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Richard Boyden Web Page Part 2

Richard Boyden Web Page


The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. Ezek. 25:17

Welcome Letter

From Richard Boyden


My Exposing of those who have lied about and slandered me.


Richard Boyden Web Page

Changing servers because HOST MONSTER IS RIPPING ME OFF! Avoid them like a “plague of thieves”! I divided my page into two parts on Word Press so that I can save the basic format and listings. Enjoy!

This information is what I used to put on my radio program in KC plus more. Lots of interviews until the lying coward and thief of my programs Pete Schartel owner of KCXL 1140 gave into his ultra liberal Satan owned Bill Clinton the murdering raping pedophile loving wife Gayle and threw me out in the streets. When I found that station, she had kicked him out and he was living in the station as a full time vodkaholic. The station was not a talk radio station but a streaming joke of all kinds of junk stuff.

I will be updating this page over time on a new sever and will let you know but for now….this is my page in 2 parts. Also I will be updating and restoring “broken links” etc. Thanks for you patience 🙂

Richard Harold Boyden


“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” 

Jesus Christ



Americas Subversion by Satanic Inspired Free Masonic and New Age Powers…

“The Secret Combinations of Darkness Exposed!”.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.   7.   8.  9.   10.   11.

Click each number for “documentation”!

 The United States Is Now SODOM AND GOMORRAH

The United States of America has officially embraced sodomy as a life style by Sodomite Barack Obama. This is not of God  who calls this an  “abomination” .

Recent history documents the fact that “sodomites” and “pederasts” made up the Nazi party. This Satanic spiritually inspired view of life by definition targets Jesus and those that believe in Him with death. The Old Testament and New Testament writings state emphatically that God hates these sins such that any and all civilizations that have engaged in, promoted, and “normalized” the same were destroyed by the Judgment of God.

Read this article about what sodomites have brought into the military thanks to the “Sodomite President of the United States” and tell me this is a GODLY LIFESTYLE!

The United States will experience the most horrific judgment ever in the history of man and in our time and because of the sin of sodomy is openly promoted and practiced while being protected by the Free Masonic and New Age elements embedded in every fabric of our society.

Click HERE to understand the SATANIC POWER directly connected to sodomy.

The “visions” below and God’s salvation offered to those who turn to Him and repent of their sins is outlined below. Those who “die in their sins” will enter into eternity as “angels to the spirit” they chose to follow in the realms of time, even Satan.


Latter Day testimonies and revelations given by Almighty God concerning the Last Days and the understanding of what the Holy Ghost is…even the “Comforter” which Jesus Christ promised so that His children will not be deceived by Satan and his “works and wonders”….

Vision Given To Tom Beem From God Of the Invasion of America By Chnese and Russian Troops. 

The  Truth and Testimony of Jesus Christ As Found In  The “Anti-Mormonism” Book of Mormon, His Coming To America After His Resurrection , The Lies/Doctrines of “Mormonism”, And Jesus Revealing WHY We Will Suffer A  Judgment Coming On This Land!

The “Anti-Mormon doctrine” Book of Mormon contains the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and which Jesus Himself taught to His people when He appeared to them on this land after His resurrection. Jesus preached the same Gospel as found in the Bible. In fact, the Book of Mormon’s testimony is a “second witness” that Jesus Christ IS the very Eternal Father (one God ONLY), that He was born of a virgin, that He not only was crucified for our sins, but that He came here (“Other sheep have I that are not of this fold…). Here he healed the sick and raised the dead. Oral traditions state the same as found in Indigenous Peoples stories and legends separate and apart from the testimony of Jesus and His Gospel as recorded in the Book of Mormon.

“Mormonism” was and IS a Satan inspired collection of doctrines which include polygamy, multiple “gods” and any and all “doctrines” attributed to “Mormonism”. In order for these Satanic doctrines to be put in place with the goal of destroying the testimony of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, Satan raised up a “son of perdition” named Brigham Young who murdered Joseph Smith and then led members of the Church of  Jesus Christ The Son of God to Utah. ALL doctrines of “Mormonism” were NEVER in any published paper or were they preached by Joseph Smith while he was alive!

Also found in the “Anti-Mormon Doctrine Book of Mormon”, is information which spiritually exposes the “Secret Combinations of Darkness and Murder i.e. Free Masonry, witchcraft etc., as originating from Satan DIRECT which explains why this book has been so attacked and why Joseph Smith was murdered by Young as was a Free Mason. Young murdered Joseph Smith because of Smith’s refusal to become a member of ‘Satan’s Fraternity” as well as embrace the Doctrines of Mormonism which were the doctrines of Satan using Young and which Young promoted in the name of Jesus Christ and to his eternal damnation!

The Book of Mormon and the Inspired Version of the Bible exposes the “secret works of darkness” which are works of Satan both in times past to the present. They have…even Satan using those who listen to his voice one goal, to take away our freedoms and liberties which Almighty God decreed all of His children are to have. Satan used Young to “destroy the testimony of Jesus Christ” and to “hide” these truths ONLY found in the Book of Mormon.

Almighty God Himself has decreed, that any people that dwell on this land must needs worship Jesus Christ, or they will be swept off by the fullness of His wrath. This “wrath revealed” is called the “Day of the Lord” and that time is nigh at hand. Even in “Indian Country”, this has been shown where Holy Places were set apart, sanctified, and protected by Jesus Christ and where He Himself will appear among these His People…the “Other Sheep”! The “Center Place” of this Holy Place in the Holy Scriptures is called ZION!

I challenge ANYONE to find ANYTHING in the Book of Mormon or the Inspired Version of the Bible that promotes the Satanic Doctrines of “Mormonism”! In fact I ask you go to this link and  “search” the Scriptures on this site and enter what you would like to see/know etc.

The following I have “searched”and share with you the following scriptures out of the “Anti-Mormon Doctrine” Book of Mormon. Click each word in “red” to read. When you see the “highlighted verse”, click it if you desire to read further.

God, Eternal FatherJesus Christ, atonementsaviorvirgin birth, resurrection, restoration,  judgment, everlasting decree, Satan, devil, Gospel, secret works and secret combinations, and  oaths refer to Free Masonry/Illuminati , polygamy and whatever other terms you feel led to research.

I would also ask you to ask God for Him to show/convict you of the TRUTH by and through the power of the Holy Ghost which IS the Spirit of Truth from Almighty God Himself as to whether or not what you are reading is of Him.

Lastly but of eternal importance to your soul, I ask you to read the testimony of Robert Murdock above which he received from Jesus Christ concerning  

If you have ANY questions, then feel free to email me.

Richard Boyden

The Scriptures In the Bible and Book of Mormon testifying of the Coming  War and Judgment on America and Why as well as the PROMISE of God establishing His ” Safe Place” Of Refuge On This Land  Called “Zion”!

Below are copies of Two Visions of the“Invasion of America” by foreign troops as revealed by Jesus Christ. I call it the “cleansing” of this land from all the is not of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ in His words spoken on this land states there WILL BE a judgment on this land and WHY!

Yea, wo be unto the Gentiles, except they repent, for it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Father, that I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots, and I will cut off the cities of thy land and throw down all thy strongholds;

And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thy hand, and thou shalt have no more soothsayers: Thy graven images I will also cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the works of thy hands;

And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee; so will I destroy thy cities.  And it shall come to pass that all lyings, and deceivings, and envyings, and strifes, and priestcrafts and whoredoms, shall be done away.

For it shall come to pass, saith the Father, that at that day, whosoever will not repent and come unto my beloved Son, them will I cut off from among my people, O house of Israel, and I will execute vengeance and fury upon them, even as upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.”


China Invasion of America        

Notice the map above of the United States outlining an attack is in “Russian”. Notice closely the words “NATO” and “ICBM”.

This “judgment” and cleansing of America is found recorded in not only the visions but also in the Holy Scriptures as spoken of by the Prophets in the Old Testament, by Prophets from this land, and by Jesus the Messiah Himself.

The noise of the multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people; a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together; the Lord of hosts mustereth the hosts of the battle. They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, yea, the Lord, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land.

Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty. Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man’s heart shall melt;

And they shall be afraid; pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth; they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames.

Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light; the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. Isaiah 13


Tom Beem was praying in 1988 and inquiring of God about the “last days” and how the events of this time was going to come to pass. In the vision given to him  Beem was shown the economic collapse, famines and shortages of water, food etc, anarchy, race riots…in other words total chaos economically and socially.

After this condition was put in place, Beem was was shown the invasion of America by Chinese and Russian troops from the north and from the east and west coasts and which is interestingly outlined in the Russian language map above.

It should also be noted that this invasion occurred WHEN all our troops were overseas including the National Guard. Most of all our troops including the National Guard are out of this country as of this moment. The invading armies killed every man, woman, child, and living thing in their path…sparing nothing. As for our troops, it was also shown there was no way to bring them back when this happened.

Also revealed in Beem’s vision and in the Holy Scriptures below, is the existence of a “safe place” i.e. a place of safety and refuge which is called “Zion” and is located in the center of the US. There the “powers of Almighty G-d will protect His people who will be gathered in and are of every kindred, tongue, and nation. More information on this “Place of Safety” …. read the scriptures found in the link below.

George Washington’s of Vision of World War 3 on This Land!

Washington is shown a “gathering of nations” and the invasion of US (Day of the Lord in Isaiah 13: 1-13).  Also shown was that when all appeared to be lost, Washington witnessed the saving of America by Divine intervention where Jesus Christ slew these invading armies with the “Word of His Mouth” (Rev. 19).

I personally have had “dreams” of “Asian” troops in the mountain areas of Washington State and have seen a nuclear bomb go off on this land.

Jesus Christ Walked The America’s as revealed in the oral traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of the America’s before White People ever were here.

A probable Sequence of Events To Come and Why for your prayerful examination as found in the Visions above and in the Scriptures.

1. Economic Collapse (Rev. 14)

Collapse of the World Economy Information Link

Did you know that“fake gold” is being used to
“pay off international debts”?
And that there is no way the United States can pay off her debt?


See YouTube Of Nuclear Bomb Explosions and Affects

2. Military Attack by Chinese and Russians.

Documentation below of the “enemy armies” stages of preparation.

Free Mason Albert Pike “Plans for Three World Wars”!

Part 1      Part 2

The Final Invasion of the United States

American Surrounded, Do You Speak Chinese?

Chinese dragon awakens

Beijing building deep-sea naval might

Russia, China Strengthen Axis

As China Threat Grows, U.S. Navy Faces Sub Shortage

Pentagon’s Annual Report on the Military Power of China

China’s silent invasion


Chinese Military Focusing on US


Chinese Defense Minister Gives Speech About WAR plans against the United States

China Preparing For War and Few Notice

Documented Proof that United States Military Technology was sold to China and Russia by US Business’s and BOTH Parties

which NOW enables them to attack us!

Russia’s Recent Military Build-up

Plague War

A report on biological weapons and how Russia has secretly amassed an arsenal of biological weapons

Deadliest weapon : VX nerve gas

Links pointing to each area of Russian Military Preparedness called ” Russian Roulette”

Softwar-Security Privacy E-commerce

Proof that United States Military Technology was sold to China and Russia by US Business’s and BOTH Parties.

Russia has developed and tested the “Father of All Bombs” which is the same as a “nuclear bomb” MINUS “radiation fallout”.

More information that applies to this scenario.

We are getting close. If the Russian’s are working with the Chinese on first implementing a “economic collapse” here, then during the internal social anarchy seen in Beem’s Vision that is the result of that economic collapse, it will be that  ” ensign” for their military to move on us without mercy. 

And then there is the not to be forgotten Promise of Islam to attack America’s cities using nuclear weapons.


There are over 50 suitcase size nuclear weapons that are “missing” and somewhere in the world. More then likely, there are some in the USA.

Further information below documents the degree to which corruption and filthiness has become spiritually embedded on this land and in the world and by who. IF you chose to prayerfully read it, then you will understand why the time is nigh at hand for the most horrendous judgment ever upon any nation ever pronounced by Jesus Himself and which judgment why.

I call this the “Cleansing of this land by Jesus Christ” who calls this land a “heathen nation” in the pronouncement of this inevitable judgment.

The below information gives additional credence to the justification for the judgment and the cleansing from off this land of all that which is not of the Almighty G-d.  It is my hope that you will be able to make sense of what is taking place behind the “veil of deception” which is a replication here on earth of the war that took place in the “Spirit World in Heaven” between G-d and Satan over the “souls of men”.


Israel and 911

Israel Mossad Connection to 911

911 blogger-Unlimited 9-11 Information

The history the government hopes you DON’T learn!

Alex Constantine’s Blacklist

* * * S e r e n d i p i t y * * *
Liberty &
Ernst Zündel
Iraq War Impeachment On God Ganesh Baba
Zionism Common Errors Psychedelics Maria Callas
War on Drugs The CIA Censorship Human Rights
Waco Massacre Gods of Eden TWA Flight 800 OKC Bombing

Serendipity Geopolitics, Drugs, Religion, Music and More!

Obama Could Be America’s Next 9-11

Questions to ask concerning 911 CLICKHERE

The Unknown Hitler: Nazi Roots in the Occult

Nazism and The New Age, Hitler and the Occult

Nazi-Zionist “Holocaust” Collaboration

Homosexuality in the Nazi Party

Bush-Cheney Drug Empire

G.W. Bush Family and I. G. Farbin. Think GAS & OVENS!

Nazis in the AtticBush Family Funding of Hitler

Bush Family Occult Connection

Bush-Hitler”Family Values”

Bush’s White House Bordello

The Bush Hard Drug Empire Evidence

The Rise of the Fourth Reich (Bush Connection)
PT 1.

The Rise of the Fourth Reich (Bush Connection) PT 2.   Crimes Defined As “Terrorism”

Who do you think really financed and Supported the Nazis i.e. “National Socialist Party of Sodomites”?

Think  BushFord, and major Corporations such as  General Motors among other so called  “Americans”!

G.W. Bush Family and I. G. Farbin. Think GAS & OVENS!
Nazis in the Attic

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Have You Read The Talmud Lately? “Synagogue of Satan Jews”

Torah Law Vs. The Talmud Law

Talmud Lies Exposed

Judaism & Homosexuality: A Marriage Made In Hell

Truth about the Talmud: Racist, Rabbinic Hate Literature

A Documented Exposé of Jewish Supremacist Rabbinic Hate Literature

Jewish “Satanic Verses

“Masters of the Truth, Father’s of Lies”

The Role of Zionism in the Holocaust

Zionism’s Failure to Support Resistance

Kasztner’s List: Zionist Collaboration in the Holocaust in Hungary

The Jewish Question In The Russian Orthodox Church

The Federal Reserve – Jewish Private Bankers

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media

Christians in Israel – An Endangered Species


Subversive Organizations

The Greatest Mass Rape in History by “Allied Troops” During WWII and After

Jewish activists sound alarm on trafficking from former Soviet Union

Sex Slaves In Israel

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How Thought Control is being used to destroy America

Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide

The Emergency Subterfuge and The War On Crime

War On Terrorism Advances New World Order


Thee Truth About Psychotropic Drugs and Suicides…a MUST  READ


Death, Disease, and LIES using VACCINES

Vaccine Liberation Information

Vialls Investigations Exposing Media Disinformation concerning 911 etc

Softwar-Security Privacy E-commerce

Proof that United States Military Technology was sold to China and Russia by US Business’s and BOTH Parties.

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Richard Boyden “BIO” for your “Truthful” Consideration and to counter SLANDER!

Preface: This was a quick short version condensed and abridged “edition” made in 2011 when Operation Morning Star was in operational mode taking semi and 26′ box truck loads of 500 tons of food, good clothing, appliances, tools etc. to the Pine Ridge, Rosebud and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota. Also over 20,000 garden plants to families and elders and over $100,000.00 in wood burning stoves. Also a “ONE OF A KIND” direct assistance program.

Then “The American Indian Movement” of documented RAPING MURDERING PEDOPHILES (EXPOSED ON MY BLOG) had began jacketing me with DEATH THREATS, lies and slander because I started exposing there CRIMES against REAL INDIANS as found documented (See on the web page where you can see who said and did what and  which led to my terminating totally OMS with the FINAL REASON being the alignment with and desire to have me “murdered” by AIM by “wife” …now “Black Witch” and full time whore and ADULTERESS Karen Sue Andras with her latest “spirit of murder” attack by/with her “John Trudell wannabe” and Nazi Sodomite, sexual pervert and sadomasochistic Aleister Crowley demon owned INDIAN HATER Bill Bunting.

Bunting is a “demon possessed” pathological inspired liar and confirmed “son of perdition” who laughs at “texting me” my mother was a whore, “licking Aleister Crowley’s annus”, a prostitute, I was sodomized by my father”, I was not in Nam, dishonorable discharge and the list from this SATAN OWNED soul is both endless and filthy. Plus he “threatened me using LIES about me “stalking my xxx wife/WHORE” with a gun..LIE…she came to ME after asking ME to marry her!

But when your “spiritual DNA” is Devil Nature Actualized BILL BUNTINGS (on my BLOG!)…then you can’t help but be who you are and thanks to his texts to me…I AM revealing him for  THE WORLD TO SEE! 🙂

OMS will continue to match ANYONE with a “Lakota/Dakota family or elder that needs help by connecting you to the source of their NEED such as a propane or utility company for you to PAY DIRECT their bills. Given the average YEARLY income per family is less the $4000 A YEAR…especially Elders and single mothers who have no jobs because their are NONE thanks to the corrupt NOT LAKOTA/DAKOTA run governments supported by the “Syrian Sioux” and MUSLIM INDIAN HATER James Absourezk, the BIA, FBI, and “Buffalo Soldier” OBAMA…any help would be appreciated. Plus…those who do help can “do more” according to your ability and heart led by God desire to do so.

Lastly…I thank G-d for Suzanne Dupree…a “Warrior Woman” after the order of “Annie Mae Aquash” both being RAPED by members of the American Indian Movement…with Aquash murdered by…yes…I thank Jesus for this woman who is the holder and protector of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe…the Pte Hincala Cannupa Kin and who has exposed the lies of all things NOT TETON!

Richard Boyden 4/4/16

Short Bio of Founder of Operation Morning Star


My “real last name” should be ZICKLER as when my dad died…that was his name on this birth certificate. It might be a Jewish name in searching. He was adopted by a BOYDEN which IS a Jewish name and because his dad ran off to South America. So I do use that name now and then and it feels right! Never felt right about “Boyden” but so be it! 


Born and raised in Seattle Washington. Same birth DAY, not year, (Sept. 12th) as Leonard Peltier and Jewish New Year (0/7) “Rosh Hashanah”. “


I was born a “breach birth” complements of more then likely beatings my mother was “blessed with” during her pregnancy. I am almost sure that I also was a “incognito micro cosmic pre-alcoholic” complements of both of my parents. More then likely I would have flunked a “breathalyzer test” if given upon my entering into the world.  


Three weeks after birth, I was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. I was crying a lot I was told. Fortunately, the witnesses of could at that moment differentiate between cries from the pain in the eyes and the pain coming from more then likely being slapped around by my sperm donating bastard of a sub-human form of a “father”. It was this “crying” that brought attention to my eyes being “filmy” which then qualified me to receive a first class plane trip to California where the glaucoma was surgically corrected. The type of corrective surgery to correct my glaucoma was one of the first in history.  Thus I can see for now but there is a chance it will return and signs are it is starting. 


Unlike many children who were blessed with “Godly parents” and taught in the ways of Jesus, I was cursed to be damned to be in the presence of a violent Free Masonic demon infested alcoholic father who beat mother and myself during the first six years of my life. I was an “only child” mind you…and these experiences and memories collected with each beat of my heart, each sound of violence and viciousness coming out of the mouth of the damned soul of my father and directed at my mother and myself.


What memories I do have include most vividly, the window into those scenes when I would come home from the “sitter”, eat supper, run into the bedroom and into the the closet where I attempted to shut the door to the to this world of hell on earth, where I attempted to cover myself with the protection of blankets and pillows in an attempt to muffle the sounds of my mother screaming, her body being pummeled over and over, with the eventually hearing of her body falling and thudding to the floor in one part of the house or another. All I heard then were her moans…crying…being hit or kicked again…until this regular symphonic reparatory faded into silence and then only did sleep overcome me.


In the morning, I would view the nightmare of the night before in witnessing in intimate detail her physical condition of being cut, bruised, and battered. She would go to work that way and in those days, beating of women was an accepted social norm of “life” more so then now. Personally, I see very little being changed for women now. Witnessing this abuse of my mother while in her womb is how I explain the reason why I was a “breach birth”. I did NOT want to come into the world as I “heard it”. I hated it, feared it, and wanted no part of it.


My mother was forever a victim of abuse physical and emotional which accumulated to qualify her to for being a 24/7 self administered condition of “spiritual death” as a result of alcohol which by definition prevented us from bonding as mother and son. Nothing normal to allow for this G-d allowed mandate of hell, something I at that time could not even begin to understand. Always I could feel her suffering in my heart and spirit whether I was witnessing it or away…always a constant within my heart and spirit. Not only did I weep, but I wanted to kill my father for what he did to my mother and for that matter me.


I remember one time as a child trying to swim and then I began sinking in 15 feet of water on a windy day in the Puget Sound at Beacon Point. I remember my father not moving as I cried out for help, going down one time and crying out again…remembering him just sitting there, not moving, just watching me go under for the “last time”. He was drunk. Then a man who saw this, jumped in the water and found me buried and “lifeless” under 15 ft. of water, pulled me out and brought me back to “life”. I awoke from being “dead” to realizing I was laying on the bed in our cabin and alive.  My father cursed out the man that saved me. And there have been times because of my life, that I too have cursed this man.


My mother divorced father at age 6 but continued to drink which eventually in time, assisted her deterioration in suffering a nervous breakdown because of a “hell authored” mixture of anti-depressants and alcohol..the “soul door openers to dark demonic spirits”. As a result of then “hearing their voices”, she was committed to a mental health abyss where she was subjected to “forced” shock treatments, beatings, and was raped.


She died in 1968 from 3d degree burns over 99 percent of her body. 


She tried to light/smoke a cigarette after being released from a hospital where she was being treated for liver disease because of drinking. Her clothes caught on fire. My grandmother found her laying in the middle of her living room floor curled up in a ball. She “lived” 3 days and passed into the Spirit World and into the arms of Jesus.   I saw my mother, burnt black from the top of her head down to her ankles. Ever seen a “burnt marshmallow”, the burnt body of your mother? …while she was still “alive”?  


Yes, I did curse G-d.  She was a good woman. Suffered much in life for no “wrong” reason but ONLY because she was a loving giving good woman with a heart of flesh who cared about others. Totally unselfish. Satan hated her and hates women like her…think about that. Her First husband was killed 2 weeks after they married in a auto wreck. That affected her in ways words are unable to convey. She was a leader in Brownies, Girl Scouts, Den mother for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, active in the PTA, and in “Church’s” where she was “predatorized” by “ministers” for money and sex. 


Also she was actively involved in Veterans activities and from what I know, she was THE WOMAN who began “Operation Shoe Box” for U.S. Troops and this program has continued to this day unto the helping of Troops all over the world.


I share this because what I “witnessed” and ‘experienced” as a child is somewhat the same as what many LAKOTA OYATE have experienced and witnessed in “Indian Country” in the area of “family experiences” with alcohol, dysfunctional families, abuse, violence, and the “death affects” of on ones heart, spirit, and body.  These “experiences” are the result of the dark, evil, diabolical spiritual engineering of things social and personal that created the environment that both they and I were and are subjected to and surrounded by and with the resulting affects thereof finding place within their our souls. Therefore, I personally understand how this “spiritual condition” one is “raised up in” affects who we become and why.


Therefore, I am somewhat able, on a small and limited scale, to relate to what I call the “spiritual war” targeting ones heart and spirit in direct contrast to those that have experienced none of the same. They are the judges of the likes of a “me” as well as those who have suffered the same. These are those who have not the compassion and understanding in their hearts to love the “sinners”. They do not have a heart of “flesh” as “we” do but instead they have hearts of “stone”.  They are without “charity” which is the Pure Love of Jesus Christ for the poor, afflicted, and those in need but instead are immersed in the things of the world which they prioritize over human beings and the salvation of their own souls. It is easy to tell who they are. Just look into their eyes and see how they live as exhibited in the carnal, sensual, and devilish “death styles” inspired by the demons of hell.


I did not ever drink until I saw my mother in her condition of “death”. I had hated alcohol as a child and still do. Used to curse at liquor store clerks, spit on the windows of their stores, “flip” them off (all dad taught), broke windows out, and eliminated any and all bottles of of Seagram’s 7 wherever I found them. This was my childhood extracurricular obsession which was my feeble childhood attempt to destroy the “destroyer” of myself and my family.


After her death, I succumbed to my grief, rage, and “hate of G-d”.  Why her? She did not deserve this. So, I too became an “alcoholic” minus the official treatments and evaluations of being, but yet knew in my heart that I chose to be this way during those times in my life when attempting to escape and find meaning to this contradiction of existence. 


In spite of the struggles as a young man, and witnessed and endured, I still managed to play sports and fished. Excelled in both above average. Won state championship in high school as a “pitcher” for the American Legion State Championship Team. I pitched a 4 hitter shutout against the team that was the same team that beat my High School team, the same team that rejected me because I had no father in the “community” and my mother was a drunk. That was my vindication and “payback” to these haters of the “outcastes and sinners”…complements of G-d! Say Madison High School Portland Oregon where most of the classmates then were the social forerunners to the present one dimensional  automatonic robotic social mindset of the acceptance of another human being based upon appearance rather then heart content. 


My most healing escape and healing in growing up was being allowed to spend time in the mountains and forests, the beach’s, lakes, rivers, and streams of Washington state, before they were “contaminated by the parasites from California”. Could out fish anyone for trout anywhere, anytime, any place. Stayed in good physical condition with weight training, running, and bicycling and played college soccer and was one of the best on a “international” team. 


Because of the “clicky atmosphere” in my high school years were at Madison, I chose to be an introvert. Average student. Got diploma by “default” . 


They were tired of me and I was bored with school and life so I joined the Marine Corp because I decided to “adopt” John Wayne to replace my my father. Spent 18 months in combat in Viet Nam as a result of that act of temporary insanity and partook in that war of lies incognito until to late for those beguiled unto the death of their bodies, minds, and spirits. Honorable discharge. 


Should have been dead many times in the “Nam”. Stepped over mines, booby traps, punji pits, bullets flying all around, over my head, at my feet, and into everyone else BUT me. Almost drowned again when stepping off the edge of a mangrove water trail and into a deep river. Again…someone grabbed the barrel of my M-14 as I began to go under for the last time. Having close to 80lbs on your back does not allow for any other option but to “fast sink”. Replaced as  “point” in a patrol at “last minute” with one who took MY shot in the head. 


Enough “Agent Orange” in my body for someone to send it to Dow Chemical when I die and retire on the “rebate”!  


After my discharge from the Marine Corp, I relocated to Seattle, bought a 67 911 Porsche and started college. Yes, I drank, escaped, and yes, I was a “whoremonger”. 


I completed 5 years of college, no degree. Honor roll though! 3.5 GPA overall. Outstanding soccer player. Studied philosophy, sociology, all the “psych” disciplines. No degree because I hated math and science, like in high school. 


Studied “ethnic history” and became drawn to “Indian History” at Western Washington Univ. in Bellingham Washington. Tutored English to youth on the Lummi Indian Reservation north of Bellingham Washington.

I also volunteered/worked for the Seattle Indian Health Board under Jo Ann Kauffman, Nez Pierce. I assisted in raising funds on a small scale. Her sister is Hattie Kauffman, ABC reporter. I had a crush on her even but I could not even get “Indian time of day” from her. 


I spearheaded two emergency flood relief operations to provide food and water to the Lummi Nation when Willie Jones was  Tribal Chairman. Started own cutlery business in Pike Place Market which is still there today. We provided supplies to most  commercial fishing canneries and processing ships in Washington, Canada, and Alaska. Sold raingear, processing knives and fish handling containers. I worked in sales and marketing for a number of companies. Excelled and made millions for others but in turn was exploited, used, and terminated when no longer needed.  


During all of this, I was slowly being drawn towards my eventual involvement with “Indian Country” but not fully aware yet.


Moved to Missouri in 85. Actually I was “G-d compelled to . It was on my trip driving to Missouri when I “fell in God Inspired love” for American Indians as I witnessed their struggles and suffering on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with the conviction in my heart by Him direct to do something of worth in His sight…not the sight of “man”. Remember, I was not raised or exposed to any TRUE love as a child…therefore what I felt was not of me…my flesh, my past, of and from “family experiences” of love.


Quit normal jobs to become a “abnormal” radio talk show host for 6 years and what I talked about and exposed is found on my personal web page. Consider the site extremely NOT politically correct. It was on radio that I began to seriously focus on subjects of importance pertaining to the realities of “Indian Country” as I began to understand them. Thus the learning process continued.  I even put a radio station called KCXL 1140 on the map that was owned by a “drunk”. It is worth millions now. Yes, I was used and thrown out on the streets like garbage.

Launched “Operation Morning Star” in 1996 when I began radio.


My many “Indian Country” interviews included Marquita Peltier, the daughter of Leonard Peltier, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Belcourt brothers (these are those that have covered up the murder of Anna Mae Pictu Aquash), the Dann sisters, Charlene Teeters, Susanne Harjo, John Echohawk, Lenny Foster, the late and beloved Vine Deloria Jr., the late Carl Gorman Sr. the “Dine/Navaho Code Talker”, and covered many subjects affecting Indian Country such as the uranium contamination of water and environment in Dine Country, Dakota Country and elsewhere. Did programs on genetic engineering of food crops, bio-chemical weapons, anti-depressants, the selling of our military technology and weapons systems to the Chinese and Russians, and programs on health and nutrition among many others. Exposed the “New World Order” agenda that we are embedded in now.


Exposed FBI involvement in the cover-ups of murders of close to 100 Lakota during the 70’s and also, the case of Leonard Peltier, Anna Mae Aquash, Jancita Eagle Deer who was raped and murdered by former South Dakota Governor William Janklow. I exposed and had programs about the FBI’s active participation and cover up of their drug importation into this country, their working with drug dealers and cartels. One show provided PROOF of documentation through a “FBI” operative I interviewed named Darlene Novinger. She went public with what she found out that being that George Bush Sr. and son Jeb were deeply involved in the major drug cartels. The FBI told her to keep quiet and the result of her going public was that they first killed her husband, then father, then she mysteriously and quickly died of cancer.


I also had a program naming FBI operatives bringing drugs into the US from Canada and through the Ft. Peck Assiniboine Reservation in Montana. This was documented by Melissa Buckles from that reservation and who I interviewed on my radio program. 


Twice the FBI had discussed “taking me out” using their “underworld contacts” here in Kansas City. (Evil EVIL Satan inspired combination of darkness this FBI). That is what I was told from someone on the “inside”. They are proof there is a SATAN! They cover up and protect active pedophile rings, embedded both nationally and those that are international along with the CIA. Read the “Franklin Cover-up by John De Camp as I interviewed him exposing PEDOPHILE G.W. BUSH! 


Taught at Haskell Indian Nations University. Created a “3 hour accredited course”, “Introduction To Radio Broadcasting” – “Investigative Journalism”. Taught students how to run the board and engineer and produce their own live on air programs and do live interviews. Taught them how to “research subjects”. Students said it was the best class ever and I was a “White man”. Honored I was. 

Counseled sexually abused children, battered women. 


Active in The Church of Jesus Christ, the Son of G-d. NOT a “religion” per se but rather spiritually revealing restored on earth of those lost and necessary understandings pertaining to the literal establishment of the Kingdom of G-d in the “last days” as a result of full obedience to His Gospel. This Kingdom is something I constantly cried out for for the sake of the suffering souls in “Indian Country”.

Jesus Christ IS the reason why I am alive, here, and writing this now, as well as being able to make Operation Morning Star a viable and semi-successful venture of love and generosity for and on behalf of “Indigenous Peoples” that are called Native Americans, Indians, American Indians, First Nations Peoples etc. I consider Jesus the pure, holy, and righteous example of what a true Lakota should be. NOT ME! 


I have fought with the local racist media to get exposure for Operation Morning Star and the Lakota I have felt led to help. Always a struggle, ALWAYS. 

I “fake” as an “Independent Writer” with a few “editorials” and articles published including one in the Kansas City Star. Others in the Independence Examiner, Dakota Lakota Journal including articles on “suicide in Indian Country”.


Also, I write about and present information on the subject of “Suicide” to at risk Native American Youth on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations, on radio, and in juvenile detention centers. I have personal experience in this area. I am an “attempted suicide survivor” who has experienced from G-d, who manifested Himself in the flesh as Jesus Christ, the eternal consequences of both the act of attempted suicide as well as the revelation of what it means IF one is successful, and what they will experience in the “spirit world” after they kill themselves.  

For me, it was a confirmation that there is a hell as well as a heaven. Both are determined only by ones relationship and standing with G-d. No great mystery. Cut and dried. 


Death and life are realities that are both spiritual and temporal, even that of the spirit world in the realms of eternity, as well as being here on earth in the flesh within the realms of time where we find ourselves now. There is no separation whether in time or eternity. 


Our choices are first “spiritual” in who or what we listen to and follow and in many ways this determines our realities and destinies in both worlds. And yes, there is a Satan/Lucifer and he hates us more then we will ever know, until that is, if in eternity we find ourselves bound to him.


In looking back and up to this day, my personal life has been like being in “mortal combat” but not a war in the flesh, but in the spirit and over my soul. Some battles I have won, others lost. I have been hurt and wounded up to the edge of death itself, and I am responsible for wounding and hurting others even the same and worse and feel the shame of. 


I am not perfect, don’t “walk on water”. I just know that the “love of G-d” is a “revelation of and from” and therefore is a ongoing learning process that begins in time and extends into eternity. I also realize I am “G-d’s work in progress”, and my only teacher has been Jesus. I am sure I am one of His major “affirmative action” programs if there ever was one.


My idea of Heaven here on earth is 40 acres, in Montana, where a clean fresh creek flows into a small lake filled with native trout AND in the mountains and away from people. Give me a horse or two, some sheep, chickens, a few buffalo, and I will be one happy “Return of the Mountain Man” program!


Until “then”, I will continue trying to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous Peoples to the best of my ability and with limited or NO resources. 


I am not sure for how long I will continue Operation Morning Star. Someday, you may come to the OMS page and see “nothing”!  Just know that if that happens, I am in “The Kingdom Of Heaven” here on earth somewhere! 🙂


And the reason WHY will be, because I will have ended my attempt to enlist help for the Oyate after “x” number of years.


That’s it. Questions? Email me at


Thanks to all of you that have helped and may G-d bless each of you.!

Richard Boyden’s Personal Web Page…THAT’S ME!

Want to know what I really think and believe and WHY in contrast to the lies spawned about me by American Indian Movement murderers, rapists, and pedophiles and their “like minded/spirit” followers and supporters such as Karen Sue Andras and Bill Bunting…both followers of the teachings of now dead and in hell “Satan’s Chief of Staff” DEMON Aleister Crowley who gloried in being the Anti-Christ Satanist, Sodomite, Pedophile, and Child Raping Murderer he was! ?

Then click HERE!

What is here is what I put on radio for 6 years…UNCENSORED and with the FBI actually discussing with their MAFIA friends in KCMO…putting out a hit on me!

Free Masonry, Nazi-ism, New Age Occult etc etc…plus the pedophile activities of those in HIGH PLACES etc etc. … AND the testimony of the WAR/JUDGMENT on this land where EVERY MAN WOMAN CHILD AND LIVING THING WILL BE KILLED except those in ZION!

The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah and the “Secret Combinations of Darkness” that rule this country is the reason why!

Think not…believe not? It matters NOT!

I just know that when my time is up…so will it be with YOU! Judgment day is guaranteed for ALL and I may be some things but NOT a raping murdering pedophile like those in AIM or the FBI or THE US GOVERNMENT etc. etc. etc…knowing that GOD will deal with them when they “cross over” from their delusion of Satan inspired lies of murder here and then into His presence and upon arrival they…YOU…will experience your just reward for what you have done in the realms of time NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE…judges, police, attorneys, “ministers”, “rabbi’s”, senators, presidents, white, black, red, yellow etc…just know that YOUR reward is SURE in the realms of eternity….read my lips…and say “Lake of Fire and Brimstone”!

My blog documents lies about me and DEATH threats which I expose for LEGAL REASONS and which Karen Sue Andras has been COMPLICIT IN with the Hostile Indian Tribe, John Trudell, and now with her latest Crowley Clone and Sodomite Nazi sent from Satan himself! Yep…filed legally and duly recorded!

Oh…forgot…my Operation Morning Star Web page….exposes the same plus on the New Age Satanic Occult of Black Witchdom and Crowley which Andras is now a part of including the Satan inspired “sexual darkness” which she apologized for bringing into my life but wanted more then a Godly marriage which is why she is now with her Native American hating Nazi boyfriend.  She even sent me a email stating she LISTENED TO SATAN TO DESTROY ME! End of story and marriage and WHY God removed her from my life. Yet in February she contacted me again…then DENIED and then sent the next “wannabe KILLER” after me! Now I think I understand the TRUTH about her second husband ending up DEAD in spite of the “story” she told me…yes…a “murderer in her heart” is this woman and why she gravitates towards the same in the American Indian Movement!

End of story!


Jacket Me With Lies, Threaten Me And/Or Collude With Those That Do, And I Will Out You!

Image result for karen sue bunting

Death threats are not new to me. A race hating Black did that in Nam and ended up in a body bag. Others have slandered me and jacketed me with lies and ended up dead of cancer. It takes G-d Himself to restrain me from reacting “personally” to those that threaten me with physical harm. Lee Whitehorse and “Dakota Thunder” of the “Hostile Indian Tribe” on their FB page of me “Richard Boyden The Oglala Obsessor” calling me a “Fucking Jew and wait till we find you…” etc. Same with the lying raping murdering John Trudell of the American Indian Movement with his death threat because I was exposing AIM’s crimes DOCUMENTED on this blog and by others! Satan now owns him in HELL!

Then there is Karen Sue Andras…the “wife” who “liked” the “Hostile Indian Tribe” death threat. And then her outing my location to Trudell as his “private investigator”… while wanting to “suck taste and f–k” him over and over in texts. Her American Indian Movement of rapists, murderers, and pedophiles are the kind of sub-human devil owned men she is spiritually drawn to because of her being “owned” by the demons in her…one in particular…Aleister Crowley who I have in my blogs identified in detail and her history with him and those men in the past she chose to be with and who raped her, beat her and her children, and almost killed her. One Satan used her and she was involved in the death of…and funny thing is…he was a “believer in Jesus” but after x amount of time with her and from what I have experienced being with her is that she did to him what she admitted doing with me…”I listened to SATAN TO DESTROY YOU i.e. murder me spiritually. And that was the reason GOD REMOVED HER FROM MY LIFE…again for the records sake.

Lastly…her latest anti-Christ Crowley owned sadomasochistic sodomite and murderer has threatened me like those above. Bill Bunting is his name…google him and see what there is about him that is CONFEDERATE! He is a sick pathological sexual pervert. Google “Bunting Georgia child abuse” and see HIS FAMILIES LAST NAME pop up! Again…with Karen Sue Andras’s whole hearted support has he jacketed me with lies and death threats like with AIM and HIT.

Example that I have “stalked her with a gun”. LIE…She came to me asking me to marry her and in so doing…breaking a no contact order AFTER I came to Ohio armed to protect her and I IF…her x boyfriend Rusty/Dusty Laudermilk saw us because he almost murdered her. So she came me after I was arrested with a gun in OHIO…a Nazi Pedophile Filled Crowley owned state.

Never…NEVER did I ever threaten her in ANY way…let alone with a gun which in Missouri I carry all the time…in the house…car…truck. NEVER did I ever hit her or threaten to. NEVER did I do anything to harm her physically LIKE ALL THE MEN HER PAST!

Yet this animated by SATAN Bill Bunting…a true Satanist…and disciple of Aleister Crowley seems to believe that by LYING that such attempts are of any importance to me…other then the DEATH THREAT. No…I don’t respond…won’t respond and there is a reason why and that is all I need to say. If he wants me dead…if Karen wants me dead and ALWAYS HAS along with her Satan Owned Crowley QUOTING family of Norman, Keven, and Amanda…so be it. Get in line boys and girls because there is someone of greater importance and magnitude then you or ANYONE else who wants me dead and his name is SATAN.

Just setting the record straight once again…FOR THE RECORD! Now back to writing a paper on Crowley and those HE OWNS!

Death Threat from John Trudell and the American Indian Movement

I felt led to share with the public this “death threat” Facebook message sent to me from the now dead and in hell…the infamous porno poet and former Chairman of the American Indian Movement John Trudell. It was his personal betrayal that sealed the murder of Annie Mae Aquash. Yes…this JewlyWood PropagandaActor and NoSnitchBitch and not even NATIVE by “Traditional Blood Quantum”!

My xxx demon possessed by Aleister Crowley adulterating wife was sent by AIM to set me up for a hit because I exposed their crimes of serial rape and murder by this spawned by the FEDS collective of PreTendians who in fact were NOT but that is another story. She in fact gave up my location to AIM for a “hit” and which Trudell stated on his Facebook page and the the message here confirms that I was “hunted” and still am by AIM.

john Trudell as the former Chairman and who my xxx wife slept with and supported AIM during the time span of the American Indian Movements violent and planned with the United States Government take over of the village of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1973, it was under his leadership and in direct coordination and complicity with co-founder of the American Indian Movement Dennis Banks, Vern and Clyde Bellecourt, Russell Means, Leonard Peltier, numerous Synagogue of Satan Jew attorney’s led by Bruce Ellison and spearheaded by their “godfather” former SD Senator James Abourezk and son Charles that in agreement…that he and is comrades agreed together to have Annie Mae Aquash executed…after permission was given by Abourezk to Trudell and Banks for convicted murderer to brutally rape this mother of 2.

Add to Trudells in the know and complicity in Annie’s murder…you have included the additional rape and murder of 7-12 women at Wounded Knee who’s bodies are either burnt to ashes or buried. Add to the list a murdered Mexican, an Italian and a Black Marshall who was “crucified upside down” and one more of great importance…Black Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robsinson Jr….shot, allowed to bleed to death and buried in a “unknown” by his family but known by AIM and the FBI grave from that moment to when the FBI “pretended” 40 years later they felt AIM murdered him. Robinson was AIM’s “The Only Good Nigger Is A Dead Nigger”!

I started outing Trudell after being present to and a witness at the trial of the killer of Annie Mae…John Graham. Because my name had “authority and presence” on the web…it was not very long until this fake collective of PreTendians started jacketing me with lies…saying I was “wanted for rape”, banished from Reservations etc…which is why in this message sent 5.15 from Trudell he stated that “we have been watching you for a while”! Decoded meaning…we have seen how you have exposed the truth about our murderous, raping, and pedophile and hidden (by the FBI) history and we don’t like it.

So whenever my name is GOOGLED…and you find me jacketed with lies by Trudell and his fellow “natural born killer’s”. Ironically but understandably…after my demon owned by Satanist Aleister Crowley” fake wife/real black witch adulterous porno fixated wife left me, she sent me a text saying she wanted to “suck, taste, and fuck” the killer Trudell who when you read the rest of his message, the “death threat” is obvious. Then this lying wife, jumped on board with Trudell and AIM telling them their “private investigator” where I could be found so they could “work things out” with me…i.e. say kill me like they did with anyone who exposed them with examples being not just like Annie Mae but Joe Stunz, Buddy LaMont, Leo Wilcox, Annie’s husband and or anyone who exposed their Satanic inspired “no shame no sin, no guilt” history of AIM’S documented history of rapes, murders, and pedophile activity.

Yes, what a feeling to know you have a “wife” that wants REAL murderers to have them MURDER YOU! And this woman told me she was a “Daughter of G-d”!

To see a more complete expose in detail of this jacketing campaign by AIM…click this Operation Morning Star Exposes American Indian Movement Slander of Richard Boyden

But again….my G-d covers my back and allows me to deal with them individually and collectively. HOW? For one…Trudell is dead from G-d allowed…say JUDGMENT…Cancer!

THIS BLOG exposed him for who he really was which is why he and his “secret combination of darkness” brotherhood of murderers spun lies about me so as to discredit me and do so to this day.

Now Google “Graywolf” Native American Musician” and see what you find on Page ONE! His real name is “Walter Ruiz” and this is his Walter Ruiz American Indian Movement of Rapists and Killers “spiritual leader”.! This sodomite on his page is talking about the White’s taking on the BLM in Oregon while he and Trudell worked together with GW’s followers to jacket me with lies so as to discredit my work in exposing AIM! You see Ruiz is a “spiritual adviser” to this collective of animated by Satan documented MURDERERS!

Next on the “Hit List”! Google “Hostile Indian Tribe”. The leader of this group of “AIMsters” is a WHITE boy named Lee Whitehorse. He brutally RAPED a 14 year old Oglala Lakota girl on Pine Ridge. His x-con partner is guilty of molesting young girls. His name is Roy Lombardo. Both of them changed their real names to hide their WHITE and criminal identities. Here is the truth about them… Hostile Indian Tribe “HIT”and Lee Whitehorse as exposed by a Lakota woman in the know and in intimate documented detail. They are “liked” by xxx wife and daughter!

So when you Google my name…just know there is more to me then meets the deceived and beguiled soul…unless that is…you have been given over to a “reprobate mind” by G-d Himself because you have rejected him in your evil works and deeds of endorsing rapists and murderers and have “sexual pleasure” in doing so. To uphold those who are guilty of murder is to be endorsing the one who inspires murders, the Liar and Murderer from the Beginning”. His name is Satan.

No matter that it appears that those guilty of abominable crimes will get away with their crimes in the realms of time because the Eternal Truth is that once their “spirits” leave their body upon the death of their body…they immediately will be subject to the one they listened to in the realms of eternity…say Satan…and be with him in HELL…and that is G-d’s promise…not mine! Want a example of this? Watch the movie “Ghost”.


My blog has been dedicated to exposing the American Indian Movement. My first soul moving experience before ANYONE came to me to work with me exposing these demons (and then TURNED ON ME TOO like all others!) in doing this was when I felt spirit of Annie Mae Aquash when I read the truth about what happened to her. As I was reading the sequence of events leading up to her murder, I found myself not only weeping tears but I also felt her spirit standing next to me…even weeping with me. Annie Mae was the ONLY Warrior in AIM…a true Warrior Woman who was full of love for her people and saw and witnessed the evil acts of the rape and murder by members of The American Indian Movement who to this say are still free and because they are protected by the United States Government who they worked for then and do so now.

In the final moments of her life…she felt the total betrayal of all those she at one time trusted. In the end of her life…there was only one left that that she believed would save her…John Trudell….just before a bullet was put in her head by Trudell’s brother John Grahm while she was praying.

American Indian Movement’s Russell Means Exposed As Rapist and Murderer

A Few Unknown Factoids About AIMSTER Russell Means

Born on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in 1939, Russell Means has dedicated his life to American Indian activism and constitutional rights for over three decades. He is widely regarded as the most influential Indian activist and political leader of the later part of the twentieth and into the twenty – first century.

A few of the many “first” and “hidden” accomplishments which can be attributed to Russell Means include the following:

Russell Means’s real linage was Crow, White, and Dakota…not Lakota blood at all. Is was a womanizer and abuser or, a documented rapist, murderer, pedophile, spin doctor, propagandist and never took care of his children. He threatened volunteers who collected the American Indian Movement telling them that he and Dennis Banks would kill them if they did not turn over all the donation monies.

Russell Means raped Suzanne Dupree, a 17 year old Lakota girl at a Sun Dance and which was witnessed by 18 members of the American Indian Movement at the Frank Fools Crows arbor in 1972 in the gym of her Catholic Girls school. She had gotten AIM lodging on the Trail of Broken Treaties. The 18 AIM witnessing AIM members did nothing to stop him.  Means was acting long before he ever reached Hollyweird. He also raped with 8 others the sister of Doris Repects Nothing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

I personally know of another woman Means raped…GANG raped he and 8 others on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She was the sister of Doris Respects nothing. Her life was destroyed and her spirit murdered.

In the early time of his life, Means was pardoned for his AIM crimes by South Dakota Governor William Janklow because Means and AIM got rid of a young Lakota girl named Jancita Eagle Deer who was raped by Janklow when he was her guardian and she his babysitter. Means and this young attorney, before becoming Governor of South Dakota. When her case for rape against Janklow was nearing, she was hit by a car along side of the road and said to be drunk. Her mother Daphine tried to open an investigation knowing the truth of what happened to her daughter. She was found mysteriously dead too!

Yes, be assured there was FBI complicity in this and still continues to this day protecting the murdering American Indian Movement “leaders” and with Jew Attorney’s working hand in hand to hide the truth…say Bruce Ellison…about ALL the crimes of AIMSTERS..

The pardon was so Means could write his book  “Where White Men Fear to Tread”. There was never any Lakota total immersion school on Pine Ridge as promised by Means…never using any of the monies he made from being in movies or on his book to help relieve the conditions of poverty among the grass roots Lakota Oyate poor. So much for his “Lakota Nation”!

This man should of been sent to prison but when you have the goods on the Governor and Senators and son of South Dakota…but that was never going to happen! But it can truly be said the Creator administered a minuscule pre-eternity taste of His justice…say “Lying Throat Karma Kancer”… just like his fellow murderer John Trudell who was directly involved the in the murder and cover up of Annie Mae Aquash as well as the other 12 buried at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation including Black Civil Right’s worker Perry Ray Robinson who was murdered be David Hill and who was buried with the supervision of Dennis Banks! Say “Karma Kancer” again and for John Trudell!

Both are now in HELL!

Google “Richard Boyden” Please

Why? To see all that is there i.e. me being jacketed with slander and lies? By who? The very souls who I have exposed as raping murdering pedophiles in “Indian Country” such as those in the American Indian Movement such as now dead and in hell John Trudell and Russell Means and those who have and continue to idolize the documented and still protected killers of Annie Mae Aquash outside of John Graham. Trudell with Dennis Banks colluded to have her murdered. My blog exposes “The Rest of The Story”. I connect them to the truth whereas their lies about me are totally unsubstantiated!

See my Operation Morning Star page for details and the “spiritual war” I have been and am still dealing with by daily being attacked by those who admit listening to Satan to murder me spiritually…say “FakeWifeAndWhore” Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue”/”Karen Sioux”) who with her daughter Amanda Shelton “liked” lies about me as Facebooked by rapist of a 14 year old girl Lee Whitehorse and Roy Lombardo a x con molester of young girls and Whitehorses “sodomite brother”!

I am not wanted for rape. Have not been escorted off ANY reservation but I did deliver over 500 tons of food and other needed supplies to Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, and Crow Creek Reservations including over 30,000 garden plants, tools, appliances, over $100,000.00 in wood burning stoves to families and elders. I NEVER earned a salary or did I ever have a “new truck” and never will!

I put in place an “assistance/adoption program” where I “matched” Oyate with “outsiders” DIRECT. The outsiders would pay DIRECT propane and utility bills, send food credits. I used Lakota Propane and Sioux Nations Foods. IF a outside family wanted to do more…that was between those I matched them up with and them. No other “charity” like that. Teresa TWO BULLS falsely accused me of using the Tribe to make money. This is the NOT OGLALA…NOT A TWO BULLS BUT A THOMAS…who and her council scammed the OST of close to 2 million. Her half breed “black” son Will Tyne was selling cocaine out of HER HOME when she was TRIBAL PROSECUTOR! Protected to this day by the FBI and FEDS…say Bob Perry and Greg Peterman.

My “BLOGS” expose and document the truth about the American Indian Movement of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles…ALL of them! I also expose the complicity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in this “history” to this day! They are no friends of mine or Indian Country as shown by their deliberate cover-up of the murders of Annie Mae and those who gave the order!

Same with Black Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robinson…murdered at Wounded Knee on orders from Dennis Banks and the shooter being David Hill. John Trudell was AIM Chairman during this time of butchery of innocents and never came clean. Not to mention the other 7 -10 more buried at Wounded Knee as admitted by American Indian “fake chief” and killer Leonard Crow Dog. And the world wants “parole” for the in the know and murderer Leonard Peltier who is fully aware of what happened to Aquash and Robinson and the others murdered. How pathetic!

See the message Trudell he sent me personally on the OMS page while saying on his FB page he did not know me…”we have been watching you for a while” etc… So go ahead those of you who uphold this LIAR who is in hell now all you want. I know the truth and so does the daughters and family and First Nations peoples…about Trudell and AIM.

And to think I used to interview these PreTendians…believing their lies. I even did a live 25th Anniversary of Wounded Knee2 two hour radio show from the high school in Kyle on Pine Ridge. Banks, Means, Bellecourts among others spewed their lies while unbeknownst to me I was interviewing killers and rapists!

But my G-d set me free by allowing me to find the truth about what happened to Annie Mae Aquash when I read a blog that contained the words of her daughter. I literally wept when I first read what was done to her…beaten…teeth knocked out…RAPED and then dragged out of a car by AIMSTERS as if she was a piece of garbage and taken to a hill near Wanblee on Pine Ridge and a bullet was put in her head while she was crying…praying…mourning over her children. I felt her spirit next to me when I had this experience and personally feel she has been praying for me unlike my “xxx” wife.

Psssst…. be assured not Crazy Horse (who the hypocrite Trudell used the name of in his self glorifying poems/music) shunned Trudell in the Spirit World! Crazy Horse is aware of the “punishment affixed” for the likes of those in AIM who raped and murdered his people. He saw and witnessed. No different the Custers 7th Calvary who massacred 300 Lakota. The FBI and US government who have protected these killers to this day…but ONLY in the realms of time! In the realms of eternity…they shall have their own “tiyospaye” in hell together with their “god”…even the “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning”…say SATAN!

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