Aaron Robinson, who was wanted in connection with the disappearance of Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood, shot himself when police attempted to apprehend him.

Aaron Robinson did NOT kill himself!

Why? No “body cam”, no car cam…nothing showing him shooting himself. No announcement of officers put on administrative leave! Reports he was in his “underwear” and if so, he had a gun? And the gun reported was “not his”…where did it come from? Hint hint!

Taking him out would eliminate any and all corroborative information about all the others involved in Vanessa’s sexual harassment reports and eliminate any possible connection that Robinson could of made with those he was working with like AARON WHEELER on they day they murdered Vanessa Guillen.

Robinson’s adulterating sex partner had to know ahead of time what was going to be done to Vanessa! So, in order for her to get a “lesser charge” AKA a “plea deal”, she worked with the FBI and other LE to adhere to Robinson being the “lone killer” fabricated story…

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