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NKCPD Cops, The “Red Cadillac Boy” And The Trafficked/Murdered “Drugged” Toni Anderson!

The LIES AND COVER-UP EXPOSED and never yet to be addressed by the FBI AND LE which is why Toni Anderson WAS ABDUCTED BY NKCPD Cops led by Bill Ficken never to be seen again INCLUDING IN THE SO CALLED FABRICATED AUTOPSY!

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Richard Boyden “BIO” for your “Truthful” Consideration and to counter SLANDER!

I am honored that this my life story has been so denigrated and used against me by the very sons and daughters of Satan on this earth starting with KAREN SUE ANDRAS…THE DOCUMENTED OWNED BY DEMON ALIESTER CROWLEY BLACK WITCH AND HARLOT!


Preface: This was a quick short version condensed and abridged “edition” made in 2011 when Operation Morning Star was in operational mode taking semi and 26′ box truck loads of 500 tons of food, good clothing, appliances, tools etc. to the Pine Ridge, Rosebud and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota. Also over 20,000 garden plants to families and elders and over $100,000.00 in wood burning stoves. Also a “ONE OF A KIND” direct assistance program.

Then “The American Indian Movement” of documented RAPING MURDERING PEDOPHILES (EXPOSED ON MY BLOG) had began jacketing me with DEATH THREATS, lies and slander because I started exposing there CRIMES against REAL INDIANS as found documented (See on the web page where you can see who said and did what and  which led to my terminating totally OMS with the FINAL REASON being the alignment with and desire to have me…

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Past Media Articles and “links” For My Charity Operation Morning Star

Karen Sue Andras “snuffed” my charity by admitting she listened to SATAN TO DESTROY ME AND MY MINISTY…A WIFE SENT FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF…A woman that is a racist and hater of Jesus Christ



Thought I would start this blog with a few words about this KKK Schmuck (Yiddish = “little penis”) named Scott Prentice who started messing with me because he is one of those Satan led he/she androgynous closet Nazi’s who hates Native Americans! He hacked into my web page  removed content and THEN committed a “unforgivable sin” and REMOVED THE RADIO RECORDING OF A SUICIDE PROGRAM THAT WAS SAVING NATIVE LIVES IN THE ROSEBUD RESERVATION. But that is who this Free Masonic Sodomite is…a Lucifer worshipping demon in the flesh after the order of a George Custer! Someday “we shall meet”!

Next are a few “archived” links for your reading pleasure to get a idea of what Operation Morning Star was and did. I was able to find a few news articles but the majority were “server removed” by the…

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Hy-Vee Manager Caves In To Indian Hating Jews, Racist Media, “Restorationists”, Free Masons and Snuffs Food Drive

Truth exposing racism by demon owned souls!


The American Holocaust – “The Jewish/Christian/Catholic/Free Masonic/Hy-Vee Brand” 

Natasha Cuny, boyfriend Raymond Eagle Hawk and his daughter, Kimimila, visit his mother's trailer in Wounded Knee, S.D., on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

This blog continues to identify and document the RACISM of Hy-Vee with this blog focusing on Hy-Vee HATE OF AMERICAN INDIANS (with local KKK KC support of their “peers”  named below).

Here is the first blog if you missed it!

Image result for wounded knee 1890

Image result for hy vee logo

Photos from 08 Christmas Food Drive at Independence Hy-Vee, 40 Hwy & Noland Rd.,Middle photo is of Black Race Hater of Whites and American Indians and proud BUFFALO SOLDIER Rod James with his “White trophy wife”, And lastly Paul Hoppman Hy-Vee Store Director (on left)

Off of archived web page per first Hy-Vee drop off event


We will have a truck located at HyVee Food Store in Independence Missouri located at the intersection of 40 Hwy and Noland Rd. in Independence Missouri from December 20 to the 23.. from 9-5 each day. Large…

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Podcast Honoring Annie Mae Aquash Who Was Raped and Murdered By The American Indian Movement

Remembering Annie Mae Aquash Raped and Murdered By American Indian Movement

Thursday, December 27 2018 10:00 PM

Listen to the videos below and learn about what the American Indian Movement is really about and especially under the leadership of the now dead and in hell AIM Chairman John Trudell

Image result for video annie mae aquash john trudell


Image result for video annie mae aquash john trudell


Murdered By John Trudell and The American Indian Movement With FBI Approval

Image result for death threat john trudell richard boyden

Arizona Judge Joseph Welty Appointed By Closet Pedophile Arizona Governor Napolitano Terminates Shoar’s Parental Rights

via Arizona Judge Joseph Welty Appointed By Closet Pedophile Arizona Governor Napolitano Terminates Shoar’s Parental Rights

I knew this would happen. The family ignored me. 4 judgeS recuse themselves when I exposed them. This bastard would have too. He’s a friend of the faggot governor. I told God I want to see these demons burn in hell! He said YES!

CIA Whistleblower: Exposing the Roles of the CIA, Bushs and Rockefellers in the Global Sex Trafficking of Children

George Walker Bush’s body might be buried today…but I can assure you that his spirit is with the DEVIL HIS FATHER and this information confirms that.

Read and learn about this “son of Satan” and those of his “brethren” who listen to the same “voice” in what they did to and with children. Raping, sodomizing and snuffing. That is the spiritual essence of Free Masonry in action in representing the liar and murderer from the beginning who Bush is with now with Clinton, Obama and others to follow!

The following is a powerful story by Dr Sue Arrigo. Yet again it points to the CIA and George Bush, as well as the whole criminal cabal running the US Government and associated Corporations and Rockefellers. This may be difficult for some to accept but all the evidence, time after time points to it. The earth and its peoples are a playground for the “elite”  criminal cabal of psychopaths ruling our countries.

by Dr. Sue Arrigo, CIA whistleblower and a victim of child sex trafficking herself

Part I

This is the story of how the CIA uses “war zones” to garner kids for the sex slave business. You may have heard how the two companies, DynCorp and Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women and children during the war in Yugoslavia.

Some background on this topic can be found at Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won’t Go Away.

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