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Missouri Prosecutorial Misconduct And Police Brutality To Be Exposed Nationally


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Pictures speak a thousand words and then some. When cops, prosecuting attorneys and judges operate a system of injustice using and abusing and even attempting to have innocents murdered to protect their “crime syndicate”, then it is not a matter of if they are exposed but when.

Judges ORDERED to direct prosecutors to turn over information favourable to defence! Read LINK!

The epidemic of Brady Law Violations Explained. Say CLINTON COUNTY PROSECUTOR JOE GAG A MAGGOT” GAGNON! Read link!

Such is the case of Michael S. Stewart, a former Police Chief and officer who was the victim of a brutal assault by Clinton and Clay County cops who worked with Clinton County Prosecutor Joe Gagnon who collectively fabricated evidence to arrest, convict and send to jail Stewart.

Named officers in this link to a law suit

But for me…I am focusing on two of the most documented to be guilty of perjury, obstruction of justice and felony assault. One being North Kansas City Police Officer Bill Ficken and Clinton County Prosecutor Joe Gagnon.

Ficken has a history of assault, breaking federal privacy laws and sexually exploiting women using his “badge”. With Stewart, he beat him and choked him when Stewart was handcuffed. He bragged about his exploits to Stewarts wife. Ficken lied about this in his depositions as did the other officers named.

Gagnon knowingly lied to the Missouri Appellate Court about a video of what happened to Stewart and withheld that information. He also lied when it was announced “later” that there was a video of what happened to Stewart that was the property of North Kansas City Hospital. He lied again about this video being “altered” with framed and time lines removed…blank spots replaced and this done by their “hired expert”.

Gagnon coordinated with the “expert” to make sure that the violent beating of Stewart by Ficken and the other officers was “removed” and only the “safe frames” remained. This was intentionally withheld by Gagnons from the Missouri Appellate Court who I contacted, called and informed in messages and which they IGNORED TWICE resulting in Stewart being sent to jail again for the purpose of having him murdered…but…that plan failed.

Covering up all the “alleged violent behaviour” of Stewart is not a good thing. WHERE in the video is it?


I now believe the 3 Missouri Appellate Judges KNEW what Gagnon did and this is why they refused to hear the case of Stewart AND AT THE SAME TIME…IGNORED THE INFORMATION I LEFT THEM! WHOOPS! 🙂 Lucky for them I documented the calls as I keep phone records! 🙂 And so does the Missouri Supreme Court! :)….which number is also THEIR NUMBER FOR EACH JUDGE! 🙂

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What Ficken and his “homies” need to know…along with their “gag a maggot” punk buddy Gagnon…is that this information is in the hands of a particular United States Attorney who is aware of this information about the video etc…having  been put in the hands of the FBI ALL DOCUMENTED! In other words…all the lies about Stewart and the documentation of the altered video’s is now in the hands of those who from what I understand…are kinda upset that this was done by Gagnon and ignored by the 3 Missouri Appellate Judges.

AND…AND….READ MY LIPS GAGON YOU PRICK….this story is about to become a “nation wide story” about the prosecution and taking YOU down sincee the reporters I have talked to are waiting for the green light to take out your soon to be “punked ass” out! 🙂 Yes… I have connections to NATIONAL REPORTERS who make a living exposing maggots, murderers and liars like these bastards!

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Mary C. O’Connell…are you reading BITCH? 🙂 Trying to use me to get this case dropped 🙂 Expect some phone calls! 🙂

Sane with NKCPD Bill Ficken. He already turned out David Speiser, a Lathrop Police Department officer, who lied in his deposition as did all the other officers in Stewarts case and with full knowledge of Clinton County Prosecutor Gagnon.

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Now to witness who turns on who 🙂 From “no snitch bitches” to BITCHES! 🙂 These faecal specimens day’s are numbered and that is a good thing.

Image result for TONI ANDERSON

Image result for TONI ANDERSON

And don’t forget that Ficken and NKCPD were directly involved with what happened to Toni Anderson and I can assure you their “video altering EXPERT” IS the one who prepared the video that was released to the public showing Ficken stopping Anderson…as well as the others at the QT and the “Red Cadillac” AKA drug dealer Rusty May. All the “loops, missing time-lines etc.” are a MATCH to what was done to Stewarts video from North Kansas City Hospital! AND… that Anderson was last seen alive after being followed out of the QT in NKC  by 3…THREE NKCPD SUV’s and Rusty May’s “Red Cadillac”and with full knowledge of the FBI 🙂 !

Lastly…North Kansas City Hospital WAS AND IS TO THIS DAY…in full knowledge of what was done to “their video” and in fact…released it with foreknowledge it was going to be altered to protect their “interest” as a complicit in this crime business. What do you expect from a hospital who hires known sexual molesters of women and who allows a “Bill Ficken” and NKCPD thugs have their way with the nurses? 🙂

I wonder how the “money people” AKA  Harrah’s is going to react when all of this connects their revenue to a multi million dollar law suit? My gut says… some phone calls might be made to “fix the problem” and if that is the case…I personally would welcome that because Ficken and his NKCPD homies deserve “under world justice” as does Gagnon. What ever happens to them in the courts…out of the courts..or in the “Big House” is deserved.

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I just read about a cop who was to “testify” against “brother cops” and the day before…he was “shot” while on a call!

Never know…right Ficken? After all…you already turned on one of your homies and the rest more then likely NOW…might see you as the “weak link” and deal with you! 🙂

And we can’t forget the “suicide out” either 🙂 Especially when your career as a prosecuting attorney is about to blow up in your face. Right Gagnon? 🙂 What better way to leave something for your family other then shame!

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I found this “memes” appropriate for the moment… ya think? 🙂

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Clinton Country Prosecutor Joe Gagnon Guilty of prosecutorial misconduct DOCUMENTED

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Rocket Scientist Bill “Butt Plug” Bunting Says I Never Served In The USMC Or Was In Nam!

Keeping the truth out about the punk ass bitch stalking me slandering me BUT NOT TO MY FACE 🙂 INBRED FROM A PEDOPHILE INFESTED FAMILY… SAY BILL BUNTING…DOPE SMOKING FAGGOT!


Image result for bill buntingImage result for butt plug "leaks"

Displaying Rick2.jpeg

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Timing is everything…especially when outing a pathological lying slanderering Satanic inspired feces eating bi-sexual androgynous sodomite named Bill “Butt Plug” Bunting/William R. Bunting and his adulterating “wife” who is owned and possessed by the child raping murdering of children pedophile sodomite and high ranking demon of Satan…the infamous Aleister Crowley who appeared to her as a child…thanks to her mother.

This “Real Man” and his “goddess” idolize and uphold Real Men like Bunting who they state emphatically that ALL REAL MEN have a right to rape women and that a woman being raped SHOULD ASK FOR MORE! (Yes…his words sent to me!)

Bunting even has fellow “Real Men” in his family  who are in prison for sexually molesting children. This is why Karen married him because she wants her children and grandchildren to be rapists of women and to be like Butt Plug Bill! These two are latter day New…

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STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons

Karen Sue Andras in a “Demonic Owned Soul” being she is possessed and controlled by head Satanic DEMON Aleister Crowley! Bill “Butt Plug Sodomite” Bunting IS a primary Satan owned representative of and active “dissemination” source of “sexually transmitted demons”. He in fact was spawned by and comes from a “sodomite/pedophile” infested family!

Insights from Dr. Intimacy

STDs 2013 4I want to school you on STDs – no, not “sexually transmitted diseases”. I’m talking about spiritual STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons! Did you know that demonic spirits can be transferred to you during sex and/or sexual activity? Did you ever notice how people change once they begin to have sex? You probably have taken note of it in a friend or relative in the past, but never equated it to sexual activity. Just think about it, your cousin Quan’teeka starts dating Bone Thug from the block and after a couple of weeks you say to her,“Girl, you’ve changed.” Or maybe even in your own life, you took on a new love and your friends and family kept telling you that you changed, even though you couldn’t see the changes!

You probably relate to what I am saying, but probably have always equated such changes just to the new relationship…

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Faggot Pedophile Jew CEO Of Pinterest “Censoring” Vaccine Info For Jew “Friends” In Pharma


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Faggot Pedophile Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann

Pinterest Vaccines Censored

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The popular image-sharing social media website Pinterest is blocking pins that provide safety information about vaccines, or question whether or not legislation should be passed to mandate vaccines.

When Health Impact News noticed that some of their pins were no longer showing, we contacted Pinterest to find out why.

Someone named “Tina” from Pinterest Help emailed this to Health Impact News:

One or more of your Pins about vaccines has been highlighted as containing medical misinformation. Per our policy, this content will remain available to you, but it will be hidden from circulation on Pinterest as it contains claims that are considered to be misleading or inaccurate by the medical community.

We don’t know which pins they actually blocked (we have thousands of them on their site), but a pro Big Pharma company printed a commentary last year about an article published in the pro-vaccine journal Vaccine that criticized Pinterest for allow pins that contradict Big Pharma’s pro-vaccine extremist position, or questioned parental rights in regards to vaccine choice.

In their commentary on the Journal article “On pins and needles: How vaccines are portrayed on Pinterest” they lamented:

Guidry and her colleagues collected 800 pins and analyzed them to determine whether they are pro- or anti-vaccination.

The results revealed that 75 percent of all vaccine-related pins were negative.

Rather than using social media as a tool to understand the public’s sentiment and experience with vaccines (which of course includes doctors and other medical professionals) and respect those views, this information was used as fuel to pressure lawmakers into passing laws to punish those who do not believe in the Pro Pharma extreme position on vaccines, by passing laws forcing everyone to get vaccines, whether they want them or not.

When organizations share anti-vaccine messages, the risk is that parents choose not to vaccinate their children out of fear. This lowers the overall vaccination rate and puts vulnerable people at risk of disease. There’s a pressing need to improve vaccination rates globally… (Source.)

As an example of a pin criticizing Pinterest for allowing anything but the pro-vaccine extremist position in the vaccine debate, Elsevier chose a pin from Health Impact News:

Vaccines Pinterest Health Impact News

Doctors and Scientists Who Question Vaccines Continue to be Censored

The reason Pinterest gave us as to why some of our vaccine pins were being blocked is based on a false premise:

“it will be hidden from circulation on Pinterest as it contains claims that are considered to be misleading or inaccurate by the medical community.”

The fact is that the “medical community” is not at all unified on their views of vaccines, as increasingly more doctors and medical professionals are beginning to question the Big Pharma and Government extremist position on vaccines. The extremist pro-vaccine position on vaccines is:

ALL vaccines are safe and effective and good for ALL people ALL of the time, by force if necessary.

This extremist view probably represents very few in the medical community, as all 50 states currently allow vaccine exemptions to be written by medical doctors.

However, doctors who question vaccines seldom go public with their views, for fear of reprisal and the threat of losing their license to practice medicine.

As we have reported in the past many times, medical professionals and scientists are seldom 100% anti-vaccine, or 100% pro-vaccine, but somewhere in the middle.



Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?

Pinterest is, therefore, taking a position of censoring more than 75% of the content posted by its users (which would obviously include medical doctors, and scientists) on the vaccine debate, choosing to accept only the extremist pro-vaccine position.

Guidry and her colleagues collected 800 pins and analyzed them to determine whether they are pro- or anti-vaccination.

The results revealed that 75 percent of all vaccine-related pins were negative.

But in doing so, they are also censoring those in the medical and scientific community who have valuable public information about the risks and safety of vaccines. Even the U.S. Government is required by law to publish certain negative vaccine information, such as the quarterly Department of Justice reports listing damages paid for vaccine injuries and deaths (find them here).

Will Pinterest censor this information also based on the premise that it is “misinformation” or “inaccurate by the medical community”?

Who is Pressuring Pinterest to Censor Pins Related to Vaccine Safety and Vaccine Choice?

After reading this article to this point, I am sure many are thinking “I see anti-vaccine pins on Pinterest all the time.”

Yes, it is true that Pinterest is not censoring all pins that do not agree with the extremist pro-vaccine position.

Jeanine Guidry and her colleagues who published the 2016 study admitted that they had to collect their samples manually, “as there is not yet a code to help collect pins using a hashtag or keyword.”

It is more than likely, therefore, that Pinterest also hides pins that do not conform with the pro-vaccine extremist position manually. With much of their activity automated by computer code, it is likely that it takes a complaint about a particular pin from someone to initiate action.

A look at the Health Impact News pin (see above) that was used as an example in the Vaccine Journal article might give us a clue as to who is complaining about certain vaccine pins.

The article on Health Impact News with the Gardasil vaccine image is an article titled “Inventor of Rotavirus Vaccine Wants To End Parental Exemptions For School Vaccinations,” written by Dave Mihalovic of

The article title is referring to pro-vaccine extremist Dr. Paul Offit, who became notorious for claiming that babies could receive up 10,000 vaccines with no side effects. He has a patent on one of the vaccines the CDC includes in the childhood vaccination schedule, so he is hardly an unbiased source of information. If Offit had his way, there would be no exemptions for vaccines at all.

Contact Pinterest and Demand They Stop Censorship on Anything Contrary to Big Pharma

Pinterest’s “Community Guidelines” were clearly written to protect the interests of Big Pharma:

We’ll take action on content spreading medical misinformation that could lead to serious harm to Pinners – for example, claims of curing diseases currently considered by the medical community to be incurable.

It would appear that the motivation behind such a policy is to prevent harm to Big Pharma and their profits, not Pinterest users and an informed public.

Pinterest has no publicly listed phone number, so to voice your disapproval of Pinterest’s actions in censoring Vaccine Safety and Vaccine Choice content, please log in to your Pinterest account and visit their Help Center.

It is well-known that the U.S. corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media censors all contrary vaccine information, so it is vitally important that the alternative media and social media remain free of censorship on the vaccine debate, so people can be aware of the fact that vaccines do carry risk of harm.


















NKCPD Cops, The “Red Cadillac Boy” And The Trafficked/Murdered “Drugged” Toni Anderson!

The “Red Cadillac Boy” is FBI PROTECTED Rusty May AKA Charles Russell Hopkins who is the drug supplier to Chrome and Paradise working direct with NKCPD AND KCPD COPS to use the girls for distribution and or sex or both. Toni Anderson wanted out and THEY MURDERED HER!


July 15 Update!

Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.

The something is DRUGS! Big time!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoorImage may contain: 1 person

Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!

Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s…

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Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hansen Paid Off To Hide The Truth About Toni Anderson’s Murder



Image result for bill ficken

This blog and others below are what the paid off media whore organization Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hanson ignore! The don’t even name FICKEN… who stopped Toni Anderson…amazing but NOT! More below

I ID’d NKCPD rouge terrorist thug cop Bill Ficken LONG before NKCPD came clean with altered video dash cam and time line. TWO individuals on the Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page have gone out of their way to discredit me and what I have share…Mary Ward a White woman and who had experiences with Ficken thanks to her “husband” Jason…a friend of NKCPD cops and Adrian Lang who “slandered me” as the “white black man” that he is because he also did not want Wards info shared. And why? Because he is a “friend” of KCPD is why! He has a White woman as a “wife” and I can assure you if she was the…

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Why Tourists, Families With Children and Single Women Should Avoid North Kansas City Missouri!



Image result for north kansas city missouri

For the safety of your family and children…this is WHY you should stay clear Of North Kansas City Missouri!



There is enough documentation available that I have posted that identifies North Kansas City Missouri as a City and Government that employs a rogue police force guilty of rabid violent homicidal behavior and treatment of men and women with law suits past and present which displays how out of control they have been and are and with the sanction of the Government and City Council of North Kansas City as well as the protection of the local FBI!

Cases include the violent tasering of a Angela Roberts that ended up in a settlement, the case of  a former Police Chief and officer with an impeccable record named Michael S. Stewart who was almost murdered at…

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