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Back On The Air Again…Boyden Report Radio…Blog Talk Radio


Made the commitment spur of the moment 🙂 Why not. Did this for 5 years in Kansas City KCXL 1140 i.e. ?The Heart of America Forum” until Gail Schartel threatened her then “husband” with divorce, losing kids and station if he didn’t dump me so the emasculated owner Peter 🙂 threw me out in the streets…stole my web page and recordings of all my programs etc etc etc. Most listened to drive time program…Arbitron rated…5 days a week…2 hours. I put that station on the map, started the book store…sold advertising, booked and interviewed guests and ran the board…YIKES When I met him he was sleeping in the back of the station as a drunk complements of his wife. His best in station friend was a SODOMITE who died of AIDS!

Also launched Operation Morning Star using my program…a charity for American Indians but the Schartels were closet racists in my opinion and only used it to put the station on the map. Over 35 news paper articles about…Washington Times, Kansas City “hate Indians” Star and the racist Independence Examiner per new publisher KKK boy Steve Curd who removed all those articles off the server! I will bag and tag him during a program…trust me!

Gail had a fetish/lust for her homo raping murdering sex trafficking of children Bill Clinton who I bagged and tagged as a confirmed son of Satan on a regular basis like no one else in the country.

So here is the link…

It will take some time to organize so for now I am shooting from the hip…will soon list program subjects ahead of time. Also doing a Sunday fullness of the Gospel program “The Bright and Morning Star”! 8-9 Central time.

The daily program will be 9-10 Central.

That’s it for now. Will update this announcement as I get organized which might not be in the realms of time 🙂

AND of course I will be going over past blog subjects as well as new subjects…heavy duty and prophetic concerning what lies ahead for this country and why… There will be guests and I might even take calls… 🙂

This program will also be a podcast.

1st program will be 1/16/2020…surprise subject…like some will be…have to leave you in suspense…right Karen Sue Andras? 🙂

Richard Boyden


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