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“Indian Country” needs to know who the real criminals, thieves and murderers behind the DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE! And why the author of this information was “murdered” because of what he shared! I used to interview Sherman Skolnick. No one did their homework or had a inside track in naming the guilty who control and are destroying this country as him. READ THE NAMES AND COMPANIES he exposes realize how much our nation has been taken over by “domestic enemies” who are using and killing us one day at a time!

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by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/02/01

In the often evil world of oil and natural gas, and other energy, they became the seventh largest of the Fortune 500. What has happened to put them as the largest of the No Fortune 100? How did they become, so far, the biggest loser?

The real operators of Enron Corporation are, to some, great sorcerers. They have waved their magic wand, and turned paper promises into black gold and vice versa. Sort of latter day alchemists. Later in this series we will explore the role of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Now just look at some of the other names.

A Director of Enron has been Wendy Gramm, wife of U.S. Senator Phil Gramm [R., Texas]. A former Professor, supposedly adept in economics and banking, Senator Gramm has been the Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, and member of the Budget and the Finance Committees. He has blocked laws against money laundering. Convenient to the Enron mess, he decided ahead of time not to run for re-election.

For some twelve years during the Reagan/Daddy Bush Administrations, Wendy was Chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. As a highly corrupt federal regulatory agency, CFTC wields great power and influence over markets, often little understood by common Americans.

Spreading out in the 1980s worldwide was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. Some called them, with their hundreds of branches round the world, the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International. They were actually a huge money laundry for political assassination and dirty tricks funding, as well as espionage proprietaries, for the American CIA, British MI-6, French CIA, and The Mossad of Israel.

BCCI had or were planning some five branches in the U.S. For their U.S. agenda, they needed to put the arm on the U.S. government. Elsewhere in the world, BCCI had already honed the real world specialty of buying and bribing public officials.

BCCI as a foreign entity not only dealt in secret transactions in banking but were a highly mostly covert player on the world markets, particularly the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and on markets such as LIFFE in London. Through six La Salle Street brokers, BCCI bribed and blackmailed its way into the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Key law-makers were invited to come to Chicago, all expenses paid, to supposedly give a speech for the CME, or “Merc” as some call it, and the CBOT. While in the Windy City, the law-makers were informed that their hosts, the market honchos, were opening “courtesy” accounts for them. And, that they would be informed of the good results that developed. In some instances, the so-called “courtesy” account was not told to the Representatives and Senators, but was set up in their name anyway as a blackmail device on the date of their Chicago visit.

Through a hocus-pocus series of transactions, the Chicago accounts showed a supposed loss while the London acounts showed a huge profit. In the lingo of the markets, it was called a “straddle”. The Senators and Congressmen themselves, or most often their known agents, from time to time personally picked up the huge profits in London. On other occasions, someone identifying themselves with credentials as their known agents, likewise picked up the heavy profits from the “courtesy” accounts, in the British money center. It was either a direct provable bribery payment to the law-makers or verifiable record-kept blackmail. Either way, twenty five per cent of both houses of the American legislature were “hooked”.

By the time BCCI supposedly collapsed in the summer of 1991, some five billion dollars had disappeared. It was used in great part to buy, that is, to bribe, 28 U.S. Senators and 108 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Bank of England, by a series of circumstances, became the kingpin in supervising and overseeing the supposed demise of BCCI. [BUT, see Foonote One, how BCCI rose from the ashes under another name.]

Notice the strange happenings. For only thirty days, the Bank of England had as an open record, the list of those bought and bribed, whether directly or through the blackmail devices, of the legislative branch of the U.S. Government. A major media correspondent got wind of this and before secrecy was clamped on the records, got a copy of the entire list of bribery/blackmail.

Part of one of the largest media operations worldwide, he went to his media editor with the details. The editor was thunder-struck. Here was documented proof that twenty five per cent of the House and Senate were bribed. “We cannot publish the list and the details that go with it”, the journalist was told. The media mogul added the obvious, “It would cause the scandal downfall of the American Government”, as the journalist later related the editor’s statements to an independent-minded confidant.

As a last resort, the journalist gave the list and the corroborating details to our group. [This type of thing has happened again and again during the forty years our group has operated to open up deeply censored stories. I as head of the group have been jailed some eight times for contempt of court, wheelchair and all, for refusing to divulge witnesses and sources.]

Using the list and substantiating details, we began directly confronting members of the House and Senate. We began receiving threats of great harm to us after the time when we confronted Senator Phil Gramm, who was on the list and we brought up about the apparent bribery cover up of his wife Wendy, as head of the CFTC.

In going over the specifics, we discovered that BCCI was a sizeable secret funder of Ted Turner, making possible his idea for a television super-station via satellite from Atlanta, Georgia. And, that this was done through part-owner of Turner’s empire, the then cable monster, TCI of Denver. In an interview with the former chief accountant of one of the La Salle Street brokers arranging the bribery, we learned that TCI also owned part of the brokers fronting for BCCI in Chicago.

We learned plenty in the process of exploring the details. We found out, for example, that BCCI, through their Chicago branch, greatly funded the television campaign commercials for the 1988 Presidential campaign for Democrat candidate Michael Dukakis. To cut off money for the badly needed television ads for Dukakis, his opponent, GOP Presidential candidate George Herbert Walker Bush, at the time Vice President, arranged on a holiday, Columbus Day, right before the Election, to mysteriously close up BCCI’s Chicago branch, source of the tv money for Dukakis, claiming “corruption” but not disclosing details.

In putting the complex matter together, we found out about the threat of an internatinal scandal. GNP Commodities, headquartered in Chicago, wanted to merge with French entity, Bank Indo-Suez. The merger was opposed by CFTC Chairperson, Wendy Gramm, and the head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. At a hearing in Chicago as to the merger, an attorney for GNP was heard hollaring outside the CFTC office, that if Wendy Gramm and the Fed do not get off GNP’s back, there would be an “international incident”. GNP, then headed by the former chieftain of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, was reportedly in a position to know about the BCCI bribery of both houses of Congress covered up not only reportedly by Wendy Gramm but by Alan Greenspan as well.

A watered down version of the GNP Commodities incident was published in the Wall Street Journal in November, 1989. >From long past experiences, I knew only one publication would run my exclusive story about the BCCI bribery of Congress. I turned it over to the populist paper, Spotlight, headquartered in the nation’s Capitol. I gave them the Bank of England BCCI bribery list. In October, 1991, they ran my story minus the list which they had but the list nevertheless began circulating elsewhere anyway.

Here are some of the names from the Bank of England’s reported BCCI bribery list, that included 108 members of the House and 28 U.S. Senators HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES- Congressman DAN ROSTENKOWSKI (D., Ill.) [Two of his daughters supposedly worked in the Chicago markets although apparently not doing much actual work. Rosty as he was called for many years headed the House tax-writing committee and put through a near-private law for the markets as a tax-loophole as to “straddles”. He has been a major owner of Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, a reputed transit point for CIA dope money from Mena, Arkansas, headed for laundering disguised as soybean and currency trading through the Chicago markets. Rosty was later sent to federal prison for defrauding the private bank of the House of Representatives.]

Cong. MARTY RUSSO (D., Ill.). Cong. THOMAS FOLEY (D., Wash.). Cong. GLENN ENGLISH (D., Okla.) Cong. CARDISS COLLINS (D., Ill.) {As to her, see our website series on the “Secret History of Airplane Sabotage”. She apparently went along with the cover up of the Watergate Plane Crash, Chicago.] Cong. E (Kika) de la GARZA (D., Tex.) Cong. RICHARD GEPHARDT (D., Mo.) [For 2004, is he planning to run for President? What does HE know about the murder of Mel Carnahan on the eve of the year 2000 Election debate? Carnahan had records that would have scandalized Presidential Candidate George W. Bush at a presidential candidate debate in St. Louis.] Cong. JAMES WRIGHT (D., Texas) {He left Congress later in another scandal.] Cong. DAN GLICKMAN (D., Kansas)[In the Clinton administration he became head of the Department of Agriculture. BCCI/Banca Nazionale del Lavoro were implicated in a huge Atlanta scandal where billions of U.S. dollars disguised as “Agriculture” loans, were used by Daddy Bush to supply weapons to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein.Glickman was reportedly part of the cover up.]

Cong. ROBERT MICHEL (R., Ill.)[When faced with an apparent Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy scandal also involving his son, he left Congress.] Cong.RICHARD DURBIN (D., Ill.)

U.S. SENATE- Senator THOMAS DASCHLE (D., S.D.) [Does HE plan to run for President in 2004?] Sen. JAMES JEFFORDS (R., Vt.) [In 2001, he changed from Republican to Democrat, upsetting the GOP control of the U.S. Senate.] Sen. LLOYD BENTSEN (D., Texas)[Big-time bank owner leading up to Enron.] Sen. ALFONSE D’AMATO (R., N.Y.) [Law enforcement personnel contended D’Amato was the mafia’s man in the U.S. Senate.] Sen. JESSE HELMS (R., N.C.) [Records seem to support the claim that Sen. Helms receives funding from international terrorist groups.] Sen. RICHARD LUGAR (R., Ind.) Sen. ROBERT BYRD (D., W. Va.) [There is strong reason to believe that he and some of his staff members know a lot about the murder in 1991 of Journalist/Author Danny Casalaro in West Virginia, also about the apparent frame-up of computer wizard Michael Riconosciuto.] Sen. DONALD RIEGLE (D., Mich.). Sen. PATRICK LEAHY (D., Vt.) {He has been the long-time Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. See BCCI/BNL details at listing of Cong. DAN GLICKMAN.] Sen. ALAN DIXON (D., Ill.) {He previously had been Illinois Secretary of State, issuing auto and drivers licenses. Some of his family members reportedly ran stolen auto parts businesses, called “chop shops” which he covered up by fake auto registrations and such. Dixon also arranged for the mafia to slow down FBI investigations in that mafioso, through Dixon, got untraceable auto tags.]

Reputed experts on covering up high crimes have been Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan (we call him REDSPAN) and former CFTC Chairperson Wendy Gramm, a Director of Enron. Through complicated dealings, were billions sucked out of Enron to try to prop up the failing U.S. Stock Markets?

[FOOTNOTE ONE- Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, did NOT actually disappear despite monopoly press accounts stating so. BCCI re-emerged as PINNACLE BANC GROUP, with their flagship the highly corrupt, gangster-linked FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CICERO (Cicero being the long-time mafia-enclave adjoining Chicago, known as Al Capone Land.) Lots of details about this on our website in prior stories. For example, dominating the bank in Cicero has been Bishop Paul Marcinkus, until 1991, head of the Vatican Bank, recently identified as a major criminal money laundry for mafia/CIA and others. To confuse matters, the bank in Cicero has changed their name several times since 1991.]

by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/08/01

What did they think of themselves? In their heart of hearts, did they consider that THEY were great heroes? Saintly warriors, were they in their own estimation, opposing the barbarians of fatal finger pointing and the stone hurlers of biblical Judgment?

On his throne of monopoly, a major media rajah, in clamping his un-elected fist of censorship on it, as if weighing its value in diamonds, haughtily proclaimed, “It would cause the scandal downfall of the American Government”.

A foreign bank entity, enlisted in the secret funding of the deceptions of bloody espionage and political assassinations, had purchased and procured, by bribery and blackmail, one-fourth of all the members of the U.S. parliament. This done, amidst the nuclear winter’s bitter destruction of the law-maker’s solemn oath to support the organic law of this continent, namely, the U.S. Constitution. [See Part One of this series.]

As earlier set forth, this is the prologue of this deadly drama, played out as it has been over a dozen years and more. In the current act, some of the same players are before us again, but now unmasked and face-paint peeled or scrubbed off. And their masquerading co-conspirators will be on stage as well.

How did Enron become such a worldwide monstrous edifice? And where did it go, the billions and billions of dollars, and euros, and Swiss francs, and trillions of yen? Does Wendy Gramm, a Director of Enron, know? Does Federal Reserve commissar, Alan Redspan, his stage-act soon ending—did HE know? From their background, they cannot be described or perceived as incompetent. Hence, knowledge has to be presumed, even in contradiction to their public statements, if any.

And again, in their weather-reacting bones, or in their gut, did they again consider themselves the white hats of these events? To comprehend all this is needed a simple lesson, if that is possible, in esoteric banking and finance.

The Federal regulators require approximately three cents on the Dollar, to support each Dollar of banks of deposit. By this financial sleight of hand, even as a book entry alone, twenty billion of U.S. Dollars (actually, Federal Reserve hot-air notes) are thus multiplied into about six hundred billion financial fish. It is called fractional reserves, some say fictional reserves. And no economics professor, with a straight face, can really apply the sanctity of logic to explain all this.

Even if they used a yesteryear abacus, the stone money experts would have to admit, at least privately, that in late September and early October, 2001, the U.S.stock markets were facing an expected collapse, and then jointly with the rest of the planet. Yes, the events of September 11, 2001, took our attention elsewhere. And the prior knowledge some of us feel as a certainty was involved in that bloody day, support the idea of intending to divert us. The occupant and resident of the White House has been George W. Bush. And the “Gang of Five” on the high court in Washington, as some sneer at them, that installed Bush to the highest office had added hardly a sliver of legitimacy to the event.

Some contend Bush, Jr., pronounced quickly as DUBYA, would not know how to handle a financial collapse. And Daddy Bush, after all, can make his bowlegged puppet go only so far. With the ghosts of unlawful election still howling, the nation would obviously face a paranormal anarchy.

Directly and through confederates, the Bush Family and Dick Cheney have a large financial stake in Enron. The market regulators, subject to political realities and their own career futures, are not about to effectively investigate. Some of the Enron insiders, without apparently reporting the same as federal regulations require, purchased or procured or obtained an interest in “put” options or other forms of short selling, of Enron stock, or indices, or equivalents, when the shares had drifted down from a high of 90 dollars per share to somewhere between 18 and 36 dollars a share.

Prosecutors (cynics call them black-mailers) in two or more states, if media reports are to be believed at all, claim to be interested in investigating any criminality involved in the downfall of Enron. Of course, the oil-soaked monopoly press is not about to report that a form of supposed “national security” has been invoked by the White House to stop any so-called “investigation” from going across the line to deep Oval Office scandal, that would sweep away the central Government.

Again, like the bribery of both houses of Congress by the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International, BCCI, there is a practical necessity, in the view of some in high places, for a cover up. All, supposedly to save the Established Government and the peace, prosperity, and tranquility of America as a Republic.

Of the billions apparently secretly sucked out of Enron, the bulk went disguised as at least 600 billion dollars, if not even more, at key moments, to temporarily prop up the U.S. stock markets. That is, some 20 billion dollars, multiplied by the black magic of fractional reserves to 600 billion dollars. Some who count beans faster than others, contend it is actually many trillions of dollars, supported by fractional/fictional reserves piled on derivatives piled on drifting sand in some uncharted oily desert.

[As a young man, having been taught mathematics by a protege of Albert Einstein, I might have years ago understood the illogic of multiplying 20 billion dollars of purloined corporate funds into 600 billion dollars as part of a trip on the way to many trillions. As I recall, there is a mathematics symbol for negatives that cannot otherwise be balanced or explained in a math equation. I think they used to call it the “j” operator or such. Nowadays, I would label it the JACKASS SUBTRACTOR.]

Enron became the all-purpose, world-circling trading desks for energy, a contractor for oil, natural gas, and electric services, a near-limitless investment machine, a telecom, a biggie piggy bank, an insurer. In short, as major newsfaker Time Magazine described it in their 12/10/01 issue “the brash energy-trading giant called Enron”. And, “After weeks of escalating financial troubles, business had effectively collapsed in many of Enron’s most important markets. Only months earlier, Enron was considered one of the most innovative U.S. companies, having brought new-economy tools [or was it old-economy embezzling and money laundering?-ed.] such as Internet and sophisticated hedging strategies to the old business of matching producers and consumers of electricity, oil, natural gas-and eventually some 800 other commodities and services. Its operations directly or indirectly touch almost every American home and business.” AND, how many members of the U.S. Congress and OTHER foreign parliaments do they also touch? Is Enron a latter day Bank of Crooks and Criminals International, BCCI?

Like phantom money ship BCCI, Enron did their elaborate game of changing currencies hidden in a smokescreen of black art.

Dick Cheney up to August, 2000, had been CEO of Halliburton, among other things, a supplier of oil industry machinery. [Hey, as of the posting of this story, is Halliburton another BCCI/ Enron device?] Through Halliburton’s overseas units, Cheney, a major stockholder of Halliburton, has apparently treasonously supplied Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, a disgruntled former private business partner of Daddy Bush, what Saddam needed to break the embargo on oil shipments. [As to Daddy Bush/Saddam Hussein, see our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh.”]

Dictators, like some political condiments gathering in a mythical Chinese-style restaurant, seem to have private business partnerships off and on mixing with one another, at times sweet, at times sour.

Cheney, Daddy Bush, Bush, Jr., and their circle hovering around Big Oil, used Enron as an accomplished cruise ship. Like those Love Boats sailing the Caribbean, U.S.S. Enron asked no questions of those who brought on-board their steamer-trunks of dirty money. The unwritten deal was, Enron was supposed to keep a per centage as a fee. In the real world, there is a most serious non-statutory offense, never violated by those hoping to go up in the Establishment, called FAILURE TO BRIBE. [I once startled what I call a court victim, stating YOU ARE GUILTY, after all of THAT, right?]

Various “investment houses”, actually money laundries, have been bloodied by Enron’s collapse but are mostly silent. Did some brokers screw some Enron stock owners?

“The Enron episode further damages the credibility of Wall Street analysts. Richard Gross, an analyst at Lehman Brothers…kept a ‘strong buy’ rating on Enron’s stock throughout the decline. Lehman stood to earn a hefty fee for advising Dynegy to buy Enron, until Dynegy withdrew its offer. A Lehman spokesman said it was the firm’s policy not to change its rating on a company involved in a deal where Lehman is an adviser. BUT ANYBODY WHO TOOK LEHMAN’S ADVICE ON ENRON’S STOCK IN RECENT MONTHS WOULD HAVE LOST ALMOST EVERYTHING.” New York Times story, “With Enron’s Fall, Many Dominoes Tremble”, 12/2/01 (Emphasis added.)

Enron, while sinking, became the vessel from which was covertly extracted (or embezzled?) huge sums, multiplied by financial witchcraft, to temporarily prop up the failing stock markets. In 1929, many suckers really believed the bigshots who said they would bail out the markets. Except in 1929, it was done out front, in 2001, secretly or not publicly spoken. [See the book “The Great Crash-1929” by Kenneth Galbraith, how that great fraud empire, J.P. Morgan, fooled the suckers into staying in a collapsing market.]

Hey, Greenspan/Redspan! Tell your wife, Andrea Mitchell, it is okay to pass along this “more than pillow talk” to General Electric, the boss of her boss NBC Network. And while you are at it, as Federal Reserve commissar, order G.E. to stop selling what some curse, their damned “too-often-burning-out” light bulbs.

Hey, Wendy Gramm! Call Enron, hurry up, before the phones are disconnected. [Wait a minute. Would a telecom giant like Enron have dead phones?]

Is a tidal wave of Enron/Halliburton about to wreck the White House?

More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 1/18/02


What happens to previous scandals and commotions? If left unresolved, if there is no closure, do they simply go away?

In large part, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press is responsible for the growing short attention span of many Americans. Supposedly from nowhere, like a mushroom out of a cave, the press fakers present suddenly a new buzzing, separate from their usual war-mongering to aid the war-profiteering industries.

After such new item is served up to us, day and night, it disappears from the alleged “news”. That is where the problem starts. Ordinary people, busy paying the landlord or the mortgage company, wrongly suppose the matter is ended. Why? The press whores have stopped bombarding us with it.

That being said, consider the following

About 1985, super international swindler Marc Rich, fled the United States for Zug, Switzerland. He was about to be grabbed and prosecuted by the American authorities for 40 Billion Dollars of fraud, and massive cheating and tax evasion. He proceeded to buy the key authorities in that part of Switzerland where is located his international headquarters. So, the Swiss were not about to send their great corrupt benefactor and paymaster to the U.S. As strange as it may seem, the local prosecutor was his DEFENSE ATTORNEY. Marc Rich was not about to be sent back to the U.S. to face the music.

In the years that followed, Marc Rich proceeded, among other things, to do the following. That was accomplished through his tremendous links to the Chicago markets, acting as his front men and agents for dirty worldwide dealings disguised as trading in currencies, commodities, and indices. Including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly the scandal-scarred Midwest Stock Exchange, subject as we have told on our website of massive embezzling of funds permitted by the corrupt IRS brass). Also, including money center banks, Chicago, New York, and London.

Some of the things Marc Rich International did or caused to be done or procured to be done—

===Swindled Ferruzzi, the Pope’s soybean company in America, out of billions of dollars and destroyed their business as competitors to Archer-Daniels-Midland, ADM, and Cargill, who have been monopolizing the business. To accomplish this, was the largest amount judicial bribery in U.S. history, over 62 million dollars in bribes given to five Chicago federal judges to cover up and whitewash related soybean cases, according to the witnessed confession made in our presence of a Director of the Chicago Board of Trade. [Please do not heckle me with ill-informed, naive statements why these corrupt judges have not been prosecuted and jailed. Some of them, in violation of law, while on the bench, also represent the billion dollar stock portfolio of Rockefeller’s University of Chicago, containing large blocks of ADM and other stocks. As Rockefeller puppets, such judges are immune from criminal laws.]

As part of this, the Ferruzzi chieftain was murdered at the same time in 1993 as Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.

[To get a handle on this, you have to study our entire website series on Marc Rich, together with “Chief Crook Enters Microsoft Case” (then Chief Federal Appeals Judge negotiating possible settlement) as well as “Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police, Part 3” and “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush, Part 4.”]

===Marc Rich International made a deal with the U.S. Military and other U.S. authorities to change over lead-bullet manufacturing to tungsten from Red China, the world’s major supplier of the metal. As supervised by Marc Rich, the Red Chinese built and are operating a tungsten ammo factory in California. Eventually, as little publicized, all lead bullets, U.S. Military and civilian, on the pretended idea they are “toxic”, will be unlawful in the U.S. Notice the treason. A country as a sworn enemy of the U.S. will thus come to control all U.S. bullet-manufacturing including on U.S. soil. [Visit our Marc Rich website story for the details.]

After about 1985, the mass media said little, if anything, about Marc Rich. Occasionally the press did mention “nothing stories”, as they are called, about his socialite wife, who later became his ex-wife, although she apparently continued to get boatloads of money from him from Switzerland and elsewhere. So, if the Marc Rich subject was already of no interest to the average person, well, you wrongly supposed there was closure.

And who after 1985, joined in with this giant money laundry, Marc Rich International, to be together as experts on money laundering, and political and financial corruption? Why, of course, Enron. They dealt in energy contracts and supplies, commodities, telecommunications, internet brokering. You name it, Enron traded it, sold it, bought it, and in the process, like Marc Rich, bribed any and all public officials necessary to be the subject of the BIG FIX.

After 1985, the resulting firm should have been properly called ENRON/MARC RICH INTERNATIONAL. And Marc Rich brought into the equation links to the American CIA as well as various foreign intelligence agencies. [Visit our Marc Rich website series for details.]

As is not well known, Bill and Hillary Clinton are closely aligned, financially and otherwise, with the Bush Family. For example, Bill Clinton as Arkansas Governor split huge dope funds, washed through the Chicago markets, with Daddy Bush, Henry Hyde, and Ollie North. Part of it was the Mena, Arkansas airport caper.

For example, Daddy Bush was a sizeable owner of the American unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, that reportedly supplied the ingredients to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein for the manufacturing of poison gas. Hillary Clinton was a Director of American LaFarge.

In his zero hour, just before leaving office in January, 2001, William Rockefeller Clinton [we explain elsewhere where we call him that] pardoned Marc Rich. The George W. Bush White House, as a cover up for Clinton, removed the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Jo Ann White, supposedly deeply investigating the pardongate scandal. Bill and Hillary reportedly had parked for them, in Switzerland and elsewhere offshore, several million dollars from Enron/Marc Rich International to whitewash Marc Rich through an arbitrary pardoning process. When she was yanked out of office, Ms White was in the process of fingering Bill and Hillary as well as Bill’s dope trafficking brother Roger.


===Enron/Marc Rich owns the George W. Bush Administration, as well as heads of pertinent federal regulatory agencies, and key Republicans and Democrats IN BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS.

===The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has to decide whether accounting firm Arthur Andersen’s auditing is such that they are no longer dependable to sign approval of publicly-traded firm’s doings. The current S.E.C. Chairman, Harvey Pitt, said his Enforcement Division and others will do something about Arthur Andersen irrespective of the fact that Pitt as an attorney represented Arthur Andersen. The monopoly press does not mention that the S.E.C. and other regulatory agencies are stuffed full of Enron and Arthur Andersen and Marc Rich yesmen and cowards.

The previous S.E.C. Chairman, Arthur Levitt, has been on the television news making noises like something should be done about Arthur Andersen & Co. What, if anything, did HE do? The press fakers do not mention that Levitt has been a Senior Consultant to CARLYLE GROUP, tied to Daddy Bush, Enron, the Bin Laden Group and Osama bin Laden, and apparent secret owners of what has been until now the firm with exclusive Pentagon contracts for making anthrax vaccine, BioPort, of Lansing, Michigan. [See our website story about the Anthrax Commissars.]

===Then there is David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the U.S. who heads the investigative arm of the Congress supposed to check out matters related to S.E.C., Enron, Arthur Andersen, Marc Rich, and such, namely, the General Accounting Office, GAO. Until November, 1998, Walker was a partner, board member, and global managing director of Arthur Andersen & Co. And his agencies now are reportedly as well stuffed with Enron, Arthur Andersen, and Marc Rich yesmen and cowards.

===Marc Racicot [pronounced ROSS-coe] is an Enron lawyer and lobbyist. When he was still Montana Governor, he was the Bush Family hatchet man to reportedly arrange massive bribes to DEMOCRAT officials in Southern Florida during the Electoral College vote episode in the 2000 Presidential Election. Along with former Cabinet Member in the Daddy Bush Administration, James Baker 3rd, Racicot reportedly used part of some 40 million dollars of dope money of Carlos Lehder, co-founder of the Medellin Colombia Dope Cartel. Lehder is a reputed business partner of the Bush Family. Although sentenced to a long federal prison term, but to protect the Bush Family from criminal charges by his testimony, Lehder has mysteriously DISAPPEARED from federal prison, sort of like they also do in Mexico. [See our website series on Chandra Levy for more details.]

The southern Florida DEMOCRAT officials were reportedly bribed to stop the ballot recount to help Bush steal the election process with the help of the “Gang of Five” on the U.S. Supreme Court.

To keep tabs on the thieves in both Houses of Congress, Racicot has been named head of the Republican National Committee, RNC.

Journalists in northern Montana as well as Canadian law enforcement oficials contend that Racicot while Montana Governor was instrumentally implicated in cross-border dope trafficking. Little known or understood by many ordinary Americans, massive amounts of dope are coming through Canada and into the U.S. through Montana. The Canadian authorities reportedly have an arrest warrant issued for a top FBI official of southern Florida who has relatives in Canada and he is apparently part of the dope traffic and the cover up. The Clinton White House had blocked, and then the George W. Bush White House has stopped, the Canadians from using the arrest warrant to grab the FBI official linked to Clinton/Bush Family.

===All the personnel of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Houston have disqualified themselves as to Enron. Why? Because of their family and financial links to Enron. Hey, were they all blind, deaf, and dumb, in the past as to what Enron was doing?

===When he was a U.S. Senator, John Ashcroft, had his campaign financed in part by Enron. He is now U.S. Attorney General. So, okay, he is disqualifying himself. BUT, the Justice, or Injustice Department, is stuffed full of Marc Rich, Enron, Arthur Andersen puppets, yesmen and cowards. Critics call him JOHN ASHCAN.

===Pending in Houston, Texas, in the federal court is a case against the officials and directors of Enron. Hearing the case is U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal. Asked to freeze the assets of Enron’s top brass, the judge hesitates. No wonder. Previously, she was a law partner to James Baker 3rd, in the firm Baker & Botts, reportedly interwoven with the Bush Family, the Florida election bribery, Enron, Carlyle Group, Bin Laden Group and Osama bin Laden.

As is typical of such situations, the chicken-hearted lawyers who brought the claims to court so far have not asked Judge Rosenthal to remove herself.

===Sooner or later there will be cases involving Enron and Arthur Andersen & Co. in the Texas state courts. Notice the problem. The highest court of Texas is the Texas Supreme Court with nine judges. SEVEN OF THEM belong to Enron. AND, there is no provision in Texas law to disqualify the state high court judges who will proceed to hear any such case.

===During the Reagan/Daddy Bush Administrations, Wendy Gramm was for twelve years head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, regulating the commodity industry. As pointed out earlier in this series, she was reportedly the recipient of bribes along with her husband who has decided not to run for re-election as U.S. Senator (R., Texas), Phil Gramm. While leaving office she pushed through regulations freeing Enron from supervision. She also reportedly covered up the bribery, by the infamous bank, BCCI, of 28 members of the U.S. Senate and 108 members of the House of Representatives. [Visit Part One of this series on website.]

As part of the apparent Enron cover up, Wendy was a Board Member AND on the inner auditing committee. She reportedly helped cover up the massive money laundering by Enron/Marc Rich International through the Chicago markets and major money center banks.

===As mentioned in Part Two of this series, the Federal Reserve siphoned off 60 billion dollars of Enron funds, hidden partnership deals (some with Marc Rich International), and using fractional reserves, and derivatives hocus-pocus, has been temporarily pumping up the Dow Jones 30 Industrials.

===Only fools would trust the Internal Revenue Service to supposedly investigate why and how Enron did not pay income taxes. In a series on IRS high-level corruption, we showed how their top brass are riddled with corruption including operating an ocean-going vessel, “California Rose”, as a floating money laundry for illicit funds. [Visit our website series on the IRS.]

===There is a serious dilemma. On the one hand, we ordinary Americans need to have the truth of Enron/Arthur Andersen/Marc Rich International fully exposed. The problem is that some foreign countries are helping bring out a few of these details in the press, such as major newspapers in England. Why? Since at least the War of 1812, the British have vowed to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Government, and revert this Continent to being British puppet colonies with the inhabitants here subjects of the British Crown.

[For details, visit our website series, “The Overthrow of the American Republic”.] In the 1970s, Arthur Andersen & Co., to escape court scrutiny of their involvement with the American CIA, moved their financial structure to Switzerland, as an entity there known as a Societe Generale.

As the U.S. Government is currently constituted, a full and complete investigation of Enron/Marc Rich International/Arthur Andersen & Co., would cause the downfall of [1] U.S. espionage agencies and exposure of the numerous American CIA proprietary companies, some trafficking dope through the money center banks and the Chicago markets; [2] downfall of the Presidency as such, and making any future “election” a farce and a joke; [3] The downfall of the U.S. tax-collection apparatus, such that the U.S. Government could not continue functioning minus the fund intake, legal or otherwise; [4] downfall and discrediting of the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of the purported U.S. Government.

Some foreign countries are hoping to make more progress taking over the industrial and financial structure of the U.S. as a result of a terrible scandal. On the other hand, the American common people need these matters to be exposed. A resultant upheaval, even a Revolution, may simply pave the way for a Napoleon-like Emperor and Dictator, leading ordinary Americans, in an outburst of false “patriotism”, to believe we should send our military in every corner of the world to stick our bloodied nose into every other peoples’ culture and business. Do we Americans have enough cemetery land for all the young dead American soldiers that would result? Or, would American dead soldiers be buried in foreign places, “In Flanders Field, poppies grow, between the crosses, row on row….” (as a World War One poem put it)?

More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 1/28/02


Those who grow up in a big city and are political commentators, sort of know things by second nature. If they are outspoken, they may even describe their lifelong home-town, right to the point, with a few words.

Some years ago, for a period of time, I opened my Chicago-based recorded phone commentary message [(773) 731-1100], with “This is Sherman Skolnick, from the mafia-CIA capital of the world”.

After a while, because of numerous examples, I and my associates came to understand the names of the large law firms and accounting houses that are part of the espionage/criminal cartel. One such has been Arthur Andersen & Company.

In Chicago, in years past, two Federal District Judges, by the greatest non-coincidence and mysterious forces, had slipped onto their dockets most all of the cases in the nation involving the American CIA. [Assignment of cases, as we have pointed out, is one of the main steps of the BIG FIX.]

One such judge was George Leighton. As shown by records uncovered by us in the National Archives, Leighton had been in 1963 the secret CIA attorney for Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA created patsy and falsely blamed “lone assassin” of President John F. Kennedy. Judge Leighton, without jurisdiction over me, once tried to falsely jail me as an assassination researcher. But that is a story for another day.

Another one of CIA’s Judges in Chicago was U.S. District Judge Hubert L. Will. In the 1950s, he had been CIA’s Chief of Counter-Intelligence in Europe, stationed in Berlin. It was thus natural that in 1970 my suit against the National Archives and Record Service was assigned to him. For the only time in U.S. history, somehow eleven secret documents had been purloined from the Archives. Falling into my possession, attached to my suit, they showed that the U.S. Secret Service had covered up a plot to assassinate President Kennedy in Chicago on the way to his appearance at a football game, two and a half weeks before being actually murdered in Dallas. Part of the cover-up was to falsely jail the first black Secret Service agent, Abraham Bolden, assigned to guarding the President at his residence. A person as a double for “Lee Harvey Oswald”, was waiting along the proposed parade route to murder the President.

In Court, I confronted Judge Will, holding in my hand as an Exhibit, a copy of the book, published in Europe but banned from distribution in the U.S., “Who’s Who in CIA”. [I and my associates were about the only ones in the U.S. who somehow had copies. We gave them away at college speeches in return for small donations. Alas, no more copies are left.]

“I’m not with them anymore”, the Judge poo-pooed my demand that he step aside. “Come on now, Judge,” I reasoned with him, “The CIA is a mail-box, once you are in, you are there even if later you claim to be on the bench”. He denied my request to recuse himself. Naturally, the CIA and the U.S. Secret Service, involved in the suit, won. I was put out of Court without further legal formality. “THE ENRON BLACK MAGIC”, Part Four continued, by Sherman H. Skolnick 1/28/02

Not a coincidence, later in the 1970s, Judge Will had the case involving the embezzlement of Rockefeller’s unit, First National Bank of Chicago. [To confuse matters since then, they have changed their name to Bank One.] Millions and millions of dollars disappeared from the bank’s branch in Athens, Greece. Sources told us it was a “permitted” rip-off by the American CIA to secretly finance the Greek mafia to do dirty tricks against political dissidents.

The bank’s auditors and consultants were Arthur Andersen & Co., with a long previous history of being reportedly instrumental with the Mafia/CIA activities in Chicago. [For background, study the details, believed by savvy sorts to be accurate, in the book written by family members of CIA gangster/assassination arranger “Momo” Giancana—how the CIA uses mobsters like “Momo”, then later murders them by way of throwing them away, “Double Cross The Explosive Inside Story of the Mobsters Who Controlled America, Vol. 1,” by Sam Giancana and Chuck Giancana (contributor), Mass Market Paperback, Warner Books, Inc., 1993. It deals with the great dangers of trusting the Kennedy Family and the American CIA.

A kingpin in Arthur Andersen’s law firm was R. Sargent Shriver who was married into the family of “Founding Father” Joseph P. Kennedy and his assassinated sons, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. About 1975, Shriver was the speaker at Rockefeller Chapel, on the campus of Rockefeller’s University of Chicago. Shriver’s speech was about “International Relations”. After the speech, we interviewed Shriver as the attorney for Arthur Andersen & Co., on tape, in the doorway of the Chapel.

We grilled Shriver about how his client, Arthur Andersen & Co., is beating back a subpoena in the First National Bank embezzlement case, by switching their structure to overseas, to a Swiss form of business.

Shriver went into a discussion of how his client, Arthur Andersen & Co., had the right to move their business structure to Switzerland, beyond the jurisdiction of Judge Will and a subpoena, and reform themselves in a European-style operation called Societe Generale [which is neither a partnership, limited or otherwise, as U.S. practices require of lawyers and accountants, nor a corporation, limited or otherwise.] He did not adequately explain why it was done just as they had to respond to a court subpoena. He denied it was simply to evade the subpoena, although done apparently just at that point in the litigation.

Although I was known by Judge Will as a judge-buster and long-time critic of his patron, the American CIA, the Judge occasionally would have brief talks with me outside of court. In front of the courthouse, I asked, “Judge, why did you permit Arthur Andersen and their attorneys to block pertinent data from subpoena in the First National Bank embezzlement case?”

Matter-of-a-factly, he quickly responded, “National security. It had to be done.” I insisted, “But Judge, millions and millions of dollars disappeared from the Athens branch. Arthur Andersen and their attorneys are covering it up”. [Obvious and left unsaid by me, was that Judge Will was likewise covering it up in his Court.] I did not want to ask the Judge about his CIA cronies. I figured he would walk away from me and not talk to me at all if I asked that. The Judge repeated, “National security. Part of eight such events.It was necessary.” WOW! Eight such embezzlements covered up.

Another Mafia/CIA example is First National Bank of Cicero. This worldwide money laundry for the criminal/espionage cabal, has been the headquarters in the Chicago mafia enclave of Cicero, known locally as Al Capone Land. The Bishop from the local Catholic Church there was Paul Marcinkus. Even after he left Cicero to become head of the Vatican Bank, he nevertheless continued to be the dominant force calling the shots as to the bank in Cicero. [To confuse matters, the bank has changed their name several times. Such as, they became the flagship of Pinnacle Banc Group, the alter ego and successor to supposedly defunct and infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, and then various other names, such as Old Kent Bank.]

The Vatican under international law is a separate sovereignty. So, in November, 1991, when Marcinkus fled Italy to return to Chicago, he did so under the protection of his Vatican passport and position. The Italian authorities contend they want him extradited, to question him and presumably to prosecute him, for being the key player, along with reportedly the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain, and others, in worldwide trafficking in stolen and smuggled gold, selling to state-sponsored terrorists osmium nuclear bomb triggers, high quality counterfeit currencies, and various types of financial dirty tricks. All done and supervised by Marcinkus as Vatican Bank Chief jointly with the traditional and other mafia, and the American CIA. A retired CIA bribery paymaster, Roger D’Onoffrio, with dual U.S. and Italian citizenship, living near Naples, was part of the Marcinkus gang. Various stories on this, early in December, 1995, were carried, date-line Rome, by wire services, Reuters, Associated Press, and United Press International.

After Marcinkus returned to the Chicago-area, we interviewed, on tape, the Italian Consul-General in Chicago. We asked whether he was taking any action to return Marcinkus to Italy to face the charges. The Italian diplomat said that, so far, he was not asked to do so. Marcinkus thereafter left Chicago to reside in Sun City, Arizona.

Shortly after Marcinkus’ return to Chicago, an important official of the Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Wallace Lieberman, was found murdered, gangland-style. His body was found several blocks away from the First National Bank of Cicero, just before Christmas, 1991.

On-location at the murder site, behind an auto repair shop, and again at the nearby bank, we did a one-hour television documentary for our public access Cable TV Show in Chicago. No other media outlets took much interest in this political assassination.

Top officials of Arthur Andersen, including a managing partner, supervised the accounting and consulting for the First National Bank of Cicero, reportedly at the behest of Bishop Marcinkus. Andersen and their lawyers [now called Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson] for decades have specialized in handling reputed secret book-cooking and clandestine investments for the Catholic hierarchy, in various places in the U.S. and overseas.

At the time Marcinkus fled Italy for Chicago, Wallace Lieberman was scheduled to testify before a Federal Grand Jury in Chicago. His testimony together with that of others, was expected to be reportedly the basis for federal criminal indictment of top officials of Arthur Andersen, their attorneys, several bribe-taking Bankruptcy judges and their lawyer-cronies as bribe-arrangers. Also facing possible indictment were officials of the First National Bank of Cicero jointly with those of Household International, Household Bank, and Household Finance.

In December, 1991, a few days before the murder of key witness Wallace Lieberman, I discussed (I thought in confidence) with a Chicago FBI official in the office of an assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago. I related what our investigation, as a public interest group, had uncovered about Lieberman, the court-authorized bankruptcy auctioneer; the Bankruptcy court bribery; the crooked role of Arthur Andersen and their attorneys; and Household and the bank in Cicero and Paul Marcinkus; and secret Vatican funds in the Continental Bank of Chicago, a major owner of which and corrupt collaborator was Chief Judge Walter Cummings of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, Chicago. Banker-Judge Cummings was a “man of trust” for the Church, sworn to keep their transactions secret.

Up to that point having long-time corrupt immunity from federal criminal prosecution had been Lieberman and his auction business partner, Robert Belavia, a well-known, allowed-to-run-wild gangster. [After Lieberman was murdered, suddenly the highly corrupt top IRS brass in Chicago woke up and decided it was necessary to silence Belavia by belatedly putting him in jail, with the aid of the Injustice Department, on long-known tax cheating.]

Lieberman was murdered right before Christmas, and the Chicago Tribune printed the watered-down story on the holiday, when most people had other things on their mind. (Chicago Tribune, Wallace Lieberman, Belavia story, December 25, 1991.)

Do the Chicago FBI and the federal prosecutors protect key witnesses, or jointly and corruptly with the Mob, the CIA, and crooked bankers and accountants, arrange to snuff them out? Later, I found out the Assistant prosecutor I spoke to went on special assignment in the Oklahoma City federal building bombing case, as a cover up and whitewash of high-level government prior knowledge, April 19, 1995.

Earlier, I had been aware that FBI corruption arranged for an apparent known mobster—now get this—to be on a Federal Grand Jury for a period of time, supposedly investigating mob activities! And he leaked secret Grand Jury data for the benefit of the criminals. [The case of reputed gangster Robert Girardi, as a grand juror, in highly censored stories, Chicago Tribune, January 19 and 21, 1994.]

Reportedly closely linked to the underworld, overlapping the American CIA, Arthur Andersen has been the auditor and consultants for Household International, parent of Household Bank [reputed mortgage swindlers] and Household Finance [apparent loan-sharks]. A short history.

For about a decade, the American CIA operated the Nugan Hand Bank as an adjunct and proprietary, laundering political assassination and covert operations funding. Former Director of Central Intelligence, the spyshop umbrella position, was William Colby, who was General Counsel of Nugan Hand Bank. The bank operated worldwide units headed by retired U.S. Generals, black operations chieftains, and official U.S. government pirates.

The bank became defunct and most of its records destroyed, after a co-founder of the bank was found murdered in 1980. On his body was the business card of William Colby. Lots of details in the book “The Crimes of Patriots A True Story of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA” by Jonathan Kwitny, hardback, W.W. Norton, 1987.

The successor to Nugan Hand Bank has been Household International, with units at one time in Australia, then California, London, and elsewhere. Later, their world headquarters became Prospect Heights, a Chicago suburb conveniently we claim, to a suburban airport where dope comes in from the Orient with complete immunity. [We did a television show on location about this.]

William Colby was also the unlisted General Counsel of Household International, likewise a CIA adjunct and proprietary. As a supposedly “private” firm for CIA, Household is immune from disclosures by requests under the Freedom of Information Act. In retirement from CIA, Colby tended to be outspoken. He formed an espionage electronic board game, as a partnership business, with the retired head of the Soviet Secret Police, the KGB. Colby knew entirely too much first hand about Household. Colby was murdered in 1996, made to look like a supposed boating accident. His widow, a top international banking executive, knew to be silent thereafter. Colby’s closest friends, interviewed by us, insist from apparent direct knowledge that he was murdered.

As the secret general counsel of Household, Colby was well aware that units of Household in Arkansas reportedly laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of CIA dope trafficking loot from several southern states, including the Rockefeller bastion of Arkansas. [For Arkansas/Rockefeller details, see our website series, “Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police”.]

Although starting out as a reputed “loan-sharking” operation and later apparent crooked handling of mortgages, Household’s clandestine cash flood was later disguised as soybean and currency trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange(formerly the scandal-ridden Midwest Stock Exchange where there had been, according to little known court records, massive misapplication of funds ostensibly overlooked by the corrupt top IRS officials in Chicago.]

A whole series of little-known court cases shows, and not disputed, that Household and First National Bank of Cicero, with the connivance of Arthur Andersen brass, made 50 million dollars disappear of federal agency money. The funds were to be safeguarded, that is escrowed, by Household, to make good the long-pending claims of bank-fraud by a Chicago-area contractor.

A close family friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton, namely lawyer John E. Gierum of Park Ridge (the Chicago suburb where Hillary is from) supervised the clandestine and illegal transfer of the funds to Little Rock. From there, it was sent out of the country, to a known dope money center in the Caribbean.

Congressman Dan Burton (R., Indiana) began commenting on this mysterious 50 million dollars and how Clinton, as Governor, sent it to a known dope money center. Congressional Record, May 29, 1996, pages H5627-5628. Although Burton said he has the documents and will soon put more details into the Congressional Record, someone evidently threatened him and this was his only public statement on the 50 million dollars.

It was “laundered” in the Caribbean (a combination of Barbados and the Grand Cayman Islands), with the corrupt aid of Daddy Bush; Congressman Henry Hyde (R., Ill.), who is also head of CIA’s “black budget”, sometimes embezzled funds for political assassinations and other bloody tricks; and Ollie North [all three implicated with Bill Clinton in the CIA/dope caper through the Mena, Arkansas airport].

After thus being disguised as soybean and currency trading on the Chicago markets, the funds returned to the U.S. and were used as follows

[1] 47 million dollars was used to cover up a 47 million dollar misapplication by Bill and Hillary Clinton of funds from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan of Little Rock, the thrift owned by Jim McDougal and his estranged wife Susan. In jail, Jim was murdered to silence him as a witness against Bill and Hillary who would have been subject to federal criminal prosecution and jailing for bank embezzlement.

[2] The remaining difference of the mysterious 50 million dollar theft, was three million dollars. That was used by Clinton 1992 Presidential Campaign reputed blackmailer and bagman, Rahm Emanuel. Reference to the three million dollars is in a highly censored magazine cover story about Rahm Emanuel and how he raises money for Clinton by strong-arm methods. Chicago Tribune Magazine, November 23, 1997. The three million dollars, according to the Tribune item, effectively jump-started Clinton’s campaign, in November 1991, so he get ahead of others.

An expert on reportedly disguising funds through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Rahm Emanuel, off and on for six years, was Clinton White House Senior Advisor. Rahm bragged on a Chicago TV Show that his desk was the closest to the door to the Oval Office. Rahm was also apparently the Acting Chief, for North America, of Israel Intelligence, The Mossad [The Institute]. Rahm has dual citizenship.

The foregoing has been excerpted from various undisputed and detailed state and federal court records.

>From his acts, it appears Rahm Emanuel was a form of double-agent. Openly, he was a Clinton loyalist. But he apparently was also the spy handler of sex/spy operative Monica Lewinsky. The purpose being to blackmail and manipulate Clinton. Visit our website series on “Chandra Levy” for details.

Former Enron vice-chairman, J. Clifford Baxter, was apparently “suicided” to protect the White House and Daddy Bush and his Family. This was similar to the way Clinton White House Deputy Counsel, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was likewise “suicided” early in the Clinton Administration to prevent testimony from being available that most likely would have sent President Clinton and his wife to federal prison.

Baxter’s reputed “smoking gun” documents are apparently circulating in the alternative media underground. They show the numerous Enron secret partnerships relating to the following

===the laundering of part of 40 million dollars of dope trafficking funds of the Medellin Colombia dope cartel, a co-founder of which was Carlos Lehder, a business partner of the Bush Family, according to hands-tied law enforcement personnel. With the connivance of Daddy Bush, as the former head of the American Secret Political Police, Lehder’s fellow co-founder, Pablo Escobar, was assassinated to protect the Bush Family from federal criminal prosecutions.

===Baxter knew about how James Baker 3rd, cabinet member in the Daddy Bush White House Administration, together with Marc Racicot [pronounced ROSS-coe] reportedly used part of the 40 million dollars of dope funds to bribe and influence southern Florida DEMOCRATS to block the vote recount. The result although Al Gore, Jr., won the popular vote nationwide by six hundred thousand votes, he lost by way of the Electoral College trick in Florida and was not inaugurated. [Visit our year 2000 Election website series, comparing the situation to the infamous 1876 Election.]

===Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Redspan [that is what we call the Dictator] siphoned off hundreds of millions of secret Enron partnership funds, multiplied through fractional reserves and derivatives hocus-pucus, to temporarily support the Dow Jones 30 Industrials. Thus for the moment saving Bush from having to deal with a financial meltdown which he most likely could not effectively deal with. Old-timers say Bush was in danger of being “Hoover-ized”, referring to President Herbert Hoover, 1930-31, falsely stating “prosperity is just around the corner”. The September 11 events effectively prevented for the moment Bush having to deal with a gold stampede which would tend to discredit the Federal Reserve’s hot-air paper money masquerading as the “U.S. Dollar”. [See part two of this Enron website series.]

===documents tending to show direct links to the Enron secret partnership funds, offshore, with George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. This might cause the downfall of the American Government as we know it. [For background, visit our website series, “The Overthrow of the American Republic”.]

Baxter offered to co-operate with one or more Congressional committees. His testimony, from direct personal knowledge, with his documents, would tend to destroy George W. Bush and Richard Cheney as having concealed their direct links to the massive Enron swindles. Baxter also apparently was ready to break ranks with the other Enron officials and directors, who together are defendants with Baxter in various class action pending court cases. Further, Baxter’s direct knowledge and documents would tend to expose beyond salvage, Arthur Andersen as a corrupt auditing and consulting operation, that cannot be relied on to supposedly examine the books of publicly-traded firms and consult with them about their operations.

Aiding the class action plaintiffs in their claims, Baxter would have broken up the otherwise united front and defense of the Enron defendants.

Notice that Baxter was “suicided” in Sugarland, Texas, same location as the oil pipeline consortium had for negotiating with the top Taliban officials on behalf of Osama bin Laden. [Visit our website item, “The Pipeline Plots”.]

There is a half-a-loaf explanation for the demise of J. Clifford Baxter.Was Baxter done in by the American Secret Political Police like inflicted on World War Two German General Edwin Rommel by the Gestapo (for plotting against Hitler)?

“You are endangering our leader. Here is a gun. Go shoot yourself. If not, we are here to shoot you. Either way, we guarantee the safety of your family.”

Arthur Andersen, with the apparent connivance of Enron and Marc Rich International, has caused various Archdiocese units of the Catholic Church to be swindled out of large sums of money “invested” in Enron stock and secret Enron partnerships. Among others, this includes Chicago and Milwaukee. Remember, the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago is also the Treasurer for the whole Church in the Western Hemisphere, North and South America and Central America. The funds, including that of the Vatican, through Chicago were traditionally deposited in the Continental Bank of Chicago, with major bank-owner, Chief Judge of the federal appeals court Walter Cummings, Jr., a “man of trust” for the Church. The bank was taken over by Bank of America, owned principally by the Jesuits, the French Rothschilds, and more and more, by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. Continental Bank and then Bank of America, has been the major secret dirty money transaction point for Marc Rich International jointly with Enron and the secret partnerships. Also, in part, through the Chicago markets.

For decades, traditionally, Arthur Andersen and the Shriver lawfirm, specialized in handling Catholic Church book-keeping, so-called secret “investments”, and how to operate apparently in a clandestine manner, supposedly for the good of the laity.

Some consider what Arthur Andersen & Co. has apparently done to the Church, damaging them financially, is an unforgiveable violation of Church doctrine and provisions. One of those who knew a great deal about the secret partnerships, and the documents outlining the same, was Baxter who had been CEO of Enron North America, and since June 2000, chief strategy officer of Enron Corp.

Are others of the Big Five Accounting firms likewise apparent vast operations, on occasion cooking the books of various companies?

More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/10/02


Scientists have a way of explaining the Universe. Such as, Sir Isaac Newton and the Law of Gravity. And Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity and a form of Unified Field Theory. The purpose of it all was to make sense out of a lot of different happenings.

Can recent and current events likewise be explained in a form of overall view? Of course, some critics would immediately dismiss that as merely conspiratorial theories of history. It sometimes takes months, if not years, to understand what is occurring right in front of us.

Let us see if we even in part agree THE UNIFIED PATTERN OF EVENTS—[1] 1961. THE ELECTRIC SCANDAL. Top officials of General Electric and Westinghouse were sent to Federal Prison for engaging in an Anti-Trust Conspiracy to control the price of electric generating machinery, and thus, control the price of energy. They were fingered by U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. (D., Tenn.), and the Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, large user of such equipment. The Gore Family had been instrumental in setting up the TVA to supply inexpensive electricity to the region. In later years, GE, the owner of NBC Network, greatly opposed and vilified Albert Gore, Jr., as Vice President and then candidate for President in the year 2000 Election. Part of this was by NBC’s Washington correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, live-in girl friend and then wife of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan. As we noted in Part 2 of this series, the Federal Reserve secretly siphoned off huge amounts of funds from the energy giant, Enron, to temporarily support the stock market in attempts to avoid a financial meltdown in 2001 and 2002, which George W. Bush, as White House resident and occupant, could not handle. When the Democratic Convention chose Gore as Presidential candidate in 2000, he made an impassioned speech stating he was against BIG OIL and for the common people. [Details of the 1961 scandal are in the book “The Great Price Conspiracy ; the story of the anti-trust violations in the electrical industry” by John Herling, Greenwood Press, 1961.]

[2] 1963. POLITICAL ASSASSINATION. President John F. Kennedy was in the process of eliminating the oil depletion allowance, BIG OIL’s huge tax loophole. Through his brother Bobby, as U.S. Attorney General, the JFK Justice Department was in the process of investigating massive energy and other fraud’s by BIG OIL’s front man, Lyndon B. Johnson, then vice president under JFK. (The Kennedys had very reluctantly chosen LBJ for vice president at the 1960 Democratic Convention. They never trusted him.) The Justice Department probe of LBJ was suddenly and fatally blocked on the day JFK’s brains where blown out in an open car in Dallas, capital of BIG OIL. A much later released FBI document, but dated November 29, 1963, tends to prove that George Herbert Walker Bush was implicated in the cover-up of the political murder of JFK. In the FBI document, Bush is identified as with CIA. In fact, Bush had been with CIA since at least 1959, through his oil fronts, originally Zapata Petroleum, later Zapata Offshore. Zapata offshore oil rigs, according to a story in Reuters, were the transit point for dope trafficking, being that the rigs were technically beyond the U.S. jurisdiction in international waters. The Bush Family also have been business partners with Carlos Lehder, co-founder of the Colombia dope cartel.[ Visit our website series on “The Chandra Levy Affair”.]

The details of the oil industry plotting and arranging the assassination in their Dallas capital of President Kennedy are detailed in the book “Farewell America” by James Hepburn. A best-seller in Europe, the book was forbidden for many years after the publication in 1968 to be distributed in the United States in bookstores. [I and my associates were about the only ones in the U.S. somehow able to get the book into the country. In return for small donations, we gave it away at college lectures across the nation in the 1970s. Alas! now we have no more copies. However, one or more websites from time to time have all, or parts of the once banned book on-line. Yet, the website addresses have frequently changed to elude apparent mischief to sabotage those websites by the secret political police, the FBI and the American CIA.

The oil industry was also upset by JFK’s policies to taper off American military and CIA assassination involvement in Viet Nam’s civil war. Blasting Viet Nam into submission was BIG OIL’s plan to develop sizeable oil deposits offshore of the South East Asian nation.

[3] 1973. THE BIG OIL FRAUD. The American CIA that had in the 1950s restored the Shah of Iran to his Peacock Throne, by violently overthrowing the elected government in Teheran, enlisted the Persian dictator to start up a series of events that some call the giant oil swindle. There was a pretended embargo and oil shortages that plundered the ordinary people in the U.S. and Europe. Long-experienced CIA covert operatives, as a diversion, touched off the scandal of the break-ins at a hotel in Washington, D.C. that came to be called “The Watergate Affair”. The scheme was master-minded by among others, E. Howard Hunt, a purported assassination arranger, and James McCord, in charge of physical security at the CIA headquarters. [Twelve Watergators who were shaking down President Richard M. Nixon, including Hunt’s wife, Dorothy, were murdered by way of a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago, in 1972, one month after Tricky Dick was re-elected. Visit our website series, “The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage”..]

In France was published a book seldom mentioned in the U.S., detailing the Shah’s role in setting off the oil swindle which was covered up by the Watergate smokescreen. [We may locate the exact title, published only in French.]

Thus, the Watergate Affair was used by the olil-soaked, energy-grabbing, spy-riddled monopoly press to divert public attention from the oil rip-off and what it was all about. Facing impeachment, Nixon resigned the presidency. As a reward for not publicly saying what really was happening, thereafter Nixon was given a residence in Manhattan with a common wall, like a duplex or townhouse, with the residence of major oil crook David Rockefeller. The group of those blackmailing Nixon died in the Watergate Plane Crash, the sabotage covered up by United Air Lines, owned at the time by the Rockefeller Family.

[4] 1980. THE TREASONOUS ELECTION. George Herbert Walker Bush was running for vice president on the Reagan/Bush ticket. Bush was worried about an “October Surprise”. Namely, that incumbent Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, would become very popular by, at the last minute before the election, obtaining the release of the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages held by Iran since November, 1979. To tar Carter as a wimp, not able to get the hostages released, Bush arranged in Paris in October, 1980, a secret and treasonous deal with top Iranian officials to not release the hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket won the election and were inaugurated, in January, 1981.Just as Reagan was raising his hand to be sworn in as president, at high noon, the hostages were released. [Many details are in Barbara Honegger’s book, “The October Surprise”.]

The Iran-Iraq war, touched off by Big Oil to keep up the price of crude, started in September, 1980. So Iran needed weapons. They were paid off for the hostage release delay with whatever they needed. The items were shipped covertly through Portugal to Israel as a trans-shipment point to Iran. The top officials of Portugal were unhappy with the arrangement and began to finger Bush. As a result, Bush, through his pals in the American CIA experts in airplane sabotage, murdered Portugal’s Prime Minister and a cabinet member through a sabotaged airplane. Some of the details have been in the Portuguese press. And, a book is in process fingering the bloody role of Daddy Bush.

In the 1980s, the Elder Bush was a secret, private business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. They split billions of dollars as “protection money” from the weak, oil-soaked sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. [Details of the little-known lawsuit in Chicago about the same are mentioned in our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.] In its simplest form, the Persian Gulf War was a falling out of business partners. As part of his secret dealings with Saddam, Bush was a sizeable owner of the unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, that reportedly supplied to Bagdad the ingredients for making poison gas. The diabolical weapon, outlawed by the Geneva Convention, was used by Iraq to beat back the hordes of very young Iranian youngsters pressed into service as soldiers. A director of American LaFarge was Hillary Rodham Clinton. [From an early age, long before they were married, Bill and Hillary each had separate roles with the American CIA.]

[5] ENRON and MARC RICH. About 1985, the Reagan/Bush Justice Department, controlled primarily actually by Bush, permitted and condoned the international swindler Marc Rich to be allowed to flee the U.S. and have his headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. Marc Rich, real name Reich, was thus corruptly arranged to escape federal criminal prosecution for some 40 Billion Dollars of tax cheating and other federal criminal offenses. Set up in Houston about the same time, as a successor and alter ego for Marc Rich International, was Enron Corp. Key players have been Daddy Bush (who arranged the Marc Rich escape), son George W. Bush, and Richard Cheney who had been instrumental in the Persian Gulf War trick. Until he ran for vice president, Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, worldwide supplier of oil and pipeline machinery. Cheney, through a subsidiary owned by the Bush Family, Dresser Industries, treasonously defeated the international embargo on Iraq, by supplying Iraq with oil machinery and similar items.

Vincent W. Foster, Jr., who became for a brief period Clinton White House Deputy Counsel, was assassinated in 1993, falsely described as a “suicide”. Among the reasons for murdering him was that Foster sought to counter Daddy Bush’s scheme to protect Marc Rich. Foster along with others, was part of an effort to grab Marc Rich at the Swiss/French border to try to get him back to the U.S. to face the federal music. [Visit our website story, “Marc Rich and Others—Fingered By A Letter”.] Like Marc Rich International, Enron has used the Chicago markets for massive worldwide money laundering, to disguise illicit dealings as currency deals, soybean trading, and such. Used have been the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly the scandal-ridden Midwest Stock Exchange purportedly used, according to little known court records, for massive IRS cheating and embezzlement, condoned by top corrupt IRS officials in Chicago), and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. [Visit earlier parts of this series as well as our other items on Marc. Rich.]

[6] 1990s on. MORE MASSIVE ENERGY FRAUD. The same players have been implicated in tremendous energy fraud. An example is in India. It all revolves around a three billion dollar ten-year development project started in 1992, for liquefied natural gas, called the Dabhol power plant. As one author described the plant, it “was to have gone online by 1997. It was supposed to supply energy-hungry India with more than 2,000 megawatts of electricity, about one-fifth the new energy needed by India each year.” “Enron’s India Disaster” by Sam Parry, 12/30/2001, From all the circumstances, it appears the plant will never go on-line and never be completed. Some commentators contend there have been reported efforts to corrupt top officials in India to overlook this financial disaster. And who came to apparently strongman the top officials in India? Why none other than Richard Cheney.

Before the project became an albatross, look what some said. “As an integrated gas and power project, the facilities will contribute significantly to the development and expansion of both the natural gas and power sector in India” declared Enron’s Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay. (Energy Daily, 12/9/1993.]

And who besides ENRON, are the culprits in this huge energy rip-off? Why, naturally, GENERAL ELECTRIC and MARC RICH INTERNATIONAL (although published accounts seem to sidestep mentioning Marc Rich International which is actually an alter ego and successor to Enron).

[7] ENRON, FLORIDA, and the BUSH FAMILY. Our prior website stories have dealt with how major corruption, with dope funds, was used to sabotage the Florida Electoral College gimmick, and install George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. [Visit our website story “Chandra Levy Affair, Part Two” for details on the Bush Family in business with dope king Carlos Lehder.] In a similar situation resulting from the horrendous fraud of the quite similar 1876 election, like George W. Bush in 2001, Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877 was falsely inaugurated. The savvy folks in 1877, began calling him Rutherfraud. Likewise, Albert Gore, Jr., is the actual elected President BUT NOT INAUGURATED. Hence, some call the usurper, BUSHFRAUD.

George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb Bush, as Governor of Florida is loaded with officials in Jeb’s administration tied to Enron. Jeb also sits as a Trustee of the Florida State Pension Fund which kept putting state funds into Enron as Enron was collapsing and then sold the same just as Enron was to file Bankruptcy. The result is the Florida State Pension Fund has lost about 335 million dollars. Spokespersons for Jeb state the Florida Governor does not know anything about how it happened. Was he asleep as pension fund trustee? In a letter 2/8/2002, to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the group called Public Citizen “Citing Extensive Conflicts of Interest, Public Citizen Calls On Florida Governor To Recuse Himself from Pension Fund Investigations”. The letter lists numerous financial entanglements of Jeb Bush and his cohorts with Enron.

CONCLUSION.. Are all of these happenings part of a Unified Pattern of Events, or just historical coincidences and accidental matters? Remember, the United States of America is based on a Social Compact between the common people and those who rule us. That is, those who rule us do so ONLY with our consent. It is the basis of our organic law, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Despite that, however, BIG OIL and BIG ENERGY and their front men and women, some appearing and re-appearing in our website stories, have decided our lives if not our actual destinies, as ordinary Americans, for at least 40 years and more. BIG OIL’s punching bags.

More coming. Stay tuned.

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