are actually believe that you are going to get away with what you and Don Dickey and the rest of your feral spawned by the devil racist friends of yours have done to Suzanne Dupree/Belva Schuldt and her husband Arny Wade? Do you really??????

Trying to have her murdered again…setting up a false document saying she sold her home…not giving her her paid for deed of trust required by LAW…sending her money to other banks without her knowing…losing her deposits…cancelling her membership in the name of “threats by her” when the truth is she has exposed your sodomite in heat ass!

Read my lips maggot…you screwed up royal and like I told DickHead and all the others like Montgomery…and I repeat…ANYTHING HAPPENS TO HER AND HUSBAND THEN YOU ARE ALL DEAD! Everyone has been tracked…ID’d…”cross haired” and that is DOCUMENTED that has been done by Tokala among and by her own Oyate…!

She ends up dead…then everyone involved best have life insurance policies.

Last chance Johnson…either get her her deed of trust with original boundaries and water rights by the 1st of next month or “all bets are off”. And the FEDS will get this message too…got it?

So tomorrow I will release the “mother load” of each document documenting YOUR direct involvement in Felony Real Estate Fraud that is sent to the DOJ Fraud division…the Senate committee on Indian Affairs tagging all your asses as race hating bastards…and the Senate members involved in felony civil rights crimes… with the “stipulation” that they either act on behalf of Suzanne or the blood of those responsible for what they have done to her will be on their heads!

You work with drug dealers and child pornographers/pedophiles along with employees of Avista, CenturyLink and House of Music  DOCUMENTED to violate her civil rights and murder her friend Rueben McMichael and who have made 5 attempts to murder her and her husband with Chris Montgomery and Stevens County Title, Stevens County Audit, Chase Bank and others all in the KNOW along with you being complicit in the last two attempts!

And your law firm who dumped your ass…Wada Witt…because they don’t want to be complicit in what you are GUILTY OF!

So stay tuned for tomorrow ya hear Johnson and pass the word to your faecal faggot buddies!

So you thought I was through huh? There is a method and meaning to all that I do…even if the appearance of fools those who should know better then to believe.

Semper Fi dirt bag!


Century Link – Quest Sub Contractor Jerry Linquest Complicit In Attempted Murder Of Native American Suzanne Dupree-Belva Schuldt


Now we have confirmed cover-up in collusion with criminal fraud CenturyLinkQuest Washingont “reps” proven to be being protected by CenturyLink Quest Corporate Conspirators Mark Holtzen and Matthew Linn. Call it “damage control” or…more ammo to be given to a U.S. Attorney who “bankrupts” corporations guilty of these kind of documented crimes.

Let’s start with Matthew Linn.

Matthew Linn

CenturyLink Customer Advocacy

Consumer/Small Business Sales and Care

930 15th St 11th Flr

Denver, CO 80202

Tel: 1 844-840-3534  Fax: 1 800-939-0599

  1. Refuses to send out CL rep to check “hacked split lines” as well as refusing to confirm the CL workers who sent it up. Here is the email sent to Linn which he responded by saying “not in corporate directory” and he would not divulge who put the line in CL customer Belva Schuldt’s home or when or who represents CL now! Real piece of work Linn…for a emasculated lying pussy!
  2. Linn refuses to send out “supervisor” or name him or confirm his ID and employee number or name the employee of the “one” CL rep who has a corporate ID number!!
  3. Email to him with names and dates etc.

    Hi Matthew.Here is what I got from Belva. Might be a bit disjunctive timing/order of but most of it is what you requested.

    11/21/15 Belva got a call from 509-293-8235. She called back “Melony Hayes”?? voice mail left message. No call back. Field Supervisor? I called that number now. “Not assigned”.  Was she even an employee or is she now or or ???? Tried to report problem to her…now “gone”

    4/24/15 Mick Yarrol? 509 684-1935 Came to change “digital card” did NOT! Field worker ?

    Jim Bolling 509-684-4635 Field worker?

    Jerry Linquist 509-684-5240 Supervisor of the above 2??

    Patricia Fenner Legal Dept. Would not return call. Left message 2015

    GT Investigations had a “digital fingerprint” done on line. A CTQ worker named John out of Idaho said “split amplified line”.

    Plus…set up for TTVoice which means words printed to read what is being said. NOT requested by Schuldt but is a part of the “split amplified line”.  “Phone Bridge/Party Line” for any and all to know what is being said…INSTALLED BY LINQUIST!

    So YES Matthew…send out a VIP rep or whoever now that husband is there.

    Call her if any questions to this information being Linquist’s buddy Ryke Dahlen of House of Music has disabled her EMAIL and INTERNET! The one line that is working 509-684-8359. They disconnected the other one and she is being billed for all of this.

    In fact…I think she when billed was paying MORE then for just her line…not sure but you can ask her. Or House of Music…either or…huge bills but now now after info went to Wall Street Journal 🙂



Glen F. Post III CEO Centurylink


You reading this Century Link Corporate EXECUTIVES? Hope so because you have a low life employee complicit in the attempted murder of NATIVE AMERICAN woman Belva Schuldt of Kettle Falls Washington. Your employee’s name is    J E R R Y… L I N Q U E S T!    He is working with his “bath house buddy” Don Dickey who is a documented drug dealer, land stealer, liar, and guilty of attempted murder of Schuldt and her husband Arnie Wade so that Dickey can get the “reconveyed”…complements of PEDOPHILE attorney Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm…property she bought and paid Spokane Teachers Credit Union for.

Dickey, Montgomery and Wayne Bell president of Stevens Title Company using a fabricated fraudulent “reconveyance” NOT SIGNED BY Schuldt document which KEPT DICKEY on the DEED OF TRUST…say NEVER EVER TRANSFERRED to Schuldts name as well as IF SHE IS MURDERED using SCOTT MORRIS AVISTA SMART TECHNOLOGY (and other documented attempts by Dickey and which was installed on DICKEY’S PROPERTY for him to remotely TORMENT and CONTINUES TO THIS DAY TO TRY TO KILL HER)…then DICKEY “LEGALLY” is the “owner/beneficiary” because of Montgomery changing “ownership” as well as WATER AND MINERAL RIGHTS SHE PAID FOR wording from the original contract to the CHANGED document making sure Schuldt would not own the water mineral rights because everything STAYS IN DICKEY’s NAME…right WAYNE BELL OF STEVENS COUNTY TITLE??????

In other words…Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree DOES NOT HAVE HER DEED OF TRUST/TITLE and NEVER HAS and therefore “legally” does not OWN the property she paid Spokane Teachers Credit Union for because DON DICKEY the murdering drug dealer does thanks to his Free Masonic Sodomite Pedophile Fixated Animated by Lucifer Brotherhood who’s history with Native Americans from Presidents to Custer was to lie to them, steal from them, rape the women and murder them…say WASHINGTON NAZI STATE under Inslee!

Still reading Century Link Corporate EXECUTIVES including CEO Mr. Glenn Post III? Good! You also need to know that L I N Q U E S T has used YOUR technology for Schuldt to have to pay for usage NOT HER OWN as well as having phones tapped!

Because as I am going to disseminate this information ALL OVER…and you can thank Linquest for putting you on the map when he ILLEGALLY installed THIS in the name of Century Link so all those involved in this KKK INDIAN HATING TEMPLATE OF THEFT AND MURDER could hear each and every conversation of Belva Schult! Still reading boys and girls…yes YOU WHO LISTEN TO HER CALLS…say all named here!

Hey MR. POST!!! How about “showing you have a pair” and get involved….call her huh? I dare you!

How about you Jerry the FAIRY are you still reading/listening? Because from this day on…I own you for what you did and are doing to this INNOCENT Native American Woman LIKE I OWN THE OTHER DIRT BAGS!

Every inroad to any and all communications to Century Link is going to KNOW YOUR NAME …

J E R R Y   L I N Q U E S T

If anything happens to her in any way…including the use of CEO SCOTT MORRIS APPROVED AVISTA DIRTY ENERGY ATTACKS…you are going down…down…down to HELL with the rest of these pond scum demons!

One last thing Mr. Glenn F. Post III…

if ANYTHING happens to Belva Shudlt/Suzanne Dupree then know that YOU and YOUR COMPANY ARE COMPLICIT thanks to JERRY LINQUEST!

The Century Link CEO’s are going to know the name    J E R R Y    L I N Q U E S T

CenturyLink Landline in Colville, WA … Jerry Lindquist 55-59 years old … Code:509; Carrier:CenturyLink; Full Number:509-684-5240; City/State:Colville, WA.

FBI Protected Drug Dealer Don Dickey Using “THIS” To Murder Belva Schuldt – Suzanne DupreeAS I TYPE!

This is what Dickey is using. He received this from the FBI/CIA to silence her. She was hit on her heart 29 minutes ago when watering horses. Trying to create a “HEART ATTACK” using this weaponry!

AVISTA Scott Morris attack approved with complicity with the FEDS in this…no doubt in my mind.

Read and LEARN how evil EVIL IS on the part of those who represent SATAN in the realms of time!

Pray for her please!

Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Targeted Individuals,” & Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself

doctorsIn light of the recent reports on the sudden deaths of several holistic and alternative practitioners of medicine,including those MDs who were engaged in cancer research and in researching cures for autism and AIDs, there is now an increased awareness today, it seems, especially among holistic practitioners, of the frantic operation of a covert, criminal coterie emanating from the big drug industries, striving quite manically to suppress vital information about healing, cures, and medical treatments that work, and going to murderous lengths, literally, to do so.

HealthNutNews continues to cover this story, and Erin Elizabeth, who has been reporting these stories about the deaths, has several excellent videos on Youtube talking with doctors, cardiologists, and families of the slain doctors, discussing various aspects of this situation, which continues to be supremely concerning. I notice from Youtube videos by Professor Doom (whose video on the Nagalase connections first broke the story about the crucial importance of GcMAF in the body’s internal healing protocols), including this one, featuring holistic cancer researcher Amanda Mary Jewell, that other holistic cancer researchers are being targeted, mischaracterized, and “investigated.” Amanda Jewell reports for instance on how all her correspondence and reports from Dr. Bradstreet–autism researcher, one of the slain doctors–have been “disappeared” from her computer.

Healthy Doctors, Sudden Deaths

The deaths of these doctors continue to be unexplained. Several of them were in excellent health at the time of their sudden death. Dr. Hedendal was athletic. Dr. Holt, 33, was also athletic, and trained Olympic teams. See this article by Erin Elizabeth discussing each of the doctors.

Dr. Gonzales, who was well-known in holistic circles as a cancer-healer and had famously cured Suzanne Somers of breast cancer, had been seen to be in great health just days before his death by “sudden cardiac arrest.” This video by Professor Doom discusses Dr. Gonzales:

Actress Suzanne Somers on Death of Holistic Doctor Gonzales

Dr. Hedendal was found slumped over in his car. Dr. Gonzales was considered to have died of a heart attack, despite being seen in excellent health the day before. Dr. Holt, 33, father of a 3-year-old, was “found dead.” Dr. Ron Schwartz and Dr. Theresa Sievers were found murdered in their homes. Dr. Bradstreet was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Osteopath Lisa Riley was found with a gunshot wound to her head.

Do healthy, fit people have sudden heart attacks, out of nowhere? Can gunshot wounds be inflicted after death, as cover? Can guns be planted beside people, as cover?

Could these speculations imply foul play, covert attacks, and cover-ups?

The Remote Heart Attack Weapon

In the article here exploring the links between GcMAF, Nagalase, cancer, autism, AIDS, and the deaths of these doctors, I touched briefly on the Remote Control Radiation Heart Attack Weapon as a possible instrument in these deaths.

Does this sound like science-fiction to some? It’s not, anymore.

See this DefenseTech article by David Hambling on, Moscow’s Remote -Controlled Heart Attacks.

From the article:

“Makhunin notes that there is no general agreement on how EM waves disrupt nerves — he mentions ion channels similar to those in the plasma paper — but he certainly seems to be seeing the same effects as American researchers.

But it need not be a non-lethal weapon. Makhunin also mentions the effects of “change of electrocardiogram” and what he calls “function break of heart muscle.” The vulnerability of the heart to electrical stimulation (including that produced by EM waves) is well documented. A lethal device would interfere with the electrical potentials that keep the chambers of the heart synchronized, producing fibrillation and rapid death. A death ray doesn’t need to be a truck-sized laser that reduces the target to smoking heap; a small device that stops the heart will do the job.”

Read more:

BioElectromagnetic Weapons

satellite weaponsPart One of David Hambling’s focus above onbioelectromagnetic weapons,which discusses the Air Force’s research on using microwave weapons to affect nervous systems can be found here.

Keep in mind that the US Military as a matter of policy does not reveal the truth about the state of the art in technology that it’s currently using and operating, and keeps many of its weapons and research projects Top Secret, as do the CIA and other Intel agencies.

These articles are merely the tip of the iceberg regarding the state of microwave

From Earth Rising, by Dr. Nick Begich

From Earth Rising, by Dr. Nick Begich

weapon or Non Lethal Weapon technology currently, both in the US and Russia and elsewhere. Several websites and articles online cover many aspects of this deadly new radiation technology, which has been strategically mislabeled Non Lethal, and which is a primary component of the latest addition to the world’s arsenal of kinds of warfare–Electronic Warfare, something the US Military sees as being a global game-changer in their current visions of future war, something they call a Revolution in Military Affairs.  See this list of links to some articles and websites online covering Non Lethal Weapons.

What “Targeted Individuals” Know About Remote Controlled Heart Attack Weaponry

Overt Testing of Covert Weaponry

Bioelectromagnetic weapons, as also sonic weapons, scalar weapons, and DNA weapons, all of which use EM or sonic radiation as medium, are by nature Covert Weapons. Their discharge is invisible.

The US Military and Intel agencies, as also militaries and intel agencies worldwide, are currently overtly–and covertly–testing Electronic Warfare weaponry–essentially microwave weapons and sonic weapons attacking human nervous systems and body organs including the heart and brain–on “human subjects.” RFPs on contracts for these weapons testing projects can be found in the public domain on military and government procuring sites. Please visit to look at one such $49 million US Air Force contract with weapons-manufacturing General Dynamics Corporation, purportedly engaging in such research–Directed-Energy Bio-Behavioral Research–on consenting human volunteers, in a confined space, information provided this week after much delay in response to a FOIA request made by this writer a year ago.

emf weapons on bodyCovert Weaponry, Also Being Tested Covertly

“Targeted Individuals” worldwide–ethical individuals in communities being attacked by corrupt and criminal governments for their integrity, ethicality, or activism– however also know that these weapons are being tested covertly, on their bodies. In other words, they are experiencing assaults by remote-control radiation neuroweaponry on their persons.

These assaults are not acknowledged and not addressed by local Law Enforcement, by local government representatives, by members of Congress, nor by mainstream media. See this article here, discussing Clandestine weapons-testing projects, Electronic Warfare, and “Targeted Individuals,” which notes that the non-recognition of these covert assaults on civilians, activists, and veterans is deliberate, intentional, and strategic.

See this article by Kevin Barrett on, detailing clandestine microwave weapons attacks on activists and community members: “Disable the Purveyors”: Is the US Secretly Liquidating Dissidents?

Please explore other articles here on the subject, under Human Rights, and visit other sites online reporting these assaults, including Surveillance Issues, ICAACT, Renee Pittman’s sites and books, Mark Rich’s site and books. Note that all “Targeted Individuals,” while being assaulted in this fashion, their complaints and reports of assault being intentionally ignored by local “authorities,” or mischaracterized as “schizoid,” “schizophrenic,” and delusional, are also made the vicious target of deadly smear, slander, and defamation campaigns, fraudulent “criminal investigations” suddenly opened on them by local Intel–NSA/FBI/DHS, and the target of local harassment by conscripted communities under the guise of Community Watch/Policing programs.

Testing such deadly radiation weapons covertly on populations fills many nefarious Mil/Intel objectives, including mass control of populations, both by selecting/scapegoating specific targets, and essentially terrorizing the rest of the population into assisting in the persecution of the target, a tactic that is lifted directly from Nazi and Staasi action in Third Reich Germany. Paranoid schizophrenia, which was literally used as a weapon to disappear activists in the Soviet Union once, has made a comeback in the US and other “liberal democracies” worldwide.

Yes, these are deadly times we are living in.

Remote Heart Attacks

Among the weapons reported as used on their persons by “Targeted Individuals” (including this writer), patents for which may be found online, including here, at Renee Pittman’s site, is the remote heart attack weapon.

Note this information on the specificity of our cardiac bioelectromagnetic signatures, which can be determined remotely:

Patent/Remote, non-contacting personnel bio-identification using microwave radiation US 7889053 B2

“In the past few years, it has been demonstrated that an electrocardiographic (ECG) waveform may be used to identify a person, with an accuracy of about 95%. This is significantly better than the typical accuracy of a fingerprint.However, an ECG usually requires at least 2 electrodes attached to the person, which has limited its usefulness in real world applications. A recently developed microwave cardiogram, disclosed in a published US patent application (publication number 20040123667), may be employed to provide a unique bio-signature for a person. This approach uses a specially designed microwave transceiver to form a narrow beam directed at the person of interest. The reflected microwave signal contains both the electrocardiographic waveform and the impedance-cardiographic (ICG) waveform of a person. This technique works over large distances, up to tens of meters, and it is very difficult to alter or disguise the ECG and ICG waveforms because they are a fundamental aspect of a person’s physiology. The microwave signal may penetrate barriers such as walls and doors, allowing for new capabilities in human identification.

Embodiments use a microwave cardiogram as a bio-signature for an individual. The microwave cardiogram may be measured over distances of several meters, and through barriers such as doors and walls using a microwave signal, to provide a non-contacting, remote sensing method to accurately identify specific individuals.

Embodiments process in real time the reflected microwave signal, which contains the cardiac signature of the person, using digital signal processing techniques. Embodiments use machine learning-template methods to segment out each cardiac beat, and then statistically compare a few beats of the microwavecardiogram to a pre-existing data set in order to identify the individual.” See more about that patent on this page at the Google patents site.

heartSpeaking from experience: the remote heart attack weapon can attack from a distance, invisibly; can send immense amounts of energy directly to the central chest region, creating a sense of congestion, pressure, and an impending heart attack; can send pencils or pulses of directed energy and subsequent pain sensations from above onto the left-side of the chest; can send pulses of directed energy from behind, near the spine; can send pulses of directed energy from underneath, near the left side of the chest, going up under the ribs; can send pulses of energy into the chest region also from the right-hand side of the chest.

No doubt any cardiologist can spell out what happens when intense electromagnetic or sonic energy of some frequency is pulsed relentlessly into your chest or at your heart.

How can one be sure this feeling of chest congestion or literally heart attack is coming at one from the outside? (And not being experienced internally, as a natural consequence of blocked arteries, genetic cardiac disease suddenly manifesting itself, etc.?)

Very simply. Metal blocks the radiation being used by this weapon, whether electromagnetic or sonic. If you feel a heart attack coming on–and you just happen to be a cancer or autism researcher or holistic doctor (or a writer/activist)–one, just move, get out of wherever you are; two, just where you are, hold up a metal plate or sheet to your heart/chest region, hold it against the area you feel the pressure or pain,also hold it against all of the entry-points mentioned above. If it stops or subsides immediately, know that you are being attacked from the outside.

“Targeted Individuals” are currently protecting themselves from distinct heart-attack weapon-assaults with metal.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

I am posting this information with intent: to inform holistic doctors, researchers, and practitioners that you can indeed shield yourself from invidious external attack by this weapon.

No doubt there are other measures of safety you must practice, but how does one protect against invisible radiation, directed with intent at your heart?

shieldsThe best shielding materials I’ve found: Non-stick cookie sheets made of steel-core–Calphalon’s the brand, I think, covered with a couple layers of insulating Reflectix, which is aluminium bubble foil, used as shield; sheet metal or brass plates with a couple layers of non-skid carpet-pad rubber used as pads; small neodymium magnets, rubber pads, and orgonite to camouflage your EMF signature, worn on your person. (Please note, I’m not pitching any products here, merely sharing information.)

Try getting a radio frequency meter, to record pulses. But if you hold up your shield made of steel plate cookie sheet and Reflectix, you will actually hear the unmistakeable hit of pulses on the bubble foil. You will know with certainty whether you are being hit from the outside with radiation, you will know what direction it is coming from–up, down, to your left or right; and you can prove to anyone in your vicinity you’re being hit.

Most important though, you can shield yourself, and protect your heart. Also note: move immediately, make a micro-move or a macro-move, but Move.

Major efforts have been made, including by mainstream media reporters, to discredit “Targeted Individuals” in order to keep these covert weapons covert. Please understand–even if some of you are still unaware of all these multiple assaults on us, including Mass Control technologies being deployed on us everyday–it seems we are now living in a totalitarian, corporate police and military state. This is all part of the Mass Control Mechanism being deployed against us. Writing, speaking, and spreading the word are some of the tools we have, to completely destroy these attempts to control and silence us, and to end the hold of this corporate/military tyranny over us.

I have no certainty that the Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weapon was used against these doctors. I speak merely to present a possibility–as a writer, teacher, and activist–from my ongoing experience of being assaulted with this weapon, among other(EMR/sonic radiation weapon)s, an experience which began after I contacted Senators about chem trails and spoke out locally in a school community about the unethicality of extra childcare fees; I survive and thrive primarily through vigilance and effective shielding.

Please spread and share this information widely; let no more of our holistic health researchers and practitioners be silenced. There is no media to rely on currently but ourselves.


GcMAF & Immune System Health/Nagalase in Vaccines/An Update

Holistic Doctors, Osteopaths, Nurses: More Deaths, More Questions

GcMAF, Nagalase, Vaccines, Autism & Cancer Cures, & Holistic Doctors Being Killed: What is the Connection?

Looking Closer At The Sudden Deaths of Several Holistic Doctors & the GcMAF/Nagalase & Cancer/Autism & Vaccine Connections

Dr. Rima Laibow: These Dead Doctors Told No Lies, Is That Why They Are Dead?

Richard Presser: Dr Rima Laibow interviews David Noakes and exposes the Big Pharma fingerprints in the GcMAF/Nagalase health bombshell


  1. Hope you’re hanging in there Ramola. Great job on your site.


    • Thanks Lissa. They’re most assuredly trying to “take me down” with renewed and intensified attacks lately. I’m not going anywhere though without letting the world know exactly what’s happening, first.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You too? Its been upped heinously the last week or so… last few days has been crippling, sadistic. I’m where you are. I heard insiders say they’ve got us on a different IP internet so others won’t know. It might be true.


      • Yes, sadistic is the word. I’m sorry to hear it’s happening to you too. I’m afraid they’re opening themselves wide to a complete takedown. This frenzy of trying to dam the tide of awakening is going to blow up in their faces. Already, they’ve contributed to waking up thousands more that they probably expected would stay asleep forever. I’m positive it’s going to happen, just wish it would happen faster. As for different Internet etc., yes, maybe, but don’t you think the news is trickling through, regardless? The mischaracterization of “TIs” is becoming more widely known–and that really means people are becoming highly aware of what is actually happening, and how corrupt factions in this government are using high-tech radio weaponry–in weapons testing, in non-consensual experimentation, in undisclosed and illegitimate law enforcement actions– against its own citizens, while using covers from all angles to lie low and undiscovered. (If they were justified in Any way in what they are doing, they wouldn’t need to lie low.) The fact is, they’re criminals, and criminally insane. And crimes have a habit of surfacing…hang in there. They’re exposing themselves.

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Native American Woman Targeted For Murder By AVISTA’s “Friend” STCU President Tom Johnson!

UPDATED: 2/29/17 If anything happens to this woman by those who murdered Rueben McMichael and have attempted to murder Suzanne Dupree and her husband…and because the FBI has protected the same…I personally with those of my “brothers” will terminate all directly involved trying to murder her and husband…starting with Don R. Dickey, Chris Dickey and Kent Duane Greves.

Image result for suzanne dupree


FBI protected drug dealer Don Dickey’s quote to Belva Schuldt:
Don’t you all realize at this point, with this amount of exposure globally….you some how are going to succeed???




Avista Director since 2009






Minneconjou Lakota Native American Belva Schuldt is a resident of Kettle Falls Stevens County Washington State where Free Masonic-KKK “Indian Hating Racism” is alive and well as revealed in this story! The WHITE Satanic followers of this State and County trying to kill Belva Shuldt are proof that for them…”The Only Good Indian Is A DEAD INDIAN” as documented in what is shared below!

FOREWORD: Email from Belva Schuldt establishing MOTIVE FOR HER MURDER and ID’ing PERPS and If anything happens to Belva Schult and Husband Arnie Wade…KNOW THAT IT WAS NOT AN “ACCIDENT” !

“Pretty nifty deal for Don R Dickey, he gets paid off & Montgomery Law Firm/Chris Montgomery of Colville Washington by preparing for Dickey a FULL Reconveyance document dated Jan 22, 2014 giving the house and property back to Dickey’s with the Spokane Teachers Credit Union being paid off by us and this was done by Chris Montgomery of the Montgomery Law Firm Document thus allowing Dickey to still own the property which is why Dickey is using the to Avista Smart meter/Transformer dirty electricity to kill me and the Dickey’s never lose this property!”


Here is a short overview of what has been done “illegally” and by who and therefore why the Schuldts have been targeted for murder!
Filed 1//22/2014 by Stevens County Title Company…Tim Gray Auditor filed a “Full Reconveyence” to the affect stating that The Undersigned as Trustee under certain Deed of Trust 3/6/2013 in which Arnold Wade and Belva June Suzanne Wade…husband and wife are “grantors” and Donald and Marilyn J. Dickey are beneficiaries recorded on 3/21/2013 under auditor file # 201300023714 records of Stevens County Washington having received from “Beneficiaries” under said Deed of Trust a written request of “Reconveyance” reciting that the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust has been fully satisfied does hereby re-convey without warrantee to the persons Donald and Marilyn J. Dickey who are now entitled thereto all of the rights, title, interest now held by said trustee in and to the property described in said deed of trust situated in Stevens County Washington Parcel Number 1540020 file # 8531
After this was recorded by Stevens County Auditor this document went back to Montgomery Law Firm and Chris Montegomery changed the original file to 20140000455 giving the paid for Schuldt property back to the Dickey’s.
In other words the Dickey’s never lost ownership of the property even though SPCU was paid and they paid the Dickeys who still hold the Statutory Warrantee Deed of Trust in THEIR NAME as it was never transferred to the Schuldts which is why they have never received it. Also…there are NO signatures on any of this by the Schuldts! “

This is WHY Native American Woman Belva Schuldt / “Looking Back Woman” and husband Arnie  of Kettle Falls Washington have been targeted by FBI protected racist Indian Hating Don Dickey and his Avista Corporation “friends.employees” and others for murder who are working with Dickey so that he can keep the Schuldts property.

Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm in Coleville made Don Dickey “beneficiary” to the property they bought from him and upon their DEATH Dickey is “legally” the holder of the DEED OF TRUST for their property!

To actualize this plan…Dickey and Avista employees…using “Avista Smart Technology ” or their “Smart Meter”has allowed/allows for Dickey to have direct access to and control of AVISTA ELECTRIC POWER over her home targeting her and husband with “lethal dirty electricity” to kill them off overtly and covertly as described below.

Belva Schuldt has experienced overt Avista power surges including in the last 3 days which have destroyed her new refrigerator and stove.

This lethal dirty “AVISTA HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSIENTS” have caused Schuldt to experience the following and LETHAL BODY DESTROYING EFFECTS…say PREMEDITATED MURDER by Dickey to finalize ownership of their property using Avista “smart meter” technology controlled by Dickey and his Avista employees buddies.

Neurological: Headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint paint, leg/foot pain, “flu-like” symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis, and stroke.

Cardiac: Palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.

Respiratory: Sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.

Dermatological: Skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing.

Ophthalmologic: Pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts.

Other: Digestive problems, abdominal pain, enlarged thyroid, testicular/ovarian pain, dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes, great thirst, dehydration, nosebleeds, internal bleeding, altered sugar metabolism, immune abnormalities, redistribution of metals within the body, hair loss, pain in the teeth, deteriorating fillings, impaired sense of smell, ringing in the ears.

I call it “Final Kinder Gentler Final Solution” to his plan to murder Belva Schuldt and husband Arnie Wade.

Below is a short abridged history of the attempts on Belva and Arnies lives sent to me and their dealings with Avista employees in collusion with Don Dickey as well as THE DOCUMENTED MURDER OF HER FRIEND AND PROTECTOR Ruben Mc Michael by Dickey’s buddy and covered up by the Stevens County Sheriff and friend of Dickey Kendall Allen.

Avista Victim Impact Statement.pdf


AttachmentsFeb 8


This was sent to BB/Avista Corp/Centurylink-Quest Corp etc about leaking 1984 Avista Transformer identified as emitting ipower influence affecting our phone/old party line
Centurylink repair Jim Bolling/Mick Yarroll/Jerry Linquest of Colville was aware Don Dickey/Kent Duane Greve was using besides wiretap to monitor our telephone conversation…why Yarroll disabled phone Oct.1, 2013 so I had no dial tone to call out when Chris Dickey & his drug cartel crew came in early the following morning Oct 2nd, 2013 2:am to BREAK IN & murder me.

Finding Reubens truck parked out of site changed the plan of attack & instead broke into my Dodge truck opening hood & pulled brake fluid reservoir lid off, to murder me when brakes failed on our mountainous roads going to town for supplies/groceries. Have photos of footprints going to & from Dickeys residence just over the bank. REUBEN & I never moved truck or got inside, we waited for AW to get home from camp & just luck I heard Dickey & crew shut hood & had AW check truck before driving to town & he discovered brake fluid reservoir lid off.

He put it back on & immediately went to Stevens County Sheriff for fingerprints to be taken to I’d the perp(s), after keeping AW waiting for a very long time, they refused to take prints or even give him a file # so there was a record of the attempt on my life.

Yarroll/Centurylink-Quest did not restore phone service for 18 hrs, &had AW & REUBEN McMichael waiting for him when he came wanting to know why when he said he was going down to Dickeys to check the phone line there after saying he would be right back & never returned & I was left w/o phone service Yarroll looked like a deer in the headlights. He did nothing but apologise for leaving me SETUP to be murdered by Chris Dickey & his cowardly crew. Thank God for REUBEN coming when my phone rang & rang with no answer or they would have broken in & murdered me…no question in my mind.

Next attempt came Dec 12, 2013 with Border Patrol/Avista sending a power surge that was so powerful had I not turned off the main, would have blow up my house & Dickeys got the Insurance MONEY!

Watched Border Patrol go up Orient Cutoff Rd, park at the top & wait for Avista boom truck, half hr later..the surge occurred, I called our electrician he came immediately checking the electrical panel all was fine..he said it was not the problem, that came from an outside source, the only outside source was Border Patrol/Avista power surge. Electrician said if it were not for my quick thinking turning off main, the electrical panel would have blown along with the whole house.

The Avista boom truck did not come back down the county rd until the following morning 9:22 am.

When we mentioned this to Douglas Kyle June 8th when Avista finally arrived after months after calling to say there was a problem Yarroll identified in early Feb 2015 while still playing ignorant about old party line of Dickey/Greve…Kyle blew it off.
When asked about the transformer leaking he said it posed no danger…just oil, not PCBs.

Avista came & put new transformer on pole, not the one agreed upon with Avista senior legal council Bret Better Browning via Our att. Barry Bachrach & left the leaking one up, left abruptly saying they feared for their safety….BB grilled BB Browning, but she refused a response.

Finally in mid September Avista came 5 vehicles, one contamination containment truck, worked in hazardous waste clothing & removed transformer without AW being home with me alone…called neighbor which formerly worked as a linesman for an electrical co. & he witnessed the whole procedure.

He said Avista with the threat, lying about the transformers safety while horses were directly under it, AW I fixing fences etc…Avista who never apologize for any of it, while I continued to pay the overcharged bill, by his experiences with something like this it’s millions in a settlement from Avista to us.

Both local Centurylink & Avista Corps are friends of Dickeys & Avista repair moves the drugs for the cartel info verified from inside source. On regular basis Avista boom truck would go down our access rd to Crack Shack Stanley’s to pick up drugs this & all else written here photographed & thoroughly documented.

Proving motive, intent, access and opportunity with alot of help from Dickeys drug cartel/pedofile ring to murder me…collateral damage AW & our animals…

The worst was their murdering our REUBEN for protecting me while AW was away, I tried to warn him…no rules of engagement no mercy from the perps, he would always say they would not dare…Dan Bryant would kill them, too late REUBEN realized it was the man he loved like a son, Dan Bryant who murdered him!

Belva Schuldt/SUZANNE DUPREE/Looking Back Woman
Feb 8, 2016


Power coursing through house, driving everything out of walls….bugs, spiders, mice etc.

Here are the #’s of people I spoke to, major players Avista/Centurylink-Quest:

Avista Supervisor who threatened me, got # from Douglas Kyle:

Melanie Hayes Avista Supervisor Spokane:

Avista Telecom John Chagan

Avista…Chagan’s boss Mike Busby
1(509)495-2541 no call back

*Centurylink-Quest Shane Riley operations manager no # we could find
These # over Threat by Avista Supervisor- local
Avista senior legal council Bret B. Browning/Spokane

*Centurylink-Quest Legal Dept Denver, Co/Patricia Penner
Main # (303)992-1400

All # on my Centurylink bill invoice, called them all, except Shane Riley….
No response
Called ATTORNEY General Wash. State…no response
Called Allen Reichman DOE/Assistant ATTORNEY General Wash. State
County Commissioner SC Wes McCart
On & on no response or help.


Don’t EVER threaten me!

Posted on by
Washington State Utilities, Colville Avista Supervisor – never threaten me or threaten me with the Stevens County Sheriffs Office since I have been waiting for months to have the leaky transformer moved and replaced.Screenshot 2015-06-17 09.32.11Been waiting since Clint came out on May 12th 2015 and said the work would be done within 2 weeks. Douglas Kyle, Customer Projects Coordinator said, when you finally did show up after repeated calls to the Colville office and Avista head office, that he assured me the leaky transformer posed no risk.


In other words…Avista employees working with Dickey have made overt attempts to murder Schuldt as well as a continuing and active “dirty energy” format 24/7 as documented over and over to destroy her body.

To add to this is the Century Link representative and friend of Dickey Jerry Rhenquist implemented a “party line patch” to Schuldts phone direct to Dickey and any and all involved including Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen, the FBI, Border Patrol and DHS friends of Dickey. All in the family collusion and complicity in wanting this Native American woman and husband DEAD given all they know.

Here is a Avista link showing how Avista “Smart Technology” works and its application and what the Schuldts are experiencing.

Because of the non-compliant wiring in the house that Dickey and Avista employees are aware of…they have knowingly and continually unleashed a LETHAL POWER SURGES into her home with the premeditated goal to ARC the NO GROUND WIRING that would cause a fire that would BURN SCHULDTS TO DEATH as well as destroying her home with the evidence of their crimes at the same time. This why ALL THE POWER SURGES have been released on their home!

Click HERE to read how Vista and Dickey’s DIRTY ENERGY through Vista’s “Smart Meter”  destroys/kill Belva Schuldt!




Also…private investigators informed Schuldt that through the portable phones of Dickey and friends…that Century Link allowed for Dickey and his co-conspirators to be keyed into the Schuldts phones allowing them to hear and record all conversations while at the same time ADT had made sure ONLY the Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen would “take care of business” if their was an “emergency 911” call with Allen being a FRIEND OF DICKEY as well as a supporter and monetary beneficiary and protector of the drug and pedophile activities in Stevens County Washington.

Again it is important to remind the reader that Attorney Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm was a MAJOR LEGAL PERP and ENABLER in working direct with Dickey’s attorney and Stevens County Title with those below for one reason…to allow for Dickey to own the Schuldt’s property after they were MURDERED by making them the “Legal Owners” of their property upon their DEATH…property fully paid off and this with Stevens County Title working hand in hand with this premeditated plan of MURDER!

Here is the list of those embedded in the portable phone as well as being complicit with Dickey in the attempt to murder her ARE…

McGrane Schuermann “Attorneys for Dickey”

Prosecuting attorney “Tim Rassmussen”

Chase Bank “Chris Wright”

Stevens County Title “Summer Stall”

Century 21 “Denny Blair” realtor

Dan Bryant “Murdered Ruben Eugene McMichael”

Stevens County Sheriff “Kendall Allen”


Other organizations involved in what is happening include DHS, Border Patrol, and Department of Ecology.

Here is a GOOGLE SEARCH LINK on “Stevens County Corruption” which underscores the above in many cases naming officials involved and their protectors leading right up to the Governors office no less!

This information is going to share far and wide!


Since Dickey would take possession of property upon our deaths, contents & all….
Just for the record:

He would be in here immediately & the Teton artifacts, including Calf Pipe would be gone immediately, & the US Govt would have what they need for ARVOL Looking HORSE/AIM fraud, & have wanted for IT’s power from Wakan Tanka…not realizing It is only allowed to be in the hands of who Wakan Tanka chooses.

Immediate consequences from Him for even touching It for those of evil intent.

Will provisions will make you, Richard Red Eagle Boyden Caretaker of Calf Pipe/Protector/Executor to return All Teton Artifacts, Calf Pipe,(Be very diligent with this decision, it will affect AW & I in afterlife) photos, books, my writings, journals, any & all “material wealth” back to my “Good Teton People in need” like saddles, tack, boot/cowboy hat collection, horses, jewelry, Ceremonial items, medicine bundles, pipe & tobacco bags, medicine stones, and other 7 Cannunpas…etc.

Book Royalties will fund Richard Red Eagle Boyden, my website/blogs, removing all now employed, paying any invoices due, & solely managing any & all above….

Funds from proceeds shall also fund Teton Educational Dupree/Wade Foundation for Teton’s education, which you Richard Boyden shall determine by individuals core values, honesty, integrity etc & commitment to their Teton People & community by characteristics honored by Tetons for centuries, Emerson Elk can be in an advisory position to aide Richard Boyden in this, but ultimately is Richard Boyden’s decision who is funded, if they/individuals screw up, low grades etc…gone, no more funding are made by him, running a tight ship on this.

Dickey/US Govt have no entitlement to these Wade/Dupree Estate items, if Dickey & crew were to succeed at any point with their nefarious plan of murder, Dickey & crew would take everything he & they could, as spoils of war, picking our bones clean…. at our last breath, bodies still warm!

Our bodies are not to be touched by Stevens County Officials, Sheriff, corner, our bodies… since we are both Canadians need to go back to Canada, will finalize plan with AW, or Dupree Cemetery, side by side with My Mom’s ashes accompanying us there.

If Wills are not completed in time, this shall represent our last wishes, as our last will & testament.

Under the circumstances of the possibility of our murder by Dickey & fellow conspirators, it will be recorded this day, July 4, 2016 as recorded, preceeding any or all previous wills by Belva June SUZANNE Schuldt-Wade and Arnold Wade.

Signed by Belva Schuldt and Arnold Wade
witnessed by Richard Boyden
Emerson Elk

6.4.16 Stevens County WA Sheriff Allen’s Drug Pals Threatening Native Woman Dupree

IF anything happens to her…the below are DEAD MEN including ALLEN!

Email received from Suzanne Dupree

Under seige now, just had the local Crackheads pickup drugs or leave them on our 1 acre parcel on County Rd, they boots keep moving the heroin, meth & crack or their “users” get jiggy!
Spotted them parked, radio blaring, high…as they ran across the Rd & did their thing, all day been moving the drugs instead of going to Church, even the oldsters!
After they got their whatever, they drove past & screamed threats at me, a woman!
Got ready to rock, very prepared & unafraid…they want to have a go, I have the advantage & all caught on security cams!

Definitely NOT calling 911, & have them shoot me!

This is my World, & the perps ARE protected, & they are messing with my phone’s, Richard called Kendall Allen last week, no dial tone…15 min. Later back on.

AW is gone & the perps been messing with both phones today, ask RB if you ever speak again…he sent an email letting me know he called several times, I was right next to the phones!

If someone gets killed, I was protecting myself, alone..from them!
If they come for me, I will take a few with me, no down side for me, I will just be going home to Wakan

Tanka/Jesus Christ.
Got that?


Don Dickey
3295 Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington

Kent Duane Greve
3277 C&D Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington


Sheriff Kendall Allen

Deputy Paul Murray took early retirement/Sarg Gilmore said
Went to Prosecuting attorneys office Rassmussen when Don Dickey broke in, said wasn’t enough evidence: part of Status Quo/Kettle Falls 5 Drug Cartel, on videos Protecting Peoples Property Rights.

Deputy Hoover spring 2015 when threatened by Avista Supervisor over coming in when AW wasn’t home with Stevens County Sheriff, Hoover said SCSO doesn’t do that w/o Court Order, over 1984 leaking transformer PCB contamination.
File # 1505021

Sargent Gilmore (who laughed at investigation by Boyden/WSJ)….illegal/criminal tresspass/property damage by Gene & Sharon Pond’s cow herd while AW was away, me with broken tailbone/fractured pelvis yrly occurance though have asked Ponds over & over again to keep herd off our property. Gilmore took report, reluntantly gave file# said he’d get back to me twice about cut fences county rd top of our property by Pond/Greve, never did. Last time we spoke I mentioned the videos by Property Rights group over elected officials not paying fees, waiving fees themselves so they didn’t have to take their oath of office, & not recorded into county auditors book history, all part of Status Quo/Kettle Falls 5 drug cartel, including Sheriff Kendal Allen.

Called Stevens County Sheriffs office over Stevens County Road maintenence snowplowing county rd in front of mailbox/gate entrance creating berm so no mail delivery of necessary medical supplies for my injury, no response even though gate entrance was blocking me in in case of medical emergency no one could get to me, still no response.

Called Road maintenence asking they plow berm 7 mailbox on county rd out, said they’d get back no response, pleaded I needed mail for medical supplies/& access for medical emergency…no response.

Called County Commissioner District 7 our area pleaded with them, said I’d get call back, never did….gave the same info, I needed the medical supplies/access for medical emergency…nothing.

Same with Kettle Falls Post Office/said I’d walk out to county rd/mailbox, refused delivery.

Called Senator District 7 Brian Danzel about drug cartel/pedofiles/hacker/cyber stalker Greve/Wilder 7Day Adventist Church Elders/no response though he said he’d do something.

Commissioner McCart the same about poisoned water source.

Same with Allen Reichman, legal council Dept of Ecology water rights theft by Dickey/Greve. Reichman asst Attorney General Washington State. Records with Criminal attorney Barry Bachrach, Reichman closed investigation when we had water tested showed high levels of Uranium, arsnic, thalium nitrate, orderless, tasteless poison meth cookers use to manufacture meth/Wilder/Greve/Dickeys/Crack Shack Stanleys all cook, manufacture/distribute heron, meth, crackcoke.

DOJ up to Greve/Stanleys last yr, black chev tahoe with DOJ insignia on doors, in business together…yarded duffle bags of something out of Greves, at Malmedes both owned by Greve for hours…no one went to jail, on & on & on for 5 yrs of harassment, death threats, running my livestock, hacking, stalking, “FBI June Mail,” electronic surveilance, phone tap/via old Centurylink/Quest party line/split amplified line, mail opening, break ins/home invasions by perps.

No help from anyone when the perps attempted to murder me 4 times…
This is my 5 yrs here, no matter if Reuben McMichael or AW spoke with SCSO, no file# after Dept Murrays 1009450 file # until 2015 with Hoover & Sargent Gilmore

I have photos, daily journals, eyewitnesses….spoke with Seattle FBI/DEA/Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Port Commander McKay about Dickeys harassment/real estate fraud, June 2013, first murder attempt on Oct 2, 2013, Dickey moved two weeks after call to McKay, said he was moving to Nevada, but continued working as a manager/director Metaline Falls, Washington Port of entry…both Laurier, Wash & Metaline Falls Port of entry is where drug cartel sends drugs across….vetted, same California retired cops that run drug cartel in Colville, are in Grand Forks, BC working with Hells Angels across CANADA!

Statement date Feb 3/2016 6:42 pm
Belva June Suzanne Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman
3285 Orient Cutoff Road
Kettle Falls, Washington
/physical property location/Orient, Washington 99160

Avista at crack shack/Michael & Andrea Stanley/3277 A Orient Cutoff Rd Kettle Falls, Washington 99141-9736 (509)684-5390

Hi Gary,
Belva June Suzanne Schuldt is what SCSO has on file attached to the file#, however they are very aware I am Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman, because only a few weeks after arriving July 22, 2010 & AW dropped me off & went to work in Ft MacMurray, Alberta & he was gone for 90 days before I saw him again, the day after he left, I was out of water…had my first confrontation with Dickey the day he left & Dickey brought me his set of keys to our house, his access.
Our realtor, Denny Blair/Century 21 Colville… was suppose to have all the locks changed, & it was agreed upon prior to the sale….it was never done.
I asked Dickey about the amount of water we had, he said plenty…he lied on disclosure saying we had no water rights, which I proved wrong,
the following day I had no water after 20 gallons….watering horses in 90 degree heat at 6 am…..went down to Dickeys over the bank, he sid it was our problem. The sale revolved around having plenty of water…
From that point on Dicky jacketed me as the CRAZY INDIAN, & Denny Blair found out via the net, I was Looking Back Woman/Suzanne Dupree & I began to investigate decades of real estate fraud by Dickey associated with his property.
The scam as get the 25,000 down, private contract 7.5% with McGrane?Schureman, now City Attorneys… writing the contracts for Dickey…they would represent both parties with assurances form realtors & Stevens County Title that everything as on the up & up, when the victims realized they’d been had Dickey’s buddies would ruin their character, no one would do business with them & then the harassment,threats & terrorizing, breakins would begin driving the victims out, Dickey would get the property back & do it all over again with help by Stevens County auditors office, corrupt attorneys, realtors, Title Co all making $$$…the victims left without the shirts on their backs, ruined.
Dickey called our home his little money tree, the money he made off he drug trafficing, he laundered by buying up other victims who came to this area hoping to build a life here, they also were targeted by dickey & his crew, which all the locals/Silent Majority knew about but was powerless to stop because of Dickeys position as a Manager director Customs agent Border guard inspector his resources were endless against anyone who stood up to him, I was the only one who succeeded
getting a refi, paying him off & putting in the position from bing the hunter/exploiter to being the hunted & on the run…
The sheriff is well aware of all this, as built my case against Dickey, they kept him aware of everything…all got paid off for helping Dickey, Wilder & Greve.

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