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What Mary Ward And LGBT “Brother” Bill Bunting Think About Murdered Toni Anderson!


Add “bowel movement sex” endorser and trans fan Air Force snowflake and Mexican Pete Sanchez to this group of liars about what happened to Toni Anderson. Sanchez is now friends with “Butt Plug” Bunting realizing they have a most important thing in common.say the love of sodomy, the rape and murder of women like Toni Anderson as well as what they really think about BLACKS calling them NIGGERS and Native Americans “Prairie NIGGERS”! Upcoming blog on Sanchez who has jumped on the bandwagon of lies with no documentaion of course… that I didn’t serves and this after I connected his ass to fellow Mexican and FBI protected drug dealer Rusty May who supplies cocaine to Chrome where Toni worked. Sanchez never mentions May! Why? Because he is in the know about who he is and what he does is why! After all…Sanchez said on my radio program that Toni started using cocaine knowing it came from the source…HIS MEXICAN BUDDY…Rusty May! Like I said…more to come and…and…wait until the Air Force knows about Peter’s connection and knowledge of Toni using cocaine and doing nothing which means he “supported it” 🙂 Never got her help and neither did his criminal son Peter Jr. because he was a user too. 🙂 Like I said…more to come 🙂



All you women groupies of William R. “Butt Plug” Bunting need to read what he states about women including YOU! You have been duped by these faeces eating floating turd for to long. He has to LIE about me which is the REAL REASON his woman left him plus his family is infested with PEDOPHILES and she feared for her grandchildren while her family and friends rejected this sodomite! He called her and all women whores. His and Mary Wards spiritual DNA do not represent “Mother Earth”. You who drink his “kool-aid” made from his own  “Namaste” urine need to wise up. He is a pathological demon possessed liar just like Ward.

Now WOMEN who follow this freak of nature…read HIS WORDS about a WOMAN who he believes deserved to to be raped and murdered and with NO proof she did any of the below!…

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