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Update On Toni Anderson and NKCPD’S “JFTA Whore’s” Pete Sanchez and Mary Ward and Fag friends Bill Bunting and Michael S. Stewart!!

Warning! Graphic Language From Quoted Sources. Nothing Like Being Stalked By Two LGBT Faggot Queers Who Could Care Less About Justice For Toni Anderson!

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FOREWORD: This is a “older blog” that I did not publish because of “timing” but NOW… I have with “Updated” information. You will see a “time line” below that shows what I was sharing in support of a lying using backstabbing fake human LGBT Faggot Queer and X cop Michael S. Stewart who I am now exposing while dealing with the slander and lies about me by those named below while I was exposing those GUILTY of what they did to Toni Anderson which information is not found on THIS FAKE JUSTICE FOR TONI PAGE!

So since Stewart, (who came to me 3/17) just said he now believes everything LGBT Faggot Queer Bill Bunting and the other liars have said about me…then it stands to reason to connect these two “anally” with each other! Furthermore, this means every blog I published in support of Stewart with the information he gave me are LIES! (This blog is “information connected” to all my blogs on Toni Anderson!)



Bill and “Shane” have found their True Love thanks to me!

Each Other!

What they have in common besides being pathological lying butt buddies about me is “This”and “That”!

First the “This” and then the “That”!


Image result for bill bunting

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”. Bill Bunting, Rape Promoter and “Rapist” …

   AND Mary Ward’s source of info on me along with her oxymoronic new friend…Shane!

Short history of slander and lies from Bunting about me and the TRUTH about Butt Plug Bill who’s family is embedded with in prison PEDOPHILES! (Is this what Stewart also likes about Bunting?)…

And the” I didn’t serve LIES which the NKCPD Whore Ward embraced via Bunting and the same was said by MEXCREMENT PETER SANCHEZ and now “Shane” who also is spreading this LIE from his newly found “lovers”! All of them in their LIES prove they don’t and never have given a damn about what happened to Toni Anderson and by WHO!

Now the “That” from Bunting documents THAT!




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TA (Toni Anderson) sucked nigger dicks for crack. She was a drug addict and drunk stripper and nothing you can say will change the FACT she was nothing more than and party girl who fell asleep after being high on coke and Meth and up for days sucking nigger dicks on dope and drowned! Bill Bunting!


Michael Shane Stewart

Link to blog documenting DEATH THREATS sent to me from convicted CRIMINAL EX COP Michael Shane Stewart

Here are just two of the lies “Shane” sent me knowing that the ATTORNEY’S FOR THE COPS WHO BEAT HIS DRUNK ASS would read them because that is what he said.

I now think he deliberately provoked the cops to beat his ass to do exactly what he is doing because he was caught drinking in his car or open container or or for the purpose TO SUE THEM FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE! After all…he told me time and again when asked a question he said to the cops…”FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU”! I asked him if he had been drinking when stopped or before and he never said NO! A quick thinking liar who as a former cop knew that this was his ouly “out” legally. A win win option…OR…just a fool.

Important EMAIL LIE for the attorneys in the case to read! Truth IS I never interviewed anyone!

Stewart sent this email deliberately with his Synagogue of Satan Jew attorney in the know! What we have here is a statement that goes to a FEDERAL JUDGE…SAY A LIE…SAY OH OH!

On Feb 6, 2018 9:04 PM, “Shane Stewart” <> wrote:

Mr. Boyden,

Just curious if you would be willing to give me the tape or recording of your avigilon interview, so I can provide that to the federal judge. I know I haven’t spoke with you lately but I thought I would fill you in. The two Clinton County deputies along with the initial Lathrop officer and North Kansas City officer Kimmel has been ordered by the federal judge to stand trial for excessive force. We have been fighting this battle about the video being altered with Fickens attorney and we have a evidential hearing coming up which will be nice to have the video or tape from the company interview that you did. Also Kimmel’s lawyer Holbrook has withdrawn and he has a new lawyer now. It happened just after we had the evidential hearing scheduled, she withdrew, kind of interesting. Let me know if you’d be willing to provide that.

And this LIE! Keep in mind…ALL INFORMATION IN MY BLOGS CAME FROM THIS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND WITH HIS PERMISSION! In fact…THE ROUTE AND ADDRESS BELOW LEADING TO THE HOME OF NKCPD COP BILL FICKEN CAME FROM STEWART! He actually would drive by his home and give me a “report” on it and his truck etc. etc. Interesting huh?
And I never played him a thing…SAY PERJURY IN COURT OR LIE…either or…the SAME as spun by this sick “has been pig” who in the end is like those who beat his ass and took Toni Anderson off the map.
NEVER INTERVIEWED, NEVER PLAYED SOMETHING…but look at the source… A DRUNK HAS BEEN PIG who said I was threatening him…and that “I will find your ass”! 🙂
Sounds like a bowel movement sex freak like his butt buddy Bunting who sent to me another “death threat” both of which are now on record! These “lovers” will threaten me a 70 year old man…but I can assure you “Shane” won’t threaten or go one on one with NKCPD cops Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and the Clinton County cops because he is a BITCH AND THEY WOULD BEAT HIS ASS AGAIN! AND….”Shane” said he talked to my “xxx” wife WHO GOD REMOVED AS A ADULTERATING BLACK WITCH AND WHORE! I bet “Shane” and his wife got all excited when Karen Sue Andras shared with him the sadomasochistic sex fantasies that Bill and her engage in… tied up, sodomizing each other, pissing on each other etc etc as shared by Butt Plug Bill as found in these past blogs!
Now the other LIE!

On Feb 28, 2018 2:34 PM, “Shane Stewart” <> wrote:

Sorry, I’m just getting back with you. I forgot I blocked your ass earlier this year (see email date above from the lying prick just 3 weeks earlier!) but anyway I seen you in the junk folder and thought I would reply back to you. You told me you had an interview with them, and you played something for me it must have been something made up, kind of like you’re made up meeting of somebody that knew something about Kimmel ( I did find a former Clinton County Cop in Springfield MO who knew about Kimmel) and wanted me to drive across the state and hope we could randomly find some guy having breakfast at some restaurant and blah blah, but anyway…Richard I hope you have a good life I’m not even going to reply to your other raging ranting emails about Vietnam and all that bs. And I want you to know and realize that you haven’t helped my case 1 oz. If anything you hurt my case but slowly I’m recovering from your raging lunatic tactics of doing things. You don’t need to reply back to me, I think you’ve said enough. And a little bit of advice from me, maybe if you didn’t turn on everyone and try to stab them in their back and start a raging war with them, they would retain you as a friend and you wouldn’t be such a lonely, vicious, lunatic raging psychotic attacking grump.

Take care of Richard, and I sincerely mean that.

Out of the mouth of a confirmed LIAR along with the drunk drug using Ward and the FBI PROTECTED Rusty May and Sanchez families!

Did I say DRUGS>>>>>>>>>>

Like who the hell would want these animated by Satan maggots for FRIENDS!

Mary Ward was RIGHT about “Shane” after all!

Mary Ward This is only about Toni! Not some drunk ass who assaulted a police officer then cried like a baby and tried to say he got assaulted. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who gets their ass kicked after assaulting a police officer. That story or anyone else’s personal story has NOTHING to do with what happened to Toni. If anyone is trying to take the focus off of that, then they aren’t truly seeking justice for Toni.



Mary Ward
Mary Ward Curious, how can Shane Stewart be sending messages or posting if he is currently in jail with no bond??Manage
No automatic alt text available.


WARNING! Language “quoted” from the REAL JUSTICE FOR TONI ANDERSON PAGE” using “C-WORD” to identify those “women” from the “Obstruction of Justice For Toni Anderson Page” who have hid and deleted and won’t talk about the following information as found on THIS BLOG and all the others about Toni Anderson (which they state they “don’t follow 🙂 or have the same information on their page) per my lying slanderers led by the bath house butt buddies Bill Bunting and Michael S. Stewart (S stands for “Shane”) both pathological liars and rape promoters by “friendship connection and slander of me and the fellow Mexican and drug dealer Rusty May by Pete Sanchez (son drug dealer) and the infamous Mary Ward who is a cover-up whore for Bill Ficken and the North Kansas City Police Department.

  1. Rusty May AKA Charles Russell Hopkins FBI CONFIRMED drug importing machinery parts business found in hollow bottoms of crates…(heroin from middle east/cocaine from Guatamala) and the FACT he use/uses Chrome  (where Toni Anderson worked) as one of many clubs where his drugs are distributed.
  2. That May works direct with NKCPD cops Bill Ficken, Christopher Kimmel and Patrick Romine who also distributes/uses drugs at and or through Chrome or know who does (AS DOES THE FBI).
  3. May’s “protectors/associates fellow Mexicans” on the Obstruction page have made sure his name is NOT brought up, refused to state “where he worked” and also had the video’s of his RED CADILLAC that followed Toni in and out of the NKC Quick Trip (with 2-3 NKCPD SUVS) ALTERED like all of the video’s of Toni…and or “snuffed”)



Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, night and outdoor

Today would’ve been our three year anniversary. I think about you everyday. Merry Christmas Toni.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Nice NEW car their Pete Jr. How’s the drug business going?

Image may contain: 1 person

Like Father Like Son!

Pete Sanchez wiki, Pete Sanchez bio, Pete Sanchez news

Criminal History

“Sanchez has been wanted by the authorities for unlawful possession of a controlled substances.[2] He has been addicted to Bath salts (drug).[4] A person who knows Pete has said that she does not trust him and has robbed multiple acquaintances for drugs.[4] He held his best friend and knife-point for an ounce of MDMA.[5] ”

UPDATE! I now believe that Pete Sanchez SENIOR knows more about what happened to Toni Anderson  then he has shared. And that his son Pete Jr. did cocaine with her and probably got her started on cocaine. And that Sanchez in his refusal to identify the FBI documented drug dealer Rusty May who is seen following Toni Anderson into and out of the Quick Trip as well as being followed by 3 NKCPD cops never to be seen again…shows that he knows about May and in not exposing his involvement with what happened to Toni…that Sanchez is in collusion with the cover-up along with others like Mary Ward, Allissa Cordova and Bill Bunting.

In in effort to divert their collusion by “silence”…they make up shit about me 🙂 It is all good!

When Sanchez stated Toni Anderson had started using cocaine when he was interviewed on my radio program…the fact that he did not say WHO provided the cocaine for me implies he is hiding the source which could very well be his son Sanchez Jr. since he has a “drug record”.

Now Sanchez has joined the bowel movement sex/sodomite of Mary the “c” Ward and the full blown faggot Bill “Butt Plug” Bunting crusade to jacket me with the same old boring crap about me “not serving”, stalking my wife with a gun which confirms he is protecting those guilty of what happened to Toni Anderson just like Mary Ward is!  🙂

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup

Image result for booby trap viet nam meme

Only full blooded Satan owned pathological liars target me with LIES. The Butt Plug Twins Bunting and Stewart, Ward the Poster Whore for NKCPD the druggie MEXICAN Sanchez father and son family. It is all good.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, tree and outdoor


This intentional strategy on my part does in fact target particular individuals who lie about me, slander me and accuse me of things that I am not guilty of or have never done. Their purpose is two fold.

  1. To jacket me with lies so as to discredit my character.
  2. To discredit my work in exposing those guilty of the crimes they have committed or protecting the same.

Examples of my work as a KCMO radio talk show host included exposing the FBI agents working with drug cartels with FBI Agent Terry Nelson as an example who together brought (and still do) bringing drugs into the US through Indian Reservations. Or the FBI cover-up of the pedophile child trafficking of big name demons in the flesh like George Bush and serial rapist of womenpedophile/rapist of children  and drug dealing murderer Bill Clinton and the murders committed to protect the same.

Exposing the criminal Arizona Judges that are destroying the Shoars family….getting 4 re-cused

Then there are the crimes committed by the American Indian Movement connected to Indian Country. The rape and murder of Annie Mae Aquash by AIM, the rape and murder of Jancita Eagle Deer by SD Govenor William Janklow and…the mass murder of 12 by AIM at Wounded Knee in 1973 including Black Civil Rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr.

When a Bill Bunting contacts a Mary Ward and they “both” public-ally state I am a pedophile etc, never served in Nam or my Corp, broke my wife’s shoulder and abused her and was thrown in jail because I was stalking her with a gun in Ohio…then there is only one reason for those lies and that is to discredit what I have done to expose the guilty per the abduction and rape/murder of Toni Anderson.

What is even more pathetic are the jump on the band wagon brain dead groupies who drink that kool-aid the same while hiding the very information that identifies the guilty.


When someone threatens to kill me per a recorded message played to Maj. Paul Thurman of the Independence Police Department, then without hesitation I would put a bullet in his head on sight…say Bill Bunting .

This inbred professed LGBT queer sodomite states any woman is rape material for any “man”…making him a rapist and that would include Toni Anderson.


Good work seeing this criminal for what he is. And thank god yiu didnt go meet him because he broke my wifes shoulder (LIE) and has stalking and weapins charges from the past. (LIE…fabricated with wife not allowed to testify…and the ONLY charge of ANYTHING on record of me ANYWHERE!)
He never helped the Lakota in fact he cant go on the reservatuons (LIE)

because he assaulted women LIE

and children there (LIE).

He has no Volvo in S. dakota (LIE) either…its at his camper. (SEE DOCUMENTS BELOW)
Im glad youre ok

Good job sister…peace

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  1. I wish I had seen your story a lot sooner. By all means of the word, a demostic terrorist.

    MWard76 May 10th Email

    “Why dont you tell everyone how its YOU that’s the actual “pedophile.” Masturbating while watching little children play. Ugh, how sickening is that?? Usually, ppl do that cause THEY were abused as a child. So sorry you had to go thru that.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Quoted From The REAL Justice For Toni Anderson Page

Let’s just see how far you get without me for awhile. I think you just lost a lot of followers stupid bitches. Scroll down that shit page and recall all the things I pointed out and people responded to, that are gone now, lol. I told you to stop deleting stuff and stop banning people.
Due to your cunt reactions, Toni will never get justice… it was an accident.

You are pathetic bitches to think I cannot have this page when you ate up everything I posted there, lol.


The FAKE COP TROLL Justice For Toni Anderson Page

Lauren Williams I am going to be brutally honest when I say, the only reason I ever came to this (Justice for Toni Anderson) page is because of the fact you never hid that you believed that LEO played a huge part in this cover up/murder. Now it’s a complete switch up. Feels to me as though the people I felt would bring justice have been paid off or bought by the cops as well as all the other who were directly involved and seeked the truth.

1 · July 29 at 11:52pm

Image result for meme skanky talking vagina

Related image


First and foremost I would like to Apologize to anyone receiving DM’s . It appears many that are following this page are being private messaged by someone asking them to follow

a ” Blog” . LOL

No automatic alt text available.

OH OH… “an internet BLOGger

The North Kansas City Police Department is aware of an internet blogger that has taken an interest in the missing persons investigation of Toni Anderson that is being conducted by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. The creator of this blog, absent access to any facts, is writing inaccurate information about our department, our officers, and the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

There have been many calls for our department to release our dash-cam video of one of our officers stopping Ms. Anderson on the morning she disappeared. This video does exist and is still part of an open investigation by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. Because the investigation is still open, the video continues to be a closed record pursuant to Missouri Sunshine Law and will remain a closed record until their investigation is closed. Once closed, all pertinent, factual information will be available to the public through normal request procedures.

We do appreciate people that have reached out to us to let us know the existence of this blog and we are currently considering our legal options against this blogger for the slanderous writings as well as any person(s) contributing and sharing this inaccurate information.

Image result for dumb hypocrite cunt meme

We do not support these people or…

follow this blog.

Please do not accept these messages as we do not know who is behind this or their Agenda by harassing followers of this page. We suggest you block this person. As always, we appreciate each one of your continued support of this page.

Image may contain: one or more people and hat

Yep…I tried to help SHANE! But since he calls me a LIAR WITH “FELLOW LIARS”…THEN HE IS A LIAR WITH THEM!

Page Liked · August 9         So, Mary is a part of the obstruction for justice page!

Image may contain: text

Who is Mary Ward?

Or is it Mary Hudson? Or is it Mary Parisi? Or is this one of the same person? Is this the paid confidential informant for North Kansas City Police Department or is her associate Jason Ward that paid informant? It’s a known fact that police departments love to have habitual known drug users as paid informants. X cop Stewart had his when on duty…you can bet that!

So let’s take a long look at Mrs.Parisi, I mean Mrs. Hudson I mean Mrs. Ward. So this person that claims to be helping Toni Anderson fine Justice. It’s quite amazing that anyone that tries to name the truth about North Kansas City is instantly shut down by her, even blocked and comments deleted from the page.

It’s also funny that Mary Ward is in collusion with the drunk driving cop Michael Stewart ABOUT ME NOW BUT HAD numerous phone conversations with Michael Stewart AND she even told him that she would testify and give an affidavit to his attorney if he would give her money. When he refused to pay for that she took it personal, because this is the type of persons they both are!

Can we say deceitful, take advantage of people, not pay her debts, rip people off.


Let’s look at case net for her, and trust me it’s way too lengthy to post on here just look up any of those names above. I will just post a few and let you look up the rest. And you know what they say about Opposites attract, not in this case just look at her current husband history which is way too long to put on here.

MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE-TAX , Petitioner represented by WOLFORD , DESIREE JUDE , Attorney for Petitioner
PO BOX 3800
Business: (573) 751-5303
ROOM 216
Business: (573) 522-3769

WARD , JASON B , Respondent

Year of Birth: 1975
WARD , MARY , Respondent
GLADSTONE, MO 64118-1810

SY JEFFERSON MANOR INVESTORS LP , Plaintiff represented by COHN , STACEE PAIGE , Attorney for Plaintiff
7920 Ward Parkway


Year of Birth: 1976

SUNNY HILLS NKC, L.P. , Plaintiff represented by KINKADE , KERRY J , Attorney for Plaintiff
LENEXA, KS 66215
LENEXA, KS 66215
Business: (913) 322-4300

LENEXA, KS 66215

WARD , JASON B , Defendant

Year of Birth: 1975

Year of Birth: 1976

PARISI , MUNIER ANTON , Petitioner represented by WORTMAN , MARK ALAN , Attorney for Petitioner

Year of Birth: 1986 9229 WARD PARKWAY


Year of Birth: 1976

BETHANY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7013159
WARD, JASON W 10CY-CR00152-01 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 03/03/2010
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7024217
WARD, JASON W 12CY-CR01353 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 04/03/2012
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7032919
WARD, JASON W 12CY-CR01353-01 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 04/18/2012
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7032919
WARD, JASON W 7CR104000872 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 03/18/2004
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON W 7CR104002042 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 06/23/2004
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON W 7CR195001840 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 08/25/1995
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court 94039420
WARD, JASON W 7CR197004648 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 12/19/1997
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
BETHANY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7013159
WARD, JASON W 10CY-CR00152-01 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 03/03/2010
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7024217
WARD, JASON W 12CY-CR01353 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 04/03/2012
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7032919
WARD, JASON W 12CY-CR01353-01 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 04/18/2012
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court F7032919
WARD, JASON W 7CR104000872 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 03/18/2004
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON W 7CR104002042 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 06/23/2004
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON W 7CR195001840 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 08/25/1995
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court 94039420
WARD, JASON W 7CR197004648 Defendant ST V JASON W WARD Criminal/Infract.-see Charges 12/19/1997
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON W 7PR278009245 Minor Incapacitated JASON WARD MINOR PR Guardianship – Minor 09/24/1976
Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON WILLIAM 13CY-CV00274 Defendant FLAGSTAR BANK F S B V JASON W WARD AC Unlawful Detainer 01/10/2013
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
WARD, JASON WILLIAM 10CY-CV05415 Respondent SARAH A TOVAR-WARD V JASON W WARD FC Dissolution- w/o Children 05/13/2010
KANSAS CITY, MO Circuit 7 Clay Clay Circuit Court
What we don’t know is if all these are for the same Jason & Mary Ward that it appears they have all the same birthdays, but we don’t know that for a fact. So use your own conclusion but all I can say is wow and Mary Ward wants to criticize Michael Stewart for a false arrest and crying as she put in her words. And continue to band anyone that speaks up against North Kansas City corruption. I would assume that this must pay better than confidential informant work on drug dealers.


👏👏👏👏 Yes! You are right on target! It’s obvious that it’s a cover-up. Anyone who does not see it, is blind, or in denial, or doesn’t want to know the truth. I went to the park. U can tell where they pulled the car up. But the odd thing is, it looks like a drop in area too. Damaged trees, 2 spots with no grass with multiple tire tracks. The shoreline that trees and bushes are broken over, like something going IN to the river, not just out. But, what gets me, is the total mind set that KCPD and detectives have had in not even questioning if foul play was involved. When there were SO many reasons to give it a red flag. Toni needs justice, she deserves to have her soul at rest. Her Mom needs to know the truth, or she will always have that “what if” thought in the back of her head. I feel my soul won’t be at peace until the truth is revealed.

Richard Boyden You are doing an excellent job keeping her story active, her name out there, and your research/investigations. Thank you, not just thanking you for me, but for Toni as well! 😇

 Here ya go Mary… just the basics FYI. Share if you like or delete… There is more to this but the MAJOR PERP is named!
These are the North Kansas City Cops I believe were involved in the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson. I also believe there are more from NKCPD and possibly Parkville but for now…I am put…

NKCPD cop Gary W. Ficken.

Here is a small history of this “domestic terrorist rouge cop” of violent and abusive behaviour toward women and men. He has a history of tasering men and women. He is a documented whore monger who goes after married women and he bragged about “choking out” Stewart who was arrested for DRUNK DRIVING and laughing about it!

 He had a affair with a nurse at the North Kansas City Hospital (see below). Also…he was a customer of Chrome where Toni worked according to her friends there.

  1. Ficken was involved in the violent tasering of a woman named Angela M.Roberts at North Kansas City hospital. She was brutally and forcefully subdued, then put into the back of a NKCPD vehicle by a cop and a hospital security officer vehicle handcuffed and tased at least 6 times until she passed out. After that she remembered nothing. NCKPD was sued and a settlement/agreement was reached. Ficken was working security that night at that time at the hospital.
  2. Ficken was involved in another law suit where he unnecessarily conducted a criminal background check on the husband of a woman with whom he was having an affair. Timothy Gilliam is suing the officer, Gary W. Ficken Jr.; the city of North Kansas City; its police department; and Police Chief Glenn L. Ladd in U.S. District Court in Kansas City.
  3. Ficken is involved in another law suit. The suit alleges three separate counts of excessive force, two counts of failure to protect constitutional rights, and individual counts of wrongful arrest and conspiracy. He was involved in the brutal beating of Michael Stewart the defendant who he also chocked out while Stewart was handcuffed and laughed about it. Stewart was stopped in Clinton County for HAVING AN OPEN CONTAINER IN HIS CAR…
  4. Ficken lives up the road from the park and boat ramp (SEE BELOW) where Toni had her “accident” right near where she was found.
  5. Ficken with a “Brother in Blue” brutally pulled a young woman out of her drivers side window during a “traffic stop” on 10/16/2016 in North Kansas City. She ended up with bruises and cuts all over her body. She was lucky that her mother was listening to this and that the cops knew this otherwise she might have ended up like Toni.  She was charged with bogus charges of course.

From Platte Landing Park to Ficken’s home at 6716 NW Graden Rd via NW Crooked Rd. taking a ‘back road”. From Platte Landing Park to 6716 NW Graden Rd via NW Bell Rd.

12 min (3.1 mi)
12 min in current traffic if not speeding.

1. Head northeast on S Main St
2. Turn left onto W Mill St
3. Turn right onto West St
4. Turn right onto Elm St
5. Turn left onto MO-45 N
6. Turn right onto NW Graden Rd
7. Arrive at location: 6716 NW Graden Rd

For the best route in current traffic visit

From Quick Trip to Fickens home taking a “back road” knowing he would not obeying the speed limit so LESS then 17 minutes!

From QuikTrip Burlington Street North Kansas City to 6716 NW Graden Rd via MO-9 N.

17 min (9.5 mi)
16 min in current traffic

1. Head south
2. Turn right toward Burlington St
3. Turn right onto Burlington St
4. Keep left to continue on MO-9 N/Burlington St
5. Keep right to continue on MO-9 N
6. Turn right onto MO-9
7. Turn left onto MO-45 N/NW 64th St/Tom Watson Pkwy
8. Turn right onto NW Graden Rd
9. Arrive at location: 6716 NW Graden Rd

Being Ficken lived in Parkville her was familiar with all the “short cuts” to his home. Her car could of been taken to the Parkville tow company and stored there or in Ficken’s garage until later or… she was “choked out” by Ficken…tasered etc…pulled out the open window and placed back placed in her car DEAD!

Don’t forget video shows that before she texted Roxy Townsend and said “OMG..just just stopped again”…she was followed by the 2-3 NKCPD cops / vehicles. That text was what put these bastards on the map! If not for that…nothing would of ever been said by KCPD! (Read below how Toni being stopped was automatically recorded and shared with ALL LE using the in place systems per KC, the state of Missouri and the FBI!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text and closeup

Image result for paid by cops whore meme

I had alcohol on my breath cause it was football Sunday. But, had only had not even a full beer yet, just started drinking it. So he makes a comment about alcohol on my breath, pretty much implying I’m an unfit mom without giving me a chance to say anything. Understandably, I get upset.

THEN the officer tells me “I could call family services and arrest you for child neglect. He then follows me into my husband’s house, sees my husband and instant attitude change. “Oh, Mr. Ward! I didn’t know this was your house.” Makes some small talk with my husband, then just leavearly not saying anything more to me. So, whatever, forget about it and go on with our day. Fast forward about 2-3 months.

Related image

“It was the weekend, my husband and I were drunk, got into an argument.
Side note, I still had my own apartment, but I was pretty much living in my future husbands house. Anyway, my current boyfriend told me to leave. But, I wasn’t taking him serious, we were just arguing. I told him I needed to take a nap, then I would leave. Went to bed, fell asleep. Next thing u know, I have 2 officers, one of them coincidentally being Ficken, waking me up saying my bf wanted me to leave so I needed to get up and leave.
I once again said, “but I will leave after a nap and finding a ride. They STILL would not leave me alone. At this point, I sit up, grab my phone and tell them I’m calling my lawyer.
Within a second, my phone was hitting the wall across the room and I was pulled up thrown around and handcuffs on. They told me I was being arrested for trespassing.
Then they physically push me out of the house, pushing me into the back of a police car to take me to jail. At this point, I had a serious emotional breakdown, crying so hard and panic attack like I EVER had experienced before and I could not breathe.
Like my face was going numb, my hands and feet were tingling and cramped up. All signs of not enough oxygen getting to my brain. I’m not nor have ever been a criminal or been in a jail. The 2 minute that felt more like an hour drive to the police station.
I was telling Ficken that I can’t breathe, feel sick, going to pass out, PLEASE JUST OPEN MY WINDOW EVEN AN INCH so I can get some air.
He TOTALLY is ignoring me, no acknowledgement I was even in the car, which intensifies the panic attack.
By the time we get to the police station and he opens the door to get me out, I can’t walk. Legs are jello, and I start to black out.
He just let’s me collapse on the ground. I hear him saying something to someone about needing help cause he has “a crazy drama queen….and the bitch is acting like she can’t walk.”
I somehow get into the police station on a bench waiting while they book me in, but of course taking their time.
I lay over on the bench and immediately get yelled at to “Sit back up!” I said “I’m sorry sir. I’m really not trying to be hard to handle, I really just don’t feel good.”
I mention I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and take medication for it. My medicine is in my purse, my name is on the prescription bottle, can I please just have one?
They looked at each other and just laughed. Multiple (NKCPD) officers saw me during my panic attack and even when I asked for medical attention, they refused and laughed at me.
But, this was odd. Court starts, the judge, Steve Fuller starts calling names off the docket. While the first person had already been called up and was in the middle of stating their case, Judge Fuller seems to notice where my then bf and his mom were sitting. He calls the bailiff over and everyone can hear him tell the bailiff, “Mr. Ward is right over there. Go ask him why.” I watched the bailiff walk over to Jason and ask him why he is there and hear Jason say he was there as a plaintiff and points at me making a comment about it’s with me. Bailiff goes and tells Judge Fuller.
The judge then totally stops the person and tell them he’s going to call them back up in a while. He has that person sit down then calls my case.
We get up in front of the judge and he asks Jason what’s going on as he opens the file to look at it. Jason tells them what happened but he doesn’t want to pursue the charges. The judge asks him if he wants the case dismissed, Jason says yes. So, at that point, he says to have a seat, whispers something to the bailiff.
But instead of calling the other person back up or moving on, everything just stops. A few minutes later, Judge Fuller says to his mom, “Mrs. Ward, will you come up here for a minute?” She goes up there and everyone hears him say hello, how are you doing? And how is Mr. Ward doing? Is he still on the school board? Haven’t seen you guys since so and so had that party for…
Then, he cuts off the microphone, motions for Jason’s Mom to come closer, and for almost 5 mins have huddled conversation. The bailiff comes back in and whispers something to the Judge. He tells his mom she can go sit back down, it was nice chatting with her, tell Mr. Ward he says hello..etc.
He then calls Jason and I back up. He asks Jason like 3 times if he was sure he wanted it dismissed, Jason says yes every time. Then he looks over at me and tells me he “was fully ready to trial me that day, but guess it’s ur lucky day. He never let’s a person dismiss a case in court but he was going to let it happen THIS time. Hope it learned a lesson, and he doesn’t want to see me in there again.” I never had a chance to utter even 1 word.
ANYway, that long story is to get to the point, it DOES matter who you are, women don’t matter, after all, we are “just crazy bitches, drama queens.”
But, I feel my experience with NKC was purpose torment, and they truly got a laugh out of me. And I feel it’s not just me that have had experiences like that. From the issue with my son getting out the front door to when I got arrested. They don’t care about u unless u r someone important, that they know. And women are definitely a nothing to them. How can they call a sick woman a bitch and a drama queen?? The judge told me he was ready to trial me THAT without even knowing what my defense would be, why? Just because he knows my husband’s family??
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