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ATTENTION MILITIAS ( and “CONFEDERATES”)! FBI Mole Bill Bunting Is A Member of The Southern Poverty Law Center Gathering Information On Militias

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“And where i dont care for the liberal court system, well you have violated many of my civil rights under the 1964 civil rights act and i am a member of the SPLC as is most of my family of Auburn graduate school teachers.” – Bill Bunting Text Sent To Me!

In other words, the Synagogue of Satan Jew/pedophile/sodomite infested SPLC “lifetime member” Bunting is Obama’s SnitchBitch called to gather information on extremist groups (Militias) and attack and jacket with unfounded lies those who expose FED MOLES like him and FED organizations like the American Indian Movement…say YOURS TRULY!

Trans-drogynous Buntings Facebook Page “had” or still does connections to LOTS OF MILITIAS! What a “coincidence” huh? 🙂 Being a “sodomite” as quoted by him below, his anus rectum connection to the SPLC is right on the money with THIS story of the SPLC attacking those who oppose sodomy!

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Richard Boyden Web Page

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. Ezek. 25:17




In my “old age” I neglected to include some additional thoughts and information…better late then never to further connect the FBI DOTS to a “SNITCH” named Bill-William-Bunting and who’s ass the FBI snagged and saved at the same time…and how and why!

No “pun” intended…yes…”pun” intended for this fake “Southern Confederate” betrayer of the same…enemy of the Republic, America and God as a sick pathological lying demon in “Confederate Garb”! No matter if one is a “Southerner or Northerner” when one signs up to work for the ENEMY OF BOTH as Bill Bunting has!

Having been a radio talk show host on KCXL 1140 Liberty/Kansas City for 5 years…’The Heart of America Forum”… I exposed in documented detail FBI drug running connections to Cartels in Montana, the FBI lies about Oklahoma City, the FBI protecting high level pedophiles like G.W. Bush and others (Franklin Cover-up) and the Bush family connection to major drug activity working with cartels as exposed by one of my murdered by them guests…Darlene Novinger.

And recently I have exposed on my blog the fraudulent PreTendian and US GOV CABAL AND FBI PROTECTED GROUP OF OPERATIVES known as the American Indian Movement i.e. documented rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers and murderers.

This has resulted in me being “jacketed with lies” by them and their FBI “operatives”/”friends” like Bill “Butt Hurt” Bunting and his whore adulterating witch/wife who both go out of their way to say I never served in the Nam…USMC…with “internet data” lol…never ran a charity called Operation Morning Star for Native American’s which he by the way calls “Prairie Niggers” and the list goes on including saying I was banished from all the reservations I took close to 500 tons of supplies to over 20 years, am wanted for rape, a pedophile and the jacket me with lies by those GUILTY OF THE SAME goes on an on.

When Bunting texted me as the “rocket scientist” that he is…bragging that he and family were LIFETIME MEMBERS of the Synagogue of Satan Jew organization called The Southern Poverty Law Center…it was easy for me to make the FBI connection to and in his anus. The SPLC was founded by a Jew pedophile and sodomite hate America hate Constitution hate Miltias hate White Christians hate Confederates (REAL ONES) named Morris Dees. Bunting bragged about his SPLC SANCTIONED “sodomy “death-style” in a email attacking me and along with one of his death threats. The SPLC uses him to gather info on Miltia,s working with the FBI targeting real Americans in the North and South jacketing them as being TERRORISTS which is why when I viewed his FB page he hand ALL MILITIA orgs on there! (He “LIKES” you!)

So when you listen to Butt Hurt Bunting talk about me and LIE along with others…you know why because I have outed his/their “employers” …namely the FBI, CIA, US GOV and any all Satan owned souls like him that are enemies of this country, Almighty God. and His children.

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P.S. FYI…and YES…this is personal also since my adulterating whore witch demon possessed xxx wife( that thankfully God removed from my life) chose to give Butt Hurt my email addy and phone number to stalk, harass and threaten me etc. and so because of her act of “stupid is stupid does”…she is personally responsible as being the ONE who allowed me out this animated by Satan pile of monkey feces! Thank you Karen Sue Bunting (FB)! And NO…I never stalked her with a gun…I has a gun to protect her IF her x came to try to kill her again…the x being the father of her sons wife….Rusty Lauedermilk!

“All Things Are First Spiritual”

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“Kansas militia member notified feds after talk of violence, prosecutors say”

PREFACE: Click HERE to read the latest “Militia Are Terrorists” story. This as an example of how a FBI Mole like a Bunting works as a “Militia Member”with this story being a “set up” if there ever was one.  ALL “COENTELPRO” signs where there is one who is a “leader/inciter/coach etc.”!

So the question I would ask…if this “member” was aware of “TALK OF VIOLENCE”…why did he WAIT to “snitch” when all the “PLACED or “planted/made available/coached” evidence was in place…not to mention try to dissuade this “plan of terror”? Because he was a FED IS WHY!

AND … I can document the fact Bill Bunting said he and family are members of the “Militia’s Are Terrorist Organizations” ….YES YOU MILITIA MEMBERS READING…Southern Poverty Law Center/SPLC. Also…he has access to “aircraft” as he told me he was coming to AVA to the “airport”…one of his death threats! 🙂 The above link/story talks about photographs taken from a plane just laying openly in a car of one of the accused…right!



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FBI MOLE Bill Buntings Phone Number 706-563-4663

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Going to make this brief only because I have shared more then enough about this sick pathetic Satan inspired parasite. Just Google “Bill Bunting richardboydenreport”…no wait..>I will do it! Click HERE! And you will notice that Bunting has gone out of his way to jacket me with LIES…WHY? Read below and know why!

Bunting volunteered the fact he and family were LIFETIME members of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Click HERE to see how they view Miltias and Patriots or REAL AMERICANS! Bunting SPIES FOR and WORKS WITH THE FBI AND SPLC …!

FBI continues to list SPLC as a partner in the fight against hate crimes on its website.

The SPLC present “President” is run by a hate America Synagogue of Satan Jew named Richard Cohen. Click HERE to read his statement about Militias and “Patriots” or White Christian Gentiles to be more specific keeping in mind that Bunting is a LIFETIME MEMBER of the SPLC!

IF you read Cohen’s LIES…about 911 and quoting Jew controlled media sources like the New York Times among other spin spawners of deception…then realize that he “jackets” any and all non-Jew Americans as being like those who did 911 !! Truth is…911 has Jew and Israel written all over it!

Interesting that those who create and put in place terrorist acts or support those that do or WORK for those that promote and protect the same like a BUNTING…will then target and jacket those “not guilty” of what is attributed to them as Bunting and others have done to me.

One example of Bunting’s crapoloa about me is that “I didn’t serve”…never in the Corp or Nam! Desperate bitch he is but that is ok…I mean being tagged by this maggot brain is in essence saying I outsmarted the VA and US Government to the tune of 3,000  a month! 🙂 And that I made up and submitted all the paperwork and was able to embed and place it in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES unseen, undetected and therefore prove to THEM that I was in the Nam…was Agent Orange poisoned and suffer from dioxin creating plaque in my arteries and the subsequent systemic heart disease! WOW BUNTING… thanks! Only YOU are smarter then the VA, US GOV and ME!

Bunting hates any and all things and people connected to Jesus Christ…like Cohen…like the Jews who murdered Him…like Satan even and that is important to understand about Bunting and his adulterous whore “wife” Karen Sue Bunting because they work for the government in their jacketing with LIES folks like “Yours Truly” and which you will see when you “Google” my name.

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As a radio talk show host on KCXL 1140 Liberty/Kansas CIty MO I exposed more government corruption then most on radio and in my blogs and have named FBI agents working with drug cartels, protecting government officials that are pedophiles and murderers and the list goes on…including Mena AR AKA Bush Clinton North CIA “Iran Contra”!

I also said that the great PATRIOT  BO GRITZ was a FRAUD and took the heat from local Missouri Militia folks UNTIL that is…Gritz confessed he was a FBI BOY!

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“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- Bill “Mr. Explorer Of Every Orifis and Proud Confederate” – Bunting

As you see his quote above, Bunting as a CONFEDERATE NO LESS upholds the rape of women , abuse of children as shared in filthy texts sent to me which I still have and confesses to be a androgynous he/she sodomite with his “wife”. Both of identify with and are in real life the sexual expression of the demon Aliester Crowley who his wife has been possessed by (her words)


One individual sent me a message that Bunting was a pedophile which makes sense from the point of view that if one is going to prison for drug activity as told by one message to me…that is no big deal. But if one is a molester of children and threatened with being sent to prison…then that is a DEATH SENTENCE and would be used as “leverage” with either “work for us” or kiss you ass goodbye!

His personal texts are “pedophile graphic in intimate detail” talking about a child getting a finger in it’s ass before being sodomized and I can document that. ONLY if one is “child porn” intimately familiar with this kind of VISUAL has by definition of been a part of that evil. He even told me that “Homeland Security” can’t hold him…oh really!

Image result for otis ray bunting molester georgia  Steve S Bunting

Otis Ray Bunting and Steven S Bunting

THIS caught my eye big time. On his original Facebook page he said he was from COLUMBUS GEORGIA and when I found out and blogged that there are TWO BUNTINGS that were convicted of child molestation and only 1.5 HOURS away…HE REMOVED COLUMBUS and now states on his FB page he from Florida!

Now why would you remove Columbus as “residence” if those Buntings weren’t FAMILY? And if one is guilty of the same and the FEDS give you a “choice”…they will also REMOVE any and all “records”. I had a private detective do a search…NOTHING ON BUNTING even though he told me…”HOMELAND SECURITY CAN’T HOLD ME”! Oh…that is interesting. He is a active pot head and promoter of. No record period but he sure talks the talk of a “TERRORIST” on YouTube and FB but not on the SPLC LIST…HMMMM even though he is MILITIA CONNECTED!

Picture of an Offender or Predator

WHOOPS…there a BUNTING MOLESTER THERE TOO! Patrick Laird…51. ABUSE OF CHILD, ENG SEX PERFM; F.S. 827.071(2). Kind of like what Bunting’s texts to me graphically described!

When you find his Facebook page…if he hasn’t removed it…he is listed as being connected to most ALL Militias in he US. How convenient and of course this means he connects ALL Militias to the FBI and SPLC by default!

Lastly to eliminate confusion which Bunting might bring up…on my fathers birth certificate he was a ZICKLER and so actually am I but he was adopted by a Boyden and so that was my legal name … BUT I do use “Zickler” on some of my posts on another FB page and on TWITTER!

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I will be adding more on this FBI MOLE as time goes on but for those of you who remember Robert E. Lee...then look at who he was compared to a BUNTING…PreTendConfederate to the core of his dark evil soul!


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Who owns who you now you lying fake Confederate/American Satan owned demon in the flesh?

Click FLAG to go to my boring insignificant outdated web page.

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