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Black Panther Party Investigating Murder of Ray Robinson By American Indian Movement

My my my…about time that some REAL “Brothers of the same Color” took interest in the cold blooded murder of Civil Rights worker and follower of Martin Luther King Jr.Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by the American Indian Movement in 1973 during the Wounded Knee take over on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Shooter was David Hill…(free thanks to the FBI i.e Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach Sr.) on orders from Co-Founder of AIM Dennis Banks and witnessed by Clyde Bellecourt (friends of Federal Judge Michael Davis for 30 years). Robinson was buried in a “unknown grave” with 11 others raped and murdered by AIM and protected and hidden by the FBI and other government officials to this day! (Read other blogs with MORE identifying the players plus testimonies) !

So for all you AIMSTERS and South Dakota “Syrian Sioux’s” and sons of…don’t even think about “moving the remains” cause guess what? You reading this…”Calling Car 54…are you there?” There is in place monitoring devices and folks who are “Ray’s Eyes” and who HATE AIM with a Wakan Tanka/Tunkasila/Wanikiya inspired passion! Meaning…doing anything “at night” means “night vision” photos of your asses from the sky…satellite…drone ..or…”smile you are on candid camera”which “photos” will be “shared” on the WORLD WIDE WEB which also means you can sign autographs!

And…just in case you are wondering “who” would do this..>I will give you a hint…”ain’t Oglala Lakota” nor a resident of Wounded Knee! Just love this new techo expose your asso stuff don’t you?

“Extra Extra Read All About It!”

Black Panthers coming to Wounded Knee to dig up the remains of their murdered brother by the “Hate Niggers American Indian Movement”…yeppers…that is what Perry Ray was called when there…when they shot him…and after he was allowed to bleed out and die!

So Bellecourt and Banks your days of “playing mascot games” with the “Party” are about over…as if you have something in common with Black folk…NOT! NOW they know who murdered their brother…say YOU!

Think about that…no better yet…dream about that…ya hear?




The FBI Loves “Dead Native Americans” Because That Is The FBI!

I remember my first “information feed” to FBI Agent in Charge…Rapid City…Bob Perry about Delema Sits Poor. She mysteriously vanished from a Two Bulls home in Oglala. The story from the Two Bulls family was that she “walked off on her own” down a back road leading from Oglala to Manderson and in BELOW ZERO weather! Of course the didn’t know anyone in Manderson nor had she ever done something like this ever. Her sister always picked her up after work at this Two Bulls home…but not on this day.

The Two Bulls…one of the most corrupt families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation…spearheaded the unbiased objective investigation with the FBI no less…who launched an extensive search for a week and of course came up with nothing in the brutal below zero weather. The reason why? Because Delema was not anywhere near or on the dirt hilly dark road leading to Manderson. Instead she had been raped in the Two Bulls home or was taken out of and raped…either or…not that it made a difference because after that she was murdered and buried in Oglala. Perps included a White man and friend of the Two Bulls family and others during this drinking binge that included targeting Delema for rape.

Delema’s sister Rose confided in me when I was at a friends home near Loneman School in Ogalal. I was asked to listen to her story and of course…realized immediately that her death was FBI covered up because that is what they do in coordination with the BIA and the then Tribal Police Two Bulls family and friends. After all…who was Delema Sits Poor to them?

In hearing this story, I contacted FBI Perry and informed him…as if he did not know already…that during a utility company dig of sorts in Oglala…not far from the Two Bulls home where Delema was last seen alive…that there were found remains/body parts and that some local Oglala residents indicated they felt those dug up body parts could very well be Sits Poors. When remains were found and not identified…the FBI would ship those remains to the “Bone Yard” in Kentucky or Tennessee where unidentified body remains were stored.

I told Perry that Rose wanted to submit her DNA to see if her sisters matched the unidentified DNA of who was found buried in Oglala. The response was would you believe…no response…no interest…end of another FBI “dodge the bullet” that would expose their deliberate cover-up of the murder of Delema Sits Poor. Perry and the FBI would never follow up and now you know why!

Sound familiar? It should. Say Annie Mae Aquash…murdered on orders from then Senator James Abourezk through his “HIT TEAM” of assassins John Trudell, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, and Clyde and Vern Bellecourt. Trudell had called the “Syrian Sioux” about a meeting he just had with Aquash in Sept. 75 in San Francisco during which she shared ALL about what she knew in terms of the RAPES and MURDERS by AIMSTERS at Wounded Knee and where the at least 12 where buried there in unmarked graves…the confession of pedophile Peltier about his murdering the 2 FBI agents, about all the MILLIONS that AIM was stashing in foreign bank accounts rather then being used for the grass roots poor Lakota, and who the FBI operatives were in AIM and last but not least…who murdered on orders of Dennis Banks…Black Civil Rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. (say David Hill)…who Aquash knew also the FBI gave a free pass too compliments of FBI Agent in Charge at the time…Joseph Trimbach Sr. (His son…John…wrote a book to make $$$ off this withheld information and to cover his dad’s and the FBI’s ass called “The American Indian Mafia”)

Of course Trudell couldn’t call his MOB BOSS Abourezk fast enough after Aquash left…and after he also promised her that when she sent the letter and ring she said she would send to him because she feared for her life…believing that her “friend” John would come to her aid and counter the lies about her working for the FBI…with JEW ATTORNEY and FRIEND OF TRUDELL…Bruce Ellison leading the way! Trudell the great Warrior all the beguiled remember him as being and who freely used…no DEFILED the name of Crazy Horse when spoken in one of his “puke poems” heard what Aquash shared…and told them in no uncertain terms, first to Abourezk and then in calls to the others…that Annie had to go! From that moment on, they collectively worked to take her out with their MOB BOSS informing his FBI BUDDIES know and work in concert with the plan to kill her. By the way…Mr. “Coyote Poet” did get the call…and the ring and letter…this great WARRIOR!

So with the FBI assisting AIM in full knowledge of the setting up by AIM of the the murder of Aquash…she was taken to Ted Means house on the Rosebud Rez…where Absourezk’s son Charlie was there to help facilitate her cold blooded murder…along with JEW Bruce Ellsion…and Clyde Bellcourt…and David Hill…and other AIM WARRIORS….and where she was brutally beaten and GANG raped (a AIM trademark…RAPE!) and then thrown in a Pinto…driven to Wanblee …walked over to a cliff in freezing weather and while kneeling praying for her children…begging them and saying…”You don’t have to do THIS…!”…BANG! A bullet in the head…pushed off the cliff where she slowly bled out and froze at the same time compliments of this collective of diabolical spawned by Satan cold blooded murderers with her shooter and one of the rapists being John Graham.

Enter the FBI who upon the discovery of Aquash’s body…produced and directed their specialty “act of extreme measures reality show” cover-up series. Say “body found”…hmmmm…oh oh…now what? Oh…ok…lets just say “we don’t know who this body is” LIE and and have a “hired” expert perform a autopsy that misses the bullet in her head…can’t identify her…and then to find out who she is…cut off Aquash’s hands and send them to DC to be “identified”.

Yes, if anyone reading this does not believe in a “Devil”…well…here are two stories that indicate he does exist because only EVIL SPIRITS inspired by the same could and would do what I shared.

There is more of course to Annie’s story of being murdered and the MURDERERS being protected to this day with Arlo and John being public “collateral protection” of the MAIN PLAYERS and who their GOVERNMENT protectors are…say James Abourezk, the United Sates Government/Justice Department…FBI! Which is why Obama through Branden Johnson called off reopening the cases about Annie and Ray in 20111 so that Obama could win the election. After all, how would the American People react to the knowledge that one of his main advisers on the Middle East and Friend was a “Syrian Sioux”!

Why White Buffalo Calf Woman Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman Is Targeted For Death

For those who deny or slander and lie about who Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman and or believe those lies as they flow from the murderous lying mouths of any and all connected to the American Indian Movement or outside of it who are trying to kill her…this is for you!

Her “Blood/Spiritual” Roots/Genealogy from Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman.

“Mary Good Elk Woman, Sitting Bulls Sister, Henry Makes Room Sr wife, later married Old Fred, mother of Joseph White Bull (who killed Custer),  mother to Makes Room JR Fred adopted when he married Mary. Both White Bull & Makes Room JR father was a Scalp Shirt Man/Hereditary Chief Minneconjou Teton, Makes Room Sr who also fathered another son from Sitting Bulls Hunkpapa Tetons, One Bull.

These are my/Looking Back Woman’s Teton Ancestors.

Fred & Mary with their family/Teton relatives of Mary saved the last of the BUFFALO from extinction so the Legacy of White BUFFALO Calf Pipe Woman (Whope)& the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin/Calf Pipe would continue & the prophecy of WBCPW return to the people would be fulfilled for future generations & all of mankind regardless of race, creed, color, gender or blood quantum.”

Truth as verified and revealed in the realms of time by Wakan Tanka…Tunkasila…Wanikiya…to those who receive that truth and represent Him will be attacked by those who represent the “Trickster” sitting on the throne of pure evil…even hell itself. The “Truth Carrier” will personally be targeted by the Tricksters “Frauds” in the name of their lies and attempts to murder this messenger of the truth.

So it is with Looking Back Woman…Suzanne Durpree…the White Buffalo Pipe Carrier. At at the tender age of 17 was brutally raped by American Indian Movement ICON Russell Means and in the presence of Co-Founder of this documented animated by Satan collective of raping murdering pedophiles Dennis Banks and 17 others.

Being fully aware of the truth of her calling and the fact that Frank Fools Crow and REAL Holy Men that she was chosen to receive the White Buffalo Calf Pipe…their “pogrom” of death targeting her began.

In Suzanne Drupree’s/Looking Back Woman own words she shares what the American Indian Movement and Russell Means did to her…

“I wondered how I would feel this day, since I was 17 and was raped by Means while he was on the Trail Of Broken Treaties in 1972 with his AIM Boyz,…(they… all so entranced by what Means projected, but never really was).

Manipulated into going against everything their Lakota parents and grandparents had taught them, so strong was the hold upon the very young Lakota AIM followers & members….

I always wanted to know if it was Means idea of my rape, while he was in the middle of his Sun Dance commitment at Ceremonial Chief and  Holy Man, Frank Fools Crows altar…dancing right next to my Father, Professor Calvin Dupree or was it his Government handlers?

What a coincidence that Adrienne Riegert, granddaughter of Wilbur A. Riegert, curator of the WK Museum in 1973, & also the former allotment agent at Cheyennne River in the 1930′s, whos books… I am a Sioux, & Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From WK, which was one of the targets during the Seige of WK by AIM and which truth was suppressed by academia and nearly destroyed at WK ’73.

That Adrienne and I would both be raped by AIM within a span of a year…     Two 1st Nations women of the future, who held the key to the truth…about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, because it was something both of us as children were taught….the truth pertaining to the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

The master manipulator is gone and now we all look forward to a more positive future, as the Old AIM guard with their violence, abuse, drugs, lies, theft of Lakota ceremony, and self-serving propaganda fade away…

Hopefully, the AIM legacy left behind… is one we can over come, not just for the Lakota, but..    the overall culturally negative effect the greatest hoax in history (AIM) has had on all of mankind.

Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka”.

For Suzanne Dupree to be targeted for death spiritual and physical by those owned and protected by the Devil and his cadre is a compliment. They did it to not only to Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull among others of “their own”, but to the First Sun Dancer …Wanikiya…even Jesus who walked among his people on this His land before the Europeans, “Christians”, Mormons, Catholics, etc. “discovered” Turtle Island…a land decreed by Him to be given to His people as recorded in the His own words.

The most infamous words of spiritual denial that justify the rapes and murders of innocents by the American Indian Movement and their “followers/supporters” come from the mouth of the former Chairman of the American Indian Movement during the most murderous time of it’s history, 1973-1979, the infamous AIM “PornoProphet’ and pathological liar John Trudell…who stated in his “Coyote Logic” wisdom…

“It’s like this whole concept of sin, guilt, and shame…it’s all bullshit. It’s an external programming put inside of us. What we are is just natural human beings, natural human beings when we are honest with ourselves, when we tell ourselves the truth and act accordingly to that honesty…doing the best we can with the best we have and understand the power that is in that…”

So who or what inspired the “natural humanness” of the American Indian Movement members to murder and rape as “natural human beings”. The Creator…Wakan Tanka? Tunkasila? Wanikiya?

No… because those the Creator chose to represent Him were recipients of His OWN personal “external programming” as His people the Teton Nation and who He inspired to fight against their White enemies. So it has to be asked what was the spiritual source of those who betrayed Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull…even by their own people…if it was not same “spiritual source” that inspired the Whites to murder First Nations people?

The Creator did not inspire Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull to rape and murder First Nations women and children as the glorified members/leaders/founders of the American Indian Movement…Dennis Banks, John Trudell, Russell Means, David Hill, Carter Camp, Clyde and Vern Bellecourt to name a few who have been documented to be the criminals and under the watchful and protective eyes of the FBI/United States Government and who gave each a free out of jail pass as provided by their “Syrian Sioux” handler and “Allah is god Father” former South Dakota Senator James Abourezk who is a Indian Hater extraordinaire!

The Creator was not the source of those acts of butchery at Wounded Knee in 1973 where innocents were raped and murdered and buried never to be seen or heard of again complements of the The American Indian Movement Tribe of “Natural Born Killers” who according to the “Coyote Logic” of their “WannabeWarrior” John Trudell…committing murder and raping women was acceptable because that is acting in the honesty and the power of the truth we tell ourselves and that is our power of being a natural human being!

No better definition to understand the diabolical history of the American Indian Movement could be presented then by one who dedicated his life to protecting his brotherhood of raping murdering pedophiles, was blasphemous to use the name of Crazy Horse and was rewarded by the Creator with “Karma Kancer” as a precursor for his “my ride is here” taking him to the Lake of Fire where “murderers” reside.

So it has been with Suzanne Dupree who being chosen by the Creator Himself to represent Him as the White Buffalo Calf woman that she was chosen by the American Indian Movement using Russell Means who was inspired by the same spiritual source of this “natural act of a natural human being” to be raped. In raping her, Means both revealed and demonstrated the true spirituality of the American Indian Movement. She needs to know as does everyone who suffers at the hands of these demons in the flesh, that she is in good company for these same “Sons and Daughters of Perdition” would of murdered both Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.

For anyone to uphold, represent, and deny the acts of rape and murder committed by the American Indian Movement is to qualify for being in the company of the “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” in the “Lake Of Fire And Brimstone” in the Spirit World and where John Trudell, Russell Means, Vern Bellecourt, Carter Camp now resides with soon to follow James Abourezk, Charlie Abourezk, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Judge Davis, Bruce Ellison and any and all other “compliciters” in the crimes of murder by the American Indian Movement.

Suzanne Dupree…Looking Back Woman has experienced the “Coyote Logic” NOT of the the Creator which Trudell and the American Indian Movement represent to this day as promoted and exemplified as “natural human beings” devoid of any “guilt, sin, and blame” for any and all acts of rape and murder as inspired by their “external programmer” using the words of Jesus Himself…”Your father is the devil”.

As Jesus said…”Fear not he who can kill the body…rather fear Him who can not only kill your body but cast your soul into hell”!

So it is…so shall it be for those guilty of the rape and murder of innocents no matter who they think they are and in their “external programming” by the devil and who has deceived YOU into believing you will not be held accountable in the realms of eternity for your acts of evil in the realms of time. Your reality check will be immediately experienced when your spirit leaves your dead body upon the death of and your never to die spirit comes before Almighty God to be be judged!

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