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Karen Sue Andras Lies About Me To Protect Abusers Of Her And Her Children Who Try To KIll Themselves



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Displaying Crowley Promotes Pedophilia.jpg

Crowley sent the Pedophile Bunting to Andras…Crowley the Demon who said to her…”I OWN YOU”…HER WORDS TO ME!

Guess who was court assigned to go to a school for sexual perverts and pedophiles? Karen Sue Andras’s latest “man faggot” Bill Bunting!

William R. Bunting is an Alumni and graduate of Paul Anderson Youth Home in Georgia for porn and child porn freaks and was sent there by his mother because he was a “porn addict”.  

“Guys get addicted to pornography because their brains cannot distinguish between pornography and the real thing.

Men who view porn can achieve full arousal within seconds. Because of dopamine reward, sexual images and memories are given priority by the brain because, like hunger and thirst,our sex drive is key to our survival. Like important files on a computer’s hard drive, pornographic images and associated emotions are easily provoked, accessed and opened.

For teens in particular, these images literally soil their brains, corrupt their thought life and pervert their perception of women, dating and love. As a result, guys who use porn extensively may never experience the true beauty of a real girl or the joy of a real romance. They simply settle for porn.

Research reveals that teens and young adults who consume online pornography are more likely to…

  • Begin sexual activity earlier than peers
  • Develop appetite for more graphic and deviant types of pornography
  • Incur persistent emotional problems such as depression, shame and remorse
  • Believe that the most gratifying sexual satisfaction is attainable without love or true affection
  • Believe that being married or having a family are undesirable
  • Develop sexual compulsions and addictive behaviors
  • Believe that deviant sexual practices such as group sex and sadomasochism are common and normal.

These links expose the spiritual connections to Satan and sodomy and Karen Sue Andras, Bill Bunting and the demon who owns them Aleister Crowley. This is why Karen likes men like this as well as her children do and have as friends…especially Amanda except hers are BLACK! These links reveal who Bunting and Andras are and what their life is dedicated to and is “natural” for them. AND why Bunting is NOT around any of his children or grandchildren…! His “mother” sent Bunting to the school for demon inspired filthy perverts!

This is who my “xxx” Karen Sue Andras is “married ” to



Karen Sue Andras quotes sent or said to me…

“I want you to call me a whore and slut as my “Master”!

“I want you to beat my pussy with a belt buckle and piss on me”

“I want you to tie me up and PUNISH ME”…

“I want you to RAPE ME”…

“I am going to suck taste and  fuck John Trudell….”

Now YOU know why God removed her from my life!

Now Bunting … Wards “brother” gets’ personal about my mother… enjoy Mary Ward because you obviously think and are just like HIM!

These are texts that Bunting sent me and which Andras helped with. What does that say about her? I think it says she wants her grandschildren to be like Bill Bunting! I may have upset Karen’s mother…but NEVER DID I SAY THIS TO HER OR ABOUT HER but Karen’s faggot pervert androgenous He/She Trans bitch boy said this about my mother!

Dick, I dont think your mommy really killed herself….I think you poured her gin over her while she was passed out on alcohol and heroin and murdered your own mama….you hated the way she always smelled like gin and sperm from dirty sailors who took her body over and over in heated gang bangs….you hated the fact she watched Urie as he raped you, jamming his giant cock in your little boy ass, you would cry and wish you were under the covers in your safe haven closet….but she never answered your cries…she would just masturbate and watch Urie fuck you….you would watch her grubby finger massaging her nasty cum soaked hairy snatch as she grinned and moaned with her rough voice, it sounded like sand paper on a brick wall fro cock swallowing and cigarette smoking and gin drinking.

Yes…you say you loved her yet everything you say is 180 degrees from reality so in fact you hated her and burned your own mother alive…thats how you became “gods cleaner” for she was the 1st trash you cleaned for god isnt she?  You sent her to hell because the two bit whore was a nasty POS and deserved the wrath of the blue eyed jesus

Im talking to your mother on my ouija board….she loves satan and licks the ass crack of Aleister Crowely. ….she says it tastes like heaven…..

What a worthless whore…commits suicide and now sucks the devils cock….does he pay like the sailors in Washington state or does he just rape her like or kill themselves and sell their body to drunken men

Did your mama drink so heavy because Urie fucked your little boy ass or was it because she sucked cocks for a living?

If i was Urie i would of beat that  two bit skank prostitute for fun
How long did it take mommy to die after she burned herself and now lives in hell in the lake of fire promised to all wh

Anyway… Time for some sodomy with my Goddess and future wife… I hope Aleister Crowley shows up and fucks my ass like your daddy fucked your little boy ass

Sorry, but Urie took your manhood when he fucked your blind little boy ass while your prostitute mammy sucked real service men off for a can of beans….then she would kiss her little butt fucked son in the mouth with her sperm soaked lips while your sodomized little boys ass bled from Uries big cock being jammed in it

Now she burns in hell for her crispy critter suicide after being abandoned by jesus for being a two bit whore

Image result for karen sue andras

My xxx adulterating whore wife apologized for bringing the sexual darkness she brought into my life as adulterating and practising demon possessed witch she was before she came to me and then returned to that way of like when God answered my prayers and removed her going to hell soul with William R. Bunting!

Now to address the LIES of Karen Sue Andras about Richard Boyden

Norman Shelton Jr., son of Karen Sue Andras tried to kill himself thanks to his mothers choice of men who abused her and him

Love being the lied about by a woman who lied to me from the time she came to me on Facebook…documented! The man she was living with who almost killed her by beating her head into some weights. She went to the hospital but never called the police. AND she told me she “still loved him”. His name is Rusty Laudermilk and he is the father of Liz Shelton the wife of Karens son Norman.

Money Talk Time…Karen lent $7000 of her accident settlement money. He lied to her and instead of using it for what he said…he bought a truck. Did he pay it back? No…so is that not stealing? lol. The other view of this is…SHE GAVE A MAN WHO BEAT HER…ALMOST KILLED HER…HER WORDS $7,000 BUT RAGS ON ME ABOUT $700 and I never beat her, never stole money from her and found her her “dream log home” in Ava Missouri! Am I missing something or has the drug addict Karen Sue Andras lost her mind complements of the OPIOD Tramadol or … does the Demon Aleister Crowley totally control her soul like he does Bill Bunting!

Her “spirit mother” is Barbara High Pine from Wounded Knee village Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I got her $400 in propane and $200 in groceries. I am known on Pine Ridge…not as a pedophile and wanted for rape that Karen Sue Andras and Bill Bunting has said about me…but as a man who has love the Oyate in both word, spirit and deed. Spiritually in the God inspired article I wrote on suicide called “Journey to the Spirit World by Suicide which article save many lives on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River and Crow Creek Reservations. 7K copies given out and I spoke at jails and detention centers and group homes and on radio. Karen left that out too. She did nothing for the Oyate except for her own glorification whereas I was targeted with lies over and over.

I did give Norman Shelton $1500 because Karen said he lost his job and didn’t have rent money for 2 months. Did she ask me to help? Nope…but I offered and that is me. She said…”I never asked you” using that as an “out” LOL…so if it wasn’t used for rent…THEN SHE LIED TO ME! Kevin Shelton her other son received $1000 and maybe I did ask for 500 bucks back IF they didn’t need it. Why not? I had a need all of a sudden but I know…I didn’t matter then even after what I did and yes…daughter Amanda did get money. Karen lies like Bunting and for him 🙂 !

Now Companion Talk…before the abuser Laudermilk…there was the abuser beater of Karen (and kids?) Benjamen Andras. She still keeps his name. His 10 year marriage to her she called being BLACKMAILED! Finally told her family and they “rescued her”. This piece of work would kick Karen in the teeth when she was “praying” to God in the name of Jesus. Did she ever call the cops on  this dirt bag who abused her and her children? NOPE!

Then we have her latest choice of losers who beat her at Bonnie Lea Farms and Retreat……the pathological liar about me, Page Forth and Larry Rodriguez…. Bill the SPLC SODOMY FOR CHILDREN PROMOTER Bunting! Andras had to run away from Bunting because he did beat her…one time falling into a rock and gashing her head…bleeding profusly which Page patched up. DOCUMENTED AND WITNESSED! Did Andras call the cops or go to the hospital? Of course not because it is more important for her to protect those who abuse her and her children and that is why Norman tried to kill himself because of her “choosing abusers” for “companions”.

I was God led to feed thousands of Lakota/Dakota men, women and children and families through Operation Morning Star as documented by newspaper articles and letters of thanks from Tribal Chairmen like John Yellowbird Steele of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. 500 tons of food, $100,000 in wood burning stoves to families and elders and I have over a hundred photos of the “giveaways” for trips to Pine Ride, Cheyenne River, Rosebud and Crow Creek Reservations.

I never made money from donations. But I did set up a sponsorship program where a family would be introduced to a Native family…elder etc. The family would send money to the propane or utility company in the name of those Natives in need. They would then know where their money unlike other “charities”. They could also send gift certificates or donate a car and meet them. I just was the match maker. Karen knew about all of this and did she offer to help or get involved to help the “Natives” she loved? NOPE!!! All she wanted to do was “act” like the typical White wannabe new age hippy girl and get stroked by those Natives who knew she was just another fake White girl who needed Native Attention to feel good about herself.

After all…we have to remember she hooked up with a man who called Barbara her “spirit mother” a “PRAIRIE NIGGER” and “RAIN DANCER” and said Annie Mae Aquash DESERVED TO BE RAPED AND MURDERED.. In fact…BUNTING SAID…ALL WOMEN CAN BE RAPED BY REAL MEN LIKE HIM…which is why I believe he raped Karen…or for sure…ROLE PLAYED IT BECAUSE SHE LIKE THAT! How sick! His soul is pure filth!

I was welcomed and thanked for my help on Reservations unlike her American Indian Movement hero’s who beat, raped and murdered innocents at Wounded Knee in 1973 under the leadership of her fantasy hero and now dead in HELL John Trudell! 12 bodies of those murdered by his gang of which 3 were White women raped and a 12 year old girl raped. DOCUMENTED! The kind of man KAREN LOVES who rape women and children while stealing millions from the people they way they wanted to help.

In the beginning I told Karen about the money situation MINE! I told her and she said NO PROBLEM. I sold my truck to consolidate monies to get a house which I did. I did not demand…just asked her to sell her car. I did not use her or her money like Bunting FOR HOW LONG? lol. He could not drive…no money and a bum who asks for donations while looking to scam others in the meantime and lie about those who see through his bullshit like Page Forth…Rodriguez and others. I told her about my disability ruling and now have that at $3300 a month plus SS.

I got her that A Frame…never thanked. She wanted a house in the country…LOG and God helped me do that for her. Ungrateful selfish woman fixed on one thing in her life only…SEXUAL DARKNESS complements of the Demon Crowley which by the way…she never denied in her LIE LETTER appearing to her.

She said she would “pay me back”…in the posted email. Oh really? Like the money I sent for what she said was needed for months for Norman who lost his job. Outright lie by her.. $1500 and $1000 to other son Kevin to pay for “her costs” of leaving over and over…like she did Bunting. Or the monies I lost in finding homes for her? She never states that I beat her like he and her earlier choices did! But that’s ok…because the truth is she will support and lie about abusers who beat her and use her and almost KILL HER while she will side with those who lie about me saying I am a pedo, abuse women…etc etc etc and threaten to KILL ME LIKE THE KILLER TRUDELL AND HIS AIMSTER HOMIES which means she is a MURDERER IN HER HEART LIKE THE ARE!



No wonder MY GOD who she rejected for Crowley and her sexual sadomasochistic darkness and glorified those who raped and murdered innocent men and women allowed for her daughter to suffer  BECAUSE AMANDA AND HER ALSO WANTED ME DEAD!  And that is why Trudell suffered the SAME PAIN AN LOSS HE CAUSED OTHERS TO FEEL. Want to blame anyone…say God…the one Amanda “lip syncs” in her FB page…LOL…and the one Karen rejected and in so doing…REJECTED THE VERY CREATOR OF THE PEOPLE SHE SAYS SHE LOVES while siding with Satan who hates them and who rejoices over the spiritual filth from Whites and Blacks that Karen and Bunting represent which is contaminating the spirituality of Native American youth!

John Trudell lied about me and wanted me dead because I exposed the American Indian Movement who RAPED AND MURDERED INNOCENTS! Tunkashila let Trudell suffer the pain of those Trudell was responsible for killing or hiding the killers of innocents!


So for Bunting’s groupies who eat his “feces” on a regular basis…I suggest you realize Karen is a liar like Bunting is…unless that is…they never lie 🙂 Listen to my program about Karen’s Lies if you will. I expose her for who she really is as I have Bunting the RAPE OF WOMEN PROMOTER and the American Indian Movement of DOCUMENTED PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, AND MURDERERS…ALL THE KIND OF “MEN AND WOMEN” KAREN GRAVITATES TO AND IS IN FACT…JUST LIKE THEM IN SO DOING!

Be sure and read the last email Karen sent me. Anything about what I have been accused of by Bunting or others? She should know..right. Even in her “document” not one word about what the bitch boy faggot Bunting accused me of is there? Let alone me beating Karen…AND FOR SURE…NOT ONE DENIAL ABOUT BUNTING HURTING HER but after all…KAREN WILL PROTECT AND LIE ABOUT THOSE THAT BEAT, USE AND ABUSE HER AND ADMITTINGLY WORK WITH  THE DEMON CROWLEY TO DESTROY  AND HER HEROS AND FRIENDS OF TO MURDER THE ONLY ONE WHO TRULY LOVED HER WHICH LOVE SHE CALLED “ETERNAL”!

In ending…my God covers my back and He will deal with those who have lied about me and wanted me dead including Karen and her daughter and others.

In fact…He already has and He is not done yet! Mark my words because THEY ARE HIS!

And for the record…the comment about grandchildren is explained in the blog radio program! I said what I did targeting the Laudermilk family…not HERS. The difference between what I said and her…IS THAT SHE IS MAKING SURE ALL THE CHILDREN IN HER FAMILY WILL GO TO HELL! Say Aleister Crowley OWNING THEM THANKS TO KAREN SUE ANDRAS!


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