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Richard Boyden

Bio: 12.27.15 Time to update! I have obviously chosen to be a "cleaner" as seen on my blog and my Boyden Report Radio program in exposing those entities whether they be human beings or the organizations they are a part of who are guilty of diabolical crimes against human beings. On a personal level I address the "jacketing" me with undocumented fabricated lies and slander by my animated by Satan enemies. This began after I began exposing their documented history of rapes and murders of Indigenous women and men. On the Boyden Report Radio Program I will talk about the "Latter Days" as revealed in the Holy Scriptures as revealed by Jesus Christ whether it be in His words or the words of his servants. This will include commentary and the sharing of visions pertaining to what is to happen on this land and why...say the Judgement of Almighty God. In my past I was with my G-d's help...yes...JESUS...delivering a total over 500 tons of food and other items over a 23 year period to the grass roots poor Oyate on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River and Crow Creek Reservations. Also Included given were over 30,000 garden plants for food, appliances, furniture, tools, chain saws and close to $100,000 in wood burning stoves given to Elders and families who needed heat not being able to afford the exorbitant prices for fuel and electricity. I also established a "assistance program" where I would match YOU with a family or elder and YOU would send monies not to Operation Morning Star but to the propane or electric company in the name of the family or elder I connected you with. You received their contact information and could do whatever you wanted for their benefit. I made NO MONEY...NEW TRUCK but I did invest over $75,000 of my own money fixing the ones I used. NEVER made a salary but did what I did because of G-d's love for these His people which He placed in my heart for them. Former Marine...combat... Small time syndicated journalist. Former radio talk show host and instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University. Counselor/minister to suicide prone Native American Youth.

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  1. Tonya says:

    Hello Mr. Boyden. I’m rose’s daughter. I found what you wrote about annie May very touching and I believe that if peltier didn’t kill the the F.B.I agents he is there for killing an innocent woman and creator is making him pay one way or another. Bless you.


  2. Telsea Galbraith says:

    Mr. Boyden,
    I have been following this story about Toni Anderson since she disappeared. I have several theories, but they all involve the police. I think Toni was profiled by where she worked, the area in which she worked and the hours she worked, which you mentioned crooked cops that frequent these places.

    With the increasing amount of human trafficking I thought she may have be taken since she vanished without a trace. These people as you know have unlimited resources with those they network with. I thought perhaps her car was taken to a chop shop in a trailer during the night she disappeared.

    A day before her car was pulled from the river I read an article about the how the officer that was the last to pull her over was investigated. In that article it stated her GPS stopped working at the QT, but her cell phone last pinged at English Landing Park. How did they know about the GPS? That article was the first and last time I heard of it. There is definitely something very fishy about the entire situation. If the police really had sonar looking in the river why didn’t they find the car before Friday?

    Keep digging! Thank you!


  3. Nicole Harris says:

    Have you ever looked into the Missy Bever’s case out of Midlothian, Texas? I would LOVE your take on it!


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