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The Latest On Toni Anderson and WHO Did To Her What They DID!



  1. Gary Canady

    Richard alot of us are truly thankful for the light you have shined upon these unanswered questions and misdirection. It doesn’t seem that you would just sign off of something but I’m gathering that’s what is happening. I can’t be critical of your decision because I’m sure none of us come close to understanding the fallout and ridicule you have surely had to deal with. That being said there is alot of people who wish you would reconsider signing off on this because your voice is the only voice who isn’t afraid to say things that need be said. You seemingly do this without fear of offending or bringing danger upon yourself and that is very honorable because you seek the truth no matter the cost. We should all be thankful of that a at the very minimum demand it ourselves. In closing I would like to thank you for your service and apologize for the suffering you endure daily as a victim of toxic agent Orange exposure. I say this because I lost my father from AO exposure and am saddened by the suspected direct link in the death of my older stillborn sibling who was the first trial by my parents after my father returned from vietnam. With no explanation the doctors couldn’t explain why he was stillborn and a year and a half later I was born with a vast array of health issues that continue to this day but I’m thankful to be here and to have gotten the chance to keep company with men like you and my father. Peace with you all. Semper Fi……..

    Liked by you

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Without restating that which has been documented on previous blogs… I will say this…that the Kansas City Police Department, the North Kansas City Police Department and the FBI KNOW exactly who abducted Toni Anderson and WHY!

This is why they LIED from the beginning and still do to this day because ALL OF THEM ARE INVOLVED either directly or in collusion with those GUILTY! For the beginning to the latest information…check out previous blogs…with this one being the latest.

More blogs at bottom of this one.

There are local FBI boys working with Charles Russell Hopkins…AKA Rusty May to use the above CLUBS as drug distribution outlets along with the North Kansas City cops who were documented to be following Toni Anderson (along with May) out of the NKC Quick Trip to never be seen again.

Toni Anderson refused to cooperate and become a part of the drug distribution template and the “prostitution” business as coordinated and pimped by the OWNERS of the above clubs. The NKCPD cops I have named worked with the CHROME owner to set up Toni Anderson WITH the knowledge of the FBI who’s agents were and still are a part of this “business”. Just remember the FBI documented Hopkins/May as being a importer of both heroin and cocaine but never did a thing because the FBI is a part of “his business” working the the OWNERS OF THE ABOVE CLUBS TO USE THE GIRLS WHO WORK THERE! And remember the FBI REFUSED TO GET INVOLVED IN HER CASE! This is WHY!

Toni Anderson became a threat and they took her out. Lied about her death. Lied about the autopsy. Lied about EVERYTHING while withholding any and all information that would of assisted Toni being found as a “missing person/no foul play” from the beginning to end.

After Toni was abducted by NKCPD cops Ficken. Romine and Kimmel…and May…and with knowledge of  the FBI…she was taken out of the area and “gang raped” after she was raped by the “local cops”. Her car was placed immediately where it was found later. A number of sources believe she was drugged into “a mind destroying condition” and was trafficked outside the area if not country. A few say she was “snuffed” which I agree with because it would not be “good business” to allow her to live and expose the truth about what she saw! So they had their way with her until they decided to get rid of her “mafia style”… her body never to be found.

And…the attorney’s representing Liz Anderson in the “FAUX LAW SUIT” as well as Liz Anderson…know this. End of the “Rest of the Story”!

More later!


There are more links connected to those above.

Please realize that the case of Toni Anderson and the collusionary coverup and direct involvement by LE and the FBI has been a “work in progress”! Did I make a typo or two…left out something or assumed something off the mark…yes…but only on a minimal basis. Fact IS… God led me to the truth about those who abducted, raped, and murdered her both collectively and individually. They think they can get away with this in the realms of time…and that appears to be the case for now.


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