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Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker Lies With The Liars About Greitens To Make Herself Look Good

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Pro Faggot Judge Burlison ruled the lying whore Katrina Sneed is not a victim! Jean Peters Baker has a selective self serving memory!

Katrina Sneed AKA “KS”

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Why Malcolm X Would Call Kim Gardner A “House Nigger” and Governor Eric Grietens A Honourable White Man

Prosecutorial misconduct can come in various forms, but it most commonly arises in a few ways. First, a prosecutor’s sidebar statements during trial can be prosecutorial misconduct. These may be comments about the defendant, his attorney, a witness, or the judge. These comments can result in a mistrial with prejudice (barring reprosecution), assuming the trial court concludes that they were made for the purpose of inciting the motion for mistrial. Other times, they will just result in a mistrial without prejudice. Second, a prosecutor’s failure to turn over material, exculpatory evidence to the defense, in dereliction of his duties under Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963). This is a type of prosecutorial misconduct which may be raised at virtually any time, even post-conviction, as it is a constitutional error of great magnitude. If the defendant can prove the prosecutor failed to turn over Brady material, he will typically receive a new trial. Third, a prosecutor’s selective prosecution of a person or group of people may be misconduct. Also, if a prosecutor increases the punishment or charges based on the defendant’s exercise of his rights (to jury trial, of appeal, etc.), this may (under certain circumstances) be misconduct.

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Teen Vogue has reached whole new levels of unacceptable with its feature column that teaches teenagers about sodomy.  This is the same Teen Vogue that taught its young, impressionable readers that Sharia law is wonderful and that the Bible is “fake news.”

Fox News reports:

Teen Vogue is defending its decision to publish a graphic tutorial to anal sex for children and teenagers – calling critics homophobic.

“This is anal 101, for teens, beginners and all inquisitive folk,” author Gigi Engle wrote in “A Guide to Anal Sex.”

“Anal sex and anal stimulation can be awesome, and if you want to give it a go, you do that,” wrote Engle, a self-described sex educator. “More power to you.”

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A statement from Representative Stacey Newman (D):

As Missouri’s first Jewish governor, Eric Greitens blatantly failed to embody Jewish values.

Sexual assault, stealing from a veterans non-profit, hiding dark money and evading ethics laws are criminal. As governor he fervently attacked women and public education and turned a blind eye to Missouri’s astronomical gun violence.

I consistently called for his resignation and continue to insist he be held accountable for his criminal behavior.

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Stacey Newman, Jay Barnes and the WHOLE Missouri House LOVES THIS RAPING SODOMIZING BLACK BITCH BOY!


State Auditor Nicole Galloway – [2017 file photo]

Statement from State Auditor Nicole Galloway on the resignation of Eric Greitens
May 29, 2018
Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released the following statement on the resignation of Eric Greitens as Governor:

Corruption in state government became worse than ever under Eric Greitens. That corruption must be cleaned up, and our state’s reputation must be restored. This can only happen if leaders put the needs of Missourians ahead of themselves.

Select TWITTERS for your reading pleasure!

Stick n stones 09/06/2018 02:50
Katrina Kitty Sneed your 15 minutes of fame is up Greitens did nothing to you , you went to a married man’s house. Be pissed at you ex husband that made u feel so bad about urself that u strayed. Phil Sneed pays u no child support, no alimony & made 100k. Phil is the abuser
Stick n stones 09/06/2018 02:46
What abou the naked face time Katrina sneed iniated with greitens. This was a consensual affair turned into a Money grab by her ex husband
Stick n stones 09/06/2018 01:57
Philip Sneed aka Moon was pissed off his wife Katrina Kitty Sneed gladly gave oral sex to greitens over his limp widdle wiener. Kitty you’re a stupid woman to allow your ex to abuse you. You get no alimony, no child aupport & he gets 100k and to humiliate you. Blame phil !

Six Days

Six Days 09/06/2018 01:57
Stick n stones 09/06/2018 01:47
Neither Katrina or Philip Sneed used police. Ps said risk the emebarassment in the tape ! Risk the embarrassment for what to get a big fat payout like 120k ? PS pimped his wife was ok she fuc$ed the governor as long as his got a pay day. He never used the police he knew

Stick n stones 08/06/2018 09:35

Katrina kitty sneed was not a victim ! She was a willing participant in a consensual affair Thread time ! https:// status/993577827722317829?s=20   …


JusticeWarrior 08/06/2018 09:31
Incompetent to the very end aren’t you? Katrina “Kitty” Sneed.
Stick n stones 08/06/2018 08:32
She full of crap There was no fricken picture Katrina sneed wanted and enjoyed having sex That is not a crime https:// status/1005183331896619008   …
Stick n stones 08/06/2018 08:26
I have a message for Katrina Kitty Sneed , don’t go to a married man’s house when his wife isn’t Home !
Stick n stones 08/06/2018 07:59
Katrina Kitty Sneed should have spoke the truth about greitens. She liked him & wanted to have an affair & then some. No false statements were made about her. Shame on her for not speaking more truthfully. She knew phil tried to sell that story while they were still married
JusticeWarrior 04/06/2018 12:11
Except there is no evidence Greitens’ attacked Katrina Sneed in anyway or any other woman. Get over your delusional fantasies. Yes, people who make serious allegations should face difficult questions.
JusticeWarrior 01/06/2018 08:15
I get the irony. Now if there were only actual evidence he ever engaged in such conduct. Your own interview exposed that Katrina Sneed can’t keep her story straight.
Hot Poker Princess 01/06/2018 06:22

Your f’d Up Katrina Sneed was a willing participant The married hoochie mama kept coming back to bang her married lover. Her limpdick ex husband did not satisfy her. She consented to statisfy her wanton desires.

Make STL Great Again

Make STL Great Again 01/06/2018 12:46
#donnybrookSTL Stacey Newman colluded with Katrina Sneed & Kim Gardner
#donnybrookSTL Stacey Newman colluded with Katrina Sneed & Kim Gardner <br>
Stick n stones 31/05/2018 10:14
Here i did a thread on the consensual affair You should also know Judge Burlison ruled Katrina Sneed is not a victim. https:// status/993577827722317829?s=20   …

Stick n stones 30/05/2018 11:32

Katrina sneed went to a married man’s house and continued to see him for a few months after her embellished tale! her broke slimeball ex husband that made the tapes to try to blackmail greitens This affair was local common knowledge prior to election Consensual affair !
Stick n stones 30/05/2018 11:26
No he isn’t was a consensual affair Katrina sneed was not a victim she was a willing participant
Stick n stones 30/05/2018 09:28
Lyda what assault , Katrina sneed willing went over to a married man’s house and was expecting a SEXY WORKOUT. What sexy workout doesn’t involve SEX. She kept seeing him for month ! This was CONSENSUAL SEX NOT ASSAULT, Judge Burlison even ruled that she was not a victim
Lyda what assault , Katrina sneed willing went over to a married man’s house and was expecting a SEXY WORKOUT. What sexy workout doesn’t involve SEX. She kept seeing him for month ! This was CONSENSUAL SEX NOT ASSAULT, Judge Burlison even ruled that she was not a victim <br>

Jackson County Missouri 16th Circuit Court Judges and Prosecutors Protect Child Molesting Pedophiles!

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker KNOWS ALL THESE PEDOPHILE PROTECTORS and says not one word. What does that say about HER? Silence is complicity…and WITH PEDOPHILE PROTECTORS! And the wants to go after GRETIENS? AMAZING! AND SICK! AND EVIL! Yes…this IS JACKSON COUNTY MISSOURI…FREE MASONIC CONTROLLED SATAN OWNED1


usmc 1965-69..18 months Nam (1 1/2 Tour DOCUMENTED! 🙂 No WAIT! I tricked the USMC, the DOD, the VA to believing I served, went to Nam but never did and as a result I get $3100 bucks a month from the VA! Only someone who was lobotomized in their anus rectum by Satan himself would tell that lie (it’s name is Bill Bunting) or believe it i.e. Faggots pedophiles whores and those “owned by demons”! 🙂


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“I love this assignment,” he said. “I have the opportunity to do good things for families and kids, helping them reach their potential, which is very satisfying. An administrative judge also gets to interact with all components of the society. I work with people interested in coming together to help kids. I also get to have first-hand knowledge of what is going on with all the services the court offers”.

You can connect the…

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Jay Barnes Worked With Democrats and JES HOLDINGS Smith In The Beginning To Destroy Governor Grietens

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Department of Corrections will not testify Tuesday about executions

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Paid off Whore”KS” AKA Katrina Sneed and stalking of Sheena Greitens and paid by attorney Albert Watkins to LIE Phillip Sneed

Sheena Greitens redacted the name of the governor’s mistress’ ex-husband in the letter, explaining: “The court has determined that Mr. S is entitled to anonymity; out of respect for our legal system, I have permitted the redaction.”

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Gov. Eric Greitens faces a state House committee investigation. Committee chairman Rep. Jay Barnes, at bottom left, and other committee members investigating Greitens' conduct held a meeting Tuesday. May 22, 2018.

House panel won’t allow cross-examination by governor’s attorneys

Now you know why these lying corrupt NOT American “domestic terrorists” and TRAITORS don’t want any cross examination.

The committee’s decision Tuesday was aimed at preventing what one member called a “filibuster’’ by the governor’s legal team in order to slow down their proceedings. The panel noted that the lawyers already had interviewed most of its previous and potential witnesses.

Greitens lawyer Ross Garber told reporters later that the decision was unfair.

“By shutting out the office of the governor, and the governor, it by definition leads to a process in which the public will not have confidence in either the process or the results,” Garber said.


Barnes was in on it! See Hannaway’s statement. He knew about payoff by Faughn before charges filed. Was involved in plotting coup! Who else was involved ?? Email tel:573-751-4039

There IS mounting evidence of Barnes’s corruption and avarice is getting to him. As Catherine Hanaway points out:

We learned yesterday that Chairman Jay Barnes received the secret recordings from Scott Faughn well before any criminal charge was brought, and before he was appointed to chair this committee—yet he did not disclose this information.

We learned today that Chairman Barnes knew about cash payments from Scott Faughn to Al Watkins before the public or the committee knew—and he did not disclose this information.

Former federal prosecutor Catherine Hanaway statement of May 25, 2018

Maybe Barnes hears angry voices that no one else hears, telling him to do awful things to small animals.

Or, maybe, Barnes is more afraid of the Missouri Tax-Credit Mafia (MTC Mafia) than anyone understands.


Affirmative Action Attorney Hired by Gardner To Save her Lying Under Oath Attorney

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Image result for quote lbj "niggers" | White Liberals: Wolves in Democratic ...

g dock at the courthouse. Photo by David Carson,

David Carson

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Image may contain: 1 person

“House Negro” and ‘Uncle Tom” Jermaine Wooten, the attorney for Tisaby, told the Associated Press Tuesday that Tisaby was being used as a scapegoat and did nothing wrong. Wooten called Tisaby “an honest and decent man” who was just doing his job.”

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St. Louis police open perjury probe into investigator in Greitens case

Schron Jackson, a police spokeswoman, said in an email Tuesday that the department would open an investigation after officers met with Greitens’ defense lawyers Ed Dowd and Scott Rosenblum.

St. Louis police launching investigation into Greitens case investigator

Eric Greiten’s attorney said “Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and Tisaby met in secret, then refused to testify about it, which he said was against the law.”

Attorney J. Bradley Young explained how this development could damage the case.

“If the investigator in the deposition refuses to testify by asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege, the defense team will bring that witness into court and make him restate that he’s pleading the fifth on the information in order to cast him in a bad light,” Young said. “That would certainly cast the prosecution in a bad light at the eventual trial.”

Greitens case unsealed: Judge’s advice to STL prosecutor

J&J Granted Mistrial In Missouri Talc Powder Lawsuit After SCOTUS Limits Ability Of Nonresidents ...

“I need to advise you that you have the right to have an attorney, to consider the advice of an attorney,” Judge Rex Burlison said to Gardner on April 12.

5 On Your Side has obtained a copy of the transcript of that conversation which was unsealed when prosecutors dropped the charges against the governor.

The transcripts show the unusual scenario of a judge advising a prosecutor of her right to an attorney.

“With the allegations that have been made in open court…I need to advise you that you have the right to have an attorney, to consider the advice of an attorney,” Burlison said to Gardner on April 12.

“The allegations that I’m referring to is that in documents and argument it seems that you were in the room when the basis of the defendant’s allegations of subornation of perjury were made, and I don’t take that as true. What I’m taking that as it’s a severe enough allegation that I felt it was incumbent upon me to recess and make sure that there was a record before anything further was said and that’s what I’m doing right now. Do you understand that?” Burlison asked Gardner.

“Yes, I do,” she answered.

Burlison has said in open court that Gardner could face sanctions for her handling of the Greitens case. It is unclear what those sanctions could be and by whom they may be issued.

Transcript of confidential proceedings held in chambers on April 12 unsealed by court order


William Don Tisaby hides

William Don Tisaby, who is hiding in the back seat of the car, is smuggled out of the Carnahan Courthouse in St. Louis after he declined to answer questions from lawyers for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens during a deposition on Thursday, April 26, 2018. In the front seat of the car is Eric Harris (left), an investigator and bodyguard for St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and…

Image result for St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts,

St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts, who is driving the car out of a loadin

William Don Tisaby

Image result for William Don Tisaby fbi bigamy

Lying out of his ass “House Nigger” and FBI CONFIRMED BIGAMIST William Tiasby

house nigger

a black person that sucks up to the white man for benefits. From slave times where the house nigga would get to work inside the house as opposed to picking cotton out in the hot sun.
Man, yous a house nigger”…”No I ain’t!”…”yes u are! youd suck a crackers dick just to get some kool aid!!!”

Screengrab of investigator interviewing woman in Greitens case

Do you see what I see??????^^^^^

 Gardner admits investigator erred in claim he interviewed Greitens ex lover without notes

To Read Kim Gardner’s covering her lying ass document click HERE

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Gardner GUTTED in the words of this former Attorney and Cop

I Worked In St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office. Her Indictment of Gov. Eric Greitens is Most Disturbing.


Time To Take Down This Lying Fabricating False Evidence Hate Whitey And America Racist Affirmative Action Being Investigated By The FBI Democrat For Bribery “House Nigger” Kim Gardner

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Soros Funded “House Nigger” Facing Bribery Charges

George Soros bought her seat for her and since taking office she has concentrated on prosecuting police, not criminals.

From Mopns

– On November 14th, 2016, Marc Lazar, a convicted child rapist, was arrested by St. Louis city police. He was charged with two felony counts of selling liquor without a license. His wife, Katherine Lazar, would also be charged in the same high-end wine scheme, in which they illegally sell expensive wine without a license and avoid paying sales tax on the transaction.

– Then, early last fall, the Lazars met with Kim Gardner and several members of her staff, including the prosecutor of this case. In this meeting, Marc Lazar made an offer to Ms. Gardner that if her office dropped the case, he would ensure that what would have been the sales tax of tens of millions of dollars in illegal sales “found its way” to her.

The prosecutor in the case was so upset by the offer and the fact that Gardner did not turn down the deal that she,  Ramona Gau, went back to her office and wrote a memo detailing what happened at the meeting.

Gardner never notified authorities about the bribery offer and Feb 6th, 2018, the case against Lazar and his wife was dropped just two weeks before his trial. The case was considered a slam dunk.

On February 6th, 2018, the Circuit Attorney unexpectedly dropped all charges against the Lazar’s, just two weeks before their trial was set to begin. As a professional in this field, I cannot emphasize enough how odd this is. A case involving several millions of dollars, high-profile defendants (including one with a prior felony record), and hundreds of hours of investigatory and legal work doesn’t simply get dropped days before a trial.

There is always an attempt to reach a settlement, some variance of a plea bargain, issue a fine, offer a suspended sentence, etc.

– In this case, nothing of the sort happened. It was, in legal terms, “nolle prosequi”—a term in the Court that means the prosecutor is abandoning all charges. In other words, it’s like the case never existed. Even the spokesperson for the CAO’s office could not offer a reason why the case was dropped.

After the case was dropped, the whistleblower alleged that the FBI got involved and question staffers in Gardner’s office.

The testimony from Ms. Gau was so compelling, she was asked to speak to the US attorney according to the whistleblower.

 Prosecutors who withhold or tamper with evidence now face felony charges!

GARDNER IGNORED BY MISSOURI AG JOSH HAWLEY! WHAT A COWARD! Josh the emasculated joke really wants to beat Satan’s Fairy godmother Claire McCaskill so he sells his soul for 30 pieces of silver like JUDAS!

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her First Assistant Robert Steele gave passionate pleas Thursday, nearly shouting in the courtroom at times.

Prosecutor Steel told Judge Rex Burlison that the invasion of privacy case against Governor Eric Greitens should not be dismissed, saying, “He is guilty!”

In defense of failing to turn over evidence timely, Steel said, “There’s not one ounce of evidence that there’s anything exculpatory to Greitens.”

Steele continued, “Nothing in the notes disproves anything in our case. Nothing!”

Judge Rex Burlison seemed incredulous.

“You seem to be arguing the State decides what is or is not exculpatory,” he said.

Kim Gardner stood up, saying, “Why would I not turn it over? (The video) didn’t work. I did not commit a crime.”

St. Louis Circuit Attorney refutes misconduct allegations, says ‘I did not commit a crime”

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Why Malcolm X Would Call Kim Gardner A “House Negro” and Governor Eric Grietens A Honourable White Man


UPDATE! Head “House Negro” got busted! She can kiss her feces covered career good bye! Read the comments on this in this story published by her “Pimp Paper” 🙂 Good for Governor Greitens! Maybe those in his party who didn’t get neutered or signed up for a “sex change” will demand this “Affirmative Action” loser be charged and disbarred and sent to prison with her collaborating homies. Stacy Newman NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!

Jackson County Missouri 16th Circuit Court Judges and Prosecutors Protect Child Molesting Pedophiles!

usmc 1965-69..18 months Nam (1 1/2 Tour DOCUMENTED! 🙂 No WAIT! I tricked the USMC, the DOD, the VA to believing I served, went to Nam but never did and as a result I get $3100 bucks a month from the VA! Only someone who was lobotomized in their anus rectum by Satan himself would tell that lie (it’s name is Bill Bunting) or believe it i.e. Faggots pedophiles whores and those “owned by demons”! 🙂



Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

“I love this assignment,” he said. “I have the opportunity to do good things for families and kids, helping them reach their potential, which is very satisfying. An administrative judge also gets to interact with all components of the society. I work with people interested in coming together to help kids. I also get to have first-hand knowledge of what is going on with all the services the court offers”.

You can connect the dots below with the names of the guilty in the Jackson County Judiciary as I name prosecuting attorneys, defence attorneys and Judges and and LE as well as document the guilty and the innocent of each in both cases below.. Not perfect but adequate enough for those who are interested and those who aren’t…that is nothing new for me lately. Be sure to look at WHO CONTRIBUTES TO WHO in the financial reports ! Some are already PROVEN CRIMINALS! 🙂

The first story about a PEDOPHILE Donald Stevenson who was protected and given a free pass from prison into his HOME thanks to the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County “PEDOPHILES” by default!

The second is the story of a mother named Shirley Riggs who was FOUND GUILTY of  trying to protect her daughter’s from confirmed sex abuse by the father and grandfather. I name the pro pedofile FAGGOT JUDGE…can you say NIXON and all those who sided with the PEDOPHILES in the Judiciary and Social Services. Even Nancy :”She Fell From Grace” Grace bought into the lies but I am convinced she more times then not in cases like this is a paid off SHIL when it comes to the damning of innocent mothers and the destruction of them and their children


Image result for meme marines hate pedophilesDonald Stevenson Vaginally Fingered A Five Year Old Girl…See Police Report!

Daycare provider’s husband charged with First Degree child molestation

Read WHO defended this pedophile with the collusion of the named 16th Circuit Court Judges, defence attorneys and the prosecutors.

Documents Naming Stevenson The Pedophile, The Judges, Prosecutors and His Defence Attorneys As Well As His “Friends” Working Together To Give Him 5 Years “House Arrest”/Probation…CHARGES DISMISSED BY NAMED PROSECUTORS below and in docoments (click HERE HERE HERE! 

Councilmember Curt Dougherty

Information provided to me by Independence City Councilman Curt Dougherty

He is a member of the following organizations: IBEW, McDonald Masonic Lodge #324 AF & AM;Ararat Shrine Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., Kansas City;Jackson Co. Shrine Club; Studebaker Drivers Club; Ozark Trails Chapter;Boy Scouts of America Tribe of Mic-O-Say; Order of the Eastern Star Independence Chapter #3329

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Attorney for Pedophile Donald Stevenson

Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Jackson County Missouri Legislator!!!

Dennis Waits
201 W. Lexington
Suite 201
Independence, MO 64050

Independence MO Mayor Eileen Weir had no problem with Waits when I talked to her about him and the CHILD MOLESTING PEDOPHILE!

Mayor Eileen Weir
Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme
Image result for schultz insurance independence
Jim Schultz who ran for Independence Mayor was ENDORSED by Waits!
 Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Judge James F Kanatzar

Division 5 – Judge James F. Kanatzar

Now Judge James F. Kanatzar was the Jackson County Prosecutor who activated the arrest warrant of pedophile (See Documents) Stevenson and also “agreed” to give him “probation” AKA “Home Arrest”! Yes…a Judge in the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County Missouri!

Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Circuit Court Judge

Eastern Jackson County Courthouse
308 W. Kansas- 2nd Floor
Independence, Missouri 64050
Phone:  816-881-4405
Fax:      816-881-4692


Current Assignment:
Civil, Domestic and Criminal

Appointed to the Bench:

Division E-Mail:

Judge Jeffrey L. Bushur

Division 33 – Judge Jeffrey L. Bushur


Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Judge Jeffery Bushar was the Judge who had to no problem with the coordinated collusion between the prosecutors and defence attorneys for Stevenson ALL making sure he never went to prison!


Current Assignment:
Civil, Criminal & Family Court/Adult Abuse

Appointed to the Bench:

Eastern Jackson County Courthouse
308 W. Kansas – Ground Floor
Independence, Missouri 64050
Phone:  816-881-1783
Fax:      816-881-1782


Cole Eason

Cole Eason was the PreTendProsecutor who agreed to a “cash under the table” plea bargain that let pedophile Stevenson spend 5 years in the prison of his home!

Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme


Image result for katrina y. robertson


Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Image result for judge robert michael schieber

Robert M Schieber 16th Judicial Circuit (Jackson County) SAID NOTHING DID NOTHING!

Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Greg Grounds


Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

Greg Grounds

Jackson County Legislator
201 W. Lexington
Suite 201
Independence, MO 64050


Image result for shirley riggs


Image result for shirley riggs

The Shirley Riggs Story and Her Experience With The Pedophile Infested Jackson County Judiciary, Attorneys and Law Enforcement Who Destroyed Her Family and Children…and WILL ALL BURN IN HELL…THANK YOU GOD!

Image result for judge stephen nixon missouri

Image result for attorneys for pedophiles meme

PEDOPHILE PROTECTOR Judge Stephen Nixon – the same judge who has sanctioned unsupervised visits with the abusive father, and who has a record of giving light sentences to convicted pedophiles.


The March 2007 report from Oregon substantiating the father’s abuse, which was subsequently accepted and filed by the Missiouri Children’s division states that there is:

…reasonable cause to believe this referral is Founded for Sexual Abuse, Fondling, on Raymond Riggs for making his daughter … touch his bare penis.  The referral will be Founded for Sexual Abuse, Exposure and Voyeurism on Raymond Riggs for repeatedly showing his children pornography on the TV, computer and in Magazines.

Ray Riggs sought administrative appeal of this report and was denied. Currently he has an appeal before Judge Nixon – the same judge who ordered the unsupervised visits –  to reverse this finding; decision is pending.

A more recent report (1/29/08) by a therapist at the Synergy group home in Kansas City where the children were placed by the court states:

[The daughter] disclosed in the first individual session that her paternal grandfather “touched her in a private place”…..[ The daughter] seems very afraid of her father, paternal grandfather, and paternal aunt.  [The daughter’s] reports were very consistent with her siblings’ accounts of events, but [the daughter] and her siblings’ reports never seemed rehearsed.  Due to the behaviors displayed by [the daughter], and the consistency of the disclosures, my therapeutic judgment is that the abuse did occur when she was in the care of their father and grandfather.  I believe that having contact with anyone in the father’s family would be detrimental to [the daughter] and her siblings’ physical and emotional well-being.


Despite these findings, the Family Court’s order upon review advocating termination of Ms. Riggs’ parental rights, signed by Judge Nixon, says:

•  the Court finds that …visitation with the parents…. including unsupervised and overnight visits… was reasonable….
•  with regard to mother, the Court finds that permanency by way of Termination of Parental Rights is in the best interests of the children…..
•  The Court finds continued reunification efforts of the children with the father to be in the best interests of the children…
•  …visitation with the paternal grandparents…. may take place….and may include unsupervised visitation…

Meanwhile, Shirley’s four children (2 girls, 2 boys, ages 7-15) are currently in foster care under the legal custody of the Missouri Children’s Division, where unsupervised visitation with the pedophile father continues with the stated aim of reunification.

Presiding (PEDOPHILE PROTECTING) Judge Nixon Appointed County Counselor

As Presiding Judge of the 16th Circuit Court, W. Stephen Nixon has developed an excellent working relationship with Jackson County government, especially with regard to containing costs at the Courthouse. Although he will be retiring from the bench at year’s end, that working relationship between Nixon and the County will continue in 2011.

Effective January 4, Nixon will assume the duties of County Counselor.

County Executive Mike Sanders named Nixon to the post during the County Legislative session Monday, December 6, and Legislators unanimously approved the appointment. The County Counselor handles legal matters for Jackson County, including claims and assessment litigation as well as delinquent tax enforcement. He and his staff also provide advice regarding the drafting of County ordinances, legislation and contracts



Mother of 4, Shirley Riggs in Jail Again for Rescuing Her Children from Sexual Abusers Shirley Riggs has refused to allow for her children to have court mandated unsupervised overnight stays with their father and grandfather, both substantiated to have sexually abused her oldest daughter.
This nightmare began on April 24, 2007, when Jackson County Missouri 16 th Circuit Court Judge Stephen Nixon took away Shirley’s custodial rights by issuing a VOID custody order during a “Case Management Conference” and in violation of Missouri Statues and the UCCJA laws. She and her
children had not lived in Missouri for 3 years, were living in Oregon on this day, an open divorce case in New Mexico was pending, and she was not notified of this “conference” nor was she represented because her “legal aid” attorney hand delivered her “withdrawal from the case notice” to Judge Nixon on this very day.
Nixon did not find Shirley as an unfit parent and none of the Riggs asked for custody of the kids in a motion or affidavit. The “replacement” knew nothing, said no thing, and Nixon used this to give custody to the paternal grandparents (I believe “pre-arranged”) who then came to Oregon and with Police and Oregon Department of Family Services assistance, “kidnapped” Shirley’s children from her. She then came back to Missouri and took them back to Oregon because she did not accept the VOID custody order and she would not let the children be with the abusers. This resulted in being put in county jail for 6 months and “house arrest”.
A DVD and paperwork substantiates the sexual abuse of her children. Father masturbates in front of children, has them watch XXX porn and has his oldest daughter touch his penis. Grandfather has repeatedly touched the same daughter sexually on her vagina. Yet, the Independence Missouri PoliceDepartment and Missouri Department of Family Services both ignored and failed to act upon this information. To divert attention from the “pedophile abusers”, the“investigating MDFS organization” began it’s “Parental Alienation Syndrome”(PAS) attack on Shirley using the lies of the husband (who also sexually abused Shirley).
Nixon quoted PAS doctrine in court. Criminalizing of Shirley originated from the “quoted” unsubstantiated lies of husband Ray such as false filing of
“missing persons reports”, her being “bi-polar”, “abductions of children” etc by and through the Independence Police Department starting with one of their own, Officer Onka with 2 others colluding. (I have the police reports) Onka worked “off duty” with her husband.
Other influential factors are that the sister and daughter of the abusers lived in the same home where the abuse took place and is a lawyer with the MDFS (investigating the sexual abuse agency) named Leslie Riggs. Another MDFS lawyer named Arla Witte, represented husband in divorce case. Also, theNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children worked on behalf of the pedophile husband to try to get him FULL custody of the children. Yes, I have the documentation on this too!
Her former lawyer Laura Mullins, was the one who called the IPD and told them Shirley’s children were in danger in being with her because Shirley owed her money! This is why there was an Amber Alert and aNancy Grace Show! Shirley’s children have NEVER been ind anger with her. She
is not an abusive woman or mother, but the father and grandfather are DOCUMENTED to be!
Separated from her children for over 270 days with NO CONTACT allowed and now looking at another 6 months in jail or PRISON TIME and total loss of her children through “adoption” because she refused to let her children be exposed to the abusers, Shirley Riggs is in desperate need of help. I know the children are being told lies about her mother. Kelly her youngest son stated, that being apart from his mother was his “death sentence”.
Shirley now has a $500,000.00 cash bond on her and is in solitary confinement. She needs an attorney. In fact, I need 5000 women and children here in Independence Missouri protesting outside Nixon’s Jackson County Courthouse on any given appointed time if 5000 folks say they would be willing to do this through an email to me. A time can be set within a 30-40 day window. Also, I am asking PLEASE…that each individual who is read ing this and who is able and willing, to write, fax, or email a PROTEST to send it to the “COMMISSION ON RETIREMENT, REMOVAL, AND DISCIPLINE
COMPLAINT ABOUT A MISSOURI JUDGE”. The name of the judge is Ste phen Nixon, 16thCircuit Court, Jackson County Missouri.
If you are a “law yer”, I would ask you to download the “complaint form” and fill it out as pertaining to the VOID custody order, violation of Missouri Statues and the UCCJA laws. I have more info if needed. This judge needs to be replaced NOW and disciplined through this commission. Do this please for the sake of Shirley and her children. This is the link containing the “Ethics violation and Commission Complaint Form” with address, form for print out, phone numbers and fax number.
?OpenDocument is the email address. Please be respectful but blunt and to the point.
For additional information, please go to where more details, photos, videos, and documentation are available. If you have any questions, comments or ideas or BAIL MONEY…please contact me. It would be nice for 500,000 people to donate $1.00 each!

The below is a archived SNAP SHOT of more information that I had on my past web page. THE LINKS ARE BROKEN so that means if you want to find info per articles you have to “Google Search”> Sorry about that. But what you read should be enough to get your blood boiling!

Operation Morning Star Mission Programs At Bottom of Page Below Shirley Riggs Story or Click HERE To See NOW

Click all words or sentences IN THIS COLOR BLUE to read INFORMATION LINKS etc. This is a LONG SCROLL DOWN WEB PAGE BY DESIGN….similar to reading a book except you don’t have to turn the pages!

Richard Boyden – Founder of Operation Morning Star


“I love this assignment,” he said. “I have the opportunity to do good things for families and kids, helping them reach their potential, which is very satisfying. An administrative judge also gets to interact with all components of the society. I work with people interested in coming together to help kids. I also get to have first-hand knowledge of what is going on with all the services the court offers”.

 A quote from the “Honorable” Judge Stephen Nixon – Jackson County Missouri

Judge Nixon’s above quotation is documented on this page to be a pure, unadulterated, absolute, statement of hypocrisy…Judge Nixon blasphemes, defiles, and desecrates the word Justice and the Constitution of the United States of America. He is a legal pervert who’s own personal hate for the children and the mother of and who is woman of Cherokee descent who protects her children from the DOCUMENTED sexual abusers of them, is both demonstrated and documented in his “Illegal rulings” (PRO PEDOPHILE VOID CUSTODY ORDER) against Shirley Riggs. What this “Trail of Tears” Andrew Jackson” prototype” has done is what one would expect to find in reading the history of the Jews and their experiences with Nazi Germany…or…in the history of what the United States Government has historically done to American Indians up to THIS DAY! He is an open shame in the flesh to those Judges in the State of Missouri and the United States of American who are tainted by the fact this man wears the same robe they do! In considering what Nixon has done to this family.



Example of Judge Nixon’s Unethical Judicial Impropriety targeting Shirley Riggs!!! On July 20th (give or take a day) 2007, Nixon made a call to Judge Lock in Corvallis OR, where Shirley Riggs lived (Shirley and children NOT residents of Missouri for 3 years) and asked Lock to “stop” the Oregon Divorce Proceedings that Shirley Riggs had filed in Oregon so that Nixon could use the Missouri divorce filed by Ray Riggs as grounds for his VOID ORDER!  Also…the New Mexico Divorce proceedings filed by Shirley in 2005 were STILL OPEN when Nixon’s issued his VOID CUSTODY ORDER here in Missouri!

As I type on this day Oct. 12, 2008, now that Shirley Riggs is AGAIN in jail because she RESCUED her children again from being placed in the presence of the sexual abusers of her children (father and paternal grandfather) the Court of Judge Stephen Nixon, the Missouri Department of Family Services, the Independence Police Department, The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, and Guardian Ad Litem Patricia Scaglia are working to RETURN the children of Shirley Riggs into the very “custody-PEDOPHILE-presence”…UNSUPERVISED-OVERNIGHT…custody of Raymond and Albert Riggs either directly or through their sister/daughter Leslie Riggs, who has relentlessly applied for FULL CUSTODY OF SHIRLEY RIGGS’S CHILDREN!

Listen to A Live Interview with Shirley Riggs on 10.12.08 from her jail cell in Washington State. Interviewed by “Former Radio Talk Show Host” and founder of Operation Morning Star, Richard Boyden.

Her story shared in her own words which she has not been able to share with the public.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Shirley Riggs Contact Information List of Those in the Know and the “Who Done It’s”

Comments or questions?

‘An individual who breaks the law that conscience tells him (her) is unjust and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect of the law.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in it’s path.’ Agatha Cristie 


Child Molesters:  The Nazi’s were Pedophiles        The Institute for Media Education: Pedophile information not found anywhere else!

Police are searching for Shirley Riggs, 39, with brown hair and brown eyes, 5'5'' and 115 lbs. Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the Independence Police Department at 816-325-7258.

The “Legalized” Lynching of Cherokee Mother Shirley Riggs and the brutal EVIL and heartless traumatizing treatment of her children by “protect the sexual abusers of” State of Missouri under the authority of Judge Stephen Nixon who issued a VOID custody order and placed her children back into the presence of the documented and/or “confessed” sexual abusers of her children (father-paternal grandfather)…in Independence Missouri, Jackson County, the United States of America!

Missouri Cases that PROVE Judge Nixon Acted Outside His Jurisdiction In Issuing His Custody Order. Thus making His Custody Order VOID!

Biased Family Court System Hurts Mothers

Richard Ducote, esquire v.  Alleged Child Abusers

Guardians ad Litem in Private Custody Litigation: The Case of Abolition,”

Custody Cases: Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

Nixon’s Court is colluding with a Missouri Department of Family Services PRO PEDOPHILE AGENDA   What is she guilty of? Not sexually abusing her children! What really happened in Nixon’s Court!

  1. 1. Shirley Riggs “court appointed attorney” RESIGNED ON THE DAY OF,  April 24th, 2007, the day when the “Case Management Conference” and when there was a “replacement” who said and did nothing in this conference.

  2. Shirley was told she did not have to be there as she was in Oregon. Besides not giving Shirley “Due Process”, Judge Nixon violated UCCJA laws because Shirley Riggs and children had not lived in Missouri for 3 years, and granted custody to a “3d” party, the grandparents who lived in the home where the abuse took place.

  3. “Parents have a liberty interest in the Custody of their children, hence, ANY deprivation of that interest by the State must be accomplished by procedures meeting the requirements of due process.” . Hooks – United States Court of Appeals. 

  4.  Divorces Lawyer for Raymond Riggs in THIS FIRST hearing was Arla Witte, a Missouri Department of Family Services lawyer, the same organization investigating the abuse of the Riggs children. Also, working for the MDFS was Leslie Riggs, another lawyer and who happened to be the sister of Raymond Riggs and daughter of Albert Riggs and she lived in the same house where the abuse took place.

  5. . Even though documented, the sexual abuse of her children has been “dismissed”, not believed, and ignored by every single legal entity in this case when it comes to the sexual abusers being arrested and charged…this in contrast to “criminalizing” Shirley Riggs by the MDFS, Judge Nixon’s Court, Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason. the Independence Police Department, and the media. The children have NEVER been asked by the Judge who they want to live with!

She was threatened with/using a PLEA BARGAIN by Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason and with Judge Stephen Nixon’s approval, that if she did not plead guilty…she would NEVER SEE HER CHILDREN AGAIN! Her public defender said NOOOOOOOOOO…that what was happening to you is a travesty of justice!

Children with their mother for the 3 years away from the National Socialist Pedophile Protecting State of Missouri!

Since Nixon’s VOID CUSTODY ORDER, this mother and her children have been apart for over 240 days! Shirley Riggs has spent almost 7 months in jail. Now Nixon has attached a $500,000 Cash bond and there is a potential 15-30 year complements of Judge Stephen Nixon


Pedophile father Raymond Riggs



See the faces of her children AFTER they were “brutally kidnapped” and removed from the LOVE of their mother AND subsequently were diagnosed with “PTSD” and “DEPRESSION”…look into their eyes and into their SOULS and feel the pain and hurt in their spirits complements of the man who stated that...

“I have the opportunity to do good things for families and kids, helping them reach their potential, which is very satisfying” The “Honorable” Judge Stephen Nixon!

Judge Stephen Nixon, the Missouri Department of Family Services, the Independence Police Department, and Prosecuting Attorney have lied and colluded together to cover up the pedophile sexual abuse of Shirley Riggs’s children by their father and grandfather from the BEGINNING to NOW! This is why she first RESCUED them after 4/24/07 and has done so since and this is why she is in jail NOW…for only ONE REASON…TO PROTECT THEM from Nixon and his supporting legal entourage of “SS” protect the pedophiles and then criminalize” the mother Gestapo agents supported and protected by Judge Stephen Nixon!

Shirley Riggs Allowed to Share Her Side

Mom Accused of Taking Her Own Kids Defends Actions from Jail – 10-10-08 – MyFox4News Kansas City

Shirley Riggs Tells Her Side of the Story About Why She Left 10-08-08 – KMBC Kansas City

Click HERE to see the Riggs Family in 2005 living in New Mexico for almost 3 years before the ILLEGAL “Blitzkrieg” initiated by Judge Stephen Nixon’s VOID CUSTODY ORDER ripped them apart. 

Good Night My Angels  and   Breathing   are two more home videos that show how happy this family is together and apart from their abusers. Tell me if they look abused, neglected, unhappy, not wanting to be with their mother or grandmother! 

 Tell me if they look like they are in “eminent danger” as the lying DO NOT ARREST THE SEXUAL ABUSERS OF HER CHILDREN Independence Police Department would have you believe.

Read the  “reference letter” from the Carolyn Pratt, employer of Shirley and wife of Independence Missouri Attorney Ralph Pratt. They knew Shirley Riggs, what she went through, the kind of woman and mother she is, and how much she loved her children. They knew about this case and the evil abuse of power involved .

Read A Letter Of Tears From A Cherokees Mothers Heart Who’s Children Have Been Ripped Away  This is a letter from Shirley Riggs expressing her pain as a result what was done to her and her children at the hands of the “kidnappers”.

Read A Letter (2007) From Shirley Riggs: Prisoner in the Jackson County Jail  The “history” of what Shirley Riggs and her children have suffered as shared with Carolyn Pratt, wife of Independence Attorney Ralph Pratt, both employers of Shirley and knew personally and what she suffered LONG before the VOID CUSTODY ORDER of Nixon.

A Reference Letter For Shirley Riggs Highlighting Her Unconditional Love For Her Children

Shirley Riggs Contact Information List of Those in the Know and the “Who Done It’s”

Comments or questions?

Shirley Riggs knew the location of her children FOR FIVE MONTHS and where in St. Joseph Missouri, the address and name of family (who refused to let her children drink milk like “theirs” and instead gave them “Kool-Aid” to drink and Shirley’s children had to bath in the USED DIRTY bathwater after “theirs”) because the DFS failed to DELETE this information on the papers they gave her.

She did not chose to take her children until she was informed by her attorney Mark Spiegel, in conjunction with Guardian Ad Litem Patricia Scaglia, the Court appointed attorney…that “they” were going to recommend at her 22d of Sep. Court appearance, that her children have overnight, unsupervised weekend visits in the home where the sexual abusers (Ray Riggs who was ALREADY having unsupervised overnight visits and Albert Riggs and “substantiated” through “forensic interviews with the children by experts in this field and which is documented) resided and that she not receive custody of her children until the spring…”MAYBE”! Both attorney’s withheld information about a “closed chamber” meeting with Judge Stephen Nixon where he informed them, that at Shirley’s 22d of Sept. Court appearance, that Nixon was going to give FULL custody of her children to her.


Cole Eason

Pedophile Friendly Jackson County Prosecutor COLE EASON

This information was communicated to Independence Attorney Ralph Pratt by Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason in a phone to call to Pratt on Sept. 30th.

I believe this was done deliberately so as to cause her to again PROTECT her children and RESCUE them from being exposed to the sexual abusers of! Something is not right here…smell anything yet?

  Letter from Shirley Riggs From Her Jail Cell in Washington State – October 9, 2008

Shirley Riggs and Children Defense Fund 

 $500,000.00 Cash Bond for protecting her children from substantiated and “confessed” sexual abusers Send Checks or Money Orders to

 Kathleen Rodgers (Shirley’s Sister)   450 Oak Terrace – Sweet Home, OR 97386

Jackson Country 16th Circuit Court Judge Stephen Nixon has “WARNED” that if any attorney speaks out about or against his VOID CUSTODY ORDER, that he will report them to the Missouri Bar Association! This is THE REASON he has put a GAG ORDER on this case and especially on the past and present attorneys of Shirley Riggs. The Judge cannot allow the VOID ORDER information get out, let alone information that confirms the sexual abuse of the children of Shirley Riggs by those who have not been arrested and therefore are being protected by the Independence Police Department. The MDFS, who has a Leslie Riggs ATTORNEY on staff, along with a number of her co-workers, support the cover-up and with the collaboration of the Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason. Can anyone hear a PIN DROP?

Oregon and Missouri Department of Family Services BOTH Substantiate Sexual Abuse of the  Children of Shirley Riggs

According to Brenda Coleman of ABC House, Albany Oregon and L.C. Grimler representing Old Mill Center for Families in Albany, both experts in “forensic interviewing” of sexually abused children and who both interviewed Raven Riggs in Oregon, oldest daughter of Shirley Riggs, they stated without a doubt that she was sexually abused, Clemons by both Raymond Riggs, father, and Albert Riggs, grandfather. Grimler by Raymond Riggs, father.

Raymond Riggs has admitted to and had “substantiated” his pedophile activity and twice in Court has had his attempts to have this charge dropped so that he does not have to be on the “sexual offenders list”. To be named Missouri Department of Family Services and others working with, also substantiated this sexual abuse as found in MDFS documents.

Image result for independence police department mo

The Independence Police Department, officers Bullard, Holiman, Onka, Nunez,

FALSIFIED reports about Shirley Riggs, worked in concert with a Sweet Home Oregon Police officer named Randy Gill, to have her falsely arrested (NO WARRANT) which resulted in her children being placed in foster care for 4 days. Gill stalked her and the children and collaborated together with the Independence Police Department to falsify reports including a “missing persons” report filed (LIE) by Raymond Riggs concerning Shirley and her children. They also REJECTED all reports of sexual abuse “substantiated reports” from Oregon sources in order to allow Raymond Riggs and Albert Riggs to be arrested and charged.

These officers NEVER interviewed her but accepted and included anything from the paternal side of the Riggs family. They also REFUSED TO ACCEPT A STATEMENT FROM HER (won’t see any because we have copies of the originals) and worked in concert with (to be named) certain Missouri Department of Family Services employees, who were FRIENDS of the Riggs family and Leslie Riggs in particular who just happens to be a “top lawyer” for the MDFS and daughter/sister of the abusers!

Because of the “working relationship” of Onka and Raymond Riggs at the s grocery store in Independence Missouri, this “coordinated-colluding” effort lied about, fabricated false rumors about, and are found in the SIX Independence Police Department Reports concerning Shirley Riggs. In particular, there were concerted and deliberate efforts by these officers to “expunge” any and all efforts by her to expose the abuse of her children. She was never interviewed ONE TIME by any of the above, yet was called “uncooperative” by Bullard in one of this reports.

Yet it was BULLARD who included in his report that Shirley was “depressed” with no medical confirmation of this other then what Ray Riggs told him. This “profile” of Shirley was then “passed on” to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children and included in their profile of Shirley Riggs!  This same organization has been working behind the scenes to try to secure sole parental custody of Shirley’s children to the admitted and substantiated sexual abuser of her children, Ray Riggs…”friend” of the Independence Police Department!

And there has not been ONE ARREST of Raymond Riggs or Al Riggs for the sexual abuse of the children of Shirley Riggs. The ONLY action on the part of the Independence Police Department, was for Holiman to read Shirley’s 78 year old mother Lois Hinman, her “Miranda Rights” and proceed to illegally confiscate paperwork pertinent to this case (NO SEARCH WARRANT) and with the collaborative approval of Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason and the authoritative nod of Judge Stephen Nixon.


“If you are a woman and you allege child sexual abuse, expect to be attacked with Richard Gardner’s Parental Alienation Syndrome”


Richard Gardner’s “junk science” of PEDOPHILE justifying behavior was used by, quoted by, and in the Court of Judge Stephen Nixon himself in his determinations, descriptions about, and in his “rulings” concerning Shirley Riggs and her children! Therefore, the more you understand Richard Gardner, the more you will understand what happened to Shirley Riggs and why.

And also…why the sexual abusers of her children, Ray and Albert Riggs have never been arrested by the Independence Police Department, Prosecuted by PA Cole Eason, tried in a court of law, and continue to remain FREE!  

Richard Gardner, follower of the raping children to provide data for his book Alfred Kinsey,  was a pro-pedophile “expert” like the Missouri Department of Family Services “pedophile expert” Gregory Sisk sent by the MDFS to “evaluate” Shirley Riggs and who told her…that his daughter is absolutely NORMAL when she MASTURBATES ON HER STUFFED ANIMAL!

Richard Gardner states in his book, that…PEDOPHLIA – adults having sexual relations with children…

is a wide spread and accepted practice among billions of people”….”all of us have some pedophilia within us”!

Judge Stephen Nixon, the Missouri of Department of Family Services, ARE embracers of the “pro-pedophile” NAMBLA propagated, sexual molesting theory of Richard Gardner which is WHY Shirley Riggs is a “criminal”.

The Origins of the Pro-Pedophilia Movement and embraced and implemented in the policies of the Missouri Department of Family Services and the Court of Judge Stephen….EXAMPLE?  The case of Shirley Riggs and her children.

The Institute for Media Education: Pedophile information not found anywhere else!

The face of a DEAD PEDOPHILE!    Richard Gardner

        Born On April 28, 1931Committed Suicide May 25, 2003               “CAUSE OF DEATH: Incised wounds of chest and neck.”

(while using drugs)

Gardner was a  “Philosophically and Real Life Supporter of The Pedophile Infested NAMBLA...North American Man Boy Love Association

Amazon sells ‘deadly’ pedophile magazine
NAMBLA Bulletin named in suit involving rape, murder of boy

Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem Witch Trials Revisited –  Book by Richard A. Gardner. Creative Therapeutics, Cresskill, New Jersey, 1991.   


And on the shelf of EVERY “expert” who works for the Missouri Department of Family Services and their “supporting cast” of PRO – DEFEND a Pedophile Attorneys and “Therapists” and Judge who have used his “Parental Alienation Syndrome” thesis to CRIMINALIZE Shirley Riggs, illegally take her children, and have put in the past and are still trying to put them in the custody of the family of Albert and Raymond Riggs!

Gardner Claimed That Pedophilia and Incest Are Not Child Abuse …. 

Same position as the Missouri Department of Family Services, the Independence Police Department, and the Court of Judge Steven Nixon

He described NAMBLA’s view that if the child consents, pedophilia is NORMAL

just like the rulings of Jackson County Court of Judge Stephen Nixon imply in NOT arresting Ray Riggs and Al Riggs in with the help of the pro-pedo policies of the Missouri Department of Family Services!  I wonder if the sexual abusers of the child, (her father and grandfather of Shirley Riggs) “asked for permission first”!

When Pedophile Judges Fear Exposure 

”What I am against is the excessively moralistic and punitive reaction that many members of our society have toward pedophiles … (going) far beyond what I consider to be the gravity of the crime”  Richard “The DEAD Pedophile” Gardner

Organizations, Case Histories of Families, Mothers and their Children who have been victimized by Judicial Abuse using Gardner’s bogus research.

National Coalition of Family Judges Call Parental Alienation Junk Science – NOT Jackson County Judge Stephen Nixon!

The Shadow Sexual Revolution – The Push to Legalize Pedophilia  

…including being PUSHED and promoted in the Court of Judge Stephen Nixon in his criminalization of Shirley Riggs for protecting her children and in the “legitimatizing/legalizing” of the pedophile/sexual abuse of her children!

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges [anti-PAS] Guide,

The discredited “diagnosis” of “PAS” (or allegation of “parental alienation”), quite apart from its scientific invalidity, inappropriately asks the court to assume that the children’s behaviors and attitudes toward the parent who claims to be “alienated” have no grounding in reality. It also diverts attention away from the behaviors of the abusive parent, who may have directly influenced the children’s responses by acting in violent, disrespectful, intimidating, humiliating and/or discrediting ways toward the children themselves, or the children’s other parent. “

NAMBLA’s Website Thanks Kinsey

(So does the Missouri Department of Family Services and Judge Stephen Nixon’s Court!)

“Gay liberationists in general, and boy lovers in particular, should know Kinsey’s work and hold it dear. … Implicit in Kinsey is the struggle we fight today.”

NAMBLA in Daniel Tsang, Ed., The Age Taboo, Alyson Pub., Boston, MA, 1981, AT 96 – June 26, 2007

The Institute for Media Education: Pedophilia and Pornography Information Not Found Anywhere Else!

Nancy Grace’s misinformation …

had Raymond Riggs with his “new” attorney, on her program 10/2/08.  Raymond Riggs is father and pornographic sexual abuser of his oldest daughter as documented by the Oregon Department of Family Services (READ THIS) and identified in the Missouri Department of Family Services reports …even though this LATTER agency and the Jackson County Missouri Court of Judge Nixon, Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason, view this man, his sexually abusive father (grandfather who was included and identified by OLDEST DAUGHTER in the Oregon Department of Family Services “Forensic Interview” found on this report) worthy to be LEGALLY IGNORED in not having him arrested even though “charges” have been substantiated in “court”. The job of this new attorney is to get the charges of pornographic sexual abuse of his daughter overturned in guess who’s court?  Say Judge Stephen Nixon! Yep…it will happen…just wait and see Nancy!

Shirley Riggs is not suffering from depression or “stress” as her XXX-X-husband told you, unless that is, if one as a mother has to worry about her children being molested by those protected by the State of Missouri in Jackson County!

Hey, Nancy…your “guest” is FREE…no $500,000 bond on him like with Shirley Riggs. She just protected her children…HE SEXUALLY MOLESTED THEM! That is why he never answered your question with a NO…instead “no comment”.

That is the difference between a mother who will protect her children and the abusers of.

In Jackson County, the State of Missouri, in the United States of America, they jail the mother and the abusers are FREE!


Watch “child porn” on your computer in Jackson County, the State of Missouri, United States of America, you go to jail.

Missouri Department of Family Services “closet pedo counselor” sent to Shirley Riggs to “evaluate” her…

I forgot to mention this. The Missouri Department of Family services had Shirley go meet a MDFS “APPROVED” counselor for a “psychiatric evaluation.” His name is Gregory Fisk. Gregory Fisk told Shirley Riggs that is is “natural” for children to MASTURBATE because his less then 3 year old daughter masturbates on her stuffed animal! Yes, you read right. This is sick perverted and filthy “closet pedophile” works for the Missouri Department of Family Services! Why not send Shirley to a man who’s filthy spirit is no different then the father and grandfather of the children. I am going guess, that the MDFS lawyer, sister and daughter of the abusers of her children, recommended this individual. Say Leslie Riggs.  Remember that Leslie Riggs is the sister and daughter of the abusers of Shirley’s children and lived in the same house where the abuse took place. NO ONE can tell me she was not aware of what was going on. I understand that even her behavior around the children was crude and risqué.

How I got involved with Shirley Riggs and her children

by Richard Boyden-Founder of Operation Morning Star

First let me say that I know Shirley Riggs, and I spent quality time with her looking over all the documents and reports concerning her case. I personally viewed, in the presence of a Kansas City lawyer I took Shirley Riggs named Jim Ziegler, the Oregon Department of Family Services “forensic interview” CD, where it was shared by the daughter of Shirley Riggs that she was sexually molested by Albert Riggs, her grandfather.

Judge Stephen Nixon, when he “kidnapped” the children of Shirley Riggs without authority to do so, denied her due process, he placed her children KNOWINGLY in the home where the abuse took place. This is why Shirley Riggs and her children chose to leave 3 years before to get her children away from this vile, filthy, environment where her children were being sexually abused.

This case is not about “legal jurisdiction” or “Court authority” over the children as one is LIED to believe and with the media’s help. It is about children being  sexually abused. It is about a father having his children watch pornography with him, while he lays naked in bed. It is about a father having his daughter touch his penis in this scenario and this is in the ODFS report and acknowledged by the Missouri Department of Family Services to a “limited degree”, even substantiated by with an upcoming court hearing in Oct. .

This is NOT hearsay. It is about a grandfather putting his hand in the pants of a granddaughter and touching her vagina. Again, in the ODFS report. It is about a Judge named Nixon and the Missouri Department of Family Services, the prosecuting attorney, making sure these CRIMES are not seen, known, exposed or the committers of arrested and charged. It is about 3 members of the Independence Police Department lying in their reports about Shirley Riggs and in fact, one worked with the father. In reading their reports, I noted that the pleas of the mother about a case of abuse was ignored, not believed by the MDFS case worker who visited the home of the abusers. In fact, the reports consisted only of the “hearsay” of the father.

So I am not speaking from a position of “hearsay”. I am not a lawyer or a judge. I am though an investigative journalist, I write for two well known American Indian newspapers (even though because of my glaucoma, I don’t always catch my errors as you will notice here) I am a past radio talk show host who focused on “Indian Country” issues such as this case, interviewed prominent Indian Country legal experts such as the late Vine Deloria Jr. among others. I taught investigative journalism at Haskell Indian Nations University If I am wrong and this information is not true concerning the abuse, then let the FBI, since they are now involved on a FEDERAL LEVEL, break out the LIE DETECTOR  and interview those that are the sexual abusers etc.  

My “counsel” to Judge Stephen Nixon…

Judge Nixon!!!! You have a major problem here and day by day and week by week, your public image concerning Shirley Riggs and her children is not going to get any better! (This is my job description!) Either you know all about this and are in collusion, or sir, you have been lied to and manipulated to by Patricia M. Scaglia  and elements within the Missouri Department of Family Services to the detriment of your position as a RESPECTED Judge. (EACH VIEW OF THIS WEB PAGE proves the contrary!)

My advice to you sir, is that if you did declare in a “closed chambers meeting” that Shirley was to receive custody of her children as stated by Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason to Attorney Ralph Pratt on 9/30 in Independence Missouri, that you come PUBLIC on this in the media in order to clear your name and retain and even begin to restore whatever reputation and credibility you have left.

And that you declare this IN THE LOCAL AND NATIONAL MEDIA and have the Prosecuting Attorney Cole Eason (since he is the “messenger” of this good news) drop the charges against Shirley Riggs so that she can come home with her children and live her life as a free woman and mother and AWAY FROM the pedophile sexual abusers in the Riggs family that the State of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Family Services, and your Court, is so determined to hide and protect at the expense of Shirley Riggs and her children. If you feel the need to issue a warrant on someone…how about Raymond and Albert Riggs, the documented and believed by the FBI to be sexual abusers of the children of Shirley Riggs?

If those who were in the chamber with you deliberately chose NOT share what you stated to them with Shirley Riggs, (and you assumed they would or you told them to and therefore expected them to do?) then I suggest you file a Missouri Bar Association complaint against them yourself. I have attorney’s NOW who are in the process of doing just that and possibly against you if in fact you are a colluder in this. Someone is lying here…and those hurt the most again, are Shirley Riggs and her children. It is about time you set the record straight if you have any semblance of moral and spiritual integrity and honor left in your heart for this family, if that is, you had any in the first place and up to now, you appear to have little if any as I see it.

You also issued a VOID CUSTODY ORDER, denied Shirley Riggs DUE PROCESS, and the list goes on…you have much to undue if you are to save your career from the shame you are inflicting upon it and at your own hands no less!

The lawyer and woman (among others in concert with the MDFS) who wants Shirley’s children back with the sexual abusers of…

As for Scaglia, I wonder why she has this subliminal desire and incognito agenda to continue to make sure that Shirley’s children end up in the home of the sexually abusive men in the Riggs family. I wonder why Scaglia has NOT mentioned ONE THING (as “the attorney who is supposed to represent the children’s BEST interests”), about this as being a concern on her part for the children’s safety and welfare.

What this means to me is that I think Scaglia might think a lot like the “closet pedophile” named Gregory Sisk, who the Missouri  Department of Family Services “Psychiatric Counselor” Sexual Expert sent to “evaluate” Shirley,

the one that said it was “natural” for his 3 year (or less) old daughter to masturbate on a stuffed animal. I think that the information revealed in the Oregon Department of Family Services “forensic interview report” about Raymond and Albert Riggs is not a problem with Patricia M. Scaglia.



The Necessary Spiritual Understanding Of Why Suicide Among Native Americans Is Epidemic

Updated ! Dedicated to Prairie Nigger Haters who rejoice when a Native American commits suicide…say Karen Sue Andras and Bill Bunting…the two demon possessed pathological lying jacketing me with lies sexual perverts representing SATAN himself! Both believe that any REAL MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO RAPE A WOMAN…ESP NATIVE AMERICAN…HOW WHITE OF THEM! Hell has a spot for them to be together in!


Introduction: While living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I was God inspired to write this paper as a result of witnessing the continual and growing rate of suicides by Lakota/Dakota youth. I witnessed and still do the failure of redundant attempts to address the epidemic using programs that are totally lacking in the “spiritual truths” of why suicide is so rampant and successful among Native American youth.

It is my personal testimony that until that truth is understood as well as accepted, that the devil will continue to have his way with God’s Oyate who are slowly but surely being eliminated in this very evil and painful way.

Richard Boyden 3/7/2013

Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide

Genocide by Suicide – The “Spiritual Deception” of Self-Murder

                                   “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I…

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