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A Jew Who Exposes Jewish New Age Nazi Antisemitism

Her name is Hannah Newman, “an Israeli housewife who did her homework.”. I interviewed her on my radio program numerous times. Yes…you read right…secular Jews are “Lucifer owned” spiritually cloned Nazi’s in Jewish clothing! Think not? Then prove it! 🙂

Newman exposes the truth the Hitler and the Nazi’s not in the least Jesus Christ connected! Fact is….Hitler was connected to the “Synagogue of Satan” Jews as this paper written by a Jew documents while revealing what is in fact today…a “New Age Nazi Jew”!


Some people curse the darkness,
Others light a candle.
I say, time to plug in the searchlights and flip the switch....
Jerusalem SearchLight

a website dedicated to exposing
Camouflaged Antisemitism
in our enlightened global society


Home of:




by Hannah Newman — to one Jew’s analysis of a Kinder, Gentler Final Solution.

The links below will take you behind the scenes of a worldwide phenomenon which is familiar to all, but is seldom recognized for what it is — and certainly not among the Jewish people.

This phenomenon has triggered a “paradigm shift” that is pregnant with a brand of antisemitism both new and frighteningly familiar.  It has carried its seeds throughout our global environment to the point where you will be tempted to disbelieve what you are reading.  That’s fine — be skeptical; check it out for yourself.  Everything is documented.

The most shocking thing is that this warning has been sounding since 1980. Why haven’t the Jews heard about it before?  Because the warning was coming from Christians, and we Jews don’t pay attention to anything that might contain a possible proselytizing message.  So we’ve missed it.

But why haven’t more Jews been sounding their own warning over the last 20 years? Beats me. Ask your rabbi or Jewish community leader. I’d like nothing better than to be able to link kindred sites to mine. But I know of exactly three serious Jewish researchers besides myself, from a community of extremely well-educated millions… and none of these have made their work available on line.


The links below will take you behind the scenes of a worldwide phenomenon which is familiar to all, but is seldom recognized for what it is — and certainly not among the Jewish people.

This phenomenon has triggered a “paradigm shift” that is pregnant with a brand of antisemitism both new and frighteningly familiar.  It has carried its seeds throughout our global environment to the point where you will be tempted to disbelieve what you are reading.  That’s fine — be skeptical; check it out for yourself.  Everything is documented.

The most shocking thing is that this warning has been sounding since 1980. Why haven’t the Jews heard about it before?  Because the warning was coming from Christians, and we Jews don’t pay attention to anything that might contain a possible proselytizing message.  So we’ve missed it.

But why haven’t more Jews been sounding their own warning over the last 20 years? Beats me. Ask your rabbi or Jewish community leader. I’d like nothing better than to be able to link kindred sites to mine. But I know of exactly three serious Jewish researchers besides myself, from a community of extremely well-educated millions… and none of these have made their work available on line.


Notes for Jews involved in the New Age Movement, for debunkers of conspiracy theories and skeptics, and for those who have never been happy with the Age of Aquarius.

Leading New Agers make some pretty fantastic claims. Are they exaggerating? How can they function if the Benevolent Conspiracy is as big as they say?

Human evolution takes on epic proportions — and definitely racist tones. Guess how the Jews rate… but reincarnation and karma explain everything. The fact that 80% of humanity must be weeded out to save dear Mother Earth is only part of the Big Cosmic Picture.

The “Creator”, the “Christ”… They don’t mean what Jews think they mean. But that’s part of The Plan. Meet the NA Hierarchy, their “trinity” and Lucifer… (who?!)  What do “The Masters” offer mankind, what do they want from us, and how is their track record so far?

The goal of “The Plan”: world peace. But first the Hierarchy has a score to settle in an ancient War. Next they will deal with “world problems” like the Jews. Read about your date with Planetary Initiation, who is running the New Humanity Project, and what nuclear disarmament is really for.

The “Jewish Problem”: how we ruined mankind with Judaism, Zionism and just being ourselves. Why we had to do it, why the New Age has to undo it. They don’t hate the Jews. (The secular Jews do it for them.) But the “Dark Force” behind the Jews is another matter.

Hitler the adept occultist, Gnostic guardian of the Grail, messiah of the New Humanity. Fellow occultists knew it, Hindus and Western New Agers recognized it, the neo-Nazis celebrate it. Yet few historians have explored this link. Why do so many Holocaust scholars miss it?

More than a familiar slogan, “Transformation” is the New Age strategy to get us to conform to The Plan, either knowingly or unwittingly. Media and entertainment have done their jobs well. There are hiccups in Transformation, however, as well as resistant portions of humanity.

The New Age is grooming the emerging generation, with or without parental permission. Just how far back it started will shock Americans. What do Alice Bailey, the UN, the Clintons, and Littleton, CO have in common?  A look inside the Trojan Horses of the World Core Curriculum and Outcome Based Education. Even home-schooling is not out of their reach.

This section is twice as long as any other, which should tell you something already. Why have NA missionaries invested so much in penetrating the Jewish community? More importantly, how do most of them manage to blindside the anti-missionaries and other Torah guardians? (Kabbalists could tell you, if they chose to.) Learn about the “networking effect”: how it has hurt us and how it can help us. A “short” list of the most successful NA Missions, both in Israel and abroad, in the secular, traditional and orthodox communities. Brace yourself.

Hopeless situation?  For many Jews, yes.  For yours truly, no.  It all depends on where you’re expecting help to come from…. and whether you’re willing to commit to personal and community “transformation” of another kind. But it will mean hard decisions, and the Hierarchy is counting on you to shrug it off and go back to sleep.


[Check this site once in a while, for new items which will be added.]

The UNique Treatment of Israel.  Israel’s troubles at the United Nations go far beyond the many anti-Zionist resolutions.  The Jewish State never even existed on UN maps. Oversight? Or is the UN simply following The Plan for the New Age? (Last Update: 8/00.) [CLICK HERE]

Evolution: The Verdict of Evolutionists.  And you thought the debate was over, didn’t you – the “theory of evolution” is backed by tons of scientific evidence. Then why are leading scientists calling for evolutionary theory to be labeled as “philosophy” so that they can get on with real science? And why are the media, the courts and the schools imposing a black-out on this development? (Last Update: 11/00) [CLICK HERE]

Media Assault on Jewish Traditions.  Circumcision is child abuse, Shechita (Jewish ritual slaughter) is cruelty to animals, Monotheism is intolerance.  If you believe it, you’re being had. [COMING SOON…]

 Legal Battle: Are Observant Jews Fit Parents?  The Duhlberg case shook Italy, the Jewish world and leading democracies.  Israel alone remained disturbingly silent. [COMING SOON…]

 Anti-Judaism Can Kill Secular Jews Too.  The most subtle form of antisemitism is getting away with verbal murder, because of a prevailing delusion in the secular Jewish community. [COMING SOON…]

The Blue-and-White Scare. Anyone remember the “Red Scare”?  Since even before those days, American Jews have been suspected of dual loyalty, in every agency from the CIA on down. Jonathan Pollard is only the tip of the iceberg, and it’s the Jewish heads with kippahs that roll first. [COMING SOON…]

Copywrite Note:  None of the material by Hannah Newman is restricted.
You are permitted to quote, reprint, and distribute it freely — on two conditions:
that you offer it without charge.  That’s the only way to handle material which has such drastic implications for an entire people.
that you take care to distinguish between what I wrote and any comments you might feel compelled to add.  I have invested hundreds of hours in research, and many more in choosing my words carefully, in order to accurately portray this phenomenon without sensationalism and with a minimum of subjectivity.  Please respect that.

Original background photo: David Rubinger “Who is this Hannah Newman… and why should we believe her?

I’m a nobody, actually.  I have no academic degree even remotely related to this field.  No list of published books, teaching stints, or associations with Big Names.  No sponsors, no financial backers, no authority endorsing my efforts.  I have never lectured on this subject, nor do I ever intend to. This research is not connected with my job, and was done completely in my spare time over several years.  Among other things, this means I have no reputation to protect, no superiors to satisfy (except the G-d of Israel, who I acknowledge with no apologies), no agenda for fame or notoriety.  No reason to lie to you.

For you, the faithful skeptic, that’s good news. You’ll have to judge the material on its own merits. To that end, I’ve supplied you with plenty of sources and links.  I’m available to answer questions and challenges by e-mail.  And I have confidence that as a thinking human being, you can satisfy yourself as to my reliability.

For any fans who are distressed because they want to recommend my work but don’t know how to describe me, I’d be quite happy to be known as “an Israeli housewife who did her homework.”

Offered humbly in the Jewish spirit of “world service” – for the sake of Heaven,

Yes, These Are The “Latter Days” Jesus And The Prophets Spoke Of!

Thought I would share what I used to put on radio for your spiritual stimulation and a “Warning Voice” of that which is to come on this land…say Judgement of Almighty God!

This came off my Operation Morning Star web page…”archived”… Read and Learn and God bless!


Under Construction…with no completion date within the realms of time!

Three Visions Of The Impending Invasion and “Judgment” of America!

As decreed by Creator G-d!


There soon will be a cleansing of this land called Turtle Island by Creator God of all that is not of Him. The visions below foretell this and the information below  explains why.

When this Judgment comes to pass, there will be few White People left and this according to the words of Jesus when He spoke to the people of this land. 

Only those who have turned their hearts to the Creator will be spared and protected from the wrath of God poured out upon this land.

These understandings are shown in Native American Visions, Prophecies, and are verified  in the Scriptures.

Read ALL the below carefully and you will realize that this time is nigh at hand.

And no, there will not be a “rapture”!

But there will places of safety called “Holy Places” in “Indian Country” and elsewhere where His People will be protected.

George Washington’s

Tom Beams

Hopi – American Indian

  1. Economic Collapse (Rev. 14)
  2. Military Attack by Chinese and Russians (Isaiah 13)

Think not?

Read the documented PROOF of who and what was sold/given to the Chinese and Russians which NOW enables them to attack us!

The below links pertain to both Tom Beem’s Vision and George Washington’s.

In Beem’s Vision there is FIRST the “collapse” of the economy, and THEN  the attack of America by the Chinese and Russians. Note that now more then ever, the Chinese and Russians are conducting joint military exercises together which I believe are in preparation for the attack of America.

Also there is the latest testing and potential use of their “Father of All Bombs” which can be used with the same affect of a “nuclear bomb” MINUS the “radiation fallout”.

NOTE: That in Beem’s Vision, most of ALL our troops were overseas when this scenario begins including the National Guard. This is our state of military un-readiness now!

We are getting close. If the Russian’s are working with the Chinese on first implementing a “economic collapse” here, then during the internal social anarchy seen in Beem’s Vision that is the result of that economic collapse, THAT then will be the “ensign” for their military to move on us without mercy.

And then there is the forgotten PROMISE of ISLAM, to attack America’s cities within using nuclear weapons.

The below information gives credence to the justification for the judgment and the cleansing from off this land of all that which is not of the Creator.

It is my hope that you will be able to make sense of what is taking place behind the “veil of deception” which is a replication here on earth of the war that took place in the “Spirit World in Heaven” between G-d and Satan over the “souls of men”.

Welcome Letter

Freedom Issues, Spiritual Insights, and Information of Value for the Souls Of Men

Americas Subversion

by Free Masonic and New Age Luciferian elements!

YOU may not believe in Lucifer or Satan, but guess what?


  1. 23. 456.  78.  9.  10.  11.

Click each number for “documentation”!

The Architecture of world politics 

from a temporal and spiritual perspective.

(A very comprehensive collection of “connect the dots” information not found elsewhere)

Freemasons praising Lucifer who is also “Satan”!

Rulers of the Darkness of This Age

Lucifer – Satan to Cause Latter Day Chaos!

Lucifer’s Network – Masters of the New World Order

Masonic Foundations Of the United States

(It should be noted that all Presidents and Military Generals and Congressmen who initiated “genocidal policies” against American Indians were FREE MASONS)

United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure.

Part 1, Part 1b, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Masonic Government of the United States Of America

Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire

The Scottish Rite’s KKK Project

The Rise of the Fourth Reich (Bush Connection) PT 1.

The Rise of the Fourth Reich (Bush Connection) PT 2. Crimes Defined As “Terrorism”

“Rainbow Swastika” – New Age Luciferic/Satanic “Plan”, the “Final Solution”

“Welcome to one Jew’s analysis of a “Kinder, Gentler Final Solution” – This is the FINAL HOLOCAUST that leads to their “New World Order”!

By Hannah Newman – A Conservative Jew Living In Israel

Abortion and Pagan Spirituality 



America IS a “Nation In Distress”

There is no shame in the truth, but there is shame when truth is denied and crucified unto the death of all that would save us from the destruction of our souls.

I make no apologies in what is shared below.

It is documented and historically found in it’s respective “sphere of truth” where it abides.

Why things are as they are and will be in our day and age is revealed in what is shared and for your edification and the saving of our souls from those lies and deceptions that have blinded us as a Nation individually and collectively.

The below site…Serendipity…


WTC Demolition London Bombings Liberty & Democracy Ernst Zündel
Iraq War Impeachment On God Ganesh Baba
Zionism Common Errors Psychedelics Maria Callas
War on Drugs The CIA Censorship Human Rights
Waco Massacre Gods of Eden TWA Flight 800 OKC Bombing

Serendipity Geopolitics, Drugs, Religion, Music and More!

The Unknown Hitler: Nazi Roots in the Occult

Nazism and The New Age, Hitler and the Occult

Nazi-Zionist “Holocaust” Collaboration

Bush Family Funding of Hitler

Bush Family Occult Connection

Bush-Hitler “Family Values”

Bush’s White House Bordello 


The Internets TOP 100 LINKS for Bush-Family Hitler Auschwitz Genocide Mass Murder American-Nazi-Axis

Bush-Cheney Drug Empire

G.W. Bush Family and I. G. Farbin. Think GAS & OVENS!

Nazis in the Attic

Homosexuality in the Nazi Party

A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Hitler and ALL HIS STAFF were all or any combination of Sodomites, Pedophiles, Pederasts!

The Gay Conspiracy

The Spiritual Expression of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Flesh

Dr. Judith Reisman – Exposing the Kinsey Institute and Alfred Kinsey’s use of child sexual abuse and fraudulent sex science

 Crafting “Gay” Children

Creating “Gay” Children

Rape of a sacred trust

How pedophiles have targeted the Boy Scouts of America

Homosexual Serial Killers
Statistical analysis of the proportion of homosexuality among serial killers,
with a listing of prominent GLBT/homosexual serial killers

Disneyland is the Land of Sodom and Gomorrah

Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse

Pornography and Direct Connection to Child Molesters

The CIA & The Nazis

Biological Psychiatry Of Nazi Germany

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

The Hidden Side Of Psychiatry

Nazi Eugenics Conspiracy-Psychiatry Kills

Eugenics and the Third Reich

Mass Murderers in White Coats

From Harvard to Buchenwald: A Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics

Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History

The Hidden (SATANIC) Agenda of the Ecumenical Movement

The Catholic Church and Nazism in Germany and Croatia

The Role of the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia’s Holocaust

Roots of the Roman Catholic Church and roots of the Pope

The Biblical, Catholic, and Occult View of Mary




Ten Reasons Why Christians and Catholics Do Not Agree

“That Which Is Unnatural”:
Homosexuality in Society, the Church, and Scripture

Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on Pedophile Priests

The Deception of Billy Graham – 32 Degree Mason (Lucifer Worshiper) – Mind-Control Front


Kenneth Copeland 33rd Degree Freemason Exposed

Martin Luther King Jr. EXPOSED!

Socialist “Saint” – Martin Luther King

Beast as “Saint” – Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. – Traitor

Mohammad The Pedophile

Mohammad’s 9 year old bride – Aisha

Promise Keepers & The Phallic Worship

Christianized Freemasonry

Promise Keepers Fraud, Masonry & the Spirit of Sodomy – PT 1

Promise Keepers Fraud, Masonry, Spirit of Sodomy & Luciferic Initiation- PT  2

Promise Keepers’ Mind Control Techniques

The Hidden Agenda of the Ecumenical Movement

The United Religions

Jewish Exploitation Of American Indians

Truth about the Talmud: Racist, Rabbinic Hate Literature

A Documented Exposé of Supremacist Rabbinic Hate Literature

The Role of Zionism in the Holocaust

Zionism’s Failure to Support Resistance

Kasztner’s List: Zionist Collaboration in the Holocaust in Hungary

The Jewish Question In The Russian Orthodox Church

(Universal “church” application)

The 1935 Nazi World Population Conference

New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny

Masonry and British Israelism

Subversive Organizations

The Greatest Mass Rape in History by “Allied Troops” During WWII and After


Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide




A professed “Democratic” SATANIST calls  for the

Extermination of Human “Defective Seeds”! (Jews, Christians, American Indians, People of Color etc., among others)

In her book “Co-Creation” Barbara Marx Hubbard (author, futurist, 1984 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Satanist,  theosophist, and member of the US Army think tank Task Force Delta) writes:

“Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend….

One-fourth is destructive  [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death.’…

Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human — the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers –the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body….  

Fortunately, you are not responsible for  this act. We are.

We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. 

He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.”  

Hubbard’s “defective seeds” are none other than that “Third School” which “considers chaos an integral part of creativity, freedom, and growth.

Here I have directly quoted J. Orlin Grabbe, from his essay on chaos, a good read indeed. In the chapter on new age religion, you can read more excerpts of Hubbard’s writing, with accompanying analysis.

4. Goal of the Plan

Initiation: All who wish to enter the New Age ‘on the physical plane’ [alive] must undergo an ‘energy  activation’ or ‘rebirth’ – usually marked by a subjective trance-induced ‘light experience’ where one meets either a ‘spirit guide’ or one’s ‘higher self’ (no difference since ‘all is one’).

This ‘altered state of consciousness’ will eventually lead to a “Luciferic Initiation” into the ‘new humanity’, or a vow of allegiance to Lucifer as God.

Those who cannot (no souls) or will not (‘not sufficiently developed in their spiritual journey’) will be sent on to their next life in a global ‘cleansing action’

Alice Bailey, ‘The Rays and the Initiations’ pp.754-755

“Rainbow Swastika” – New Age Luciferic/Satanic “Plan”, the “Final Solution”

“Welcome to one Jew’s analysis of a Kinder, Gentler Final Solution”  

By Hannah Newman – A Conservative Jew Living In Israel


The Emergency Subterfuge and The War On Crime

War On Terrorism Advances New World Order

Questions to ask concerning 911 CLICK HERE

The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship
Part One: Illuminating the Occult Origin of Darwinism

The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs and Suicides…a MUST READ


Death, Disease, and LIES using VACCINES

Vaccine Liberation Information

Vialls Investigations Exposing Media Disinformation concerning 911 etc

Softwar-Security Privacy E-commerce – Proof that United States Military Technology was sold to China and Russia by US Business’s and BOTH Parties.


* Air Force 2025  Weather as a Force Multiplier

* An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control – Summary and Options 

* BeCraft Briefs 

The Creeping Police State 

* The Chemtrail Investigation

 * Christian Parents Information Network 

* Crypto Manifesto An Indictment of the U.S. Government and U.S. Politics 

* Disarmament Agenda of the United Nations and New World Order

“The Memory Hole” – Rescuing Knowledge Freeing Information

Pedophiles and Child Pornography Great crime information site


* Private Prisons Profits of Crime

* The Social aspect of The Strategic Defense Initiative

* The Subversion Of America’s Free Press By The CIA

* UK Gun Control Document


“This Year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.”                      -Adolph Hitler 1938     
“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses arms.  History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.”               -Adolph Hitler 1938            

* The Citizen Disarmament Agenda – Part 1 

* The Citizen Disarmament Agenda – Part 1.4 

* The Citizen Disarmament Agenda – Part 1.5 

* The Citizen Disarmament Agenda – Part 2 

* The Citizen Disarmament Agenda – Part 3 

* The Citizen Disarmament Agenda – Part 4 

Who do you think really financed

Hitler and Supported the Nazis i.e. “National Socialist Party of Sodomites”?

 Think BUSH, FORD, and Major Corporations such as  GENERAL MOTORS among other so called “AMERICANS”!

Believe it or not, the BUSH FAMILY made money from the Holocaust!

Think FREE MASONRY / NEW AGE MOVEMENT and the puzzle is solved once and for all.  These are the same FOLKS who brought us the genocidal wars against American Indians, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Viet Nam War, the Gulf War, Gun Control, the illegal Federal Reserve, the United Nations New World Order…even the “Fourth Reich of Satan”  Now we are in the midst of the beginning of a “Hidden Holocaust”…a prelude to the “Planned Destruction Of America”.


“Taught From On High”  

to read and hear

Robert W. Murdock! 

by Robert W. Murdock

Reasons In “Scripture” Why A Judgment Is Coming Upon America – 

Exposes the “Secret Combinations of Darkness i.e. Free Masonry which is SATANIC.

The “Safe Place” Of Refuge On This Land  Called Zion

as well as “Holy (protected by the power of God) Safe Places” During This “Judgment”, including many seen in “Indian Country” which are called “Holy Places”

Scriptures Pertaining To The Establishment of Zion

Native American Legends Indicating Jesus Walked The America’s!

Questions? Email me at 



50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation A Toxic Substance

Biological Manipulation of Human Populations

The Fallacy of Vaccination


Race Hygiene: Three Bush Family Alliances

Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

U.S. Medical System Conducts Ethnic Cleansing At Home and Abroad

Sterilization of Native American Women

“Ethnic-cleansing weapons”

Genetically manipulated weapons


High-level Drug Running

Pornography and Direct Connection to Child Molesters

Just how bad are things with the “Pentagon” (Pentagram)? 

Killing our veterans

Strategic military and other information.  

Dr. Michael Coffman’s UN info site.  

Wake Up America – Alternative News

Mind control information. 

Genocide on the Great Plains 

The Adverse Affects of Psychotropic Drugs In “Indian Country”

Privacy, Globalization and the New World Order 

The Homosexual Agenda

Internal Revenue Service

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Connection to suicide and murder-suicides

Think “Red Lakes” and PROZAC!

Paxil Directly Connected to Suicides

Experts say psychiatric drugs linked to long list of school shooting sprees

Evidence Of Anti-Depressant/Psychotropic Drug Connection To Suicides and Suicide/Murders In “Indian Country” and America

Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis

Biological Psychiatry Of Nazi German

Psych-Rights Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

The Hidden Side Of Psychiatry

Nazi Eugenics Conspiracy-Psychiatry Kills

Eugenics and the Third Reich

Mass Murderers in White Coats

From Harvard to Buchenwald: A Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics

Cannabis/ Marijuana May Trigger Schizophrenia

Vaccines and the negative affect on “Indian Country”

Questions about Vaccinations

YES, there are “religious exemptions” so your children do not have to take vaccines!



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Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to
Last modified: 09/22/2007 .

The Ignored Racist American History Targeting Native Americans For Mass Genocide

Preface: This is information I shared on my Operation Morning Star web page when I was working with my charity and on radio. It addresses many issues concerning the history of “Indian Country”  under the subject of “Racism”. It is archived with the dates.

All races except American Indians have had the historical truth revealed in a fullness. That is what I did…exposed the flagrant hypocrisy of the Whites, Blacks, Christians and Jews and their contribution to the genocide of American Indians like no one else that I know of. There are some broken links but the ones that work will take you to places in history concerning “Indian Country” not found in ANY history taught in this counties public schools thanks to the Free Masonic manifest destiny murdering cabal who control the education format. Read, Learn and Share!

This Blog is dedicated to Karen Sue Andras and her boy toy who almost killed her William R. Bunting. He was and is still my cyber stalking sodomite demon in the flesh and confirmed lover of Satan and racist to the core White KKK dirt bag who threatened to murder me.  His racism targeting American Indians was a in my face sent text/email stating that American Indian women deserved to be raped while calling them “Prairie Niggers”….this being a quote about “real men” from him…

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”

With that said….

This “Short Course In Indian Country History” in 2 Parts (somewhat overlapping)  is dedicated in part to two brave, loving, and beautiful Native American Women who were raped and murdered by demons in the flesh who William R. Bunting and Andras said…”they deserved it”!

And here is the link to Part 2.


Preface: The Prayer of the Ghost Dance

i wanna go where the blind can see
i wanna go where the lame will walk
i wanna see the sick ones clean
where the deaf can hear and the silent talk

where are you going, to a Ghost Dance in the snow?
where are all your warriors, i see they’re finally
coming home

i wanna go where the dead are raised
where the mountain lion lays down with the lamb
i wanna stand where God is praised
i wanna ride across the plains to the promised land

where i’m going don’t need to raise your voice
no starvation we’ll have plenty to eat
no guns no wars, no hateful noise just a victory dance, we’ll never taste defeat

where there’s nothin’ done or said that can’t be forgiven
where every step you take is on sacred ground

walk away from death into the land of the living
where all the lost tribes are finally found

This “Short Course In Indian Country History”  is dedicated in part to two brave, loving, and beautiful Native American Women.

One but a young Lakota woman, the other a Mic Mac Mother, both raped and murdered…    

Jancita Eagle Deer 

who was  raped by former South Dakota Governor, William Janklow and had signed a statement to that affect. She was murdered before she could testify. Her mother was next…


Annie Mae Aquash 

who was “allegedly” murdered and raped by so called “Native American’s” within the 

Thirty Years of FBI Harassment and Misconduct 

“Research Papers” 

for your enlightenment and understanding.

“The American Holocaust” – “Manifest Destiny “

A Comparative History by Lilian Friedberg, A Jewish Scholar

Reflections on “Manifest Destiny” and Race

A Jewish Writer For Wall Street Journal Justifies the Extermination of American Indians!

Indigenous People of America Have “The Right To Exist”

A Translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought

Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization

By Debbie White Plume

Native American History, Comparative Genocide and the Holocaust

by Brenden Rensink

How Can You Go To A Church That Killed So Many Indians? 

Deconstructing The American Mythology: Revisionist Western and U.S. History

By Adam Rlcoh

“Rainbow Swastika” – New Age Plan for Native Americans, among others: “The Final Solution”!

“Welcome to one Jew’s analysis of a Kinder, Gentler Final Solution” – By Hannah Newman – A Conservative Jew Living In Israel

The war continues daily in “INDIAN COUNTRY”…that being a genocidal war against American Indians. 

This war is a historical continuation of genocide which began when Europeans first stepped on the shores of this continent. 

It is a war to annihilate American Indians using a process of social, political,  economic and spiritual  ‘engineering’  inspired from the Throne of Hell itself and which has targeted Indigenous Peoples from the beginning in the implementation of those  ‘living conditions’ (“ethnic cleansing“) which are designed to cause the physical and spiritual death of a race of human beings.                

Thanksgiving” – A First Nations View

Terrorism in my Homeland: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Navajo Long Walk, to the suffering place

Geronimo – His Own Story

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 1)

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 2)

Trail of Tears – A Death March of the Cherokee

 Documents on the Sand Creek Massacre

Trail of Tears from Mississippi walked by our Choctaw ancestors

The Effects of Removal on American Indian Tribes

“The American Holocaust” – “Manifest Destiny “- A Comparative History by Lilian Friedberg, A Jewish Scholar

Indigenous People of America Have “The Right To Exist”   Buy this book!  A Translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought

Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization

The Canadian Holocaust

Jewish Exploitation Of American Indians

SOUL WOUND: The Legacy of Native American Schools

Abuse Charges Hit Rosebud Reservation Church-Run Schools Cited In Wide-Ranging Lawsuit


Universal Wholly Pedophilic Church

HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard – The Harvard-Bush Connection

HUD Corruption and Money Making

Bill Clintons Speech of “Broken Promises” on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation after the Tornados in 99

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“The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian” 

Standing Rock: America’s Indian’s Are Still Losing

Honoring Indians With Disrespect

The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge

Lord Jeffrey Amherst’s letters discussing germ warfare against American Indians


Connecting the Murderous Dots between the “Wizard of OZ”, L. Frank Baum, The European Holocaust of Jews, The American Holocaust of Indigenous Americans, and the Present Day Racial Insensitivity to “Indian Country” .

Conversion to Jesus, “Catholic Style”

Sitting Bull, His Vision of the “Little Big Horn”, and Defeat of Custer

Racism in the Media Towards Native Americans

‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’ brings controversy

Before there was  “Luby’s Massacre” and “The Virginia Tech Massacre” and “The Columbine Massacre” 

There was   “The Bear River Massacre” and “The Sand Creek Massacre” and “The Wounded Knee Massacre”

Mass Graves: The Open Sores of a History in Denial from the Depths of the American Continent

Cherokee Nation Under Attack by Racist, Ignorant, Uneducated, Unable to Read Treaties “House Negro’s” and Incognito “Buffalo Soldiers” Diane E. Watson and Mel Watts


The 9th Calvary of black buffalo soldiers at Wounded Knee who brought in 2 of the 4 Hotchkiss Guns used to slaughter 300 innocent Lakota Dec. 29, 1890. The 9th Calvary is alive and well today in the “Congressional Black Caucus”, the “Black” version of the “White” KKK led by Diane E. Watson and Mel Watts!

Black Mercenary Buffalo Soldier on left with with members of Custer’s “White 7th Calvary” and one of the two Hotchkiss Guns the 9th Calvary of “coloured soldiers” brought to the “Killing Fields” of Wounded Knee!

Big Foot’s band of Lakota, destined victims of the Mass Murder Massacre at Wounded Knee (Library of Congress)

In the 1860’s, “slaves” were hired by the United States government to kill Native Americans for MONEY in order to “EARN” their “FREEDOM” from their


The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments of “BLACK MERCENARY Buffalo Soldiers” conducted campaigns against American Indian tribes from Montana, Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota and Arizona. Throughout the era of the Indian Wars, approximately twenty percent of the U.S. Cavalry troopers were African Americans. They fought over 177 engagements against the Apache, Comanche, Ute, Kiowa, Shoshone, Cheyenne, Bannock, Kickapoo, Sioux and Blackfoot. At least 18 Medals of Honor were presented to Black Buffalo Soldiers during the Western Campaigns!

A Murdered Chief Big Foot on a 100 Dollar Bill just off the press for Watson, Watts, and their “Freed Men”!

  (At least the Cherokee aren’t MASS MURDERERS of FREEDMEN!)

‘Freedmen call Cherokees racist’ – Senator Coburn (Oklahoma States WHITE Mr. KKK!) Supports Group  

By Mike Graham

Ballard Of The Hotchkiss Gun

Ballad by Private. W. H. Prather, an African-American member I Troop, Ninth Cavalry (Black Buffalo Soldiers). 

Composed and sung by troops during the “Wounded Knee” campaign of 1890 In honor of the victory at Wounded Knee

The Red Skins left their Agency, the Soldiers left their Post,
All on the strength of an Indian tale about the Messiah’s ghost
Got up by the savage chieftans to lead their tribes astray;
But Uncles Sam wouldn’t have it so, for he ain’t built that way.
They swore that this Messiah came to them in visions sleep,
And promised to restore their game and Buffalos a heap,
So they must start a big ghost dance, then all would join their band,
And may be so we lead the way into the great Bad Land.

They claimed the shirt Messiah gave, no bullet could go through,
But when the soldiers fired at them they saw this was not true.
The Medicine man supplied them with their great Messiah’s grace,
And he, too, pulled his freight and swore the 7th hard to face.

About their tents the Soldiers stood, awaiting one and all,
That they might hear the trumpet clear when sounding General call
Or Boots and Saddles in a rush, that each and every man
Might mount in haste, ride soon and fast to stop this devilish band
But Generals great like Miles and Brooke don’t do things up that way,
For they know an Indian like a book, and let him have his sway
Until they think him far enough and then to John they’ll say,
“You have better stop your fooling or we’ll bring our guns to play.”

They claimed the shirt, etc.

The 9th marched out with splendid cheer the Bad Lands to explo’e-
With Col. Henry at their head they never fear the foe;
So on they rode from Xmas eve ’till dawn of Xmas day;
The Red Skins heard the 9th was near and fled in great dismay;
The 7th is of courage bold both officers and men,
But bad luck seems to follow them and twice has took them in;
They came in contact with Big Foot’s warriors in their fierce might
This chief made sure he had a chance of vantage in the fight.

They claimed the shirt, etc.

A fight took place, ’twas hand to hand, unwarned by trumpet call,
While the Sioux were dropping man by man – the 7th killed them all,
And to that regiment be said “Ye noble braves, well, done,
Although you lost some gallant men a glorious fight you’ve won.”
The 8th was there, the sixth rode miles to swell that great command
And waited orders night and day to round up Short Bulls band.
The Infantry marched up in mass the Calvary’s support,
And while the latter rounded up, the former held the fort.

They claimed the shirt, etc.

E Battery of the 1st stood by and did their duty well,
For every time the Hotchkiss barked they say a hostile fell.
Some Indian soldiers chipped in too and helped to quell the fray,
And now the campaign’s ended and the soldiers marched away.
So all have done their share, you see, whether it was thick or thin
And all helped break the ghost dance up and drive the hostiles in.
The settlers in that region now can breathe with better grace;
They only ask and pray to God to make John hold his base.

They claimed the shirt, etc.

American Horse

“They turned their guns, Hotchkiss Guns, upon the women who were in the lodges standing there under a flag of truce, and of course as soon as they were fired upon they fled…There was a woman with an infant in her arms who was killed as she almost touched the flag of truce [which flew over the Lakota camp], and the women and children of course were strewn all along the circular village until they were dispatched. Right near the flag of truce a mother was shot down with her infant; the child not knowing that its mother was dead was still nursing, and that especially was a very sad sight.

The women as they were fleeing with their babes were killed together, shot right through, and the women who were very heavy with child were also killed…After most all of them had been killed a cry was made that all those who were not killed or wounded should come forth and they would be safe. Little boys who were not wounded came out of their places of refuge, and as soon as they came in sight a number of soldiers surrounded them and butchered them there…Of course it would have been all right if only the men had been killed; we would feel almost grateful for it. But the fact of the killing of the women, and more especially the killing of the young boys and girls who are to go to make up the future strength of the Indian people, is the saddest part of the whole affair and we feel it very sorely.”

James Mooney, “The Ghost Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890,” in Fourteenth Annual Report of the United States Bureau of Ethnology (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1896) Part Two, p. 877


“I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes still young. and I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. 

A people’s dream died there. 

It was a beautiful dream.”   

Black Elk, Oglala

Chief Big Foot, MURDERED and His Body Frozen 

“Having wronged them for centuries we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth. In this lies future safety for our settlers and the soldiers who are under incompetent commands. Otherwise, we may expect future years to be as full of trouble with the redskins as those have been in the past.”
Quote – L. Frank Baum, 1891

10 years before L. Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz, he was also calling for the genocide of Native Americans in his editorials.

L. Frank Baum’s “GENOCIDE” Editorials


“… every redskin must be killed from off the face of the plains before we can be free from their molestations. They are of no earthly good and the sooner they are swept from the land the better for civilization… I do not think they can be turned and made good law abiding citizens any more than coyotes can be used for shepherd dogs”
Quote – Major John Vance Lauderdale, surgeon US Army. Attending physician at Wounded Knee Massacre


“Hunting redskins became for the time being a popular sport in New England, especially since prisoners were worth good money, and the personal danger to the hunters was now very slight.”
From Douglas Edward Leach, Flintlock and Tomahawk: New England in King Philip’s War (W.W. Norton & Co. 1958)

“Fact: Most modern scholars estimate the population of the indigenous people of North America to have been between 10-20 million. In 1840, the population was estimated to be around two million. By 1880, native numbers had dropped to 250,000.”

“It’s Only a Game?” Exhibit, Western Carolina University Cherokee Center and the Native American Student Association at WCU

Bounties offered by the British, French, and American colonial governments ranged in amounts but in some regions a male Indian’s skin was worth the same as a deer’s “buckskin” hide. Hunters began applying the word “buck” for Indian males.


“Others say it was first used on signs at Dutch Trading Posts that listed the ‘skins’ they brought. Among them were beaver skins – and redskins.

On the Northeast coast, the U.S. Government had put a bounty on American Indians’ heads. People had to prove they had killed an American Indian in order to get the bounty. How did they prove it? At first they would bring in the head, but that got too cumbersome, so it simply became the scalps. The prices for scalps were different depending on whether they were taken from a male or a female, and whether they were taken from an adult or a child. Adult females brought the most money because they could produce American Indian offspring killing the reproducing members of a society is a mechanism to reduce the population. How did they prove the sex of the person the scalp once belonged to? For women they would cut off the breasts and present them with the scalp. For children’s scalps it was often the feet that were cut off.”

Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition
American Indian Mascot Page


Colonists during the Revolutionary War wrote what they did to Indians “tortured . . . whole families, and scalped the dead” and “honored their bravest victims by eating them.” The American soldiers “showed off pairs of legging made from the skin of dead Indians.”
From Schanzer, Rosalyn – George vs. George : The Revolutionary War as Seen by Both Sides


Redskins” is at the top of the heap on the offense side. Its origins are despicable, arising from bounty-hunting days, when hauling “Indian kill” by the gunnysack and wagonload became too cumbersome. Bounties then were paid for scalplocks, instead of heads, and bloody “red skins,” in lieu of whole bodies of Native children, women and men.
– Quote Susan Shown Harjo


“Both being beasts of prey, tho’ they differ in shape.”

Quote -George Washington, President of the United States of America (Stannard) – referring to Native Americans and wolves

Washington’s troops amused themselves by skinning the bodies of Indians “from the hips downward, to make boot tops or leggins.”
Works Cited – Anthony F.C., Wallace, the Death and Rebirth of the Seneca (Knoph, 1979)
Editor’s Note: Government sponsored democide and skinning of “Redskins” under George Washington




Connection to suicide and murder-suicides in “Indian Country”

Think “Red Lakes” and PROZAC!

Paxil Directly Connected to Suicides

 Experts say psychiatric drugs linked to long list of school shooting sprees

Evidence Of Anti-Depressant/Psychotropic Drug Connection To Suicides and Suicide/Murders In “Indian Country” and America

Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis

Biological Psychiatry Of Nazi German

Psych-Rights Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

The Hidden Side Of Psychiatry

Nazi Eugenics Conspiracy-Psychiatry Kills

Eugenics and the Third Reich

Mass Murderers in White Coats  

From Harvard to Buchenwald: A Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics

Cannabis/ Marijuana May Trigger Schizophrenia

Vaccines and the negative affect on “Indian Country”

Questions about Vaccinations

 YES, there are “religious exemptions” so your children do not have to take vaccines! 


 Think HIV/AIDS!

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The Reservation’s Ten Commandments

(As Given By The United States of America) 

  1. You shall have no other forms of government before me

  2. You shall not make for yourself an independent and self-sufficient government, for I am a jealous bureaucracy and will punish the Indian children for the sins of their fathers to the seventh generation of those who hate me

  3. You shall not misuse my name or my symbols, for I will impale you on my flagpole

  4. Remember the first of each month by keeping it holy The rest of the month you shall go hungry, but the first day of each month is a tribute to me, and you shall receive welfare checks and commodity food in exchange for your continued dependence

  5. Honor your Indian father and Indian mother because I have stripped them of their land, language, and hearts, and they need your compassion, which is a commodity I do not supply

  6. You shall not murder, but I will bring FBI and CIA agents to your reservations and into your homes, and the most intelligent, vocal, and angriest members of your tribes will vanish quietly

  7. You shall not commit adultery, but I will impregnate your women with illegitimate dreams

  8. You shall not steal back what I have already stolen from you

  9. You shall not give false testimony against any white men, but they will tell lies about you, and I will believe them and convict you

  10. You shall not covet the white man’s house You shall not covet the white man’s wife, or his hopes and opportunities, his cars or VCRs, or anything that belongs to the white man 

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Catholic Church Removes “Suicide Prevention” Radio Program On The Rosebud Sioux Reservation

The radio program is downloaded to listen to.

Best Heard Using Windows Media Player 10 or 11 – Click HERE to download.

Part 1 and Part 2

“The White Man’s 400 Year Tsunami” Against First Nations Peoples of America”

Hog Farm Contaminates Rosebud Sioux Tribe Land and Water


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Child Abuse as Sex Magick & Sexual Research: Aleister Crowley & Alfred Kinsey

“For that group, the book of books was Davidson’s History of Education. William James called its author a ‘knight-errant of the intellectual life,’ an ‘exuberant polymath.’ . . . Its purpose was to dignify a newly self-conscious profession called Education. Its argument, a heady distillation of conclusions from Social Darwinism, claimed that modern education was a cosmic force leading mankind to full realization of itself.”
— John Taylor Gatto, Underground History of American Education

If this written exploration is for anyone, besides myself and those very few surviving family members willing to look at the hidden aspect of their heritage, it’s for those that have passed on. Perhaps there are family members being wrongly implicated by this piece. There is always the possibility that even my grandfather was duped, that he was a useful liberal idiot, oblivious to the geopolitical social engineering agendas that were moving, like vast cosmic tides, around and finally over his castles in the sand. Yet, if one of those sand castles is Northern Foods—possibly the largest Food conglomerate in Europe, whose legacy in geopolitics continues to this day—it seems rather naïve, not to mention a disservice both to Alec and to history—to suppose so.

Before I get to the geopolitical picture and how Northern Foods’ influence—via my uncle Lord (or is it Baron? I can’t keep track of these peerages) Haskins—continued into the 2000s, I want to return to the intersection of progressive leftist movements with homosexuality, within the already described larger context of social reform, economics, psychiatry and the medical establishment, hallucinogens, literary movements and liberal intellectualism, pedophilia and, most distressing of all, intelligence operations in mind control. That means going back to the beginning once more.

A decade after the founding of the Fabian Society, in 1897, The Order of Chaeronea was founded by George Cecil Ives (friend of Oscar Wilde). It was a secret society for the cultivation of a homosexual, ethical, cultural and spiritual ethos. It was secret because homosexuality was illegal at that time and homosexuals needed a means of underground communication. The organization was inspired by and closely tied to the “Uranian” movement, Uranian being a 19th-century term that referred to a “third sex,” originally someone with “a female psyche in a male body” who was sexually attracted to men.


Although there’s no mention of Aleister Crowley in the records of The Order of Chaeronea, they could hardly have been unaware of one another, since Crowley was both a pioneer of “sexual liberation” and a practitioner of homosexual sex. The subject of sexual magick, while it’s really of central importance to this investigation, is one I’ve avoided until now, because it becomes all-too-easy to lose the ground of factual reportage once strayed into more esoteric and philosophic waters. However, it’s worth mentioning in brief (having just come across this material myself via author Phil Hine’s website), that the Theosophical Society (tied to the Fabians via Annie Besant) was implicated in child sexual abuse in the early 1900 because of Charles Leadbeater. Canadian sociologist Stephen Kent writes in “Religious Justifications for Child Sexual Abuse in Cults”:

“Leadbeater’s practice of sex magick involved homosexual abuses, but this tradition is by no means limited to homoerotic activities. . . . Leadbeater was a pederast, and he used the Theosophical Society to gain access to boys so that he could engage them in various forms of sex magick (see Washington, 1995, p. 121). Remarkable, perhaps, about Leadbeater’s pederasty was that he was able to sanctify it under the guise of spiritual training. Apparently, Leadbeater taught a sexual technique to an inner circle of initiates who claimed that ‘the energy aroused in masturbation can be used as a form of occult power, a great release of energy which can, first, elevate the consciousness of the individual to a state of ecstasy, and second, direct a great rush of psychic force towards the Logos for His use in occult work.’”

According to Hine’s “Breeding Devils in Chaos: Homosexuality & the Occult,” this

“gave rise to the rumors that there existed groups of ‘Black Magicians’ who obtained occult power by psychically vampirizing young boys. [Author] Dion Fortune. . . alleged that there was a conspiracy of male occultists who used ‘homosexual techniques’ to build up what she called ‘dark astral power.’ She also blamed the decline of the Greek and Roman empires on those cultures’ relaxed attitude to homosexuality. Although she never named any of these ‘black adepts,’ it is clear that she was probably referring to C. W. Leadbeater, and perhaps, also Aleister Crowley.”

Hine refers to Crowley’s male lover, the poet Victor Neuburg, “his partner in a series of homosexual sex-magick operations known as The Paris Working, where Neuburg & Crowley performed a series of invocations using anal intercourse as the means of achieving gnosis.” The six-week ritual included strong drug use, as well as the occasional attendance of a Liverpudlian journalist named Walter Duranty. Inspired by the results of the Working, Crowley authored his treatise on sex magic, Liber Agapé. Following the Working, Neuburg distanced himself from Crowley, Crowley “cursed” Neuburg, and Neuburg (allegedly) suffered a nervous breakdown.
That was in 1914; a year before, in 1913, George Cecil Ives, along with Edward Carpenter and others, founded The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology (BSSSP), “to advance a particularly radical agenda in the field of sex reform.” It was particularly concerned with homosexuality, aiming to combat legal discrimination against homosexuality with scientific understanding. Members included Havelock Ellis, George Bernard Shaw, and fellow Chaeroneans Laurence Housman and Montague Summers (a clergyman with a leaning towards the occult who translated Malleus Maleficarum into English). Ernest Jones was also a member, and he is worth lingering on.

In the early 1900s, Jones had worked with and mentored under Wilfred Trotter, of Tavistock. He experimented with hypnotic techniques in his clinical work and applied Freudian psychology as an inspector of schools for “mentally defective” children. In 1906, he was arrested and charged with two counts of indecent assault on two adolescent girls he was interviewing. In court, Jones insisted the girls were fantasizing and was acquitted. He founded the British Psychoanalytical Society in 1919 and was President until 1944. In 1931, the BSSSP was renamed the British Sexological Society, and it seems to have continued until some point in the 1940s. It was largely through Jones’ advocacy that the British Medical Association officially recognized psychoanalysis, in 1929. There’s that year again—the same year that “Idiocy” became a diagnostic term for a congenital defect, and the London School of Economics began its training courses for psychiatric social workers.

In Germany in the 1930s, homosexual groups and individuals were being targeted as subversives (and eugenics were becoming national policy). In the 1940s, many countries in Europe (starting with Iceland) decriminalized homosexuality. In 1948, Alfred Kinsey published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, revealing to the public that homosexuality was far more widespread than was commonly believed. The book also reported Kinsey’s findings about child sexuality. Tables 31-34 were the tables or lists in the book which purported to display the number of times infants and young children were aroused when the researcher attempted to masturbate them. The table noted that “many of the infants cried and fought” against this so-called “clinical research.”

Even though this obvious sexual abuse of children was displayed in the text of the work itself (a study often said to have kick-started the sexual revolution), it was not until 1981 that Dr. Judith Reisman drew attention to the implications. Her charges were eventually confirmed, in the August 25, 1997, issue of the New Yorker, by James H. Jones, former-member of the Kinsey Institute’s Scientific Board of Advisors; they were then validated by the Institute for Media Education. According to Reisman, however, Jones avoided any mention of the hundreds of infants and children under Kinsey’s control.

“These little ones could not talk or flee from the sexual assaults, both ‘oral and manual,’ they endured from the Kinsey pedophile team, the ‘trained observers’ who used stop watches as they raped the infants and boys to record their ‘thing.’ Jones justifies these heinous and sadistic experiments by simply saying Kinsey desired to free society from its “disapproval of adult-child sexual contacts.” [1]

In an audio-taped interview, Kinsey team member Paul Gebhard told Reisman that most of the “research” on children was done by “one individual, a man with scientific training, and not a known scientist. The other cases were done by parents [and] by nursery school personnel.” The “man with scientific training” was known as “Mr. X,” later discovered to be Rex King, a serial child rapist responsible for the rape of more than 800 children. “Some of these rapes were rendered to Kinsey in graphic detail, which he considered to be ‘scientific research.’ Kinsey never reported King to the authorities, meaning that “for over 50 years the entire Indiana University Kinsey Institute team collaborated in covering up sex crimes perpetrated against children involved in its research.”

In 1992, Gebhard confirmed that “some of the men on Kinsey’s child sexuality team included child molesters who were easily obtained from prisons and pedophile organizations around the world. . . . He also admitted to having personally collaborated in the child abuse inherent in Kinsey’s research.” A 1998 Yorkshire-produced documentary, “Secret History: Kinsey’s Pedophiles,” uncovered more facts about the “trained persons” who participated in Kinsey’s experiments, naming Dr. Fritz Von Balluseck, “a notorious Nazi pedophile who contributed his child abuse data during the twenty year period of 1936 to 1956 to Kinsey’s research data base.”[ref]

Kinsey’s research was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation (Alfred C. Kinsey: A Life, by James H. Jones, W. W. Norton & Company, 2004, p. 555). Kinsey corresponded with MKULTRA-psychiatrist Ewen Cameron and was an admirer, and possible correspondent, of Aleister Crowley. Kinsey tried hard to obtain Crowley’s sex-magickal diaries after Crowley’s death, and even made a pilgrimage to Crowley’s Thelema Abbey, where Crowley allegedly conducted sexual rituals that included children. (Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Research, by Wardell Baxter Pomeroy, Yale University Press, 1972, p. 413)

James H. Jones described Kinsey as a militant propagandist, a sadomasochist and homosexual, “campaigning with scientific cover and on tax-exempt funds for his goal of undermining American morality to establish a sexual utopia.” (Emphasis added.) What’s perhaps most remarkable about this hidden history is that it remains hidden to this day, despite being very much on public record. The 2004 Hollywood movie, Kinsey, with Liam Neeson, presented a glowing picture of the sexologist. Despite some protests, mostly from Christian activists, the film was well-reviewed and won a bunch of major awards. Kinsey’s reputation remains intact. How is this even possible in a cultural climate that views pedophiles as the most depraved and irredeemable of monsters? The answer would appear to be simple: science. Place blatant crimes in the context of science, and most people will not question them.

Source of this information: Child Abuse as Sex Magick & Sexual Research: Aleister Crowley & Alfred Kinsey (Occult Yorkshire 14)

Additional information of importance

To read the full article (& rest of this series), order The Vice of Kings: How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse.

Human Sacrifice In The Ancient Mysteries, Paganism, Druidism and Satan The Founder of



Dedicated to Pagan Black Witch Karen Sue Andras who believes in child sacrifice along with her Druid friend Blaze Lee Dragon who states on this facebook page that the spiritual origins of what he believes are fairly accurate!

Blaze Lee Satanist Druid


PART I Wiccans and Human Sacrifice???

“Sorcerers chiefly used the blood sacrifice; and while we hold this to be evil, we cannot deny that this method is very efficient. Power flashes forth from newly shed blood, instead of exuding slowly as by our method. The victim’s terror and anguish add keenness, and even quite a small animal can yield enormous power.The great difficulty is in the human mind controlling the power of the lower animal mind. But sorcerers claim they have methods for effecting this and that the difficulty disappears the higher her the animal used, and when the victim is human disappears entirely. (The practice…

View original post 12,178 more words

Abortion and Pagan Spirituality

Dedicated to Pagan Black Witch Karen Sue Andras Who Believes In Child Sacrifice

Abortion and Pagan Spirituality (The Sacrament of Abortion)

By Willy Peterson

The Sacrament of Abortion, written by Ginette Paris (Spring Publications, Dallas, 1992), proposes paganism (i.e. polytheism, witchcraft, earth worship, etc.) as a superior model for a society struggling with abortion issues.

In addition to providing an ecological relief valve for the misrepresentation of human population as the root of all evils, Paris adopts the Jungian models of mythology as universal archetypes for the evolving human consciousness, a common dogma among neo-pagans. Jung was a spiritualist who was fascinated with the occult. His ideas provide a multi-dimensional bridge between pagan mythology, psychology and atheistic existentialism, the outcome being the emergence of a universalist atheistic religion.

Having rejected the gospel message of the Bible, Paris reduces Christianity to a common mythology wherein the buyer can pick and choose according to the whims of the individual. But she doesn’t care to leave it at that, but campaigns for its demise, tooth and nail, also typical of paganism. How does this work alongside an obligation to accept everybody’s deity? Once the Godly influence of the Bible has been thrown out, then the selection for viable models becomes an act of moral relativism, subject to carnal proclivities and post-modernist fads such as the destructive anti-human doctrine of biocentrism.

How does the story of Artemis vindicate the taking of innocent human life? According to Paris, Artemis slays her prey out of love. If women are to identify with her they must love the children that are offered to her in death. That “love” is supposed to provide a balancing influence to this bloody romp that mimics the huntress in competitive pursuit of her prey.

The religion of self plays in as the foundational god to whom pagan pantheons provide excuses for one’s own appeasement. Self seems to be behind a lot of ungodly masks these days: pantheism, black magic, psycho babble, New Age, humanism, the “I Am” movement, and so on. And now in the name of self, our humanity released, we can assume the throne of heaven and get on with the job of rationalizing morality for the sake of comfort. At this point, the hypocrisy of human nature and its sad ramifications become all too obvious.

The following excerpts provide a glimpse into one witches attempt to infuse this abominable practice with an air of polytheistic spirituality:


From The Sacrament of Abortion by Ginette Paris

“I have drawn inspiration throughout this book from a guiding image, the Artemis of Greek mythology (known to the Romans as Diana, the Huntress). She is an untamed Goddess, a champion of what we would think of today as ecological values … her myth is full of what appears to be the same kinds of contradictions that abound in considerations of abortion. Artemis is both protector of wild animals and a hunter who kills them with unerring aim…” (p. 1)

“The same goddess thus offers protection and also death to women, children, and animals. Why these apparent contradictions … personified in a feminine divinity? Is it a way of saying that a woman’s protective power cannot function properly if she does not also possess full power, namely, the power over death as well as life? Her image belongs to us as well as to antiquity, because like all fundamental images of the human experience, which C.G. Jung called ‘archetypes,’ she never really ages but reappears in different forms and different symbols … She encourages us to become more aware of the power of death, its inescapable nature, and its necessary role in a living ecology. Abortion is about love, life, and death.” (p. 2)

“The collective unconscious has always used different ways to reduce the population when resources and space are lacking or when the social climate deteriorates.” (p. 26)

“Artemis had a reputation for liking bloody sacrifices, including human ones … a practice that has given paganism such a bad name…. The story of Artemis claiming Iphigena as a sacrifice can be told and understood in more than one way … in one, Iphigenia is a victim, offered in sacrifice on the altar of Artemis; in the other Iphigenia becomes a heroine, and sacrifice takes on a different meaning. Since abortion is a kind of sacrifice, I believe an exploration of this myth may open up fresh avenues of thought.” (p. 34)

“From a pagan point of view, it is quite stupid and even absurd to sacrifice a mother for the sake of a newborn, because the child obviously needs her … Artemis, who personifies respect for animal life, accepts the necessity of the hunt, but only if the rules and the absolving rituals are observed. In most Goddess religions a similar reasoning is applied to the fetus and the newborn. It is morally acceptable that a woman who gives life may also destroy life under certain circumstances …” (p. 53)

“Our attitudes toward abortion are subconsciously stamped by Judeo-Christian values, even among those people who consider themselves completely liberated from them. We are now on the threshold of a liberalization of attitude toward abortion in many ways comparable to the freeing up of sexual attitudes thirty years ago.” (p. 5)

“Abraham’s bloodthirsty God had been encouraging human sacrifice long enough for the patriarch to believe that the offering of his only son would be pleasing to Him … When he restrains Abraham’s arm, Jehovah states that he doesn’t want to be honored in that way any more: this scene marks an evolution in Judeo-Christian mythology.” (p. 37)

“Paganism was discredited by the image of an innocent child being dragged by evil pagans to an altar to be sacrificed to a cruel female Goddess, as if God hadn’t also demanded the sacrifice and crucifixion of his only son.” (p. 41)

“Judeo-Christian mythology has had the major influence on our Western culture for over two thousand years, providing the ideas, values, and symbolic images. Can we erase two thousand years of monotheistic influence by dropping all religious practice and declaring ourselves free of our parents’ faith? Certainly not as has been proved by our sudden awakening to ecological values. We’re only beginning to understand how a religion which strips nature of its sacredness so as to place everything sacred in one God (whose realm is not of this world) can be dangerous to trees, animals, oceans, forests, and body-consciousness, all of which were considered receptacles of the divine in polytheistic antiquity.” (p. 4)

“…there is more than one way to define morality, human dignity, children’s rights, and the collective responsibility for life and death issues. It is also clear that all of this is intimately connected with global ecology.” (p. 6)

“…we must constantly monitor the values attached to shame, as we educate the next generation, so that it can be put aside when it no longer expresses our ideals… “When an abortion is necessary, not only should there be no shame but there should be a new consensus that to have a child who cannot adequately be cared for is shameful.” (p.106)

“It is not immoral to choose abortion; it is simply another kind of morality, a pagan one. It is time to stop being defensive about it, time to point an accusatory finger at the other camp and denounce its own immoral stance.” (p. 56)

“As Artemis might kill a wounded animal rather than allow it to limp along miserably, so a mother wishes to spare the child a painful destiny.” (p. 56)

“… men who decide whether or not to kill in war then dare to talk about crime and murder when a woman sacrifices a fetus no bigger than a raisin and less conscious than a chicken…. The beings sacrificed in abortions do not suffer as do the victims of war and ecological disaster…. War is sanctified … by our religious leaders. But let a woman decide to abort a fetus that doesn’t even have the neurological apparatus to register suffering, and people are shocked.” (p. 25)

“It’s rare for a woman to choose abortion because in some way she dislikes the fetus. She sacrifices it for the sake of something she judges at this moment to be more important, whether it be her existing children … or her own physical, economic, or psychological survival, or the fate of the planet.” (p. 95)

“This same quality allows us to visualize a world of increasing respect for children, a world in which one can occasionally resort to abortion when it is necessary to sacrifice the fetus to a higher cause, namely, the love of children and the refusal to see them suffer.” (p. 107)

“Some values are worth the sacrifice … Abortion always has been and continues to be another way of choosing death over life.” (p. 51)

“… the return of the ancient Goddess Artemis invites us to imagine a new allocation of life and death powers between men and women, and allocation that allows men to appreciate the cost of a life and women to make decisions based on their mother-knowledge.” (p. 27)

“One must preserve in one’s self … an intact strength, inviolable and radically feminine; this is the Artemesian part of the anima which guards the untamed zone of our psyche, without which we risk becoming over-domesticated human beings, too easily touchable.” (p. 107)

“Obviously, everyone has a right to his or her religious beliefs, but what if mine are Pagan?” (p. 57)

“Our culture needs new rituals as well as laws to restore abortion to its sacred dimension, which is both terrible and necessary.” (p. 92)

“Abortion is a sacrifice to Artemis. Abortion as a sacrament for the gift of life to remain pure.” (p. 107)

A final word:

“All flesh is as grass, And all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, And its flower falls away, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you. (1 Pet. 1:24, 25)

If you would like more information, please call Willy Peterson at:  E-Mail at

Jew Raping Pedophiles Epstein and Dershowitz Connection To Serial Rapist Pedophile Bill Clinton

via Jew Raping Pedophiles Epstein and Dershowitz Connection To Serial Rapist Pedophile Bill Clinton

Chinese Space Espionage By Bill Clinton And The Democrats

China At War With The USA

Military Technology for Sale

Dangerous Exports to the Chinese Army





Read and Learn! As I have said before, this country is been overthrown by those who are owned by the devil with Clinton, John Kerry among others who have sold us out.

All documented with news articles and FOI act papers etc. etc. etc. including a STATE DEPT. CHARGE LETTER TO HUGHES AND BOEING CONCERNING TRANSFER OF DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY TO CHINA

This is what I used to put on radio in Kansas City and why the Communist wife of the owner got terminated because KCXL1140 owner Pete Schartel is a emasculated form of a man who did not have the courage to stand up for God and the Truth concerning what was being done to this country and by who.

Now you know why the Chinese and Russians were able to catch up with us militarily and now are able to and are preparing to take us off the map. Now you know who is responsible.

And most importantly is the timing…because God allowed this in preparation for this His judgment on we the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah who have rejected Jesus Christ. Those involved in this treason…I can assure you have rejected him too and been in the forefront of that rejection in one form or another and they shall burn in hell.

Military Technology for Sale

Dangerous Exports to the Chinese Army














SENT BY: HUGHES A/C  3-14-95  ; 1:13PM ;WASHINGTON DC OFFICE   12026475713


Commercial communications satellites have been a powerful force
in promoting democratic change round the world. The sale of
US-manufactured communications satellites has contributed
positively to US balance of payments. The US continues to lead
the world in production and sale of commercial communications
satellites, but this lead is being threatened not only by
foreign competition, but also by unresponsive US export
procedures and practices.

Statement of the Problem

For more than 30 years, the US has led the world in building and
exporting commercial communications satellites. It enjoyed a
virtual monopoly for many years, and up to the late 1970's, all
operating commercial communications satellites were of US
manufacture. Competition was an entirely US affair.

This situation changed dramatically in the last decade.
Japanese, European, and Canadian firms began an aggressive
campaign to surpass the US in the sale and manufacture of
commercial communications satellites and supporting systems.
European firms competed head-to-head with the US satellite
industry, closely matching US companies in quality and often
bettering them in price. Throughout, European industry enjoyed
the aggressive support of their governments. This support was a
vital element, for example, in Aerospatiale's Turksat, Thaisat,
and Arabsat awards. In their marketing discussions with
potential foreign customers, the Europeans consistently promoted
the view that the US satellite manufacturers increasingly were
uncertain and unreliable suppliers because of the US
Government's restrictive export policies.

The US commercial communications satellite industry, the USG,
and the Congress must act now to reverse this situation and
ensure that it does not recur. An appropriate remedy is to
complete the transition of commercial (i.e. non-military)
communications satellites from the United States Munitions List
(USML) which is under State Department jurisdiction to the
Commerce Control List (CCL), which is under Commerce Department
jurisdiction. This jurisdictional change is appropriate since
the national security considerations that initially put
communications satellites on the USML are no longer valid; and
keeping commercial communications satellites on the USML puts US
industry at a competitive disadvantage in the international
telecommunications marketplace.

A Simple Solution

Under current law, many commercial communications satellites are
placed on the USML, rather than the CCL, because they have
characteristics that in the past were unique to military
satellites. Keeping commercial communications satellites on the
USML is no longer warranted. The characteristics, listed below,
now are routinely employed on commercial communications
satellites, many of which are of non-US manufacture:

- Anti-jam Capability (ie. antennas and/or antenna systems with
the ability to respond to incoming interference by adaptively
reducing antenna gain in the direction of the interference). In
today's exploding telecommunications environment, many
commercial customers wish to ensure the veracity and quality of
their signals and protect their systems from spurious commands
and interference. This capability meets a legitimate commercial
need, and is not unique to military use.

- Antennas: (with aperture greater than 30 feet; or with all
sidelobes less than or equal to -35dB; or designed. modified, or
configured to provide coverage area on the surface of the earth
less than 200nm). Commercial mobile services require large
aperture antennas with sensitive receivers. Hughes already is
employing designs for its geosynchronous mobile satellite
systems that include antennas exceeding 30 feet in diameter
commercial use. Control of sidelobe levels for today's
commercial applications is a major antenna design factor
resulting from requirements to control the antenna’s footprint
on the earth, satisfy constraints on orbital location, and meet
efficient communications payload design criteria. The current
and emerging market demand for frequency reuse, antenna spot
beams, and the commercial availability of inespensive ground
terminals are driving antenna footprints to sizes under 200 nm.
This characteristic is no longer a realistic discriminator
between military and commercial systems.

- Crosslinks (ie. intersatellite data relay communication links
that do not involve a ground relay terminal). The use of
crosslinks is another example of readily available technology
that has led to new commercial applications, such as Motorola's
IRIDIUM and Hughes' SPACEWAY. Similar systems are being
developed in Europe and Japan and will have wide spread
commercial applications.

- Baseband Processing (ie. spaceborne baseband processing that
uses any technique other than frequency translation and which
can be changed several times a day on a cbannel-by-channel basis
among previously assigned fixed frequencies). The uses of
on-board processing for commercial applicalions are many,
particularly for the rapidly-emerging mobile commercial
communications marketplace. Its applications range from routine
sorting and routing of incoming calls to maintaining compliance
with prescribed frequency spectrum management.

- Encryption deviecs. Satellites traditionally have been used
for the transmission of sensitive financial and business data
that require absolute integrity and privacy. The encryption
device is a relatively sophisticated equipment item, but is
manufactured for commercial use and, in the case of commercial
communications satellites, it generally is employed to
scramble/unscranibling video and audio programming in order to
protect this data. Once it is embedded in the satellite, the
enctyption device has no military significance.

- Radiation Hardening. Commercial communications satellites
daily operate in a natural radiation environment harmful to
electronic circuits. Hence, they need protection from the
environment in which they operate. This protection comes from
radiation hardened devices embedded in the satellite.

- Perigee Kick Motors. The perigee kick motor is of a type
routinely used to deliver commercial communications satellites
to their proper orbital slots. Using foreign manufactured
perigee kick motors on US-manufactured satellites might work and
alleviate problems associated with the USML, but it would
unnecessarily reduce US content and forfeit revenues to foreign

The above characteristics arc no longer unique to military
satellites. They are becoming increasingly common to fixed and
mobile communications systems. Hence, they should no longer
serve as the basis for keeping commercial communications
satellites on the USML and off the CCL.

In real terms, bureaucratic change simply has not kept abreast
with technological and economic realities. As a result, many
commercial communications satellites remain on the USML, and
their export is subject to the USML's many restrictions.
Removing commercial communications satellites from the USML and
placing them on the CCL largely would rectify this problem.
Commerce licenses do not require Congressional approval; they
are routinely issued in a more timely fashion; and, relative to
State Depanmcnt licenses, their issuance is less frequently
delayed by sanctions that may be imposed by the State Department
upon customer countries. Moreover, the Department of Commerce
sees promotion of exports as one of its prime roles.

US Export Policy Discriminates Against the Satellite Industry

Cunrent US export policy is applied to commercal communication
satellites in a manner inconsistent with other high-tech,
high-added-value US exports, such as the Boeing 747. The overall
technology content of a Boeing 747-400 is greater than that of
any contemporary commercial communications satellite.

The 747's inertial reference system and avionics exceed in cost,
complexity and sensitivity the satellite’s anti-jam capability,
crosslinks, and antennas. Its on-board computers provide
capability greater than the satellite's baseband processing. The
747's powerful turbofan engines are more sophisticated than any
existing perigee kick motor. Its radars surpass the technology
of the satellite's encryption and radiation hardening devices.

Nonetheless, the Boeing 747, with its state-of-the-art radar,
inertial reference system, fuel management systems, on-board
processors, and antennas, is on the CCL. With but few
exceptions, it can be exported worldwide on a pre-approved
general license.

Moreover, the 747 is delivered intact to customers. This is in
marked contrast to the delivery of a U.S. manufactured
commercial communications satellite which is delivered on orbit
and not examined or touched by the customer.

Like Boeing and other US aircraft manufacturers, the US
satellite industry believes that the new investment by emerging
nations in transportation, telecommunications, and power
generation could total $1 trillion by the end of the decade.
This will help the satellite industry boost exports and create
jobs but only if US policy allows it the freedom to effectively
compete in the global market.

Unnecessary controls adversely affect America's ability to
compete. Tight controls stifle our access to new markets. Tight
controls also serve to discourage customers from buying US, and
ultimately motivate them to accelerate the development of
indigenous capabilities, thus giving them the potential to
compete with US industry.


The global arena in which the US satellite industry once reigned
supreme has irrevocably changed. Foreign competition is keen and
it is abetted by a US export policy that not only discriminates
against satellite manufacturers, but also imposes delays that
call into question their reliability as suppliers. Moving US
manufactured satellites off the TJSML to the CCL will alleviate
this problem, .and should contribute directly to the
competitiveness and growth of the US satellite indusuy.


Remove commercial communications satellites and related data
from the USML and put them on the CCL!

8 March 1995



United States Department of State

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
Office of Defense Trade Controls

Washington, D.C 20037

December 26, 2002

Larry D Hunter
General Counsel
Hughes Electronics Corporation
200 North Sepulveda Boulevard
El Segundo, California 90245-0956

Douglas G. Bain
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
The Boeing Company
100 North Riverside
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Re:      Investigation of Hughes Electronics Corporation and
Boeing satellite Systems (formerly Hughes Space and
Communications) Concerning the Long March 2E and Long March BE
failure investigations, and other satellite-related matters
involving the People's Republic of China

Dear Messrs. Hunter and Bain:

(1)      The Department of State ("Department") charges that
which includes Hughes Network Systems, Inc.) and BOEING
SATELLITE SYSTEMS (hereinafter "Respondent BSS") formerly HUGHES
SPACE AND COMMUNICATIONS ("HSC") (hereinafter, "Respondents"
when referred to jointly) violated the Arms Export Control Act
("Act") and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations
("ITAR" or "Regulation" in connection with their misconduct
related to the January 1995 failed launch of the Long March 2E
rocket carrying the APSTAR II spacecraft1 the February 1996
failed launch of the Long March 3E rocket carrying the INTELSAT
708 spacecraft, and

1 The Boeing Company purchased Hughes Space and Communications
from Hughes Electronics on January 13, 2000


other matters set forth herein concerning their business
activities with China.  One hundred twenty-three (123)
violations are alleged at this time.  The essential facts
constituting the alleged violations and the regulatory or other
provisions involved are described herein.  The Department
reserves the right to amend this charging letter (See 22 C.F.R.
S 128.3(a)), including through a revision to incorporate
additional charges stemming from the same misconduct of the
Respondents in these matters.  Please be advised that this is a
charging letter to impose debarment or civil penalties pursuant
to 22 C.F.R. S 128.3.

* * *


Jurisdictional Requirements

(2)      Respondents HE and BSS are corporations organized under
the laws of the State of Delaware.

(3)      Respondents are -- and were during the period covered
by the offenses set forth herein - - engaged in the manufacture
and export of defense articles and defense services and so
registered with the Department of State, Office of Defense Trade
Controls ("ODTC") in accordance with Section 38 of the Act and S
122.1 of the Regulations.

(4)      Respondents are U.S. persons within the meaning of S
120.15 and, as such, are subject to the jurisdiction of the
United States, in particular with regard to the Act and the

(5)      China Academy of Launch Technology ("CALT"), China
Great - Wall Industry Corporation ("CGWIC"), China Satellite
Launch and Tracking Control ("CLTV"), China Aerospace
Corporation ("CASC"), China International Trust & Investment
Company ("CITIC"), China United Telecommunications Satellite
Company, China Overseas Space Development & Investment Company,
Commission for Science, Technology & Industry for National
Defense ("COSTIND"), Sino-Canada Telecommunications and
Investment Management Company, Ltd, Asia Pacific Satellite
Telecommunications Company ("APT" formerly "APSAT"), Asia
Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Company ("APMT") Asian
Satellite Telecommunications Company, Ltd ("ASIASAT"), Societe
Europeene des Satellites ("SES") and


other persons so identified below all are foreign persons within
the meaning of S 120.16 of the Regulations.

US-PRC International Agreements on Space Launch

(6)      on December 17, 1988, the United States and the
People's Republic of China ("PRC") signed an international
agreement in Washington, DC. entitled "Memorandum of Agreement
on Satellite Technology safeguards Between the Governments of
the United States and the People's Republic of China," which
entered into force upon signature. This agreement specifies the
security procedures to be followed for launch of
U.S.-manufactured satellites from the territory of the PRC and
also expressly prohibits U.S. persons from providing "any
assistance" to the PRC relating to the design, development,
operation, maintenance, modification, or repair of the launch
facility or launch vehicle.2


(7)      On December 21, 1992, a PRC Long March 2E space launch
vehicle ("SLV") carrying the OPTUS B2 satellite manufactured by
Respondents exploded shortly after liftoff from China’s space
launch facility (Xichanq Launch Center). The satellite was
exported to the PRC for launch pursuant to a State Department
munitions license issued by ODTC, which provided for U.S.
Government (i.e., through Department of Defense personnel)
monitoring of all phases of the launch

2 The 1988 Agreement was superceded upon entry into force by a
similar U.S.-PRC agreement done at Beijing on February 11, 1993,
containing the same prohibition.  The agreement also bars the
PRC from seeking such assistance and, together with the
prohibition on the provision by U.S. persons of such assistance,
provides the fundamental conditions sine qua non the United
States has licensed the export of commercial satellites to the
PRC for launch into outer space.  The requirement to comply with
these bilateral agreements has been routinely incorporated as a
condition of the export license authorizations provided by ODTC
to U.S. satellite manufacturers.  See para. (7) above.  In a
letter dated December 3, 2002, Respondent's stated their view
that the agreement (rather than reflecting a ban on the
provision of assistance by U.S. persons) is more accurately
described as reflecting a mutual understanding of the PRC and
the USC.


and which required that all of Respondents' employees and agents
conform strictly to the aforesaid Satellite Technology
Safeguards Agreement, specifically by prohibiting "any  ..
technical assistance whatsoever to its (Respondents') Chinese
counterparts which might assist China to design, develop or
enhance the performance of any of its contemplated or existing
Long March launch vehicles or missiles."

(8)      Following the OPTUS B2 failed launch, the Respondents
concluded that the PRC's SLV nose cone (or fairing) was a
principal cause of the failure and sought advice from ODTC on
whether a license would be granted to hold discussions with the
PRC on this matter, following which consultation with ODIC the
Respondents concluded that "a license request would almost
certainly be denied (by ODTC) if even the slightest possibility
or inference, real or perceived, remained undispelled (sic)
that the technical data could directly or indirectly impact PRC
ballistic missile interests."3  In the event, the Respondents
decided not to seek a license from ODTC, but did proceed to
conduct a launch failure investigation into the causes of the
OPTUS B2 SLV failure, which would inform their approach in
subsequent matters, described below.4

3  April 9, 1993, memorandum from Majors (Hughes Washington
Director for International Affairs) to Leedle (Hughes Technology
Export Control Coordinator).

4  While there is information available to ODTC indicating that
violations of the Act and the Regulations occurred in the OPTUS
B2 matter, it has decided not to bring charges owing to the
passage of time and contradictory recollections of persons
involved in these matters, and the further opinion that the
charges detailed herein provide an adequate basis for addressing
the underlying patterns of misconduct.  The Respondents do not
deny their failure to obtain a license, but maintain they
obtained approval from a Department of Defense monitor prior to
making disclosures to the Chinese.  Respondents also assert that
the Department "well knows" that their decision not to seek a
license "coincided with a decision not to furnish any
information that could qualify as technical data or a defense
service."  However, the Department has no such understanding or
knowledge; quite the opposite is true: The Respondents have
repeatedly asserted throughout this investigation that none of
their conduct in any of the matters touched on in this



(9)      On January 26, 1995, a PRC Long March 2E space launch
vehicle ("SLV") carrying the APSTAR II satellite exploded
shortly after liftoff tram China's space launch facility. The
APSTAR IL satellite was also manufactured by the Respondents
pursuant to a contract with the Asia-Pacific satellite
Telecommunications company ("APT") located in Hong Kong, which
was then and remains today "owned or controlled" (as these terms
are understood in the Regulations at S 122) by various PRC
entities.  The APSTAR II satellite had been exported to the PRC
launch pursuant to an export license issued by the Department of
Commerce.  That export license, while not requiring U.S.
Government monitoring of the launch or other specific
prohibitions on assistance to China's SLV program (unlike the
earlier State Department licenses for OPTUS B2 and the first
APSTAR satellite), also did not --indeed, lawfully could not --
provide -authorization for Respondents to engage in the unlawful
conduct alleged below in violation of the Act and the

charging letter qualifies as a "defense service" either because
it excluded technical data (in their opinion) or because it is
Constitutionally protected "speech", while ODTC has repeatedly
admonished Respondents and their attorneys that the AECA and
ITAR properly regulate on U.S. security and foreign policy
grounds the conduct of U.S. persons who aid and abet the space
launch and/or intercontinental ballistic missile programs of
foreign powers, that Respondents are improperly conflating the
laws and regulations governing the conduct of their corporations
abroad in respect to foreign space and missile programs with the
laws and regulations governing the exercise of "speech" (which
are in no manner at issue here) and that, because of security
and foreign policy considerations, the United States has long
held by the ITAR (with which regulations Respondents are fully
familiar) that a defense service requiring approval by ODTC of a
technical assistance agreement may occur even when all the
information relied on in furnishing the defense service to a
foreign power is in the public domain.

5 Hughes initially received approval from the State Department
in March 1993 17 or the APSAT (later termed APSTAR) program,
which was then defined to cover two series 376


(10)     Following the APSTAR II launch failure, the
Respondents, APT, CGWIO and the insurance firm, Johnson &
Higgins, signed a memorandum of understanding in which they
agreed "to cooperate with each other in a Spirit of mutual
benefit and cooperation to prepare information concerning the
APSTAR-2 mission failure...  Each of the parties will use their
best efforts to prepare the necessary information as soon as
possible to assist APT’S business operations..- APT, Hughes and
OGWIC agree that they will each cooperate and coordinate all
investigations of the probable cause of

satellites for APT, Ltd. in Hong Kong. However, in August 1993
the State Department imposed missile sanctions (Category 2) and
determined that the export of communications satellites
containing Missile Technology Control Regime ("MTCR") Category 2
items to the sanctioned Chinese entities was prohibited and
suspended access to any MTCR related technology by PRC
nationals.  In January 1994 the State Department terminated the
suspension with respect to all PRC nationals, but continued to
prohibit access to any MTCR related technology by any PRC
national affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Aerospace
Industry or any Chinese government activity relating to missile
development or production, electronics, space systems or
equipment, and military aircraft.  Ten such Chinese activities
were enumerated as examples to Hughes, including CGWIO, CASC, et
alia.  Faced with these developments in USC policy, Hughes had
in the interim redefined the second APSTAR satellite based on
its 601 series and, in the interim (November 1993), sought and
received approval for the export of this satellite from the
Department of Commerce.  The Respondents have maintained (most
recently in a letter dated December 3, 2002, that no violation
occurred in this matter because the Department of Commerce was
"well within its authority" to approve release of the launch I
failure material that was given to the Chinese in the APSTAR II
failure investigation through a commodity classification (CCATS
#G000824, dated August 26, 1995).  However, the record indicates
Respondents knew chat the Apstar II launch failure investigation
was properly within the coverage of the ITAR and, hence,
required Department of State approval; in any case, the
Department of Commerce has said it erred in that matter.


failure of the APSTAR-2 mission in a spirit of mutual benefit."6

(11)     By letter dated January 31, 1995, Respondents informed
PRC authorities that "Hughes is prepared to fully cooperate with
you in investigating this failure so that we may quickly resume
launches of the Long March. I have instructed our people to make
available whatever data and resources are required to understand
the cause and fix the problem.  Again, I want to make clear that
I strongly support our mutual cooperation, including meaningful
technology transfer, and I am prepared to bring the full
capability of Hughes to the partnership."7

(12)     Notwithstanding the established prohibitions and
restrictions contained in the US-PRC bilateral agreement, which
formed an essential basis for the launch of all U.S.
manufactured satellites from the PRC, and notwithstanding
Respondents’ careful understanding of these prohibitions and
restrictions (from prior discussions with and licenses approved
by ODTC), Respondents took numerous actions, some of which are
described herein, in violation of the Act and the Regulations.
Notably, Respondents decided to form and direct a launch failure
investigation beginning in January 1995 and continuing
throughout much of that year.  The investigation involved the
formation of several groups of leading technical experts from
China and the U.S., which throughout the investigation engaged
in an extensive exchange of technical data and analysis,
producing a wide range of unauthorized technology transfers and
the violations enumerated in PART II, below.8  Additionally,

6  Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Mission Failure,
dated January 26, 1995, between He Kerang, APT Satellite co,.,
Ltd., Yu Pusheng, China Great Wall Industry Corp., Donald
Cromer, Hughes Space and Communications and Paul B. O’Connor,
Johnson & Higgins Insurance Company.  

7  Letter dated January 31, 1995, from Steven Dorfman, Senior
Vice President, GM Hughes Electronics to Minister Liu Jiyuan.
China Aerospace Corporation.

8 An HSC facsimile message dated May 14, 1995, describes the
scope of technical interchange with APT officials; "(W)e of
course briefed APT about everything, including the fairing
concerns.  APT had been present in all of the failure meetings
to date, and has copies of everything from both sides."


parties contracted an independent investigation team of private
consultants and aerospace industry experts.9

(13)     At no time did the Respondents seek or receive a
license or other written approval concerning the conduct of
their APSTAR II failure investigation with PRC authorities or
the experts who participated in that investigation as required
by Section 38 of the Act and relevant provisions of the
Regulations.  Such approval would not, of course, have been
forthcoming in view of the established legally binding
prohibition in the 1993 (and predecessor) US-PRC agreement and
as reflected in the prohibitions and limitations contained in
prior export authorizations related to China that ODTC had
furnished to Respondents.  This said, Respondents HE and BSS
have continued to maintain that the reason no written approval
was sought was because none was required.10

(14)     Instead, a March 21, 1995, internal memorandum of
Respondents summarized the corporate strategy for the APSTAR II
failure investigation:

9  Indeed, the scale and depth of technical assistance furnished
to Chinese authorities in this matter is indicated by the
organizational structure of the failure investigation: a Failure
Investigation Team was formed to examine all aspects of the
failure, including the satellite and rocket and "external
interfaces" with CALT, CGWIC, et al, and produced a 38 page
report based on the work of seven specialized sub-teams
(spacecraft debris, material properties, video analysis,
telemetry, coupled loads, structures and aerodynamics) drawing
on the experiences of members who also worked on the Optus
failure; & Spacecraft Focus Team reviewed the work of the
Failure Investigation Team and produced an 84-page report
assessing whether and how the satellite might have been a
contributing factor in the failure; an Independent Review Team
provided Respondents with an independent assessment of the work
of the other teams; an International Oversight Team reviewed the
work of both sides and included representatives of China and
Respondents, as well as third party foreign nationals.  The IQT
met on three separate occasions between April and June.

10 December 3, 2002, Letter to ODTC Director Lowell from HEC/BSS
Counsel Randall Turk, Esq (Baker Botts).


     "(I)n the 82 (OPTUS 82) investigation, communication
     between companies was limited due to Government Monitor
     oversight from DOS (Department of State) and fear by the
     Chinese that Hughes was trying to prove that the fairing
     was at fault.... (K)eep communication open with the Chinese
     long enough to get the information needed to understand
     the fairing and the rocket - Without Government monitor
     (now under the Department of Commerce license) and without
     the appearance of pointing our finger, the Chinese have
     been much more open to giving data we need."11

(15)     This strategy was further influenced by Respondents'
business interests in securing future contracts with the PRC and
with Asian satellite companies in which PRC influence figured
prominently, and concern that U.S. Government policy constraints
on technology transfer as administered by ODTC were an
impediment to achieving these interests.  A May 2, .1995,
internal memorandum of Respondents regarding a meeting with APT,
summarizes this assessment:

     "ARSTAR 2 and APMT decisions (discussed further below) will
     be within a global context (technology transfer, launch
     vehicle commitments, long term manufacturing partnership
     with China).  Key to that global context is technology
     transfer.  This made it extremely clear that it is time for
     Hughes to either "put up or shut up" in regard to meeting
     their (sic) previously stated commitment of transferring
     technology to China.  If we want to win APT (APMT) Hughes
     must make real commitment to transferring technology to


(16)     On June 23, 1995, the Department of Commerce approved
an export license for Respondents to export the APSTAR lA
satellite to China for launch on the Long March 3B 5EV and sale
to APT.  The Commerce license specifically

11  Hughes Space and Communications Company document dated March
21, 1995, Strategy for APSTAR Failure Investigation.

12  Hughes Space and Communications facsimile message dated May
2, 1995, from Steven Dorfman to John Konrad et al., Subject:
Status and Recommendations May 2 Meeting with APT.


provided, in part, that “technical data or assistance related to
the design, development, operation1 maintenance, modification,
or repair of the Chinese launch vehicle is not authorized under
this license.13

(17)     On February 15, 1996, the PRC’s Long March 3B SLV
crashed during a tailed attempt to launch the INTELSAT 708
satellite manufactured by Space Systems/Lora]- ("SS/L") -

(18)     On February 22, 1996, Respondents' Chairman at the
Board wrote to Chinese General Shen Rongjun (then Deputy
Director of the Commission for Science, Technology, and Industry
for National Defense "COSTIND") and asked "if there is anything
we at Hughes Space and Communications can do to support your
investigation into the cause of the loss (i.e., LM 3B and
INTELSAT 708)."14  The next day, February 23, 1996, Respondents'
Chairman wrote to Major General Hu Shixiang, Director of the
Xichang Satellite Launch Center, to assure him of his "personal
support and that of my company as you investigate the causes for
the loss."

(19)     On March 9, 1996, Respondents’ personnel met with
Xichang launch center authorities, toured the crash site,
conducted a site survey, and developed a list of twenty-five
items that required resolution before the launch of APSTAR lit
could take place later that year, which launch was slated to
rely on the LM 3 SLV.15

13  Department of Commerce export license no. D-219965.

14  Respondents maintain that the CEO Cromer letters were merely
an expression of condolence for the deaths of Chinese citizens.
It is true that the letter to Major General Hu Shixiang (but not
the letter to General Shen Rongjun) did offer condolences for
the loss of life in its introductory paragraph as follows:
"Please allow me to express my sincere condolences for the loss
of the Long March 3B carrying Intelsat 708.  I was particularly
saddened to learn there may have been a number of lives lost,
including some of your own personnel.  I was gratified to hear,
however that damage to your facilities was relatively light and
I know you will soon be fully operational once again."

15  Respondents suggest their motive for this activity, which
concerned chiefly repairs of the facility, was to ensure the
safety of their own personnel and have continued to assert that
"the site survey was perfectly lawful" (December 3 letter from
Turk to Lowell. However, this assertion also 


(20)     On March 10, 1996, Respondents' personnel presented
CALT, CGWIC, and APT with the results of its survey.

(21)     On March 14, 1996, Respondents' personnel met in
Beijing with APT, CLTC, OMIT, CGWIC and representatives of the
international insurance industry in which Respondents and
Chinese authorities were informed that: (a) a final report on
the root causes of the INTELSAT 708 launch failure would be
required, as well as (b) a review of the report by an
independent oversight team.  These requirements were fully
consistent with the groundwork already laid by Respondents who
had already informed Chinese authorities on March 10, 1996, that
more information would be needed to convince the insurance
underwriters that an adequate investigation had been conducted
to isolate the cause of the LM-3B failure and that a detailed
presentation would be needed to convince the, underwriters that
the LM-3 launch vehicle (slated to launch Respondents' APSTAR lA
satellite) was substantially different from the LM-3B and thus
did not run the risk of experiencing the same failure.

(22)     Chinese authorities initially invited Respondents to
head up the oversight team for INTELSAT 708 (as it had done for
OPTUS B2 and APSTAR II), but in the event, Respondents declined
and opted to participate in an SS/L led investigation.16

ignores the fact that the prohibition on assistance to the PRC
launch program extends explicitly to the PRC launch "facility"
(See para. 6, above), as long stated in the US-PRC bilateral

16 Apparently in order "not to rock the boat" while an export
license application for yet another satellite export involving
China (ie, APMT) was undergoing review in the USG (April 8,
1996, memorandum from Herron to Cromer) and in light of
Respondents' assumption that SS/L's chairmanship would act as a
"buffer" for it (e.g... an April 9, 1996 response to Herron from
Steinhauer opines that "it is in HSC advantage to stay engaged.
An outside consultant may buffer HSC somewhat relative to the
technology transfer issue."  Also, a May 6, 1996, message to
SS/L from Steinhauer referring to "detailed suggestions for
specific testing in the controls laboratory, for specific fixes
to the IMU (inertial measurement unit) single point wire solder


(23)     Notwithstanding the Respondents' decision to opt for a
lower profile in the 1996 SS/L-led failure investigation by the
Independent Review Committee,17 they nevertheless participated
fully in the 1996 launch failure investigation both through the
assignment of two top technical personnel, often playing a
leadership role both within the IRC in troubleshooting problems,
and independent of the IRC, through separate, technical meetings
with Chinese authorities.  For example:

  (a)  On April 10, 1996, Respondents personnel faxed nine
  questions pertaining to the LM 3B failure to GW Aerospace
  Corporation, a U.S.-based consulting company owned by CGWIC,
  which were to be forwarded to the LM 3B program office in
  Beijing "in order to ensure that the anticipated.  Chinese
  failure report considered specific concerns related to the LM
  3B failure ... and impact the cause may have on Hughes
  decision to launch the ABSTAP. lA satellite."18

  (b)  On April 25, 1996, Respondents personnel met with GW
  Aerospace personnel to discuss questions drafted in
  preparation for the second IRC meeting, in which Respondents'
  personnel subsequently reported that they had "thoroughly
  discussed the possibility of any other control and guidance
  system failure causes, specifically including the eight-engine
  performance and structural issues.  We discussed the
  eight-engine (LM 3B) versus four-engine (LM

failure" notes that "the committee could be approaching the
border of technology transfer, i.e., how to improve the launch
vehicle" and asks "will SS/L be the filter for tech transfer
issues?"  (Respondents maintain that, despite appearances to the
contrary, there is no connection between any of the preceding
discussions and "the decision for Loral to take the lead with
respect to oversight of the investigation.")

17  Charges associated with SS/L's conduct related to the IRC
were resolved through a Consent Agreement entered into between
SS/L, Loral Space & Communications and the Department in January

19  Hughes Space and Communications facsimile transmission dated
April 10, 1996, from R. Steinhauer, Hughes Chief Scientist, to
Tian Guodang, GW Aerospace Corporation, Subject: Questions for
the APSTAR lA Insurance Meeting.


  3A) lift off vibration and acoustic environment at the IMU.
  CALT will have to investigate this further."19

  (c) On April 30 and Pay 1, 1996, Respondents in a "splinter
  group" of IRC experts concerned with attitude control advised
  the Chinese of tests that could be done using equipment
  available at CALT's factory in order to replicate the launch
  failure and confirm the Chinese theory of the IMU in the LM-3B
  failure scenario, as well as differences between the LM 3B and
  LM 3 IMUs.20

APMT and Sino-Canada

(24)     On May 8, 1998, Respondents announced that they had
concluded a contract with Asia Pacific Mobile Telecommunications
Satellite (APMT), a company sponsored by Chinese and Singapore
partners, for a satellite based mobile phone system.  The turnkey
system was to include two satellites to be launched from China
on the Long March 3B SLV, five gateways, one network operations
center, one satellite operations center and an initial purchase
of 70,000 user terminals, with the ground network equipment and
handsets to be provided by HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS.21

(25)     APMT's Chinese shareholders and partners included
China Satellite Launch and Tracking Control General, China
United Telecommunications Satellite Company, China Overseas
Space Development & Investment Company.

(26)     In June 1995 Sino-Canada Telecommunications and
Investment Management Company, Ltd. was incorporated in
Macao, having its principal place of business at the Hotel
Fortuna, in order to explore telecommunications

19  Email message from R. Steinhauer to John Smay et al. dated
April 26, 1996, subject; Discussions with Huang Zuoyi

20  Letter from Wah Lim, Senior VP, SS/L, to Liu Zhixionq, VP
CGWIC regarding Second IRC Meeting in Beijing.

21  The U.S Government ultimately rejected the export license
application for this project when by letter dated February 24,
1999, the Department of Commerce informed Hughes of its
intention to deny several license applications for APMT in light
of concerns expressed by the Department of State regarding the
planned launch services.


opportunities in the PRC related to APMT.22  Sino-Canada's
managing director, Suen Yan Kwong, was the founder of Chung Kiu
Telecommunications (CKT), which had invested in cellular
telecommunications for use under special network by China's
People's Liberation Army (PLA) in military districts along the
coastal provinces.

(27)     On January 2l, 1999, in the course of a meeting with
ODTC it Washington, D.C., Respondents' Vice President and
General Counsel advised that Respondents had become concerned
about a $5 million foreign sales agreement with Sino-Canada
related to APMT entered into by Respondents (which had not been
reported to ODTC at the time of Respondents' technical
assistance agreement submission for APMT on June 1, 1998 as
required by S 124.12(a)(6)), and that Respondents had retained
Kroll Associates to examine this matter ($500,000 had already
been paid to Sino-Canada and an additional $25 million was held
in escrow).  ODTC requested a statement as to whether any of the
payments concerned, in particular, political contributions,
which Respondents subsequently reported negatively, and whether
the Kroll report would be made available to ODIC, which
Respondents have declined to furnish on the grounds of
attorney-client privilege.23

APMT and Shen Jun

(28)     On July 9, 1996, Respondents submitted a munitions
export license application to ODTC seeking authorization for one
of its employees, Shen Jun, described as a dual Canadian Chinese
national, in order to provide Chinese-English language
translation and interpretation support for the

22  Respondents advise that opportunities related to APMT was
not the sole business activity of, or the sole purpose for,
Sino-Canada's incorporation.

23  Respondents now maintain that their prior General Counsel
erred in that meeting and that, while there were preliminary
discussions with Kroll about conducting a background
investigation of Sino-Canada, Respondents ultimately elected to
have the background investigation conducted by outside counsel
other than Kroll (which investigative report has similarly been
withheld from ODTC by Respondents).


preliminary design phase of the APMT satellite project.24  In no
place in that submission nor otherwise did HUGHES SPACE AND
COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY inform ODTC that this individual was, in
fact, the son of PLA General and COSTIND Deputy Director Shen
Rongjun, 25  which fact was material to the U.S. Government's
consideration of whether the license application should be
approved or denied.26

(29)     The record indicates that Shen Jun’s role for
Respondents went well beyond that of an interpreter/translator
and more closely resembled that of an intermediary with his
father, General Shen, and other PRC space authorities, in order
to cultivate their support in various matters of interest to
Hughes, including the handling of the APSTAR II launch failure
investigation and the APMT contract.27

24  This license application was initially approved, but
subsequently suspended by ODTC when it became known that Shen
Jun was the son of Shen Rongjun.

25  According to a September 20, 1995 memorandum, Hughes
regarded General Shen Rongjun as "the most important Chinese
space official."

26  Respondents have maintained as of December 3, 2002, that
this information was not material and that its omission was
proper because there is no place in the munitions license
application for them to disclose father-son relationships
between General officers at the People's Liberation Army who are
overseeing a project they are working on and their foreign
national employees working in U.S. facilities on the same

27  An August 8, 1995, memorandum from Bruce Elbert reports on
APMT related activities by Shen Jun:  "in a telephone
conversation last night with Jun he provided the following
information after having talked to important people involved
with APMT ... Lockheed Martin has sweetened their bid with
technology transfers on launch vehicles and changed their
price...  These points were reiterated by the highest official
he interfaced with Jun has the worry that if it goes wrong in
Munich (an apparent reference to an APSTAR II launch failure
briefing to insurance providers) we open the door for Lockheed
Martin and their unique proposal for technology transfer on the
launch vehicle.  This could result in our not getting into the
final round of APMT negotiations."  The memo goes on to report
that Shen Jun has been asked "to make a proposal to CASC and
CGWIC that they describe their



(30)     By letter dated November 12, 1999, Respondent BSS
provided a pre1iminary notification to ODTC of an intended
voluntary disclosure of violations of the Regulations related to
its ASIASAT 3 program, a satellite manufactured for the Asia
Satellite Telecommunications Company in Hong Kong, whose
principal owners are China International Trust & Investment
Company (CITIC) and Societe Europeenne des Satellites (SES, a
company incorporated in Luxembourg).28  By letter dated February
9, 2000, Respondents advised ODTC that its internal audit (now
complete) had concluded its employees had provided ASIASAT
personnel with technical data that exceeded the scope of its
Department of Commerce license (and which was subject to State
Department jurisdiction).

(31)     The unauthorized disclosures concerned two categories
of information.  First, unit-level FECMA (failure modes and
criticality analysis) and worst case circuit analysis for the
ASIASAT 3 satellite, which constitutes detailed design
information subject to control under the Regulations and
generally not releasable to foreign persons, had been made
available to the ASIASAT organization in 1996 in five volumes of
technical data.  ODTC directed Respondent BSS to seek the return
of this data from ASIASAT following the submission of the
voluntary disclosure in February 2000, but Respondent was unable
to effect the return of all the information from ASIASAT.
Second, following abandonment of an ASIASAT field office at
Respondents El Segundo, California premises, Respondent Boeing
discovered additional technical data that had been
(presumptively) accessible to a PRC national employee of ASIASAT
assigned to the El Segundo field office.  This technical data
concerned production information for certain subsystems,
including the Xenon ion propulsion system, which information as
also generally not releasable to foreign persons.

redesign of the LM-2E fairing and that Hughes discuss what it
will do only if we use the LM-2E again."

28  ASIASAT 3 was launched on December 25, 1997, from the
Baikonur Cosmodrone in Kazakhstan, but did not reach its proper
orbit when the upper stage of the Proton rocket failed.



(32)     By letter dated September 17, 2001, Respondent Boeing
voluntarily disclosed to ODTC that its personnel improperly
transferred controlled technical data to SES during a 1995
critical design review for the ASTRA lG satellite and a 1995
preliminary design review for the ASTRA 111 satellite, which
satellites were being exported and sold to SES pursuant to a
Department of Commerce license.  The technical data improperly
disclosed in this instance, as in the ASIASAT 3 matter, above,
exceeded the conditions of the Commerce license (and required a
State Department license, which was not sought) and concerned
electrical power subsystems that contained unit level FECMA and
worst case circuit analysis; such detailed design information is
generally not releasable to foreign persons.

License and Reporting Requirements

(33)     S 126.1(a) of the Regulations provides that it is the
policy of the United States to deny, among other things,
licenses and other approvals) destined for or originating in
certain countries, including china.

(34)     S 126.1(e) of the Regulations provides that no sale or
transfer and no proposal to sell or transfer any defense service
may be made to any country referred to in this section and that
any person who knows or has reason to know of any actual
transfer of such services must immediately inform ODTC.

(35)     S 127.1(a) (1) of the Regulations provides that it is
unlawful to export or attempt to export from the United States
any defense article or technical data or to furnish any defense
service for which a license or written approval is required
without first obtaining the required license or written approval
from the Office of Defense Trade Controls.

(36)     S 127il1a) (3) of the Regulations provides that it is
unlawful to conspire to export, import, reexport or cause to be
exported, imported or reexported, any defense article or to
furnish any defense service for which a license or written
approval is required without first obtaining the


required license or written approval from the Office of Defense
Trade Controls.

(37)     S 127.1(a) (4) of the Regulations provides that it is
unlawful to violate any terms and conditions of licenses or

(38)     S 127.1(b) of the Regulations provides that any person
who is granted a license or other approval is responsible for
the acts of employees, agents, and all authorized persons to
whom possession of the licensed defense article or technical
data has been entrusted regarding the operation, use,
possession, transportation, and handling of such defense article
or technical data abroad.

(39)     S 127.1(d) of the Regulations provides that no person
may willfully cause, or aid, abet, counsel, demand, induce,
procure or permit the commission of any act prohibited by, or
the omission of any act required by 22 U.S.C. S 2778, 22 U.S.C.
S 2779, or any regulation, license, approval, or order issued

(40)     S 127.2 of the Regulations provides that it is unlawful
to use any export document containing a false statement or
misrepresenting or omitting a material fact for the purpose of
exporting any defense article or technical data or the
furnishing of any defense service for which a license or
approval is required.

(41)     S 130.9(a) (1) of the Regulations requires that each
applicant must inform the Office of Defense Trade Controls as to
whether it or its vendors have paid, or offered or agreed to
pay, in respect of any sale for which a license or approval is
requested:  (i) political contributions in an aggregate amount
of $5,000 or more or (ii) fees or commissions in an aggregate
amount of $100,000 or more.  If so, an applicant must provide
the detailed information specified in SS 130.10 and 130.11

* * *



Charges 1-3

(42)     The Respondents violated 22 C.F.R. 5. 127.1(a) (3) when
on or about January 26, 1995, and continuing over the course of
the next eight months, they conspired with Chinese authorities
and other third party foreign nationals to furnish defense
services to China related to the failure and future functioning
of the Long March 2E space launch vehicle (SLV) following the
APSTAR II accident, for which a license or other written
approval was required; violated S 126.1(e) concerning prohibited
exports, when they offered defense services (i.e., "proposed")
in connection with the tailed launch of the Apstar II; and also
violated S 127.1(d) when they willfully caused or aided,
abetted, counseled, demanded, induced, procured or permitted the
commission of an act prohibited by a regulation issued pursuant
to 22 U.S.C. S 2778.

Charges 4-14

(43)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, without the required license or other approval
from ODTC, the Failure Investigation Team provided expert
analysis and advice in spacecraft debris, material properties,
video analysis, telemetry, coupled loads, structures and
aerodynamics1 summarized in a 38-page report; when the
spacecraft Team provided expert analysis and advice in assessing
the work of the Failure Team and whether or how the satellite
contributed to the failure, summarized in an 84-page report;
and, when the international oversight Team provided expert
analysis and advice in three meetings held between April and
June 1995 during which the results of the investigation were

Charges 15-17

(44)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a)(1) of the Regulations
when, on or about February 10, 1995, without the required
license or other written approval from ODTC, it identified for
Chinese authorities the incorrect seating during flight of the
LV clamp band; diagnosed that LV clamp band slippage was
possibly caused by vibrations and the choice of lubricant on
the band; and recommended review of this area by Chinese
authorities prior to future flights.


Charges 18-20

(45)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a)(l) at the
Regulations when, on or about February 10,1995, without the
required license or other written approval from ODTC, it
identified for Chinese authorities possible design flaws in the
venting system of the payload fairing (or nose cone at the
rocket); compared it to Western standards; and recommended that
Chinese authorities review this area prior to future

Charges 21-23

(46)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about February 10, 1995, without the
required license or other written approval from ODTC, it
provided for Chinese authorities expert identification of
possible design flaws in the nose dome of the fairing and of
similarities in the probable failure of the nose dome for both
Apstar II and Optus B2 detected by Respondents' analysis of
payload fairing debris recovered from the two accidents.

Charges 24-25

(47)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about February 9-10, 1995 and May 8,
1995, without the required license or other written approval
from ODTC, it provided for Chinese authorities expert
identification of inaccuracies, omissions and the like
associated with Chinese debris investigation and, further,
provided insights into U.S. analytical techniques concerning
recovered debris1 which Respondent supported with technical
drawings, photographs and modeling where expedient.

Charges 26-31

(48)     Respondent BSS violated S 1271(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about February 13, 1995 and April 12-13,
1995, without the required license or other written approval
from ODTC, it identified for Chinese authorities telemetry data
as an important - - if not that most important - - source of
information regarding the failure; it disclosed to China how
their (i.e., CALT and CGWIC) analysis of telemetry data revealed
deficiencies with respect to four


areas -- trajectory corrections due to wind shear effects,
incorrect interpretations of accelerometer data, a probable
anomaly with the clamp band, and a probable fault with the
payload fairing venting process --; and it outlined for China
the history of the flight compiled from telemetry data,
including seventy-seven individual points that were critical to
the Respondents' analysis.

Charges 32-36

(49)     Respondent ESS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about February 13, 1995 and May 8, 1995,
without the required license or other written approval from
ODTC, it jointly conducted with Chinese authorities a
re-analysis of the coupled load analysis (CLA)29, in which
expert advice was shared by Respondent with respect to U.S.
expertise in modeling, calculations and methodologies in order
to affirm or critique pre-flight modeling conducted by the
Chinese, alone, and to demonstrate, in particular, deficiencies
in china’s pre-flight CLA with respect to its failure to account
for high winds aloft and buffeting and the Long March 2E's
guidance system failure to compensate for upper level winds.

29  CLA simulates and assesses interplay of the loads on the SLV
during flight, including interaction of the SLV and the
satellite.  The Respondents concluded that the Chinese had not
performed an analysis of the cantilevered loads from the payload
stack to the fairing and, hence, had no real idea of the true
loads on the fairing arising from wind shear and buffeting.
Respondents have maintained as at December 3, 2002, that they
did not "jointly conduct" a CLA and that all they did "was check
to be sure chat it (Hughes) had properly prepared the Hughes
data for the CLA" and did not overlook anything.  (See December
3, 2002 letter from Turk to Lowell.)  However, according to
information in Respondents' own files, the coupled loads team
"reviewed all of the coupled loads analysis information that was
available...  - They compared the flight data from the
spacecraft accelerometers that have flown on the Long March, the
Atlas, and the Ariane.  They traveled to Beijing to work beside
the CALT engineers to review and participate in the Coupled
Loads Analysis methodology. (emphasis added)  They expanded the
standard spacecraft dynamic model (normally good to 75 Hz) to be
valid up to 100 Hz."  See HSC 002803.


Charges 37-38

(50)     Respondent ESS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about March 8, 1995, without the
required license or other written approval from ODTC, it
compared and contrasted for Chinese authorities China's CLA with
Western expert analysis related to the U.S. Atlas and French
Ariane SLVs.

Charge 39

(51)     Respondent BSS violated S l27.l(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about June 14, 1995, without the
required license or other written approval from ODTC,
Respondent's consultant furnished to Chinese authorities in a
letter dated June 14, 1995, addressed to Liu Zhixiong (CGWIC
Vice President) and Donald Cromer (HSC Vice President)
conclusions with respect to the APSTAR II launch failure, as
well as its likely cause and suggestions for further evaluation
by China.30

Charges 40-41

(52)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about March 15, 1995,31 without the
required license or other written approval from ODTC, it
provided to Chinese authorities the results of an analysis of
China's payload fairing and identified flaws in the rivets used
to secure the zipper area of the fairing.32

Charges 42-43

30  Respondents assert that the characterization of the IOT team
member as "Respondents' consultant" is a mischaracterization and
chat in sending the referenced letter, the person was acting as
an independent member of the lOT and not as Hughes' agent.
However, information available to ODTC confirms that Respondents
in fact, arranged this person's participation in the IOT and
that Respondents viewed him as their "consultant."

31  See Apstar 2 Failure Investigation Report Structure's Group
Status Report of March 15, 1995.

32  A "zipper" holds the fairing’s two halves together.


(53)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (l) of the
Regulations when, without the required license or other written
approval from ODTC, it identified for Chinese authorities
possible design flaws and improper installation associated with
the launch vehicle clamp band.33

Charges 44-45

(54)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.l(a)(1) of the
Regulations when, without the required license or other written
approval from ODTC, it identified material and design faults
with the Chinese-manufactured interface adapter and recommended
to China more detailed analyses and development tests on
specific interface hardware and integrated spacecraft, third
stage and adapters for the future.34

Charge 46

(55) Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the Regulations
when, on or about April 21, 1995, without the required license
or other written approval from ODTC, it provided to Sun Jiadong
copies of the APSTAR II failure review charts and the APSTAR II
failure review status report.

Charge 47

(56)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about April 24, 1995, without the
required license or other written approval from ODTC it
provided to a third country foreign national 35 copies of the
same (as in Charge 45. above) APSTAR II failure review charts
and the APSTAR II failure review status report.

Charges 48-55

(57)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about May 22, May 23 and June 5, 1995.
without the required license or other written approval

33  See Apstar 2 Failure Review Management Splinter Meeting of
April 12, 1995.

34  See Structure's Group Status Report of April 12, 1995.

35  Pierre Madon, a foreign national member of the APSTAR II
launch failure international oversight team.


from ODTC, it provided briefings to Sun Jiadong and the same
third country foreign national (as in Charge 47, above)
concerning LM-2E failure conclusions; telemetry information;
response to CALT video; and, interstage conclusions.

Charges 56-60

(58)     Respondent BSS violated S 1271(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about October 25, 1995, at a meeting in
Beijing, without the required license or other written approval
from ODTC, it provided detailed briefings to Chinese authorities
and APT (as well as other foreign persons) concerning the APSTAR
II failure investigative process, its summary conclusions,
failure scenarios, fishbone diagram and corrective actions.

Charge 61

(59)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about October 31, 1995, at a meeting in
Munich, without the required license or other written approval
from ODTC, it provided similar briefings (as in Charges 56-60,
above) to fifty-one foreign persons representing insurance

Charge 62

(60)     The Respondents violated S 126.1(e) of the Regulations
when they tailed, until directed to do so in writing by ODTC in
May 1996, to inform ODTC of the actual transfer of defense
services they had made, or knew or had reason to know of, as
outlined above, to a country prohibited by S 126.1(a).


Charges 63-64

(61)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.l(a) (1) at the
Regulations when, on or about March 9, 1996, it conducted a
survey of the crash site of the INTELSAT 708 spacecraft and
China's Xichang space launch facility and on or about March 10,
1996, it described for Chinese authorities twenty-five (25)
corrective actions chat China needed to implement at the Xichanq
space launch facility in order to ensure


Respondents' commitment to the launch of APSTAR lA on the Long
March 3 SLV.36

Charge 65

(62)     Respondent BSS violated S 121.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about April 15-16, 1996, without a
license or other written approval from ODTC it participated in a
briefing hosted by Chinese authorities on the Long March 3B
failure and outlined its (Respondent's) findings for the benefit
of insurance brokers from the aforesaid launch site survey of
the crash.

Charge 66-67

(63)     Respondent BSS (formerly HSC violated S 126.1(e) of the
Regulations when on or about April 16, 1996, it agreed to the
charter for an Independent Review Committee (IRC) proposed by
Chinese authorities for the INTELSAT 708 launch failure
investigation which charter itself contemplated the transfer of
defense services to a country referred to in S 126.1, without a
license or other written approval from ODTC and Respondent HE
also violated S 126.1(e) when it failed to immediately inform
ODTC of the proposed transfer, HE having known of the proposed
investigation as a result of its senior management's visit to
the PRC on the proposal after April 9, 1996.

36 Respondents have maintained as of December 3, 2002 (ID) that the
25 action items were authorized under the Commerce license
pursuant to "Go/No Go Criteria Exchange" and "Safety Plans."
However, Respondents own tiles indicate that they, themselves,
did not consider the 25 action items to be covered under the
rubric of range safety; certainly there is no basis in practice
to support any such interpretation by Respondents.  See HSC's
June 27, 1996 Report to ODTC on Alleged Violations of the ITAR
(p. 4).  More fundamentally, it is clear that the 25 action items
related principally to the repair of the launch facility (i.e.,
"items to be fixed or replaced"; e.g., windows, electrical
supply, etc.), that repair of a space launch facility is
quintessentially a defense service, and that assistance in the
repair of the launch facility is expressly prohibited by the
U.S.-PRC bilateral agreement.

37 Respondents maintain that the general prohibition on
proposals to furnish defense services to countries


Charge 68

(64)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, oh or about April 26, 1996, without a license
or other written approval from ODTC its chief scientist, one of
two expert representatives in the IRC, discussed thoroughly with
GW Aerospace 38 possible failure causes other than the control
and guidance, including engine performance and structural issues
associated with Long March 3B.39

proscribed at S 126.1 does not apply in this instance because
the agreement of their experts to the defense services envisaged
in the IRC charter proposed by Chinese authorities does not meet
what they consider to be a limiting definition of "proposals" in
S 126.8.  However, that latter provision merely details the
procedures to be followed for prior notification and prior
approval (which Respondents did not follow in any case) when
proposals are made to sell or transfer significant military
equipment; it does not provide a limiting definition of the term
“proposal” as used in S 126.1(e).  In fact, the term "proposal"
as used in S 126.1(e) appropriately covers the acceptance of
proposals made to U.S. persons by senior military authorities of
proscribed destinations, as well as proposals initiated by U.S.
persons.  In the case of the IRC charter, each member, including
Respondents' personnel, agreed to the terms of the charter.
Regardless of how "proposals" with regard to proscribed
countries may be initiated, S 126.1(e) makes abundantly clear
that it is the policy of the Department of State to deny such

38  GW Aerospace is a U.S. based consulting firm owned by CGWIC.

39  Respondents have contended as of December 3, 2002, that the
purpose of the meeting was simply for Steinhauer to be brought
up to date on the results of the recent IRC meeting in Palo Alto
and that information flow in this meeting was from GW Aerospace
to their chief scientist Steinhauer - not the other way around.
However, Mr. Steinhauer’s own report of the meeting with GW
Aerospace is at odds with this contention as he describes
detailed technical discussions between himself and Huang Zuoyi,
the former chief designer of the Long March 2C while at CALT:
"Thoroughly discussed the possibility of any other than control
& guidance system failure causes, specifically including the


Charges 69-77

(65)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, on or about April 10, 1996, without a license
or other written approval from ODTC, its chief scientist
transmitted nine questions concerning the launch failure
investigation by facsimile to GW Aerospace for forwarding, in
turn, to the Long March program office in Beijing, which
questions were provided "in order to ensure that the anticipated
Chinese failure report considered specific Concerns related to
the LM-3B failure and impact the cause of the failure may have
on Hughes decision to launch APSTAR lA satellite."40

performance and structural issues."  Also, "discussed the
eight-engine versus four-engine lift-off vibration and acoustic
environment at the IMU" and that "unusual acoustic reflections
could be involved" which "CALT will look at...."  In addition,
Huang and Steinhauer discussed the details of the specific area
where CALT believes the failure site to be located, leading
Steinhauer to conclude that the Chinese probably have a very
poor design with respect to manufacturability, particularly in
respect to the soldering procedures in the LM3B IMU final

40  Facsimile transmission from Steinhauer to Tian Guodang of GW
Aerospace.  Again, Respondents have asserted as of December 3,
2002, that these questions were about the LM 3B and concerned
tests that were performed prior to flight.  which cannot qualify
as defense services.  Even had these questions generally
concerned prior tests (which they did not).  Respondents'
conclusion would still be wrong as such questions would
nonetheless serve to direct Chinese authorities in their
investigations to help explain the launch failure. However, in
this instance the questions, themselves, were clearly,
designed to lead to the identification of the root cause of the
failure for purposes of assuaging insurance underwriters and do
not generally concern prior tests.  For example, question no. 4)
was:  "Did problem occur in flight after lift-off, or was it
pre­existing?"  Question no. 7) was: "Explain three oscillations
during 22's flight?"  Question no. 9) was:  "Understand that launch
vehicle platform at pad was rotated in order to correct for
laser alignment of launch azimuth very close to lift-off of the
LM 3B.  Describe this activity and its implications on the launch


Charges 78-101

(66)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.l(a)(l) of the
Regulations when, without a license or other written approval
from 0DTC, during the first IRC meeting (April 22-24, 1996, Palo
Alto), together with other international experts who comprised
the IRC, it delineated for Chinese authorities twenty-four areas
41 for further technical investigation and/or analysis upon
concluding that simulation tests and other analysis presented to
the IRC by CGWIC and CALT could not fully explain why, where or
when the Long March rocket's inertial measurement unit (IMU)
failed.  Delineation of the twenty-tour areas was for the
purpose of identifying critical details of the failure mode then
unanswered and of identifying corrective action by Chinese
authorities based on the most likely cause(s) of the LM-3B
failure and the isolation of these causes from the PRC's LM-3
rocket to be used for the, then, upcoming launch of APSTAR lA
manufactured by Respondent.

Charges 102-112

(67)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations during the second IRC meeting (April 30-May 1, 1996,
Beijing), when, without a license or other approval from ODTC,
after reviewing extensive documentation provided by Chinese
authorities and interviewing or hearing presentations from over
one hundred Chinese engineers and technical personnel, together
with other international experts, it joined other IRC members in
furnishing unauthorized defense services in eleven areas.42

41  These 24 areas set forth in the form of detailed technical
questions and/or guidance or recommendations for specific
follow-up analysis covered a range of potential factors
associated with design, operation, manufacturing, testing and
performance of PRC rockets, including the LM-3B, LM-3 and

42  Specifically, the IRC; (1) concurred that the most likely
failure mode was the inertial platform; (2) urged the Chinese to
perform additional hardware in the loop testing or (3) computer
analysis to simulate the complete failure cycle; recommended (4)
additional acceptance test procedure, (5) design for
producibility, (6) reliability operation, and (7) better IMU
assembly procedure; (8) validated that the


Charge 113-114

(68)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.1(a) (1) of the
Regulations when, without a license or other written approval
from ODTC, on or about May 1, 1996, it suggested to other IRC
members, some of whom were foreign persons within the meaning of
the Regulations, that the Beijing Control Institute should set
up a way to incorporate an intermittent wire into their control
simulation test and demonstrate the exact proposed failure
scenario responses, such that China could confirm or refute its
prior conclusion as to the cause of the failure 43 and when it
suggested that a higher fidelity failure scenario test be
performed in the CALT Control Institute laboratory.

Charge 115

(69)     Respondent BSS violated S 126.1(e) of the Regulations
when it tailed to inform ODTC of the planned export of the IRC
report to Chinese authorities.

APMT and Sino-Canada

Charges 116-117

(70)     Respondents violated S 130.9 of the Regulations when
they failed to make timely disclosure of $5 million in
commissions paid and promised to Sino-Canada in connection with
the procurement of the APMT satellite and also violated S
127.1(d) when they willfully caused, aided, abetted, counseled,
demanded1 induced, procured or permitted the

LM-3 and LM-3B inertial platforms are separate and distinct
owing to the LM-3's different inner gimbals drive circuit and
redundancy by design; and specified additional test/analysis
verification in three areas (9-11) continued study by the
Chinese of the telemetered 15 Hz resonant frequency (to include
interviews of technical personnel who installed the IMU); and
drawing up of a detailed list of IMUs of the LM 3A, 3B and 3C
(to include their production, assembly, test locations and
mission assignments).

43  May 1, 1996, Steinhauer email to Herron regarding Smay test.


omission of an act required by a regulation issued pursuant to
22 U.S.C. S 2779.

APMT and Shen Jun

Charge 118

(71)     Respondent BSS violated S 127.2 of the Regulations
concerning misrepresentation and omission of material facts when
it failed to disclose in connection with the submission of
munitions license application no. 678638 on or about July 9,
1996, that Shen Jun was, in fact, the son of General Shen
Rongjun whose interest and influence Respondents were
cultivating in connection with the APMT procurement and in other
matters concerning satellite-related exports to China more


Charges 119-121

(72)     Respondent BSS violated the provisions of S 127.1(a)
(1) when in 1996 its employees provided ASIASAT personnel with
detailed design technical data that exceeded the scope of its
Department of Commerce license (and which was subject to State
Department jurisdiction), without the required license or other
written approval from ODTC, concerning unit-level FECMA, worst
case circuit analysis, and the Xenon Ion propulsion system.


Charges 122-123

(73)     Respondent BSS violated the provisions of S 127.1(a)
(1) when in 1995 its employees improperly

44  As noted at footnote 26, page 11 of this draft charging
letter, Respondents contend that the fact of the son-father
relationship between their employee on the APMT project and the
PLA general officer overseeing the APMT project was not material
to the license application because there is no place on the
license application for disclosing such familial relationships
of their employees with senior military officers of the PRC.


transferred detailed design technical data to SES during a
1995 critical design review for the ASTRA 1G satellite and a
1995 preliminary design review for the ASTRA 1H satellite,
without the required license or other written approval from

* * *


(74)     Pursuant to 22 C.F.R. S 128 administrative proceedings
are instituted against Hughes Electronics Corp., including
Hughes Network Systems, and The Boeing Company Boeing Satellite
Systems (formerly Hughes Space and Communications) for the
purpose of obtaining an Order imposing civil administrative
sanctions that may include the imposition of debarment or civil
penalties.  The Assistant Secretary for Political Military
Affairs shall determine the appropriate period of debarment,
which shall generally be for a period of three years in
accordance with S 127.7 of the Regulations.  Civil penalties,
not to exceed $500,000 per violation, may be imposed in
accordance with S 127.10.

(75)     A Respondent has certain rights in such proceedings as
described in S 128, a copy of which I am enclosing.  You are
required to answer the charging letter within 30 days after
service.  A failure to answer will be taken as an admission of
the truth of the charges.  You are entitled to an oral hearing
if a written demand for one is filed with the answer or within
seven (7) days after service of the answer.  The answer, written
demand for oral hearing (if any) and supporting evidence
required by S 128.5(b) shall be in duplicate and mailed or
delivered to ALJ Docketing Center, U.S. Coast Guard, 40 south
Gay Street, Room 412, Baltimore, MD 21202-4022.  A copy shall be
simultaneously mailed to the Director, Office of Defense trade
Controls. Department of state, 2401 £ Street, NW, Washington,
D.C.  If you do not demand an oral hearing, you must transmit
within seven (7) days after the service of your answer, the
original or photocopies of all correspondence, papers, records,
affidavits, and other documentary or written evidence having any
bearing upon or connection with the matters in issue.  Please he
advised also that charging letters may be amended from time to
time, upon reasonable notice. Furthermore, cases may be settled


through consent agreements, including after service of a
charging letter.

(76)     Please be advised that the U.S. Government is free to
pursue Civil, administrative, and/or criminal enforcement for
violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the International
Traffic in Arms Regulations.  The Department of State's decision
to pursue one type of enforcement action does not preclude it or
any other department or agency of the United States from
pursuing another type of enforcement action.

(77)     In this regard, please permit me to recall that I have
previously provided you with a copy of a letter dated November
13, 2002, addressed to me by the Assistant Commissioner for
Investigations, U.S. Customs Service, informing me that U.S.
Customs is considering bringing civil forfeiture proceedings
against property owned by you.  Under federal law, property
involved in violations of the AECA and certain other statutes
(e.g., Money Laundering Control Act, 18 U.S.C. 1956) is subject
to civil forfeiture.  This includes real estate that is used to
facilitate these violations.


William J. Lowell


cc: Artis N. Noel
General Motors Corp.

Robert Catania
Chief Counsel
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.

Richard Hoglund (Acting)
Assistant Commissioner
U.S. Customs Service


Anti-Depressant Connection To Suicide and Murder-Suicides


This is a Feb. 17, 2008 post off of my Operation Morning Star web page. I was exposing the connection of Anti-Depressants to suicide and murder suicides among American Indians. This information applies to everyone world wide.


Anti-Depressant Connection to suicide and murder-suicides in “Indian Country” = GENOCIDE

Prozac, Zoloft, Paxell, Luvox, and others

 Paxil Directly Connected to Suicides

Experts say psychiatric drugs linked to long list of school shooting sprees

Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis

Biological Psychiatry Of Nazi Germany

Psych-Rights Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

The Hidden Side Of Psychiatry

Nazi Eugenics Conspiracy-Psychiatry Kills

Eugenics and the Third Reich

Mass Murderers in White Coats  

From Harvard to Buchenwald: A Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics

Cannabis/ Marijuana May Trigger Schizophrenia

“All Truth passes through Three Stages: First, it is Ridiculed…

Second, it is Violently Opposed…

Third, it is Accepted as being Self-Evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer (1778-1860) -Archive    


By Charly Groenendijk
March 22, 2005

  Prozac (fluoxetine) Homicide/Suicide
School Shooting Massacre  

Another tragic Prozac/Sarafem (fluoxetine) Homicide/Suicide School Shooting Massacre

Jeff Weise, 17

Jeff Weise before taking Prozac

Jeff Weise before taking Prozac

Jeff Weise after taking Prozac

Jeff Weise after taking Prozac

 22 March, 2005Minnesota Red Lake School Shooter Jeff Weise, age 17 -taking PROZAC!

The Destructive Effects of Prescription Meds on Our Children’s Minds
There are NO excuses left for the Pharmaceutical Representatives…

Depression makes one down and depressed, but NOT a Smiling Active Killer…
However, Psycho-active medication such as Prozac has this potential influence…
*** The FACTS: Jeff Weise as ‘Nazi’ Prozac School Shooter ***

The FBI has arrested Louis Jourdain, an innocent 16 year old kid who supposedly “planned” the attack together with Weise. Louis Jourdain told the FBI that he never had any intention of going through with the “plan” and that he did not believe that Weise did, either. He even tried to stop Weise from carrying out the act when he saw his friend entering the school armed and shooting. Yet, U.S. federal prosecutors charged this boy with conspiracy to commit murder! And to make matters worse, the FBI now have their eyes on 20 other innocent children who may have heard about the plot! The FBI suspects at least 4 to be directly “involved.” The 2 Big Questions Are:

1. Why does the FBI denies the influence of Prozac (fluoxetine) on the mind of Jeff Weise?

2. Why is the FBI looking to blame innocent school kids who had NO part in the school shooting and some of whom were solely expressing and exchanging their non-serious adolescent videogame mentality?
*** FBI arrests Louis Jourdain, 16 ***

*** Louis Jourdain charged with conspiracy to commit murder ***

*** FBI looks for other “suspects” ***

There are NO excuses left for the Pharma Public Relations Lords:

Jeff Weise was taking medication Prozac (fluoxetine) for a prolonged period of time:
…Prozac, which he had been taking since last summer…

Prozac-dosage upped within range of commonly prescribed dosage 1 week before shootings:
…his prescription was refilled for 60 milligrams a day of Prozac…
…His medication dosage had been increased a week earlier…
…Dr. David Fassler [a psychiatrist] said daily dosage ranges from 10 to 60 milligrams…

He was closely monitored by a mental health professional, teachers, friends & acquaintances:
…he saw a mental-health professional at Red Lake Hospital on Feb. 21…
…”He was getting counseling”…
…not uncommon for him to spend at least one night a week at her home…
…He was on a Homebound program through his own choice…
…received home tutoring…
…his friend Grant, who had Weise at his home for sleepovers nearly once a week for seven years…

He was befriended with and loved the ones he shot:
…nephew she knew as polite and happy…
…”He always made me laugh”…
…”he shot my brother, and he was friends with my brother”…
…Jeff Weise had “a good relationship” with the grandfather he shot and killed…
…”The daughters said Jeff loved his grandfather, and his grandfather loved him”…

His friends noticed a negative personality change as a direct result of taking Prozac:
…”Everybody changes when they start taking antidepressants,'” Grant said.
“He was a lot more quiet. I wouldn’t say any better”…


Medical Reports:
*** Prozac (Sarafem, fluoxetine)-induced Mental-state, Perceptual and Emotional Changes ***
** Prozac-induced Akathisia & Mania: can lead to suicidal, aggressive and/or homicidal behaviours **


March, 27  2005


March 27, 2005

Prozac – Ingredient in a Deadly Rampage?
By Roman Bystrianyk, HealthSentinel

As the victims are laid to rest from the horrible rampage that occurred at Red Lake Indian Reservation just days ago, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people, some are questioning the role Prozac may have played in this tragedy.

According to a recent story in the New York Times, Tammy Lussier, Jeff Weise’s aunt, stated that, “They kept upping the dose for him and by the end, he was taking three of the 20 milligram pills a day. I can’t help but think it was too much, that it must have set him off.”

Another relative of Mr. Weise, Lee Cook, said his medication had increased a few weeks before the shootings on Monday. Mr. Cook states that, “I do wonder whether on top of everything else he had going on in his life, on top of all the other problems, whether the drugs could have been the final straw.”

16-year old Sky Grant, a friend of Jeff Weise said he and Weise talked in detail about antidepressants. He said Weise told him he was taking 40 milligrams a day of Prozac: 20 in the morning, 20 at night. He noted that, “He was a lot more quiet. I wouldn’t say any better.”

According to the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information 2005, “FDA now states that it has determined that antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in children and adolescents with major depressive and other psychiatric disorders”, and states that, “FDA states that a causal relationship to antidepressants has been established in pediatric patients.”

The text also notes that a study of over 4,400 children in short-term placebo controlled studies that the analysis revealed a greater risk of suicidal behavior or thinking in pediatric patients during the first few months of treatment. The average risk was 4% among children receiving antidepressant drugs, including Prozac, whereas those receiving placebo had a 2% risk. In other words, those taking the antidepressants were at “twice the risk”.

The FDA also notes that, “patients being treated with antidepressants for any indication be closely monitored for clinical worsening, suicidality, and unusual changes in behavior, particularly during periods of dosage adjustment.”

According to Drug Facts and Comparisons 2005, there are a number of possible side effects of Prozac. Among the side effects listed are: apathy, euphoria, hallucinations, hostility, neurosis, paranoid reaction, personality disorder, psychosis, antisocial reaction, delusions, confusion, suicidal ideation, and violent behaviors.

An August 10, 2004 Washington Post article, stated that, “Two-thirds of the trials conducted by drug manufacturers found that the medications performed no better than sugar pills, but details of the negative trials were kept from doctors and parents.”

In that article, Steven Hyman, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, noted that, “more government-sponsored research is needed to objectively evaluate the issue. All the company-sponsored trials, for instance, excluded children who were suicidal to begin with.”

Tarek A. Hammand, an FDA medical reviewer, found that compared with depressed children who got placebos, children who got antidepressants had 1.78 times the risk of making a suicide attempt or making preparations toward “imminent suicidal behavior.” Another FDA scientist, Andrew Mosholder, had found that children getting antidepressants had 1.9 times the risk of “serious suicide-related events.”

Over the years a number of horrific events have made it into the headlines:

1989 – Joseph Wesbecker walked into a printing plant in Louisville, Kentucky and killed eight co-workers and then himself. Mr. Wesbecker was taking Prozac, which had recently been approved.

1998 – 14-year-old Kip Kinkle, who was on Ritalin and Prozac, killed his parents and then went on a shooting spree at his Springfield, Oregon, high school, killing two and injuring 22

1999 – Eric Harris, one of the teen gunmen in the infamous Columbine massacre in 1999, had been prescribed Luvox, an antidepressant similar to Prozac. The two boys entered the school with an arsenal of weaponry killed 12 people with many more injured before taking their own lives.

2001 – Christopher Pittman killed his grandparents while taking Zoloft, another antidepressant similar to Prozac. His lawyers faulted the drug, but a jury in Charleston, S.C., convicted him of murder in February.

According to a recent New York Times article, Dr. Frank Ochberg, a former associate director of the National Institute of Mental Health, said he once dismissed any links between antidepressants and suicides or homicidal acts, but that recent research, however, has changed his mind. “If your intention is shooting the place up and dying as you do it, you can put the fantasy together,” he said. “Suicidal and homicidal intentions together could theoretically follow the same path.”

As the first funerals began yesterday for victims of the shootings on the Red Lake Indian Reservation we should pause and examine this tragedy more carefully. If we don’t, then we will not ask, “whether” there will be another school shooting – but “when”.

Comments: (Your Comment will be reviewed before posting)

Left by: Anonymous on Mar. 28, 2005
Subject: Prozac and Akathisia, Mania

And also go to and you will discover medical reports linking Prozac-induced “Akathisia” to not only suicidal but also aggressive and/or homicidal behaviours!

Left by: Anonymous on Mar. 28, 2005
Subject: Prozac and the U.S.

Simply go to Dr Ann Tracy’s website and/or and you will discover the shocking truth that she is trying to tell everyone, including the president !


Listing of Information Links for Your Examination, Evaluation, and Application to the Understanding Necessary for the Saving Of Native American Lives!

GLAXO Warns of Paxil Suicide Attempts in Young Adults !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here

A Front Group for the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex – 

School Shootings Linked to Psychotropic Drugs Such as Prozac, Ritalin, Luvox, and Paxil –

50,000 Prozac Suicides Covered Up News/Current Events News Keywords: PROZAC, PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, SUICIDE, VIOLENCE, ELI LILLY
Source: Boston Globe
Published: May 7, 2000 Author: Leah R. Garnett
Posted on 05/07/2000 10:17:22 PDT by Al B.

Psychotropics and suicide prevention. Implications from toxicological screening of 5281 suicides in Sweden 1992-1994

FDA Covers Up Report – Mosholder: ‘Antidepressants Double Suicides in Children’

Eli Lilly Knew Prozac Causes Suicides, Violence – FDA Closed Both Eyes

The Drugging of Our Children

End Of Antidepressants? – 68
Times Greater Suicide Risk Shown!

Experts Say Antidepressant Drugs Cause Suicides Instead of Preventing Them –

Psychiatric Drug Facts

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Prozac Information Sheet #2 – Prozac Causes Violence – Originally Issued 4 June 1990 –

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Death From Ritalin – The Truth Behind ADHD –


History of the Fraud of Biological Psychiatry

Lisa Marie Presley Takes a Stand for Children’s Rights click HERE

Psychiatric Drugs (articles and resources)

Suicides and Homicides in Patients Taking Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft: Why They Keep Happening — And Why They Will Continue –

A Couple of Possible Sources for Possible Legal Help – and

The Link Between Psychiatry, Drugs, and Suicide

Screening America’s School Children for Suicide, Violence and Mental Illness


Forget Gun Control! How About The Mass Murders By Pharmaceutical Companies!

This is another post from my Operation Morning Star “archived” web page. The suicide epidemic in Indian Country was and is out of control. I know…I lived there and wrote this inspired by God paper given to the Lakota. I spoke at jails, detention centers, schools and did a radio program that was removed by the pedophile infested catholic church of the devil.



“20% of recently approved prescription drugs have
serious, even life-threatening side effects.”

Journal of American Medical Association, May 2002

“90% of authors of clinical practice guidelines
received research funding from, or acted as
consultants to, a drug company.”

Journal of American Medical Association, February 2002

“US direct-to-consumer drug ad spending soared
to $2.49 billion in 2001, up from $859 million in 1997.”

Wall Street Journal, March 2002

“Seven drugs (recalled by the FDA between 1993 and 2000
after reports of death and severe side-effects) exceeded
$5 billion in sales before being withdrawn.

Los Angeles Times, December 2000

“I just wanted you to know that there is another
childless parent out here in the world
because of these drugs.”

Shannon Baker, April 2002
who lost her 12 year old daughter trying to withdraw from Paxil


Never before Prozac has a medication been so misrepresented by so many people for so long in the absence of adequate data.” – Drs. Dewan & Masand

Meanwhile, Dr. Healy (director of the North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Wales) hasn’t shied away from linking Prozac, Paxil and the other SSRI’s to suicide. He figures at least 250,000 people have attempted suicide worldwide because of Prozac alone and that at least 25,000 have succeeded.– Rick Giombetti, CounterPunch Magazine

Here are some facts that are being withheld from parents that could possibly alter their life decisions and outcomes.

Did you know that schools receive additional money from state and federal government for every child labeled and drugged? This clearly demonstrates a possible “financial incentive” for schools to label and drug children. It also backs up the alarming rise/increase in the labeling and drugging that has taken place in the last decade within our schools.

Did you know that parents receiving welfare money from the government can get additional funds for every child that they have labeled and drugged? In this way, many lower socio-economic parents (many times single mothers) are reeled into the drugging by these financial incentives waved in front of them in hard times, making lifestyle changes possible.

Did you know that by labeling your child with ADHD, you are actually labeling them with a mental illness listed in the DSM-IV, the unscientific billing bible of psychiatry?

Did you know that a child taking a psycho-tropic, psycho-stimulant drug after the age of 12 is ineligible for military service?

Did you know that the subjective checklists that are being used as criteria for diagnosis are very similar to the checklists used to determine Gifted and Talented Children? These two checklists are almost identical.

The Drug Enforcement Administration clearly states in their report on Methylphenidate: “However, contrary to popular belief, stimulants like methylphenidate will affect normal children and adults in the same manner that they affect ADHD children. Behavioral or attentional improvements with methylphenidate treatment therefore is not diagnostic of ADHD.” (p.11) This statement thoroughly contradicts what is being told to many parents by the many “professionals” that have a vested stake in the diagnosis itself.

The DEA further states that: “Of particular concern is that most of the ADHD literature prepared for public consumption by CHADD and other groups and available to parents, does not address the abuse potential or actual abuse of methylphenidate. Instead, methylphenidate (usually referred to as Ritalin by these groups) is routinely portrayed as a benign, mild substance that is not associated with abuse or serious side effects. In reality, however, there is an abundance of scientific literature which indicates that methylphenidate shares the same abuse potential as other Schedule II stimulants.” (p.4)

Did you know that groups like CHADD and others available to parents are being supported financially by pharmaceutical companies? This is a red flag and demonstrates a conflict of interest in the role that these groups have regarding our children’s health and well-being.

Did you know that there are studies such as the Berkeley Study that contends that Ritalin and other stimulants further raise the risk of drug abuse? From the Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 17, 1999 by Marilyn Chase: “Nadine Lambert, a professor of education, followed almost 500 children for 26 years. She argues that exposure to Ritalin makes the brain more susceptible to the addictive power of cocaine and doubles the risk of abuse.” This study seems to never make it into the hands of parents because it doesn’t support the theories of those using the diagnosis to profit off of our children. What does seem to make it into many parents’ hands is research indicating that if children go “untreated”, which corresponds with “unmedicated” they will “self-medicate” or end up as juvenile delinquents. Sadly many of these parents are not aware that many of this biased and unproven research (one such is the Beiderman study) infiltrating our schools are actually being distributed by pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis. This in itself is another red flag and conflict of interest surrounding our children’s health.

I leave you with this question: How many more 11 year old Stephanie Hall’s, 14 year old Matthew Smith’s and 10 year old Shaina Dunkle’s need to die before we realize what is happening and speak out and act to put an end to it? One toy might be recalled if 1 or 2 children die from it. How many children have to die from these drugs before we realize and put an end to this horror. Why should hundreds or thousands have to die before we are outraged and act? Is the profit of so many, worth more than our children’s safety and lives? Sadly the deaths of these children have remained unexposed and suppressed for so long because there is a tremendous amount of money and profit at stake for so many. My son’s voice will not be one of those suppressed and quieted.

Matthew’s voice in death will be heard by all.” – Lawrence T. Smith Vice President, Parents for Label & Drug Free Education, State of Michigan, Author and Creator of

As our latest panacea, Prozac and its analogues are being prescribed for everything from headaches and flu to acne and home sickness. Yet, according to FDA spokespersons, there have been more adverse reaction reports on Prozac than any other medical product. As of October, 1993, a total of 28,623 complaints of adverse side effects had been filed with the FDA, including 1,885 suicide attempts and 1349 deaths. The FDA’s general rule of thumb for estimating the true figures is that these reports represent only one to ten percent of the actual figures. This would indicate the staggering amount of 286,230 – 2,862,300 actual adverse reactions, 18,850 – 188,500 actual suicide attempts and 13,490 – 134,900 actual deaths attributed to Prozac by the end of 1993. We are being told these new mind-altering chemicals have a large margin of safety. Will time prove otherwise or has it already? Considering the widespread use of these products, we have no time to waste in learning the answer.

In 1956 Eli Lilly patented LSD and in 1987 they gave us Prozac. Has Lilly turned the 90’s upside down for us to relive the 60’s with their latest miracle drug, Prozac? LSD, the most notorious of the psychedelic drugs, was first marketed by Sandoz in Europe with the suggestion that it be used to chemically induce insanity in “normal subjects.” The reason was to discover how mental illness is produced. Yet in December 1955, two months before Lilly obtained their patent on LSD in America, TIME featured the drug, declaring that LSD “may actually help psychiatrists clear up mental illness.” It was also promoted as a cure for alcoholism and as an “aid in facilitating psychoanalysis”. It was even considered a safe medication for pregnant women. How many are aware that the finest physicians once recommended LSD as a miracle cure?

Now, a generation later, many of the same marketing claims are being made for Prozac that were once made for LSD. Just how similar in action are these two drugs? How much evidence is there that those who feel they cannot live without Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc. are addicted to these drugs or dependent upon them?” – Prozac: PANACEA OR PANDORA?, by Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D.

“Ritalin is highly sought after by the drug-abusing population. According to Drug Abuse Warn Net (DAWN) it represents the greatest increase in drugs associated with abuse, and the highest number of suicides and emergency room admissions. Ritalin is classified as a schedule II, or most addictive drug, on par with cocaine, morphine, PCP and metamphetamines. The DEA has noted serious complications associated with Ritalin, including suicide, psychotic episodes and violent behavior. According to Washington Times [Insight magazine], “the common link in the recent phenomenon of high school shootings may be psychotropic drugs like Ritalin.” The International Journal of Addictions lists over 100 adverse reactions to Ritalin-paranoid psychosis, terror and paranoid delusions among them. Ritalin can have other serious side effects including disorientation of the central nervous system. It is an amphetamine, capable of inducing sudden cardiac arrest and death. Twelve year old Stephanie Hall of Canton, Ohio died the day after her Ritalin dose was increased.– Patti Johnson, Colorado State Board of Education, 2nd Congressional District Broomfield, Colorado 80020, October 1999

RITALIN TOOK ME AS LOW OR LOWER THAN ANYTHING ELSE I USED IN THE 60s AND 70s — including heroin, cocaine, LSD — the whole horror show….The rush was euphoric — it’s like poor man’s coke. But the side effects were devastating. You’d get paranoid even faster than with coke….You’d think your friends were going to turn you in, the cops were about to beat down the door, that you’d taken an overdose and your heart would jump out of your chest. But I was so addicted to the few seconds of euphoria, I’d put up with the hours of insanity, pain and [aggression].— New Zealand Ritalin addict

Psychotic episodes, paranoid delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behavioral characteristics similar to amphetamine-like stimulant toxicity, have been associated with methylphenidate (Ritalin) abuse. Severe medical consequences, including death, have been reported.– Terrance Woodworth, DEA Congressional Testimony before the Committee on Education and the Workforce: Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families, 16 May 2000, special study by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Nearly 3 million U.S. adolescents ages 12 to 17 abuse many highly addictive prescription drugs such as painkillers, tranquilizers, and sedatives. In Japan, large numbers of methylphenidate addicts and “advisors,” called Ritalers, use the Internet to promote how to best use the drug and offer drug swaps.” – “Net trafficking a boon for drug addicts,” Mainichi Daily News, 2 Feb. 2003; “Prescription junkies aided by money grabbing shrinks,” Mainichi Daily News, 5 Feb. 2003.

Between the years of 1990-2000 over 569 children were hospitalized, 38 of them were life threatening hospitalizations, and 186 died from Ritalin.”

Why is America suddenly experiencing an explosion of new mental diseases and disorders never heard of thirty years ago? Why are children seemingly out of control, refusing to listen to parents and teachers, even driven to violence? Here are two possible reasons to consider. First, it is apparent the psychology industry isn’t opposed to simply making up diseases and disorders if there is money to be made. Second, some research is suggesting that many of the growing diseases and disorders could actually be side effects of the drugs psychologists are pouring into children to “cure” their made-up diseases.” – RITALIN IS POISON by Tom DeWeese, publisher/editor of The DeWeese Report and president of the American Policy Center

Internal documents show that in 1990, Lilly scientists were pressured by corporate executives to alter records on physician experiences with Prozac, changing mentions of suicide attempt to “overdose” and suicidal thoughts to “depression.”

Three years before Prozac received approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in late 1987, the German BGA, that country’s FDA equivalent, had such serious reservations about Prozac’s safety that it refused to approve the antidepressant based on Lilly’s studies showing that previously nonsuicidal patients who took the drug had a fivefold higher rate of suicides and suicide attempts than those on older antidepressants, and a threefold higher rate than those taking placebos.

Lilly’s own figures, in reports made available to the Globe, indicate that 1 in 100 previously nonsuicidal patients who took the drug in early clinical trials developed a severe form of anxiety and agitation called akathisia, causing them to attempt or commit suicide during the studies.”

Now a decade later, Lilly has targeted Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, whose book ”Prozac Backlash” has apparently incensed Lilly executives.

Glenmullen, a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a clinician at the Harvard University Health Services, says he wrote the book because he was alarmed by the number of patients who were reporting severe side effects from the serotonin-boosting antidepressants including Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, and Luvox. ”The two most upsetting side effects were patients becoming suicidal on the drugs, and the development of disfiguring facial tics,” he said in an interview.

After obtaining hundreds of pages of FDA documents through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as internal Lilly memos that are part of the public record in lawsuits filed against the drug company, Glenmullen says he believes he sees a pattern: that since the mid-1980s, Lilly had tried to squelch its own findings on the link between Prozac and suicide.

Lilly alerted newspapers and TV stations to the book and began a campaign to discredit the author, saying Glenmullen, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, had inflated his resume, and that top officials of the school were unfamiliar with his work and did not recognize his name. Glenmullen is one of more than 420 clinical instructors in medicine at Harvard.” – Leah R. Garnett, Boston Globe

Just how serious are the adverse effects of Prozac? Houston attorney Andy Vickery of Vickery & Waldner ( has spent a great deal of time researching what he believes is a deadly serious question. Vickery has represented numerous clients in lawsuits where Prozac was alleged to be the cause of violent deaths, including Forsyth v. Eli Lilly.

Lilly” says Vickery, “has avoided all but two trials out of hundreds of lawsuits by settling out of court or having the suits dismissed.”” – Kelly Patricia O’Meara, Insight Magazine

During the drug’s pre-release clinical trials, both Eli Lilly and officials of the FDA were aware of least 27 deaths linked to Prozac. One document shows that as of October 15, 1987, two months before Prozac was allowed on the market, there had already been 15 suicides linked to it – six by overdose, four by gunshot, three by hanging and two by drowning. A total of 12 other deaths are also described in the document provided by Lilly to the FDA. Previously, the FDA has recalled products for causing as little as two deaths. Instead of a recall, Prozac was given final FDA approval on December 29, 1987.

“A safety review of Prozac, dated March 23, 1986, by the FDA’s Richard Kapit, observed that “Fluoxetine [Prozac] may exacerbate certain depressive symptoms and signs.” (And here I was thinking it cures depression). Kapit, a medical doctor, noted, “Certain clinical risks of mild to moderate severity did appear to be associated with the use of Fluoxetine. These potential risks include intensification of the vegetative signs and symptoms of depression.” In addition to this, the safety review also discovered that Lilly had failed to report information about the onset of psychotic episodes in people during Prozac’s testing. Still, no action was taken against the drug company.

“As early as 1986 – almost two years before Prozac’s approval for public consumption – there was clear evidence linking Prozac to worsened symptoms of depression and the onset of psychotic episodes. Not to mention the 1,089 suicides, or the many episodes of senseless violence, homicide and even multiple murder linked to the drug. The FDA had other opportunities to act in the public interest. In 1991, the FDA’s psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee held a hearing to review evidence showing links between Prozac (and related drugs) and psychotic, violent acts. For over three hours, more than two dozen Prozac victims or surviving family members recounted horror stories linking the drug to multiple murders, suicide, attempted suicide, self-mutilation, psychosis and other nightmarish effects. The Committee ignored this information and voted against relabelling Prozac to carry a proper warning of its dangers. One doctor asked to present slides correlating Prozac with violent, suicidal thoughts; the Committee refused to see them.

There is clear evidence that the drug is dangerous in some cases. So what’s with the FDA? Might have something to do with the fact that at least five out of ten members of the Committee at the time had business dealings with manufacturers of antidepressant drugs – including Lilly – totaling a minimum of US$1,108,587. One Committee member, David Dunner of the University of Washington, was in receipt of around US$100,000 in research grants related to the company. It is claimed that Dunner has received up around US$1.4 million from Lilly since 1982. Another member received an estimated US$4 million in grants related to Prozac research from the company. A few members had been paid to lecture on the benefits of the drug. When the FDA held a panel in 1991 to review concerns about Prozac and violence, eight of the 10 members were psychiatrists. Their livelihood, of course, depends a fair bit on the prescription of antidepressants such as Prozac. Every single member was either a psychiatrist or had research grants from the company pending. Not exactly an ideal in objectivism.

“In 1985, after tests of Prozac found the drug not to be significantly more effective than the placebo, an FDA statistician suggested to Lilly that the test results be evaluated differently – resulting in findings favourable to Prozac.

“More than 15,000 reports of adverse reactions to Prozac were dismissed as having “limited value.”

“Side effects reported by Prozac users: heart attack, impotence, hair loss, cataracts, kidney disorders, hepatitis, arthritis, breast cysts, breast pain, convulsions, coma, migraine headache, bronchitis, pneumonia, deafness, duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer, gallstones, pelvic pain, inability to control bowel movements, painful sexual intercourse for women, urinary tract disorders, eye bleeding, spitting blood and vomiting blood.

“Meanwhile, Prozac and similar drugs manufactured by Eli Lilly are prescribed worldwide everyday. This is probably worst in the US. An estimated 6 million American children between the ages of 6 and 18 are taking some kind of legal mind-altering drug. Is there really that much mental illness in the US? Imagine how many adults must be poppin’ the pills. Have a think about US school shootings:

“March 24, 1998: Mitchell Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11, opened fire on their classmates. Johnson was on psychotropic drugs at the time; the details of which were kept private.
May 21, 1998: Klip Klinkel, 15 years old, murdered his parents and then opened fire on students at his school. He killed 2, wounded 22. He was on both Ritalin and Prozac.
April 16, 1999: A 15 year-old named Shawn Cooper fired 2 shotgun rounds at staff and students at his school. He was on Ritalin at the time.
April 20, 1999: Two 18 year olds, Eric Harris and Dylan Kleebold, killed 12 students and a teacher at their school, then killed themselves. Harris had been under the influence of Luvox (a new kind of antidepressant) prior to the shootings.
May 20, 1999: A 15 year old, TJ Solomon, opened fire on and wounded 6 classmates. He was taking Ritalin for depression at the time.

“None of these kids suffered from abuse or illegal drug / alcohol problems. The only thing they all have in common is that they were prescribed drugs of this group.” – Armin Tanzariaia

First it is important to realize that all of the stimulant drugs prescribed for ADHD/ADD are closely related to some illegal street drugs. These include dextroamphetamine (dexedrine) (street name: “dexies”), methamphetamine (street name: “crystal meth”), and, of course, cocaine. We imprison people for making drugs very similar to the drugs we prescribe to our ADHD children.

A research report in the Archives of General Psychiatry states, “Cocaine, which is one of the most reinforcing and addicting of the abused drugs, has pharmacological actions that are very similar to those of methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta), which is now the most commonly prescribed psychotropic medicine for children in the U.S.”

The long term outcome for children is another story that has often been overlooked.

A report on a comprehensive follow-up study at Montreal Children’s Hospital discovered that “at the end of five years, hyperkinetic children who received drugs (either Ritalin or Chloropromazine) did not differ significantly from children who had not received the drugs. Although it appeared that hyperactive kids treated with Ritalin were initially more manageable, the degree of improvement and emotional adjustment was essentially identical at the end of five years to that seen in a group of kids who had received no medication at all.”

Known side effects for stimulants are weight loss, insomnia, reduced stature, ticks, “zombie” demeanor, stomach aches, moodiness and death.” – Lawrence Weathers, Ph.D. Psychologist

Ritalin is an addictive drug, classed by the DEA as a Schedule II controlled substance, same as narcotics like heroin, morphine and cocaine. Ritalin is also as an illegal street drug where a profit of about $400 can be made from an average prescription. It can be crushed up and snorted, or else mixed with heroin to enhance a junkie’s high. The U.S. uses 90% of the world’s Ritalin, and Canada most of the remaining 10%.

The theory is that kids are so hyperactive, give them speed and they’ll be normal – the famous Paradoxical Effect. The reality is, long-term effects of Ritalin given to children have never been studied, according to the 1995 PDR. No known biochemical imbalance in these children has ever been proven. As far as learning disability is concerned, Ritalin has never been shown to improve it even slightly. (Armstrong p.47) Moreover there is absolutely no evidence to show that the emotional stability of adult life can be promoted or even influenced by childhood experience with Ritalin. (A Dose of Sanity, p141)

Childhood use of Ritalin does show a high correlation with adolescent abuse of street drugs an easy transition. Ritalin brings with it the psychotic tendencies which can be brought on by the advanced drugs, like heroin, cocaine, and speed.

In light of the immense social and economic forces promoting explosive market growth of this wonder drug, it wouldn’t be so bad if it were harmless. Unfortunately most parents don’t know about the PDR. The Physician’s Desk Reference is an annual publication by the drug companies which is a general catalogue of all drugs sold in the U.S., their effects, recommended dosages, and adverse effects. The PDR is a legal protection for the pharmaceutical industry more than anything else; it is fair warning about side effects of drugs: 3200 pages of CYA. But parents are rarely told what it says. Here are some of the side effects the 1996 PDR 42nd edition lists for Ritalin:

skin rash
decreased growth
Tourette’s syndrome
gastric pain
weight loss
visual problems
irregular heart
tardive dyskinesia
visual problems
decreased appetite
high blood pressure

Outside of that, it should be fine.” – Dr. Timothy O’Shea

If you don’t have a biochemical imbalance before starting Prozac, you certainly will have one once you are on it! Prozac has been shown to have drastic effects on the brain’s serotonergic system. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, that normally connects to receptor sites and fires nerves. Prozac prevents serotonin from being removed from the active place where it’s working in the brain. It keeps the sparks alive longer, and as a result, a lot of excess firing takes place. The brain doesn’t like all the overstimulation and eliminates 30-40 percent or more of receptors. The brain, in effect, is saying, I’m not going to have receptors for all this serotonin. It’s a compensatory mechanism for the overstimulation. Receptors can be compared to catcher’s mitts. The balls being thrown are like serotonin. After awhile the brain just eliminates its catcher’s mitts. It says, I’m catching too much serotonin. I’m going to get rid of my catcher’s mitts.

Eli Lilly knew about the disappearance of receptors from their laboratory experiments. What they failed to study, however, was whether or not receptors ever come back. The experiment, which would have been simple to perform, could have consisted of stopping the drug, waiting a couple of weeks, sacrificing some of the animals , and then seeing if their brains had come back to normal . The information could also have been indirectly gleaned from performing spinal taps on human beings before and after they had taken Prozac, to see if the breakdown products indicated that the brain returns to normal . Neither of these approaches were ever attempted. Obviously, Lilly is not concerned with this issue.” –

The brain chemical these drugs increase, serotonin, is the same brain chemical that LSD, PCP and other psychedelic drugs mimic in order to produce their hallucinogenic effects. And remember that psychedelic agents are “a class of compounds with no demonstrated therapeutic use, a history of extensive abuse, and the ability to provoke psychosis. Yet many brain researchers value the psychedelic agents above any of the other psychoactive drugs” because “the research into psychedelic drugs has already enriched our understanding of how the brain regulates behavior.– Dr. Solomon Snyder, DRUGS AND THE BRAIN.

Behavior is not solved with drugs. Drugs can change behavior, that is certain, but the change is always in the direction of making the person more like a vegetable. Unfortunately some people would rather have a quiet vegetable for a daughter than a live but possibly over-active girl.– Karl Loren, health researcher

Elevated 5HT (serotonin) levels:

#1 schizophrenia, psychosis, mania, etc.
#2 mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.)
#3 organic brain disease – especially mental retardation at a greater incident rate in children
#4 autism (a self-centered or self-focused mental state with no basis in reality)
#5 Alzheimer’s disease
#6 old age
#7 anorexia
#8 constriction of the blood vessels
#9 blood clotting
#10 constriction of bronchials and other physical effects

Lower 5HIAA (serotonin metabolism) levels:

#1 suicide (especially violent suicide)
#2 arson
#3 violent crime
#4 insomnia
#5 depression
#6 alcohol abuse
#7 impulsive acts with no concern for punishment
#8 reckless driving
#9 dependence upon various substances
#10 bulimia
#11 multiple suicide attempts
#12 hostility and more contact with police
#13 exhibitionism
#14 arguments with spouses, friends and relatives
#15 obsessive compulsive behavior
#16 impaired employment due to hostility, etc.

(actually there are 56 total such Prozac side effects – 57 if you count “sudden unexpected death” as stated on Prozac labels)

The body is an extremely complex biochemical machine, with chemical reactions and flows that occur in harmony and rhythmically one with another. They happen in specific sequences, in certain quantities, and at exact rates of speed. When a foreign substance such as a psychotropic drug is introduced into the body these flows and inner workings are disrupted. The drugs may speed up, slow down, damn up, overwhelm or deny critical metabolic substances. This is why psychiatric drugs produce side effects. This is, in fact, why they produce any effect at all. They do not heal anything. The human body, however, is unmatched in its ability to withstand and respond to such disruptions. The various systems fight back, trying to process the foreign chemical, and work diligently to counterbalance its effects on the body.

But the body can only take so much. Quickly or slowly, the systems break down. Like a car run on rocket fuel, you may be able to get it to run a thousand miles an hour, but the tires, the engine and the internal parts were never meant for this; the machine flies apart.

The Betrayal

If you are worried about something—a problem in life like relationships with your friends, parents or teachers, or how your child’s school grades are going, taking any drug—illegal or psychiatric—isn’t going to solve the problem. If a drug is used to feel better when you are depressed, sad or anxious, the relief is only for a short while. If the problem is not fixed or helped, the person can often feel worse than before. As a drug wears off, whatever pain, discomfort or upset that was there before taking the drug can become stronger; it can make a person want to keep taking the drug.

The Violence

Psychiatric drug reactions can include agitation, hostility, aggression, and suicidal behavior. In fact, teenagers who had been prescribed psychiatric drugs and/or were undergoing some sort of psychological program in an attempt to “control their anger” have committed many of the mass school shootings in the U.S.

Stimulants for “ADHD” should not be used in children under six years of age. Adverse reactions include: nervousness and insomnia, hypersensitivity, anorexia, nausea, dizziness, headaches, drowsiness, blood pressure and pulse changes, tachycardia, angina, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss and toxic psychosis. Some children have developed the involuntary tics and twitching called Tourette’s disorder.

Major tranquilizers, anti-psychotics frequently cause difficulty in thinking, poor concentration, nightmares, emotional dullness, depression, despair and sexual dysfunction. Physically, they can cause Tardive Dyskinesia—sudden, uncontrollable, painful muscle cramps and spasms, writhing, squirming, twisting and grimacing movements, especially of the legs, face, mouth and tongue, drawing the face into a hideous scowl. They also induce Akathisia, a severe restlessness that studies show can cause agitation and psychosis. A potentially fatal effect is “Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome,” which includes muscle rigidity, altered mental states, irregular pulse or blood pressure and cardiac problems.

Minor tranquilizers or benzodiazepines can cause lethargy, lightheadedness, confusion, nervousness, sexual problems, hallucinations, nightmares, severe depression, extreme restlessness, insomnia, nausea and muscle tremors. Epileptic seizures and death have resulted from suddenly stopping the use of minor tranquilizers. Thus, it is important never to stop suddenly or without proper medical supervision, even if the drugs have only been taken for a couple of weeks.

Sedative-Hypnotics frequently cause the above side effects as well as a hangover effect, apparent drunken state, lack of coordination (ataxia) and skin rash.

Antidepressants (tricyclics) can cause sedation, drowsiness, lethargy, difficulty thinking, confusion, poor concentration, memory problems, nightmares, panic feelings, and extreme restlessness; also delusions, manic reactions, delirium, seizures, fever, lowered white blood cell count (with risks of infection), liver damage, and heart attacks and strokes.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) can cause headaches, nausea, anxiety and agitation, insomnia and bizarre dreams, loss of appetite, impotence, confusion and akathisia. It is estimated that between 10% and 25% of SSRI users experience akathisia, often in conjunction with suicidal thoughts, hostility and violent behavior.”

The adverse reactions (side effects) for Ritalin include nervousness, insomnia, joint pains, fever, anorexia, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, headache, dyskinesia, drowsiness, increased blood pressure and pulse, rapid heart rate, angina, cardiac arrhythmias, abdominal pain, actual psychosis. And there is a major warning in the Physician’s Desk Reference regarding drug dependency.

The Physicians Desk Reference of Drug Side Effects notes that, regarding the pharmacology of Ritalin: “The mode of action in man is not completely understood.” And this is what you’re giving your child! The pharmaceutical manufacturers admit that they don’t even know how it works. They’re just experimenting — on your child!

Ritalin has effects similar to other stimulants including amphetamine, methamphetamine and cocaine. There are 6 million prescriptions for Ritalin filled annually. The U.S. pharmacists distribute five times more Ritalin than the rest of the world combined. No other nation prescribes stimulants for its children in such volume. In fact, the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board has on two recent occasions written to U.S. officials expressing concern about the sixfold increase in Ritalin usage since 1990.

What about Ritalin and cancer? Scientific studies on carcinogenicity were finally released in June 1993 revealing that feeding mice Ritalin, induced liver tumors including very rare and highly malignant cancers. These results were found at dosage levels close to those routinely prescribed for children. Animal tests are very good predictors of human health effects. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer suggests that if a chemical is proven to cause cancer in animals, it should be treated as if it were cancer-causing in humans as well.”

“The FDA has reported, “A total of 4,400 health-related complaints of adverse reactions to methylphenidate, the main drug prescribed for ADHD, have been received since 1969. Thirty percent of those—more than 1,300 complaints—were reported in the last 15 months, including complaints of convulsions and tics, drug dependence, heart ailments, and death.”” – Dr. Gary Farr –

The brain-disabling principle applies to all of the most potent psychiatric interventions – neuroleptics, antidepressants, lithium, electroshock, and psychosurgery. . . the major psychiatric treatments exert their primary or intended effect by disabling normal brain function. Neuroleptic lobotomy, for example, is not a side effect, but the sought-after clinical effect. Conversely, none of the major psychiatric interventions correct or improve existing brain dysfunction, such as any presumed biochemical imbalance. If the patient happens to suffer from brain dysfunction, then the psychiatric drug, electroshock, or psychosurgery will worsen or compound it.– Peter Breggin, M.D., psychiatrist

The reported adverse effects of drugs are only the tip of the iceberg. Consider ‘Digoxin’, the best-selling heart drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives about 82 reports each year involving Digoxin, yet a systematic study of Medicare records reveals 202,211 hospitalizations for Digoxin adverse effects in a 7-year period. That’s more than 28,000 reactions per year, only 82 (0.3%) of which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hears.– article in Journal of the American Medical Association

NIMH-Harvard study: 74% children prescribed SSRI suffer adverse effects

Fri, 22 Aug 2003

A report in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology (abstract below) Dr. Timothy Wilens, Dr. Joseph Biederman, et al, child psychiatrists at Harvard’s teaching hospital, Massachusetts General, found that 22% of children and adolescents who had been prescribed any one of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants suffered drug-induced psychiatric adverse effects within three months. Furthermore, the authors, who have long advocated prescribing psychotropic drugs for children, reported: “Overall, 74% if children and adolescents experienced [i.e., suffered] an adverse event to an SSRI over the course of their treatment.”

The SSRI drugs prescribed for these children were: Prozac, Paxil (Seroxat), Zoloft, Luvox and Celexa. Proof that the adverse effects were drug-induced is borne out by the fact that after the drugs were withdrawn and the children were re-exposed to an SSRI, 44% suffered another psychiatric adverse effect.

This report validates what critics–who are not receiving financial support from drug companies–have been pointing out for some time: Antidepression drugs are not the solution for troubled children. The documented evidence consistently shows that the drugs are causing children mental distress that can only aggravate their problems.

Of particular concern: According to the authors, the most frequent adverse effects induced by SSRI drugs are sleep disturbance (35%) and agitation. That combination is a prescription for violent outbursts–such as, self injury, suicide attempts, and / or violent outbursts toward others.” – ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP)

“In Molecules of the Mind: The Brave New Science of Molecular Psychology, Professor Jon Franklin observed: “This era coincided with an increasing awareness that the neuroleptics not only did not cure schizophrenia – they actually caused damage to the brain. Suddenly, the psychiatrists who used them, already like their patients on the fringes of society, were suspected of Nazism and worse.” (Dell Pub. Co., 1987, p. 103). In his book Psychiatric Drugs: Hazards to the Brain, psychiatrist Peter Breggin, M.D., alleges that by using drugs that cause brain damage, “Psychiatry has unleashed an epidemic of neurological disease on the world” one which “reaches 1 million to 2 million persons a year“. In severe cases, brain damage from neuroleptic drugs is evidenced by abnormal body movements called tardive dyskinesia. However, tardive dyskinesia is only the tip of the iceberg of neuroleptic caused brain damage. Higher mental functions are more vulnerable and are impaired before the elementary functions of the brain such as motor control. Psychiatry professor Richard Abrams, M.D., has acknowledged that “Tardive dyskinesia has now been reported to occur after only brief courses of neuroleptic drug therapy” (in: Benjamin B. Wolman (editor), The Therapist’s Handbook: Treatment Methods of Mental Disorders, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1976, p. 25). In his book The New Psychiatry, published in 1985, Columbia University psychiatry professor Jerrold S. Maxmen, M.D., alleges: “The best way to avoid tardive dyskinesia is to avoid antipsychotic drugs altogether. Except for treating schizophrenia, they should never be used for more than two or three consecutive months. What’s criminal is that all too many patients receive antipsychotics who shouldn’t.– Mentor, pp. 155- 156.

MAJOR TRANQUILIZER/NERUOLEPTIC/ANTI-PSYCHOTIC/ANTI-SCHIZOPHRENIC DRUGS Even as harmful as psychiatry’s (so-called) antidepressants and lithium and (so-called) antianxiety agents (or minor tranquilizers) are, they are nowhere near as damaging as the so-called major tranquilizers, sometimes also called “antipsychotic” or “antischizophrenic” or “neuroleptic” drugs. Included in this category are Thorazine (chlorpromazine), Mellaril, Prolixin (fluphenazine), Compazine, Stelazine, and Haldol (haloperidol) – and many others. In terms of their psychological effects, these so-called major tranquilizers cause misery – not tranquility. They physically, neurologically blot out most of a person’s ability to think and act, even at commonly given doses. By disabling people, they can stop almost any thinking or behavior the “therapist” wants to stop. But this is simply disabling people, not therapy. The drug temporarily disables or permanently destroys good aspects of a person’s personality as much as bad. Whether and to what extent the disability imposed by the drug can be removed by discontinuing the drug depends on how long the drug is given and at how great a dose.– Lawrence Stevens, J.D

A senior executive with Britain’s biggest drugs company has admitted that most prescription medicines do not work on most people who take them.

Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), said fewer than half of the patients prescribed some of the most expensive drugs actually derived any benefit from them.

It is an open secret within the drugs industry that most of its products are ineffective in most patients but this is the first time that such a senior drugs boss has gone public. His comments come days after it emerged that the NHS drugs bill has soared by nearly 50 per cent in three years, rising by £2.3bn a year to an annual cost to the taxpayer of £7.2bn. GSK announced last week that it had 20 or more new drugs under development that could each earn the company up to $1bn (£600m) a year.” – Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent

* 180,000 deaths a year occur due to adverse reactions to prescription medications. By comparison, general accidents in life account for 98,000 per annum. This includes 42,000 from car accidents, 120 from airline crashes**, 90 from being struck by lightning** and 5 from Anthrax (in 2001). 15,500 die from murders and 20,000 from flu or its complications.

**averaged over 2-3 decades

* About 2,216,000 annual hospitalizations result in adverse drug reactions and these account for 106,000 deaths annually.

* Side effects of commonly used over the counter pain relievers include gastric ulcers, bleeding stomachs, hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths last year.” – Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (National Center for Health Statistics), Deaths: Final Data for 1997. National Vital Statistics Reports: Deaths: Leading Causes for 1999. Volume 49, Number 11, October 12, 2001 Phillips DP, Christenfeld N, Glynn LM. Lancet 1998 Feb 28;351(9103):643-4 Increase in US medication-error deaths between 1983 and 1993.

* “…St. John’s Wort fully cured 24 percent of the depressed people who received it, and Zoloft cured 25 percent – but the placebo fully cured 32 percent….– Shankar Vedantam, The Washington Post, Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Seven out of 12 U.S. school shootings were committed by teens taking prescribed psychotropic drugs known to cause violent and suicidal behavior.– CCHR Publication, Violence

17 million schoolchildren worldwide have now been diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed cocaine-like stimulants and powerful antidepressants as treatment. Such mind-altering and addictive drugs are now sold illicitly in schoolyards, constituting a feeder line to the street drug culture for many children.– CCHR Publication “The Real Crisis in Mental Health” A REPORT, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS by Rohit Adi, M.D., • Mary Jo Pagel, M.D., • Anthony P. Urbanek, M.D., • Julian Whitaker, M.D.

There are many causes of drug addiction, here are just a few:

* changes in the brain take place as a result from drug use contribute to addiction and abuse
* some drugs possess reinforcing qualities that make them more addictive than others
* easy access, and environmental, psychological, and cultural factors play a role in who starts or continues to abuse drugs
* drugs “numbing” effects help to ease the emotional/physical pain that the individual is experiencing
* drugs produce a sense of euphoria that make the individual feel good

Drug addiction is also caused because some substances are more addictive than others, either because they produce a rapid and intense change in mood; or because they produce painful withdrawal symptoms when stopped suddenly. Social learning is considered the most important single factor in the cause of drug addiction. It includes patterns of use in the addict’s family or subculture, peer pressure, and advertising or media influence.

The first thing you must understand about addiction is that alcohol and addictive drugs are basically painkillers. They chemically kill physical or emotional pain and alter the mind’s perception of reality. They make people numb. For drugs to be attractive to a person there must first be some underlying unhappiness, sense of hopelessness, or physical pain.” – Narconon

1. On May 25, 1997, 18-year-old Jeremy Strohmeyer raped and murdered a 7-year-old African American girl in Las Vegas, Nevada. Strohmeyer had been diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Dexedrine, a Ritalin-like drug, immediately prior to the killing.

2. On October 1st, 1997, in Pearl Mississippi, 16-year-old Luke Woodham stabbed his mother, 50-year-old Mary Woodam, to death and then went to his high school where he shot nine people – killing two teenage girls and wounding seven others. Published reports say he was on Prozac.

3. Exactly two months later on Dec 1, 1997, Michael Carneal, a 14-year-old, opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded, one of whom was paralyzed. Carneal was reportedly on Ritalin.

4. Then in February, 1998 a young man in Huntsville, Alabama, while on Ritalin went psychotic – chopping up his parents with an ax and also killing one sibling and almost murdering another.

5. On March 24, 1998 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, 11-year-old Andrew Golden and 14-year-old Mitchell Johnson shot 15 people killing four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others. According to one report, the boys were believed to be on Ritilan. 6. Two months later another grisly school massacre occurred. On May 21, 1998 15-year-old Kip Kinkel of Springfield, Oregon murdered his parents and proceeded to his high school where he went on a rampage killing two students and wounding 22 others. Kinkel had been prescribed both Prozac and Ritalin.

7. On April 16th, 1999, 15-year-old Shawn Cooper of Notus, Idaho took a 12-guage shot gun to school and started firing, injuring one student and holding the school hostage for about 20 minutes. Terrified students ran for their lives, some barricading themselves in classrooms. Cooper had been taking Ritalin when he fired the shotgun’s rounds.

8. The incident in Idaho did not make the national press (no one, thank God, was killed). But all that changed four days later when 18-year-old Eric Harris killed 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School before killing himself. Harris was on one of the SSRI anti-depressants called Luvox.

9. One month later to the day, on May 20th of this year TJ Solomon, a 15-year-old high school student in Conyers, Georgia, while on Ritalin opened fire on and wounded six of his classmates. Thankfully, none were killed.

10. Then there’s 14-year-old Rod Mathews who had been prescribed Ritalin since the third grade and beat a classmate to death with a bat.

And 19-year-old James Wilson who had been on psychiatric drugs for 5 years and took a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school in Greenwood, South Carolina killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers!

I could go on, but hopefully the message is clear – these drugs drive some who take them to acts of violence and murder and are THE common denominator to these killings. Just as in the 60s when Thalidomide (another psychotropic drug) created grotesque physical deformities in some of the babies born to the women who took it, so too do these “modern” psychiatric drugs deform and twist the minds of some who take them. They don’t call them mind altering without reason.

Moreover, it is not as if psychiatrists don’t know. The scientific research documenting the connection between violence and suicide and these toxic substances is overwhelming and long-standing ever since the 1960s. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has recently issued a report documenting 22 such studies from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the State University of New York and UCLA. Time does not permit a referencing of each and every one of these studies and we have made copies of our report available to the members of the Committee. I will, however, review just a bit of the information for you.

First, as stated earlier, even the manufacturer of Ritalin warns of “frank psychotic episodes” with abuse.

Ritilan’s use and abuse was the subject of a 30-page report by the DEA in 1995 entitled “Methyphenidate”, which is the generic term for Ritalin. That report stated in part: “Of particular concern is that most of the ADHD literature prepared for public consumption by CHADD (this is an ADHD advocacy group) and other groups and available to parents, does not address the abuse potential or actual abuse of methylphenidate. Instead, methylphenidate (usually referred to as Ritalin by these groups) is routinely portrayed as a benign, mild substance that is not associated with abuse or serious side effects. In reality, however, there is an abundance of scientific literature which indicates that methylphenidate shares the same abuse potential as other Schedule II stimulants (morphine, opium and cocaine -ed.). Case reports document that methylphenidate abuse ‘…can lead to tolerance and severe psychological dependence.'”

“These reports and scientific studies of abuse potential are routinely downplayed, if referenced at all. As a consequence, parents of children and adult patients are not being provided with the opportunity for informed consent . . .”

In short, ladies and gentlemen, this drug is addictive.

Secondly, as also mentioned previously, testing revealed that Eric Harris, one of the dead suspects in the Columbine, Colorado incident, had therapeutic levels of the anti-depressant Luvox in his blood.

The following is from an ABC news report that cited an article from the American Journal of Psychiatry. “Luvox is the trade name for fluvoxamine, which research shows can “induce mania . . . .”

One symptom of mania is, “aggressive behavior” Moreover, a psychiatric drug expert stated that according to Solvay, the manufacturer of Luvox

“. . . 4% of children and youth taking Luvox developed mania during short-term controlled clinical trials. Mania is a psychosis which can produce bizarre, grandiose, highly elaborated destructive plans, including mass murder…”

Prozac is mentioned in some of the incidents above. Here is some information about what that drug can do. A. In February of 1990, Dr. Martin Teicher, a Harvard psychiatrist, reported in The American Journal of Psychiatry that six patients who were depressed – but not suicidal – had developed intense, violent, suicidal pre-occupation within weeks of taking Prozac (emphasis added). Subsequent letters from doctors published in The American Journal of Psychiatry and The New England Journal of Medicine reported similar findings. The report published in The New England Journal of Medicine noted that the patients had not been suicidal before taking the drug and that their suicidal thoughts ended abruptly upon ceasing it’s use.

B. In 1995, nine Australian psychiatrists urged that SSRIs (drugs like Prozac and Luvox) be sold with a warning after patients had slashed themselves or became preoccupied with violence while taking them. The self destructive harm started after the treatment began or doses were increased and eased or ceased when the drugs were stopped.

I could go on, but again, I hope the message is clear: psychiatric drugs are the cause of violence and suicide and are THE common denominator in the killings and acts of senseless violence occurring in our nation’s schools.” – From testimony of Bruce Wiseman. Presented to The Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 20, 1999. Bruce Wiseman is National President of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

What the psychiatrists avoid mentioning is that there are horrendous effects accompanying these drugs, which can be long term and cause irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system. These effects usually require another drug to contain them.

No single psychiatric drug can stand aside as more dangerous than another – they alter personality, they can weaken the will, they can deteriorate morale. Bizarre things happen with these drugs: addiction, exhaustion, diminished sexual drive, trembling, nightmares, increased anxiety and violent and suicidal behavior.

While these mind-altering drugs may deaden the mental and emotional pain connected with living, in so doing they kill the drive that promotes the search for real solutions and improvement.” – CCHR Pamphlet

Some psychiatric drugs are addictive. Also, as the drug wears off, whatever pain, discomfort or upset that was there before taking the drug can become stronger. It can make a person want to keep taking the drug.– CCHR Pamphlet “Hooking Your World on Drugs”

“Dr. Malcolm Bowers of Yale University states that eight percent of all psychiatric hospital admissions in 1994 were due to SSRI induced psychosis.” – Todd Zwillich, Senior Writer Clinical Psychiatry News, 1999

Psychiatric drugs are worthless, and most of them are harmful. Many cause permanent brain damage at the doses customarily given. Psychiatric drugs and the profession that promotes them are dangers to your health.– Lawrence Stevens, J.D.

* Choice of 1st 5 quotes and color design based on Flash presentation at the excellent International Coalition For Drug Awareness website.


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