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BLOG RADIO…The Bill Bunting DCS/CPS Arizona State Kidnapping Of Shoars Children Connection


Now PODCAST…there was a “disconnect” but reconnected after a minute…


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History of Bunting 🙂

My blog talk radio program on this demented pervert and liar named William R. Bunting and his “whore” connections to what Arizona has done to the Shoars and why they are targeting me on the Shoars FB page!

They are on their way to HELL. They both idolize “Real Men” who rape women and children both…documented! Bunting comes from a PEDOPHLE INFESTED FAMILY!

No documentation by them on me 🙂 Lots on them 🙂 Being he is on the Shoars page jacketing me with lies…it is now my turn!  Tune in and have paper and pencil on the ready! 🙂

Starts at 8 Arizona Time or 10 Central Missouri. Listen LIVE or PODCAST LATER.

Sorry about the “graphic’ stuff but when you hear about this demented pervert and graduate from a high school that specializes in helping youth that come from families embedded with in prison pedophiles and who’s mind is a 24/7 pornographic sexual series of sadomasochistic internet re-runs of the most evil acts known to man..Bunting’s own words…then you will understand why my work helping the Shoars and others are targeted by him because Bunting represents in both spirit and deed the State of Arizona and this country in the attack on families, children and the morals of which are hated by a Bunting among others.


Bunting is my queer LBGT STALKER who hates me because I rejected his “advances” 🙂 Going to share his family “Pedophile” history and his spiritual belief system along with that of my “xxx” wife shares in a sadomasochistic sexual and Satan inspired Pornographic relation with Bunting who I will show as the kind of “real man and father is all about”…the kind of demented sick pervert that NO mother or father would want their children around.

This IS the reason is stalks me and fabricates totally undocumented lies because I expose him and his “friends” who I documented as “raping murdering pedophiles” who don’t believe in a “family” and are like Arizona and Bunting who is a FED who targets those who expose the dark demonic Satanic works of a “Arizona” for example or a George Bush.

So stay tuned and have your pencil and paper ready because YOU need to understand the National Socialist Family Destroying State of Arizona and why he was “FBI” sent to again jacket me with lies. I take this as a complement that this bowel movemt sex freak follows me like a “bitch in heat” 🙂

When I was in the Corp active…this kind of open practicing sodomite was rejected AKA…they asked him “THE QUESTION” and back then…he was “outed” 🙂

He is a Jealous bi-boy with a bad case of “penis envy” because my “xxx” said “SIZE DOES MATTER” and then she discovred that “he failed the test” and she had to “fake it” 🙂

Lots of serious information the “spiritual wickedess of Bunting as Satan’s poster boy of filthiness who idolizes RAPISTS and glorifies the REAL MEN WHO CAN RAPE ANY WOMAN THEY WANT which means he IS a rapist! And that women are good for “orgasm’s only”

At 8 PM AZ Mountain Time or PODCAST

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