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Operation Morning Star Past Assistance Program Pine Ridge Indian Reservation


This is how this charity which I founded with God’s help worked…and what I did and how “outsiders” helped those in need then and could now even! 🙂 So much for “ripping off the elders and poor”.

This is a Operation Morning Star Assistance Project on Pine Ridge South Dakota READ AND LEARN what we did and how! Notice NO monies were sent to OMS or ME…no new truck dang it! Read the letter from Oglala Sioux Tribe President…when we were just getting going. Oh well…liars caught again! 🙂


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Monday, January 25, 2010 at 10:59


***UPDATED AGAIN*** List to assist Elders and Families at Pine Ridge


Fri at 11:51pm

Latest Update: 01-24-10 11:17 PM ET (Updated with one man whose house burnt down and is in desperate need and updated that Arlene Bull Bear and Joyce Last Horse have some help on the way but they still need help with propane, food, etc. Please read what need remains on their listing)


Below are several Elders and families in the Kyle Community of Pine Ridge that are in immediate need of assistance. The contact information has been confirmed and permission has been granted to share their information with you.


There are several ways I will mention where assistance is needed and I’ll share here before I begin the information for where you can assist in paying for Propane or electricity for those who need it or to contact a local grocery store to pay for food for families who need this. Other ways of assisting the individual families will be listed with their contact information below.


To pay for propane for any individuals listed below use the information here and be sure to make your payment to the account of the individual(s) you choose to help. The propane company requires a minimum order of $120 of fuel before they will make a delivery to the individual. You can also pay for a persons propane and they will credit the individuals account so that when they do run out of any fuel they may have at the moment they can simply call and the company will deliver more.


Lakota Plains Propane (will take credit card)

Highway 407

Pine Ridge, SD 57770


Be sure to request a receipt and use the contact for the person you are helping to call and followup to be certain they received the help you paid for.


Kyle Grocery (will take credit card)

Owner: Liz May


What you do is call the store…give name of those you want to help and amount of money you want to give credit for food


Electric Company: LaCreek Electric – 605-685-6581

P.O. 220 – East Hwy 18, Martin SD 57551


Wood Vendors: These are the list of vendors that will take “CHECKS ONLY” sent to them to deliver wood to an individual you choose from the list below. You can call them and get addresses to mail checks to and be sure to send with the check the person’s name, address, phone number that you intend your donation to go to.


James Two Crow



Ed Clifford



Brian Garrett



Elders and families in need are as follows:


Adolph Bull Bear 76 – Keep in Prayers…taken to Hospital in Martin SD with pnuemonia 1/22/10

Son Meltino Bull Bear 42 -605-407-1551

P.O. Box 83

Kyle, SD 57752


Groceries and Propane (Recieved $120 for propane and has a check being mailed to him)


Arlene Bull Bear Talks (I have someone sending Arlene boots, coat and Katie Clothes, etc)

Sister of Adolph



  1. O. 733 Kyle, SD 57752

Needs electric bill help of $189.00

Needs Big Propane Tank 500 Gallon from Lakota Plains Propane which costs $500 to buy. Then they will have deliveries. Right now using a 100 gal tank they have to take to get filled.

Has NO car or transportation.

Arlene has NO boots…sz 11…needs winter coat… sz 40

Living with her is 1 granddaughter of Arlene and Niece of Leann

Leeann Gabriel 43 Needs a car…Victim of violent abuse by x…children “legally stolen” by x husband with help of “white court system” out of Nevada.

1 grand daughter 7 named Katie

“Adopt/Sponsor” Katie who needs clothes such as jeans sz 8, boots sz 3 girls, sweaters sz 8, winter coat 11…stocking hats, underwear 8 child

Groceries and Propane


Andrea Marshall – 67 – Mother of Meltino

605-433-5473 leave message

P.O. Box 158,

Interior SD 57750

Needs wood, wood stove wearing out…needs new wood stove…main source of heat.. stranded…can’t get out…needs $100 for cord of wood.

Uses propane…needs $50 per 100 lb tank

Old Log House at lost dog creek area off of BIA 120.

Groceries through Kyle Grocery


Janice One Feather


  1. O. Box 44

Kyle, SD 57752

House 307

Age 61

Groceries and Propane

2 Grandsons : Asa Steele 7, Dylan Westover 9


Lily Mae Red Eagle – 88

HC 2,

P.O. Box 2 Kyle, SD 57752


Lives with son Jonathon One Feather 57

Groceries at Kyle Grocery


Donna Garnette – 70

House east of Kyle about 3 miles east of Kyle



Propane and Groceries

Lives with grandchildren 2… boy and girl


Joyce Last Horse 46… Lost sister…funeral today…keep in prayers (Someone is sending Walmart card)

5 children…needs help

Propane needed for house.

Food from Kyle Grocery or Wall Mart Gift Card

7 miles south Kyle off of “Last Horse Road”

P.O. Box 503

Kyle, SD 57752

605-455-2056 (someone told me that they had helped her with a walmart card)


Perlene Yellow Wolf – 65

P.O. Box 700

Kyle, SD 57752

Lives with Grandson Brad Randall… 20…

Electric help need through LaCreek $100…

Groceries from Kyle Grocery



Cheryl One Feather – 55


Cares for six grandchildren

Needs help with propane and groceries.


Fern Red Owl


Needs help with Electric at LaCreek $250-300

Needs help with money to buy wood (Info above)


Jeorgiana Has No Horse age 55 in a wheelchair

Kyle House #42


Needs Propane and Groceries (received some help with groceries)


Peter Brown Bull – NO PHONE

Lives with Delphine Bullman in a trailer – no electricity needs wood, food, clothing and candles Peter’s home burned down Wednesday and Tribe sent him to Pine Ridge to live with his Mother.

Delphine Bullman

P.O. Box 193

Kyle, SD 57752

Peter Drown Bull’s home burned to the ground last Friday and needs clothing,food ,wood as he has nothing; all he has is 1 blanket and 1 comforter to keep warm


Felicia Whitemouse 605-462-6195

pregnant – due next month has run out of propane…

Lakota Fund Housing #29

Wanblee, SD 57577


Marian Whitemouse


house 247 Old cluster housing

Wanblee, SD 57577

Needs Propane

May you be richly blessed for sharing your blessings with these elders and ensuring some relief to their suffering. Please help now as the need is immediate but please remember to help again in the future if you are able to as their needs are continual. Thank you in advance for sharing your love and helping these elders.


No automatic alt text available.

Operation Morning Star received from Cameron Green House in Cameron MO over 30,000 garden plants… squash, tomatoes etc. which were delivered to Lakota on Pine Ridge and Rosebud mostly. Elders LOVE growing gardens. Almost nick named Pine Ridge the Tomato Capital of South Dakota! 🙂 Operation Morning Star did this (ME) for over 20 years. NEVER had a salary and spent $75K of my own to keep it going while being slandered and hated by those I helped
Image may contain: 2 people

THIEF MARY FAST WOLF PINE RIDGE! One “Christmas” I did not think a trip to Pine Ridge would happen. But I was interviewed on OIDA radio. A caller responded to a need for a truck. I said are you giving it? He said…no but you can borrow. What? He said a SEMI! 🙂 Drove it to Red Shirt Table on Pine Ridge and THIS HAPPENED>>>> I documented the theft of 3 full pick up trucks and 1 van full of “Christmas Gifts” by her “friend” Roxanne Two Bulls, Mary Fast Wolf. The very BEST items were STOLEN…small appliances, new clothes, toys, food. wood burning stoves etc…from a FULL VAN FULL that was placed in the school auditorium at the school in Red Shirt which is on the north west corner of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Also, her “relative”, Roxanne Two Bulls deprived family and children of the Swallow family the gifts and toys on the “giveaway day ie. Christmas”.

You should also notice that Operation Morning Star does NOT solicit in the name of Tribe…but functions independently in have Oglala Sioux Tribe members ADOPTED/ASSISTED DIRECT meaning that ALL MONIES are sent in THEIR NAME to SIOUX NATIONS GROCERY OR LAKOTA PROPANE IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY OR ELDER…unlike all other charities faking as helping the Oglala. Our documented record of over 500 tons of “gifts” also shows what we have done. I do NOT receive a salary or have I ever…unlike Two Bulls and others who have initiated this RACE HATE SLANDER CAMPAIGN against me.

As for her comment on housing conditions…she must have been on “crack”! ANYONE knows the conditions of housing on Pine Ridge and elsewhere. But when you have a Vice Chairman named Shorty Brewer who sets up a “shipping charge of $3,000” for FEMA house trailers, you simultaneously make sure the poorest of the poor do NOT have a chance and therefore remain in living conditions that are appalling. MANY Oglala Sioux Tribal members have waited from 20-35 years for a home. Yet only those that are “connected to the ruling clans” get new housing with a few exceptions to the rule.

Paul Iron Cloud, Director of Housing and Ernie Little…have made sure of that during their “nepotistic time in office”.

No automatic alt text available.
Budget Muffler…major drop off and load up site Independence Missouri for trips to Pine Ridge … this is Randy Prentence loading up gifts!
No automatic alt text available.
Mobile home of Wilson Coleman from Porcupine Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. A “unseen with NO warning” MICRO BURST “tornado” came out of NO WHERE to pick up and smash their mobile home into the ground. NO WHERE on the rez was anything taking place but HERE! This family was slandering me after I helped them for years with $, food, appliances etc. They were part of the Native American Church no less!

For those that have lied about me…take notice! The ONLY “micro-burst” on Pine Ridge THAT DAY! Amanda Shelton is dealing with the same AKA “still birth” and now a $20,000 law suit from the whoremonger black sperm donater of her child. She is my “xxx”Wife Adulterating Whore’s daughter 🙂 Like mother like daughter 🙂

The “xxx” is now demon possessed by choice and is eternally owned owned by the demon who appeared to her and said “I OWN YOU” through his representative in time Bill Butt Plug Bunting who’s family breeds documented child molesters 🙂 like HIM! So her soul is sealed to be in hell by choice of admitting she knowingly listened to Satan to destroy me and aligning herself with the liars murderers and peodophiles like John Trubell and other who have targeted me with lies (Trudell DEAD from KarmaKancer 🙂 )

I just sit back wait and watch and say to my enemies…YOU will suffer the same judgement in one form or another…sooner or later…and that is God’s promise not mine!

via Michelle R. Shining Elk via Richard Boyden: Good month for Operation Morning Star on Pine Ridge. 1 Elder in Kyle gets $125 a month each month, 1 family $100 food credit per month, 1 family $500 for phone & elec. bills, 1 family $300 in groceries, 2 Oglala girls 10 and 11 “adopted” for clothes & school supplies per month, $350 for electric bill for diabetic & 3000+ garden plants given to residents of Oglala, & 1 Oglala student now sponsored! Thank you G-d

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Delivery to Mildred Alkires…Manderson… 10 years of trips

Image may contain: 1 person

Energy Efficient electric stoves donated

No automatic alt text available.
Operation Morning Star recieved close to $100,000 in donated wood burning stoves distributed to Elders and Families on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Crow Creek, and Cheyenne River reservations. Joseph Brings Plenty CR Chairman let 13 of them SIT in the warehouse during WINTER! Two “buddies” got one though. I came and “repossessed them and took them to those in need! Another NOT fake Lakota so called “leader”..talking about “Being Lakota” yadi yadi yadi while the POOR suffered under his watch!
No automatic alt text available.
New wood burning stove recipient Rosebud Rez


Radio Program Time Change, Death Threat Targeting Guest, Why and More.

The “Enemy Is At Work”

Click link to listen live or Podcast “later” when uploaded.

Death threats targeting Emerson Elk. Need prayers for protection of him, family and other “Full Blood” Traditional Lakota, Dakota and Nakota “Real Indians”!

Radio Program Time Change, Death Threat Targeting Guest, Why and More.


The “Enemy Is At Work”

Click link to listen live or Podcast “later” when uploaded.

Death threats targeting Emerson Elk. Need prayers for protection of him, family and other “Full Blood” Traditional Lakota, Dakota and Nakota “Real Indians”!

Image result for emerson elk

Monday Night June 12, 2017 at 10pm Central Time

Bill and Karen Bunting call ALL Native Americans PRAIRIE NIGGERS (except the “Cherokee)

We are going to discuss what a REAL INDIAN is… a “Federal Fraud Indian”, “Indian Citizenship” and any and all things related to “Indian Country”. I will share information about the DOCUMENTED FBI sponsored controlled and allowed for drug cartels to be embedded on Reservations distributing drugs such as meth and heroin and the destructive affect of the black culture on Native Youth!And of course discussing Bill the RAPE PROMOTER Bunting and his “WhoreWife” Karen Sue Bunting/Karen Sue Andras/Karen Sue Shelton/Karen Elkins 🙂 state that ALL said all Lakota/American Indian Women DESERVE to be RAPED by Whites and Blacks etc. They together represent the filthy spirits of pedophilia and sodomy that Indian Country was exposed to by Europeans upon arrival.

So rape will be addressed by Elk as he did in this interview.


Rape and Pedophilia was a White and Black man (Buffalo Soldiers) thing that Native People suffered when they were exposed to the same. And that among the Lakota/Dakota if one raped a woman…that was a DEATH SENTENCE. Learn what rape does to a woman from a Lakota spiritual understanding.

Listen and learn the truth about Operation Morning Star…the charity I founded and used to feed the Lakota Dakota people on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne and Crow Creek Reservations for close to 20 years and about the assistance program of helping those in need who live in the poorest conditions in this country and WHY!


Image result for emerson elk oglala lakota

  1. Sunday Night June 11, 2017 at 8pm Central Time Call ALL Native Americans PRAIRIE NIGGERS (except the “Cherokee) as Bill Bunting does is going to be addressed by Full Blood Headman Emerson Elk in a “historical context” of how and what White racist raping pedophiles which Bunting represents did to his Oyate… PEOPLE. Using the individual examples like Bunting to the collective such as the Government, churches, military, Black “raping murdering of Native women and girls” Buffalo Soldiers (Posterity of Adrian Lang 🙂 ) among others. A rapist was given the DEATH SENTENCE
  2. We are going to discuss what a REAL INDIAN is… a “Federal Fraud Indian”, “Indian Citizenship” and any and all things related to “Indian Country”. I will share information about the DOCUMENTED FBI sponsored controlled and allowed for drug cartels to be embedded on Reservations distributing drugs such as meth and heroin and the destructive affect…

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List of Republican Pedophiles Protected By The FBI

This country is going to suffer the fullness of the wrath of God more then any other nation ever…those are His words…not mine…He being Jesus Christ.


 Related image

List of Republican Pedophiles

John McCain aide arrested for pedophilia by DC pedo ring investigators


Here is a link to McCain banging boys in the ass with his “aid”…

Image result for bushes pedophiles

Image result for bushes pedophiles

Image result for bushes pedophiles

Please distribute – and share with your children – beware these sexual predators, esp. in neighborhoods
that the Republican deviants reside in.
Thank you – AC

# Republican U.S. Justice Department official John David R. Atchison, 53, an assistant U.S. attorney from the northern district of Florida,
has been arrested on suspicion of traveling to Detroit over the weekend to have sex with a 5 year old child. An undercover officer
posed as a mother offering her child to Atchison for sex, according to police. In deposition, detectives said Atchison
suggested the mother tell her daughter that “you found her a sweet boyfriend who will bring her presents.”
The undercover detective expressed concern about physical injury…

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Aleister Crowley Follower And Pedophile Hillary (and Bill Clinton) Rape And Sexually Abuse Children That Are Then “Snuffed”!

NO DOUBT in my mind that when Hillary and Bill rape, sodomize and sadomasochistically sexually use and abuse their synagogue of Satan JEW Jeffery Epstein “gifts” that those young children will NOT BE ALLOWED TO LIVE! They are murdered when they are no longer “usable”!!!!!

Source: Aleister Crowley Follower And Pedophile Hillary (and Bill Clinton) Rape And Sexually Abuse Children That Are Then “Snuffed”!

Jew Raping Pedophiles Epstein and Dershowitz Connection To Serial Rapist Pedophile Bill Clinton

This information is dedicated to the pedophile infested “Bill and Karen Sue Bunting” Family of pedophiles…2 of which were convicted of raping children…Steve and Otis Ray Bunting and sent to prison in Georgia.

Bill (William R) Bunting was sent by his “didn’t watch her boy” mother to a school in Georgia that specialized in helping children that suffered from “pornographDICK” experiences as a child!

Source: Jew Raping Pedophiles Epstein and Dershowitz Connection To Serial Rapist Pedophile Bill Clinton

American Empire Exposed…Pizzagate is Pedogate

Information NOT found anywhere else….well almost 🙂 Sorry about the WORD PRESS failure to do the “paragraph” spacing but once you start reading…you won’t notice. AND if you have children…then this information should make you watch them with a gun at your side!


Foreword: Pizzagate turned PedoGate Leads to Momentum Surge in Busting Global Child Sex Trafficking Rings

Pedophile Jew Jeffery Epstein gave donations to Jew Senator Chuck Schumer

More about Epstein…say former CFR member and involved in “biotechnological and evolutionary science”!

American Empire Exposed

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Washington and America Self-Implode at the Hands of a Treasonous, Obama Led Shadow Government

The United States federal government in Washington is under attack today. Our nation’s capital is presently under siege, not from military bombs or rockets fired by any foreign enemy but from powerful enemies within. With Obama-Hillary-Soros forces ostensibly maneuvering outside official government channels, against America’s legitimately elected President Trump, and their loyalist foot soldiers – the neocons and intelligence community loyalists within the CIA/NSA/FBI still operating inside deep state, criminally conspiring with Mainstream Media, this sinister alliance is also organizing legions of clueless young leftist protesters to be at…

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