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Did You Know That Mark Wahlberg (Edeker’s Buddy) Has a Criminal History of Racially-Motivated Assaults?

” Kristyn Atwood was among a group of children Wahlberg and his friends attacked with rocks and racial epithets during a field trip in Boston in 1986.”

Can you say “GOOK” and “NIGGER”?

Wahlberg can and that’s not a problem for Hy-Vee Chief Executive Randy Edeker

Mark Wahlberg.
Mark Wahlberg filed an application for a pardon with the Massachusetts state parole board in November 2014. Photograph: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Hy-Vee Chief Executive Randy Edeke partners with racist homicidal bastard and it’s favourite celebrity Mark Wahlberg to get into the “burger business“.

Meanwhile, while tainting the Hy-Vee name with Wahlberg, Edeker and his “bean counting” fellow execs decided to “destroy” a profit making “Market Grill” in Independence Missouri (23d and Lees Summit) by converting it into a “Market Express”.

What that means is that the servers and employees…

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