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Pathological Lying “Brother and Sister” Targeting Yours Truly


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Mary Ward stated….”my doctor thinks im bi polar
Mary Ward stated…she is depressed. This defines her mental condition
Mary Ward as a result is a compulsive liar and a “pathological liar” which is why she “likes” her new “brother” Bill Bunting who loves to rape women and defend his hero’s who do and more so when his hero’s murder men and women :). Nothing like having something in common.
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Then read THIS to “Clear the Air” after you read the lies below  My response to the latest is HERE>>>>

Let’s Just Clear The Air..

**UPDATED May 7, 2017

Been doing some research and background checking on different things, this is good information:

A sociopath doesn’t care if he’s benefitting anyone. Cold, calculating, and manipulative, he doesn’t think about others at all unless they can benefit him.

A narcissist believes he’s great, that everything about him is magnificent. He knows with unwavering confidence even beyond conceit that he’s benefitting everyone around him and more

A driven quest for power. If a narcissistic sociopath cares about anything other than himself, it is destructive power and control over people.

No apologies, no guilt, no remorse under any circumstance. A sociopathic narcissist believes that she is a gift to the world who makes it richer and more colorful. Therefore, her calculated, even cruel actions are always justified.

Invincibility. The narcissistic variety of sociopath believes he is indomitable. Even punishment and prison can’t stop him. They’re merely part of the game.

Wholly self-serving. The needs and wants of others are insignificant and undeserving of consideration.

Act as the producer, director, and only actor of his own show. The narcissistic sociopath casts people in roles that increase his power and sense of importance and when bored, casts them aside.



*****I also highly recommend before trusting anyone you meet on the internet, check their background. There are many sites online to be able to do that. I, personally recommend Spokeo.
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A few months ago, I came across a man on Facebook on a page for Toni. Not sure who sent who the friend request, but eventually we were Facebook friends. I liked his passion for the fight for Toni and the fight for answers for her. Yes, I noticed immediately what people say is “crazy, conspiracy filled” person. But, I have known a few vets that had the same, personality, if you will. I have called the paranoid, conspiracy filled, PTSD, OCD, don’t want to keep going. I don’t want to come across as if I’m judging him. Anyway, the type of people that remind me of Mr. Boyden, I call the “Vietnam Syndrome.” Due to that being because they were all veterans of the Vietnam war. As of May 7, 2017, there is question about if Mr. Boyden did actually serve in the military. Hearsay says, he has had glaucoma all his life, so they wouldn’t allow him into the military.

Before I move on with this blog, there are a few things I want to point out. I have not ever actually met Mr. Boyden in person. The only way we knew each other was Facebook and internet. He has also never met, or even spoken to my husband.

Twice this week, I was undeservedly the victim of Mr. Boyden’s “wrath.” I was not the only one. He also undeservedly attacked 2 other people on Facebook who I also met through Justice For Toni.

The first attack from Mr. Boyden was this past Tuesday, May 2nd. A little history to the story behind the story of the attack this particular day, is, last Friday April 29th, I was in a pretty big car accident. And what first turned into an act of kindness, I thought, turned into anger and ridicule when I didn’t get back with him in what his idea of a timely manner is about using his car temporarily until I figured out what was going to happen to my car. I saw he had deleted me off his Facebook. Confused, because nothing had been said to me, to give me the reason for this sudden act, I messaged him on Facebook and asked him why he deleted me. It wasn’t until almost 12 hours later that I received the following message from him.

Still confused, I responded with the following.

The conversation then continued..

Eventually, we were friends on Facebook again. But, I had a feeling it was going to be short lived, due to his extreme psychological issues he was showing. He was messaging me, or calling me through messenger so much in just a day’s time, that he was wanting more of my attention then I could give my family. I had not been sleeping well due to other factors I have going on in my personal life, and the stress of trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, and thinking I had to prove myself to someone.

He wanted me to join him a few different days for lunch because he was also going to meet up with a few other people he had been talking to about Toni’s case. First day was Wednesday. Since he knew I currently do not have a car, he made plans for a place right up the street from where I live so I would not have to walk very far. But, then Wednesday morning, it was raining and it ended up raining all day. So, he decided to make it for the next day, Thursday, yesterday. Knowing that it was also my birthday. This time though, lunch was going to have to be farther than walking distance. So, he offered to pay a cab for me or to pick me up, or “whatever.” I was EXTREMELY exhausted Wednesday. Remind you, had just been in a pretty big car accident Friday, I had been stressed about that situation, and my sleeping was way off. I told him Wednesday night, after he had been either calling on messenger all day or constantly messaging me about this lunch meeting, that I would get back with him in the morning once I was able to rest and clear my head. Then I felt like I could either for sure make a commitment for lunch, or if something came up. Again, it was my birthday. I wasn’t sure what my husband or kids had planned for me that day.

The next morning he was already trying to call me by 8:30 in the morning. I had barely opened my eyes. He then messaged me on Facebook.

At 9:21am, I responded back.

I’m not sure if he had just gotten upset because I once again did not get back with him in what he thought was a reasonable amount of time, or why exactly things had changed and lunch wasn’t going to work out. But, I was ok with it. My husband wanted to spend time with me while my kids were at school. My husband had also been feeling neglected because of my attention with not just my blogs and focus on Toni, but mainly from his demand of so much of my attention. Yet, I still stuck up for Richard and told my husband he really does have a great heart.

Another person had contacted me and told me about her experience that morning with Richard. From the looks of it, he was treating her the exact same way he had treated me the day before. He ended up cutting her off his Facebook too. I didn’t say anything to him about it though. Why? It wasn’t my business. Period.

Well, the day went on. I talked to him about 6:30ish. He told me he wanted me to be on his radio blog that night at 9pm. He told me he wanted me to talk about some things I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about. I had sent him a message telling him how I felt about it, and his only response at 8:58 was, “Get ready to call in.”

Let me take a break here for a minute and explain something. I already mentioned how my husband’s feelings concerning my attention to Richard. I did NOT tell anyone else though, including Richard. Mr. Boyden did know, however, that my in-laws are friends with the judge in NKC and a few of the police officers. Due to that, I was wanting to not cause any unneeded problems with my in-laws, because we already had a rocky relationship as it was. And, when it comes to my family, what I think about them and who they choose to be friends with, is not for me to say, or even “disapprove.” I am not a confrontational person, I’m actually quite the opposite. If I see a confrontation coming, I will more than likely be taking off in the other direction. I do not thrive on negative energy. So, it’s no way in my nature to start a problem with anyone in my family about ANYTHING. Let alone about someone I never actually personally knew. I damn sure won’t be “exposing” my family because of who they decide to support or not support.

I didn’t call in. That’s the point that this long story gets to. Instead of calling in to his radio show and saying things I didn’t feel comfortable about, and making problems with my in-laws, I had birthday cake and opened gifts with my kids and husband.


Then when I got a chance to check my Facebook again, I had the following messages from Richard on my Facebook.

What. The. Hell?? I went to reply back to him, but guess what?? Yep, he had blocked me. But, I had his email. So I will end this with what my email said. Then I will not give anymore of my energy and time to this poor, miserable man. But, I WILL pray for him.

#JusticeForToniAnderson ✌💖🦄💐🌸😙


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