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How I Put Attorney’s Like John W. Witten ON THE MAP !


I expose them. I even expose JUDGES! You break the law and LIE…your ass is mine! 

You bet I left you a phone message but you were not alone Witten! I did the same with the Judges in the above blogs! And Gag A Maggot Gagnon too! I don’t use BULLETS but TRUTH DOCUMENTED 🙂 I call it BUTT HURT! 🙂

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Prosecuting Attorney Joe Gagnon And Attorney Mary C. O’Connell Guilty of Covering Up Police Brutality


Bar Admissions:
U.S. District Court, Western District of Missouri
U.S. District Court, District of Kansas
U.S. Court of Appeals 10th Circuit

Quick Contact

Rouse Frets Gentile Rhodes, LLC
5250 W. 116th Place, Suite 400
Leawood, Kansas 66211
Phone: (913) 387-1600

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Attorney John Witten is on the MAP as found in the blog links above. He also was fully aware of his client NKCPD Officer Bill Ficken having ALTERED THE VIDEO which shows that Ficken BRUTALLY ASSAULTED  Michael S. Stewart (along with the other cops on the scene! John has been working direct with soon to be charged with a felony Clinton County Prosecutor Joe Gagnon…and both of them can kiss heir kiss their career goodbye.

Say withhold evidence during discovery from the trial Judge AND the MISSOURI APPELLATE COURT you dumb as a rock snow flake! Video is DOCUMENTED AS BEING ALTERED Johnny Boy 🙂 Trying to use ME to protect your punk ass rogue thug client Ficken should cause your boss and peers to question your IQ not to mention the Judges in this case! Semper Fi DIRTBAG! 🙂

Witten’s fellow Attorneys defending rogue NKCPD cops being turned into the American Bar and other “interested parties”!

ALL of these attorneys knew about and approved of the altering of the NKC Hospital video working with the 2 prosecuting attorneys to protect the guilty rogue cops who almost murdered Stewart!

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Defendant: Gary W. Ficken, Jr.
Represented By: Timothy S. Frets
Represented By: Mary C. OConnell mary-oconnell
Represented By: John W. Witten
Defendant: Christopher Kimmel
Represented By: Karen J. Halbrookkarenhalbrook
Represented By: Lindsay Poehling Windham
Defendant: Pat Romine
Represented By: Karen J. Halbrook
Represented By: Lindsay Poehling WindhamLindsay Poehling Windham

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Yes he will see this including the Missouri Governor!

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