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Jewish Racism and The Genocide of American Indians


Going to dig up a lot of older articles and add to my blog. Stay tuned! Also…some might notice a series of blogs about a particular individual MISSING. Reason why is I don’t like being LIED TO BY A TWO FACED HYPOCRITICAL BITCH BOY WHO I SAVED THE LIFE OF. TOTALLY UNGRATEFUL AND HAS PROVEN HE IS NOT WORTH MY “UNPAID FOR” TIME AND ENERGY! SO EAT MONKEY SHIT YOU FAKE HUMAN BEING AND REALIZE…KARMA IS ON MY SIDE! 🙂


INTRO: Old article I put together and will update in time with more links etc.

Jewish Racism and The Genocide of American Indians

Recently I was searching the news visiting one of my favorite sites, “Israel National News”, an online Internet publication out of IsraeI. I noticed a shocking article stating that Columbus was in fact a Jew and not a Christian Gentile. As I read the information, I immediately readjusted my understanding of “American History” as pertaining to American Indians and Jews and how Jewish Racism starting with Columbus, was one of the primary sources of the political, economic, and physical genocide of American Indians.

My Grandfather was Jewish and I once lived in Israel and also lived in Israel. As a former radio talk show host, I many times focused on issues related to Israel including interviewing Holocaust survivors.These were Jews who were victims of Nazi Racism. Even though my Jewish roots were not “official” due…

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