Black Fecal Matter exposed as a racist murdering spiritual black plague targeting innocent Whites. And all the while…it was and is documented that the African Slave trade was the sole responsibility of JEWS AKA Book entitled “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” and by African American Dontell Jackson…


“The rare white-on-black attack is always ‘front page’ and featured coverage by most news media while the daily black-on-white attacks are “disappeared”: Either not reported on at all, reported only by local newspapers, but “whited out” of local TV and national newspaper coverage, or reported without informing viewers of the respective races of the attackers and victim…”. – By Nicholas Stix

Lemaricus DavidsonLetalvis CobbinsGeorge ThomasEric Boyd
Tips on preventing carjack,
gang-rape and murder

by Boon Mammy
Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom


Donovan Thomas Anthony Milan RossXavier JohnsonAlex SandersJasper DavisJoshua ScottEmmanual Lockhart Sherrell McNeill Ibn HunterJeffrey Scott Etheridge

The Color of Crime – “Blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa”

This is Racism in ACTION!

Introduction: FIRST… I am posting a “history” or collection of “links in archives” from “New Nation News” that have been compiled to reveal the racist murdering history of Black…

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