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My Message To Justice For Toni Anderson Followers


Listen live today at 11 am central time…or as a podcast later 🙂

Ya ready? 🙂

Now read the letter of my xxx wife sent me…you know…the one I broke the shoulder of etc… ENJOY BUTT PLUG because her love for me she will NEVER have for you…among “other things”! 🙂 HAHAHA

Link to all my documents…Bunting has NONE! 🙂 Right Mary? 🙂

I would like everyone including Butt Plug sodomite William to read this email from the wife I “beat” and “abused” 🙂

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Dearest Richard, I know you said to never write etc. To you ever again and I understand n I truly dont blame you. I was trying not to but I thought maybe I could just one last time Please.

I know there are no words that can change what I have done. I wish n pray n beg God that it could have n that you wouldn’t feel as me as you do but I understand why. I really do now.

I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn’t even truly me at all and I really don’t believe those bad things about you at all.

It was not my heart n mind speaking. I didn’t have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process.

I only want to address my part in all this and words don’t really help I know this.

I am so truly sorry with all my heart n soul. I don’t deserve you. I know I will painfully regret my actions forever. I ask Jesus how could this have happened?

He has shown me in many many ways as to how, why, where n what my part was in all this n why I failed even in the “good intentions” I wanted to walk together on the higher road for your ministy’s sake and our marriage but I failed miseribly.

I still ask God how can this be as I walk through the cemetery and I already know the answer but still I ask again n again.

I thought I had forgiven but the trickster seeped in and stopped the healing for both of us unfortunately. I am not asking for you to forgive me although I wish you could just for your own peace of mind and spirit.

You are a good man and part of the reasons why I left is because I knew I blew it. I tried to Justify some things but no way was that going to work with God and he loves you very much and I shamed you both and I am so very very sorry.

I pray for your life to be so blessed and I was going to wait the day b4 my phone runs out so I wouldnt be tempted to contact you.

But it is Sunday n thought I would today. I think I left some n bags or something got mixed up idk haven’t went through much or care to.

I will give all back n pay you back2. I do know that I have never cheated on you ever and I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

I do pray the best for you because I’m not it I guess/I know.

I so wanted to be but failed.

I love you n miss you, my eternal love lost*



  1. Jared Keegler says:

    You are simply pathetic.


    • YOU sound like a closest child raping pedophile as well as a raping and murdering of women dog in heat getting your rocks off watching the same on your “subscriptions”…like a Bill Ficken 🙂


  2. Fuck off says:

    You seriously need to just stop. You’re absolutely pathetic. You attack everyone and that’s probably why you’re so alone. No one cares about you dude. No one. So shove off with your racism, sexism, homophobia.. those who point fingers are usually the ones to blame. You are the pedophile. You are the deviant. But if your “God” is real, he sees you. He knows you’re a monster.

    Hail Satan 🙌🏻


    • Look everyone…it’s another androgynous he/she suffering from a sexual identity crisis 🙂 Obvious IT is living in the “prepare to enter HELL” world of make believe that there is “no evil’ and Satan is not real and there is NO hell 🙂

      Flat line claims all… 🙂 Watch the movie Ghost… last 10 minutes…that is YOU! 🙂


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