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Dedicated to Karen Sue Andras… a “White Wannabe” girl who’s FAKE INDIAN friends she slept with and idolized AKA American Indian Movement boys who used and murdered and raped   “Real Indians” for profit.DOCUMENTED.


“Indians” and Animals: A Comparative Essay

By David P. Rider, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Xavier University of Louisiana

A quick glance at the history of the Western Hemisphere, and in particular the settlement of North America by Europeans, reveals that Indians belong on the football jerseys and baseball hats of America’s teams just as surely as tigers, bears, and wolves do. Europeans and their descendants have conferred on Indians false attributes that strikingly parallel those ascribed to bears, wolves, and other animals that festoon sports teams. From the very beginning of European colonization of the Western Hemisphere, Indians have been portrayed as “barbaric,” “wild,” “bestial,” and “savage,” (see Berkofer, 1978; Bosmajian, 1974; Churchill, 1992; Pearce, 1988; and Sale, 1990, for overviews of European and American characterizations of Indians).

Indians received not only similar descriptions to those given predatory animals, but much the same treatment as well. George Washington, revered as the father of the country, wrote that Indians “…were wolves and beasts who deserved nothing from the whites but ‘total ruin'” (Stannard, p. 241). Thomas Jefferson, acclaimed proponent of freedom and democracy, argued that the United States government was obliged “…to pursue [Indians] to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach” (quoted in Takaki, 1979, p. 103). Andrew Jackson, founder of the modern Democratic Party and greatest Indian killer of all American Presidents, urged United States troops “…to root out from their ‘dens’ and kill Indian women and their ‘whelps'” (Stannard, p. 240). Jackson was so effective at rooting women and “whelps” from their “dens,” he adopted the habit of cutting off his victims’ noses as trophies to commemorate his exploits. He earned the name “Sharp Knife” from Creek Indians for his penchant for skinning victims and using the cured and braided tissue as reins for his ponies (Takaki, 1994).

The extirpation of Indians, of course, did not begin with America’s founding fathers. United States citizens and public servants like Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson, were only following a tradition that had long been established by European colonists.. Like most American traditions, it was chartered by religious zealots. Puritan Saints who governed the Massachusetts Bay Colony, within a decade of its founding in 1630, passed what amounts to the first gun-control legislature on the continent when it legislated that settlers could not “…shoot off a gun on any unnecessary occasion, or at any game except an Indian or a wolf” (quoted in Lopez, 1978, p. 170). Lopez notes that the Puritans used similar tactics in liquidating both wolves and Indians: “He set out poisoned meat for the wolf and gave the Indian blankets infected with smallpox. He raided the wolf’s den to dig out and destroy the pups, and stole the Indian’s children” (1978, pp. 170-171).

White “settlers” required little prodding to kill Indians, but the Colonial governments spared no expense in ridding the New World of its old inhabitants. Just as bounties were paid for the legs, tails, or ears of animals regarded as a nuisance to “civilization,” so were bounties paid for the scalps of Indians. “By 1717, all the New England colonies had bounties in place, as did New Jersey. Massachusetts rescinded its Scalp Act in 1722, on the grounds that it had become ‘ineffectual,’ but reinstated it by public demand in 1747” (Churchill, 1997, p. 182).

When Christopher Columbus first passed through the waters surrounding the Caribbean islands we now know as Hispaniola and Cuba, he noted that they were “…filled with people without number” (quoted in Stannard, 1992, p. 62). Modern population demographers estimate that 100 million people inhabited the New World before it was “discovered” by Columbus; 12 to 15 million resided within the present-day confines of the United States (see Dobyns, 1983; Thornton, 1987). Four centuries later, the hemispheric indigenous population had been liquidated to fewer than four million; barely a quarter million survived within the United States.

Genocide is the most salient feature of American history. European settlers took it upon themselves to exterminate the life forms that now are celebrated as nicknames and mascots of America’s sports teams. And exterminate they did, with a viciousness and relentless malignancy that drove those life forms to the brink of extinction. In violent team sports where participants are expected to be “vicious or predatory” (Nuessel, 1994, p. 101), those teams could not be served better than by nicknames and mascots that reflect the very targets of American extirpation. Sports teams presumably want to win, to beat opponents, and those wishes are embodied in mascots that depict historical species so thoroughly beaten that their few remnants today are most likely encountered in a zoo or reservation.





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