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Avista CEO Scott Morris Hires Former Montana Govenor Marc Racicot Who Was Complicit In FBI Protected Drug Activity


So Mr. Morris…guess it’s time to share WHY you and Avista are ignoring the history of acts of attempted murder by your employees working out of Colville Washington of Native American Belva Schuldt / Suzanne Dupree and her husband Arnie Wade by Avista employees working with DOJ/FBI/OBAMA protected Drug Dealer Don Dickey..ya think?

How does it feel to have on your staff a “Director” name Marc Racicot who as Governor of Montana was deeply involved with the FBI in protecting major drug activity under his watch not to mention the “dead bodies” that piled up because they believed the FBI and DOJ would come to the rescue? Fact is you knew the history of Racicot when you brought him on board and why you, the FBI and the DOJ are ignoring what has been and is being done to her and her husband…right?

Guess it’s time to get the word out to the SHAREHOLDERS because they need to know about this and why Don Dickey said what he did to Belva Schuldt.

So let “share and tell” about your friend Marc Racicot for all to read and learn. And don’t blame me for this ok? Or Schuldt. You can in fact thank Dickey, Greves, the FBI, Border Patrol, the Attorney General and Governor of Washington State because they have been actively involved and/or were informed by Belva what YOUR EMPLOYEES working with Dickey were doing to MURDER HER! Guess that kind of makes you and them ALL complicit IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO HER…ya think? ‘

Introduction to AVISTA’S Marc Racicot 101 for Dummies” (with LINKS for your reading pleasure!)!topic/misc.activism.militia/YyrMyuXaSNw

And this about Racicot when Govenor of Montana. Yep…you have a real winner working for you ….

Our Governor’s Norwest Bank Secret

by Yellowstone Sam

April 13, 1998
“The Canadian-Montana border is now the principal point of entry of illegal
drugs coming into the U.S. Montana is awash in them. A series of clandestine
airfields stretches across the state. Naturally the journalists covering the
Freemen picked up none of this bigger story right under their noses. Big names
are involved in the drug operation, including the soon-to-be-indicted Governor
of Montana.” J. Orlin Grabbe June 17, 1996

Marc Racicot keeps a very distressing secret. It is a secret about financial
transactions leading up to accounts in the Norwest Bank Branch in Helena. It’s
a secret that has shattered the political hopes of a man some Montanans call
Athe most popular governor in America. It’s a secret Marc Racicot knows will
lead to his destruction and criminal indictment.

The secret is this: Marc Racicot took money into Norwest Bank of Helena
accounts as part of his payment for allowing large scale shipments of heroin
and cocaine to cross Montana from Canada. The payments were discovered during a
drug investigation (involving the CIA and DEA) of Columbian drug kingpin, Fabio
Ochoa, and others.

The documentation in bank records is unmistakable. A forensic criminal audit
has been performed on the accounts. It’s all there in black and white. Marc
Racicot knows it. So do several bankers. Four lawyers close to Marc Racicot=s
inner circle also know. Consequently there have been some frantic phone calls
made by Governor Racicot’s close associates during the last few months.

Once Marc Racicot’s name began to circulate as a Republican Presidential or
Vice Presidential hopeful the national public began to pay close attention to
Marc Racicot1. What astute journalists found was that Racicot’s ambitions for
national office were closely linked to the Bush family and were targeted much
earlier in the foreign press 2. The wildly conflicting reports are underscored
by an apparent battle between rival U.S. intelligence factions.

Varied and knowledgeable intelligence sources have referred to an enormous drug
smuggling operation in Montana. Some of the sources include David Hume, a
retired U.S. Coast Guard intelligence officer; Chip Tatum, former CIA and OSG-3
operative; longtime CIA operative Charles Hayes; Jack Wheeler of Strategic
Investments (co-editor with William Colby, former CIA director, prior to
Colby’s accidental death); and a Phoenix, AZ. private investigator, Mike Roe.

The drug smuggling operation involved light plane shipments of cocaine and
heroin into the Montana, as part of a scheme involving corrupt FBI agents and
local law enforcement officers. The planes flew from a staging area near
Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Several of the pilots who flew drugs into Canada- have
co-operated with an internal FBI investigation which implicates Miami FBI agent
Terry Nelson.

Several of the sources maintain that Marc Racicot was involved in the drug
scheme and that Racicot took payments from some of the other conspirators. The
payments were made into an account (or accounts) in the Norwest Bank of Helena.
One of the sources, Charles Hayes, offered in writing to testify and provide
copies of the bank documents to the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee3.

Racicot’s involvement in the operation seems to be underscored by Mike Roe who
says that his investigations into drug related corruption in Sidney and Chinook
(two of the small towns used by the smugglers for landings) were personally
spiked by Racicot when he was Attorney General. It was obvious that
eye-witnesses were intimidated or ignored in the investigation.

It all might have been forgotten except for the fact that Michael Wolf and
Bruce Madsen turned up dead in Sidney on December 16, 1993. Those deaths
coupled with the Cowan murders in Chinook six years earlier, left a group of
journalists and researchers who were convinced that the killings were tied to a
drug ring.A drug ring with heavy links to law enforcement.

As more research turned up additional unexplained deaths on the Fort Peck
Reservation, it became clear that persons involved in the smuggling operation
were also tied to the killings.Mike Perry of the Chinook Opinion, who began to
cover the broadening investigations, also began to feel the brunt of personal
attacks when Perry editorialized about the corruption. At the root of the
harassment- time and time again- it was found that Marc Racicot was
micromanaging the situation

While Marc Racicot was ignoring investigations, and allowing harassment of
witnesses, he also was busy working on a public relations campaign which he
thought would get him into national political office. Racicot was very wrong
with that strategy.

As Racicot assistants, such as Mary Jo Fox, fanned the flames of presidential
rumors about Racicot in Montana, journalists outside the state noticed that
something was amiss with the candidate’s background. Do you consider for a
minute that Racicot’s involvement in drug trafficking would go unnoticed by the
national media? Of course not.

This is precisely why Racicot’s political campaign for the year 2000 isn’t
going anywhere, (and was never going anywhere). The powerful men who were
involved in the Republican Party were quick to jettison the pretentious
governor from Montana. Racicot’s explanations about the drug scandal being
“ridiculous” weren’t bought by many people in Washington D.C. or Montana.

At the point that the funds transferred into the Norwest Bank of Helena for
Marc Racicot were publicly identified, Marc Racicot was doomed. The man has
privately wept bitter, bitter tears because he knows other people know his
secret, (and he can’t control the situation). His typical public response has
been to avoid the topic- or ridicule the story; but his tactics have worn
exceedingly thin.

What exists now is that Marc Racicot has moved into the end game. His secret is
no longer a secret.


Marc Racicot cannot explain some bank transfers into Montana Bank of Helena
accounts. The money trail implicates Marc Racicot in large-scale drug smuggling
and related murders.

Please print this out and let other people know. Let’s work together to see
that this evil man is brought to justice. We invite you to share Marc Racicot’s

1.As late as March 10,1998 Lee Enterprise Capital Bureau chief Charles Johnson
was tauting Marc Racicot as a possible Republican presidential hopeful. See
Racicot Makes Party’s “A” List

2.Respected Bulgarian journalist Krassimir Ivandjiiski, of Sofia, wrote of
Racicot’s ambitions and the drug scandal as early as February, 1996. See Drugs
Are Trafficked From Canada To The U.S.  It is speculated that the information
was leaked through foreign intelligence channels to Ivandjiiski.

3.The full text of Charles Hayes’ letter.!topic/misc.activism.militia/YyrMyuXaSNw

And here is another DRUG connection of Racicot and why he was such a CLOSE buddy of the Bush familyto the Bush’s and helped his run for office knowing of course that this family was connected to major drug operations.

Off Wikipedia

Marc Racicot (/ˈrɑːsk/; born July 24, 1948) is a lobbyist, politician and member of the Republican Party. He served as the Governor of Montana from 1993 until 2001.[1] After leaving office, Racicot worked as a lobbyist for the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani. His notable clients included Enron, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and the Recording Industry Association of America.[2][3] He also served as chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2002 until 2003, when he was appointed as the chairman of the Bush re-election campaign. In 2000 as well as 2004 he was rumored to be Bush’s choice for Attorney General. During the 2000 election some saw him as a possible running mate for Bush.[4]The Washington Post described him as “one of Bush’s closest friends and advisers”.[5]

So here is the “deal” Mr. Avista Morris, the FBI and Dickey and friends…ok? Just leave this woman alone and continue to do your thing. We all know no one is going to change their “spiritual condition” voluntarily in the realms of time…right? Nor is anyone going to be indicted for anything period and that is why I agree with Dickey now more then ever.

She owns the house in Kettle Falls. She needs the deed. Get it done and leave her alone. Tell Dickey to stop the “Avista Smart Meter” toxic murderous dirty electricity attacks and just focus on his drug operations with his FBI protected border patrol partners and cartels. Nothing lost…nothing gained unless that is if she ends up dead Morris…because if that happens then things will really get messy…trust me…I know that personally and Avista will be on the map more then it is now.


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