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Michigan Judge Elroy Brown “Sex Trafficking” Odonnell Girls For Sexual Abuse And Rape At Boys Town Nebraska


It is obvious that the WHITE LIBERAL/AND JEW AS WELL AS THE BLACK MEDIA endorse Brown and have embedded within their ranks closet porno fixated pedophiles as does the government officials that I shared this story with like Jew Carl Levin when a story like this is exposed!

More then likely most if not ALL have CHILD PORN/PORNOGRAPHY on their home computers like JUDGE ELROY BROWN…a demon possessed sick hell bound BASTARD SON OF SATAN!

Any JUDGE (and CPS workers) that would send two young girls to a documented place where “sexual trafficking of to Washington DC for “blackmail child abuse parties” where the raping/sodomizing of children boys/girls is documented to have taken place …has a dark evil filthy perverted heart and that is Judge Elroy Brown and any and all those who do NOT return these girls to their family!

I truly believe Brown is connected to a child porn network where “sadomasochistic” FILMS (including SNUFF) are made of the rape of young boys and girls like the Odonnell twins and which Brown is a “spectator of” along with his “Satanic Brotherhood” he works with. Yes…Brown will burn in HELL if these girls are not returned because what will if not has happened to them at the hands of Michigan CPS and him…will be the reason why they all will be their together including the raping abusers and those complicit…like those who SAY AND DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS CRIME!

INTRODUCTION: My testimony to everyone reading this blog is that I have personally felt Almighty God’s Anger and Righteous Indignation towards those guilty of this act of SATAN from Judge Brown to each CPS worker and each government official in Michigan who has done nothing for these violated and spiritually raped and physically abused young girls and their family. So it is on this day, I will share this story far and wide in every place I can find so as to fully expose these CRIMINALS for who they really are and what they are guilty of as listed and named below and in every newspaper outlet from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times…to reporters…TV networks and any and all other media outlets and publications and I do so as a former USMC combat veteran and “restored” to my ministry by Jesus Christ Himself who I can assure you has given me the GREEN LIGHT to do this!

FOREWORD: In the name of Jesus Christ Judge Brown and as lead by Him…I am exposing your most evil and insidious Satan led actions in what YOU are doing to the Odonnell Twins and know that Almighty God will hold you accountable for what will happen to them if you send them to “BOYS TOWN” and that even now their “blood” is on your hands already in not releasing them to their mother and that I have a testimony from Jesus Christ that the judgement of almighty God will come upon you when you come before Jesus Himself where then He will assign your soul to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone to be with your father the DEVIL as demonstrated in what you are doing to these innocent daughters of Almighty God …even so…AMEN!

Image result for chief judge elwood L. brown st. clair county probate court

“Sexual Trafficking of Odonnell Twins” Michigan Judge Elroy Brown who should be disbarred and charged with FELONY KIDNAPPING! “Adoption” picture of Brown with unsuspecting child who was “stolen” from his family even as the Odonnell Sisters have been by Brown! Just a thought and question…is Brown a “father and married”?????? No bio anywhere…interesting ya think? 

Judge Browns Number is 810-985-2010 for any and all “media” who has the courage and compassion for these girls to “interview him”!

Judge Elroy Brown is extending the abuse and potential “murder in custody” in allowing further physical and mental abuse and inevitable sexual abuse as well as the continued deterioration of the health of Abbie and Alexis Odonnell by not giving them to their mother after the Michigan Child Protective Services-CPS dropped all “charges” (SEE BELOW) by sending Abbie and Alexis Odonnell to Boys Town NE…where sexual trafficking and sexual abuse of children is the documented historical backdrop of and which personally causes me to believe that Judge Brown could very well be a “closet sexual trafficker of children” because there is NO OTHER REASON for him to do this to these girls!

Click HERE to read about the history of BOYS TOWN…just the place where a closet pedophile or one complicit in the sexual trafficking of children and PRETTY GIRLS would send the Odonnell Twins!


CLICK HERE to listen to their mother explain what CPS combined with Judge Browns Satanic actions has allowed to happen to her daughters including the potential of their being further abused and raped if not already in CPS “Foster Care Incarceration” and being “murdered” i.e. to stop them from tell the truth about what has been done to them…say “the appearance of suicide” i.e. SNUFFED after the order of Boys Town “Franklin Cover-up” history!


“The CPS case on the twins has been dismissed. The neglect charges against their mother was dismissed. They were previously under the jurisdiction of both the juvenile system and Child Protective Services. Now, they are solely under the jurisdiction of the juvenile system.

The family learned recently that Amy Bennett is no longer on the case, but it has to do with a jurisdictional transfer to county probation from DHS probation. It is not because of her alleged misdeeds on the case.”

It is documented that “Child Protective Services” children are found in the “Sexual Trafficking Trade”…right Judge Brown? This is WHY Brown is sending these girls to “BOYS TOWN” so as to allow for the “Sexual Trafficking” template to continue with the Odonnell Twins being the latest victims…right Judge Brown? CLICK HERE to see documentation of CPS Sex Trafficking which APPLIES to all CPS jurisdictions in the United States and which Judge Brown is a part of in spirit and DEED in what he is doing…right Judge Brown?

In other words…Judge Elroy Brown is “kidnapping the Odonnell twins for SEX…right Judge Brown? Are you a closet PEDOPHILE Judge Brown? I think your home computer needs to be HACKED…I understand some “Anonymous folks” might be working on that…oh oh! Sure hope they don’t find any CHILD PORN THERE and names of “Sex Trafficking” connections that lead right to BOYS TOWN…what do you think Judge Brown?

CLICK HERE and HERE to read about how CPS…”Child Pedophile Services”…whoops…no really WHOOPS…puts children direct in the hands of sexual perverts…where children are raped…sodomized and even SNUFFED…say SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE and CHILD SACRIFICE and on a WORLD WIDE LEVEL…say WORLD LEADERS!


“The FBI does not track statistics for missing children. Of all the statistics it keeps tabs on, rape, homicide, domestic abuse, what amounts to perhaps the single most important one in terms of citizen safety is ominously missing. Perhaps they simply do not want us to know how bad the epidemic is? It should also be noted that FBI prosecution of major child trafficking rings had been virtually non-existent.”

HISTORY FACTOID BOYS TOWN:  Michael Aquino SATANIST used BOYS TOWN working with the CIA and FBI to traffic children FROM BOYS TOWN to Washington DC for SEXUAL ORGIES! CLICK HERE and HERE TO CONNECT THE DOTS OF SIMILARITY AS TO WHY JUDGE BROWN IS SENDING THE ODONNELL TWINS TO BOYS TOWN…right Judge Brown? So please tell me and the media and Jesus Christ in particular…what the REAL REASON is for you sending the Angie and Alexis to BOYS TOWN Judge Brown? Obviously it is not because you have the pure love of Jesus Christ in your heart for them! No…I can say and repeat the words of Jesus Christ when He said to those who were pure evil…”Your father is the DEVIL”!


Click HERE and HERE to more about what Child Protective Services is REALLY about  in being a “pimping service” to and for sexual perverts  and raping murdering pedophiles with “BOYS TOWN” being a documented “placement service for and to”…say SEX TRAFFICKING!


Here is the list of Michigan Government Officials COMPLICIT IN THEIR SILENCE in what Brown is doing to these girls which says to me…they are LIKE MINDED AND ENDORSE AND DESIRE AS DOES BROWN the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of these girls that has taken place and will happen to them including the likelyhood of they being drugged, raped, used in “sex orgies”, sadomasochistic porn films and and ending up DEAD.

Just for the record…Icalled each one and informed them of the CRIME of what Brown was doing and left my number etc…and guess what…no calls which says to me they are in full “spiritual agreement” with what Brown is doing. I call this the “Brotherhood of Satan”…say PEDOPHILE FIXATED FREE MASONIC BROTHERHOOD and/or CATHOLIC MURDERING RAPING PEDOPHILE HISTORY…same same…all “Lake of Fire and Brimstone” BOUND!

Governor Rick Snyder may be reached at 517-335-7858 or 517-373-3400, or contacted here. He is also on Facebook.

Phil Pavlov is the Senator serving the family’s district. He may be reached at 517-373-7708, or contacted here.

Paul Muxlow is their Representative. He may be reached at 517-373-0835, or contacted here.

Representative Ken Goike serves the district of the Odonnell girls’ grandmother, and may also be reached at 517-373-0820, or contacted here.

Now the story!

Kidnapped Twins in Michigan Physically Abused: Being Shipped out of State to Destroy Family Ties

Odonnell twins before court Friday July 29

Odonnell twins Abbie (left) and Alexis (right) just before court on Friday, July 29. The family was told that Alexis is bruised from “restraints.” Source: Free the Odonnell Girls from cps Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff 

Laura Odonnell was shocked to see her 15 year old daughter Alexis arrived to court with a huge bruise on her face. Both twins show signs of being abused in state custody.

The Odonnell twins just want to go home and be together as a family again, but on Friday July 29th Judge Elwood Brown has approved a request from the state to send the Michigan teens to a juvenile facility in Boys Town, Nebraska. When Alyssa, 17, learned that her sisters were going to be sent 19 hours away from home for the next 4 years, she stormed out of the courtroom, visibly upset. For that, a bailiff threatened her with a tazer.

The Odonnell children were healthy before they were taken into state custody 2 years ago after allegedly trying marijuana. They were having a bit of difficulty adjusting to a new school, but the pot incident started a snowball of state intervention which keeps getting worse. Now, the twins are reportedly on a suicide watch, and are spending almost every hour of the day in isolation.They never had any psychiatric or mental health concerns before entering state custody, but now Abbie has anorexia and Alexis has bulimia. Abbie seems to be turning the trauma inward, but Alexis, always the bolder of the two, is very angry and has been having meltdowns. Little wonder. Every time there is hope of coming home and being together again, their hopes are dashed. Laura wonders how they are going to hold on.

See recent article:

Formerly Healthy Twins Now Wasting Away in Michigan Care for 2 Years After Allegedly Trying Marijuana

Why Are the Twins Being Sent out of Their Home State?

On the July 22nd airing of the National Safe Child Show with host Tammi Stefano, the twins’ case in Michigan was discussed with a reporter that writes for Ms. Stefano related how she had a telephone conversation with a social worker supervisor within Michigan CPS, a Chris Anderson, who was apparently willing to discuss the Odonnell twins’ case. Ms. Anderson acknowledged that CPS was considering sending the twins out of state, and was considering Nebraska as a place to send the girls, to “meet their needs.”

When Ms. Stefano asked what those “needs” were that Michigan could not provide, Ms. Anderson replied it was their “juvenile justice needs” and the need to:

develop autonomy from the dysfunction of their interaction with their family.

Ms. Anderson stated that the girls were “bonded to their mother” and that “they love their mother, and their mother loves them” and therefore intervention is needed as this was not apparently healthy.

Interestingly, Ms. Stefano talked to another social worker in Michigan CPS right after her call with Chris Anderon, and this person, Erica Quelay, who is apparently a spokesperson for the department, made some general comments about the department’s policy of sending children under the care of CPS out of state. When asked if the department would send children under the care of Michigan CPS out of the state for treatment, Ms. Quelay reportedly stated:

No, for kids in foster care we do everything we can to keep them in the state, in their community.

When asked about some kids being sent to Nebraska for services, Erica Quelay replied:

No, that is not anything I am familiar with at all… I don’t have any reason to believe that would be the case.

The comments about the Michigan story with the Odonnell twins starts at the 20 minute mark in the show:

Twins Restrained and Harmed Under State Care

Big sister Alyssa was able to visit her sisters before court Friday morning for about a half hour. Their mother was verbally issued a “no-contact” order recently. When their mother came into court, Alyssa warned her mom that the twins did not look good.

That was an understatement.

Abbie’s arms are cut up, and Alexis has bruises on her face, shoulders, and ankles. Alyssa was told that this was “from restraints.”

Laura wants to know what kind of restraints they could possibly be using on her daughter for there to be bruising on her face. The children were never abused, beaten, or bruised up in her care. This is happening under the watchful eye of the juvenile system.

Sister Threatened with Tazer

During court, Judge Brown told the family that the twins would be sent to a facility in Boys Town, Nebraska, where they would be spending the next 4 years, until they are 19 years old. At that point, 17 year old Alyssa, who misses her sisters terribly, reportedly got up very upset and walked out of the room, shoving the door to the court open. The bailiff reportedly shouted after her:

You push the door again like that, and I’ll taze you!

The twins’ older brother defended his sister, telling him that he didn’t need to threaten her like that, and the bailiff reportedly shoved him.

Court was very emotional for the close-knit family. They still cannot believe the extreme measures taken by the state, and the state’s neglect of the twins’ health. Understandably, they are upset. Laura is afraid that, as upset as Alexis was today at court, that someone might use a tazer on Alexis.

Separation Devastating

Laura says that the judge has told her that she will be permitted one “good-bye visit” just before they ship off to Nebraska. She says that her children are her life, and that they matter more to her than anything in the world. Her twins are attached to each other (as is very normal) and they are attached to her. The girls have told their handlers that they cannot survive being separated from each other, and, indeed, their current health reflects that assertion.


The family was happy together before state intervention. Source: Odonnell family

Medical Needs Continue to Be Ignored

There is still no plan for the twins to receive treatment for their eating disorders, even though previous court orders called for it. Both girls have low iron, fainting spells, and health issues relating to the eating disorders. Alexis, to date, has never been treated for her bulimia. Abbie asked the court this morning for help, telling the judge:

I need help. I can’t get my calorie counts in.

Her pleas reportedly fell on deaf ears and were not addressed.


Separation is devastating for twins. Source: Odonnell family

Laura Dalton says that she was told in court that the social workers and parole officers have “worked so hard” on the case, but that there has been “no progress.”  But the family has been split apart, their health neglected, twins separated, and they have lost hope. At every turn, those in the system have seemed determined to keep them IN the system. What they believe will help them get better is to be together and have their eating disorders and health needs addressed. But they haven’t been given that chance.

Kangaroo Court, But Probation Officer Off the Case

As they were walking into court Friday morning, they were handed notice of another hearing that also occurred that same morning, which gave them no time to prepare any kind of response. Laura has reported this type of behavior from the court on numerous occasions. Recently, she received a notice in the mail of a hearing that had already passed.

The CPS case on the twins has been dismissed. The neglect charges against their mother was dismissed. They were previously under the jurisdiction of both the juvenile system and Child Protective Services. Now, they are solely under the jurisdiction of the juvenile system.

The family learned recently that Amy Bennett is no longer on the case, but it has to do with a jurisdictional transfer to county probation from DHS probation. It is not because of her alleged misdeeds on the case.

Parental Rights Violated

The judge has reportedly accused Laura of not wanting her children, but that has never been true. He has allegedly accused her of not being able to keep her girls from going AWOL, but Laura reminds us that they ran away from abusive foster care, under state watch. They have never run away from her home. She wants to know how she is being held responsible for what they did while in state care.

Even though the neglect portion of the CPS case is now dismissed, the girls’ mother is still ordered to continue individual therapy, and continue weekly drug testing. Laura believes that the drug testing is a waste of state resources, since she has never taken a single drug, never even smoked a joint, in her life. Every drug test has come back clean.

Laura Odonnell’s parental rights have technically not been terminated (TPR); however, the actions of the court, in effect, have done the same thing, without putting it in those terms legally. Is it because the state recognizes that they do not have, nor ever have had, grounds to terminate parental rights?

She would like to appeal the court’s decisions, but needs an attorney to help with the process.


Comment on this story at

Examples below of CPS placing children in the homes of PEDOPHILES IN CALIFORNIA!

CPS does this in ALL states including MICHIGAN with the ODONNELL TWINS being an example with Judge Brown extending MICHIGANS CPS sexual abuse history by sending them to a HISTORY OF SEXUAL ABUSE AND SEXUAL TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN PLACE called “Boys Town”! 



In Sacramento County, Jack told countless therapists, teachers, doctors, social workers, investigators, and adult friends of the family that he was being raped by his father. Over 40 CPS reports were made by mandated reporters. Jack even called 911 from his father’s house to beg the police to come and rescue him. He was not rescued. Jack endured 7 long years of re-victimization. He was alternately placed with, and removed from, his father’s custody.

His nurturing, non-abusive mother finally died of cancer and the CPS social worker recommended that Jack, age 9, live with his father. The juvenile court referee agreed and placed Jack with his documented alcoholic molester father.

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“I ran away with my 4-year-old daughter when it was clear the court would never protect her from her father.

I didn’t know about the court trap I’d walked into until it was too late. She told me and her therapist that her daddy put his pee pee in her pee pee. She had nightmares all the time, and urinary tract infections. She wouldn’t eat, her stomach hurt, she was afraid of everything, and she would scream and hold on to me when it came time to visit her father. I went to every agency, and got no help.

I ran far away, but forgot I was a criminal and forgot to hide. I called home to my family. After 18 months, the FBI came for me. I think my picture was on a milk carton.

They took my child and gave her to the molester father.

She’s 16 now, promiscuous, and on drugs.”

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“After my son started telling about violent sex abuse by his father and his pedophile friends, my wealthy, prominent ex-husband got an attorney and began to say I was crazy. My attorney said that the court system was not a good place to be, and I believed him after reading a couple of books by mothers who had lost their children.

So we began a series of steps to try to de-escalate the situation, such as having extensive meetings with the therapists, attorneys and children. We negotiated and talked and negotiated some more.

Since the father was not interested in a big and very public trial, he was also interested in negotiating.

I had to make concessions that broke my heart, such as letting my child go with the abuser at times. But I knew I’d lose custody of both children if I went to court, because of the biased reports of the private evaluators and the tremendous power my ex-husband had in the system.

It was Sophie’s Choice, and I made it to save one child. It was the best I knew how to do, and I will live with the pain the rest of my life. But there weren’t many options.”

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“When my daughter began to tell me about the sexual abuse, I grabbed a tape recorder and taped her conversation. She was crying and I urged her to be a brave girl and talk about what her daddy did to her so we could get help. She told all about the abuse. I gave the tape to the police. Family law court said I had put thoughts in her head and psychologically abused her because she was crying. They forced her to live full time with her father and I have to pay $70 to see her.”

“My 2 year old son said his dad put his ‘penie’ in his bottom. He couldn’t talk very well. He wouldn’t let me look at him to see if he had any injuries. So I waited until he was asleep, and took a picture of his poor little bottom. You could even see where it was torn. I took the picture to the authorities. CPS said I was the one who was wrong, because it was an obscene photograph. He was first put in the custody of the state, and then they put him in the custody of his dad. I wasn’t even allowed to see him at all for nearly half a year.”

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Below are links to personal stories, accounts, and letters from and about mothers and children, illustrating the atrocities they’ve had to survive. We hope to list additional links as they are submitted.



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