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John Trudell And His Synagogue of Satan Jew Attorney Bruce Ellison “Busted” For Their Role In The Murder” of Annie Mae Aquash!

Another confirmation with this information falling into my hands that the SPIRIT of Annie Mae Aquash…yes…she who stood by my side when I first read about her brutal RAPE AND MURDER by that collective of animated by Satan feral “Beasts 666” known among civilized humanity as The American Indian Movement…is leading me to find the truth.

Annie was the ONLY “Real Indian” in AIM and because of the purity of her Indigenous Heart she day by day began to realize that she was immersed in a vile dark diabolical murderous agenda and that AIM did not spiritually or temporally represent her people in the least but in fact was a organized and financed and sent by the U.S. Government to destroy her people using a genocidal agenda that was clothed in a “All Things American Indian”!

A simple observation and confirmation of this TRUTH is found in the “picture that speaks a thousand words” connected to this blog of former Senator and “Syrian Sioux” James Abourezk with those who along with HIM…were responsible for the murder of Annie Mae Aquash.. This is why Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, and Russell Means were never questioned about their part in agreeing with Abourezk and John Trudell to have her murdered after Annie spilled her guts to Trudell.

And remember that Trudell received a promised  “letter and ring” from Annie as Trudell testified in the Graham/Looking Cloud trial.. It was strategically planned to NOT ask Trudell what was in it…he simply said “it burned in the fire” that killed his family and I say KARMA for betraying Annie and her family as well as all the others he knew suffered because of being murdered by AIM at Wounded Knee and elsewhere including Annie’s husband who made a fatal call when Annie was murdered that she had told him about AIM…and he was burned to death the day after that call and all this under Trudell’s watch. I am taking bets that he called TRUDELL because that is the only AIMster Annie Trusted! I also believe the .32 caliber pistol used to shoot her was TRUDELL’s and that is the gun that Marshall gave to the shooters which means that Trudell DID go to help coordinate Annie’s murder.

Remember that Charlie Abourezk was at Bill Mean’s (Russell Means brother) home along with Clyde Bellecourt on the Rosebud Rez when Annie was brought there where after being beaten by AIMbitch “Last Real Indians” Madonna Thunder Hawk. She was also brutally RAPED. She was taken to Ellison’s office where she was interrogated and jacketed with lies by Ellison who received “FBI” documentation from his friend attorney Bob Riter that Annie was a “FED”.

Abourezk sent his son Charlie for one reason ONLY…to make sure she was murdered because of what she knew about Abourezk’s connection to Obama and the U.S. Communist Government’s role in creating AIM and that their “handler” was and still IS James Abourezk,. He was and IS Obama’s top MIDDLE EAST adviser and this TRUTH had to remain hidden and that is why Obama called off Brandon Johnson’s investigation of “unsolved murders”. THINK about that! This is why Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Mandel said the U.S. Government did not know who was at Means house. LIAR!

Arlo Looking Cloud confirmed the Abourezk connection to AIM at the trial of Richard Marshall who Judge Piersol MADE SURE would NOT be charged for providing the .32 caliber pistol used to shoot Annie. Looking Cloud stated “He said he was also afraid of Abourezk — now a well-known Rapid City attorney and the son of former South Dakota U.S. Sen. Jim Abourezk.

“What did you think Charlie Abourezk was going to do to you, Mr. Looking Cloud?” Hanna asked. He is well-connected with all the AIM leadership and of course a lot of the members,” Looking Cloud replied.

Suzanne Dupree…”Looking Back Woman” who was raped by murderer and pedophile Russell Means…has done her homework exposing this to the max. Search her blogs! Obama would NOT have been elected IF this truth came out connecting him to AIM and their murdering raping pedophile connection to his ADVISER!

Add to this formula spawned by Satan himself is the important and HIDDEN role of Jew Bruce Ellison among others as documented in the below information and who admits he was fearful of being PROSECUTED as a co-conspirator in the murder of Annie Mae.

ANYONE that is even remotely “Creator Connected” can’t help but further connect the dots leading direct to those guilty of her death ABOVE and beyond the “fall guy’s” John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud.

Read and Learn MO)RE TRUTH about the collaborative connection to Annie’s murder by John Trudell and Bruce Ellison and that the jacket of her working for the FEDS was FED created so that what she witnessed to HIDE THE FED-AIM connection and that is WHY they killed her.

And to think she trusted John Trudell with this information…the “Coyote Betrayer” of this Warrior Woman! By the way…did you notice and ever wonder why in not ONE POEM or SONG by Trudell EVER where he mentioned ANNIE MAE AQUASH!

Almost forgot…”THANK YOU AGAIN ANNIE”!

Bruce Ellison Revisited From Attorney Barry Bachrach

Unknown to Leonard Peltier or myself, Bruce Ellison, a young white

attorney just out of law school volunteered his legal services to the

Wounded Knee Legal Defense Offense Committee (WKLD/OC) in Rapid

City, South Dakota, choose to become involved in the killing of Anna Mae

Aquash-Pictou; and not only did he conspire with John Trudell in covering

up the circumstances of her death, but also conspired as a team for many

years to place snitch jackets on two nationally known respected American

Indian Movement (AIM) activists whom have given many of their years to

defending Native rights and Leonard Peltier’s struggle for justice. This

young white attorneys arrival coincided with the Oglala shoot out on June

26, 1975. He was working with Ken Tilson and other more seasoned

attorneys defending members of the American Indian Movement on various

charges arising from the armed takeover demonstration at the historic site

of the 1890 massacre of 300 men, women and children of Big Foots’ band

of Minneconju Lakota by the 7

Pine Ridge Reservation in 1973.

I have known Bruce Ellison for 30 years, and for many of those years

I considered him a close friend and political ally. Then one day he not only

betrayed my friendship and trust, but he also betrayed Leonard Peltier,

whom he had defended in federal courts and in numerous public forums for

many years. The case of Leonard Peltier has awarded him in his

professional field, and has given him greater social and political status in his

I had spoken with Ellison for the first time about September 10, 1975

when he called me at a hospital in Arkansas, Kansas, where I was

undergoing eye surgery from an injury arising from a car explosion. He

wanted to know if my legal rights had been read to me. I told him that I

had not yet been arrested for any crime. Ellison would become Darrell

Butler’s attorney of record before our indictments of first degree murder

were made public on November 25, 1975. From that point on Ellison

participated in all the Oglala shoot out court proceedings and trials,

ultimately becoming Leonard Peltier’s longest and famous attorney of

Unknown for many years, to Leonard Peltier or myself, Bruce Ellison

had, for reasons never explained, involved himself in the killing of Anna

Mae Aquash in December of 1975. How he became involved is not clear,

but Candy Hamilton, another volunteer worker at the WKLD/OC in Rapid

City, South Dakota claimed, in a telephone conversation with me in

September of 2004, that many members of the American Indian Movement

in Rapid City had formed suspicions about Anna Mae that were openly

expressed and discussed at the time. Candy Hamilton claimed that Thelma

Rios, Lorelei DeCora , Bruce Ellison and she became involved in a

conversation about Anna Mae Aquash’s loyalties to AIM. She said,

“Somebody said something about her [ Anna Mae] being a snitch. I said,

I’ve seen how she worked and lived in Oglala and I know that she is not a

snitch. They stood there a minute; either Lorelei or Thelma looked at

Bruce Ellison and said, “Well, what do you think?” Bruce said, “Well,

everywhere she goes somebody gets arrested.”

John Trudell said in the August 2005 taped Interview, “I have always

liked Candy. [Hamilton] I think Candy is ok. I don’t necessarily agree with

her overview on everything, but I don’t think Candy is a troublemaker or

Shortly after my release from Leavenworth, Federal Prison in the

summer of 1979, I began hearing rumors about those who had involved

themselves in the killing of Anna Mae Aquash. The first person I spoke

with about Anna Mae was John Trudell. This was during the Escape Trial of

Leonard Peltier in Los Angeles, California. He said that the, ‘feds had

killed her’ and also in a long conversation about the fire death of his wife

and children claimed that he knew those in the federal government that had

killed his family, naming the persons he felt were responsible.

In the summer of 1980 I attended the Black Hills Gathering in Rapid

City, South Dakota. During a visit with my ex-wife, and son at Thelma

Rio’s home, during the visit Thelma asked if she could speak with me

privately in her kitchen. Thelma said, “Did you know that they kept Anna

Mae in my Basement?” Surprised by the sudden revelation that AIM had

killed Anna Mae I asked, “What are you talking about?” She looked at me

equally surprised and with the expression that told me she thought I knew

about all of it. But I knew nothing. I had always believed that Anna Mae

had been killed by the FBI because they knew that she had been a member

of our group and had expressed their intent of avenging their fellow agents.

I had always believed the FBI did it because according to John Trudell,

“David Price told Anna Mae she would be dead with in a year.” When she

showed up murdered, Trudell claimed the feds had made good their

promise. ( The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash. 1980. Lynn Ritz. )

I asked, “ Who was in the house with Anna Mae?”

Thelma said, “Madonna Gilbert, Lorelei DeCora, Bruce Ellison and

“Where was David?” I asked

“He was not here.” Thelma said.

Anna Mae had become a member of our group shortly after Butler,

Leonard and I were told by Dennis Banks and Vernon Bellecourt to

interrogate her at the Farmington AIM convention in June of 1975. At that

time Leonard cleared her of the accusations brought against her.

“They kept Anna Mae in my basement and left the gun lying on the

top of my refrigerator until I finally told them to get rid of it.” Said

It was not until I returned to the LPDC in 1990 that further

revelations surfaced unexpectedly. An old AIMster I had known for many

years revealed that he knew Bruce Ellison had been involved in the killing

of Anna Mae Aquash because Thelma Rios had told him that not only was

he present in her home when Anna Mae was being kept in her basement, but

that Ellison along with Ted Means, Lorelei (DeCora) Means, Glyde

Bellecourt, Madonna (Gilbert) Thunder Hawk, and Thelma Rios (according

to Trudell‘s testimony in the Looking Cloud trail) had participated in the

December 1975 WKLD/OC AIM meeting to determine if Anna Mae was a

Thelma Rios had been David’s common law wife, they had

parented one boy, but more importantly David had always been a warrior,

involved in many of the actions and had kept his promise to our group that

he would create diversions to assist us if in event there was a confrontation

with the federal government. The day after the Oglala fire fight, he kept his

promise. He had earned our trust and I still trusted him. Thelma had told

David that the AIM ladies had, “treated Anna Mae very badly, and for some

unexplained reason Anna Mae was taking all the labels off her clothing.” In

explanation, David said, “You know how mean those AIM ladies were.”

“What do you know about Ellison?” I asked.

“ Thelma said that Bruce Ellison was involved, and I have heard

that he had papers that showed Anna Mae was an informant.” David said.

Another confirmation that members of AIM had killed Anna Mae,

but it still didn’t make sense to me because we had not only cleared her of

the suspicions of being an informant, at least to our satisfaction and had

made her a member of our group. The members that had revealed to me

their bits and peaces of information simply made me began to believe that

maybe we were wrong about Anna Mae, maybe she did turn out to be a

government informant, but why kill her? We had never even contemplated

this drastic action when Douglas Durham, Al Running, and Louis Moves

Camp had been exposed as agents and informants. The only difference I

could think of is that Anna Mae Aquash was a woman, being a woman

would normally mean that AIM women would have to deal with her. This

probably explains why Theda Nelson Clark was elected to lead Arlo

Looking Cloud and John Boy Graham; and why so many AIM women were

involved as John Trudell testified to.

Some time in 1984 Bruce Ellison told me about his and Trudell’s

suspicions that David Hill was possibly an “informant”. Despite the fact

that they could never show evidence of their allegation, both Trudell and

Ellison, for more than 20 years continued to spread rumors within the AIM

movement and general public that they “did not trust David Hill” and

thought that he was an “informant,” and/or an “operative.”

When Leonard Peltier asked David Hill to work for his freedom in

1989, both Trudell and Ellison renewed their bad jacketing campaign

against David Hill. In 1990, at the request of Leonard Peltier, I again

became the National/International Director for the LPDC. Shortly after I

heard from others in the movement that Trudell was denouncing David Hill

as a “federal agent.” I took the matter serious and spoke to both Ellison and

Trudell demanding that they stop their “snitch jacket” campaign against

David Hill. Telling them both at the time that Leonard Peltier and I both

trusted David Hill explicitly.

On November 4, 1994, my son, and a companion, accompanied me

from Denver, Colorado to Rapid City, South Dakota to attend the last part

of an AIM Tribunal against Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt, whom we had

brought evidence against for long list of crimes against Indian people and

the American Indian Movement. It was late when we arrived in Rapid City

because of winter weather conditions, making the roads icy and hazardous.

When we arrived I called Bruce Ellison to ask if he could put us up for the

evening. Being an old friend, I knew he would be happy to have our

company. I drove out to Dark Canyon to his home, which he had

remodeled to enjoy the beautiful wooded splendor surrounding it, and

Rapid creek that ran by it.

The following mourning while making ready to leave for the AIM

Tribunal at the Mother Butler center in Rapid City, Bruce stopped me in the

Kitchen as I was about to join my son and companion who were waiting for

me in the car. With consternation on his face he blurted out, “Bob, I think

that I am going to be indicted for the murder of Anna Mae Aquash!”

I looked at him for a moment to make sure he was serious. He was not

just serious, he was scared. I knew that there was another federal grand

jury underway. “Bruce what makes you believe that the feds are going to

indict you for the murder of Anna Mae?” I asked.

“I went to the house were she [Anna Mae Aquash] was being held.”

“ Why did you do that?” I asked.

“You know how it was in those days. We were always getting caught in

situations for one reason or another. It was one of those occasions.” Bruce

“Well Bruce, I have known of your involvement for years. I don’t

think that the feds are going to indict you for the killing of Anna Mae.” I

“Bob, this is what happened…..”

“Bruce, I don’t want to hear anymore about it. Ok. I do not believe they

will indict you. You are a white attorney, they will want the Indians first.”

I left, troubled by thoughts that he really did want to talk with me about all

that shit. But I didn’t want to know because I still wanted to believe that the

After returning to Denver, Colorado at the conclusion of the AIM

Tribunal, I was surprised again when Glenn Morris said that Troy Lynn

wished to speak with me about Anna Mae. I met her at Colorado AIM’s

office, in the basement of a church. The same location Troy Lynn had been

questioned by U.S. Marshal, Robert Ecoffey, BIA investigator, Poirier and

an FBI agent in August of 1994. Glenn Morris remained in the office with

us while Troy Lynn told me about what had happened with Anna Mae in

her house and what she knew of the killing of Anna Mae and who killed

Troy Lynn said that, “Frank Dillon [ Arlo Looking Cloud ] and John

Boy Graham were members of Colorado AIM and that Arlo Looking Cloud

was the head of the Warrior Society. She told the same story we know well

from the Looking Cloud trial, but she also knew that Anna Mae had been

shot and killed in Wanblee, South Dakota by John Boy Graham.” Then she

told me that, “John Trudell has known about all of this from the time Anna

Mae was taken from my house and the people that were involved.” And,

“John Trudell had known Arlo Looking Cloud and asked him to see what

else he could find out,” for Trudell. I was surprised because I had asked

Trudell about what he knew of Anna Mae and he had told me, “Nothing.”

Troy Lynn further said that Arlo Looking Cloud was in the Denver

county jail serving 60 days for DWI, and, “People were concerned about

him because he had been visited by federal agents who told him that he

would be called to the grand jury than investigating the murder of Anna

Mae Aquash.” Troy Lynn said that Brenda (Last name not mentioned) had

called and asked her to go to the country jail and visit Arlo, who wanted to

talk about, “something important regarding Anna Mae.” Troy Lynn said that

Arlo told her about the visit from the FBI agents and that, “Angie Begay

[Dennis Banks’ ex-girl friend and father to a child between them] gave

information to U.S. Marshal Robert Ecoffey and this information had that

led the FBI to him.” Arlo asked her to get him an attorney and said, “He

seemed very anxious and worried.” ( Notes from conversation at Colorado

AIM office and taped conversations with Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. 1994

Shortly after returning home, Edgewood, New Mexico, I heard that

John Trudell was scheduled to speak at the Salt of the Earth book store in

Albuquerque on December 3, 1994. I picked up my tape recorder and left

for Salt of the Earth Books. Fully intending to confront him about his

continuing snitch jacket campaign against David Hill, National

/International spokesperson for Leonard Peltier, which I was determined to

get Trudell to stop. Instead, I found myself asking him questions about

Anna Mae Aquash; and toward the end of the confrontation flat out

accused him of complicity in her death, which he denied.

In the course of the confrontation with Trudell, I told him that Bruce

Ellison had confessed to me that he had involved himself in the Anna Mae

killing and asked him if he knew this.

John. Did I know that Bruce was involved in what way?

Bob. In the death of Anna Mae.

John. No I didn’t. I can’t imagine it.

Bob. Well he was.

John. Bruce Ellison. Who told you that?

Bob. I have known it for some time. He walked right up to me when I

went to Rapid City about four weeks ago.

John. How was he involved?

Bob. He went over to the house with a document where she was being

kept in the basement of Thelma’s.

John. I know about that.

Bob. He came up with this document. This document supposedly….

John. Here is what I know Bob. What I was told is that she was taken to a

house in Rosebud. ( transcription of taped confrontation. Salt of the Earth

Books. December 3,1994. Note: Anyone interested is welcome to listen to

this portion of the tape.)

In an interview by Leonard Peltier’s attorney Barry Bachrach in

August of 2005, Trudell reaffirmed that, “…I know Bruce’s name was brought

into it, but I also know on practical terms, in practical terms, Bruce was a young white

attorney that was new to the place. Nobody would listen to him Never. They would never

take orders from him. Never in a million years would they take orders from Bruce Ellison

either because he was a young white guy, hadn’t been with WKLC/OC, maybe six months,

maybe a year, but I don’t think he was there that long.” If no one would listen to Bruce

Ellison why did they make a special effort to include him in on the meeting at WKLD/OC

office? This meeting may not have been about giving orders, but it is about those who

participated, and contributed to the purpose of the meeting, in terms of interrogation,

evidence presented and augmented that served to condemn Anna Mae and got her

executed. Who asked Anna Mae the questions? Who presented the evidence? Who were

these people at the WKLD/OC office who acted in the capacity of Grand Inquisitors

augmenting life and death ? It is evident that these individuals did ultimately play a very

significant role in Anna Mae‘s execution. Bruce Ellison represented to me over breakfast,

in Toronto, Canada, in 2005, during a fund raising event for Peltier, that, “When they

brought Anna Mae into the WKLD/OC office, she was tied up and I told them to take off

the ropes.” This admission goes further to show that he was present and participated in the

meeting. It also showed that he did have “authority” sufficient to command them to “take

Trudell admitted that Bruce Ellison had brought documents to the meeting that

allegedly showed Anna Mae was a FBI informant. In doing so, he did act freely in

deciding to become a major player in deciding the fate of Anna Mae Aquash. Ultimately,

this meeting did play the biggest role in bringing fourth evidence that condemned Anna

Mae, and she was executed the following day (according to witnesses in the Looking

Cloud trial) as a direct consequence of the evidence Bruce Ellison and others presented at

the WKLD/OC meeting. It gave the “Order” giver the final supporting verdict to pronounce

the sentence of death . Candy Hamilton and others testified at the Arlo Looking Cloud trial

about this meeting, which was underway during her presence. She further testified that

Bruce Ellison was at this meeting along with Clyde Bellecourt, Ted Means and the AIM

women Trudell also mentioned in the course of his testimony. It is interesting side note that

in this August 2005 interview Trudell defends the Bellecourts and Dennis Banks.

Trudell said further, “…So he may have been at WKLD/OC when they brought her

there. I’m assuming he was because I keep hearing it, but if he was, it would be, he can’t

be in the place when they brought her. There is no way he would have been a part of any

decision-making process. The decision to kill her were not made in that WKLD/OC office

because if they had been, she would never have been taken to Rosebud.” I disagree with

Trudell, because to me it is evident that decisions where being made simply for the fact that

questions challenging Anna Mae’s loyalty were being posed and directed at her that meant

they would be used to make a determination of quilt or innocence. Also, documents were

presented, allegedly by Bruce Ellison that showed some sort of proof that she was, might

be an informant working with the feds. Therefore, any decision to kill her more probably

than not was based on evidence gathered during the WKLD/OC meeting.

Trudell, soon after the confrontation, stated to the media, “I have been

given information that a Cointel ( United States Government’s counter

intelligent program against dissent groups in the United States) operation is

being directed at me, to neutralize me. I have been waiting for the attack.

This appears to be it. Now my life is in jeopardy. I find it very interesting

that Bob Robideau and David Hill are the vanguards of this.” David Hill,

was not involved in the confrontation at Salt of the Earth Books nor was he

in Albuquerque at the time.

Shortly after the confrontation with Trudell I called Bruce Ellison to

tell him about it. His first response was, “ I would sure like to have a copy

of that tape.” I told him that I would trade him a copy of the tape for the

names of those persons involved in the killing of Anna Mae. The phone

went dead. In June of 2004 Bruce Ellison, reaffirmed after 10 years that he

was still very anxious to know what Trudell had said about him during the

confrontation e-mailed me, “Send me a copy of the tape.” and “You have

my P.O. Box address.”

On March 7, 1995, I received a phone call from Bobby Castillo,

International spokesperson for Leonard Peltier, who told me that Leonard

Peltier Defense Committee had received a fax, addressed to Leonard Peltier,

from Bruce Ellison stating, “Bob Robideau is attempting to implicate me in

the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.” Bobby Castillo, concerned said, “ Bruce

is trying to set you up Bob. He is a friend of John Trudell.” (Taped phone

conversation of Robideau and Castillo. 1995.) I phoned Bruce Ellison on

March 9,1995, confronting him with the information. He admitting writing

and sending the accusation to Leonard Peltier stating, “Now, I did not do

that out of being mean or anything else, but when I woke up that following

mourning I thought that was appropriate. Right or wrong. I thought that

was appropriate. There was no effort or thought or interest in setting any

body up. It was out of not knowing what was going on, but feeling that

there was an effort to set me up and wondering completely what in the

world was going on.” ( Taped phone conversation of Robideau and Ellison.

After the confrontation with John Trudell in 1994 and Bruce Ellison in

1995, it began to dawn on me why Bruce Ellison and John Trudell had

targeted David Hill. David Hill had learned too much about both of their

involvements in the killing of Anna Mae. They must have reasoned that the

most effective method to neutralize him would be to put a “snitch jacket” on

Their attempts to accomplish this over the years mostly failed with

the old AIM membership who had fought beside Hill in many battles. But

Trudell did convince his small handful of AIM followers and white

supporters, which included Darrell Dino Butler, who Trudell convinced to

say “Mr. X” was a “lie.” In an interview with Trudell in August 26, 2005

he said that he “told Bob” if he went foreword with exposing “Mr. X” as

the person who shot and killed the agents he would, “..publicly state that its

not true….” But, Trudell instead of doing it himself, had his flunky Dino

Butler do it. Trudell further states that he had spoken with Darrell “Dino”

Butler about it before Butler publicly condemned “Mr. X” as a “Lie” in his

famous interview, Relinquishing a legacy of hatred, embracing respect for

life, by E.K. Caldwell, in the Spring of 1995 issue of News From Indian

Trudell stated several times in this interview that he has always

supported Leonard Peltier and in fact supports him today. Trudell, in the

August 26, 2005 interview said,“ see Leonard was never my target. I was

trying to help Leonard all these years. I’ve been more loyal to Leonard…”

Yet, in 1990 when Eda Gordon called to tell me that Leonard Peltier asked

that I return and take over the duties of National/International director in

the summer of 1990, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the presence of Eda

Gordon and Paulette D’Auteuil, said, “Please, Bob don’t go back. Leonard

has lost respect for the people.” I looked at him with some disbelief .

Trudell was begging me not to go back to the National LPDC office and

work for Leonard’s freedom! I said, “What the f’ do you mean, Leonard has

not lost respect for the people! I am going back rather you like it or not!” I

looked at Eda Gordon, spokeswoman for the Leonard Peltier Support

Group of New Mexico, and asked, “What do you think about what John just

said. She just looked at me for a moment and bowed her head, not wanting

to challenge Trudell.

If there is anyone in AIM that has sabotaged the truth and played into

the hands of the FBI’s activities to maintain the imprisonment of Leonard

Peltier, John Trudell’s actions, have clearly been advancing in this direction.

The continuous bad Jacketing of a highly respected member of AIM who

has demonstrated time and time again his loyalty to AIM’s principles and to

the freedom of Leonard Peltier. A man who served as National/International

director of the LPDC and today remains one of his National/International

spokespersons. John Trudell, nor Dino Butler has ever considered serving

as Leonard’s National/International director, why?

The “lie” Trudell perpetuated and put into Dino Butler’s head regarding

“Mr. X” has done harm to Leonard Peltier and many of us who at that time

wanted the truth to come out to further show that Leonard Peltier was

innocent of the actual killing of the two agents, that the Government had

already admitted, “They do not know who killed the two FBI agents.” and

“We have no proof to show Peltier was the shooter.” Yes, some one else

obviously did shoot them, and he is a “X”, “Y” or “Z.” Who was Trudell to

make decisions about rather or not exposing the shooter would label Butler

and I “snitches.” This was clearly our decision to make. By preventing the

real shooter to come foreword to tell his side of the story, Trudell

committed a gross injustice to Leonard Peltier, and played into the hands of

the federal government. Why?

Interviewer. What about Dino? He came out against it. Did you talk to


Interviewer. Before he did?

TRUDELL: “Yes. See when Dino, the only, I got drawn into this

thing because Bob approached Dino about signing this affidavit naming

David Hill. So Dino got in touch with me and asked me about [it]. My

advice and I told him you don’t want to touch this. It makes you and Bob

look like snitches and David Hill will be able to prove [it]. My instincts,

my intuition, my feeling is that David Hill will, somebody will step in, the

state will step in and prove that he couldn’t have been there. And that made

sense to Dino. Dino wasn’t going along with it either. So when we met with

Bob and some other people, when we sat down and met, that’s what pushed

Bob to the edge because Dino wasn’t going along with it. Dino was

listening to what I was saying.”

Interviewer. And Bruce was listening to you too , right?

TRUDELL: “Well, I’m not going to say who was there. I’m going to

say that Bob and Dino and me were there.”

And, (Bruce Ellison did take part in the meeting, which took place at

Max Gails in Santa Barbara, California)

TRUDELL: “…I’m not paranoid about this, but I see a scenario where

I’m being set up, alright, and then something’s gonna, and they would try

to have something happen to me and when that happens, Leonard’s going to

be accused of being involved in it because all this shit is coming out on his

website…” Trudell further expressed, “See if something happens to me,

like then shit is going to get even messier because I do have a lot of allies

that would not let something happen to me go quiet and be like it happened

TRUDELL: The pictures they are painting of me? (See my, July 14,


remains THE TARGET. ) Do you think that I have behaved in that kind of

way and did that shit?

Interviewer: Did you act that way?

TRUDELL: Do that stuff they are accusing me of? Do you find that

believable? (Bachrach taped phone interview August 2005)

Trudell admitted that, “(I)…just know I told Kamook its ok to talk to

these people (the FBI) about what happened to Anna Mae.” ( Bachrach

Taped phone interview August 2005)

But the fact is Bruce Ellison some how knew that Kamook Ecoffey

was going to tell lies, paid for by the FBI, about Leonard Peltier. How did

Ellison know that Kamook was going to testify that Peltier “confessed to

her and others?” Leonard Peltier’s current attorney, Barry Bachrach said,

‘Bruce Ellison had contacted him to warn him that Kamook was going to be

testifying about Leonard’s alleged confession in the Looking Cloud trial.

(e-mail to me 2004.) The only person connected to Kamook and the case in

contact with Bruce Ellison at the time was John Trudell. We believe that

Trudell knows more than what he is revealing about his knowledge of

Kamook Banks Ecoffey and the part he played in her “telling the truth.”

The age old expression, “Birds of feather fly together,” appropriately

wraps up John Trudell and Bruce Ellison‘s affinity for labeling others

“operatives” and “Informants” to protect themselves from their own actions

that have now been directly connected to the death of Anna Mae Aquash.

National/International Spokesperson for the LPDC

James Abourezk Exposed As Israel/America Hating “Nazi/Muslim” And “Godfather” Of Obama

Op-Ed: R Emmanuel’s Interim Replacement

The writer warns that Obama’s interim Chief of Staff has a virulently anti-Israel mentor.
 Published: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 8:10 PM


When Rahm Emmanuel resigned as President Obama’s first Chief of Staff on October 1, 2010 an almost unknown Washington insider named Pete Rousewas chosen to take Emmanuel’s place. Little has been reported about Rouse. When the White House blog first mentioned him it explained “Rouse’s disinclination towards the limelight” in the first sentence (see Perhaps Rouse has wanted his 30 year relationship with Jim Abourezk, the most anti-Israel Senator in American history, to go unexamined.

Rousehad been Tom Daschle’s Chief of Staff and worked for him as far back as 1985. It has been reported that Daschle first met Rouse when they both worked as legislative assistants for Democratic Senator Jim Abourezk. The official White House website bio on Rouse leaves Abourezk completely out of his personal history ( Nothing of Rouse’s formative, pre-1979 history in politics is mentioned at all. Yet clearly Abourezk was a primary mentor of Rouse’s and a pivotal figure in his life.

There are deep ties between Obama, Rouse, Daschle, Abourezk and George Mitchell. Even before November’s Midterm elections, these men have shown that they will work together to create new pressure against Israel that will make the previous challenges in the U.S.-Israel alliance look like a love fest. The JTA wire service reported on November 2, 2010 that “President Obama’s new chief of staff … Pete Rouse… spoke Oct. 28 in a conference call with an array of Jewish leaders.” Nothing of the content of the call was reported. That this call happened on the Thursday immediately before the Midterm elections cannot be understated.

Robert Chandler in his September 2008 book Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam labeled Abourezk “a senior advisor for presidential candidate Barack Obama”.

James George Abourezk has never met an anti-Israel conspiracy theory or an anti-Zionist conspiracy theory he didn’t like.

It is easy to conclude that Abourezk and the many other notorious Israel-bashers that the Obama camp has included from the outset may have had much to do with Obama’s infamous Cairo speech, the June 2010 $400 million dollar aid package for PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, the Administration’s overall confrontational attitude towards Israel and more.

In 1977 Congressional Quarterly described Abourezk as “a former bartender, rancher and used car salesman among other things.” (Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report , Volume 35, 1977)

Abourezk was the first elected U.S. senator of Arab descent. His ethnic background is Lebanese Christian.  He served just one term from 1973 to 1979.

Former Senate Leader Tom Daschle joined DLA Piper as a Senior Policy Advisor in November 2009. DLA Piper is one of the largest law firms in the world and has offices in at least 30 foreign nations and is made up of approximately 3,500 attorneys. Former U.S. Senator George Mitchell is the firm’s immediate past chairman. President Obama named Mitchell as United States Special Envoy for Middle East Peace just two days after taking the oath of office.

Mitchell was no unbiased participant in the Arab-Israeli conflict. His history included chairing President Clinton’s Middle East fact-finding committee. The committee published a report on April 30, 2001 (Sharm El-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee Report or Mitchell Report) calling for the Israel to cease building in Jewish Settlements. This was something that Abourezk actively championed in the Senate in the 1970s.

Abourezk’s anti-Israel extremism has only intensified since he left the Senate.

Abourezk was a founder of the Council for the National Interest (CNI). The Anti-Defamation League calls CNI “an anti-Israel organization that opposes U.S. aid to Israel and disseminates demonizing propaganda about Israel to academics, politicians, and other audiences.” ( Today Abourezk still sits on CNI’s 11 person board of directors.

He serves on the twelve person Board of Advisors of the Free Gaza Movement with Noam Chomsky and other hardcore anti-Israel extremists. The Free Gaza Movement was in large part responsible for the Gaza flotilla incident in May 2010. (

In 1980 Abourezk founded the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). A September 21, 2010 ADC press release declared: “(ADC) is proud to announce that it will be hosting a gala in honor of the great Helen Thomas. The gala will take place Thursday, November 18, 2010, at the Washington Marriott … Washington, DC 20008. ADC invites members and friends to join in the celebration honoring Helen’s dedicated service to our country as a journalism trailblazer, and her legendary front row coverage of the White House for over sixty years”.


In 2008 Abourezk keynoted a protest against AIPAC led by Chicagoans Against Apartheid in Palestine. (

Here are some of Abourezk’s statements from the last several years:

March 6, 2008:

The candidates for president — with exceptions like Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney — bow and scrape to Israel and continue to support its objectives. They unfortunately back the continued funneling of billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer money for Israel, allowing it to continue its brutal attacks. (

December 4, 2006:
So I believe that divestment, and especially cutting off U.S. aid to Israel would immediately result in Israel’s giving up the West Bank and leaving the Gaza to the Palestinians. (

 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, May-June 2007, pages 23-25:

Another part of the Zionist propaganda that lingers to this day is the myth that the Jewish armed forces were able to defeat a superior combined Arab army.

The monstrous tragedy of the European Holocaust during WWII became a bonanza for the Zionist movement and its leaders. (

January 26, 2007, Christian Science Monitor

(T)he Israel lobby twists US foreign policy into a dangerous double standard regarding nuclear issues. The US rattles its sabers at Iran for its nuclear energy ambitions – and alleged pursuit of nuclear arms – while remaining silent about Israel’s nuclear-weapons arsenal. (

April 17, 2006,

(T)he U.S. government designates resistance fighters – such as Hizbollah and Hamas – in the Middle East as terrorists if Israel asks us to do so… (

Just how close was Abourezk to the Obama campaign?

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review published an editorial attributed to Dateline D.C. on Sunday, February 10, 2008 that said “It is said that the godfather of the Obama campaign is James George Abourezk” (See Moreover the Tribune-Review article even revealed that “Obama readily accepted Abourezk’s naming as their mutual contact a former staff member, Tom Daschle.”

Did Abourezk introduce Rouseto the Obama team?

Why has the story of the Abourezk / Obama / Rouserelationship gone unreported since 2008? (reprinted from, with writer’s permission)


Black Panther Party Investigating Murder of Ray Robinson By American Indian Movement

My my my…about time that some REAL “Brothers of the same Color” took interest in the cold blooded murder of Civil Rights worker and follower of Martin Luther King Jr.Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by the American Indian Movement in 1973 during the Wounded Knee take over on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Shooter was David Hill…(free thanks to the FBI i.e Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach Sr.) on orders from Co-Founder of AIM Dennis Banks and witnessed by Clyde Bellecourt (friends of Federal Judge Michael Davis for 30 years). Robinson was buried in a “unknown grave” with 11 others raped and murdered by AIM and protected and hidden by the FBI and other government officials to this day! (Read other blogs with MORE identifying the players plus testimonies) !

So for all you AIMSTERS and South Dakota “Syrian Sioux’s” and sons of…don’t even think about “moving the remains” cause guess what? You reading this…”Calling Car 54…are you there?” There is in place monitoring devices and folks who are “Ray’s Eyes” and who HATE AIM with a Wakan Tanka/Tunkasila/Wanikiya inspired passion! Meaning…doing anything “at night” means “night vision” photos of your asses from the sky…satellite…drone ..or…”smile you are on candid camera”which “photos” will be “shared” on the WORLD WIDE WEB which also means you can sign autographs!

And…just in case you are wondering “who” would do this..>I will give you a hint…”ain’t Oglala Lakota” nor a resident of Wounded Knee! Just love this new techo expose your asso stuff don’t you?

“Extra Extra Read All About It!”

Black Panthers coming to Wounded Knee to dig up the remains of their murdered brother by the “Hate Niggers American Indian Movement”…yeppers…that is what Perry Ray was called when there…when they shot him…and after he was allowed to bleed out and die!

So Bellecourt and Banks your days of “playing mascot games” with the “Party” are about over…as if you have something in common with Black folk…NOT! NOW they know who murdered their brother…say YOU!

Think about that…no better yet…dream about that…ya hear?




The FBI Loves “Dead Native Americans” Because That Is The FBI!

I remember my first “information feed” to FBI Agent in Charge…Rapid City…Bob Perry about Delema Sits Poor. She mysteriously vanished from a Two Bulls home in Oglala. The story from the Two Bulls family was that she “walked off on her own” down a back road leading from Oglala to Manderson and in BELOW ZERO weather! Of course the didn’t know anyone in Manderson nor had she ever done something like this ever. Her sister always picked her up after work at this Two Bulls home…but not on this day.

The Two Bulls…one of the most corrupt families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation…spearheaded the unbiased objective investigation with the FBI no less…who launched an extensive search for a week and of course came up with nothing in the brutal below zero weather. The reason why? Because Delema was not anywhere near or on the dirt hilly dark road leading to Manderson. Instead she had been raped in the Two Bulls home or was taken out of and raped…either or…not that it made a difference because after that she was murdered and buried in Oglala. Perps included a White man and friend of the Two Bulls family and others during this drinking binge that included targeting Delema for rape.

Delema’s sister Rose confided in me when I was at a friends home near Loneman School in Ogalal. I was asked to listen to her story and of course…realized immediately that her death was FBI covered up because that is what they do in coordination with the BIA and the then Tribal Police Two Bulls family and friends. After all…who was Delema Sits Poor to them?

In hearing this story, I contacted FBI Perry and informed him…as if he did not know already…that during a utility company dig of sorts in Oglala…not far from the Two Bulls home where Delema was last seen alive…that there were found remains/body parts and that some local Oglala residents indicated they felt those dug up body parts could very well be Sits Poors. When remains were found and not identified…the FBI would ship those remains to the “Bone Yard” in Kentucky or Tennessee where unidentified body remains were stored.

I told Perry that Rose wanted to submit her DNA to see if her sisters matched the unidentified DNA of who was found buried in Oglala. The response was would you believe…no response…no interest…end of another FBI “dodge the bullet” that would expose their deliberate cover-up of the murder of Delema Sits Poor. Perry and the FBI would never follow up and now you know why!

Sound familiar? It should. Say Annie Mae Aquash…murdered on orders from then Senator James Abourezk through his “HIT TEAM” of assassins John Trudell, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, and Clyde and Vern Bellecourt. Trudell had called the “Syrian Sioux” about a meeting he just had with Aquash in Sept. 75 in San Francisco during which she shared ALL about what she knew in terms of the RAPES and MURDERS by AIMSTERS at Wounded Knee and where the at least 12 where buried there in unmarked graves…the confession of pedophile Peltier about his murdering the 2 FBI agents, about all the MILLIONS that AIM was stashing in foreign bank accounts rather then being used for the grass roots poor Lakota, and who the FBI operatives were in AIM and last but not least…who murdered on orders of Dennis Banks…Black Civil Rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. (say David Hill)…who Aquash knew also the FBI gave a free pass too compliments of FBI Agent in Charge at the time…Joseph Trimbach Sr. (His son…John…wrote a book to make $$$ off this withheld information and to cover his dad’s and the FBI’s ass called “The American Indian Mafia”)

Of course Trudell couldn’t call his MOB BOSS Abourezk fast enough after Aquash left…and after he also promised her that when she sent the letter and ring she said she would send to him because she feared for her life…believing that her “friend” John would come to her aid and counter the lies about her working for the FBI…with JEW ATTORNEY and FRIEND OF TRUDELL…Bruce Ellison leading the way! Trudell the great Warrior all the beguiled remember him as being and who freely used…no DEFILED the name of Crazy Horse when spoken in one of his “puke poems” heard what Aquash shared…and told them in no uncertain terms, first to Abourezk and then in calls to the others…that Annie had to go! From that moment on, they collectively worked to take her out with their MOB BOSS informing his FBI BUDDIES know and work in concert with the plan to kill her. By the way…Mr. “Coyote Poet” did get the call…and the ring and letter…this great WARRIOR!

So with the FBI assisting AIM in full knowledge of the setting up by AIM of the the murder of Aquash…she was taken to Ted Means house on the Rosebud Rez…where Absourezk’s son Charlie was there to help facilitate her cold blooded murder…along with JEW Bruce Ellsion…and Clyde Bellcourt…and David Hill…and other AIM WARRIORS….and where she was brutally beaten and GANG raped (a AIM trademark…RAPE!) and then thrown in a Pinto…driven to Wanblee …walked over to a cliff in freezing weather and while kneeling praying for her children…begging them and saying…”You don’t have to do THIS…!”…BANG! A bullet in the head…pushed off the cliff where she slowly bled out and froze at the same time compliments of this collective of diabolical spawned by Satan cold blooded murderers with her shooter and one of the rapists being John Graham.

Enter the FBI who upon the discovery of Aquash’s body…produced and directed their specialty “act of extreme measures reality show” cover-up series. Say “body found”…hmmmm…oh oh…now what? Oh…ok…lets just say “we don’t know who this body is” LIE and and have a “hired” expert perform a autopsy that misses the bullet in her head…can’t identify her…and then to find out who she is…cut off Aquash’s hands and send them to DC to be “identified”.

Yes, if anyone reading this does not believe in a “Devil”…well…here are two stories that indicate he does exist because only EVIL SPIRITS inspired by the same could and would do what I shared.

There is more of course to Annie’s story of being murdered and the MURDERERS being protected to this day with Arlo and John being public “collateral protection” of the MAIN PLAYERS and who their GOVERNMENT protectors are…say James Abourezk, the United Sates Government/Justice Department…FBI! Which is why Obama through Branden Johnson called off reopening the cases about Annie and Ray in 20111 so that Obama could win the election. After all, how would the American People react to the knowledge that one of his main advisers on the Middle East and Friend was a “Syrian Sioux”!

Why White Buffalo Calf Woman Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman Is Targeted For Death

For those who deny or slander and lie about who Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman and or believe those lies as they flow from the murderous lying mouths of any and all connected to the American Indian Movement or outside of it who are trying to kill her…this is for you!

Her “Blood/Spiritual” Roots/Genealogy from Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman.

“Mary Good Elk Woman, Sitting Bulls Sister, Henry Makes Room Sr wife, later married Old Fred, mother of Joseph White Bull (who killed Custer),  mother to Makes Room JR Fred adopted when he married Mary. Both White Bull & Makes Room JR father was a Scalp Shirt Man/Hereditary Chief Minneconjou Teton, Makes Room Sr who also fathered another son from Sitting Bulls Hunkpapa Tetons, One Bull.

These are my/Looking Back Woman’s Teton Ancestors.

Fred & Mary with their family/Teton relatives of Mary saved the last of the BUFFALO from extinction so the Legacy of White BUFFALO Calf Pipe Woman (Whope)& the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin/Calf Pipe would continue & the prophecy of WBCPW return to the people would be fulfilled for future generations & all of mankind regardless of race, creed, color, gender or blood quantum.”

Truth as verified and revealed in the realms of time by Wakan Tanka…Tunkasila…Wanikiya…to those who receive that truth and represent Him will be attacked by those who represent the “Trickster” sitting on the throne of pure evil…even hell itself. The “Truth Carrier” will personally be targeted by the Tricksters “Frauds” in the name of their lies and attempts to murder this messenger of the truth.

So it is with Looking Back Woman…Suzanne Durpree…the White Buffalo Pipe Carrier. At at the tender age of 17 was brutally raped by American Indian Movement ICON Russell Means and in the presence of Co-Founder of this documented animated by Satan collective of raping murdering pedophiles Dennis Banks and 17 others.

Being fully aware of the truth of her calling and the fact that Frank Fools Crow and REAL Holy Men that she was chosen to receive the White Buffalo Calf Pipe…their “pogrom” of death targeting her began.

In Suzanne Drupree’s/Looking Back Woman own words she shares what the American Indian Movement and Russell Means did to her…

“I wondered how I would feel this day, since I was 17 and was raped by Means while he was on the Trail Of Broken Treaties in 1972 with his AIM Boyz,…(they… all so entranced by what Means projected, but never really was).

Manipulated into going against everything their Lakota parents and grandparents had taught them, so strong was the hold upon the very young Lakota AIM followers & members….

I always wanted to know if it was Means idea of my rape, while he was in the middle of his Sun Dance commitment at Ceremonial Chief and  Holy Man, Frank Fools Crows altar…dancing right next to my Father, Professor Calvin Dupree or was it his Government handlers?

What a coincidence that Adrienne Riegert, granddaughter of Wilbur A. Riegert, curator of the WK Museum in 1973, & also the former allotment agent at Cheyennne River in the 1930′s, whos books… I am a Sioux, & Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From WK, which was one of the targets during the Seige of WK by AIM and which truth was suppressed by academia and nearly destroyed at WK ’73.

That Adrienne and I would both be raped by AIM within a span of a year…     Two 1st Nations women of the future, who held the key to the truth…about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, because it was something both of us as children were taught….the truth pertaining to the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

The master manipulator is gone and now we all look forward to a more positive future, as the Old AIM guard with their violence, abuse, drugs, lies, theft of Lakota ceremony, and self-serving propaganda fade away…

Hopefully, the AIM legacy left behind… is one we can over come, not just for the Lakota, but..    the overall culturally negative effect the greatest hoax in history (AIM) has had on all of mankind.

Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka”.

For Suzanne Dupree to be targeted for death spiritual and physical by those owned and protected by the Devil and his cadre is a compliment. They did it to not only to Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull among others of “their own”, but to the First Sun Dancer …Wanikiya…even Jesus who walked among his people on this His land before the Europeans, “Christians”, Mormons, Catholics, etc. “discovered” Turtle Island…a land decreed by Him to be given to His people as recorded in the His own words.

The most infamous words of spiritual denial that justify the rapes and murders of innocents by the American Indian Movement and their “followers/supporters” come from the mouth of the former Chairman of the American Indian Movement during the most murderous time of it’s history, 1973-1979, the infamous AIM “PornoProphet’ and pathological liar John Trudell…who stated in his “Coyote Logic” wisdom…

“It’s like this whole concept of sin, guilt, and shame…it’s all bullshit. It’s an external programming put inside of us. What we are is just natural human beings, natural human beings when we are honest with ourselves, when we tell ourselves the truth and act accordingly to that honesty…doing the best we can with the best we have and understand the power that is in that…”

So who or what inspired the “natural humanness” of the American Indian Movement members to murder and rape as “natural human beings”. The Creator…Wakan Tanka? Tunkasila? Wanikiya?

No… because those the Creator chose to represent Him were recipients of His OWN personal “external programming” as His people the Teton Nation and who He inspired to fight against their White enemies. So it has to be asked what was the spiritual source of those who betrayed Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull…even by their own people…if it was not same “spiritual source” that inspired the Whites to murder First Nations people?

The Creator did not inspire Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull to rape and murder First Nations women and children as the glorified members/leaders/founders of the American Indian Movement…Dennis Banks, John Trudell, Russell Means, David Hill, Carter Camp, Clyde and Vern Bellecourt to name a few who have been documented to be the criminals and under the watchful and protective eyes of the FBI/United States Government and who gave each a free out of jail pass as provided by their “Syrian Sioux” handler and “Allah is god Father” former South Dakota Senator James Abourezk who is a Indian Hater extraordinaire!

The Creator was not the source of those acts of butchery at Wounded Knee in 1973 where innocents were raped and murdered and buried never to be seen or heard of again complements of the The American Indian Movement Tribe of “Natural Born Killers” who according to the “Coyote Logic” of their “WannabeWarrior” John Trudell…committing murder and raping women was acceptable because that is acting in the honesty and the power of the truth we tell ourselves and that is our power of being a natural human being!

No better definition to understand the diabolical history of the American Indian Movement could be presented then by one who dedicated his life to protecting his brotherhood of raping murdering pedophiles, was blasphemous to use the name of Crazy Horse and was rewarded by the Creator with “Karma Kancer” as a precursor for his “my ride is here” taking him to the Lake of Fire where “murderers” reside.

So it has been with Suzanne Dupree who being chosen by the Creator Himself to represent Him as the White Buffalo Calf woman that she was chosen by the American Indian Movement using Russell Means who was inspired by the same spiritual source of this “natural act of a natural human being” to be raped. In raping her, Means both revealed and demonstrated the true spirituality of the American Indian Movement. She needs to know as does everyone who suffers at the hands of these demons in the flesh, that she is in good company for these same “Sons and Daughters of Perdition” would of murdered both Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.

For anyone to uphold, represent, and deny the acts of rape and murder committed by the American Indian Movement is to qualify for being in the company of the “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” in the “Lake Of Fire And Brimstone” in the Spirit World and where John Trudell, Russell Means, Vern Bellecourt, Carter Camp now resides with soon to follow James Abourezk, Charlie Abourezk, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Judge Davis, Bruce Ellison and any and all other “compliciters” in the crimes of murder by the American Indian Movement.

Suzanne Dupree…Looking Back Woman has experienced the “Coyote Logic” NOT of the the Creator which Trudell and the American Indian Movement represent to this day as promoted and exemplified as “natural human beings” devoid of any “guilt, sin, and blame” for any and all acts of rape and murder as inspired by their “external programmer” using the words of Jesus Himself…”Your father is the devil”.

As Jesus said…”Fear not he who can kill the body…rather fear Him who can not only kill your body but cast your soul into hell”!

So it is…so shall it be for those guilty of the rape and murder of innocents no matter who they think they are and in their “external programming” by the devil and who has deceived YOU into believing you will not be held accountable in the realms of eternity for your acts of evil in the realms of time. Your reality check will be immediately experienced when your spirit leaves your dead body upon the death of and your never to die spirit comes before Almighty God to be be judged!

The Murdering Raping Pedophile Infested American Indian Movement Documented

PREFACE: Click RED letters to link to “links”!

American Indian Movement Co-Founder Dennis Banks loved to go to Japan and not to learn the secrets of their Warrior Society the Samurai. Not even close. Banks went there to have his way with young Japanese “Indian” girls.  We are not talking about “consensual sex” with girls of acceptable age. What we are talking about is girls that are used for providing perverted sexual gratification for perverted sexual deviants like Dennis Banks. Yes…this interviewed and extolled by “liberal left wing” media made up of like minded sexual perverts who had then and now no intention of exposing Banks for who he is when it comes to his pedophile violations of children.

Then there is a “wife” who he married at 14. Consensual sex? Ya think? You really think a animated by Satan beast like Banks would “ask permission” of any girl to have sex with them? How about those women he spawned over 40 children with? I might submit that he would be kind enough to get them drunk to incapacitate them before he used them to satisfy his needs keeping in mind that the words “NO…STOP” do not exist in the mind of Dennis Banks.

How about Banks being at Wounded Knee in 1973…to liberate at least 13 souls of their lives? Raped and buried women who were White nurses who were there to help with what they thought was the just cause of the American Indian Movement. Speculating is not hard in light of Banks true nature that he among others with serial rapist Russell Means and Carter Camp participated in the gang rape of these women before they were murdered in cold blood.

Then there was the Black Civil Rights worker named Perry Ray Robinson Jr. Called a NIGGER…and ordered to be shot by Banks by David Hill because Robinson would not pick up a gun to shoot at the FBI. Robinson was taken to the make shift infirmary to bleed to death under the watchful eye of “Last Real Indian” Madonna Thunder Hawk. FBI Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach was aware of Hill as the shooter and all those involved in Robinson’s murder and the others because Doug Durham FBI operative fed him the info. And NOT ONE AIMSTER was charged then or to this day thanks to AIM’S “Handler” then Senator James Abourezk!

Then the son of the famous Floyd Westerman was told to bury Robinson in a unmarked not found grave to this day. Banks was going to use Robinson for what have been a very important “News Release” by having Robinson shot while shooting and blaming the FBI like he did with his shooting of Buddy Lamont.

Lamont was leader of a group of Oglala who became upset and disturbed in what they saw Banks and his fellow thugs to the residents and property of the village of Wounded Knee…namely beating and threatening the residents of, raping a 12 year old girl, and destroying and stealing sacred artifacts representing Lakota spirituality some of which they sold for money.

Then there is Russell Means…here…a short “uncensored” bio.

A few of the many “first” and accomplishments which can be attributed to Russell Means include the following:

Russell Means is also a pedophile…linage Crow, White & Dakota, not Lakota blood at all.

Means was a womanizer and abuser, a documented rapist and murderer as well as a spin doctor, propagandist. He committed treason, and did take care of his children. Volunteers who were collecting donations for AIM were threatened by Means who said he and Dennis Banks would kill them if they did not turn over all the donation monies.

Means raped a mans 17 year old daughter while Sun Dancing next to him at Frank Fools Crows arbor in 1972 in the gym of her Catholic Girls school  where she had gotten AIM lodging on the Trail of Broken Treaties. 18 AIM members were in the same area where she was raped, but did nothing to stop him, Means was acting long before he ever reached Hollyweird!

Means was pardoned by Gov. Janklow because Means-AIM got rid of the young Lakota girl who was raped by Janklow on the Rosebud Reservation. She was his baby sitter. Two weeks before she was to testify against this young attorney before becoming Governor of South Dakota she was found dead on the side of the road. Her name was Juanita Little Deer. The FBI story was that she was hit by a car along side of the road and said to be drunk. Her mother Daphine tried to tell the truth and was also found dead.

Because Janklow had given Means a pardon it enabled him to write his book “Where White Men Fear to Tread. Even though Means lived on Pine Ridge, there never was a Lakota total immersion school. He never used any of the millions he had access to to do anything for the grass roots poor Oglala Oyate on Pine Ridge. (Source Suzanne Dupree who was RAPED by Russell Means!)

Means father was born of a marriage between a white man and a Crow woman, and his mother is a Yankton individual, a NAKOTA and not a Lakota.

Indeed this signifies that all his rantings about being an OGLALA LAKOTA PATRIOT have no validity whatsoever, as Means is part white , part Crow and part Nakota, not an Oglala for sure, not even a Lakota.

Just a couple of insights into this PreTendian Movement made up of FAKES as evidenced by the below!

Have-to-be 20th century indian leader roster

1. Dennis Banks is 1/2 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————–> 1/2 non-indian
2. Clyde Bellecourt is 1/16 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————-> 15/16 non-indian
3. Vernon Bellecourt is 1/16 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————-> 15/16 non-indian
4. Russell Means is 3/4 indian..X Y Z A B * <—————> 4/16 non-indian
5. WinonaLladuke is 1/64 indian..Y ? A * <————–> 63/64 jewish entity
6. Leonard Peltier is 1/4 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <—————> 3/4 non-indian
7. Robert Robideau is 1/4 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <—————> 3/4 non-indian
8. Ward Churchill is 1/128 indian..Y ? A B * <—————-> 127/128 non-indian
9. John Trudell is 1/2 indian..Y Z A B * <—————–> 1/2 non-indian
10. Dino Butler is 1/2 indian..X Y Z ? B * <—————-> 1/2 non-indian

Grand total DNA lineage: 2 59/64 indian <——–>7 7/128 non-indian


? = tribal or public search records do not support their tribal lineage allegations
X = they been incarcerated
Y = they have worked for a state or the us govt
Z = county jail time
A = public relations expert
B = has assaulted a real full blood indian who questioned their indian lineage
* = being of espanic descent, wearing stereotype indian style jewelry or clothing, always being the first to call a press conference with the AP news media, adoption into a reservation family using old ceremonial rites or starting your own non-profit indian support organization, does not establish nor automatically qualify you as a bone-fide american indian leader.

What is the criteria behind a 1/64th indian? 

4/4 >> 1/2 >> 1/4 >> 1/8 >>1/16 >> 1/32 >>… 1/64 indian

This breakdown of blood lineage represents 6 non-indian consecutive copulated off-spring co-productions within a continued 1/2 direct blood lineage individual from a 4/4 indian blood lineage. This is only true if the indian lineage produces off-spring with a 100% non-indian person in all 6 stages. The seventh generation will be of 1/128 degreed indian lineage.

Evaluation:  This have-to-be indian chart indicates 10 people claiming they are american indian but the indian lineage research indicates 2.83 indian and 7.18 non-indian total indian lineage. Some thing isn’t right here. The research shows someone is playing 10 little indians. It is a subtle “identity hijacking” that has been overlooked for many centuries.

John Trudell directs the yuppies, “look to the DNA. In there lies the key to the indian people.” Hmm? If we accept the reality of indian lineage and its DNA evidence, that makes lobo johnny a non-indian. 

And to think those still alive of AIM’S raping murdering pedophile brotherhood are still being protected by Obama and the FBI…and you have to wonder why…right? His name is former SD Senator James Abourezk. His son Charlie was at Bill Means house on Pine Ridge when Annie Mae Aquash was brought there to be murdered on James Abourezks order because she was the threat to exposing all of the above and more!

Forgot…one last name. Leonard Peltier. He “like them when they were 13”! That statement needs no explanation and he is a “HERO”! Among traditional Lakota…those who committed rape were sentenced to death! 


Black Civil Rights Worker’s Murder Remains Hidden By Obama And Fellow Blacks

Wounded Knee South Dakota 1973 And The Cold Blooded Murder Of A Follower of Martin Luther King Jr.

So much for celebrating another Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Black man and follower of King Perry Ray Robinson was first called a “Nigger” before he was shot on orders from American Indian Movement Co-Founder Dennis Banks. The shooter was David Hill. Witnesses include close to 200 “Indians” at the so called “siege”. Robinson wasn’t killed outright, He was taken to a part of the compound to bleed out by two AIMster women.

Russell Means was there. Remember him? Leonard Peltier was there. Everyone knows him. Clyde Bellecourt was there. Remember him? Black Panthers Activists Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael were in the know. Remember them? The AIM Chairman in charge John Trudell was in the know. Lots of now known and famous names were there.

Major cover-up of the murder of Robinson includes South Dakota politician and Arab James Abourezk. He was in office as a Congressman and Senator from 1971 until 1979. Abourezk was embedded in the American Indian Movement and was in direct communication with ALL of it’s leaders. In fact they worked with him and together they were ALL in the know about what happened to Robinson and by who. He also had direct connections to the FBI through their so called “COINTELPRO” pipe line because Doug Durham…FBI operative was inside the compound” and witnessed first hand the killing of Robinson. This information was communicated to the then FBI Agent In Charge who therefore ALSO knew what happened to Robinson. His name is Joshep Trimbach.

Let’s jump to “NOW” and connect Abourezk to Obama.  Abourezk worked as Obama’s CLOSE “Middle East Adviser” and political confidant and is his friend to this day. It is this connection that is the reason why Obama is silent and will remain so because he is ALSO in the know about what happened to Robinson at Wounded Knee and his relationship with Abourezk had to be hidden in order for him to be elected president!  Think about that.

Yes, the innocent blood of Perry Ray Robinson is on the head of Barrack Hussein Obama. In fact…because of his long time relationship with Abourezk, by “default”, Obama is also complicit with his murder…as well as that of First Nations Woman Annie Mae Aquash because Abourezk’s son Charles…was witness to her last 2 days of life being in the house she was brought to on the Rosebud Reservation…Bill Mean’s house and who is the brother of “gang rapist” Russell. Charlie was there to coordinate her murder and make sure the orders from his father to have her “snuffed” were carried out. And it needs to be pointed out that Annie Mae also witnessed what happened to Robinson at Wounded Knee … “hint hint”!

Obama sent Eric Holder to Wounded Knee in 2011…to make a “statement” to everyone there that Robinson’s murdered and buried body a few yards where he laid a “respect wreath” at the mass grave site of the 300 murdered in 1890 by Custers 7th Calvary would remain hidden and protected! Even Robinson’s wife has been “convinced: or “bought off to no longer push the issue and in spite of being contacted by those who know where her husband is buried. My gut also says her so called attorneys have told her to ignore this information with the lead one being Michael Kuzma…a American Indian Movement “legal insider” with his fellow Synagogue of Satan Jew Brothers such as Bruce Ellison who is also connected to Abourezk and ALL of the AIMsters. Ellison also “jacketed” Annie Mae with the “FBI snitch” lie as well as personally approving of her murder. He also knows who and when and where in detail about everything concerning Robinson.

I now understand why the Black Panther’s I contacted ignored Robinson’s murder. Same with Holder and the DOJ. Same with the Congressional Black Caucus of “Uncle Tom’s and Oreo’s”…none of whom are worthy to speak the name of Martin Luther King Jr! Cowards to the core of their souls…all of them. And as for Obama…he is no more or less then a “son of perdition”…son of Satan and why he without a conscience or feeling about the murders of and and all innocents including this REAL BLACK MAN…Perry Ray Robinson Jr.

And to think I used to interview AIMsters…and the daughter of Leonard Peltier Marquita…believing the lies about this killer and his “brotherhood”. The “World of The Beguiled” continues to demand his “pardon” from Obama…a cold blooded murderer (and complicit in the murder of Annie Mae) while he and his fellow killers get away with the murder of this forgotten Black Man! Am I missing something?

Yes…Obama will “pardon” Peltier…watch and see…while the murder of a Black Man who when asked what his “race” was on a employment form…said he was “HUMAN”!






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