Obama Gives a “Green Light” to the “Heroin Epidemic”

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By William Edstrom.

Barack Obama ended opium eradication efforts in Afghanistan in 2009, effectively green lighting Afghan opium production and the Afghan heroin trade. By 2010, all US efforts to eradicate Afghan opium ceased. It has been US policy to allow Afghan opium growing and the heroin trade since. US heroin deaths tripled from 3,036 in 2010 to 10,574 in 2014 as a result.

Vanda Felbab-Brown at the Brookings Institution. a liberal think tank that often writes reports supporting the Obama Administration, penned “No Easy Exit: Drugs and Counternarcotics Strategies in Afghanistan” in advance of the April 2016 UN Summit on Drugs (UNGASS). No way out for Uncle Sam is more like it. The report is notable for what it omits, which is any mention of the heroin epidemic, the deadliest illicit drug epidemic in history, or any of the tens of thousands of Americans killed by heroin since Obama took office.

The Bush Administration had an Afghan opium eradication program in effect, carried out by DynCorp. Obama didn’t renew DynCorp’s eradication contracts, effectively ending all US efforts to eradicate opium. (Afghan government eradication efforts in 2014, resulted in 1.1% of the Afghan opium crop being eradicated. The NY Times reported that the Afghan government will no longer eradicate opium crops as of 2016.) Heroin is made from opium.

Ms. Felbab-Brown might as well have said “let them eat cake” to the tens of thousands of Americans killed by heroin since 2009, the millions now hooked on heroin and the tens of millions living in terror because of loved ones now hooked on this deadly poison.

US policy changed to permit opium growing and the heroin trade during Obama’s first year in office, as a way to minimize US troop casualties in Afghanistan. And to maximize US civilian casualties in the US from heroin.

The CIA defines blowback as the ‘consequences at home of operations overseas.’

Since ending eradication efforts, US heroin deaths shot up from 3,036 (2010) to 5,925 (2012) to 10,574 in 2014. The heroin death toll continues to shoot up as does the number of heroin users, from the 1,500,000 US heroin users in 2010 to 4,500,000 users in 2015. As heroin deaths under Obama tripled, so has heroin usage.

There were 7,600 hectares of Afghan opium poppies when the War in Afghanistan began in 2001. (1 hectare = 2.5 US acres.) In 2009, there were 123,000 hectares. By 2014, Afghan poppy fields spread to 224,000 hectares resulting in a bumper crop of 6,400 tons of opium, enough to make 640,000 kilograms of heroin, thanks to Obama. Opium yields far greater profit than foods like wheat or corn, so opium production will continue to rise without serious eradication efforts.

Afghanistan is by far the number one producer of opium and heroin. Total worldwide opium production was 7,554 tons in 2014, of which 85% came from Afghanistan. The remaining 1,154 tons are primarily from Myanmar, Laos, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam.

Mexico produced 162 tons of opium in 2014, enough to make 16,200 kilograms of heroin. An average heroin addict takes 0.15 kg of heroin a year, meaning Mexican heroin could only supply 108,000 heroin addicts. Heroin from Mexico cannot supply even 10% of US heroin demand.

Yet the DEA claims most heroin in the US is from Mexico. I asked Barbara Carreno and Russell Baer at the DEA questions like how such a mathematical impossibility was told by the DEA. They dodged many questions, claiming only 4% of heroin is from Afghanistan and the rest is mostly from Mexico. Carreno and Baer acknowledged 90% of heroin in Canada is from Afghanistan, but wouldn’t acknowledge that the USA has a border with Canada, only with Mexico.

We’re getting hit with the largest ever illicit drug epidemic in American history and the DEA is asleep at the wheel.

USA’s now #1 for heroin use. US heroin demand is 415,000 kilograms a year. The whole world, except Afghanistan, could only produce 115,400 kilograms of heroin (2014), not enough for even a third of the mushrooming US demand. Most heroin in the US is coming from US-occupied Afghanistan, there is no other mathematical possibility. There is no other physical possibility.

Carreno and Baer stated “we are a small press office with many queries to answer, and your line of questioning is expanding. I’m sorry to have to say that we will not able to assist you further.” I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information about what the DEA has been doing (if anything) about Afghan opium and heroin.

I also asked the DEA people if they know how bad the heroin epidemic’s gotten or have any sense of urgency about it, they dodged these questions too. An American now gets killed every 32 minutes by heroin. Carreno and Baer seemed like they couldn’t care less and they don’t feel like answering most questions asked.

Perhaps the DEA people would answer questions (or plead the 5th) at Congressional Hearings.

Basic math shows that Mexico cannot produce enough heroin for even 1/10th of US demand. Besides 4,500,000 American heroin users (2,500,000 addicts and 2,000,000 casual users) and 10,000+ US heroin deaths a year, are the tens of millions of loved ones and neighbors living through hell because of this biggest ever drug epidemic in history.

One New Yorker summed it up “with heroin addicts on every block now, it’s like a zombie invasion.” One small American town has 190 HIV+ people due to IV narcotics use. The War in Afghanistan is the longest ever war in US history and the “collateral damage” of Americans being killed by Afghan heroin is shooting up.

Afghanistan has been known as the Graveyard of the Empires since Alexander the Great. Afghan heroin may yet destroy the American Empire. Since Obama green lighted Afghan opium and heroin, crime’s been shooting up in many places like Baltimore, considered to be ground zero for the heroin epidemic and the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the nation.

False narratives have proliferated recently about the heroin epidemic. One such narrative is ‘the Mexicans did it.’ Mexico, producing enough opium for 16.2 tons of heroin (2014), has enough for only 4% of current US heroin demand. The Mexicans didn’t do the heroin epidemic. (Colombia produced 2 tons of heroin in 2014, not enough for even 1% of the US heroin market.)

Another false narrative, ‘the doctors did it’ alleges patients got hooked on painkillers then turned to heroin. Not true. Only 3.6% of patients taking narcotic painkillers go on to take heroin.

‘Myanmar did it.’ Myanmar, a distant 2nd for heroin production, produced enough opium for 67 tons of heroin (2014), not enough for even 1/4th of US demand. Plus, Myanmar’s heroin goes to Asia, Australia and Europe. Not US.

“Genetics did it” which says ‘10% of people are prone to addiction, so genetics is the reason for the heroin epidemic.’ Human genetics hasn’t changed much the past 15 years. What has changed is Afghan opium production shot up from 7,600 hectares (2001) to 224,000 hectares (2014), a 29-fold increase.

‘Treatment is the solution.’ Treatment is a few fingers in a dyke that has sprung millions of holes. As Afghan heroin floods in, heroin use shoots up.

In Afghanistan, where heroin’s been as readily available as Coca-Cola since 2009, 8% of the people are addicted to narcotics. Following the footsteps of US policy in Afghanistan would mean 8% of the US population, 25,500,000 Americans, becoming addicted, which would be more like a zombie victory than a zombie invasion and would solidify Obama’s legacy as Heroin Dealer In Chief.

‘Decriminalize’ and “marijuana is like heroin” are additional narratives, about marijuana legalization in some places and Portugal’s decriminalization of personal possession of all drugs in 2001. Heroin’s not marijuana and trafficking tons of heroin is not personal possession. Apples and oranges.

Heroin is physically addictive within 30 days of daily use. Heroin kills 40x more than cocaine does and over 100x more than marijuana. Just as there are vast differences between swallowing a pint-size OJ, a Heineken or 3 liters of rum, so too there are vast differences between drugs. Decriminalizing personal possession of drugs is not comparable to decriminalizing trafficking tons of heroin.

Heroin traffickers no doubt want decriminalization instead of life imprisonment just as the makers of the world’s #1 narco state, Afghanistan, want people confused and distracted away from what they did.

The latest DEA narratives: ‘W-18 did it’ and ‘heroin deaths are over-reported’. Synthetics like W-18 are a drop in the overflowing heroin epidemic bucket. Heroin breaks down to morphine in the body within hours, gets recorded by American coroners as morphine (prescription drug) overdoses, resulting in under-reporting of heroin deaths by as much as 100%. The real US heroin death count in 2014 was closer to 20,000 than to 10,574.

It’s as if the recent media flurry of false narratives and distracting narratives have been to try to confuse and distract people away from the most lethal ever illicit drug epidemic (the heroin epidemic 2009-present), Afghanistan (source of 85% of all heroin) and how the heroin is getting to US. It appears as if certain elements within the US government are afraid of the epidemic of Afghan heroin being discussed and Congressional Hearings, sanctions (or worse) for what they did in making Afghanistan into the deadliest narco state ever in human history.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan until Fall 2001. In mid-2000, the Taliban outlawed opium, within a year it was all but gone, from 91,000 hectares (1999) to 7,600 hectares (2001). Since the Taliban effectively outlawed opium within a year, then why hasn’t the latest US-supported Afghan regime and US Administration done the same?

If serious efforts are not made to eradicate heroin at it’s source, then the heroin epidemic will get worse.

Besides prioritizing eradication first, which will take a year if done in earnest, there are additional solutions.

Second, outlaw precursor chemicals, like acetic anhydride, needed to make heroin from opium. The chemicals to make methaqualone were outlawed in the 1980s. Methaqualone overdoses then stopped.

Third, US government and government-chartered planes can be searched.

Fourth, buying opium for medical morphine in the meantime, until eradication is complete, will alleviate this surge of heroin shocking and awing America.

Fifth, millions of addicts need treatment. There aren’t enough inpatient beds or outpatient seats for even 1/8th of the surge in narcotic users. $25 billion constructs 100,000 inpatient treatment beds and $10 billion annually provides another million seats in outpatient treatment. So far, Obama has ponied up less than 1% of the money needed for treatment, only $0.116 billion, for the heroin disaster he made. Day late, dollar short.

Sixth, decriminalizing personal possession in order to focus on big heroin traffickers would result in lower overall prison costs and fewer non-violent drug users serving expensive lengthy sentences.

US government agencies and departments involved in Afghanistan, 2000 to present, can come clean and tell all about Afghan opium and heroin.

One giant step forward would be Congressional Hearings to determine facts:

1)how did Afghan opium surge from 7,600 hectares to 224,000 hectares, 2) why did annual heroin deaths surge from 1,779 to 10,574 on up,
3)how did the Taliban effectively eradicate Afghan opium within a year, 4) why hasn’t the current Administration done likewise,
5)what exactly have the DEA, CIA and DoD been doing about Afghan opium and heroin, and
6) why did Obama green light the Afghan opium trade and heroin trade leading to the most lethal illicit drug epidemic ever.

The UN has been given the power to hold inquiries focusing on getting honest answers to honest questions and voting on censure or sanctions against the US government and current Afghanistan regime until opium is eradicated as it was under the Taliban in 2001.

Obama green lighted the end of US eradication efforts against Afghan opium in 2009, which green lighted the Afghan opium and heroin trade, which green lighted the deadliest illicit drug epidemic ever. The 10,000+ Americans getting killed every year by heroin, that’s just “collateral damage” to “the little people” from the lingering War in Afghanistan, Mr. President?

Eradicate the Afghan opium crops, stat, the way the Taliban eradicated the Afghan opium crops, within a year. No need to re-invent the wheel on this one.

“Honkey Hatin Thug” Kansas City Chief Marcus Peters Tries To “Throw Another Game”!

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THROW a game, deliberately lose a game, cause your team to lose, take a dive.

Chiefs’ Marcus Peters, who gave up two TDs, said he was “hella weak” against the Redskins.

Peters with four receptions allowed on five targets including two touchdowns I believe was “intentional”!Not only that…why did the Washington team target Peters? A “phone call” maybe to one of his fellow “kneeling thug bitch boy homies” saying “hit me up” with some passes and I will be “hella weak today” and tag those “Cracker Chief Fans”!


Because he wanted to get back at the WHITE CHIEF’S FANS for calling him out on kneeling/sitting during the National Anthem and DISRESPECTING VETERANS!

AND…when he sat when a tribute of silence was given for the MAJORITY WHITE (but one) victims of the shooting in Nevada! Would he have sat if the victims were ALL BLACK? Discussion ended!

How else to “pay them White motherfuckers” back then to act like you had a “bad night” and intentionally try to throw the game? And he almost succeeded!

Tribute to Vegas shooting victims before Redskins … – Kansas City Star

5 days ago – The Redskins and Chiefs stood for a moment of silence before the national … before Monday night’s game between Washington and Kansas City. …

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except for cornerback Marcus Peters and linebacker and AFRICAN Ukeme Eligwe. 


And if you saw Peter’s in the game against Houston…his INACTION was another attempt to “throw the game”! Stayed away from “tackles”. Intentionally allowed for Houston receivers to “get open” while not assisting other safetys in coverage when he easily could have. Not one head on tackle!

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Yours Truly USMC…Nam…1.1 66-68 18 months… DOCUMENTED! 🙂

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First Amendment definition. An amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing the rights of free expression and action that are fundamental to democratic government. These rights include freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.

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Let’s talk about “Injustice” with facts and history hidden that Marcus Peters and all the other kneeling NFL “Ghetto Thugs” and “wiggers” are guilty of in not addressing or in some cases are guilty of. Let’s get personal too. To desecrate the symbol of the very freedom that allows a black thug to be a “nigger” committing the crimes that either put them in prison or kill them is NOT the fault of anyone but them! Black Veterans, Native American Veterans, Latino and Caucasian Veterans are disrespected given it was their shed blood that allowed for the very freedom for a thug like Marcus Peter’s to be a anti-American thug.

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Marcus Peter’s fellow thugs doing what they do best! Say CRIMINALS WITH A FREE JEW PASS!

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Add to that…the TRUTH to keep in mind and is documented that is was Peter’s “Roots Brothers” …say AFRICANS who were the “racial architects and pimps” of Africa Slavery working direct with Jews! That is h Now to the contemporary statistics which reveal how Blacks have been socially and politically “engineered” to be on the top of the crime list! They are a money making race of STUPID IS STUPID DOES making billions for the criminal justice system owned by Jews, “House Negro’s”, and Free Masons!

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By the way… there is NO difference between the word NIGGER and REDSKIN… and this is your history lesson proving that TRUTH!  Peter’s  people were hired by Jews and others to be murdering raping mercenaries targeting Native American’s!

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The words of Marcus Peter’s Hero Eldridge Cleaver, Founder of the Black Panther Party and Serial Rapist of both Black and White Women! This excerpt is what Peter’s thinks about Black women and White women in particular!

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Nazi leader Adolf Hitler hated blacks almost as much as he hated Jews.  Veterans…mostly WHITE the Blacks of this country from having their NUTS CUT OFF BY REAL NAZI’S!

In his autobiography Mein Kampf, Hitler referred to Afro-Germans as “Rhineland bastards”—a reference to the children of German and African parents.

Among other forms of oppression, the Nazis sterilized German blacks. The intent was to prevent Afro-German men from having children with white German women and “diluting” the Aryan race.

In the 1997 documentary Hitler’s Forgotten Victims, black German survivors talked about the forced sterilization. After the procedure, often administered without anesthesia, the blacks were free to leave after getting a certificate … and vowing to never sleep with German women.

If it wasn’t for the above races of VETERANS Peter’s…the Nazi’s and Japanese would have won the war and you “would not exist” or have “testicles”!

Unbroken: Japan Still in Deep Denial Over Cannibalism Against US Soldiers

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The Japanese ATE human flesh and enjoyed it. IF they would of won the war… and occupied this country with the Nazi’s… Say “Yummy in their tummy”! Native American CODE TALKERS were instrumental in defeating the Japanese!


I invite any of the NFL ” thugs” to go to a Veterans Pow Wow on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and desecrate the flag and country…and I want to be there so I can see your Buffalo Soldier Raping Murdering of Lakota women and girls get your asses beat into the ground!

Africa’s Role In Slavery

Published:Sunday | October 25, 2015 | 10:00 AM Martin Henry, Contributed

A maquette of a slavery memorial in central London, England.

Africa’s role in slavery

This is absolutely the best of times to talk about the African participation in slavery. This is absolutely the worst of times to talk about the African participation in slavery.

There is strong preference for uncomfortable truths about the matter to be kept out of sight. But this is a good time to undertake a disinterment.

The great early 20th-Century black writer of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston, bitterly complained that “the white people held my people in slavery here in America. They had bought us, it is true, and exploited us.

But the inescapable fact that stuck in my craw was: My people had sold me … . My own people had exterminated whole nations and torn families apart for a profit before the strangers got their chance at a cut. It was a sobering thought. It impressed upon me the universal nature of greed.” And we might add, the universal nature of slavery.

African kings were willing to provide a steady flow of captives, who they said were criminals or prisoners of war doomed for execution. Many were not, but this did not prevent traders posing as philanthropists who were rescuing the Africans from death and offering them a better and more productive life.

When France and Britain outlawed slavery in their territories in the early 19th Century, African chiefs who had grown rich and powerful off the slave trade sent protest delegations to Paris and London. Britain abolished the slave trade and slavery itself against fierce opposition from West African and Arab traders.

According to Basil Davidson, celebrated scholar of African history, in his book The African Slave Trade: “The notion that Europe altogether imposed the slave trade on Africa is without any foundation in history … . Those Africans who were involved in the trade were seldom the helpless victims of a commerce they did not understand: On the contrary, they responded to its challenge. They exploited its opportunities.”

Until the 18th Century, very few Europeans had any moral reservations about slavery, which contradicted no important social value for most people around the world. In the Arab world, which was the first to import large numbers of slaves from Africa, the slave traffic was cosmopolitan. Slaves of all types were sold in open bazaars. The Arabs played an important role as middlemen in the trans-atlantic slave trade, and research data suggest that between the 7th and the 19th centuries, they transported more than 14 million black slaves across the Sahara and the Red Sea, as many or more than were shipped to the Americas, depending on the estimates for the transatlantic slave trade.

Tunde Obadina, a director of Africa Business Information Services, has acknowledged the importance of Britain, and other Western countries, in ending the slave trade. “When Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807,” he has written, “it not only had to contend with opposition from white slavers, but also from African rulers who had become accustomed to wealth gained from selling slaves or from taxes collected on slaves passed through their domain. African slave-trading classes were greatly distressed by the news that legislators sitting in Parliament in London had decided to end their source of livelihood. But for as long as there was demand from the Americas for slaves, the lucrative business continued.”

“Slave trading for export,” Obadina notes, only “ended in Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa after slavery ended in the Spanish colonies of Brazil and Cuba in 1880. A consequence of the ending of the slave trade was the expansion of domestic slavery as African businessmen replaced trade in human chattel with increased export of primary commodities. Labour was needed to cultivate the new source of wealth for the African elites. The ending of the obnoxious business had nothing to do with events in Africa. Rulers and traders there would have happily continued to sell humans for as long as there was demand for them.”

Mali only legally abolished slavery in 1960 and hundreds of thousands of people are still enslaved there in 2015, despite the law.

As Thomas Sowell, a black conservative American scholar, has pointed out the efforts of the European nations to wipe out slavery have been virtually ignored. “Incredibly late in human history”, he writes, “a mass moral revulsion finally set in against slavery – first in 18th-century England, and then during the 19th Century, throughout Western civilisation. But only in Western civilisation … Africans, Arabs, and Asians continued to resist giving up their slaves. Only because Western power was at its peak in the 19th Century was Western imperialism able to impose the abolition of slavery around the world – as it imposed the rest of its beliefs and agendas, for good or evil.”

The resistance put up by Africans, Asians and Arabs was monumental in defence of slavery and lasted for more than a century, Sowell writes. Only the overwhelming military power of the West enabled it to prevail on this issue, and only the moral outrage of Western peoples kept their Government’s feet to the fire politically to maintain the pressure against slavery around the world.

Ghanaian politician and educator Samuel Sulemana Fuseini has acknowledged that his Asante ancestors accumulated their great wealth by abducting, capturing, and kidnapping Africans and selling them as slaves.

Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Awoonor has also written: “I believe there is a great psychic shadow over Africa, and it has much to do with our guilt and denial of our role in the slave trade. We, too, are blameworthy in what was essentially one of the most heinous crimes in human history.”

In 2000, at an observance attended by delegates from several European countries and the United States, officials from Benin publicised President Mathieu Kerekou’s apology for his country’s role in “selling fellow Africans by the millions to white slave traders”.

“We cry for forgiveness and reconciliation,” said Luc Gnacadja, Benin’s minister of environment and housing.

Cyrille Oguin, Benin’s ambassador to the United States, acknowledged: “We share in the responsibility for this terrible human tragedy.”

A year later, the president of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, who is himself the descendant of generations of slave-owning and slave-trading African kings, urged Europeans, Americans, and Africans to acknowledge publicly and teach openly about their shared responsibility for the Atlantic slave trade. Wade’s remarks came shortly after the release of “the first African film to look at African involvement in the slave trade with the West” by Ivory Coast director Roger Gnoan M’bala.

“It’s up to us,” M’Bala declared, “to talk about slavery, open the wounds of what we’ve always hidden and stop being puerile when we put responsibility on others … .”

“In our own oral tradition, slavery is left out purposefully because Africans are ashamed when we confront slavery. Let’s wake up and look at ourselves through our own image.”

But African slaveholders and slave traders didn’t think of themselves or their slaves as ‘Africans’. Instead, they thought of themselves in tribal terms and their slaves as foreigners or inferiors.

What William Wilberforce and other abolitionists vanquished, one writer explains, was something even worse than slavery, something that was much more fundamental and could hardly be seen from where we stand today: They vanquished the very mindset that made slavery acceptable and allowed it to survive and thrive for millennia. They destroyed an entire way of seeing the world, one that had held sway from the beginning of history, and replaced it with another way of seeing the world.

Thomas Sowell notes that “the anti-slavery movement was spearheaded by people who would today be called “the religious Right” and its organisation was created by conservative businessmen. “Moreover, what destroyed slavery in the non-Western world was Western imperialism,” he argues. “Nothing could be more jolting and discordant with the vision of today’s intellectuals than the fact that it was businessmen, devout religious leaders and Western imperialists who together destroyed slavery around the world. And if it doesn’t fit their vision, it is the same to them as if it never happened.”

I am particularly indebted to the very politically incorrect work of Thomas Sowell and to Dinesh D’Souza’s now famous 20-year old Policy Review essay, ‘We the Slave Owners’, for information on this horrible subject of slavery and African participation in it. But many other sources are freely available on the Web which I have tapped for this piece and which can be easily checked, if prejudice against these uncomfortable truths does not provoke a boycott.

– Martin Henry is a university administrator. Email feedback to and

Today I Was Confronted and Threatened By A “NIGGER” At Rolling Wheels Independence Missouri

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FOREWORD to this blog…Fast forward to end of MMA below YOU TUBE and LISTEN to next YouTube where you will hear/see a BLACK MAN CALLING FOR THE BANNING OF NIGGERS…exactly like the one I was confronted by  at Rolling Wheels Motorcycle Training in Independence Missouri. This NIGGER also represents the Black Buffalo Soldier NIGGER who’s posterity raped and murdered Native American women and girls…and mass murdered them and received MEDALS OF HONOR FOR!

A must see YOU TUBE COMMENTARY defining NIGGERS by a BLACK MAN and for Whites wanting to avoid NIGGERS LIKE THE NIGGER I MET TODAY AT ROLLING WHEELS …this is a must listen to expose Culture and Race lesson 101 for DUMMIES including and especially WHITES 🙂

The “Ban Niggers” YOU TUBE is after the MMA….just FAST FORWARD and listen to the definition of a NIGGER and their “mama” as explained by a Black Man targeted by “Niggers” 🙂

Image may contain: 1 person, selfie

A friend of mine…Ghost Dog RomanNose…a Full Blood Cheyenne Arapaho Native American said there are Blacks and there are NIGGERS and that is who got in my face this AM at ROLLING WHEELS…say NIGGER!

Today I went to the office at Rolling Wheels with full knowledge of the owner to get MY PROPERTY and with his permission being the OWNER DOUG SMITH…who I have known for 25 years. As I was looking for the MISSING fax machine…the NIGGER followed me around like a ghetto thug NIGGER from 31st and Troost got in my face and told me to leave…wanted to get “physical” because he was a NIGGER! I told him I had permission of the OWNER and the NIGGER said “he didn’t care”. After he “bumped me” he went to his truck threatening to get a gun which if I saw the gun before I left he would be a DEAD NIGGER!

Image result for Blacks race haters of whites murderers

Given the above documented statistics…my advice to WHITES wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle and or get your MC license is find another “Training Facility” other then ROLLING WHEELS because Rolling Wheels has “Cracker Honkey Hating” NIGGERS in their classes looking for an excuse to be a NIGGER targeting Whites!

Image result for Blacks race haters of whites murderers


Here are “safe places” for Whites to learn how to ride and where NIGGERS don’t have a “green light” to be NIGGERS like the one that confronted me today! Notice the statistics about NIGGERS raping White women! Taking bets the NIGGER who confronted me is one of THEM!

Gail’s Harley Davidson where you learn from professionals! You might pay more but you don’t buy “Price” but “Results” while not being exposed to “thugs from the hood”!

Worth Harley Davidson again run by professionals

And there are OTHERS choices other then ROLLING WHEELS!


A few of my blogs for further history about the type of NIGGER that confronted me today!


Image result for washington redskins mascots black man

This racist mascot “nigger” is DEAD



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Nelson Mandela - father-in-law of suspectKing Mswati III Frans MaelaBlack 'astronaut' - file photoMugabe

Carlston W. Coleman JrRonald Coleman JrDavid Joseph Easterling
New Nation News
Burned Alive
White man kidnaped, robbed and burned alive
by black terrorists
David Holt




How I Put Attorney’s Like John W. Witten ON THE MAP !

I expose them. I even expose JUDGES! You break the law and LIE…your ass is mine! 

You bet I left you a phone message but you were not alone Witten! I did the same with the Judges in the above blogs! And Gag A Maggot Gagnon too! I don’t use BULLETS but TRUTH DOCUMENTED 🙂 I call it BUTT HURT! 🙂

Image result for lying attorneys ass on the map

Prosecuting Attorney Joe Gagnon And Attorney Mary C. O’Connell Guilty of Covering Up Police Brutality


Bar Admissions:
U.S. District Court, Western District of Missouri
U.S. District Court, District of Kansas
U.S. Court of Appeals 10th Circuit

Quick Contact

Rouse Frets Gentile Rhodes, LLC
5250 W. 116th Place, Suite 400
Leawood, Kansas 66211
Phone: (913) 387-1600

Image result for bill ficken

Attorney John Witten is on the MAP as found in the blog links above. He also was fully aware of his client NKCPD Officer Bill Ficken having ALTERED THE VIDEO which shows that Ficken BRUTALLY ASSAULTED  Michael S. Stewart (along with the other cops on the scene! John has been working direct with soon to be charged with a felony Clinton County Prosecutor Joe Gagnon…and both of them can kiss heir kiss their career goodbye.

Say withhold evidence during discovery from the trial Judge AND the MISSOURI APPELLATE COURT you dumb as a rock snow flake! Video is DOCUMENTED AS BEING ALTERED Johnny Boy 🙂 Trying to use ME to protect your punk ass rogue thug client Ficken should cause your boss and peers to question your IQ not to mention the Judges in this case! Semper Fi DIRTBAG! 🙂

Witten’s fellow Attorneys defending rogue NKCPD cops being turned into the American Bar and other “interested parties”!

ALL of these attorneys knew about and approved of the altering of the NKC Hospital video working with the 2 prosecuting attorneys to protect the guilty rogue cops who almost murdered Stewart!

Image result for michael s. stewart attorney nkcpd

Defendant: Gary W. Ficken, Jr.
Represented By: Timothy S. Frets
Represented By: Mary C. OConnell mary-oconnell
Represented By: John W. Witten
Defendant: Christopher Kimmel
Represented By: Karen J. Halbrookkarenhalbrook
Represented By: Lindsay Poehling Windham
Defendant: Pat Romine
Represented By: Karen J. Halbrook
Represented By: Lindsay Poehling WindhamLindsay Poehling Windham

Image result for senate judiciary committee grassley

Yes he will see this including the Missouri Governor!

Image result for senate judiciary committee



Prosecuting Attorney Joe Gagnon And Attorney Mary C. O’Connell Guilty of Covering Up Police Brutality

Updated 9/27/2017 – 8am with corrections of “sentence structure, spelling, additions and deletions. AND…
I make NO apologies for sharing the truth about those who I have documented as being GUILTY of the below crimes. As a Marine…my favourite quote is “I fear God and no others” and combined with my oath to the Constitution to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic…I continue to obey that promise to fight against and expose those who I consider “domestic enemies” with this case being one example.
Contrary to the latest smear/slandering of me with lies campaign by rogue and domestic terrorist enemy of the United States… attorney Mary C. O’Connell, I do what I do not with “bullets” but with the TRUTH! It matters not who they are or what they do…whether they wear “black or blue”, a skirt or a suit, or what they title is in the sight of man, I will with God’s help and inspiration expose their works of darkness knowing I am “God inspired” to do so. This is not to say there are not others (Oath Keepers ?) who might revenge the death of Michael S. Stewart if he ends up murdered at the hands of others because of the injustice of this case but that will not be my doing.
Whether in the case of Michael S. Stewart below or Toni Anderson, the Shoar’s family or any and all things related to “Indian Country”, exposing/naming FBI agents working with drug cartels, pedophiles in the government etc etc etc, my Blog is dedicated to exposing the workers of Satan and their works of evil including those who have attacked me personally being sent by Satan himself to try to destroy me in the process.
This scripture defines my work… “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” It is those below who I identify and expose in this blog and most all others. Richard Boyden


Updated 9/27/2017 – 8am with corrections of “sentence structure, spelling, additions and deletions. AND…
I make NO apologies for sharing the truth about those who I have documented as being GUILTY of the below crimes. As a Marine…my favourite quote is “I fear God and no others” and combined with my oath to the Constitution to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic…I continue to obey that promise to fight against and expose those who I consider “domestic enemies” with this case being one example.
Contrary to the latest smear/slandering of me with lies campaign by rogue and domestic terrorist enemy of the United States… attorney Mary C. O’Connell, I do what I do not with “bullets” but with the TRUTH! It matters not who they are or what they do…whether they wear “black or blue”, a skirt or a suit, or what they title is in the sight…

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Prosecuting Attorney Joe Gagnon And Attorney Mary C. O’Connell Guilty of Covering Up Police Brutality

Updated 9/27/2017 – 8am with corrections of “sentence structure, spelling, additions and deletions. AND…
I make NO apologies for sharing the truth about those who I have documented as being GUILTY of the below crimes. As a Marine…my favourite quote is “I fear God and no others” and combined with my oath to the Constitution to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic…I continue to obey that promise to fight against and expose those who I consider “domestic enemies” with this case being one example.
Contrary to the latest smear/slandering of me with lies campaign by rogue and domestic terrorist enemy of the United States… attorney Mary C. O’Connell, I do what I do not with “bullets” but with the TRUTH! It matters not who they are or what they do…whether they wear “black or blue”, a skirt or a suit, or what they title is in the sight of man, I will with God’s help and inspiration expose their works of darkness knowing I am “God inspired” to do so. This is not to say there are not others (Oath Keepers ?) who might revenge the death of Michael S. Stewart if he ends up murdered at the hands of others because of the injustice of this case but that will not be my doing.
Whether in the case of Michael S. Stewart below or Toni Anderson, the Shoar’s family or any and all things related to “Indian Country”, exposing/naming FBI agents working with drug cartels, pedophiles in the government etc etc etc, my Blog is dedicated to exposing the workers of Satan and their works of evil including those who have attacked me personally being sent by Satan himself to try to destroy me in the process.  
This scripture defines my work… “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” It is those below who I identify and expose in this blog and most all others.   Richard Boyden

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The information about this case and all involved is going to be in the NATIONAL MEDIA… !!!!! You are going to become FAMOUS! 🙂

Clinton County Prosecutor and Kansas City Attorney Mary C. O’Connell representing NKCPD Officer Bill Ficken (and others named below) are DOCUMENTED to have committed felony crimes in this case of the cover-up of the brutal beating by named police officers of Former Police Chief and Police Officer Michael S. Stewart!

In fact…if they have their way with the “Court”…Michael S. Stewart will be murdered if sent back to jail for crimes he did not commit and being he is a “Former Cop” they all know that and that IS exactly what they want including the Judge that ruled against him in his original case!

Read my lips…and repeat after me…”American Bar and Missouri Bar” 🙂

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Since 1908 the Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has developed model national ethics standards for lawyers and the judiciary and drafted ABA Formal Ethics Opinions interpreting and applying those standards.

Since 1984, the Model Rules of Professional Conduct have been the standard against which U.S. jurisdictions have compared and developed lawyer rules of conduct.  Extensive revisions to these Rules were adopted in 2002 and 2012 based on the work of the Ethics 2000 Commission and the Ethics 20/20 Commission respectively.  Today’s Model Rules reflect the legal practice in the 21st Century.

In 1990, the ABA restructured and amended the Model Code of Judicial Conduct.  Since that time most state courts have adopted the new Code.

The Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility issues ethics opinions interpreting the both the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the Model Code of Judicial Conduct. ABA Formal Opinions have been cited as persuasive when courts around the nation interpret state-adopted Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Committee and its counsel also consult with other American Bar Association entities, state and local bars, law school communities, the legal news media and the public on matters of emerging interest in the area of legal and judicial ethics.

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Leadership Profiles

Learn about the current officers of The Missouri Bar – the president, president-elect and vice president – who lead the organization through their service on the Board of Governors. Officers are elected by the Board of Governors and serve one-year terms. New officers are elected and take office at The Missouri Bar’s Annual Meeting held in early fall.

President: Morry Cole

Cole, Morry 100x125St. Louis attorney Morry Cole, an attorney with Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C., is the 2017-18 president of The Missouri Bar. Cole graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law and has been a member of the Board of Governors since 2013. Cole is a past chair of the state bar’s Young Lawyers’ Section Council and served on the board in 2002-03 as the representative of that council. His practice is focused on complex litigation in state and federal courts.

President-Elect: Ray Williams

Ray WilliamsThe 2017-18 president-elect of The Missouri Bar is Ray Williams, a solo practitioner with offices in West Plains and Eminence. Williams is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Law, where he served as Editor-In-Chief of the Missouri Law Review. He became a member of the Board of Governors in 2008 and is co-chair of the bar’s Strategic Planning Committee.


Vice-President: Tom Bender

Bender, ThomasThe new vice president of The Missouri Bar is Tom Bender, a shareholder at the Kansas City law firm of Walters Bender Strohbehn & Vaughan, P.C. He earned his law degree from the University of Missouri School of Law and has served on the Board of Governors since 2011.

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When lawyers enter the practice of law in Missouri, they obligate themselves to uphold the law and to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct governing members of The Missouri Bar. The purpose of attorney discipline is to protect the public and the administration of justice from attorneys who have not discharged their professional duties to clients, the public, the legal system, and the legal profession. The professional conduct of attorneys is governed by Supreme Court Rule 4 and the discipline process is governed by Supreme Court Rule 5.
Clinton County Prosecutor Joe Ganon along with Attorney Mary C. O’Connell (and other named attorneys below) conspired together with their “clients” North Kansas City Police Department Officers Bill Ficken, Patrick Romaine and Christopher Kimmel and Kevin Freeman to first deny and hide (say DISCOVERY) of a video the the assault that took place at North Kansas City Hospital by named police officers (and those additionally named below) of Michael S Stewart. They are also DOCUMENTED TO HAVE ALTERED THAT VIDEO TO HIDE THE ASSAULT. This then makes them guilty judicial misconduct. The the below information which I am presenting is the exact same evidential  template from other cases which is what I call a visual prototype and template documenting their GUILT and which is being reported to the American Bar and Missouri Bar!

The below information, links, and stories are EXACTLY what was done by Gagnon, the LE officers named from NKCPD and with full knowledge of Attorney Mary C. O’Connell

Reynaldo Chaves, a former Albuquerque, N.M., cop who was designated the department’s “custodian of public records,” testified that the Police Department routinely altered and deleted lapel-camera footage, including two police shootings. In the nine-page document, Chaves revealed an organized effort by the city to destroy evidence of the police shooting of Mary Hawkes that extended all the way up the ladder to the city attorney and police leadership:

21. Specifically, I know that from 2013 to the spring of 2014, the primary person in the Criminal Forensic Unit of the City of Albuquerque Police Department, Frank Pezzano, knew how to encrypt and/or erase Taser lapel camera video with a possible result being lapel camera video would either appear blank, encrypted, altered or corrupted when produced to media and/or attorneys …

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NKCPD Officer Patrick Romine

Major Kevin Freeman NKCPD FBI trained expert in “altering videos” who worked with NKCPD officers Bill Ficken, Patrick Romine and Christopher Kimmel who assisted in the altering of the video.

Tampering with evidence, or evidence tampering, is an act in which a person alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys evidence with the intent to interfere with an investigation (usually) by a law-enforcement, governmental, or regulatory authority.[1] It is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions.

Tampering with evidence is closely related to the legal issue of spoliation of evidence, which is usually the civil law or due process version of the same concept (but may itself be a crime). Tampering with evidence is also closely related to obstruction of justice and perverting the course of justice, and these two kinds of crimes are often charged together. The goal of tampering with evidence is usually to cover up a crime.

By law enforcement…say North Kansas City Police…DOCUMENTED!

When police confiscate and destroy a citizen’s photographs or recordings of officers’ misconduct, the police’s act of destroying the evidence may be prosecuted as an act of evidence tampering, if the recordings being destroyed are potential evidence in a criminal or regulatory investigation of the officers themselves.[2] In a notable case in Nebraska, officers were charged with the felony charge of evidence tampering, as well as misdemeanor obstruction and theft, when they committed brutality and forcibly stole and destroyed the recordings, which was exposed due to a third party’s recording.[3] On the other hand, when police departments lose exonerating evidence that would create reasonable doubt for defendants in the cases they prosecute, such as dashboard-camera footage from patrol cars, it may be regarded as spoliation of evidence, potentially justifying motions to dismiss and/or mistrials. Police’s loss of evidence such as footage may be considered as both spoliation and tampering, if it both exonerates the defendant and proves police misconduct. Spoliation of exonerating evidence in criminal cases may also constitute prosecutorial misconduct if the prosecutor is complicit in doing so.

Spoliation of Evidence

A manual for published online last month by Taser supports many of Chavez’s claims about the process for editing or deleting videos.

Anyone with administrator privileges at an agency can delete videos, the manual shows. Those clips remain in a queue for seven days. And administrators can “mask” entire videos or portions of them using four different “blur levels.” Audio also can be removed.

Affidavit: ABQ police have illegally deleted, altered videos of shootings

“If I change the setting in to allow offline mode this will give the officer the ability to manage their videos…” Christopher Whigham, APD Detective.

The meeting came just three days after two APD officers shot James Boyd in the foothills at the eastern edge of the city, killing the homeless man who had been illegally camping in city open space.

18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigation

Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

(Added Pub. L. 107–204, title VIII, § 802(a), July 30, 2002, 116 Stat. 800.)

 Prosecutor Joe GagnonClinton County Prosecutor Joe Gagon




Associate judges

“As long as the defendant is not given access to substantial discovery devices, discovery is a one-way street
running in favor of the prosecution with the defendant relegated for the accumulation of the information
necessary to his defence to a haphazard investigation, which in most cases he is unable properly to finance
and which is without formal sanction or judicial assistance. The realistic effect of the denial of discovery
is to permit the prosecution “to monopolize the sources of evidence applicable to the case to use or not

Former St. Louis Assistant Prosecutor Pleads Guilty to Concealing Police Officers’ Assault of Arrestee

Gagnon will be charged according to some FBI birdies! Along with O’Connell as the evidence is now confirmed to show they are GUILTY of !Spoliation of Evidence!

Spoliation of evidence is a term often used during the process of discovery.  Spoliation of evidence happens when a document or information that is required for discovery is destroyed or altered significantly.  If a person negligently or intentionally withholds or destroys relevant information that will be required in an action is liable for spoliation of evidence.

When a crucial document is lost by spoliation, the courts may try to infer the original information by applying spoliation inference rule.  Spoliation inference rule is a negative evidential inference.  When applying the rule, courts will review the altered document with inference against the spoliator and in favor of the opposing party.  The theory behind spoliation inference is that when a party has destroyed evidence, it shows that the party had consciousness of guilt or other reasons to avoid evidence.  Hence, the court will conclude that the evidence was not in spoliation’s favour.

Spoliation of evidence is an act that is prohibited by American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 37 of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and Title 18 United States Code.  Sanctions for spoliation are preventative, punitive and remedial in nature.  Separate tort actions are also permitted.

American Bar Association Rule 3.4 prohibits a lawyer from destroying or assisting another in destroying evidence pertaining to a case.  Likewise Title 18 of United States Code Sections 1503, 1510, 1512 and 1519 prohibits a party from destroying or assisting another in destroying evidence, and provides for criminal prosecution against the wrongdoer.  Under Title 18 United States Code Section 1519, a wrongdoer can be fined in huge amounts and imprisoned up to 20 years.

Under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 37 possible sanctions are as follows:

  • dismissal of the wrongdoer’s claim;
  • entering judgement against the wrongdoer;
  • excluding expert testimony; and
  • application of adverse inference rule.

Additionally, Rule 37 imposes fines on the wrongdoer.


Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Gagnon is guilty of conspiring with Clinton County and Clay County Law Enforcement Officers and in collusion with the Attorney’s named below to deliberately withhold a video from North Kansas City Hospital and then altering that same video exposing those named officers below who assaulted an arrestee Michael S. Stewart who was in their custody. Gagnon and the named attorney’s below collectively took an affirmative step to conceal the felony assault by the officers named from the presiding Judges in this case including the APPELLATE COURT JUDGES named below.

Gagon has been working with the NKCPD officers guilty of altering the video along with NKCPD officer Bill Ficken’s attorney Mary C. O’Connell. They are collectively guilty of allowing for fabrication charges against Stewart and allowing them to stand in order to cover up the facts while accusing Stewart of of attempted resistance and assault committed by Stewart on the officers which the VIDEO does not show…after being ALTERED. This proves that the charges were in fact were fabricated to cover for injuries the arrestee sustained during the assault which why in the beginning of this case that the release of the video was denied during the discovery phase of his trial.

“Prosecutors are trusted to exercise discretion in enforcing the law and are charged above all with doing justice in a fair and impartial manner,” Gagnon and Mary O’Connell attorney for NKCPD officer Bill Ficken intentionally failed to uphold the Constitution, and must therefore be held to answer for their actions.

Misconduct and punishment. State disciplinary authorities investigate prosecutors accused of misconduct

Unlike any private attorney, the local prosecutor—be he district attorney, county attorney, or criminal district attorney—is an elected official whose office is constitutionally mandated and protected. Prosecutors are still subject to the Rules of Professional Responsibility, but they must police themselves at the trial court level because of their status as independent members of the judicial branch of government. Such a holding is not tantamount to making the fox guardian of the henhouse or letting the wolf keep watch on the flock, because a prosecutor who violates ethical rules is subject to the disciplining authority of the State Bar like any other attorney. Perhaps even more importantly, as mentioned above, his violation of the rules will subject his cases to reversal on appeal when his unprofessional conduct results in a denial of due process to a defendant. Lastly, he, like all elected public officials, must regularly answer to the will of the electorate. Should his conduct create too much appearance of impropriety and public suspicion, he will ultimately answer to the voters. — State ex rel. Eidson v. Edwards, 793 S.W.2d 1 (Tx. 1990)

What Gagnon, O’Connell and other named attorneys are GUILTY OF along with their “criminal clients”!

In a notable case in Nebraska, officers were charged with the felony charge of evidence tampering, as well as misdemeanor obstruction and theft, when they committed brutality.

From the Clinton County Leader

“Michael S. Stewart of Parkville, Mo., filed a personal injury suit against individuals from the three departments on Monday, August 8. In the suit, Stewart and his wife, Jennifer Stewart, seek damages in excess of $2.7 million stemming from alleged incidents in August of 2014.


Attorney For NKCPD Officer Bill Ficken Mary C. O’Connell

O’Connell has full knowledge that 45 seconds of the video were removed that showed her client Ficken choked Stewart out when Stewart was handcuffed to the wheel chair and which Ficken bragged to Stewarts wife that he did just that by holding his hands in a chocking manner to Stewart’s wife which was REMOVED from the original video by either Ficken who O’Connell said had possession of the video and /or/the “other officer” being either NKCPD cops Patrick Romine or Christopher Kimmel or possibly Maj. Kevin Freeman. 

The named Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District Judges below were not allowed to have presented to them the existence of the North Kansas City Hospital Video showing the brutal treatment of Stewart but to also have presented to them the fact that video had been tampered with by having time segments removed and frames missing. It has been admitted by O’Connell that her client NKCPD officer Bill Ficken was responsible for this video and that it was in his possession during the time these changes were made which is why she does not want this evidence released in court. Clinton County Prosecutor Gagnon was in full knowledge of this information when he appeared before the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District Judges!

Just a side note for the eyes of Mary C. O’Connell who is a pathological liar on her way to hell. She has stated to the “Court” that I “threatened” the named attorneys defending the officers who brutally beat Stewart and almost killed him. Guess what? I DID and in voice mails I left but not in the form of “bodily harm” as she is implying but rather me promising to EXPOSE THEM INCLUDING HERE AS I AM DOING NOW AND REPORTING THEM TO THE MISSOURI BAR AND THE OFFICE OF MISSOURI ATTORNEY DISCIPLINE SYSTEM WITH THE GOAL TO DESTROY THEIR CAREERS FOR DOING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO A INNOCENT MAN!

This is why O’Connell is lying / “SLANDERING ME” (say law suit) to the Court in the hopes that the ALTERED WITH HER KNOWLEDGE VIDEO will not be allowed in a motion for “discovery” by Stewart’s attorney which would expose her and Gagnon and the officers named who are guilty of police brutality which this ALTERED VIDEO PROVES!

You gave up some important information Ms. Dumb as a ROCK and I sincerely thank you! 🙂 So read my lips…”You fell for the trap”! 🙂 Have me charged ok? I want to bring the “EVIDENCE” into court PLEASE! 

Tell me O’Connell and Gagnon…how does your future look now? PSSSSST… Every JUDGE not involved in this case will know who you are 🙂 Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Semper Fi! 

Named officers in the video…minus their “actions of brutality” thanks to the ALTERATIONS BY FICKEN, ROMINE, KIMMEL AND MAJ. KEVIN FREEMAN WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF O’CONNEL AND GAGNON!

David Speiser and John Wilson, then of the Lathrop Police Department, Deputies John Patterson and Jeffery Parton of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, and William Neil and Sheriff Porter Hensen of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. Speiser also worked at the time for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. Two defendants from the North Kansas City Police Department – Christopher Kimmel and shift sergeant Patrick Romine and Gary Ficken, Jr., from the North Kansas City Police Department who worked as a security officer at North Kansas City Hospital.

The Missouri Appellate Court Judges below and Judge Beth Phillips in the Stewart Case were lied to by Clinton County Prosecutor Joe Gagnon and by the collective attorney’s representing the officers involved with Mary O’Connell taking the lead, in the brutal beating of Michael S. Stewart as well as and including the initial fabrication of charges against Stewart with only “hearsay” being used in court because other available videos were also withheld by Gagnon leaving only hearsay evidence of the very officers who beat him. No breathalizer test or any documentation that Stewart had over a .08 alcohol level or ANY alcohol level other then the “lies” of the cops. ALL are collectively guilty of obstruction of justice by the withholding evidence during “discovery” during Stewart’s trial and appeal…namely the video and and altering of with is now documented!

The LIED to Missouri Appellate Court Judges and who I left messages to about this case!

Cynthia L. Martin  Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District

Judge Thomas H. Newton

Judge Alok Ahuja

Attorney’s for NKCPD Officers Bill Ficken, Christopher Kimmel and Patrick Romine being reported to the American Bar and the Missouri Bar for being a part of this conspiracy!

Karen J. Halbrook 

Lindsay Poehling Windham

Lindsay Poehling Windham

John W. Witten


Image result for michael s. stewart attorney nkcpd

Displaying IMG_1232.JPG
Bruises on Michael S. Stewarts wrist from being assaulted while handcuffed to a wheelchair by NKCPD officer Bill Ficken. Medical Reports were ALTERED and CHANGED from the ORIGINAL ONE by NKC Hospital staff working with Law Enforcement and their attorney’s from 8 pages to over 20!

Image result for north kansas city hospital main entrance

North Kansas City Hospital hired a known sexual predator named Price who drugged a woman and stuck his fingers in her vagina while maintaining an “erect penis”. North Kansas City Hospital is owned by North Kansas City who’s employee is defended by attorney’s and Ceasar’s gets tagged which is not their fault.

North Kansas City Hospital Leaders Who Are Paying The Above Named Attorneys…the same attorneys who defend Ficken and others and allowed for the video to be “altered” which documented the assault of Michael S. Stewart by LE at their hospital.

Here are the executives who represent North Kansas City Hospital. Notice how many women who evidently have to no problem what takes place in their facility.

Peggy SchmittPeggy Schmitt, President & CEO Jody AbbottJody Abbott, Senior Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
Jim McNeyJim McNey, Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Gary Carter, MDGary Carter, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sarah OakleySarah Oakley, Vice President
Chief Nursing Officer
Doug AbelDoug Abel, Vice President
Chief Information Officer
Linda CoventonLinda Coventon, Meritas Health
Network Executive
Dawn BryantDawn Bryant, Vice President
Human Resources
Becky FiskBecky Fisk, Vice President
Revenue & Business Development
Matt ForesmanMatt Foresman, Vice President Professional Services
Randee GannonRandee Gannon, Vice President Marketing Tom GouldingTom Goulding, Vice President
Strategic Financial Services
& Supply Chain Management
Jerry HusmanJerry Husman, Vice President
Facilities & Support Services
Jen KozinnJennifer Kozinn, J.D.,
Vice President & General Counsel
Judy SpringerJudy Springer, Vice President Quality/Case Management

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Image result for senate judiciary committee grassley

Yes he will see this including the Missouri Governor!


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