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Google “Richard Boyden” Please


Karen Sue Andras…put her name in the search box…and then Bill Bunting…a tag team sent from Satan to destroy me…add the American Indian Movement of raping murdering pedophiles…DOCUMENTED.. All going out of their way to denigrate me with slanderous lies…threats to murder me in tandem with each other…yep…my history of he who exposed the their Satanic agenda’s and works of and what happens to you when you do what you are led to do by God!

It is all good because most are dead and now in hell…

Andras was almost murdered by her porno-pedophile boyfriend Bill Bunting… That’s what happens when you commit adultery with a murderer named John Trudell and sleep with a filthy sodomite and pedophile named Bill Bunting…

Yep…my God is my “6”…and that is documented! 🙂


Why? To see all that is there i.e. me being jacketed with slander and lies? By who? The very souls who I have exposed as raping murdering pedophiles in “Indian Country” such as those in the American Indian Movement such as now dead and in hell John Trudell and Russell Means and those who have and continue to idolize the documented and still protected killers of Annie Mae Aquash outside of John Graham. Trudell with Dennis Banks colluded to have her murdered. My blog exposes “The Rest of The Story”. I connect them to the truth whereas their lies about me are totally unsubstantiated!

See my Operation Morning Star page for details and the “spiritual war” I have been and am still dealing with by daily being attacked by those who admit listening to Satan to murder me spiritually…say “FakeWifeAndWhore” Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue”/”Karen Sioux”) who with her daughter…

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