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Podcast Honoring Annie Mae Aquash Who Was Raped and Murdered By The American Indian Movement

Remembering Annie Mae Aquash Raped and Murdered By American Indian Movement

Thursday, December 27 2018 10:00 PM

Listen to the videos below and learn about what the American Indian Movement is really about and especially under the leadership of the now dead and in hell AIM Chairman John Trudell

Image result for video annie mae aquash john trudell


Image result for video annie mae aquash john trudell


Murdered By John Trudell and The American Indian Movement With FBI Approval

Image result for death threat john trudell richard boyden

“To Whom It May Concern” Podcast Addressing Lies About Me By Karen Sue Andras PART 3!

For your information…

Next blog January 1st

Documenting the fact that my “X” Wife Karen Sue Andras conspired with MURDERERS TO HAVE ME MURDERED!

Listen and learn the TRUTH…the “rest of the story” Andras left out to protect her friend and lovers who promote the rape and murder of women and and children like Bill Bunting for example who by the way…uses the “N WORD” and the “C WORD” and which Andras has no problem with!

“To Whom It May Concern” Lies About Me By Karen Sue Andras PART 3!

Thursday, December 27 2018 4:30 AM

Karen Sue Andras and son Norman Shelton who I gave 1300 dollars to for 2 months rent so that he could stay in his home with his wife and 2 boys because he had lost his job!

Letter To Richie County West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Office About William R. Bunting




Greetings Richie County West Virginia Prosecutor’s Ms. Robison and Mr. Rodgers,

Got a call from Larry Rodriguez yesterday. He said he was asked by the prosecutor questions about Bunting. As both of you should know from my messages when you listened to them, there is more to Bill Bunting then meets the eye.

The “more” is the below information which is a result of others experiences with him including me including 3 years of documented cyberstalking of me by Bunting including a voice mail DEATH THREAT heard by Major Paul Thurman of the Independence Missouri Police Department. Direct phone number is 816.325.7313.

I suggest that you listen again or listen for the first time what Bill Bunting said about the confrontation with Larry in contrast to what Larry shared on this the radio program/podcast when I interviewed him.

Including is Bunting stating the HE WAS GOING TO KILL LARRY…in Bunting’s own words which he tried to correct AFTER! Listen and learn please and when YOU do so…ask yourself if this was YOU…what would be the just charge and sentence for Bunting given he threatened to murder YOU and did close to $3000 damages to YOUR vehicle which according to W. VA code 61.3.30 (b)  a FELONY.

Bunting is also committed a FELONY when he threatened to MURDER Larry and his wife  with the penalty being a $5000 fine and not more then 10 years if convicted…this according to W. VA code 61.6.21 (a) (b)
Again…if this was YOU who were the target of Bunting…how would YOU want him to be dealt with? In other words… “given a light or no sentence” because the state of county didn’t want to pay the cost for Bunting to be in jail?!
This podcast contains the recorded death threat by Bunting where he said HE WAS GOING TO KILL LARRY RODRIGUEZ in his own words as recorded by Bunting on FACEBOOK LIVE just before being arrested!
Here is a statement of how Bunting “used” the monies of others. And “allegations” like what he did with Larry.

Y’all will probably notice that I have removed the GoFundMe account for Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat. I did so because a disgruntled former resident of the farm made some allegations toward me, personally and besmirched the reputation of the farm.

We have a PayPal account for the farm but the disgruntled former resident has one of the two cards associated with that account as it is his only way to receive and spend funds for the next several weeks (I don’t even want to try to explain why, just chalk it up to me being a sucker).

We will be getting two new cards in a few weeks and I will post the PayPal account when that happens.

In the meantime, thank ALL of you who have donated to the farm — and those who will in the future.

Felony Truck Damage To Larry Rodriquez’s Truck of over $2500 by William R. Bunting

Mugshot of William Bunting

William Bunting

CountyFulton, GA
Booking Number231540
SO #P00872657
Hair ColorBlond or Strawbe
Eye ColorBlue
Booking Date2002-10-05


Warrant # Issuing Auth Offense Date Bond Amount Fine/Crt Costs Disposition Charge
0.00 Transfer to Another Agency COLUMBUS PD #02011918


Below is what Page Forth experienced at the hands of Bunting…her words from her FB page per Bonnie Lea Farms in Big Springs VA which I put on my blog.


From Page Pusey Forth: owner of Bonnie Lea Farm and Retreat

“His GF…(Karen Sue Andras) smacked her head on a rock, trying to get away from him: AKA Bill Bunting

In total, she has injured herself on this farm FOUR times (that I know of) TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM BILL.

She started a fight with him a couple of weeks ago because she felt the static in the air —

ANY woman who has EVER been abused KNOWS what I’m talking about — just before lightning strikes and high tailed it out of here BEFORE she got hurt again — from him “not laying a hand on her.”

“I’m hoping that his on again, off again girlfriend comes back to file HER charges, at least, for that gash on her head.” Page Pusey Forth

Page Pusey Forth

Page Pusey ForthAfter, finally, seeing my therapist and going over the events of that Friday night, I am able to get a clearer picture of what we have been dealing with since Bill arrived here:

He admitted to having been diagnosed as a psychotic, paranoid schizophrenic. I did not see the paranoia, only a modicum of schizophrenia and the psychosis seemed to be intermittent but largely controllable with marijuana.

BOTH times that Bill flipped out on me, Karen was missing AND we were out of pot — he was, also, drinking BOTH times though, I suspect, drinking has less to do than the other two factors.

Had Karen been there, it would have been her, not me, both times: of that, I am certain.

However, I am extremely concerned about a few other things, particularly, what he SAID:

While I largely was not listening to what he was screaming at me, I did catch a few gems, not the least is my promotion from “ignorant cunt” to “filthy whore.”

“Ignorant cunt” is what you call someone you have no personal relationship with, while “filthy whore” implies someone with whom one is having a physical relationship: NEITHER is true. I considered Bill a friend though NOT one with whom I had ANY other relationship…. but, WHAT does any of that mean in the mind of a psychotic?


Buntings view on the RAPE OF WOMEN!

Bill Bunting believes women deserve to be RAPED BY “REAL MEN” LIKE HIM.. …quote sent to me

Documented in his own words below sent to me personally!

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- Bill Bunting


Bunting stated that Annie Mae Aquash DESERVED TO BE RAPED AND MURDERED by his American Indian Movement of documented criminals i.e. rapists, pedophiles and murderers. She was shot in the head after being first raped. She was praying when they put a bullet in her head…a First Nations mother of two!

And this is what he said about a Missing Woman…

Read what Bill Bunting the RACIST AND WOMAN HATER said about her in this quote on my blog page from his!

Said Toni Anderson deserved to DIE BECAUSE SHE SUCKED “NIGGER DICKS”!



TA (Toni Anderson) sucked nigger dicks for crack. She was a drug addict and drunk stripper and nothing you can say will change the FACT she was nothing more than and party girl who fell asleep after being high on coke and Meth and up for days sucking nigger dicks on dope and drowned.

And all you are trying to do is get a free lap dance from her friends. But you can’t even buy pussy boy(den) one wants a fat one nut john who lies snout service.

You like hookers because your mom was one. She came home after being butt fucked by sailors and you were butt fucked by your dad. All Zicklers are sexual deviants.

So quit trying to make the dumb party girl out to be some Joan of ark… She was a party girl… DOCUMENTED. And party girls are coke heads and Meth addicts like she was.

Fucking loser. Get real”

And this…

Image result for paul anderson youth home logo


William R. Bunting is an Alumni and graduate of Paul Anderson Youth Home in Georgia for porn and child porn freaks and was sent there by his mother because he was a “porn addict AND HAD PEDOPHILE TENDENCIES and was sexually active  as a “young boy, was involved in drug use and addiction, pornography, rage, violence  Read below!  

“Guys get addicted to pornography because their brains cannot distinguish between pornography and the real thing.

Men who view porn can achieve full arousal within seconds. Because of dopamine reward, sexual images and memories are given priority by the brain because, like hunger and thirst,our sex drive is key to our survival. Like important files on a computer’s hard drive, pornographic images and associated emotions are easily provoked, accessed and opened.

For teens in particular, these images literally soil their brains, corrupt their thought life and pervert their perception of women, dating and love. As a result, guys who use porn extensively may never experience the true beauty of a real girl or the joy of a real romance. They simply settle for porn.

Research reveals that teens and young adults who consume online pornography are more likely to…

  • Begin sexual activity earlier than peers
  • Develop appetite for more graphic and deviant types of pornography
  • Incur persistent emotional problems such as depression, shame and remorse
  • Believe that the most gratifying sexual satisfaction is attainable without love or true affection
  • Believe that being married or having a family are undesirable
  • Develop sexual compulsions and addictive behaviors
  • Believe that deviant sexual practices such as group sex and sadomasochism are common and normal.

And THIS is how he thinks as documented what he sent ME.


Foreword: My mother died of burns in a fire after I got back from Vietnam as noted on my “on line bio” which Bunting “edited” as seen below.  Keep in mind…he started this with the help of my xxx wife.

“Dick, I dont think your mommy really killed herself….I think you poured her gin over her while she was passed out on alcohol and heroin and murdered your own mama….you hated the way she always smelled like gin and sperm from dirty sailors who took her body over and over in heated gang bangs….you hated the fact she watched Urie as he raped you, jamming his giant cock in your little boy ass, you would cry and wish you were under the covers in your safe haven closet….but she never answered your cries…she would just masturbate and watch Urie fuck you….you would watch her grubby finger massaging her nasty cum soaked hairy snatch as she grinned and moaned with her rough voice, it sounded like sand paper on a brick wall fro cock swallowing and cigarette smoking and gin drinking.

Yes…you say you loved her yet everything you say is 180 degrees from reality so in fact you hated her and burned your own mother alive…thats how you became “gods cleaner” for she was the 1st trash you cleaned for god isnt she?  You sent her to hell because the two bit whore was a nasty POS and deserved the wrath of the blue eyed jesus

Im talking to your mother on my ouija board….she loves satan and licks the ass crack of Aleister Crowely. ….she says it tastes like heaven…..

What a worthless whore…commits suicide and now sucks the devils cock….does he pay like the sailors in Washington state or does he just rape her like or kill themselves and sell their body to drunken men

Did your mama drink so heavy because Urie fucked your little boy ass or was it because she sucked cocks for a living?

If i was Urie i would of beat that  two bit skank prostitute for fun
How long did it take mommy to die after she burned herself and now lives in hell in the lake of fire promised to all wh

Anyway… Time for some sodomy with my Goddess and future wife… I hope Aleister Crowley shows up and fucks my ass like your daddy fucked your little boy ass

Sorry, but Urie took your manhood when he fucked your blind little boy ass while your prostitute mammy sucked real service men off for a can of beans….then she would kiss her little butt fucked son in the mouth with her sperm soaked lips while your sodomized little boys ass bled from Uries big cock being jammed in it

Now she burns in hell for her crispy critter suicide after being abandoned by jesus for being a two bit whore!

In Ending….

So if you really believe Bill Bunting deserves just a “slap on the wrist” after hearing and reading his own words and the words of others like Larry Rodriguez and Page Forth not to mention me, then hopefully you will now reconsider especially given the FACT that the laws of West Virginia by definition and which he has violated, that he committed FELONY ACTS and should therefore be prosecuted and punished accordingly.

Would you not want the same if you and your families had the same experience as others have had with William R. Bunting?


Richard Boyden


P.S. Bunting has cyber stalked me for 3 years jacketing me with lies about me being a pedophile and “never served” in Nam and the USMC etc etc. So be assured he will do it to Rodriguez too…spinning lies about “under age girls” and any and all things to destroy his character because that is who Bunting is…a pathological homicidal liar who’s own words and actions condemn him.

My Response To Karen Sue Andras’s Lies About Me AKA “To Whom It May Concern” Letter Of Lies

Merry Christmas “Karen Sue” Andras!

Radio program/Podcast on December 25. 2018 at 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm


Listen to the programs consecutively please! 🙂

Program 1:

Program 2: Forgot to expound on TRUDELL ETC… Added program “Forgot To Expound On Trudell’s Family Death Per Previous Program”

Next Blog to be published on January 1, 2019 entitled…”My Wife Wanted Me Murdered Spiritually And Physically Working With Satan And His Angels Like John Trudell”

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: tree, snow, sky, house, outdoor and nature

Dearest Richard,

I know you said to never write etc. To you ever again and I understand n I truly dont blame you. I was trying not to but I thought maybe I could just one last time Please.

I know there are no words that can change what I have done.

I wish n pray n beg God that it could have n that you wouldn’t feel as me as you do but I understand why. I really do now.

I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn’t even truly me at all and I really don’t believe those bad things about you at all.

It was not my heart n mind speaking.

I didn’t have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process.

I only want to address my part in all this and words don’t really help I know this.

I am so truly sorry with all my heart n soul.

I don’t deserve you.

I know I will painfully regret my actions forever.

I ask Jesus how could this have happened?

He has shown me in many many ways as to how, why, where n what my part was in all this n why I failed even in the “good intentions”

I wanted to walk together on the higher road for your ministry’s sake and our marriage but I failed miserably.

I still ask God how can this be as I walk through the cemetery and I already know the answer but still I ask again n again.

I thought I had forgiven but the trickster seeped in and stopped the healing for both of us unfortunately. I am not asking for you to forgive me although I wish you could just for your own peace of mind and spirit.

You are a good man and part of the reasons why I left is because I knew I blew it.

I tried to Justify some things but no way was that going to work with God and he loves you very much and I shamed you both and I am so very very sorry.

I pray for your life to be so blessed and I was going to wait the day b4 my phone runs out so I wouldnt be tempted to contact you. But it is Sunday n thought I would today. I think I left some n bags or something got mixed up idk haven’t went through much or care to. I will give all back n pay you back2.

I do know that I have never cheated on you ever and I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

I do pray the best for you because I’m not it I guess/I know.

I so wanted to be but failed. I love you n miss you, my eternal love lost*


“Nigger” Murdered by AIM and ordered by DENNIS BANKS…hero of Andras

Blogs exposing Andras and Bunting LIES and SLANDER etc…etc…

Arizona Judge Joseph Welty Appointed By Closet Pedophile Arizona Governor Napolitano Terminates Shoar’s Parental Rights

via Arizona Judge Joseph Welty Appointed By Closet Pedophile Arizona Governor Napolitano Terminates Shoar’s Parental Rights

I knew this would happen. The family ignored me. 4 judgeS recuse themselves when I exposed them. This bastard would have too. He’s a friend of the faggot governor. I told God I want to see these demons burn in hell! He said YES!

My Cyberstalking Lying About Me Queer Faggot Homo Sodomite Bill Bunting Is In Jail Again!

The interview with Larry Rodriguez is in the hands of the prosecutor which contains Bunting’s facebook ADMISSION to threatening TO MURDER Rodriguez! That IS A FELONY IN W. VA as is the $3000 property damage to Larry’s truck!

Butt Head the floating turd is still in jail BECAUSE HIS LOYAL FOLLOWERS LOVE HIS LYING ASS SO MUCH that they can’t raise $2000! What this means is that this pathological lying and homicidal USER of others is being sen for who he really is! Steals money from others and uses others like Karen Sue Andras who dumped his punk ass after being beaten over and over while him USING HER MONEY FOR TWO YEARS! LOL


Bill Bunting…Facebook page for homicidal abuser who threatens to murder innocents is in Jail AGAIN! From a pedophile infested family. No contact orders for beating abusing women. Threatened to kill me…and Larry Rodriguez and his wife. Beat the hell out of “Karen Sue”ANDRAS…previously charged with felony assault of a cop and the crap list goes on about this sick demented floated turd.

Just put his name in the “search” box for my blog and read about this inbred son of Satan ad his perverted filthy rape promoting “deathstyle” who literally uses the language of a PEDOPHILE when he attacks yours truly and others with his unsubstantiated lies and slander which I expose in this linked blog!


Image result for pathological lying sodomite

The lying dirt bag did it again to another innocent soul. $2000 cash bond bail. Asking for “pay pal” donations LOL…which…

View original post 1,445 more words

Bill Bunting Was Sent To A School For Sexual Perverts And Children With Pedophile Tendencies

I have come to the conclusion that few read the information I share as it it is exclusive to me LOL. When in fact…the powers of darkness that I have been the target of complements of Karen Sue Andras and others obeying the same not and are not doing the same to others!

Consider this information a Satan’s “template” or ‘BLACK PRINT” exposing his works of darkness to destroy souls even as Karen Sue Andras admitted she listened to Satan and his demons to DESTROY MY SOUL!

This template is more and more the “norm” in this world owned by the Devil himself and he laughs more each moment as one soul after another “listens to his voice’ knowing that they will be with him in hell.

That is his glory being demonstrated daily among men through the carnal, sensual and devilish works that he has inspired and which Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras are representatives of as experienced by me.

So allow this information to be A WARNING VOICE to you and for your souls sake if nothing else.


via Bill Bunting Was Sent To A School For Sexual Perverts And Children With Pedophile Tendencies

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