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Another “NKCPD Troll” Working With Mary Ward To Hide Bill Ficken’s Abduction and Murder of Toni Anderson


So here you have a black oreo working for the KCPD siding with a White woman working for NKCPD who is hiding her experiences with NKCPD cop Bill Ficken which was shared with me and Justice For Toni Anderson in a email. I share that and I am now more evil then FICKEN according to this tag team of LIARS.

To bad it wasn’t Adrian Langs WHITE wife that was stopped by FICKEN and vanished because you know what? He would want any and all information on FICKEN possible and including Mary Ward’s!

That’s ok…Justice for Toni Anderson group will NEVER do what needs to be done for Toni Anderson as shared by a former cop last night on my radio program…who was almost killed by FICKEN as Mary Ward almost was. But Mary Ward has been “bought”…she is now a paid off “whore” selling her soul for 30 piece of silver and does not want or care about Justice for Toni Anderson any more then for Michael S. Stewart or ANYONE period!

End of story



Radio program discussing this on June 3d 8 Central time with a surprise guest or 2 🙂 !

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Image result for bill ficken

Rouge NKCPD Terrorist Criminal Thug Bill Ficken (Gary Ficken) who stopped Toni Anderson BOTH times and is being protected by his accessories to his crime of murder with his other son’s of Satan brothers in blue…Romine, Kimmel, and Freeman. There day will come when they “die” and meet Toni Anderson in the realms of eternity just before they are thrust down to hell!

Image may contain: 2 peopleRelated image

His name is Adrian Lang. This “white black boy”… yep…I said that and this is why…he attacked me for sharing a email sent to me by Mary Ward who Bill Ficken brutalized while calling her a “CrazyDrama Queen Bitch”. So I am the evil man for exposing the truth shared with me about Ficken who Ward said she believed Ficken murdered Anderson! Oh really…the rogue terrorist thug…

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  1. Fuck off says:

    First photo isn’t even Toni, you racist cunt. You need to get a life.


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