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Androgynous Bi-Sexual Sodomite Bill Bunting Saying I “Never Served”

Just to set the record straight to quench the “gay Satanist” Utube lie about me.

Any questions or want further proof from the VA or VFW…then leave a comment with a email and I will get you more information and phone numbers…End of story other then the VA gives me $3300 a month for “not serving”…but because of Agent Orange connected heart attacks etc.

It is easy for Bill Bunting who’s texts to me have shown that he is nothing more then a sick pathological demon possessed follower of and admirer of child raping pedophiles like Aleister Crowley to target yours truly with lies because that is his spiritual DNA. He glorifies rapists such as Bill Cosby and calls ANY Native American other then white Cherokees like him ” Praire Niggers!

All those jacketing me with lies are either raping murdering pedophiles like Walter Ruiz aka “Gray Wolf” a PreTendian who considers himself a “Black indian” which is a bastard blood mix of being NO INDIAN who’s other ID is “Thunderwolf”. He set up a 501-c3 FRAUD BICONA program that does NOTHING for “poor Indians” and who’s “spiritual history” is composed of the American Indian Movement’s history of rape and murder of innocents by his “brotherhood”.

Those who made “Richard Boyden Oglala Obessor” are both rapists and pedophiles of young Indian girls documented by a “Real Indian”. Both Lombardo and Lee Whitehorse are NOT Lakota but using the words of Full Blood Emerson Elk…are “bastards” and according to Lakota Law ALL rapists were punished with DEATH!

NOT the first time or will be the last. Just google my name!

Bill Bunting Is Smarter Then the DOD, VA, And VFW Combined!


When a sexual pervert and “Fake Confederate” has  been sodomized and he glorifies all of his “sexual evil acts known to man” with a woman named Karen Sue Andras who he says he sodomizes…then know this man “is owned by Satan”! “Google Bill Bunting” everyone and read what he is all about…faking as a Veteran of a WAR…NOT!


Trying to say I am not a documented Vietnam Veteran is like saying Bill Bunting represents Jesus Christ! Lifetime member I am of the VFW who filed my AGENT ORANGE CLAIM with the VA…and on record with the DOD who I talked to on Friday! 100 % I am! Agent Orange heart attacks…TWO…90% blocked…documented where in Nam and when I was exposed and most in the DMZ. As if Billy is smarter then the VFW, the VA, and DOD combined and has the talent to find out about me what they don’t know! Keep talking Bill PLEASE and show all your brain dead groupies just how smart you are…PLEASE!

Of course when one is owned by the LIAR AND MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING like Bill is, then know also that this is a testimony that SODOMITES like Bill are owned by Satan. Then can’t do anything or say anything other then what what Satan plants in their head as a result of being “possessed when sodomized”! Google “Sodomy Satan Possession” and read about Bill.

So when he has the DOD records he says he is going to get…please anyone forward them to me so that I can turn him into the DOD and own him more then I do now as well as send him a card or two when he is at Leavenworth asking how it’s going.

Hey Bill…make you a deal…ok? When you “verify” all the LIES and everyone sees I outed your AC/DC carcus with the TRUTH proving you “dead wrong”….will you let me put a bullet in your head “Saigon style”? After all didn’t you say you were sending your “law enforcement brothers” and other FAKE Confederates after me with the intent of having me murdered? Lying about me “stalking Karen and family with a gun to kill them”? As if I ever would take her back even if she repented? Don’t flatter her or yourself PLEASE! And then trying to jacket me with the feces that so easily flows out of your foul mouth about me not being a VET with the intent to use your words “you are fucked”?

Well Bill … the more you try…the more everyone knows about the REAL you and Karen! And PLEASE thank Karen for calling me and yourself for emailing me after which has allowed me to QUOTE YOU to expose the truth using YOU to document the Satanic Sodomic control of this country and the world, the pedophile snuffing agenda’s of spirit’s like you…and using YOU as just one example of the Last Day’s being NOW!

Oh…maybe it is you that need to get a pack of razor blades…ya think? A bullet in the head of a maggot like you needs to be self inflicted rather then by me or anyone else for that matter and everyone should know by now you are a simply a lying coward among “other things”! 🙂 And cowards in the end do kill themselves…BILL!

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