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Back On Radio With All Kinds Of Interesting “UPDATES” On Woman Hater Bill Bunting!


Sunday Night   9/23/20188 pm Central Time!

Podcast recorded for later listening

Problem with intro but fixed so be patient!


I Am Back! Updates On Toni Anderson, Woman Abuser Bill Bunting and AIM!

Gutting the American Indian Movement of rapists, murderers and pedophiles and the admirers of like Karen Sue Andras and Bill Buntings who abused Bonnie Lea Farm and Retreat owner Page Pusey Forth. Oh…forgot, Bunting abused his Goddess who he beat and called a whore and c word …Karen Sue Andras! (Called Page Forth the same…see below!)

That’s what happens when you listen to the Devil and worship  Satan inspired AIMSTERS like John Trudell, Leonard Peltier, Dennis Banks, Russell Means and Clyde and Vern Bellecourt 🙂

Image result for meme suicide by razor blade

Quote from Page Pusey Forth… “I understood why Karen kept getting hurt — even though he “…never laid a hand on her.” She was THAT DESPERATE TO GET AWAY from HIM!!! The last time (that I know of), she COULD have been REALLY hurt; it COULD have been serious, any HEAD WOUND can!!! But, she refused to go and HE insisted that she didn’t NEED to. The TRUTH is that they BOTH knew that, if a Dr. saw her injury, s/he would be LEGALLY OBLIGED to call the police” (Weak owned by the devil destroyer of souls just like her COWARD SONS Norman Shelton and Kevin Shelton who don’t give a damn about their mother being used like a whore and beaten and abused. After all…they are followers of Aleister Crowley even as their mother is OWNED BY HIM!)

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Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat

What Bill Bunting did to this innocent woman in her own words. She outlines, details and exposes this abusive lying using of others hater of women and all others who see him for the demon in the flesh that he really is!

To the Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat Facebook “Family”:

I am sorry to tell you all that Bill Bunting is no longer a member of the BLF&R family in any capacity and will be leaving here, one way or another, very shortly.

I had the unfortunate experience of spending three mind-numbing nights and three soul-sucking days in the regional hoosegow.

How on earth did you get THERE, you ask? And, what’s this have to do with Bill Bunting?

Well, I’m about to tell you:

It all began with a bottle of wine. It LOOKED innocent enough so, I ignored it as it went about its insidious work.

You see, I have a roommate (some of you may know him) who can’t handle his alcohol, Sadly, it doesn’t stop him from trying. Most days, it’s not a big deal BUT, every once in awhile — too often for my comfort — he turns into a psychotic lunatic.

This past Friday night, September 8, 2018, I called a “family” meeting; this person didn’t like the subject of the meeting and thought me an idiot for even asking. He then took a VERY small critique from our other male roommate, turned it into a slight and lit into him. Meanwhile, us women folk tip-toed away leaving poor Steve to fend for himself. For some reason, Bill didn’t think that was enough fun so, he came downstairs where I was sitting quietly with my laptop and, as he did ONE time before, got into MY immediate space and started a yelling tirade, roughly 8″ from my face. After about 20 minutes of CONTINUAL haranguing, I picked up my laptop to remove it from my lap and LEAVE. He was blocking my way, I couldn’t even stand up because he was hovering THAT close. He started screaming, “Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!….” over and over and over again. THAT continued for another 10 minutes before I’d had enough and, did as requested. Meanwhile, I had been SCREAMING, at the top of MY lungs for him to get the fuck AWAY from me and shut the fuck up! Which, he obviously wasn’t going to do.

THEN, he started screaming, “Hit me again!” over and over and over and….. So, I hit him again and again and again. Let me back up just a bit: I first hit him with a pillow (YES! A fucking PILLOW!) He snatched that out of my hands and hurled it as hard as he could into my flat screen — fortunately, it was a pillow. As he grabbed the pillow, he caught a piece of my hair and it pulled sharply; that is when I pissed myself and THAT is when my fist flew, pretty much, without ANY knowledge or effort from me. No double entendre intended but it was a fluid motion between the hair pull and the first punch, as if my hair controlled my hand. But, that was only the first punch: the rest were very much consciously intentional (I think because the first one felt SO fucking good after a 30 minute tirade of insults, foul language and accusations).

To prove my point that all I wanted him to do was get the fuck away from me: as I was about to hit him one more time, I heard Steve’s voice say Bill’s name; that’s when he FINALLY straightened up and stepped back and I pulled that punch in mid flight. Did I mention that took place in the bathroom — where I went to clean myself up — and he BUSTED THROUGH THE DOOR AFTER ME?! He busted the bolt and hit me in the head with the door when he crashed through it.

Y’all with me to this point?

OK. THEN, after all of that, the cowardly mother fucker CALLED THE POLICE ON ME.

They came, asked me what I wanted to do and I told them, PLEASE take him with you! Sadly, they said they had no reason to do so but, they watched as he walked up the hill to his “hooch”…..and, as SOON as the cops left, the SOB came BACK down. But, I KNEW that would happen.

While the rest of us huddled on the second floor, Bill continued to scream obscenities at the house. I didn’t wait long, at all, to call the police back. Meanwhile, Bill started pulling “his” food out of the house and throwing it in the street and on the meadow he supposedly loves.

On their SECOND visit, they had a 45 minute “chat” with Bill, though HE did most of the talking — about EVERYTHING — and, continued to INSIST that they arrest me.

Quite apologetically, they came to me and told me what he was saying, that they couldn’t take him without a charge BUT, they could take me because HE was INSISTING on pressing charges, though they were hoping to find another solution. Knowing that Bill wasn’t going to stop until ONE of us was gone, I sort of, volunteered. I couldn’t take the torture, anymore and, frankly, I was afraid I would kill him before the night was through. I held my hands up in front of me, the trooper said, “Seriously?” And, I said it was the ONLY way to end this. I, also, inquired why HE could do what HE did? Wasn’t there a crime in there, somewhere? They didn’t think so.

After an interestingly BORING three days and nights — SEVERAL epiphanies — and $300 I don’t have to spare, I was bonded out Monday afternoon just before 4 PM (I was processed in around 1:30 AM, Saturday morning). And, I was on a mission, yesterday, to find the crime HE committed against ME, and I did.

What he did to me, his girlfriend, my female roommate and, most likely, EVERY woman he has ever been involved with or known is called ‘simple domestic assault’ — roughly a half step down from what I did to defend myself (they’re calling it ‘domestic battery’). His claim to fame is that he “never” touched them so, it’s OK to verbally torment someone even if it drives them to hurt themselves while DESPERATELY trying to get the fuck AWAY from him.

And, he is what I like to call, “WRONG!”

Not only that, but, a discrimination charge could be leveled on TWO fronts: Both Revana and myself are WOMEN and DISABLED.

I fully expect for the charges to be dismissed when I go to the preliminary hearing next Monday but, in the event that they aren’t, I think I have a really good case for acquittal.

Meanwhile, my intention is to have Bill charged with the ASSAULT he lodged against me, the assaultS he has launched on Revana and, I’m hoping that his on again, off again girlfriend comes back to file HER charges, at least, for that gash on her head.

AND, I am also thinking about changing the mission statement of Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat to cater, primarily, to women — crazy men are just too fucking DANGEROUS!!!

Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat
Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat Lisa, you need to know that HE started it; I SAID and DID NOTHING to him before he lit into ME with a verbal tirade that would TERRIFY any woman — especially one who he KNOWS has been abused before. EVERY time, save one, my husband started his abuse the exact, same way; as you know, I NEVER remarried and that is reason #1 why.
I do not “act up” for NO reason; when I get mad and do stupid stuff, there is ALWAYS something, or SOMEONE, that sets me off — and, NOTHING has set me off since September of 2013. I am NOT “off my meds” either: I have been able to take one out of maintenance and put it aside for emergencies only; I am very PROUD of that fact though, sadly, I have had to start taking it again since I’ve been home BECAUSE of the incidents of last Friday night — but, that is ONLY as a precaution. I am VERY protective of the progress I have made since being here; THAT is why I have wanted to share it with others.
As it was, I was SITTING in my chair, in the living room, watching TV, minding MY OWN FUCKING BUSINESS when BILL came up behind me then hovered over me like a pissed off drill sergeant and started yelling at me. When I asked WTF I DID, he just got madder and hollered LOUDER, never more than 8″ from my face.I DID NOTHING TO PRECIPITATE THIS EXCEPT KEEP A PROMISE TO ASK A QUESTION, WHICH I DID AND THAT IS WHAT SET BILL OFF — THAT I WOULD EVEN ASK TO ALLOW ANOTHER TO JOIN US FOR A MONTH OR TWO. I fully expected him to get VOTED DOWN by the “FAMILY” but I PROMISED that I would ask, anyway; and, I try to keep MY promises.The other thing EVERYONE needs to know is that this is NOT THE FIRST TIME that Bill did this to me: the first time was just a few months after he got here — a little over a year ago. It started with a “discussion” that BILL escalated into a horror story: he CHASED me into my home; he WOULD NOT let me get away from him; he even chased me into the bathroom THAT time too, pushing the door in one me and refusing to allow me to place a door between us. I was about to throw my FIRST punch at him then when Steve came between us and finally got Bill AWAY from me.
I spent the rest of that night upstairs, because I was afraid to come downstairs, listening to him SCREAMING obscenities at the top of his lungs in the meadow at ME. IDK how much the neighbors heard, I don’t really care BUT I NEVER want to have to listen to that kind of shit on MY property EVER again.Did I volunteer to go to jail to get away from him? I PRACTICALLY BEGGED THEM TO DO WHATEVER WAS NECESSARY TO GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!!!!!And, THAT is when I understood why Karen kept getting hurt — even though he “…never laid a hand on her.” She was THAT DESPERATE TO GET AWAY from HIM!!! The last time (that I know of), she COULD have been REALLY hurt; it COULD have been serious, any HEAD WOUND can!!! But, she refused to go and HE insisted that she didn’t NEED to.
The TRUTH is that they BOTH knew that, if a Dr. saw her injury, s/he would be LEGALLY OBLIGED to call the police.


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Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat

Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat The OTHER thing y’all need to know is that he pulled “HIS” food (AKA: his RENT “payment”) out of the house and threw it all over the farm and out in the street — then, tells the cops that he MUST be allowed in the house to eat (?)… To eat WHAT? HE threw HIS food out AND his rent’s not paid AND, I don’t want him touching ANYTHING else around here so he’s not going to work his way to it. I just want him to LEAVE — and, if he hates me so fucking much, WHY would he want to stay here one minute longer than necessary?

If things were all THAT bad for him around here, he’d be GONE; instead of using OUR Internet to trash me, he’d be using someone else’s.

PLEASE, someone, take him into YOUR HOME. You love him so much, PLEASE, TAKE HIM!!!!! You are MORE than WELCOME to him: just come and get him and TAKE HIM AWAY FROM HERE!!!

Perhaps this next paragraph will help to MOTIVATE someone:

It IS just a matter of time, since I have left the decision to Karma: IF he can get out of here before the same cops can come back together (after his 45 minute tirade for them, I figured THEY earned the opportunity to make the arrest), he’ll be away free with only an outstanding warrant to make certain that he gets the fuck out of WV and never comes back. IF, on the other hand, they get here first, he’s all theirs — and, I WILL be in court to testify, as many times as they need me.


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Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat
Bonnie Lea Farm & Retreat And, 3 out of 4 of us admit it; ONE does not.
3 out of 4 of us see a therapist on a regular basis; ONE does not. 2 out of 4 of us are on medication; one does not need them and ONE does but REFUSES to admit it.
Funny how that ONE person is the same — aSee More


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Boyden Richard
Boyden Richard Abusing of women Bill bunting cost Page Pusey Forth the owner of this property 3 days in jail and $300 which I restored in GoFund today. I will also pay for her attorney if need be because Bunting needs to be put in jail for his FELONY ABUSE OF Karen SSee More


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Boyden Richard
Boyden Richard Little did I know until talking to Page…that she TRUSTED HER ABUSER Bunting to allow him access to the GoFund page! Holy Chit! She can kiss that 300 bucks good bye because Bunting is a exploitive user and THIEF! Actually him stealing money that is not his would be good thing…confirming to EVERYONE what a bitch he is…abusing a woman…costing her 3 days in jail and 300 bucks. Yep…that’s Bunting to the max. Ask Karen Sue how much money he has cost her.


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Page Pusey Forth

Page Pusey Forth After, finally, seeing my therapist and going over the events of that Friday night, I am able to get a clearer picture of what we have been dealing with since Bill arrived here:

He admitted to having been diagnosed as a psychotic, paranoid schizophrenic. I did not see the paranoia, only a modicum of schizophrenia and the psychosis seemed to be intermittent but largely controllable with marijuana.

BOTH times that Bill flipped out on me, Karen was missing AND we were out of pot — he was, also, drinking BOTH times though, I suspect, drinking has less to do than the other two factors.

Had Karen been there, it would have been her, not me, both times: of that, I am certain.

However, I am extremely concerned about a few other things, particularly, what he SAID:

While I largely was not listening to what he was screaming at me, I did catch a few gems, not the least is my promotion from “ignorant cunt” to “filthy whore.”

“Ignorant cunt” is what you call someone you have no personal relationship with, while “filthy whore” implies someone with whom one is having a physical relationship: NEITHER is true. I considered Bill a friend though NOT one with whom I had ANY other relationship…. but, WHAT does any of that mean in the mind of a psychotic?

The PERCEPTION of a psychotic can change from one moment to the next and, since perception IS reality, their REALITY changes just as quickly.

Just a little food for thought as I work MY way through this…..


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Page Pusey Forth

Page Pusey Forth Also, my therapist pointed out that, in her opinion, she thought that Bill was deliberately trying to push Steve and Revana into leaving so that he could, more or less, take over the farm; she feared that I might “disappear” too.

To put this into perspective: Steve, Revana and I all have the same therapist so, she has been putting this picture together with the help of three different views of what goes on here.

So, the final vote is in: what happened here is entirely Bill’s fault and, JUST as I suspected, he did not get the rise out of Steve that he wanted so he came after me, knowing that I can be pushed into fighting back.

I have NEVER pretended to be ANY different than what and who I am: if you get in my face, I WILL do EVERYTHING in my power to get you OUT.

And, it is my RIGHT to do so.


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