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Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure Is What Bill Bunting and Wife Watch

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FOREWORD: The ACLU and SPLC are covert supporters and protectors of these demons being their “membership” includes the likes of these JEWS! Bill Bunting my stalking homo is a lifetime member of the SPCL 🙂 Mary Ward and her husband Jason are Buntings “Best Friends” who admire him and his family because they found out they have so much in common.

Bunting was sent to a school just for perverted filthy fixated porn freaks who watch this kind of porn by his failure of a mother. Read this and you find much of what he is about along with my xxx Karen Their “personalized” porn including watching each other sodomize themselves using SKYPE! There are 3 of Bunting’s family members in prison for raping children in Georgia. Say a inbred family of pedophiles!

This info represents pedophiles in the US and other world governments and who are protected by the CIA and FBI and the MOSSAD who are the arm of the Jews who are documented to be the major producers and distributor of this animated by Satan murderous evil…ALL HELL BOUND!

These links expose the spiritual connections to Satan and sodomy given that perversion is inseparable from this the ultimate end of that practice which practice is a “natural” for the Bunting’s.

This is who my “xxx” Karen Sue Andras is “married ” to

Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure

Before providing the gruesome details of the sadistic cruelties inflicted on sexually exploited children, many of them toddlers kidnapped from orphanages in Russia and tortured to death, it is necessary to set out the basic statistics: the principal facts and figures of the worldwide porn industry.


“This is a sick world we are living in.”
— Dr William Pierce (in video below)

These notes come from an unpublished article of mine written a few years ago which I have just found among my papers after misplacing them. I have updated the figures wherever possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they are in some cases an underestimate. This is because porn addiction sucks millions of new victims into its net every year. There were only 670 million internet users worldwide in 2002, for example, but by 2013 this figure had soared to 2.7 billion. (See here). In other words, the pool of potential victims of porn addiction has grown much larger with each passing year.   

Most of the figures  cited below, except those with separately numbered references within the text, are sourced from Family Safe Media’s Pornography Statistics. Otherwise, they will be found in Top Ten Reviews’ Internet Pornography Statistics.

Total world revenues per annum from pornography amount to $100 billion, with $3,100 spent on porn internationally every second. These revenues are larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink.

There are 7 billion people in the world spread over 200 countries. It would be of interest to know which countries are most given to porn consumption on a per capita basis. Given the inseparable link between pornography and masturbation, the citizens of those countries could then be justly regarded as the “most lustful in the world” — or, at any rate, as the world’s most prolific masturbators.

These are the top 10 countries most given to masturbatory lust, based on per capita expenditure on pornography:  (1) South Korea ($527 per capita). (2) Japan ($157 pc). (3) Finland ($115 pc). (4) Australia ($99 pc). (5) Brazil ($53 pc), (6) Czech Republic ($44.9). (7) United States ($44.6 pc), (8) Taiwan ($43.4 pc), (9), U.K. ($32 pc). (10) Canada ($30 pc).


Why the South Koreans and Japanese spend such enormous amounts of money on porn, compared to other nations, is subject matter for a sensational PhD thesis which I hope some eager doctoral student will write one day. For 11 years in a row, South Korea has ranked at No. 1 in the suicide rate among OECD nations. Whether there is any correlation between high porn consumption and high suicide rates is a fascinating conundrum which academic researchers might wish to solve.

Though China spends more on porn than any other nation in the world (a whopping 28 percent of total pornography revenues compared to America’s 14 percent), this is only because of China’s enormous population of 1.3 billion people. In spite of the fact that porn is officially “illegal” in China, a country sometimes described as “a land where porn doesn’t exist”, the Chinese appear to have easy access to pornography imported from Japan.

The annual expenditure on pornography in two countries alone, China and Japan, would be enough to feed the world’s hungry for an entire year.

There are over 4 million porn websites in the world, growing by the thousands every day. There are 68 million pornographic search engine requests a day, 25 percent of the total. Four out of 10 internet users view porn sites regularly. There are 100,000 websites offering illegal child pornography. The largest consumers of internet porn, surprisingly,  are children aged 11-17. There are 40 million regular users of porn in the US, and 20 percent of these are accustomed to peek at porn sites at work when they think no one is looking.

A new porn site is being created in the US every 40 minutes. The most expensive domain name ever purchased (site link deleted) cost $14 million: an indication of the enormous profits accruing to porn.

Roughly one in three visitors to porn sites are women, with almost one in six women (17 percent) admitting to a serious porn addiction. In the pre-internet age, women were relatively safe from the devastating effects of pornography. No longer. In the last three years alone, online porn viewership for women has quadrupled. It is a myth that women have different preferences to men and show less appetite for hardcore pornography.

A 2008 study found that women showed signs of arousal watching pretty much anything: masturbation, straight sex, girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy, bonobo chimps, everything — everything except pictures of naked men, which did not float a woman’s boat.

Average age of the first internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old. 90 percent of 8-16-year-olds have viewed porn online, mostly while doing homework.

Over half of global child porn (55%) is produced in the US, mostly in the Los Angeles area. There are 100,000 websites offering illegal child porn. Annual child porn revenues range from a low of $3 billion  to an unrealistically high $20 billion. Daily Gnutella “child pornography” requests are 116,000 and keep growing. Even more disturbingly, there is strong evidence that an addiction to “normal” adult pornography can lead in time to an appetite for child porn.

Between 2005 and 2009, there was a huge and unexplained 432 percent increase in child pornography use, taking this new sex plague to pandemic levels. [Link lost]

The top video porn producers are found in the US, with Brazil and the Netherlands coming in second and third. The top six US erotica cities are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami.

The fully employed female porn star can earn $100k-300k a year, three times more than the average male porn star. The more unnatural the sex is, the higher the rates. An actress who gets $500 for a session of straight vaginal sex can demand $1000 for a session of anal sex and $2000 for “double anal sex”. Celebrity porn stars naturally get paid much more. (Link lost). A criminal pedophile willing to molest a child in front of a live webcam can earn $1000 a night.

The top ten countries most opposed to porn are the Islamic countries, viz., Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Almost 90 percent of the world’s internet porn pages are produced in the US for distribution to other countries, so the US can be seen as the world’s premier sex emporium.

The big players in the porn distribution market are now the major corporations, and, ultimately, the fabulously rich and faceless executives who control them. These are Fortune 500 companies such as AOL Time-Warner, AT&T, and General Motors. Through their cable and satellite subsidiaries they have distributed, and continue to distribute, vast quantities of pornographic material worldwide.

The number of pornographic websites owned by American Jews is of course a closely guarded secret—this is one politically incorrect statistic Wikipedia is unlikely to supply—but it is common knowledge that Jews dominate the porn industry (See also here and here ). Indeed, it is also common knowledge that six Jewish-owned companies own 96 percent of the world’s media and that Big Media and Big Porn are interlocking and overlapping concerns.

—  §  —

The Jewish Role in Child Murder
and Snuff Pornography

If 55 percent of the world’s child pornography is produced in the US—according to the British charity National Children’s Homes—23 percent of the world’s child porn is produced in Russia. (Link suppressed)

Whether or not Russian child porn is dominated by Russian Jews remains a nebulous issue. There is a high probability that it is, given that there is substantial evidence of Russian Jewish involvement in sex trafficking, kidnapping, pedophilia, and even child murder in the production of snuff porn movies.

Let me now quote from a news report first published in October 2000. I will intersperse snippets of this report — “JEWISH GANGSTERS RAPED, KILLED CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS TWO ON FILM” — with comments on the same case by Dr William Pierce which you can listen to yourself in the video at the end of this article:

ROME, ITALY — Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years old from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film.

Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

Here is what Dr William Pierce has to say:

“I suggest that if you asked your favorite Jewish media boss why his report of the police raids in Italy and the arrest of the child pornographers in Moscow didn’t get more news coverage in the United States, he’ll tell you that such news would only generate hatred against the Jews. And you know, he’d be right.

“My view is that such people should SIMPLY BE KILLED ON THE SPOT whenever and wherever they are found. More than that, the people who promote and encourage the extreme individualist mindset through their control of the media SHOULD BE EXTERMINATED ROOT AND BRANCH AS A CLASS.”  

(Video transcript, emphasis added) 

The news report concludes:

Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up, but were circumvented by Italian news reporters, who broadcast scenes from the films live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading “blood libel.”

Though AP and Reuters both ran stories on the episode, US media conglomerates refused to carry the story on television news, saying that it would prejudice Americans against Jews. 

Dr Pierce is naturally outraged at these dirty tricks to conceal from the public the heavy Jewish role in snuff porn pedophilia: the systematic torture and murder of little children by Jewish pornographers in order to sate the jaded appetites of sexual perverts in the West:

“If there’s any group of people on this planet who have valid reasons for hating the Jews, it’s the Russians…. The Jews bled Russia dry with 70 years of Marxist rule and and murdered tens of millions of Russians—the best Russians—in the Communist slave labor camps or in the basements of the secret police headquarters or beside the shooting pits in forests all over Russia and Ukraine.

They have forced thousands of the prettiest young Russian women into prostitution and slavery after the fall of Communism; and now they kidnap Russian children and rape and sexually torture them in front of a camera in order to make child porn for rich perverts in the West.”

(Video transcript)

Are people in the West aware of the Jewish role
in producing the filthiest child porn imaginable?

With the full connivance of the American government,  Jews pursue this foul trade in the San Fernando valley, California, otherwise known as “Porn Valley”. (See here).  No, the public largely remains unaware of these iniquitous facts, for the simple reason that the media covers up the facts.

The situation in Russia is even more extreme, with the majority of Russians totally unaware of the historical crimes committed against them by Jews in the Communist era. Here is Dr Pierce’s incendiary comment, and we must make allowances for his white-hot anger:

The Jews are lucky they still control most of the television and other mass media in Russia—because if the Russian people ever are fully awakened to what the Jews are still doing to them, they will rise up and kill every Jew in Russia—every Jew—every Jew!—and they will be fully justified in doing so.

(Video transcript)

Whatever you do, don’t miss this electrifying video before it is banned.

VIDEO : 8.48 mins

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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

78 thoughts on “Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure”

  1. I don’t give a fuck if you publish this or not but hear this mfs
    you and your lasha are perverts obsessed with porn like your master the devil
    you are representatives of the lucifer temple masquerading as Christians
    fuck you and fuck your lasha the resident whore


    1. NOTE:

      The three brackets round the name above have been added by Admin. This is an innovation of this website which we intend to make use of in future. The three brackets round the name do not necessarily imply that the person posting is a Jew or a Zionist troll, though this is probably the situation in many cases; the three brackets could also indicate a mentally disturbed goy who is hostile to this website and all it stands for.

      — JSM

  • Tikkum Olam:

    The Hebrew phrase tikkun olam (pronounced tee-KOON oh-LUHM) means “world repair.” In modern Jewish circles, tikkun olam has become synonymous with the notion of social action and the pursuit of social justice.

    Historic Roots
    The phrase tikkun olam is found in the Mishnah, a body of classical rabbinic teachings compiled in the 3rd Century. In this instance, the phrase is used when discussing issues of social policy, insuring a safeguard to those who may be at a disadvantage. (

    The Jew cries out to save the world as he rapes and snuffs out the life of your child.

  • Gabreal Jones says:
    May 22, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Diablo Mick

    You ar a satanic jew satanist yourself. Pushing chabad jew Putin is a hero, pathetic child fucker,
    child killer, child eater…..the bottom of the barraell, indeed!!!!!!!!!!

    (The rest of this comment has been deleted)

      1. The sudden reappearance of twice-banned poster Gabreal Jones on our site, the day after he had been identified as the same mentally deranged troll as Gerhard Attali by three other sharp-witted posters, is all the proof we needed that


        What’s your problem, Gabreal? Didn’t Yogananda teach you anything?

  • Why are Jews so prominent in the porn industry ?
    Three reasons :

    1) They are themselves a most perverse people.
    2) They use pornography as a weapon against humanity, which they see as their enemy.
    3) They are always willing to earn money, by means fair or foul, but by preference by foul means.

    Of course they cry “blood libel” when caught in the production of snuff films, they did that too when their organ theft of murdered Palestinians became known.
    Claiming “victimhood” while committing crimes is part of the Jewish strategy.


  1. Agree.
    BUT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE don’t repeat that in the west!! It’s so, so damn ANTI-SEMITE!


  • “Claiming ‘victimhood’ while committing crimes is part of the Jewish strategy.”

    Yes, “the Jew cries out in pain, as he strikes you.”

    This is a very important, very prominent feature of Jewish strategy. For example, some of us presently see the strategy being used with regard to consummate Jew puppet Chumpster fraudster (and some of us simply can’t – or won’t – see it).

  • The Jewish role in crime and filth of every color is an open secret. Apprehending the criminal is more important than putting a label on him. Whether he wants to call himself a Jew or Goy is irrelevant. If someone pushed a magic button and vaporized every living breathing Jew the World would definitely be a better place. 95% of all organized crime would suddenly disappear. But the World is much more complex. Not all is black and white. “Jews embrace the Judaic doctrine on different levels and for different reasons. Many Israelis immigrated from Russia for economic reason and have very dubious Jewish ancestry. There are also some very courageous Jews or ex-Jews such as Gilad Atzmon who disagree strongly with Jewish ideology. The only solution is to realize that the “Jewish Problem” is a myth. What we are dealing with is a “crime problem”. We neeeald strict and severe law enforcement for all criminals regardless of their reasons for commiting their crimes. If a Chabad-Lubavitcher wants to rape and murder a 3 year old girl in front of a camara…..fine. Give him a trial and convict him. A firing squad or a public hanging should go to work that same day. No bed-wetting, liberal appeales or insanity pleas allowed. With real and serious law enforcement and judicial systems…..problem solved. Chou.

    1. Too simple your reasoning. As you know/should kniw the judicial system is
      occupied by the jews. So nothing changes. Change is only possible if the jews are evicted out of their positions!
      Let them work in the mines .

  • Jew, as Devil’s devotee, finds innocence abhorrent, an insult to his infernal sensibilities, it reminds him powerfully of Jesus Christ as well as his own perdition.

    Thus, he seeks to destroy it at every turn, if he cannot corrupt its mental and moral purity, then at least annihilate it through physical desecration.

    During Purim, they hunt for Christian boys of young age to ensure their innocence and semblance to Christ.
    Their blood is mixed into kosher dough and baked into prized matzos to be devoured at Easter (Passover) for occult benefits.

    My guess …
    Through this intentional evil, inverse redemption, they seek to maximally ingratiate themselves with their Owner in hope of his protection come judgment day.
    Perhaps he can provide immunity of sorts by claiming they are demons rather than human and thus exempt from penalty.

  • Yeah that is why there are so many jews in american gaols for violent crimes. I think it is as high as .001 percent.

  • “The top six US erotica cities are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami.”

    What a coincidence! Those are also the top six cities in which the (((tribe))) resides.


  1. Yep, Jewish population in US metropolitan areas :

    New York City : 2,028,200
    Los Angeles : 662,450
    South Florida : 535,450
    Chicago : 291,800
    San Francisco Bay Area : 228,000
    Las Vegas Valley : 80,000

    Of course Israel itself has a booming porn industry :


    Israelis love porn, especially local porn, and both professionals and amateurs are delving into the scene: ‘I used to work as a waitress, but I felt like a whore. Now that I work in the sex industry, I can allow myself to live.’

    read more:


      1. Once again I stress:
        if the whole of Russia was an American city, in terms of Jews, it would be in 6th spot.
        And at the turn of the 20th century, its Pale of Settlement (tragically inherited from Poland) harbored 7 million of them.

        What a loss (blame Putin, LOL).

        Gimme your huddled goy masses, yearning to breathe Judenfrei air …

  • The first reply above who responded to Franklin evokes the idea of a bright crimson face and cartoon-like steam blasting out of both ears.

  • I miss being able to tune-in to Dr. William Pierce on shortwave radio when he broadcast on National Vanguard, from Hillsboro, West Virginia! Not having been raised around all the stuff he warned about, it didn’t have the impact on me it should have had. Now, though, I readily see the progression of the manifestation of these woes upon America’s people. It is real – and it is destroying us. We must begin to shoot back with deadly aim, or it WILL get worse. Our youth will be sacrificed to Satan.


  1. I used to listen to dr.Pierce all the time . I lived close by less than 80 miles from Hillsboro where he was . As a Palestinian, I remember him saying one time : we should establish an alliance with the Palestinians since we have the same enemy . I thought that was interesting coming out of a person of his caliber .


  • When I was growing up in the West bank of Jordan river(Palestine now),we were subjected to all kinds of collective punishment and abuse . In my home town for example , they erected iron gates in the old city and left two exits in the east and the east , you would have to walk 3 to 4 miles to get to a destination that was only a few hundred feet . The soldiers were put on the roofs of the old houses , and when they left , families would clean a big mess of feces , condoms , and all kinds of trash . The next day the same process is repeated . At night ,when they get drunk , they would shoot and kill cats and dogs , sing aloud and joke around as if in a bar .Walkers – by would be subjected to verbal abuse and insults shouted at men and women alike.
    Fast forward to September 2000 when the Jews entered the Palestinian towns , the first thing they did was ceasing tv station and broadcasting porn movies 24 hrs.
    Palestinians have no rights , they can spit at you , curse you,beat you up and even shoot you and there is nothing you can do about it . People in the west , you are under the control of the Jews,you think it’s bad?wait until you are under their rule to see what happens to you .If you cannot wait,you can always ask the Russians and the Palestinians.


  1. That is a fair and decent warning, Al. I have been seriously considering joining-up with a certain political group to help bolster our defense against this madness, in a more proactive way. The timing and circumstances seem right to abandon all hesitations about ‘polite society’s’ consternation, and throttle-down! 🙂


  • I have written many times before, “To Jews, we are all Palestinians.”

    I have also written: “If ten percent of the masses knew what I know about the Jews, there would not be one left on the planet by the end of the week.” So I find it interesting to see this quote for the first time:

    The Jews are lucky they still control most of the television and other mass media in Russia—because if the Russian people ever are fully awakened to what the Jews are still doing to them, they will rise up and kill every Jew in Russia—every Jew—every Jew!—and they will be fully justified in doing so.

    Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading “blood libel.”

    How true how true. Of course Jews would never consider the fact that Jews themsleves create the reason for spreading this so-called “liable.” With Jews, it’s always someone else’s fault and such finger pointing is usually directed at their victims.

    This subject, along with the sacred Hallowedhoax, need to be hammered on relentlessly. If anything will garner the attention of the masses, it will be stories about child sexual abuse and murder, subject matter in which Jews are outstanding. This uses the Jew’s classic “ve must do this to save the children” meme against them. It worked for “gun control,” it ought to work for Jewish child sacrifice.

  • Germany after WW I, is there a lesson here for Americans?

    6. The Jews in German culture: Film

    Before 1933 the Jews had taken possession of the film even more thoroughly than of the theatre. That was understandable, because in film artistic and financial elements are more closely connected than anywhere else. The earnings in filmindustry overshadows the earnings of any other artistic activity. And it was the possibility of gain that got Jewry interested in crowding into the German filmindustry, which was flourishing after the war. How large the number of Jews was is shown by the following example:

    In the year 1931 out of 67 German productionfilms 41 firms, i.e. 61 % Jewish, out of 28 rental firms 24, i.e. 86 %. At the same time out of in all 144 film manuscripts 119 or 82 % written by Jews. The production was in 77 cases, i.e. 53 % on Jewish hands. If one looks at the names of producers, stage managers and actors of these films, which were praised by the critics and turned into box office successes, one finds everywhere an overwhelming majority of Jews. Among producers and distribution agencies: Pressburger and Rabinowitsch (Cinema-alliance), Heymann, Fallner and Somló, Levy or Cohn. Under stage managers: Oswald-Ornstein, Zelnik, Meinert, Neufeld or Schönfelder. Under actors and actresses: Pallenberg, Siegfried Arno, Fritz Walburg, Felix Bressart, Kurt Gerron, Grete Moshein, Gitta Alpar, Rosa Valetti etc.

    The spirit of this Jewish film industry is characterized by the so-called „socially hygienic information films“ which Jews had brought out onto the market and which flooded Germany after the World War. They were allegedly supposed to scientifically inform the broad masses of the dangers of sexual excesses. But under the guise of science they speculated in the lust and lower instincts of the audience. Criminals, tarts and homosexuals were the centre of the story. A random choice of film titles may shed some light on the spirit of these films:

    “Moral und Sinnlichkeit” (Morals and sensuality), „Das Buch des Lasters” (The book of vices), „Was kostet Liebe?“ (What is the price of love?), “Sündige Mutter” (Sinnful Mama), “Prostitution” (Prostitution), “Wenn ein Weib den Weg verliert” (When a woman looses her way). The boosting titles correspond to the contents: They rummaged around in filth and showed with cynical openness the filthiest scenes of perversions. Even the government of that time, which was really magnanimous in such matters, found it necessary in 1920 to counteract the worst anomalities with legislation concerning comedy, however without being able to ward off the evil completely.

    But don’t think about the decline of our morals, be afraid of what the (((MSM))) tells you, be fearful of the Russians and North Korea. If you get too anxious, then rent one of their porn flicks to help you relax!



  • As long as Western allopathic medicine continues to avail itself of the deranged teachings of (((Sigmund Freud))) as the basis of its psychiatric and psychological practice, then their will be no cure for this pornographic plague sweeping the globe. Unfortunately the usual “treatment” for any mental ailment, nowadays, is therapy which nets vast sums of money for a horde of so-called mental health professionals. What’s wrong with good old fashioned prayer and meditation? Sexual Offenders, such as pedophiles a good old fashioned thrashing, ala Singapore style, plus a lengthy custodial sentence is a very effective cure. Ditto for anger management therapy. Grief counseling a spot of Maranasati (death meditation) works wonders. As for the makers of snuff videos, crucifixion, broken at wheel or being hanged with piano wire. After all one must be merciful towards these creatures and afford them every opportunity to erase their adverse karma.

  • Here in NY, as well as elsewhere, notably Thailand, certain responses by law enforcement persons evolve. In NY, once the jew began to corrupt and sodomize what once was a relatively workable (Not perfect) legal system, cops began to carry throwaways, handguns of untraceable provenance that could be left next to some perp who in many if not all cases, had it coming. Rooftop “jumps” ending in fatality became more frequent. This can lead to all kinds of abuses, particularly for profit, but essentially my view is if my partner and I busted a criminal enterprise like described above … you can figure out the rest I’m sure. One less threat to the most vulnerable and most innocent. Have you ever watched someone beg for their life? I have. I let him go. I’m glad I did. Almost as glad as I’d be if I participated in a rather different outcome for individuals involved in harming children. The more, the better. Never one in anger, however, like some things, best served cold.

  • al – we hear you. but here’s the difference – people in the usa have guns and as long as they never give them up they will never be subjected to the same slavery.
    apparently they have animal brothels working in germany now. bdsm on on dogs.
    all these abrahamic religions are pyramid power structures. stacked up like – god, witch doctors, owners, man, woman, children, animals, plants, dirt, gas, nothing.
    the abuse of women and children and animals is part of the ideological programming, to maintain the power structure..
    all forms of torture are reptilian power exercises.
    the whole commodificational methodology is about acquiring everybody and everything, imposing an ownership fiction and using force.
    of course there’s a connection to high porn use and suicide in south korea.
    desperately lonely and sexually unfulfilled people use porn to try to alleviate their suffering bodies and souls.
    porn does provide the illusion of a sexual experience, reaching toward real companionship, which remains eidolon nevertheless.
    man needs the female. at some point in the suffering porn is better than nothing, but the problem is porn sucks the life energy out of the observer.
    if there were not so much sexual starvation going on in the world under the rules of these judeo christian religions there would be no need for porn. ever think of that?
    legalization of prostitution as the worthy endeavor it once was would be a step in the right direction.
    but the real answer is the liberation of human sexuality, which, as long as it remains repressed, will continue to maintain the deprived conditions fostering the problem.
    also, maybe kiddie porn and snuff films are not really pornography.
    i think they’re power exercises, the same old sacrifices as tributes to the brand x power god.
    those without the mental defect, the weakness making them susceptible to religion generally, will never be attracted to kiddie porn or snuff flics, no matter how much regular porn they watch.
    communism didn’t ‘fall’ in russia. it was programmed out by the same banksters who programmed it in, when the time came to set russia up with the highly controlled, super surveilled jewish globalist bankster state..
    and speaking of pedophilia, in the usa the deep state is really sweating djt now, as evidenced by this totally phoney, absolutely hysterical russia-gate hacking media effort. he’s no pedophile.
    and all the clintons are terrified he’ll eventually expose, not just the clinton foundation and all the false flags but the whole podesta jimmy infants dnc pizza gate ring.
    he may go all the way bak through 9-11 even to the jfk hit.
    that’s the real reason they hate him so bad. after all, he does jack the pentagon. he jacks the pipelines. it’s not like he’s out to reform industry and save the planet.
    if trump can ever normalize relations with putin and russia, which he intends to do, and move the world beyond the traditional grip of the three cities empire – that would be the best shot we have at then wrecking the jew’s gangster program, including their kiddie porn.


  1. All the guns in the world won’t help people living under occupation tat refuse to get off their couches, away from their 55″ HDTV and use those guns to free themselves instead of lubing the gun with oil and rubbing it oh, so slowly.


      1. Greg –

        Very few good people will use them…. on other people… outside of directly defending their lives or homes.

        They are not trained killers… or thugs.

        Controlling their paychecks is enough to enslave them.

      2. Pat, that was a very short post that was very much to the point! Especially as an end to the conversation with the above two posts.

        Barking Deer, There is no sexual starvation going on in the world due to “judeo-Christian” religions. And this certainly does not justify pornography as an outlet. Porn has been a form of weaponry against souls and the Church since the Marquee De Sade. It wasn’t until Jew lawyers in America figured out ways against obscenity charges in cases against the Post Office, and others, that porn became prolific. And I will remind you that the Church held the Jews in check against blasphemy, nudity, and obscenity for over 30 years by making them stick to a production code. This code was broken in the movie The Pawnbroker. There was a gratuitous scene where a black prostitute exposes her breasts in this “Holocaust” themed film. Because it dealt with Holocaust themes the Catholics blinked and let it slip. So, in that since I suppose you could say the Church was culpable.

        Now this creates a nice segue, because a pawnbroker has no more honor in my eyes than a flesh peddler.

        Pornography and the vast, or should I say, endless supply of it is completely connected to usury. Instead of exacting a pound of flesh, the Jew makes sure all the shiksas take a pounding to their flesh. And lots of men love it not because they can’t get sex by other means, but more so because it is payback for women taking on roles that are not natural to their purpose in life. The paradox about porn is that it is actually honest. People really are engaging in sexual acts in these films. Much more honest than most media in existence today. No one has to worry about porn lying to him.

        When men can once again have wives who stay home, cook, clean, take care of the children, and fix themselves up before they come home the need for porn will cease. After all, there are girls at the office, like Frank Sinatra once sang not that long ago.

        Why don’t we have such women today? Because of the Pill, abortion, the Women’s Movement, women in the workforce as a rule that must be obeyed, Title IX, homosexual and transgender rights, etc., etc., etc.

        All of the above results from usury and debt and the need to find new ways to financially enslave people and keep that debt serviced. Growth in the stock market and derivatives may not depend on growth in pornography but I do believe there is a direct connection. It’s an escape valve and deceiver that makes men think they are free. Sure there free to choose in the consumption of it, but they are also a slave to that vice.

        So, at the end of the day, not only do we no longer have homemaking wives that adore us and let us run the household. No, we have a bunch of out of control bitches that not only tell men what to do, but will divorce them on the spot if it will work out for them financially. Porn is a way for these men to cope with that reality. That’s the main hook in my opinion. The actress in the porn movie may be a whore, but at least she’s an honest whore and worked for her money. The honest porn star certainly did sleep with a boss for a vice presidency wearing fancy suits, closed toe pumps, and elegant pearls on her necklace. Those are the dishonest ones. Kind of like fake news.

        As for those animal brothels being started in Germany, who could blame them? When people behave like animals why not just go for an animal and be done with it? Of course men are just as guilty. As was Adam guilty for Eve’s concupiscence. But the difference here is that women are the arbiters and set the rules. They allowed this mess we are in that is certainly worse than Sodom and Gommorah. All they had to do was say no, keep their knees together, and demand a ring. They have violated their vocation to the office given them by God.

        Seems all many of them need is a ring on their phone from hook-up sites like Tinder. So, successful as women are today, they have certainly paid a heavy price for their success.

        So either way, don’t go blaming the Church for pornography.

  • Thank you, Darkmoon, for exposing this horrifying reality. I live in the San Fernando Valley, and somehow the “Valley” gets through all the downturns in the economy without suffering in the least. I know that people around me are involved in the porn business. Sometimes at night a mansion on a hilltop is lit up like a commercial building far into the night; they are filming porn. In the last California election there was a ballet measure to force condom use on the porn industry, which does have an HIV problem. The measure failed because the porn industry is so powerful. We know that we live in the porn capital but the general understanding is that it’s innocent in that it is among consenting adults. No one has ever even whispered about smut films or child porn.

    Although about a year ago some people approached a friend of mine who is politically powerful in Los Angeles County. They wanted to talk to her about getting help for families who have suffered losing their children to child Child Protective Services. These children are taken from parents and put into foster care where they were vulnerable to being sold into child trafficking, or simply sexually abused. This friend asked me to go along with her to the meeting so I heard the whole story. Just recently a gang of bureaucrats and foster parents were rounded up for using children as sex slaves. Most of the kids are black or hispanic. Child Protective Services is a predatory agency that wants to take children from parents.

    Of course, Hillary Clinton gave incentive for CPS to take children from parents by providing monetary incentives for every child taken and placed outside the home, even though children are four times more likely to die without the safety of their families no matter how dysfunctional.

    Given this context I was ready to believe the John Pedestal e-mail scandal and pizza gate. Child porn and the kidnapping of children for porn and sexual trafficking is a sign of the disintegration our society. We are becoming open territory for sex slavery, smut films, and porn. California is the worst place in the nation, possibly the world. This state has been taken over by evil. My support for Trump, no matter how many flaws he has, comes from knowing how bad things can get under the Democrats–particularly the Neocrats (neocon + democrat). God help us…

  • To contrast and illuminate just how far western civilization has fallen since the “Good War” here is a rare PDF book about Adolf Hitler and children:

    And this is the most evil man in history? What does that make our world today?



  • Dave Chu,
    That’s because Stalin was in all probability a jew. At least he surrounded himself with them. The Bolshevik Revolution was a distinctly Jewish invention. So the MSM had to shift the eyes of the world away from the genuinely most evil man in history to point at someone else. They chose Adolf instead because he had effectively disarmed the Jewish money grabbers and returned Germany to self-rule. The rest, as they say……

  • Thanks for that, David Chu.
    Looking at the creepy politicians of today with their pedophile, pervert leanings in many cases, Joe Biden being one of the best examples, AH appears to be wholesome with a healthy attitude towards family. He awarded ‘Das Mutterkreuz’ to every woman with four children or more because he knew that the nuclear family is the mainstay of a flourishing nation.

    Compare that to Mutti Merkel today, opening the flood gates to a brown invasion, well, it doesn’t bode well for Germany.

    But then, who cares, there will only be muds eventually, according to my sister. And that’s a good thing in her mind. Because all life came out of Africa.
    Thanks again, David for putting things in perspective that should be perused by all.

    Of course, she has no clue about what is happening to children all over the world, especially in Hollywood. Pedophilia is a foreign word. It doesn’t even show up in my 1970s dictionary (Langenscheidt). So, it must not exist.

  • Gerhard Attalli
    Nonsense! Only a total imbecile would place any credence in that FBI report! An informant whom we don’t know reporting about something he allegedly heard from another person in Argentina, who would only provide that information provided he was given a visa for the US!
    Ooh! FBI must take them seriously! The standard of their investigation into 9/11 has earned them the contempt of professional police forces around the world. No forensic examination of the steel in the debris before shipping it off to China. Talk about Mickey Mouse! It’s tantamount to perverting the course of justice.
    Unfortunately, unlike some other countries, I believe the FBI are immune from civil lawsuits!

  • Good response, Felix! (The more I read of this brain-addled negro’s comments, the more I think “Total imbecile!”)

  • It’s not merely porn, as bad as porn is. Porn is a subset of a much larger problem, which can best be described as the radicalization of everything in opposite directions.

    For example, you might hate porn, but do you then sympathize with Islam, which veils and controls its women?

    Do you see my point. Everything in this world is moving in radical directions, towards some sort of mass conflagration. We can all feel it.

    The Jews for one will never, ever give up porn or their control of finance. They would rather destroy America.

  • @ Lasha

    Are you serious that women find watching “bonobo chimps” (pygmy chimpanzees) having sex interesting or does the term have another meaning? Call me sheltered, but that term is a new one for me.


  1. @ Ungenius

    TO LD: “Are you serious that women find watching “bonobo chimps” (pygmy chimpanzees) having sex interesting or does the term have another meaning? Call me sheltered, but that term is a new one for me.”

    The comment you object to (rightly imo) about women being turned on by watching bonobo chimps having sex wasn’t written by Lasha.
    So it would help if you didn’t misrepresent her viewpoint by ascribing words to LD that she never wrote!

    These are the words you object to and which you falsely ascribe to LD:

    “A 2008 study found that women showed signs of arousal watching pretty much anything: masturbation, straight sex, girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy, bonobo chimps, everything — everything except pictures of naked men, which did not float a woman’s boat.”

    A clearly marked LINK within the above quote (bold font above) would have taken you to THIS site where you will find the quote you object to:

    I happen to know that LD does NOT believe that women are turned on by watching chimps having sex! Also that LD believes that the woman who made this wild remark was exaggerating or “speaking figuratively”. She shot herself in the foot by saying that.

    The only reason LD quoted this woman was that the woman appeared to be making a valid general statement that women’s tastes in pornography were not as narrow as is commonly supposed. Many of the things that turn on men, in other words, also turn women on. I think you will agree that this is a reasonable supposition to make.

    LD’s views on porn are the same as my own. Let me assure you that neither of us would be turned on in the least by watching chimps having sex! The whole idea is too grotesque for words. 🙂

    (P.S. LD would have responded to your comment personally but she is resting her wrist because of a recent riding accident. She needs to take it easy.)


      1. Ungenius is one of the best commenters on this site, most informative and clued-up on all sorts of subjects, but I think he is wrong to misrepresent LD’s viewpoint by making out she is actually turned on by watching chimps having sex! 🙂

      2. Sister Monica
        You seems very knowledgeable ,sincere and decent person.
        believe me ,without your presence in this site ,it’s a madhouse .a mental asylum with all the trimmings.
        that one thing ,my good friend, Circassian , told me about this site ,the darmoon lady ,is sincere but she should close shop and call it a day. no need to host a mental asylum,she should stick to horses and farming.
        find true love ,start a family and be happy.

      3. @ Sister Monica

        No where in my comment did I ever suggest on insinuate that Lasha found pygmy monkeys having sex was interesting. To suggest that I did is totally incorrect on your part. I have been on Darkmoon long enough to know that Lasha abhors porn.

        No where in my post did I even say that I found the posted paragraph objectionable.

        I asked a question and I assumed that Lasha would know the answer to my question since she posted the paragraph. You provided the answer, “…LD believes that the woman who made this wild remark was exaggerating or “speaking figuratively” which I appreciate. Now I know.

        I find it rather insulting that you would assume that I think so little of Lasha as most of your post indicates.

      4. Sincere apologies for completely misunderstanding you, dear Ungenius. I really am an IDIOT for getting the wrong end of the stick! I can see that your indignation at my comment is 100 percent sincere and genuine and so I am all the more saddened at my own folly in misinterpreting you. For this I have have to do penance — and I will.

        Remember this, dear Ungenius. As a fellow Christian, you are dear to me. You and I are in the same boat. We share the same values and are surrounded by the same enemies. Never forget that.


        Sister Monica

      5. @ Sister Monica

        Thank you for your more than gracious apology. I accept it completely. There is no need for penance. As someone once said, “To err is human.” Those who correct an error are of noble quality. You are a noble lady.

        Although we may vary in some of our perceptions, yes, we are on the same team since we claim the same Savior. Rest assured that is not something that I would forget or lose sight of.

        All is well.

        Again, thank you.

  • I have been following the PizzaGate/PedoGate forms for over 6-months looking at what the citizens investigators were uncovering. I only observe the forms without posting. It did not take me long to notice that the culprits involved in the satanic ritual abuse of children involving rape, torture, killing, and cannibalism were mostly jewish. I wondered how long it would take the citizen investigators to realize the predominant jewish involvement. About 2-months ago, they started noticing. Now, jewish involvement is noted quite frequently and most of the jewish distractors/redirectors on the PizzaGate/PedoGate forums have distanced themselves from the investigations.

    This is what Jesus had to say about those who harm children. Luke 17:1-2 – “Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!
    It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

    It should be noted that Jesus was referring to what would occur to them by people while still on earth before they die which is why I would have no problem being the millstone for a pedophile regardless of the perverted actions they take against children. Vertical burial next to an ant hill with only their head above the ground would be a just punishment consistent with what Jesus said being worst than a millstone in the sea. Just shooting the bastards would do if there were no shovels or ants around, plus it is less work. Unfortunately, jewish controlled governments via the jewish legal system and the police along with the Catholic Church hierarchy, including the Pope, protect this scum of the earth from their just rewards.


  1. Ung –

    Those considered as children then…. and those considered children today are different.

    There is no ‘age of consent’ in the bible. It was common sense when animals come into heat and when girls reach puberty… offspring would result. The sexual relations then… were wanted soon because childbirth death rates of baby and mother were very high. Needed the early start. More children were necessary to help the family back then… no electricity…. etc.

    The Bible makes mention the general age of girl allowed for “love-making”. The reference is found in a parable where God compares Israel to a baby girl and married her off…. later.

    Ezekiel 16:4 below:

    4 On the day you were born your cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water to make you clean, nor were you rubbed with salt or wrapped in cloths.
    5 No one looked on you with pity or had compassion enough to do any of these things for you. Rather, you were thrown out into the open field, for on the day you were born you were despised.
    6 “‘Then I passed by and saw you kicking about in your blood, and as you lay there in your blood I said to you, “Live!”
    7 I made you grow like a plant of the field. You grew and developed and entered puberty. Your breasts had formed and your hair had grown, yet you were stark naked.
    8 “‘Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love, I spread the corner of my garment over you and covered your naked body…

    As you read the passage, the girl attained the age for lovemaking after her breast had grown and pubic hairs, these are some signs of puberty. The Bible does not give explicit age for someone to have relations, but what it does give, reading the passage….
    ….. ‘puberty’ is the minimum age for relations to begin.

    Many states in the US and globally had no ‘age of consent’ 100 years ago. Eugenics and Planned Parenthood has changed that.

    Girls were allowed to be married at the age of 10 years old and sometimes times, as young as 7 years old…. legally. It was norm just over 100 years ago to see girls being married off at very young ages.

    In most cultures, the marriage would have been consummated at the onset of puberty.

    “In Medieval and early modern European societies, the age of marriage remained low, with documented cases of brides as young as seven years, although marriages were typically not consummated until the girl reached puberty (Bullough 2004). Shakespeare’s Juliet was just 13, and there is no hint in the play that this was considered to be exceptional. The situation was similar on the other side of the Atlantic; Bullough reports the case in 1689 of a nine-year-old bride in Virginia. At the start of the nineteenth century in England, it was legal to have sex with a 10 year-old girl.”

    “It needs to be remembered that many Medieval widows were not old, IMPORTANT HEIRESSES were often married between the ages of 5 and 10 and might find themselves widowed while still in their teens.”

    Birthing was tough back then. Early start was essential… especially for the elite:

    Queen Mary was the only child of King Henry VIII by his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, to survive infancy.
    Her mother had many miscarriages….
    Before Mary’s birth, four previous pregnancies had resulted in a stillborn daughter and three short-lived or stillborn sons.

    Musselmen give consent very early.
    Talmud allows at age 3…. which may be the reason for Pharisee-Jew involvement in kiddie porn…. etc.


      1. Pat

        It has taken over 2,000 years for an awakening to occur on this planet, and the rubber is starting to hit the road to “separate the wheat from the chaff”

        The corrupted detritus which has accumulated in all that time will be “sloughed off”

        Bet on it

  • I take issue with Pierce’s contention that _individualism_ is the cause of the high frequency of people who want sex with children. Here is my argument: The most individualistic of all men is Emerson’s “self-reliant Individual,” and this person is the least likely of all men to want sex with a child because his conscience would cry out against this. What we are dealing with in the case of men who want sex with children is a man who has lost contact with his conscience (which is the very opposite of Emerson’s “self-reliant individual”). It is the phenomenon whereby the conscience gets _turned off_ that is the problem. And I see this as being the essence of the Jewish influence. My theory is that a false morality, i.e., a false “ought,” arose with the emergence of civilization in the ancient Near East, and this false morality is the essence of the Jewish mind. There is a lack of contact with the inner voice of conscience that has arisen as a consequence of the Jewish influence, and that is the basic problem, I think.


  1. KB –

    “There is a lack of contact with the inner voice of conscience that has arisen as a consequence of the Jewish influence, and that is the basic problem, I think.”

    We KNOW the basic problem is the TALMUD..!!

    Talmud allows sexual relations at age 3…!!

    Musselmen are just as bad..!!

    Saudi wives can be not only pre-pubescent, but even babies, because Saudi Arabia has no minimum marriage age at all..!!

    For example, this 2008 “Times” article about forced child marriages in Nigeria, reveals that there is “fierce resistance” in its mostly Muslim states to a ban on child marriage, because they see such a ban as contrary to Sharia, which is why only one of them has agreed to a modified form of the ban (which outlaws marriage to pre-pubescent girls):

    So why do Nigerian Islamists support child marriage?

    Sharia is based on “The Koran”, and the “Sunnah” (the words and deeds of Mohammed), and according to Sahih al-Bukhari, who is regarded by Muslims as the most reliable early biographer of their prophet, the founder of Islam married one of his wives, ‘Aisha, when she was 6, and consummated that marriage when she was 9.


  • @ Kendra Blewitt

    Well said.

    “It is the phenomenon whereby the conscience gets _turned off_ that is the problem. And I see this as being the essence of the Jewish influence.”

    Yep, that leaves the door wide open for evil.

  • If one can separate one’s self from the creature comforts that have been acquired through effort or inherited by birthright or granted through kindness/generosity (or in other words a miracle); the conclusion that Planet Earth is Hell (not a metaphor) would be undeniable.


    The Way home or face The Fire


  1. NS –


    Because no matter where ya go…

    …..THERE YOU ARE..!! 🙂


      1. New Song’s comment is utterly brilliant, especially her perception that Planet Earth could be mistaken for Hell. But Pat’s comment is equally brilliant, though in a jokier way. New Song would make a great tragedian, Pat a great comedian.

      2. ‘WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE?’

        I could give you all a long lecture on teleology if I wished and point out the “fallacy” of “assuming” that one is “here” for a purpose . . . but I won’t!

        Was I born for a purpose? Was I put on Earth to take part in a play whose plot is known only to the Great Planner? Am I a fly in the web of the Universal Spider?

        Who is there wise enough here to answer my questions, let alone recognize their depth and significance?

      3. MB –

        “Who is there wise enough here to answer my questions,..?”


        That would be the same person who could answer my question, where I cannot:

        IS the LARGEST large thing larger than….

        ….the SMALLEST small thing is small..?? 🙂

      4. @ Madame Butterfly

        After contemplating the “Why am I here” question over many years, I came to the conclusion that it is a lot more simple than we have been led to believe.

        The Heavenly Father is not a cruel stage director that can be blamed for a miserable existence. He gave us all free will, the ability to chose for ourselves between good/love/power and evil/everything else/deception. It may be as simple as the Heavenly Father wanting us to love him because we want to rather than because we have to just as parents on earth desire that their children love them because they want to. Without choices, want to is not a possibility.

        I could be wrong, but my conclusion is as good as anyone else’s.


  1. Thank you, Homer. I will devote my full attention to this link when I have some time. The rare perfumes of the Orient are like soothing balms to my troubled mind. It’s so nice to have someone like you posting on this site. I hope you will consent to become my guru here? In any case, I now appoint you my spiritual adviser and mentor. 🙂


      1. Madame, that’s nice.
        Guru, (lol), I don’t even measure up to disciple status. I’m lazy, un-disciplined.
        But have no fear, the Karma link will take you to everything you always wanted to know about Oriental aromas and especially, flavors.

  • I always find it difficult to believe that anybody can be so evil, and then I recently read about Brady and Hindley, the British Moors murderers. They killed childen, and I am sure that there are still similar types around.

    The older I get the more I think there should be a death penalty for child and cop killers.




  1. Chicago Tribune July 22,1985 article about a Midwest pornography distributor (I was busy researching something else, then found this). Read further down for “Indictment shakes throne of Midwest porn Queen”. This article shows a much more conservative white America, not happy with this kind of sleaze. Also look further down at “The witless smut aimed at our kids”.

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Bill Bunting SPLC Member, Sodomite and Pedophile Enabler On His Way To Hell With His Adulterating Whore And Mary Ward

Image result for justice for toni anderson

Here ya go “Justice For Toni Anderson” girls! You want to listen to liars…then be my guest and YES…I did feel the presence of Toni when I was spiritually moved to purse Justice for her and that is why I tagged NKCPD in the beginning only to be hated and criticized. And I tagged and bagged NKCPD rogue thug terrorist cop Bill Ficken and what I felt led to share about what happened to Toni Anderson. Yet YOU are going to listen to those who spawn lies about me! Then you can be with them in the realms of eternity because I know for a FACT Toni Anderson is a witness to what has happened and knows the truth about who I am and am NOT!

I may “swear” and get a bit “caustic” with the liars, dirt bags and a particular named “son of perdition” but my God has used me more to put the truth out about those who abducted and murdered (or trafficked) Toni Anderson more then any ONE soul and Toni Anderson is my witness in time and will be against YOU who in the realms of eternity…even YOU who  represent the “liars and murderers”of Toni in what you have said about me!

Image result for father the devil" who was a liar and murderer from the beginning!

Bill Bunting and Mary Ward described to a “T”…say Truth about who they are and listen to about me!

When one exposes criminals…AKA murderers, rapists and pedophiles…by the very nature of identifying those workers of darkness and evil…it is to be expected to be targeted with lies by those who ARE the friends of the murderers, rapists, and pedophiles! And these I name here are but a continuation of many such experiences in my past dealing with the lies of those who spiritually represent their “father the devil” who was a liar and murderer from the beginning!

Displaying 1497411183100-502053723.jpg

Mary Ward on left…gets DRUNK and her boy wanders off and neighbour catches him and calls the cops. Great mother! Say’s she lives in a house full of “mice” and that no one helps her clean while she “hides” in the bedroom! 🙂 Read her “message” I posted from FBook about how “evil” I am AND her email about NKCPD rogue terrorist thug cop Bill Ficken who stopped Toni Anderson as well as almost killed Mary Ward! But that information which was sent to Justice For Toni Anderson “Admin Wimps” they did not share because Ward did not want shared because she needed help from her “family” to fix her car AND who are FRIENDS with NKCPD cops, judges and attorney’s protecting FICKEN! What a sell of Toni Anderson for  “30 pieces of silver” and then my “homo lying stalker” contacts her and she she jumps on the inbred hick Bunting bandwagon 🙂 !

See email below the one from my “xxx” where Ward details her experience with NKCPD thug terrorist Bill Ficken who I OUTED on my blog. Ficken almost killed Mary Ward! He almost killed Michael S. Stewart who Ward refuses to share in a deposition about what Ficken did to her and FICKEN DID STOP, ABDUCT AND MURDER TONI ANDERSON!

Image result for bill bunting

All talk and no “documents” inbred hick Bill Bunting! Spawns lies quicker then he can change channels on his porno stations as a “sex addict” (went to a school for) and states women are good for “orgasms” only as well as stating “Any REAL MAN…can RAPE ANY WOMAN HE WANTS…”

No truer words out of the mouth of a RAPIST…unless he isn’t a “real man” but just a inbred molested boy toy for his “swamp brothers” ! 🙂 I mean feral freak who states that he used a toy to actually SODOMIZE himself on Skype for the viewing pleasure of his “whore” (using his words) is exactly the kind of animated by Satan maggot that Mary Ward needs to connect with to cover her lying ass…no pun intended!

Hiding what Bill Ficken did to her and saying you want Justice For Toni Anderson when it was revealed in MY BLOG that Ficken is THE one involved in her abduction and death proves that Mary Ward could care less about Justice For Toni Anderson!

“Justice For Toni Anderson” Page/Admins can thank Mary Ward and Bill Bunting and Adrian Lang for this blog and this radio program!

The “Below” will be discussed tonight at 8 central on “BoydenReport Blog Talk Radio”. Be sure and tune in or listen on Podcast later.

Plus “email” below from “XXX  Aliester Crowley Owned WIFE” stating how good a man I am at the bottom…no mention of “broken shoulder” etc. Notice she never is on a video 🙂 Just the inbred hick from a confirmed pedophile infested family (membersnamed below) which is why he is a member of the SPLC Sodomite lovers organization who “protects” homosexual PEDOPHILES! 




INTRODUCTION: For all the “Kool-Aid” drinkers of this POS and his new “Harlot”…here is the email address of FBI Agent In Charge in South Dakota Bob Perry.

Image result for fbi robert perry south dakota

Left to right: South Dakota Assistant United States Attorney Kevin Koliner, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robert Perry.

Ask HIM if there are any charges concerning me on ANY Reservation including being “wanted for rape”, “child molestation” on or off Reservation as stated by Bunting, Ward and “others” Contact him PLEASE! 🙂 He knows who I am and am NOT!

Assistant Special Agent in ChargePerry, Robert C. Jr. 




A protest at the front door of this U.S. Attorney’s office! Hand out fliers will NOT do a thing…including at NKC City Council because they are in the know already…complicit in the cover-up even. Just ask Mary Ward and her “family” 🙂 This boy needs to be targeted for a PUBLIC DISPLAY on behalf of Toni! End of story! Then you will get needed National Media which will will then get the Justice Department involved.

Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Larson

Tom Larson U.S. Attorney

Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Larson is the top-ranking federal law enforcement official in the Western District of Missouri, which includes Kansas City, St. Joseph, Columbia, Jefferson City, Springfield and Joplin.

Kansas City Main Phone: (816) 426-3122 or toll free at 1-800-733-6558

Charles Evans Whittaker Courthouse
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Room 5510
400 East 9th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

Image result for HELL PUNISHMENT

And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord cast out before the children of Israel. 1 Kings 14:24 King James Version (KJV)

And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made. 1 Kings 15:12King James Version (KJV)

Image result for Olaf Stüben German pedophile activist

Image result for pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

Image result for diapers sodomites


Image result for bill bunting

“The gay movement did not distance itself from men who acted on their desire for children rather, it took them under its wing. The gay movement helped pedophiles in entirely practical ways.”Bill “William R.” Bunting and “wife” Karen and the pedophile infested SPLC!

This member of a pedophile infested “Southern Swamp” family is a “Proud Member” of the Southern Poverty Law Center! SPLC actually means the Sodomite Pedophile Legalization Center since they actively promote sodomy and sodomites promote pedophilia.

The SPLC bowel movement sex leaders are synagogue of Satan Jews and Aleister Crowley freak fans who are a throwback to the days when Israel was punished by Hashem of this abomination among others.

The Lucifer/Satan Connection

Image result for karen sue andras

‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’  – A Bill and Karen Bunting SPLC “War Cry”! 


“Police in Australia have described as “depraved”  the case of a six-year-old boy who was sexually abused by his adoptive homosexual/SODOMITE “fathers” and other men who were part of an international child-porn syndicate known as the Boy Lovers network. “they made Adam available for sex with other members of the pedophile ring in Australia, France, Germany and the US, for which Newton and Truong had to travel extensively. Police investigators have found proof of at least eight men in these countries having contact with Adam when he was between the ages of two and six.”

These “sodomites” are after the order of William R. Bunting and the SPLC and his new “friend” Mary Ward who together enjoy “slandering me” with LIES on and off the Justice For Toni Anderson page while they both have made sure the truth about North Kansas City Police Department and Bill Ficken’s involvement is not discussed.

Image result for sodomite bill bunting

Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”-Bill “Mr. Explorer Of Every Orifis Rocket Scientist”  Bunting

Bunting is a SPLC protector of sodomites and pedophiles like these two above. He also states that  “ALL REAL MEN” (like him) can rape any woman they want and while that woman is being raped…she should ask for more….like Toni Anderson was raped before murdered as an example! Mary Ward likes Bill Bunting evidently because this is not a problem with her and she must then be in total agreement with him! Ward is friends with the NKCPD cops, judges and lawyers who have covered up what happened to Toni Anderson which is why she has hidden the truth about NKCPD cop Bill Ficken and what he did to her…the same cop who stopped Toni Anderson 2 times…the last never to be seen again.

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Before I share about the “mind” and “spirituality of Bill “William R.” Bunting based upon his SPLC “membership” with his family and his MOTHER who taught her son Bill in “all the ways of God” ! 🙂 It is important to expose the degree of depravity that runs in the veins of Bunting and Karen Sue. Bunting’s mother Jules Bunting did such a good job raising her son that she had to send him to a school for depraved sick pornograhy fixated demon possessed boys where he graduated with “honors”!  where he learned even more about the SPLC “sponsored” lifestyle.

Men who view porn can achieve full arousal within seconds. Because of dopamine reward, sexual images and memories are given priority by the brain because, like hunger and thirst,our sex drive is key to our survival. Like important files on a computer’s hard drive, pornographic images and associated emotions are easily provoked, accessed and opened.

For teens in particular, these images literally soil their brains, corrupt their thought life and pervert their perception of women, dating and love. As a result, guys who use porn extensively may never experience the true beauty of a real girl or the joy of a real romance. They simply settle for porn.

Research reveals that teens and young adults who consume online pornography are more likely to…

  • Begin sexual activity earlier than peers
  • Develop appetite for more graphic and deviant types of pornography
  • Incur persistent emotional problems such as depression, shame and remorse
  • Believe that the most gratifying sexual satisfaction is attainable without love or true affection
  • Believe that being married or having a family are undesirable
  • Develop sexual compulsions and addictive behaviors
  • Believe that deviant sexual practices such as group sex and sadomasochism are common and normal.”

The below quote is a reflection of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting’s heros named Aleister Crowley a murdering raping of children peodophile who in fact appeared to Karen Sue Andras (bunting) and told her “I OWN YOU” and sure enough he does!. Read about “him and her”!

This quote is a spiritual reflection of “Karen and Bill Bunting’s sex life ” 🙂

“Sex with promiscuous monks and sacred whores, from Tibet to Babylon. Necrophiliac sex in cremation grounds. Coprophiliac sex in Sicily. Incestuous sex in India. Vampiric sex in China. The orgasm as sacrifice. The orgasm prolonged. Sex with Goddesses. Psychic transexualism. Sex with disembodied beings. Sexual slavery. Sexual mastery. Sexual trance. Ancient Egyptian anal sex between Set and his nephew Horus. Oral sex. Autoerotic sex. Group sex. Telepathic sex. All kinds of sex sects. Tantric sex. Gnostic sex. Satanic sex. Sex with young virgins. Sex with the elderly. Sex with the wives of other men. Even sex with Jesus.” – Crowley Teachings and Lifestyle.

Image may contain: 1 person, child, outdoor and closeup

Now to the SPLC “Gay/Sodomite/Peodphile” connection to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bunting and their new friend Mary Ward! 🙂 Let’s start with her “Family” which Bunting admires as a member of the SPLC! Her “father in law” as President of the North Kansas City School District hires known sodomites who sodomize boys!


Dr. Terry Ward – President Of North Kansas City School District That Hires Pedophiles, Rapists, and Sodomites Who Abuse Students

Term expires April 2019
4307 N. Holly Court
Kansas City Missouri 64116
Send email

(MSBA Delegate, Audit Committee, City Council Rep-North Kansas City, City Council Rep-Kansas City, Legislative Committee Chair, Telecommunication / Technology Committee, TIF Commission-Gladstone, TIF Commission-Kansas City, TIF Commission-North Kansas City and Strategic Planning)

This is her pedophile enabling “father in law”… the father of her husband Jason.. Dr. Terry Ward who is the President  of the North Kansas City School District which knowingly hires child molesters and sodomites who rape, sodomize and sexually molest students while ignoring the concerns of parents.

Links to stories about NKC pedophile infested school district under the leadership of Dr. Terry Ward…Mary Ward’s father in law 🙂

Former NKC district middle school teacher pleads guilty to sodomy

Former NKC district middle school teacher charged with rape, child molestation

Image result for arizona foster care pedophiles

This is the mindset and “modus operandi” of Bill Buntings “family” three of which are in prison for “interacting” with children…say raping and sodomizing them! Otis Ray Bunting and Steve Bunting are William R’s “kin” and are going to HELL crimes against children. But William/Bill says there is no hell which makes sense when one is owned by Satan land brags about he and his whore who sodomize themselves in front of each other with toys. No wonder Mary Ward likes Bunting!

Here are some “inbred family members” of William R. Bunting’s who sexually abused children ON RECORD!

Unlike me 🙂

Otis Ray Bunting

Steve S Bunting

Picture of an Offender or Predator

WHOOPS…there a BUNTING MOLESTER THERE TOO! Patrick Laird…51. ABUSE OF CHILD, ENG SEX PERFM; F.S. 827.071(2). Kind of like what Bunting’s texts to me graphically described!

Image result for pedophile arizona

Here is one of the pedophile sodomites that Karen and Bill Bunting and his mother and family admires and considers a hero and which the SPLC defends…as a fellow synagogue of Satan Jew sodomite.

Image result for bill bunting schools children pornography georgia

Three Heros of Mr. and Mrs. Butt Plug Bunting and their families as well as the SPLC!

Homosexual serial killers

Homosexuals are more narcissistic and more prone to pedophilia and murder

Image result for pedophile arizona

And you won’t here anything on Buntings You Tube rants about THIS! Why? Because Mr. and his “Left Handed Whore” using his words… have no problem in the least with what happens to children at the hands of murdering raping pedophiles like a Aleister Crowley let alone by those in government!

Read more about Crowley the raping murdering pedophile who “owns” Karen Sue Andras and whoremonger sodomite Bill…

And the SPLC works with the FBI… say Bunting FBI “plant” which makes sense since the FBI is covering up the murder of Toni Anderson and Bunting is helping that effort by targeting me with NKCPD Troll Mary Ward! 🙂

The FBI continues to list SPLC as a partner in the fight against hate crimes on its website.

The SPLC present “President” is run by a hate America Synagogue of Satan Jew named Richard Cohen. Click HERE to read his statement about Militias and “Patriots” or White Christian Gentiles to be more specific !

Lastly THIS EMAIL FROM MY XXX states nothing but GOOD about me…no broken shoulder not one thing Ward or Bunting jacket me with! 🙂


Image result for karen sue andras

NOTE: No “broken shoulder” or any other “homo boy” Bill’s lies! 🙂 Not one and she is never on a YOU TUBE…why? Interesting huh? Nothing here about what I am accused of. In fact she broke the “no contact order” and asked me to marry her and came to Missouri! Her x bf beat her…almost killed her and stole 7K from her whereas I invested close to 15K in finding her a log A FRAME to live in and gave her family $2500 or more to help stay in their home when Norman Shelton lost his job! 🙂 Truth from me…lies from the “son of perdition” Bunting! 🙂

Dearest Richard, I know you said to never write etc. To you ever again and I understand n I truly dont blame you. I was trying not to but I thought maybe I could just one last time Please.

I know there are no words that can change what I have done. I wish n pray n beg God that it could have n that you wouldn’t feel as me as you do but I understand why. I really do now.

I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn’t even truly me at all and I really don’t believe those bad things about you at all.

It was not my heart n mind speaking. I didn’t have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process.

I only want to address my part in all this and words don’t really help I know this.

I am so truly sorry with all my heart n soul. I don’t deserve you. I know I will painfully regret my actions forever. I ask Jesus how could this have happened?

He has shown me in many many ways as to how, why, where n what my part was in all this n why I failed even in the “good intentions” I wanted to walk together on the higher road for your ministy’s sake and our marriage but I failed miseribly.

I still ask God how can this be as I walk through the cemetery and I already know the answer but still I ask again n again.

I thought I had forgiven but the trickster seeped in and stopped the healing for both of us unfortunately. I am not asking for you to forgive me although I wish you could just for your own peace of mind and spirit.

You are a good man and part of the reasons why I left is because I knew I blew it. I tried to Justify some things but no way was that going to work with God and he loves you very much and I shamed you both and I am so very very sorry.

I pray for your life to be so blessed and I was going to wait the day b4 my phone runs out so I wouldnt be tempted to contact you.

But it is Sunday n thought I would today. I think I left some n bags or something got mixed up idk haven’t went through much or care to.

I will give all back n pay you back2. I do know that I have never cheated on you ever and I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

I do pray the best for you because I’m not it I guess/I know. I so wanted to be but failed.

I love you n miss you, my eternal love lost*


Ficken really IS and his company of “domestic terrorist rouge cop” brothers and their violent abusive treatment of women and men in North Kansas City…here is a short incomplete history of his/their tasering men and women. Ficken is a documented whore monger who goes after married women. He bragged about “chocking out a man” that was handcuffed and laughing about it to that man’s wife! He had a affair with a nurse at the North Kansas City Hospital.

  1. Ficken was involved in the violent tasering of a woman named Angela M.Roberts at North Kansas City hospital. She was brutally and forcefully subdued, then put into the back of a NKCPD vehicle by a cop and a hospital security officer vehicle handcuffed and tased at least 6 times until she passed out. After that she remembered nothing. NCKPD was sued and a settlement/agreement was reached.
  2. Ficken was involved in another law suit where he unnecessarily conducted a criminal background check on the husband of a woman with whom he was having an affair. Timothy Gilliam is suing the officer, Gary W. Ficken Jr.; the city of North Kansas City; its police department; and Police Chief Glenn L. Ladd in U.S. District Court in Kansas City.
  3. Ficken is involved in another law suit. The suit alleges three separate counts of excessive force, two counts of failure to protect constitutional rights, and individual counts of wrongful arrest and conspiracy. He was involved in the brutal beating of Michael Stewart the defendant who he also chocked out while Stewart was handcuffed and laughed about it.
  4. Ficken lives up the road from the park and boat ramp (SEE BELOW) where Toni had her “accident”. .
  5. Ficken with a “Brother in Blue” brutally pulled a young woman out of her drivers side window during a “traffic stop” on 10/16/2016 in North Kansas City. She ended up with bruises and cuts all over her body. She was lucky that her mother was listening to this and that the cops knew this otherwise she might have ended up like Toni.  She was charged with bogus charges of course.
  6. Other women have messaged me about this “666 Beast” and his “brothers” and how he abused them physically and verbally and I am sure…there are more.
  7. NKCP cops sexually harass as “sexual predators” nurses at North Kansas City Hospital.

Apr 12

Sorry, this is about to be a long message. But, it’s been on my mind constantly, so I think I should share.

Back in 2012, when my husband and I started dating, he owned a house in NKC close to Macken Park. At that time, my youngest son was 3 years old. One Sunday, a friend of ours had come over. Not even a minute after she walked in the door, we noticed the front door was open. We were having issues with the door not closing all the way before, so we had been extra careful about watching It. My son had walked out the door, down 3 steps down the sidewalk literally like 20 feet and was right in front of his neighbors house. The man that lives in that house is a politician. I only knew that because it was around election time, and he had signs all over his yard. He was running for representative. So, I walk out the door, see my son, the man was hanging up his cell phone when I was walking down the stairs. I said something to my son about waiting for me before he comes outside, and say sorry to the neighbors. I start to pick my son up, and the man grabs my son and tells me “you need to wait the police are on their way,” and refused me to take my son. OK, anyone that knows me knows I’m an easy going person. But, mess with my kids or try to question me as a mother, hits the automatic mama bear switch. So, I’m about to punch the dude cause he won’t let me pick my son up! Then, here comes a police around the corner. Literally less than 2 mins from when he hung up his phone. So, Mr officer gets out, dude HANDS my son to the officer, and walks away. Officer of course asks what’s going on, so I tell him. Then point out how I’m literally right next door to my husband’s house. The officer tho, is being an ass. Making comments about “a good mom knows where their kids are constantly.” I had alcohol on my breath cause it was football Sunday. But, had only had not even a full beer yet, just started drinking it. So he makes a comment about alcohol on my breath, pretty much implying I’m an unfit mom without giving me a chance to say anything. Understandably, I get upset.

THEN the officer tells me “I could call family services and arrest you for child neglect. He then follows me into my husband’s house, sees my husband and instant attitude change. “Oh, Mr. Ward! I didn’t know this was your house.” Makes some small talk with my husband, then just cleavearly not saying anything more to me. So, whatever, forget about it and go on with our day.

Fast forward about 2-3 months. It was the weekend, my husband and I were drunk, got into an argument. Side note, I still had my own apartment, but I was pretty much living in my future husbands house. Anyway, my current boyfriend told me to leave. But, I wasn’t taking him serious, we were just arguing. I told him I needed to take a nap, then I would leave. Went to bed, fell asleep.

Next thing u know, I have 2 officers, one of the coincidentally being Ficken, waking me up saying my bf wanted me to leave so I needed to get up and leave. Another side note, the law is that if someone stays even 1 night in someone’s home and have personal items of theirs in the home, they have established residency. I even had my kids personal items in the house. So, I tell the officer’s we are just arguing and I would leave after I took a nap and called for a ride. They told me “the homeowner wants u to leave NOW, so are you going to leave?” Now, I’m irritated and mention I have been living there so he would have to go thru the court in an eviction process. I once again said, “but I will leave after a nap and finding a ride. They STILL would not leave me alone. At this point, I sit up, grab my phone and tell them I’m calling my lawyer.

Within a second, my phone was hitting the wall across the room and I was pulled up thrown around and handcuffs on. They told me I was being arrested for trespassing. Then they physically push me out of the house, pushing me into the back of a police car to take me to jail.

At this point, I had a serious emotional breakdown, crying so hard and panic attack like I EVER had experienced before and I could not breathe. Like my face was going numb, my hands and feet were tingling and cramped up. All signs of not enough oxygen getting to my brain. I’m not nor have ever been a criminal or been in a jail.

The 2 minute that felt more like an hour drive to the police station, I was telling Ficken that I can’t breathe, feel sick, going to pass out, PLEASE JUST OPEN MY WINDOW EVEN AN INCH so I can get some air. He TOTALLY is ignoring me, no acknowledgement I was even in the car, which intensifies the panic attack.

By the time we get to the police station and he opens the door to get me out, I can’t walk. Legs are jello, and I start to black out. He just let’s me collapse on the ground. I hear him saying something to someone about needing help cause he has “a crazy drama queen. And the butch is acting like she can’t walk.” I somehow get into the police station on a bench waiting while they book me in, but of course taking their time. I lay over on the bench and immediately get yelled at to “Sit back up!” I said “I’m sorry sir. I’m really not trying to be hard to handle, I really just don’t feel good.” I mention I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and take medication for it. My medicine is in my purse, my name is on the prescription bottle, can I please just have one?

They looked at each other and just laughed.

I finally make it to Clay County jail, I was so happy to be out of NKC.

I get out the next day, and between then and my court date a few months later, my husband and I decide it was stupid and he isn’t going to pursue anything. He is going to tell the judge he wants to dismiss it.

Later, I will thank my lucky stars that we had worked it out. Court day comes, my husband’s mom comes with him.

Now, I already know his parents know a lot of people because they are very involved in the community. His mom is one of the president’s for the Harvest Ball.

So, I’m never surprised when I see strangers always knowing them every where we go. But, this was odd. Court starts, the judge, Steve Fuller starts calling names off the docket.

While the first person had already been called up and was in the middle of stating their case, Judge Fuller seems to notice where my then bf and his mom were sitting. He calls the bailiff over and everyone can hear him tell the bailiff, “Mr. Ward is right over there. Go ask him why.” I watched the bailiff walk over to Jason and ask him why he is there and hear Jason say he was there as a plaintiff and points at me making a comment about it’s with me. Bailiff goes and tells Judge Fuller. The judge then totally stops the person and tell them he’s going to call them back up in a while. He has that person sit down then calls my case. We get up in front of the judge and he asks Jason what’s going on as he opens the file to look at it. Jason tells them what happened but he doesn’t want to pursue the charges. The judge asks him if he wants the case dismissed, Jason says yes. So, at that point, heiunsuredly says to have a seat, whispers something to the bailiff. But instead of calling the other person back up or moving on, everything just stops.

A few minutes later, Judge Fuller says to his mom, “Mrs. Ward, will you come up here for a minute?” She goes up there and everyone hears him say hello, how are you doing? And how is Mr. Ward doing? Is he still on the school board? Haven’t seen you guys since so and so had that party for… Then, he cuts off the microphone, motions for Jason’s Mom to come closer, and for almost 5 mins have huddled conversation. The bailiff comes back in and whispers something to the Judge. He tells his mom she can go sit back down, it was nice chatting with her, tell Mr. Ward he says hello..etc. He then calls Jason and I back up.

He asks Jason like 3 times if he was sure he wanted it dismissed, Jason says yes every time. Then he looks over at me and tells me he “was fully ready to trial me that day, but guess it’s ur lucky day. He never let’s a person dismiss a case in court but he was going to let it happen THIS time. Hope it learned a lesson, and he doesn’t want to see me in there again.” I never had a chance to utter even 1 word.

Life went on, it was just thrown to the back of my brain, just forget it… And so on. But since Toni’s car was found, the memory has been popping up more and more. Then hearing more information triggers more thinking.

ANYway, that long story is to get to the point, it DOES matter who you are, women don’t matter, after all, we are “just crazy bitches, drama queens.”

Multiple officers saw me during my panic attack and even when I asked for medical attention, they refused and laughed at me.

There’s a reason Toni’s case attracted my attention. Ask anybody my friends, I don’t watch the news, read it, or even acknowledge it. Usually if I hear from someone about something thats happened, my attitude is “it’s not me that’s going through it.” That keeps it just a “story”, not my business.

I truly feel it attracted my attention because of what I personally experienced. I think the straw that 100% convinced me something is definitely wrong, it for sure was not an “accident,” was just the other day when I saw the pic of Ficken and heard he was involved.

It was seriously bells going off, the immediate feeling that something bad did happen to Toni.

I can honestly say that I know 100% that Toni was killed.

Mary Ward
Sorry, it was 2011, not 2012
Anyway, I forgot a big point.

Come to find out, Jason’s parents to school with Judge Fuller from elementary school thru college

Justice for Toni Anderson
Wow, thank you for sharing your story Mary! That is horrible that they treated you that way!

We had another woman message us and tell us that she went to school with Ficken and he was really creepy back then. I am starting to wonder if he was the one that murdered her.

Mary Ward
Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if not purposely,

I feel he knows something about it.

And after my experience and reading his past record on Richard’s blog, I can totally see something like that happening.

Justice for Toni Anderson
Did you ever report him for how he treated you? Anxiety is a major issue and can cause serious damage to someone.

Mary Ward
Right, it was horrid. I NEVER had an anxiety attack so bad.

I seriously should have been sent to the hospital the moment I collapsed getting out of the car. I needed to be put on oxygen and given medicine thru an IV.

I am a CNA, and they also knew that so they shouldn’t have questioned me.

When I got up to the Clay County jail. I still wasn’t feeling well, but not as bad as earlier. They have buttons in the cells u push if u need assistance for any reason.

So, I pushed the button and told them I think I needed medical help. A deputy came in, and granted she was nice. But I was telling her about what happened in NKC and the way I was treated.

I told her I had requested medical help then, told her how I was treated like a “drama queen”, and that I have no criminal background so it was my first time in jail. She asked me why I was there, then told her about the so called “trespassing”.

She thought the trespassing charge was a joke, but about my anxiety attack, she said,”well, you know anxiety is all in our heads. It’s something WE create.

So, you just need to calm your thoughts and a nurse will be talking to you in a bit.” That’s part of an intake is u have to be seen by a nurse when u are booked into jail. She left making me feel more stupid cause “I was supposed to be able to control my emotions.” Anyway, about 3 other inmates came in after she left asking if I was OK. And they sat with me and told me jokes and stories to help me feel better. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would have happened. Cause at this point, I still couldn’t have my anxiety medicine. About 2-3 hours later, I finally got called out to see the nurse. I went thru the whole story with her too. I then asked if I could have my medicine. She told me that a doctor has to OK prescriptions before they can give them out, so since it was late, I wouldn’t be able to get my medicine at least til the next day.

Thankfully, I was released the next afternoon. I also take a thyroid supplement which is very much needed because they had to take my thyroid out in 2001. That is where my anxiety issues had stemmed from, when I was sick with my thyroid issues.

Anyway, the next morning when they were passing out meds, I got into line and when I got up there, the nurse said “I don’t have anything for you.” I said I should have my thyroid pill and my anxiety pill. She said the doctor hadn’t ok’ed anything for me yet.

I had mentioned the story to a lawyer when I was calling some to see if I needed representation when I went to court. 2 of the lawyers said it would be hard to prove in court because it was my word against theirs and I had been drinking.

Mary Ward
I have seen that the majority of people don’t take anxiety as serious as it is. Because of that, ppl that truly suffer from it get made to feel they are crazy. For example, about 5 months ago, my anxiety starting acting up big time.

My husband still had not truly understand it. Anyway, ended up my son had to call an ambulance.

I currently live in Gladstone, so when the paramedics came, of course the police came. It made my anxiety worse when they walked in the door due to my previous experience and what my husband was saying.

But, the police looked at me, took my husband out in the hallway, the paramedic said first thing, “I deal with anxiety so just know that I know. You are not crazy.”

That was so awesome! Had a ride to the hospital in an ambulance but by the time I got to the hospital, my attack was pretty much finished, thanks to this wonderful EMT.

Ended up the officer’s had a nice “chat” with my husband. So much that when he got up to the hospital he went to talk to my doctor and the doctor educated him on true anxiety and also told him that it’s treated like something in our heads that we can just turn on, turn off. So, at least now ppl are starting to get educated about it.

But, I feel my experience with NKC was purpose torment, and they truly got a laugh out of me. And I feel it’s not just me that have had experiences like that. From the issue with my son getting out the front door to when I got arrested.

They don’t care about u unless u r someone important, that they know. And women are definitely a nothing to them. How can they call a sick woman a bitch and a drama queen??

The judge told me he was ready to trial me THAT without even knowing what my defense would be, why?

Just because he knows my husband’s family?? Now, the 2 lawyers that I told my story to that said I wouldn’t have a case, are on Judge Fuller’s facebook.. Hold on

Mary Ward
This is his facebook. Note Matthew Rose and David Wells, both lawyers.

Justice for Toni Anderson
Wow !!!
Truly makes me ill. Thoughts and prayers to you hun. We are always here


Related image

Upcoming Radio Interview With “Real Indian” Emerson Elk Oglala Lakota Elder and Headman

Image result for emerson elk oglala lakota


  1. Sunday Night June 11, 2017 at 8pm Central Time Call ALL Native Americans PRAIRIE NIGGERS (except the “Cherokee) as Bill Bunting does is going to be addressed by Full Blood Headman Emerson Elk in a “historical context” of how and what White racist raping pedophiles which Bunting represents did to his Oyate… PEOPLE. Using the individual examples like Bunting to the collective such as the Government, churches, military, Black “raping murdering of Native women and girls” Buffalo Soldiers (Posterity of Adrian Lang 🙂 ) among others. A rapist was given the DEATH SENTENCE
  2. We are going to discuss what a REAL INDIAN is… a “Federal Fraud Indian”, “Indian Citizenship” and any and all things related to “Indian Country”. I will share information about the DOCUMENTED FBI sponsored controlled and allowed for drug cartels to be embedded on Reservations distributing drugs such as meth and heroin and the destructive affect of the black culture on Native Youth!And of course discussing Bill the RAPE PROMOTER Bunting and his “WhoreWife” Karen Sue Bunting/Karen Sue Andras/Karen Sue Shelton/Karen Elkins 🙂 state that ALL  said all Lakota/American Indian Women DESERVE to be RAPED by Whites and Blacks etc. They together represent the filthy spirits of pedophilia and sodomy that Indian Country was exposed to by Europeans upon arrival.
  3. So rape will be addressed by Elk as he did in this interview. and Pedophilia was a White and Black man (Buffalo Soldiers) thing that Native People suffered when they were exposed to the same. And that among the Lakota/Dakota if one raped a woman…that was a DEATH SENTENCE. Learn what rape does to a woman from a Lakota spiritual understanding.

    Listen and learn the truth about Operation Morning Star…the charity I founded and used to feed the Lakota Dakota people on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne and Crow Creek Reservations for close to 20 years and about the assistance program of helping those in need who live in the poorest conditions in this country and WHY!


Read what Emerson Elk has shared before. Consider this a short “History Lesson” that destroys U.S. Government LIES attached to the GENOCIDAL “Manifest Destiny” history of this Satan owned using Free Mason’s Government…say Lucifer Is God Worshippers! This will help one understand what a “Real Indian” IS and a “U.S. Government Fraudulent Created Indian” is and that connection to the “Treaties”.

Email to me… for your educational edification using a recent example of Treaty Violation Pipeline fiasco.

“Hau mikolapi, we attended the public meeting that was labeled a treaty meeting and it was very sad.

The 1934 IRA  tribal people thought they were sovereign and were a nation.a lot of people thought they could start a treaty I’d card and once it’s established, they’ll use it to start defending their treaty right. I had to explain to them that they will be in violation of the federal law that is on the book ,conspiracy to commit fraud by trafficking in ID documents. It took awhile but they understood.
A half-breed male was very pushy about sovereignty.him and several others were all for the I’d cards but once I explained the federal Indian and the end of the trail for the federal Indian by fundamental public policy, they were very upset and wanted to pick a fight with whoever brought this out.(me)
I stood my grounds and let it be known  that we look at these issues since the hereditary chief and head men chose me to sit with them since 2007. Since then it’s been a 24-7 examination of all laws and to whom it applies.ALL CORPORATIONS Of THE CORPORATION USA, FEDERAL,STATES,TRIBES,COUNTY, COUNTY-TRIBES,MUNICIPALITIES.
This was explained to them in a way they would understand. Yet they keep falling back on federal and state laws. I had to try to explain how we (hehaka tiospaye) went through the administrative remedy to prove that we are full blood Lakota by patralineal descent and matralineal descent.Tthis is what it takes to be Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and Wajaje of the original seven council fires nation AKA The Great Sioux Nation.
The visitors or white people understood me, clapped their hands and whooped it up in approval.they seen and understood diplomatic class standing. Tribal chair men Dave Archambeault and Frazier were in awe. I I told them that they can never represent me in any treaty matters and that they don’t have any treaty rights as they are the federal government, with their federal constitution and laws, tribal.
They are a Corporation of the federal government. As a matter of fact there is a treaty between us. And you are in violation of your own law,and tt’s called the Logan act. You can not enter a sacred agreement between two sovereign nations. You are a corporation of the federal government in originality and federal government is not a sovereign nation and can never make a treaty within itself. Federal government is an ideology.
All 1934 IRA tribes were bestowed quasi-sovereign. This is a social contract to educate, assimilate and terminate the FEDERAL INDIAN. This happened two years ago with termination of federal services and funding. By executive order of the president of USA Obama, the borders of the reservation were lifted and the tribal citizens were given their human rights subjecting them to UCC, TAXATION and eminent domain and becoming citizens of the state which is nobody, nothing, just another person, which goes to WHITE residents and tenants of the state.
How are you going to pay your tax?? They were dumb founded. I asked Dave Archambeault “When you went to Washington, what did they tell you? Federal funding is over,correct??” And he nodded, yes.
Now about the multi racial roll. You are labelled as an off spring of the pedophiles, squaw men, calvary and clergy. Look at the history of the Ft.Laramie army post. There was mentioned the mountain men that were trapping and some followed the cavalry providing goods and services.l Like Cuny and Ecoffey trading company…this offspring sitting right here in front of me.( cuny dog was sitting in front of me -he’s the head security at dapl.) He couldn’t say anything, all red in the face. He is not Lakota, can never be Lakota. He doesn’t have the pure red man blood. Name says it all.
99% of these Sioux nation tribes are in this situation. That’s why the state governors are doing what they are doing. Federal Indian is not a real flesh and blood being. created and innovated, federally recognized.(legal fiction??)
These can not represent the full blood Lakota. Fraudulent conversion and conveyance.Fraud vitiates any thing it touches. Fraud when mentioned has to be examined and convicted or exonerated. Federal Indian can never claim sovereign statues as it only exists on paper as name and number.
They were upset but I reminded them about WHO made these laws. Logan act violations, Senate can not invade. Congress itself is powerless to intrude into a treaty.
Only the President can make a treaty,f or his conduct, he’s responsible to the organic US constitution.
The IRA tribes do not have any treaty rights. It was a sad meeting. Basically,I was a teacher. All flunked the test. Crow dog was there but he was all AIM, for unity and every one is Lakota in his eyes. I had to explain the multi racial rolls and how it is affecting each and every single tribal members individually. They have to prove that they are who they say they are or they have committed a crime on the record.
I talked about indigenous identity theft and oceti sakowin identity theft . Treaties, all reserved silent treaty rights, which includes water and how the federal government has changed the winters doctrine and made changes to it that specifies the quantification of water.
Use it or lose it. Went to how much you use in 1 day , 1 week,1month and 1 year and since you are unable to store this amount, you lost it it went down the river and now you are using some one else’s water and the federal government will charge you for pro rata tax. Use it or lose it policy.
This does not apply in the 1868 Ft. Laramie treaty. Treaty Indian property does not apply to artificial Indians.
On may 20,2016 President Obama signed into law Hr4238 which stipulated that there will be no more oriental, ‘negro’, or Indian, scrubbed from all federal laws.  Which left all tribal membership as non Indians.  What will happen to all Indian property?? Indian appropriations, tribal land, casinos, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and Wajaje of the original seven council fires nation aka the great Sioux nation.
This week Fri. Sat. and Sunday there’s more  meeting scheduled concerning the delegates that will be chosen to meet President Obama in Chicago in two and a half weeks.
Again I have to reiterate that only the original hereditary chief and head men of the original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation are the only one to make demands and the President has to enforce those decisions.decisions made are non negotiable.
No dapl, no keystone xl pipelines. Removal of all illegal corporations from treaty territories. Return land and water in pristine condition and to pay us for all back rent, payable on demand. Lawsuit to be initiated for illegal investors of the pipelines, investment in a criminal enterprises, violation of treaty, therefore subject to confiscation for treaty violation of illegal easements and right of way. Once treaty legality established, confiscation of all investments will be under eminent domain of original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation.
Lakota is real flesh and blood intrinsic being. Original blood.
So keep praying for us and there is danger even among the people in the meeting. There is no real  security for us chief and head men but it has to be done.
Also subject matter; jurisdiction and sovereignty must be proven to exist. It can not be assumed.
Therefore the sacred Black hills are not for sale. They belong to the creator of the universe and original nations people are chosen caretakers.
Federal government has no legal and lawful jurisdiction over it. Thiefdom!! Seignorage, it  does not belong to them. Fraudulent conversion and conveyance. Fraud vitiates any thing it touches.
 “Hau kola Richard ,
I wanted to make a correction on this story. the part where I was quoted as saying sept. 29 ,2009 these tribal citizens became Lakota is wrong , the Patrilineal blood of the original Lakota ,Dakota,nakota and wajaje of the original oceti sakowin is what is sacred . on the cobell lawsuit it is mentioned in the historical accounting , 1887 to sept.29,2009 , the social contract , 1934 ,Indian Reorganization Act ,was to run for 50 yrs. from 1934 to 1984 , 1984 came but the majority of these tribes were not ready so a 25 year extension was given , 2009 ??  the cobell lawsuit mentions specifically sept. 29,2009. and the administration accounting took away the indian preference for 1000.00 and then the persons other than 4/4 C.D.I.B. became U.S, citizens , non indian status , 1849 Lake Peppin Sioux Halfbreed Tract , Presidential Proclamation , If your Daddy is a White man ,you are a U.S.Ciitizen , you are not indian ,and you can not own indian land , and then comes the affordable care act , to take away the full blood , half breed and the mix bloods ,to make them into one , termination of federal supervision, ending the Indian Health Service Hospital taxation , why did the white house council of native American affairs set up a committee to tax the Indians ??these artificial federal Indians become state citizens by the U.N. declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples , on may 1&2 , 2012 , the U.N. Human Rights Commission came to Rosebud ,sinte gleska university ,prof James Anaya gave them their human rights , I went  with jerilyn and we told the we already have god given rights ,we don’t need their false rights. served them with a special appearance in the cobell lawsuit. today , these tribal citizens turned state citizens are in the dark , they don’t understand what happened to them , no longer federally recognized , they are tax payers ,subject to U.C.C. law , taxation ,eminent domain ??  tok’sa ake’ Emerson

300,000 Views On Toni Anderson Abduction and Murder By NKCPD Rouge Cop Bill Ficken

Toni Anderson and this BLOG

Just thought I remind my readers that MY GOD inspired me to tag the North Kansas City Cops and the “ONE” in particular named Bill Ficken who stopped Toni Anderson and I believe murdered with his other brothers in blue. Say OVER 300,000 VIEWS!

You can bet I took lots of crap from the “nay sayers” from the beginning.  All you have to do is read the comments on this blog! 🙂 Lots of “cops” not to mention “operatives” and friends of those who are GUILTY!

Speaking of “operatives”…some of you might have noticed that I have a “bowel movement sex” freak named Bill Bunting who literally has to wear a diaper given his sick sex fetish for sodomizing himself with a “toy” in front of his so called “wife” Karen Sue Bunting. Yep…you read right! Just quoting from his text’s to me! His family has convicted sexual molesters of children.

His personal history as a lifetime member of the Southern Poverty Law Center which is “sodomite and pedophile” infested in it’s leadership, has been used by the FBI to “track and harass ” folks like me and discredit them and their work because of their work. Bunting works for them.

For me…my past includes exposing rapists, pedophiles and murderer with my focus on women, children. One organization I outed is the American Indian Movement who Bunting “protects” as a FBI operative by targeting folks like me while publicly he extols AIM. AIM was founded and funded by the U.S. Government to do what they did.

There are 12 bodies of those they murdered at Wounded Knee in 1973 still buried there with FBI both knowing and hiding this truth. They had a hired agent named Doug Durham working in AIM at Wounded Knee when these men and women were murdered. He was the “Chief Security Officer” at Wounded Knee for AIM.

Image result for aimsters guilty murder wounded knee

The FBI worked with AIM to murder Annie Mae Aquash. Before being shot in the head while praying…this innocent mother of two was gang raped. Bill Bunting said she “deserved” to be raped and murdered!  Aquash had become of the corruption within AIM…went to her so called “trusted friend” and Chairman of AIM John Trudell sharing this information. Right after she walked out of his door he made the call and said “This bitch knows to much…and has to go”!

One last “work” I wanted to share is this story I covered when on radio and now on my blog. I was one of the first to expose the FBI’s working with drug cartels in Montana bringing drugs into the United States from Canada through the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Reservation into the United States. The rogue domestic terrorist FBI “Agent In Charge” of that operation was Terry Nelson who worked with fellow agents with he watchful and approving eye of the DOJ and Bill Clinton. I interviewed on my radio program Mellisa Buckles from that reservation. Both Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh did nothing…of course!  Freeh almost died in a car wreck…to bad he didn’t so that he would if been drop shipped into hell earlier.

Image result for bill bunting

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be be

Now Bunting along with a Mary Ward…who are being paid and used by the FBI and NKCPD attorneys to make sure MY GOD LED work exposing the truth about what happened to Toni Anderson is snuffed using slanderous unsubstantiated LIES about me because they have no interest in the justice of any woman…just read Bunting’s latest videos which Ward “seconds” and then say “TONI ANDERSON!”

Bunting and Ward are working in tandem to jacket me with lies on the Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page AND making sure the followers of do NOT initiate and set up a most needed protest at either the U.S. Attorney’s Office in KCMO or outside the NKC City Counsel building and/or NKCPD headquarters.  Why? Because that is their “job description”!

Unless there are protests that will attract NATIONAL ATTENTION…Toni Anderson will never get justice and that is exactly what Bill Bunting the “rapist/FED” and Mary Ward don’t want!

End of story!

My Message To Justice For Toni Anderson Followers

Listen live today at 11 am central time…or as a podcast later 🙂

Ya ready? 🙂

Now read the letter of my xxx wife sent me…you know…the one I broke the shoulder of etc… ENJOY BUTT PLUG because her love for me she will NEVER have for you…among “other things”! 🙂 HAHAHA

Link to all my documents…Bunting has NONE! 🙂 Right Mary? 🙂

I would like everyone including Butt Plug sodomite William to read this email from the wife I “beat” and “abused” 🙂

Image result for karen sue andras

Karen Andras's profile photo

Dearest Richard, I know you said to never write etc. To you ever again and I understand n I truly dont blame you. I was trying not to but I thought maybe I could just one last time Please.

I know there are no words that can change what I have done. I wish n pray n beg God that it could have n that you wouldn’t feel as me as you do but I understand why. I really do now.

I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn’t even truly me at all and I really don’t believe those bad things about you at all.

It was not my heart n mind speaking. I didn’t have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process.

I only want to address my part in all this and words don’t really help I know this.

I am so truly sorry with all my heart n soul. I don’t deserve you. I know I will painfully regret my actions forever. I ask Jesus how could this have happened?

He has shown me in many many ways as to how, why, where n what my part was in all this n why I failed even in the “good intentions” I wanted to walk together on the higher road for your ministy’s sake and our marriage but I failed miseribly.

I still ask God how can this be as I walk through the cemetery and I already know the answer but still I ask again n again.

I thought I had forgiven but the trickster seeped in and stopped the healing for both of us unfortunately. I am not asking for you to forgive me although I wish you could just for your own peace of mind and spirit.

You are a good man and part of the reasons why I left is because I knew I blew it. I tried to Justify some things but no way was that going to work with God and he loves you very much and I shamed you both and I am so very very sorry.

I pray for your life to be so blessed and I was going to wait the day b4 my phone runs out so I wouldnt be tempted to contact you.

But it is Sunday n thought I would today. I think I left some n bags or something got mixed up idk haven’t went through much or care to.

I will give all back n pay you back2. I do know that I have never cheated on you ever and I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

I do pray the best for you because I’m not it I guess/I know.

I so wanted to be but failed.

I love you n miss you, my eternal love lost*


These Are Those Want Abduction And Murder Of Toni Anderson Covered Up And Why!

July 15 Update!

Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.

The something is DRUGS! Big time!


Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person

Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!

Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s buddy orchestrated what happened to Toni.

She was NOT drunk or high on cocaine. She was DRUGGED either at Chrome or by May/Hopkins. May is documented to be there at the QT in his RED CADILLAC, So are at least 3 NKCP SUV’s and not by coincidence! They ALL were there to make sure Toni was no longer a liability to their “network”…Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and especially FBI boy Major Kevin Freeman who was a major player in all of this and they all knew May and worked with him to deal with Toni Anderson.

Alonzo Washington/KC Crime Fighter knows this. KCPD cops know this. The FBI knows this. Comey knew this. This is why Forte “retired”…he knew this too as well as former FBI Special Agent in Charge in KC..Eric Jackson. THEY ALL KNEW THIS.

Rusty May somehow screwed up. He was told to “take care of YOUR problem” by his bosses and with the help of his “drug buddies” in the NKCPD…”they did”! Cash from one side of the Missouri River to the other to all the right “pockets” equals a cover-up of the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson.

Don’t worry folks…The Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page is working hard to protect May and NKCPD because the “admins” including Alissa Cordova know about May as does Mary Ward because it is HER FAMILY that is the NKCPD drug dealers and the ones guilty with May…including ALL THE ATTORNEY’S I HAVE NAMED!

End of story. No more needs to be said except THIS. Toni Anderson will ONLY get Justice when each of those involved in what happened to her and those protecting them meet God upon their DEATH and He then drop ships them into HELL!

Related image

FOREWORD: Reference links to the Butt Plug Boy !

Radio Program ! 🙂

Image result for bill bunting

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- Bill   Bunting and friend of Mary Ward

And as Mary Ward’s “porno/rape promoter friend” texted me and said that…



“Wow…never had skype sex in the morning with Karen ….nothing like watching a fres spirited open sexual lady enjoy her toys from the store….that was satisfying….this sodomy/dark sex thing is very deep and mutual  as we explore every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…” 

Image may contain: 1 person, child, outdoor and closeup

Link to all my documents…Bunting has NONE! 🙂 Right Mary? 🙂

I would like everyone including Butt Plug sodomite William to read this email from the wife I “beat” and “abused” 🙂

Image result for karen sue andras

Dearest Richard, I know you said to never write etc. To you ever again and I understand n I truly dont blame you. I was trying not to but I thought maybe I could just one last time Please.

I know there are no words that can change what I have done. I wish n pray n beg God that it could have n that you wouldn’t feel as me as you do but I understand why. I really do now.

I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn’t even truly me at all and I really don’t believe those bad things about you at all.

It was not my heart n mind speaking. I didn’t have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process.

I only want to address my part in all this and words don’t really help I know this.

I am so truly sorry with all my heart n soul. I don’t deserve you. I know I will painfully regret my actions forever. I ask Jesus how could this have happened?

He has shown me in many many ways as to how, why, where n what my part was in all this n why I failed even in the “good intentions” I wanted to walk together on the higher road for your ministy’s sake and our marriage but I failed miseribly.

I still ask God how can this be as I walk through the cemetery and I already know the answer but still I ask again n again.

I thought I had forgiven but the trickster seeped in and stopped the healing for both of us unfortunately. I am not asking for you to forgive me although I wish you could just for your own peace of mind and spirit.

You are a good man and part of the reasons why I left is because I knew I blew it. I tried to Justify some things but no way was that going to work with God and he loves you very much and I shamed you both and I am so very very sorry.

I pray for your life to be so blessed and I was going to wait the day b4 my phone runs out so I wouldnt be tempted to contact you.

But it is Sunday n thought I would today. I think I left some n bags or something got mixed up idk haven’t went through much or care to.

I will give all back n pay you back2. I do know that I have never cheated on you ever and I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

I do pray the best for you because I’m not it I guess/I know.

I so wanted to be but failed.

I love you n miss you, my eternal love lost*

Love connecting the dots to those who attempt to fabricate their “honest, just and loving” appearance of being who they are NOT while they go out of their way for YEARS to jacket me with lies because they are directly connected to the REAL murderers, rapists, and pedophiles of innocent humans beings who I have exposed time and again with Toni Anderson’s story being the latest example! 🙂

So when you read this…understand and know why I am targeted by a pedophile infested family member who is a documented sadomasochistic sexual pervert drug user who’s spiritual DNA naturally justifies and sanctions the rape and murder of a Toni Anderson. His name is William R. Bunting…a flaming bowel movement sex freak who graduated with honors from a school in Georgia that specialized in porno fixated demon possessed dirt bags like Bunting.

Image result for bill ficken thug

Image result for Officer Christopher Kimmel

Patrick Romine

Image result for kevin freeman nkcpd

Major Kevin Freeman

To assist Bunting in the cover-up of the rape and murder of Anderson by North Kansas City rouge cops Bill Ficken, Christopher Kimmel, Patrick Romine and Kevin Freeman, he now has the devoted assistance of Mary Ward and a white/black man named Adrian Lang (among others). These are active on the Justice For Toni Anderson page slandering me while ignoring those named and seen stopping Toni Anderson (and the 2d time) and who ended up dead at their hands. Get it yet?

Notice that the most national and international case of a covered up disappearance story  of a young woman was that of Toni Anderson. My story on Anderson was the most read blog in the country! Close to 300,000 views over 4 weeks and when I tagged NKCPD before anyone else…the crap hit the fan. More so when I named Bill Ficken until that is…he came out of the pits of hell and was identified but not named…interesting huh? Get it yet and why Bunting and Ward and others have “targeted me” with crap?

Every crime committed below was by BILL BUNTING’S HERO’S AND FRIENDS who were guilty of rape, murder and sexual molesting of children! Say the American Indian Movement and which


Image result for perry ray robinson murdered by aim


Related image

So lets start with this REAL Black man (which leaves Adrian Lang out of the picture) named Perry Ray Robinson Jr. . Robinson was called a “nigger” by Dennis Banks (pedophile) and shot dead at the Wounded Knee Siege in 1973 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Bunting’s hero’s are those named as “leaders” in the American Indian Movement or AIM.  Read the story about Bunting’s hero’s who murdered this Black man and realize it was yours truly who exposed these murderers and why Bunting and others started jacketing me with LIES!

Image result for satanist bellecourt

Image result for Death Threat from John Trudell


Image result for john trudell annie mae

Image result for john trudell annie mae


Image result for satanist bellecourt


Image result for leonard peltier why



Image result for annie mae aquash

Image result for annie mae aquash

Image result for annie mae aquash

Image result for john trudell annie mae

Anna Mae Aquash (rip) and her husband Nogeeshik Aquash (rip) married at Wounded Knee. Trudell and AIM murdered Nogeeshik…burnt him to death!

Image result for thunder heart trudell lie

Trudell covered up the murder of Annie Mae in the movie “Thunder Heart”


Image result for annie mae aquash


Related image

Jew Bruce Ellison helped set up Annie Mae Aqaush to be raped and murdered


Image result for Death Threat from John Trudell


Related image

Trudell’s family died in a fire…say KARMA for murdering innocents!

Image result for Death Threat from John Trudell

Image result for john trudell annie mae

Trudell is dead and in HELL…say Karma Kancer!

After I was arrested…wife could not testify…and she MARRIED ME AFTER this. IF I was so dangerous too..right ? 🙂 Her x boyfriend almost killed her. She was not home. I knocked cops came arrested and has gun like I DO NOW but in Ohio…NAZI STATE! Went to jail…released…never any charges before or after THIS about ANYTHING 🙂 Love catching a punk ass bitch boy in a LIE! 🙂


No charges about anything on me including reservations stuff …NOTHING !

Facebook Messages From Mary Ward Exposing Her Lies And How Disrespectful I Was

PREFACE: Please read the below what is word for word from Facebook Messenger conversation between Mary Ward and myself and see if I am in fact….
A sociopath doesn’t care if he’s benefitting anyone. Cold, calculating, and manipulative, he doesn’t think about others at all unless they can benefit him.A narcissist believes he’s great, that everything about him is magnificent. He knows with unwavering confidence even beyond conceit that he’s benefitting everyone around him and moreA driven quest for power. If a narcissistic sociopath cares about anything other than himself, it is destructive power and control over people.No apologies, no guilt, no remorse under any circumstance. A sociopathic narcissist believes that she is a gift to the world who makes it richer and more colorful. Therefore, her calculated, even cruel actions are always justified.Invincibility. The narcissistic variety of sociopath believes he is indomitable. Even punishment and prison can’t stop him. They’re merely part of the game.Wholly self-serving. The needs and wants of others are insignificant and undeserving of consideration.
Mary Ward's profile photo
Messages to me from Mary Ward on Facebook messenger which exposes her depression and lies as found in this post which is open for all to see in contrast to her “lies” about me compliments of her new relationship with her “new brother Bill Bunting”… 🙂
Notice it was me that talked her into doing her birthday party while she was talking about her birthday always being “fucked up” and the “two cancellations”.

Notice that when “we” were to meet…that there were 3 others that were supposed to be there…Michael S. Stewart, Toni DiCapo from Shady Landy and her best friend… NOT me be myself.

Everybody had something come up so I cancelled it.
Notice when and why I offered her a car for free and one to drive and why. Notice why I unfriended her and why…the reason was I began not to trust her and turned out to be true.
Notice that I immediately gave her my insurance agents number so she could get set up being “she had no insurance…no money…”
But I am so selfish 🙂 And all about ME 🙂
Key Quotes:

Apr 26th, 1:48amMary

So…..just realized I go to church with Ficken’s ex wife..

Apr 23rd, 12:19pmMary

Sorry, I fell asleep. Mary insomnia likes to be in charge a lot. I would like to meet up someday you, Holly, I think Dorine would like to be involved. That way we can discuss this more as a group. Sometimes communication isn’t very good thru texting and messages.

Apr 11th, 11:19pmMary

Don’t know if these would help, but thought I would pass these along. I also have a big story of my own to hear if u want to hear it. It’s about my experience with Officer Fixen and Judge Fuller. I shared with Justice for Toni Anderson page

Apr 12th, 11:04amRichardMary

Does that mean u want to hear my story?


sure…when time allows…you betcha!

Apr 12th, 1:13pmMary

If u want it in transcript.let me know if u do


Thanks… email to please 🙂


Got it


Just sent it

Mary WardMary WardMary WardMar 26th, 11:13pmMar 27th, 9:26pmMary

Police AGAIN lying about things. They said Oak Park high School was in “the all clear, nothing suspicious found.” But they aren’t telling the whole story


Ok, it looks more as though they just are not telling ALL the information about what happened. Yes, there was no bomb found. But, they questioned about 5 different kids today, 1 of them had posted on Facebook this morning “they have pushed me over the edge now some of my friends are dead”. Then, kid calls bomb threat in. SWAT team came in, several students heard swat in the hall call the boys name, tell him to get on his knees and hands up. The other kids they were talking to is boys friends. They have him in handcuffs. They find a burner phone on him with deleted call history and an app to keep the number from being traced. Heard from more then one source thst at least 1 gun is found on said student. One parent, I heard 3 guns. SWAT team has to evacuate students. Student is now in custody for further questioning.

Mar 28th, 4:14pmRichardRichard


Just shared!

Apr 7th, 12:09amMary

Hey, listened to ur blog tonight. I typed some comments of the blog page. Hey, I found another facebook account of yours and was looking through it. A few questions, just wondering, but do u not like blacks and Muslim’s?

Apr 8th, 10:20amRichard

Not a matter of LIKING Mary but rather documenting actions that target others by race and religion. I lived on Indian Reservations and Whites in SD hated the Lakota…history of rape and murder and theft by the Gov and them to this day. Did suicide counselling. I have lived in Israel but I point out Jewish hate of Whites and Gentiles including Natives and Blacks etc etc… No box for me to fit in…what I see and document I share. A FBI document states that each year over 30,000 White women are “reportedly raped” by African Americans. No other stat about rape by any race compares. I had friends that were “Black Panthers” back in the day and the founder of Eldrige Cleaver promoted and glorified the rape of White women!


Native Americans and women esp are raped and murdered by White cops in SD with no national coverage
Black Buffalo Soldiers hired by Jew owners of the railroads raped and murdered Native women and girls among the Dakota Lakota in SD as well as among other Indian Nations.


The WHITE 7th Calvary of Custer “mass murdered”…raped…cut to pieces with gatling guns…over 300 Lakota at Wounded Knee in 1890 and the 9th and 19ty all black colored calvery wrote and sang a song gloryfying this slaughter of the REDSKIN SAVAGES! Those who murdered these innocents received MEDALS OF HONOR as did the Buffalo Soldiers!


Over 100,000 White Gentile Christians were murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia …more then 6 million…
close to 500,000 Japanese were mass murdered by Truman
Mohamed himself murdered and beheaded over 800 Jews while Israel is guilty as is the United States of murdering well over a million Muslims while they murder and rape “infidels” by the thousands in Africa.
White women in Sweden and Finland and Norway…are raped in mass by Muslims
And I can go on…I call it like I see it…and am color blind in the process. Just like with the cops and Toni… even though I have cop friends including the Major of Independence who knows I am outing his “brothers”
Hope that helps… 🙂 If not…block me 🙂


So how about I just realized Steve Fuller, NKC municipal judge is friends with my husband’s family! They went to high school, then college together. How did I not know this. And I have seen Bill Ficken many times! I just dropped off my son at his job in NKC about an hour ago and he was sitting in the parking lot next to the QT on Burlington in a speed trap.


oh oh


Why oh oh? I was thinking maybe somehow we could use that to our advantage…??



That makes our job a little bit harder…


you are not reading this right…HE IS GOING AFTER CORRUPT COPS…
makes our easier
got to go…hugs


Oh, YAY! 😄 Ok, TTYL

Apr 11th, 11:19pmMary

Don’t know if these would help, but thought I would pass these along. I also have a big story of my own to hear if u want to hear it. It’s about my experience with Officer Fixen and Judge Fuller. I shared with Justice for Toni Anderson page

Apr 12th, 11:04amRichardMary

Does that mean u want to hear my story?


sure…when time allows…you betcha!

Apr 12th, 1:13pmMary

If u want it in transcript.let me know if u do


Thanks… email to please 🙂


Got it


Just sent it

Apr 13th, 1:15pmRichard

BTW blast ficken and NKCPD here on this page or have others fr justice for toni.. friend etc…

Apr 13th, 5:09pmMaryApr 14th, 5:36pmMary

Could this maybe be the bondsman that Pete spoke of that knew the 3 “creepers” and knew they were cops? He used to bounce at nightclubs in the area, and he knows lots of LE

Apr 14th, 10:51pmRichard

Hi Mary…thanks. Could be. Message or friend him and ask him. Nothing to lose. Hugs


He is my friend. I will see what I can find out


That would be good. Am sure he knows important stuff that would help connect more dots. Thanks


If he talks to me. Boys can be weird sometimes. On another note, got this in my inbox today… Lol


I am out of “there minds”… which is a good thing ! 🙂


I am very weird and that is God’s fault! 🙂


I think ur pretty awesome!


that is a matter of opinion


Well, I’m a pretty good judge of character. I got this thing where if I listen to my gut instincts, I’m 99.9% right, so…


Thank you!

MaryMaryMaryApr 15th, 1:28amRichard

just did a solo radio program…lost the signal but got it back. little over and hour

Apr 15th, 7:48amMaryRichard

MaryApr 15th, 7:03pmMary

Fake profile alert. Be careful

Apr 15th, 9:11pmRichardRichard

I put this on justice page Please post this on TIME-LINE! After thinking about a “protest” for Justice for Toni Anderson…I felt led to throw this out for discussion and in particular for the WOMEN…that they consider “Women Demanding Justice For Toni Anderson”…as many as willing… lets say 1-2000 or more if possible…going to NKCPD headquarters to to demand the with held information we have talked about….but have informational sheets prepared to hand out to all the media that includes all the lies names of liars…those that are believed to have stopped abducted and murdered her…and include the THERE GPS info…cell records… DEMAND lie detector test as DEMAND the FBI investigate and any and all other things that could be thought of… setting up a special EVENT FB page that includes car pooling from “all over”…sharing gas…bringing meals food etc…and of course…letting ALL media know ahead of time… YOUR THOUGHTS? Being Toni was murdered by MEN IN BLUE with the complicit help of WOMEN IN BLUE…a mass protest by WOMEN for THIS WOMAN I believe would get the most attention being it is WOMEN who are sexually targeted by MEN IN BLUE!


Yes, yes, YES!! I can create the event. I just need you to tell me date, time, address to where to meet, title of event, and what to put in the about section.


thinking of the 25th of may as armed forces day… plenty of time to prepare…I think…that is a SAT which gives folks time to drive..even take fri off…drive back sun…and be at work monday etc… They could even bring their GIRLS/CHILDREN to say that don’t want their children to suffer when they grow up lo end up like TONI at the hands of murdering cops like FICKEN

Apr 16th, 9:41pmRichard

you there?
can u message justice for toni?
I can’t
need to know if you can to ask her if I am being jacketed with BS
ask her to message me please
all of a sudden very quiet


OK, hold on I’m in a drive-thru


left my number


Who is it anyway that runs it?


I don’t know who


So, just ask her to message u?


no name or admin…but some dude wanted to share with her “private stuff”




there is no message box for me to do that
used to be but not now
do you have a message box for JFTA?


Yes just messaged them


she made it so I can’t message her… lol


U want me to give phone number?


ask her to call me


I didn’t know u could restrict certain messages


because if I am being jacketed with bs behind my back and she says nothing and does not ask me but believes it…then color me gone…


Still reading that blog, but this is weird..


yep… weird
going to check to see if on my end


Yay! 😇

RichardApr 18th, 5:21amRichardApr 18th, 7:09amRichard



Those are a few of my comments! Wow, u really got some ppl’s attention! 🙂😁


close to 300,000 views about NKCPD and TONI


If I could heart that last comment I would have!


It looks like they WANT us to have a protest. They are stirring that pot…
Shit, now I gotta go drive thru NKC to take my son to work…


not really…that is why they are doing this…they don’t need 2000 women at their front door with men there to protect them…think about that


Well, it makes me want to do it even more!


U know they are fucking themselves, right? They just drew a lot more attention to Toni and it will get ppl thinking! They made u famous! 😇

RichardApr 18th, 5:11pmRichardMary

Hey, sorry I missed ur call

RichardApr 18th, 8:37pmMaryApr 19th, 10:32amMary

I find Snapp’s comment interesting. They knew Toni’s body was in the car before they pulled her car out. But they didnt know if a body was in this car until it was out?

RichardApr 20th, 5:43pmMary

This is the stop light at the intersection of 26th and Burlington, in front of the QT. I need to go back and take more pics, but u can see in this one 2 cameras. There were 3 other ones at this same inter section all pointed different angles. After this intersection, there are 2 more stop lights before u are on 9 highway. At the other 2 stop lights, there are 3-4 cameras on each of those sets of lights. So, NKC for sure saw and have footage of her “after pulling out of the QT”. I’m sure there are more cameras on that route to the river. I am going to take pics of whatever more i can find.

MaryApr 20th, 10:46pmRichardApr 21st, 10:05amMary

I have a video that wont let me post cause it says it’s too big. But i want u to see it. Whats ur email?

Apr 21st, 11:48amMary




Ur awesome!


Can’t get a hold of Holly


I talked to her earlier


Me too earlier
OK will just wait thanks Mary. Video sounds great! !


Omg! It wont let me attach it to email either cause its over 20 whatever it is, MB I think

Apr 21st, 6:50pmMary

Did u see the post with the pics I posted u in?




Yes u


Not yet sorry

Apr 22nd, 11:24amRichard

Good morning Mary. Left message with Holly I want to do a special radio program on women Justice for Toni Anderson I want the chief of police to be tagged and why he still has thickened on there who has committed crimes against federal government women marriages and Toni Anderson I want to address Harrah’s Casino who provides money to North Kansas City and the city council and the United States Attorney and we’re going to name him and put him on the map going to set up a special blog announcing this radio program so you and Holly and the pick one or two North Kansas City women as if you can find them that are involved it would be good so that should make you smile


Yep, yep, yep!

RichardRichardRichardApr 22nd, 3:12pmMary

I came across this going thru videos. This was about 2 years ago. English Landing Park, next to/same as Platte Landing Park. Didnt they say that SUV had been gone for 2 years? I just find this odd..idk

Also note the good condition of the car..

Apr 22nd, 4:28pmRichardRichard

Hello Mary. Hope you’re having a good day. Here is the next strategy so please take notes. Harrah’s Casino subsidizes the criminal Rogue North Kansas City Police Department chicken camo and Romain Google Voice messed the names up but that’s okay. I need the names of each council member the mayor any information on Harrah’s Casino money going into North Kansas City. I want to expose the US attorney’s office for not criminally prosecuting chicken and all his criminal charges being ignored by the local prosecutor the FBI and the US attorney’s office. I think Harrah’s Casino needs to know how their money is being used. What do you think? And to make this a major blog and other information included all the cases that we’ve talked about where the number one killer of Toni Anderson has been involved and I will have more information to add to this but if you can do this and email me I think you know my email


Ficken Kimmel Romine…them


Sounds awesome! Can i get back with u after this movie is over?



Apr 22nd, 7:53pmMaryApr 22nd, 10:53pmRichard

Fell asleep sorry


Call you back


Okies. ..left 2 messages


Another thing too is to have a Blog radio program for women Justice for Toni Anderson I may have said that already but you Holly and maybe one or two more do it to our program you guys can talk about that but that would be a good idea then blog and a daytime so that’s it sorry it’s late I fell asleep tired old ugly me me me so talk to you whenever

Apr 23rd, 12:51amRichard

sent this to stewart and holly and now you since i don’t have your email… Holly…this is Michael Stewart…goes by Shane. Shan

That you write a history of your experience with the criminal NKCPD naming the perps etc etc etc…to be a part of the blog to Harrah’s.

I will target the VIP power folks…including that woman…

I will CC all of NKC businesses…council etc etc etc…

mayor etc…

and of course the chief thug… 🙂

Want to get this done before your next court date

I want that to be viewed as an attempt to murder you…again!

Naming the prosecutor and judge before…

now for some coffee…

justice for toni women blog radio program

petition by same to demand Harrah’s stop funding nckpd nkc and fire domestic nkcpd thugs

girls protesting at Harrahs and NKCPD 50 50

your thoughts everyone…

add subtract or delete

richard insomnia at work

Apr 23rd, 12:19pmMary

Sorry, I fell asleep. Mary insomnia likes to be in charge a lot. I would like to meet up someday you, Holly, I think Dorine would like to be involved. That way we can discuss this more as a group. Sometimes communication isn’t very good thru texting and messages. I have a letter I want to write up, but I wanted to get facts and do some extra research. Which I feel I have done enough of and am now ready to start with the outline. Another idea that’s becoming more popular that is a good way to get people’s attention is Faceboon Live shows. We can discuss that more later as well. Let me know what u think. By the way, my email is


Holly is hinting she might bail out… guess if that is the case and others don’t care enough NOW that were that close…I might as well too ya think? I have no family friends wife children siblings etc etc… so why should I continue? Sanchez is being a racist asshole or whatever his problem is…ignoring Holly which is upsetting her. The prick needs to be OUTED by the women for justice for toni… big time. And his WIFE too… behaving like some sanctimonious dick head.. anyhow…going to eat and shut down for the day while you guys decide what you want to do. If everyone wants to meet…HyVee independence has a nice small cafe good food good java… 816-599-1388 Tired of text and msessage crap…hint hint… have a great day and enjoy… and talk to Holly…she needs a shoulder to cry on…I have no shoulders… 🙂

Apr 23rd, 6:42pmRichard

I tried to leave Holly a uplifting message not sure if it’ll work or not but I understand her frustration over Sanchez because I had a problem with him from the beginning when I first met him telling me my theory was propaganda but the cops and then he did a complete 180 and the only communication was on one page maybe just it’s not sure where you said good job or thank you Richard about me needing the cops so I got him on the radio program then I sent him information and links and nothing not one response so I blocked him told him why and he’s not responding to Holly I don’t know if he’s responding to anybody. But neither are her friends responding or doing anything Roxy Carly Jared and of course your parents are a joke from hell so her parents not yours hers so I’m just doing what I feel led to do my God and by God this is Google voice and it sucks sorry about the spelling so you can correct the errors I’m not a typist I don’t like texting. So if you and Holly and anybody want to have a meeting somewhere let me know you all have my phone number but I’m not going to push or chase or compel just offer and suggest and she responds and the majority of those who have responded or women like you and Holly just look at the Justice page. So-called men like Jared and Ash and others a little boys I don’t see any real sacrifice courage any talking about Justice for Toni on their Facebook pages neither her employer’s nocturnal X Hi-Tech nothing but music concerts events friends stuff everything has more importance than their bestfriend former employee and I see that and I come to the conclusion that all the Care they say they have for her they love their etcetera as much as that has faded over time I question them more than ever because of their inactivity unwillingness to help expose those who murdered her. So going to watch TV have some coffee cookies play with my dog later and have some more God inspired dreams I’ve had to lately about the last days which caught me off-guard cuz I normally don’t have dreams or anything from God actually period so you have my numbers I’ll leave it up to you guys if you want to meet or not I responded to your suggestion and made an offer so the ball is in your court Mary God bless you thank you


Im having a REALLY hard time with this. I am a medical assistant and a certified nurses assistant. So, when i first had heard about the bruise on her knee, I knew if she had already developed a so called bruise from “knocking gps off,” that she was still alive AT LEAST 1-2 days..



Apr 23rd, 9:33pmMary

I messaged Holly earlier after the first time I messaged u. She said she was ok and would get with me this evening, but Ihave yet to hear from her.

Apr 24th, 4:42amRichardRichard

She is looking for a vacation with family and needs it. It’s all good.

Apr 24th, 6:29amRichard

Stupid girl

Apr 24th, 12:08pmRichard

Not you her just in case
Carlys page has zip on Toni same with Roxy Townsend

Apr 24th, 1:28pmMaryRichardRichardMary

Call you back

Richard1:001:00RichardApr 24th, 4:50pmMary

RichardApr 24th, 10:15pmRichard

Apr 24th, 11:23pmMary

Hey, where was it that Sanchez found the weather conditions from January? Website?

Apr 25th, 9:38pmRichard

Don’t remember sorry


I found it

Apr 26th, 1:48amMary

So…..just realized I go to church with Ficken’s ex wife..
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Apr 26th, 4:53amRichard

Wow… and last night a woman told me she worked with a woman at NKC hospital who had an affair with him. A manager at Shady Lady contacted me too about Chrome etc…another who lived in parkville said Ficken was a sexual predator of women and thought he kicked Toni.
So are you going to say anything? Me thinks just pray about it.

Apr 26th, 7:54amMary

For right now, im just gonna pray about it. But im still researching, so I have all my facts straight. Curious, I was wondering if Ficken ever did security at Chrome since he did security at the hospital. Also, Toni used to work at the community center. When I googled Ficken, he came up in a few sites involving the community center. Also, in October 2015, a guy was pulled over by a black SUV and a guy was impersonating an officer. There was never a follow-up to that. Except Freeman telling everyone to be careful of impersonating officers. But, it happened at 26th and Burlington right by the QT, and it happened at 9:30pm. Its just odd knowing how NKC is, i went to school there and lived there, that an officer didnt notice a black unmarked SUV with lights on the top of the car. Then, the SUV found Toni’s car was said “to be a stolen car or insurance scam from 2015.” Hmmm. What did u find out about Chrome?

Apr 27th, 9:28amRichard

Apr 27th, 11:18amMaryApr 28th, 12:09amMary

Apr 28th, 7:09amMary



Apr 28th, 9:24amRichard

Homework assignment 🙂 This site is LE infiltrated but still…there is some good information here to gleen from and look at esp “sophi” and others like the tow guy and Pete toward the end posted but was limited and censored and never approved. Good work…. more organized etc…I commend you and your gift…which I don’t have lol..


There you will see the documentation of 2 vehicles…comments on damage to car and now removed…time line changes which are strange…lots of CRAP TOO… so be sure and have your hip boots on when reading…



anything I can do? call me if so… 816-599-1388


I don’t know. I just dont know.


If you need a car for temp…I have my eagle wagon or a pick up…take your pick


My world is rocked right now. I dont have insurance. Its my fault, and now no car, no money to fix it, and will be headed to court soon.


86 amc eagle wagon
money for insurance?
get it now.


Just called my car insur people…sending me what is needed to get you insurance…will forward to you….information…I will pay for it…and you have a car to use for work etc


Thank you SO MUCH!


Just got a email with ins info…what is yours and will forward it




Call you back


Richard, We need her- Name Address Phone number Date of Birth Social Driver’s License Number Married or single-if married need husbands info also Occupation And then Vehicle year-make-model & Vin number What coverage-liability or full coverage-if full what deductible How she wants to pay-6 mo.-monthly(we suggest EFT or recurring credit card.) Can start with today’s date with payment but will need signatures and she will have to have a membership ($30.00) also. Thanks, Debi where belongingmakes a difference!! Click here to view member benefits! Debi Shipley – Customer Service Representative -Douglas County Farm Bureau Agent—Shawn Irby 202 W. Washington -Ava, Mo. 65608 –417-683-5126-fax-573-893-1757 Mailing address-P O Box 515-Ava, Mo. 65608-0515////


call Debbie… get her the information or email her asap
Ask her about faxing sigs
tell her accident not your fault…send copy popo report
mechanical failure tell her that
417 683 5126


Ok, still waiting for a damn tow truck. The first AAA guy that came has only a regular truck under the assumption we only needed a jump start
My phone battery is almost dead


then call attorney and then debbie have a charger with you?
need a ride now?
hubby comming?


No, and father in law and husband here, just waiting for tow truck


great…then use their phones to call attorney to get on the map and call debbie to give info and I will get that paid for…
let you go for now…


p.s. fact is…law suit will fix it…and major important to get insurance TODAY for that to be on the record…even to sue am thinking

Apr 28th, 2:00pmRichard

Just got off the phone with Michael Stewart that’s the former police chief and cop it’s ficken and Camo and row kind beat up sorry about the spelling he said he would be willing to come and check your brakes to see if somebody messed with them and I think that’s a good idea. So I’m going to text you his phone number he doesn’t live too far from you all and he can tell right away if it was you’re anybody cut a line or played with them or whatever right after you got them change then they go out that doesn’t make sense and if it looks like somebody played with your brakes hopefully you have a video in the area of your car your house your garage driveway whatever


Shane 816 305 9001


And mean you have been in the Forefront of protest about Toni that just came to his mind being these are dirty cops anyhow so food for thought I would give him a call he would come and look at your brakes and make a determination from a law enforcement point of you even so give him a call and what do you do on insurance being the day is about over so let me know yes or no


Car is at the shop now. When my husband and his dad and the AAA guy looked at the front tires and they are really bad, bald. So, that was more likely the problem. But thank you so much gor that info. I do still need to figure out insurance

RichardApr 29th, 2:51amMary

Hey, do u happen to know where I can score some cheap comicon tickets?


Apr 29th, 7:17amRichardRichard

I don’t even know what those tickets are sorry about that

Apr 29th, 8:21amRichard

Good wet morning and I’m supposed to move some furniture from point A to point B for some friends but I might take a rain check. On the serious side I think it would be good for you and Shane to visit being you had similar experiences in the same community and he being law enforcement can give you some insights for your blog to because my thinking is you’re much more organized than I am which is why I sent you all that information and you can probably do a lot better job than me well you are you know if you are connecting the dots you know and I’m going for the jugular so that means with the upcoming blog there really going to be in the Hertz because if you listen to the last radio program Caesars Entertainment is going to be embarrassed on to compulsion to deal with these scumbags just because of the national exposure they’re going to get to make them do something into shame them if they don’t

Apr 29th, 12:37pmMaryApr 30th, 12:36amMary

This is odd…so, I’m going through google getting the next piece of my blog ready. I was looking for a certain picture, but I googled “toni anderson car” and I’m scrolling down and this footage picture dated 02/02/07..
But when you click on the link it says the picture is connected to, its a story about Donald Trump, and the picture is no where in the article..
So weird, and it stuck out to me as I was scrolling past it. It looks to me like her car, just without the sticker.

Apr 30th, 9:05amRichardApr 30th, 6:02pmMary

Apr 30th, 7:20pmRichard

Tried to read it page would not load… might need to try my puter. ..


Let me know if u still cant see it.


Got it. Great!


On this blog I went ahead and extracted information from people from websleuths that you can see in the bottom part there I just copied and pasted there’s more I could have put there but I just wanted to expose more truth compared to disinformation lies etcetera by KCPD


Also there is an FBI tracking system I included in this blog which would allow anyone to know where she was at any point in time based upon the system that they use in this is why I was surprised I’m not surprised that my calls to the FBI were not returned including the the federal attorney



Awesome, thank you!


It’s very time-consuming but that websleuths Toni Anderson missing site continued until they found her and Pete senior started posting but they never approved him and then my blogs started being brought up and then that woman shut it down but there’s some good information there people have really good insights about the lies Contra dish contradictions the tow company how to extract a vehicle some of those things I put on my Facebook page also I think any hell yeah it’s all good good work Mary

Apr 30th, 8:42pmMary

So, all those comments were pulled off of websleuth?


Yes they were because they are men and women like you and I and probably more like you who are very intelligent and could see and evaluate information that was being staged buy KCPD two deceive the public. Even Pete Sanchez senior used some of that information on the radio program and I am sure may have been in communication with some of those people there. What caught my attention was what I shared and like I said there was more but the one tow truck company owner who had done a lot of law enforcement extractions of vehicles from water said that the way Tony’s car was done was absolutely the worst he had ever seen and he went stage-by-stage about how it should be done. Another words they already had their no foul play script written after three days of waiting from the time that team Watters sonar found her car to win they came to pull her out of the water out of the river and that was what he noticed so no foul play means no need to look for any evidence of any Foul Play and they made sure of that


Some of the other information I got from Shane plus my own research on what the FBI can and cannot do but they can do anything and everything and they can see every word time of any communication of any cell phone including the officers involved not to mention Tony’s. There is a corrupt prosecutor involved in this case with Tony and I can’t think of his name now but somebody sent me his name. Now but us attorney a United States Attorney needs to get involved but from what I understand from Shane the FBI needs to investigate the case. Kevin Freeman has FBI connections graduating from the FBI Academy. So my thinking is the FBI was involved in not investigating which is why they’re special agent was removed and replaced. His name was Eric Jackson African American at the same time he was removed the chief of police who never said one word about Toni Anderson Darryl Forte he retired and I don’t look at any of this as a coincidence


Freeman is the patrol Commander he’s a major and there was at least two vehicles that followed Tony if not three. There’s a woman who said she in had a vision of what happened to Tony and what she did do in terms of what happened after she was stopped and she saw her screaming and and pulled out of the car and she even named the streets and I remember searching down those streets myself the first time I went on a search and I just felt a dark Spirit there and that’s what she saw and I’ll copy and paste that and send it to you and it’s a confirmation of when I feel happen to her too and I’ve had little small images come to my mind and I believe they took her to Sikkens home house in Parkville and that she was brutalize there and then and then kill


Sorry about the voice Google spelling errors plus my eyes aren’t that good so I can’t type a nice Mall cell phones that well


I would really like to know where this person got their information..


Good question but I see some contradictions as probably you do too. I’m not sure where you got that from but I remember reading similar things. All I know is that Pete said Highway Patrol search the same area and found only the SUV or a vehicle that was not Tony’s. Know why they searched the same area team sonar Waters I don’t know that’s a good question. It was not a fast current area I know that and I don’t think the water was that deep either and Shane is familiar with that area. The only thing I can say if they let them know to search that area because they wanted her car found then with her in it. If that’s true that is and it might be because why did they search they’re in the same area the highway patrol did. But the highway patrol when they searched that area did not find your car. So they say search again after team Watters sonar was contacted and that could be because maybe law enforcement contacted Waters and told them to contact the Andersons that’s just a thought because if they have this plan of timing of win to place her car in the river and where then maybe they did contact the sooner company and tell them to contact at the Anderson’s. I think the water was only 15 218 feet deep and like I said the current right there in that area is not that fast according to Shane when I looked when I was there it didn’t look that fast either


And for the highway patrol or the Corps of Engineers to say one minute they found the truck in a spot and the next minute they didn’t means the truck moved all by itself to be where Tony’s car was found and of course that covers up the lies with the script I mean there so many contradictions point being that no matter what the information we need to get or Sanchez needs to get or Justice for Toni your you know what I’m saying this information that’s never going to be made available to us. They’re not going to release videos dash cams cell phone information GPS information etcetera etcetera etcetera because it would be to their condemnation. They lied in the beginning and they lied in the end in the beginning no foul play missing person in the end no foul play she drove off a boat ramp yet it’s an ongoing investigation when you asked for the videos and the dash cams according to North Kansas City Police Department news targeting this blogger that they’re considering legal action against hahaha. There’s going to have to be outside investigation before the truth comes out but when you go through websleuths if you do and more so at the end there’s some good insights there that I think you will appreciate any woman named Sophie is really good really really good.


So I think I’m going to get some ugly sleep but suggest that you and Holly and whoever else keep pushing Sanchez 2 Share what he nose and what he wants to have done etcetera etcetera etcetera. It doesn’t seem like Tony’s friends want to get involved to any great degree like Carly and Roxy and Jared and the people she worked for Hi-Tech and nocturnal so there’s just a few who are actively trying to get Justice for her and there are many supporters but a lot of them are more followers than leaders and I look at you and Holly but probably more so you because you had experiences with those dogs and blue kind of taking the lead. And you know also before I sign off you can do a Blog program to radio log talk radio Blog Talk Radio Blog Talk Radio there you go finally sorry about that maybe you can interview Pete and Roxy and Carly and go down to that church where the Anderson goes the mother some Lutheran Church in Wichita maybe you and Holly can go and talk to her Woman to Woman mother to Mother sort of if you know what I’m saying then you’re almost 40 years old hahaha just kidding and see if she really wants to know the truth if nothing else get a feel for her and maybe share your blog with her printed out and see what happens period so with that said sorry about the bad sentences crappy spelling not making sense to the normal mind which is what I do most of the time I am going to go to sleep and then wake up and probably 3 hours and finish my next blog maybe four hours and have Caesars Entertainment and the connection to nkcpd made public in a way that will cause there any there image their image in the public eye to be a major concern because of nkcpd so night night sleep tight so I think I’m going to get some ugly sleep but suggest that you and Holly and whoever else keep pushing


So I think I’m going to get some ugly sleep but suggest that you and Holly and whoever else keep pushing Sanchez to share with he knows and what he wants to have done at cetera etcetera etcetera. It doesn’t seem like Tony’s friends want to get involved to any great degree iCarly and Roxie and Jared and the people she work for hi tech and nocturnal so your sister few who are actively trying to get justice for and there are many supporters but lot of them are more followers than leaders and I look at you and Holly but probably more so you because you had experiences with those dogs and blue kind of taking the lead. And you know also before I sign off you can do a blog program to radio log dark radio clogged talk radio blog Talk Radio there you go finally sorry about that maybe you can interview Pete and Roxie and Carly and go down to that church where the Anderson goes the mother some Lutheran Church in Wichita maybe you and Holly can go talk to her woman to woman mother to mother thought of you if you know what I’m saying being your almost 40 years old hahaha just kidding and see if she really wants to know the truth if nothing else get a feel for her and maybe share your blog with her printed out and see what happens. So with that said sorry about the bad sentences crappy spelling making sense to the normal mind which is what I do most of the time I am going to go to sleep and then wake up and probably 3 hours and finish my next block maybe 4 hours and have Caesars Entertainment and the connection to NK CPD made public and away that will cause they’re any there image there image in the public eye to be a major concern because of an KC PD so night night sleep tight and Merry Christmas

May 1st, 9:04amRichard

from websleuth sophie taylor sophie taylor sophie taylor is offlineRegistered User Join DateJan 2017 This case could not be not anything other than suicide or homicide. I feel the accident conclusion is a gift to the parents who can live with a comfortable falsehood. They could never in a million years accurately conclude this an accident so quickly. It’s impossible. sophie taylor -All video footage should be demanded in order to make sure the cop or third/mystery car did not follow Toni. –The footage being described is Toni leaving the traffic stop, not the gas station. This is apparently a slight of hand. A subliminal message, if you will. –All three cars turn right, (which is south) a direction she could not possibly have gone according to Police saying she went to the QT immediately after. Her turning south is also consistent with where she told the officer she intended to go. -The big problem is she failed to drive directly (east) across the street to fill her tank. -The cop car applies its brakes as Toni pulls away, but we don’t know about the mystery car. If that car followed Toni, then foul play is likely involved. THE ACTION BEGINS AROUND 3:15. -The cops, media, and anyone interested in this case can only ignore these facts. It is a catch 22. She didn’t go to the gas station and didn’t drive north after the traffic stop. -Toni, only could have gotten gas before the traffic stop that we see, which could suggest she was stopped before 4:33.

May 1st, 10:41amRichard

May 1st, 1:25pmMaryMay 2nd, 2:11amMary

Hey, why did u delete me?

May 2nd, 5:17amMary


May 2nd, 6:59amMary

May 2nd, 11:50amMary

Ok, well, I tried to reach out to u, but I guess it is what it is. I dont know why u felt the need to delete me. Anyways, take carw5

May 2nd, 2:46pmRichard

Well if you felt offended buy me taking you off the friend list then I will tell you I was offended when you didn’t let me know whether or not you needed the help that I offered given you were in a crisis situation and I publicly which was probably a mistake offered to do what I could to help you and absolutely no response from you. I set the money aside called the insurance company and waited and waited and waited and nothing so it is what it is now you know how I feel or felt not that you care or don’t care I don’t know and I just do what I do to help others unconditionally with no expectations because that’s what I have learned to do when I am able to and I take my combat agent orange heart attack money and I share it with those that need help. I will share something about Native Americans that most don’t know that even when they are poor they offer to help and to give and I learned the hard way that when you say oh that’s okay no that’s okay and you refuse the gift of love and help it actually offend them. So I was kind of offended and secondly my last blog was probably the most important of all of them because it put pressure on the money people who provide the salaries for the cops like ficken who did what he did to you and the lawyers who defend murdering cops like him etcetera and you know what there was not one share and very few likes so I’m thinking well if if they plan to attack the thug cops from an economic money Public Image Caesars Entertainment Harrah’s Kansas City point of view is of no importance to anybody then I’m definitely pissing in the Wind because no way are these people going to release any information that we have asked for Lies We have exposed etcetera etcetera so I’m thinking but I’m not going to do this anymore and lastly I’m not a racist but I will point out crimes of race by races against other races and Native Americans have been targeted more for genocide and extermination than any other race and I was engaged to a Native American woman and I almost married and African American Cherokee frenchwoman 3 + 1 so I just know the reality the racial reality that exists period I was a counselor at an all-black Detention Center black youth and I was driven out because of my race by the black counselors and the black youth wept cried when I left because I was the only one they felt loved them and gave a damn about them. But one of Zach’s friends insinuated I was a member of the KKK because I made a racial observation about a black and white crime which there are hundreds daily in this country. But anyhow that’s why I did what I did and I saw no activity on your part for the block or the radio program before I decided to do what I did on top of my help being just ignored I don’t mind it not being accepted but it did bother me that there was no response on your part as a friend to a friend who from what I could see was the only one that offered you any help period so that’s my side of the story like I said not that you care or anyone else cares because I don’t care anymore either so I’m just going to do what I feel led to do and that’s it so now you know the rest of the story which I would have thought maybe you could have figured out but sorry about that


But, I did let you know? I’m confused. And why wouldnt u just talk to me about it instead of just deleting me. I have had a lot going on, but I always try to stay respectful and respond to everyone.
And, I wasnt for sure and still not for sure, what exactly we need. I was waiting to hear how long we would not have the car so I could plan around that. I havent been feeling well, and I have a lot on my plate. I am sorry I offended you, but in no means was that my intent.
Btw, I just got around to hearing your blog this morning. I didnt get a lot of things done yesterday that I needed to.
As far as race goes, u pick out the Muslims or african Americans and post their story and use some pretty rude comments, that honestly would offend my kids. The fact is, the crime done is equal by all races. I didn’t see a comment by Zach’s friend about u.


Well Mary question what are friends for and that’s what I am to everybody and I didn’t hear her response and I know you have a lot on your plate and I know things are going on but all I was trying to do was eliminate some of the pressure and some of the immediate and or upcoming needs based upon your financial situation need for a car are you been offered you a car to drive and I have a Volvo up in South Dakota then I’m fixing up it’s a station wagon and if you want that once the engine is put in it it’s a rebuilt one no it’s not a rebuilt engine it’s a like new good engine and it’s a 95 Volvo red station wagon and it’s in really good condition and if you want that it’ll be ready in about a month but you will have to drive up there with your husband or we can go together and get it that’s got new tires new brakes air conditioning tinted windows and it’s really a nice car and if you want that car it’s yours. Good mileage good radio driver seat a little tear but it’s all leather front and back and it is really really fast that’s the kind of friend I am and that was going to be or could be now that I think about it a belated birthday present and I’m sorry about the misunderstanding 2


I am not a confrontational person tho. And I dont want needless stress for anyone. Im just trying to live my life in a happy, peaceful way. I cant stay on top of things in my home life, so I cant always stay on top of everything on facebook. Although, I try my best. My brain isnt even on half mode, and I have gotten very limited sleep since Friday.


I appreciate everything u have offered to do to help, truly. Im just lost right now in knowing for sure what it is I need. Once again, I am truly sorry I upset u.
Not belated birthday yet. My birthday isnt until Thursday.🙄
The Volvo wagan sounds good..


Well I understand and I try to be happy and peaceful with everybody even though I get jacketed with b******* a lot but that’s okay just Google my name and see all the s*** that’s out there about me death threats and the list goes on people saying I didn’t serve in the Marine Corps my ex-wife f***** husband anyhow I don’t think what I offered and what’s confrontational but one people Target me I react and that does not include you so I just wanted to help you that’s all I was raised by a single mother all by herself well my grandmother chipped in to only child abusing father who beat the s*** out of her and me the first five years of my life that’s all I remember so I know what the weather is so I know what mothers have to deal with especially when they have no help but my mother worked her ass off even though she was an alcoholic thanks to my piece of s*** father who I hated and wanted to put a bullet in his head if I could have I would have. Anyhow it’s okay I’m going to refriend you if it’s ok and we’ll get back on track and not look back if that’s acceptable to you so yeah if you want through Volvo Wagon it’s a cool car you’re really like it got trick wheels on it new tires new brakes on a scale 1 to 10 it’s a solid 8 for sure you would not think it’s a 95 these engines were designed by Porsche and they’re really good engines transmission is good feel like it room for you your kids hauling stuff work whatever


How much would u want for the volvo?


Nothing nothing it’s a gift from my heart to your heart from one friend to another no strings attached and that’s what I feel God led to do. And I have been waiting to finish the work on this thing for a while and now I know why because this Volvo has your name on it


Ah, u just made me cry! Thats the best thing I have heard all week! Thank u!


Well I didn’t mean to make you cry very unless there’s a smile that goes with the cry and if there is then that’s okay and this is who I am money means nothing and there are times when I had no money and I was homeless and I was living in my truck so God has blessed me and I share the blessings and this Volvo it’s this point and time at this moment it just came to my mind from him that you should have this Volvo so I will keep you posted on when it’s ready I sent the parts up there two put in the car like new water pump and all those things I have a friend who is a parts manager at Volvo Overland Park so I get things cheap labor is kind of expensive but Volvo is Swedish engineering and German engineering and that particular model I think from 94 to 97 was touted as one of the best Volvo series of cars ever made so yeah you’ll like it so look up 95 Volvo Wagon red Google app and you’ll see what they look like Google that 95 Volvo station wagon 850 that’s the model number and it’s got a turbo 2 that means you can outrun North Kansas City cops if you have to long enough for me to show up an ambush their ass


Are you still there you still okay are you still crying?


No, im good. Actually, Im just getting ready to walk up the hill to CVS

RichardMay 2nd, 7:31pmRichard

Just to let you know I was contacted about 15 minutes ago from the manager of Shady Lady you said you wanted to talk to me and he’s the one that confirmed nkcpd officers frequented her own including the ones named etcetera and he was going to talk to some other waitresses to see what else you can find out so I will let you know


Cool! Let me know


Just heard its going to cost $6,000 to get our car fixed. Fuck my life

May 2nd, 9:19pmRichard

Are you there if so give me a call here or on the phone either or we can fix it


Sorry, was away from my phone. I have to get my son ready and in bed, so I will get back with u as soon as I can


This is a loving order from a Marine you will not cancel your birthday party under any circumstances especially monetary and you have a vehicle that you can use and another one that’s going to be fixed soon so we’re going to have a birthday party and you’re going to be there and if you’re not we will all collectively cry


Every year, every damn year, something fucked up happens and fucks up my birthday. Its bad enough i have a mom and brothers and sister that dont acknowledge my existence or birthday. Why cant I just have ONE year with no bull shit


So what is the problem and why we can have a birthday celebration for you
Let’s just do it


I already had 2 ppl cancel and I made plans mainly cause they said they would celebrate with me. But, I’m used to it


Well forget those two there others who will come if there’s two or three or five or 10 what difference does it make who shows up will be those who care for you


I even changed the place of my birthday cause they told me it woukd be cool
Ur right
Just not feeling it. Plus, im over 40 now 😵


Should just make an announcement and say it’s going to happen on this day at this time at this place and sorry about the confusion
You’re almost 40 and I’m almost 70 when you get my age then you can pout but not until then


Its ok, i think it will beva fun group to see. Plus its a 80’s rock band
Im almost 41
And I already cried
Had u heard the updated place and day?


Perfect make the announcement and be there and it’s going to work out


I made the announcement. Ok, guess I will go…


Well I don’t know if I can impersonate you so you better show up


I don’t think I am that that flexible




Well I can try and give everybody a laugh


I had a good talk with James from Shady Lady and he thinks that Toni was pressured for something may be harassed on a continual basis over something and I think she said to the effect leave me alone or I will call your superiors or something that cause them to really worry about what she said she would do or what she said and that probably begin a chrome which is why she was called into work and which is why they were there to meet her and that first discussion dashcam whatever was on that probably confirmed something that they didn’t want anyone to hear and the second stop that’s when they reacted to what she said during the first stop and maybe she just ran into the QuikTrip just left right there left them hanging and they followed her which is why she drove around the QuikTrip a couple of times thinking hoping that they would leave her alone just speculation but for sure they wanted her out of the picture and dead evidently


Last name DiCapo?


Yeah him he reached out to me and send a message to call him or he called me and he’s trying to be very helpful and told me about all the Chrome girls that quit because of the harassment and going to Shady Lady but if there’s questions you’d like me to ask him I’m meeting him on Thursday for lunch


Why would she drive around the QT tho?
There’s a girl ony fb, have known her since she was 13. She used to work at Chrome. But, shw will not talk


Well that was something that Pete mentioned about her driving around the QuikTrip and I’m thinking because maybe during the first stop she was scared and didn’t want to be stopped again in the dash cam video which they won’t release there was some conversation that was a problem something I think was said that they don’t want anyone to know and I think she was scared because she said oh my God I’m being stopped again she didn’t want to be stopped again didn’t like being stopped the first time and then that was it no more for her


No they’re scared


Yes, I have lots of questions, i will get them all typed up


But I asked him to ask the girls to share information from a Anonymous point of view and maybe they will I know Roxy said one of Tony’s friends maybe the one who had the recording from the dispatcher was scared so yeah these girls know what happened to Tony and they are scared


Yea, i think tje family is too. Something is fishy


Yeah I’m more to this than we realize but I think we’re slowly chipping away and exposing the truth even though sometimes the speculation may be off a bit but that’s okay I think putting Harrah’s and Caesars on notice about where there casino is in the city of North Kansas City and the Rogue cops that do what they do to Toni Anderson and others is an embarrassment that they don’t want to have and that’s what James said to that they have the power to shake and move in a way that those that are covering this up cannot control and he agreed


So I think I’m going to get some ugly sleep and take my dog outside and let her play a little bit and then go to sleep I need to find a cleaning lady for my house it’s really bad but no one else has to look at it except my dog and she saying I’m losing places to walk there so much stuff all over but don’t tell anybody Mary please I don’t want to be embarrassed if this is made public knowledge that I’m just a clutterbug clean and kosher yes I just don’t like to waste time cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning when there are more important things to do so yeah email me those questions and I will share them with him when I’m there so thank you goodnight happy birthday ahead of time and I’m glad you’re doing it and don’t be like me and let other people affect you just because you’re not acknowledged by those who should acknowledge you that’s to their condemnation that’s their problem and really it’s a confirmation of who you really are in your heart if they don’t see you acknowledge you and love you because they are incapable and or unwilling to love you and respect you and value you for who you are in the family so goodnight


I wont tell anyone! And seriously, if u need help, let me know. A friend of mine was talking to her about starting a cleaning business. So, yea, just let me know


And, good night! BTW, my house always looks bad, walking over things, trash not taken out. I have a 20 year old, 11 year old andv42 year old that live here, but cleaning isnt important to them. I have been sick for almost 8 months, had to stop working as a,CNA. Finally starting to get back to some normalcy, but slow progress. So, dont be ashamed. It’s life. Enjoybit. 😎


We literally moved in with a family of mice. It was hell! Plus, I have a bad phobia. So, I was a prisoner to my bedroom and bed all the time. The fuckers even came in my room to fuck with me. It seriously was hell. I still can not step a foot into my kitchen.


Do you need glue traps they work really well and and when you say sick you’re talking about what like a virus or a bacteria or something along those lines


No, these fuckers knew all about glue traps, my dogs got stuck to them more than the damn mice
No, i dont have a thyroid, and i have anxiety. When my thyroid levels get off, it mesees my ehole body up for a long minute
*makes *whole


Yeah I lived in a house with mice and even have them in the camper I was living in but I put them in places where my dog could not get to them and I put I think honey or was it peanut butter or little pieces of Raw Liver on the traps and and they fell for it


My dogs are just a little bigger than tbe mice, so they could get to them anywhere


I’ll check on some natural thyroid supplements because there are some that work really well


Plus, doctor thinks im bi polar suddenly
But i think im just hormonal


Well I’m talking about behind cupboard drawers sink drawers places where dog can’t get to


They are gone now, but it took poison


Doctors make up mental health stuff to make money off the antidepressants which make a person suicidal dysfunctional and most doctors are full of s*** especially those that prescribe antidepressants let’s say example being veterans return from Afghanistan or Iraq and 30 of them a month kill themselves and they’re on antidepressants because they’re depressed bipolar PTSD all the fabricated formulations that never existed for World War II veterans or Korean veterans are you in Vietnam veterans just a money-making pharmaceutical scan program using doctors that are lockstep to that whole genocide agenda


My friend crom high school just killed himself a month ago, PTSD he was only 40
2 months ago


When I did radio one of the first antidepressants I talked about was Prozac which is a synthetic derivative of LSD believe it or not and Sandoz was the Swedish company no Swiss company that they got the formulation from the CIA specifically LSD end we know the effects of that Prozac during experimental stages people were killing themselves right up front and they still got FDA USDA approve or whatever


Yep! I’m a certified medication aide. This is why I dont believe in medicating


I am sorry to hear that Mary and I bet he was on some kind of antidepressant or alcohol or drugs because it’s all connected and an example of that is me when I was in Vietnam I never drink I never did drugs and I never had the PTSD flashbacks never became dysfunctional because of anything that I experienced in Vietnam and antidepressants are evil


I wont medicate my sons adhd


ADHD is also a fabrication design to distribute riddlin which is according to the DEA the equivalent of methamphetamine and reduces the blood flow to the brain by at least 30% and does organ damage in the process


My mom served in vietnam. My father, WWII and Korean war, purple heart
He has Williams Syndrome, so ADHD is common. But, yes, they overdiagnose it. Its rare, but real, medically.


Well interesting yeah I should have come home in a body bag my best friend did not come home he ended up a am IA Mia but in fact was captured and killed two years after he was in 3rd Recon Marine Corps high school buddy had family girlfriend and when his mother found out that he’d been captured because the government lied she killed herself


Thats horrible. This is why I hate war.


I know and accept the ADH syndrome it has more to do with diet chemicals in the body and when I go on an Indian Reservation Native American children are is active if not more than anybody else and the people there don’t medicate their children they just let them be free to do what they want to do and play and they understand the genocide of agenda built into the medications and vaccines and most cases




Vietnam was a drug war Iraq Afghanistan drug war if you remember Pat Tillman supposedly killed by Friendly Fire he saw the CIA drug Connection in Afghanistan and if you Google his name CIA drugs we have troops there guarding the poppy fields that are used to make heroin that ends up here in the CIA is a drug distribution organization inspired from the throne the hell itself


The Native American children and that way of life is so different in spite of the extreme poverty the children different spiritually speaking and I always felt home there among the people like they were my family in the white people in South Dakota hate Indians North Dakota the same Montana the same Arizona the same wherever there’s Native Americans rights that are either conservative or liberal or Christians they have a real problem with Native Americans and Jews are really a major source of the creation of the social economic and political conditions that Native Americans are subjected to. And I’m not talking about White Indians that have the casinos and are basically no Bloods in other words have very little native blood in them but claimed to be Native American I’m talking about full blood Indians whose language is the first language and English as second


White people that are either conservative or liberal when it comes to Native Americans they’re on the crap list of all parties all religions and Native American lives have never mattered and never will and the suicide rate is the highest and the homicide rate by law enforcement is the highest but you never read about that or hear about it because Indians are jacketed with the stereotype of they have the casinos and they have so much money and/or there nothing about drunks and Kevin Costner who did Dances With Wolves made over 300 million dollars exploiting the Lakota Dakota culture and did nothing 4 the people he used not one thing cuz he’s a racist Godless selfies dog


So I’ll talk to Shane who is also Michael S Stewart about maybe meeting for chow this week up and Gladstone in Gladstone and if there is a place near you that has food to eat let me know and we’ll see if we can plan a time and meet and visit if that’s okay now I am coordinating that as you asked because now I understand because sooner or later at 69 my brain does begin to kick in better late than never right




Is that a restaurant or cafe or what


Restaurant, mexican food, tequila


Oh okay yeah sounds good I’ll talk to him in the morning


N. Oak in Gladstone


North Oak in Gladstone okay I’m sure he knows where it is and I’m sure I can find it and I have not met him either just talked a lot and same with you so it will be good


If I’m coming from Independence which exit do I take


I69, get off at 68th street. Turn right. Intersection 68th and 72nd, turn right. Next stop light is N. Oak, turn right and about a block down, it will be on the left side


Yeah I’m trying to figure 169 is that off of 35 when I go from 4:35 to 35 169 so we’re talking about North Oak Trafficway I could take that exit and go north would that work


Hold on


I am assuming those are




My phone is acting up I see those are directions now thank you


Yes sir


I just remembered that all the crap you went through with North Kansas City cops and Clay County Sheriff’s that they somehow got his driver’s license and he can’t drive so I’ll call him and see what his alternate to you is maybe we can meet with his wife Jennifer in the evening he has two girls one plays soccer and and I know he would like to get together because we talked about that so I’ll run it by him in the morning which is now later in the morning


Sounds good


I hate Google Voice makes me sound dumber than I am


Stop it! Ur not dumb!


Did you notice that girl that was missing was missing from North Kansas City and the number to call if you know anything is the north Kansas City Police Department and they mentioned about getting into an unknown Mercedes and I’m wondering if the father has asked for any video cam stuff from traffic lights businesses Etc and if you look at that girl she has all the looks of what a sexual predator would want to capitalize on and I’m not saying nkcpd is involved but I also would wonder if at that High School nkcpd officers hung out there for security officers there because if they were anything could be possible with them involved directly or indirectly if they were at that school because I think they like a ficken would have an eye out for a girl like that and whether or not anybody that works for the police department drives a Mercedes I know I’m just speculating but just saying


Yes! Just realized she is my friend’s daughter! Ironically, I went to NKC high school with him


You know there’s a lot of sexual predators in the north Kansas City School District Two of late


Yeah I looked at the photos of her and hopefully he has checked her cell records talk to her friends at school and check your computer if she left it there but mostly friends cuz I can take it indicated guess that they know more than the police know or whatever want to know North Kansas City Police calling them are you kidding

May 3rd, 4:13amMary

They think she may be on her way to Colorado. Either her or the friend she was with used their atm card at a town in Kansas between here and colorado.

May 3rd, 5:25amMary

Look what I just saw. I cant get verification if she did indeed work at Chrome maybe Shady Lady. Can u ask DiCapo if he knows her?


Yeah I will ask him see what he says there’s a girl that used to work there she might know to I’ll call her she contacted me to


Well, here’s here fb page, and odd…
Jessica Jolly is on her friends list. David Jolly’s sister..
She possibly worked at Bazooka’s..


Well it looks like strippers are targeted we know at least one who is gone missing dead from chrome so I’ll ask James anyhow and see what he says thanks thanks what he thinks


I sent you an email and Shan Shan I mean and when you want to meet he’ll try to be there depending on the time so are you thinking maybe 1 o’clock today or 2 or Friday I can do it tomorrow I’m meeting with James so food for thought like food for tummy like today hahaha


Its all crazy. Its all tied in with each other


Well maybe with chrome it’s north Kansas City Thug terrorists and with Bazookas that’s downtown Kansas City so Kansas City Cop Thug terrorists which is why maybe they’re all doing this together covering it up together


Yea, i just dont want to trust anybody who works in that world. Cause if one has to keep secrets, then they are all keeping secrets. I think that Shell Rillo who had told LE on january 30th that a fake cop tried to pull her over was just trying to get everyone’s attention on to another option. She is also connected with the Jolly’s. She claimed to know Toni, but she wasnt on her friends list, and no evidence they know each other. Its just all too weird.


yes…big time
had to get java… brain fuel.. 🙂
email shane about meeting time… only today looks good…
or tell me lol


Ok, let me see what I can do


Thinking about 1 ish… or before…11 12 or 2 lol…or 12.3 and 10 seconds

May 3rd, 9:20amMary

Hey. I dont think I will be able to meet up today. I can not hold my eyes open. So tired


good night 🙂


Message me


Okay message message I can come and get you and give you a ride if you can and or want to do this and if you can’t and you’re wasted and feel like a rock and mud that can’t move then that’s ok too you set the time and we’ll go from there or we can do it next week because I’m not trying to push this just thinking it’s a good idea we talked about it he’s got to get a ride there too so tell me what you think what you want to do and I will let him know one way or the other okie dokie Stokke


Lol, I really do feel like roadkill


Then we can rain check it no pun intended and next week is fine or maybe Saturday or no that’s that’s the big day anyhow we can do it later it’s all good my suggestion would be at least give him a call and visit with him and share until I think I sent you his number and I think you and him would have a very edifying informative and good conversation


Hope your looked at my reblog on North Kansas City Hospital keeping on staff a known sexual pervert Predator who drugged a woman in the emergency room and gave her a vaginal massage and the hospital defended him I didn’t get the name of the lawyers but I’m sure they’re the same lawyers that defended ficken Romine and Kimmel when they beat the hell out of and almost almost murdered Michael S store yeah I guess he was so choked out that he could have died according to one doctor these f****** need to be dealt with far as I’m concerned in the hope the courts get her done

May 3rd, 1:23pmMaryMay 3rd, 6:54pmRichard

I will try this again tomorrow at 11 o’clock at Cascone’s on North Oak by the farmers market I am meaning Michael S Stewart and James from Shady Lady for lunch and if you want to come and need a ride I can come and get you or if you can get a ride one of us can give you a ride back or if you want to take a cab I will pay the money to get you there and one of us can take you back so here is your opportunity to meet Stewart and James to ask questions and I think it would be a good deal and I will just sit there and Wilson and watch while you guys share in till and I will just enjoy the food because I like good Italian food because my uncle was Italian actually Sicilian and I love good good authentic Italian food which in a way is not too much different than Mexican so let me know 816 599 1388 period and lastly you know I don’t want to sound like I’m down and out and discouraged because I am and I’ve looked at the last and most important blog that I think I put together other than identifying the officers ficken and Company and you know what next to zero shares next to what for likes on Justice for Toni Anderson page you know and there’s 1400 people that like that page and most are women and I’m thinking where the hell are they because they sure as hell aren’t on the page they’re not sharing anything they’re not reading anything they’re not listening to anything in Toni Anderson was not a man she was a woman killed by men and these women have more important things to do than get involved and I’m thinking what the hell is going on why is everybody so disconnected women especially. So I told her the admin to give these people a reality check you know get involved get off the page or if no one’s going to do anything just shut down the page and I told Holly the same thing too you Holly I can camp the people that are involved on both hands her best friends don’t give a s*** Carly Roxanne people she worked with parents Pete Junior senior so I don’t know I mean I have tried I know you have more than anybody actually and it’s discouraging because all these other folks a posting all kinds of stuff on their page except about what needs to be done information shared by you and your blogs etcetera about Justice for Toni Anderson no shares nothing so that’s just my opinion let me know what you want to do and that’s it take care

May 3rd, 8:28pmMary

I will share it again. Sorry, emotionally drained right now. Depressed, just fed up with life in general. But, I would like to go tomorrow. Its my birthday, so I should do what i want, right?


My latest blog has not had but a few views. Which is a drastic difference from just a week ago. That could be for a number of reasons, ppl not truly wanting justice and getting burnt out. Ppl think that no matter how hard we fight, nothing will change. Or, life is just busy for a lot of ppl right now.

May 3rd, 10:02pmRichard

Yeah I relate I agree and I don’t know what else to say or do other than what you have done I have done Pete has done Justice for Tony is trying to do you know
And yes being it is your birthday tomorrow that’s a good thing you can come for a birthday lunch meal supper dinner all you can eat you can eat everything in the menu how does that sound forget about talking to anyone just eat and celebrate
So if you can take a cab like I said I will pay for it and we can give you a ride home or I can or whatever you want to do take a cab back home cuz it’s your birthday
I was charging my phone so it’s on now so if you want to call or message text message message text using messenger Facebook it’s all good


I told Justice that I was pretty much done because there’s 1400 members most women and they’re so disconnected and out of 1400 you would think 500 would be willing to commit to some kind of a marcher gathering at City Hall or Police Department headquarters but if the number of folks that showed up at search parties and I don’t think there was ever more than 15 maybe that usually 5 6 or 7 if that’s an indicator of anything I doubt if it will be any kind of a numerical response needed


But I see you’re there so if you want to take a cab or have me pick you up or whatever works that would be a good thing and you can meet James he’s a pretty cool dude asking questions or whatever meet Michael you would enjoy visiting with him and I’m just going to enjoy Italian food all you guys talk hahaha


I could take a cab there if u need me too.


Well that’s fine you don’t have a car yet that is and if that would be more comfortable for you that’s fine with me and then course I’ll pay for that then you can meet everybody and we can have a meal and talk and visit either get a ride home take a cab home whatever you want to do Mary it’s all good


Let me get back with u in the morning. Then my brain will be working better, and hooefully I will feel refreshed


How far are you from a Walmart if you’re close I can MoneyGram you some money and then you can take a cab that way MoneyGram your hundred bucks or something
So you think about it sleep on it and happy birthday young lady
Thought I’d be the first one to wish you happy birthday before your birthday sneaky huh hahaha


Lol, I just got back from walmart. Its not walking distance i had to have a ride
And thank u!


You’re most welcome Mary Ward so try to get some rest get rested Maybe just relax as much as possible you know there’s a tea called chamomile tea and it’s really good and or sleepy time Celestial Seasonings makes it and really soothing good sleeping tea you probably already knew about it but have you ever heard of that oh and you’re welcome


Your welcome again I’m starting to repeat myself that’s scary
You know if you can get a ride I’ll pay your gas too just an idea
There gas I hate Google Voice it doesn’t know how to spell


Oh I was looking at your page and maybe your friend candy who took you to Walmart said if she had gas she would take you so I don’t know if she can give you a ride but I’d give her a full tank of gas
So goodnight to you good dreams good rest get refreshed because and less than an hour and a half happy happy birthday!


I don’t know if there was every any doubt but I can assure that Ficken was most definitely the officer who pulled her over. I know his ex wife Ami Hamby Ficken. She is best friends with my ex mother in law. She said he mentioned to her a while back that he pulled over the girl who is missing and he wanted her to know in case it is ever brought up down the road. Talk about a guilty concise. They got a divorce because he is extremely controlling and had multiple affairs. He’s also very verbally abusive towards his daughter. I haven’t spoken to her yet but I plan to. My ex mother in law is the one who brought up Toni and asked if she knew anything. My ex MIL said she can most definitely see him being the one who killed her. She asked me not to say anything out of fear for her safety so I’m trying to be careful and not share anything on a public forum. Something else that bothers me is that as of last year she was driving the same Ford Focus as Toni, just a different color. So that would mean he knows specs on that car. I’m going to find out if she by any chance has the same auto insurance that Toni did. I have some questions we are going to try and get out of her. His ex wife is very nice but I find her to be a bit strange.


It wasnt Candy who took me took me to Walmart. I dont know who would be available, but i will let u know tomorrow what I find out. And thank u again!


Okay only 43 minutes left and then you turn into Cinderella
So tomorrow he will be honored with a meal like people you never met by people you’ve never met but highly respect you what do you think of that


Well candy said she would take you if she had gas so that’s all I was saying so somebody can take you I’ll get him gas money if somebody can’t take you and you want to take a cab I will pay for the cab and if you want I will just come by and pick you up oh and my German Shepherd too she has to come along she’s my co-pilot my navigator she’s got a good nose sticking out the window and she always lets me know where the best smelling food is that and the closest restaurant that has that good food

May 4th, 6:05amRichard

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Mary happy birthday to you and many more to come !!!!

May 4th, 8:36amMaryRichard

You are very very welcome and I’m going to call today to find out when the car will be finished I was going to put a bigger turbo on it and do a special kind of a tune computer wise so that you could become a an identified flying object and I still might do that but anyhow I’ll let you know what’s up or down on that and I guess getting ready for the 11 o’clock lunch and I told James that you might come in Michael too and they were kind of excited and be a good meeting and I might even be another friend of yours it might show up 4 your birthday so come and enjoy a birthday meal


Sorry about that I know you’re busy and being you haven’t said yes I’m going to assume no so that’s okay I did tell James from Shady that you might be there Michael S Stewart yes your friend Lanae might want to come or will try so here I am trying to put everything together and absolutely getting no commitment from anybody so that’s why thinking about a protest attempt on the part of getting X number of women of the fourteen hundred or more on Justice would probably be an exercise in futility just because it would be no real commitment any more than like you said there’s a response to blogs and likes and shares and but I did find a woman who has had really good information on ficken and maybe a sex trafficking connection just evil stuff KCPD North kpcb all bad bad stuff so anyhow if you could let me know when you get this yes or no that would be nice and happy birthday and I’ll work on the car probably be about a month if you need to use mine you can you haven’t said anything so shared ass and offered ask not ass amazing Google I think Google has a dirty mind so I will talk to you later one way or the other happy birthday dear Mary and I’ll just wait to hear from you I won’t overload you anymore I promise


Thank yoy! I didnt know my husband had this appointment today. Let me see whats going on and I will get right back with u


Well we can do this another time Mary you know it’s okay you know we’ll just get together on Saturday then that way um it’s all good Michael he’s not committed because of a car problem and then they haven’t heard from her let me your friend lenai lenai your friend so was just bag it I tried to get Holly to come you know if she didn’t want to talk on the phone isn’t filled doesn’t feel involved in on all that song-and-dance crap and so I unloaded I mean Jack Zach dumped on me and I’m thinking I don’t need this s*** so I’m just going to work and getting you a car and I’ll try to get there Saturday and I’m just going to call James and baguette just tell him will I’ll meet him another time so don’t worry about it the snow just know I gave it my best shot and I’m sorry think I’m going to just go take a nap for 20 years

May 4th, 10:35amMary

Saturday sounds like it would be better for everyone. Not sure whats going on with my husband. Kinda pissing me off. But, oh well

May 4th, 5:53pmMary

Hey! I was just wondering. U said something about possibly having a car I can use right now until a more permanent option, like next month was available. Do u have something I could use for now?


Yes I do…


changing oil in the am
need to add your name to insurance too


Ok. How do we do that?


call me at 816-599-1388 in 5 minutes to discuss that ok?



May 4th, 7:46pmMary

Theres one place I heard about this Jolly guy. I’m sure James knows him


He does
You might want to share on justice and your page you will be on program


About to eat dinner. Talk to u soon!


Ok. So a few things if I do come on the radio show. I dont want to mention names. My in-laws are close with the judge and some officers in NKC. And since I have put my face and voice out there seeking justice, I have been especially shunned. This is, I believe, 1 of the reasons they are not helping us with a car temporarily.


get ready to call in…


oh well…changed mind is ok… not a problem


Well the cat’s already out of the bag I mean in-laws what’s with your husband did they own his nuts or what sorry I mean I think probably and I’m being really honest I think we all oughta just run up the white flag especially me because I’m way out there to like I told Holly you know who because Pete Sanchez and family weren’t helping and a course they never help me she’s indecisive and wants to quit or has quit and you’ve got to worry about in-laws and husband and hell I’m wondering if they’re sabotage the car I mean I don’t mind you using it but that’s a possibility cutting a brake line or whatever and you didn’t let me know that you weren’t coming on if I decide well it’s like the if if is not a good word and kind of left me hanging and I don’t care if you’re not going to come on but don’t tell me you are and then say it later and then so I’m on the air waiting for you to come so we can talk about everything and now of all times now of all times you’re worried about your in-laws in the f****** cops and the f****** judge you know and I’m thinking too damn late girl but that’s okay I got a backup and regroup about all of this plus you took the car off your web page your Facebook page I guess I can understand that I mean I don’t know I think I’ve been pretty stupid trying to do good things and right things and care and help love other people that don’t give a s*** about me not that I care about that but that’s true and I’m only in this for Tony and I considered it you a warrior woman using Native Americans as an example like any Mayock wash Annie Mae aquash she was abducted raped and murdered by members of the American Indian movement and I had an experience with her like I did with Tony which is why I exposed her killers and murderers like Russell Means that great actor and John trudell all involved in this woman mother of two being raped and having a bullet put in her head while she was praying saying you don’t have to do this I have children and they murdered her In Cold Blood FBI covered that up black man Perry Ray Robinson murdered by the same people FBI hit that for 40 years I have friends on Pine Ridge you know where his body’s buried along with 10 others including three white women that were gained raped and murdered and a black Marshall crucified upside down on a cross so yeah I think what I need to do and I told Holly this and I’m really getting close to doing this really serious is just shut down everything remove the blog shutdown WordPress change my phone number and get the hell Outta Dodge go fishing because in the end I end up being by myself anyhow and when I think and believe there are those who are like minded when it comes to Injustice and telling the truth in the end there’s few if any because they are willing to let the pressures of whoever whatever cause them to all of a sudden no longer be willing to do anything to bring forth Justice for anyone


Don’t ask me how I really feel very discouraged people still jacketing me with s*** and like you said no one’s sharing no one’s liking Justice for Toni Anderson page is a impotent joke and I thought I really did I really thought the women would be the warriors with the Battle Cry of justice for Toni Anderson and hell they make the f***** men look good men who have done nothing said nothing emasculated Cutlass b****** probably like your husband and his relatives and all the men and North Kansas City all the men in the police department all the men in Parkville all the men in Kansas City holy s*** are there any man anywhere that have courage evidently not and the women are down do few and far between so I have to think about this


So I don’t know what I’m going to do or if I want to do anything because I’m tired of being disappointed in if you’re worried about your in-laws in terms of what they think about you already and you’re not going to be on the radio program because of them and your little punk ass b**** husband okay and ficken and what he did to you and others and he’ll Mary I think I’m I’m the crazy one here I don’t think I’m doing anything right really I just need to go find a damn hole and I told Justice for that I told Holly that and I’m telling you that that little assholes that you know one of his women friends saying I’m KKK and I can go on but all the s*** I go through and I’m I’ll tell you what there’s one person one man I should say one man that they all want that it ain’t you it ain’t Holly it ain’t anybody but me song with put my ass on the line for Tony I don’t give a s*** what anybody does to me and I don’t care what anybody thinks because you know what you need to look at that quote on my Facebook page that’s all I know and my bumper said bumper sticker says Marines fear God and no others


And on my radio program I said in no uncertain terms the people that have put their necks on the line that if anything happens to them I have my connections in my friends no go after these assholes they will go after them and if Tony was my daughter I would not be in a body bag by myself but even her father’s a b**** and her mother is a loser and Pete Sanchez Jr another b**** and the father I don’t know where he’s at and I guess I don’t care and I think I’m going to turn off the phone and the computer and go to sleep and think about if I’m going to do anything at all anymore for Toni Anderson or anyone else for that matter because I can see right now I’m pissing in the Wind so f*** your husband f*** the in-laws f*** the judge and f*** North Kansas City police officers yep I do swear I do get angry and I haven’t seeding hate for those kinds of people that are gutless cowards emasculated b****** who really don’t give a s*** about what happens to Toni Anderson any more than they would give a s*** about what happened to you and then that include your f****** husband goodnight


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