Exposing Spiritual Wickedness In High Places is a personal calling and work to expose evil and highlight righteousness in whatever sphere of reality it dwells. My first page, BoydenReport was hacked by a full blooded American Indian hating racist named Scott Prentice of South Dakota. The FBI has his name now and for that matter, so do a couple of my American Indian combat veteran friends and residents in South Dakota. So I will continue on exposing what evil spirits like him represent in the realms of time.


Toni Anderson Murdered By TWO Rogue North Kansas City Police Department Officers


UPDATE 8/15/2017 Blog on pending law suit by Mrs. Anderson. Questions her attorneys need to ask. If they don’t…then they are in collusion. If they do and LE does not answer…then say GUILTY OF MURDER!

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Me in the Nam…1 1/2 tours. O311 “Grunt”/rifleman. 1st Battalion 1st Marines. I-Corp. 100 % documented including 100% Agent Orange “systemic heart disease” disability documented. I dare ANYONE challenge me to my face and “threaten to kill me” like the friend of the Justice For Toni Anderson page and their “mascot no snitch bitch whore’ for Bill Ficken and NKCPD Mary Ward DID…BILL BUNTING!

She has been “paid” by NKCPD attorney’s to slander me using the LIES of a Bill Bunting who is a sick filthy vile pervert and “androgynous he/she” sodomite  friend of the Justice for Toni Anderson ALSO! They ALL have gone out of their way to hide the truth about Bill Ficken and NKCPD because they are “Wards Family”!

July 15 Update!

Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.

The something is DRUGS! Big time!


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Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!

Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s buddy orchestrated what happened to Toni.

She was NOT drunk or high on cocaine. She was DRUGGED either at Chrome or by May/Hopkins. May is documented to be there at the QT in his RED CADILLAC, So are at least 3 NKCP SUV’s and not by coincidence! They ALL were there to make sure Toni was no longer a liability to their “network”…Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and especially FBI boy Major Kevin Freeman who was a major player in all of this and they all knew May and worked with him to deal with Toni Anderson.

Alonzo Washington/KC Crime Fighter knows this. KCPD cops know this. The FBI knows this. Comey knew this. This is why Forte “retired”…he knew this too as well as former FBI Special Agent in Charge in KC..Eric Jackson. THEY ALL KNEW THIS.

Rusty May somehow screwed up. He was told to “take care of YOUR problem” by his bosses and with the help of his “drug buddies” in the NKCPD…”they did”! Cash from one side of the Missouri River to the other to all the right “pockets” equals a cover-up of the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson.

Don’t worry folks…The Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page is working hard to protect May and NKCPD because the “admins” including Alissa Cordova know about May as does Mary Ward because it is HER FAMILY that is the NKCPD drug dealers and the ones guilty with May…including ALL THE ATTORNEY’S I HAVE NAMED!

End of story. No more needs to be said except THIS. Toni Anderson will ONLY get Justice when each of those involved in what happened to her and those protecting them meet God upon their DEATH and He then drop ships them into HELL!

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Here is THE COP who introduced THE BILL that was passed to protect CORRUPT MURDERING COPS! Guess where his district is? Say Platte County AND…direct connections to the FBI even! Say Ken Wilson!

A Kansas City-area Republican is sponsoring a bill that would set limits on when police camera footage is public record in Missouri.

The bill would block access to body camera recordings shot in homes, hospitals and schools unless the investigation is closed and someone in the video requests it.

“My biggest concern was footage that’s captured on a body camera when an officer is called to a situation inside someone’s home. That’s a privacy issue that’s protected by the Fourth Amendment,” said Rep. Ken Wilson, the bill’s sponsor. “Anything that’s out in the public, you have no expectation of privacy there, I mean everybody’s got a video camera on a phone anymore. I don’t really care about that. But in a home, I just think we have to be careful about something that’s in a home.”

Depending on age and circumstance, a family member, guardian or lawyer may also be able to obtain the footage. But they won’t be able to disclose its contents or post the video online without giving other civilians present in the footage time to file a court order to stop the disclosure.

Wilson, who is a retired police chief from Smithville, thinks some Missouri police departments are holding off on adopting body cameras out of concern.”

The next Podcast/Blog radio program with updates on the murder of Toni Anderson. Thursday night 9 central.

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This information about Toni Anderson has been submitted to Senate Judiciary Committee and Senator Grassley who is following my Twitter and this story as well as Congressman Gowdy who I contact and for 6 years was a federal prosecutorg since it is obvious by now the Kansas City office of the FBI has continues to NOT investigate the NKCP/KCPD collusion and cover-up of the murder of Toni Anderson at the hands of North Kansas City Police officers which makes the local FBI COMPLICIT in the cover-up and murder of Toni Anderson. (see below FBI CORRUPTION links).

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Independence Police Officer officer Timothy Runnels was sentenced Wednesday to 4 years in prison.



U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson.  “His use of excessive force violated both the public’s trust and his oath to uphold the law.  Police officers are not above the law and will be held accountable when they violate the civil rights of the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.”

“The defendant abused his authority as a law enforcement officer by depriving a minor of his constitutional rights and causing bodily harm,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta.  “While the majority of law enforcement safeguards our communities with fidelity, the department will continue to vigorously investigate and prosecute officers who violate their oath by using excessive force.”

I would say Toni Anderson’s civil rights were violated when she suffered extreme “bodily harm” say MURDER by the TWO domestic terrorists wearing the uniforms of a “domestic terrorist organization” DBA  North Kansas City Police Department.

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What we have here is in my opinion one of the most grievous and intentional cover-ups of the murder of a innocent human being and citizen of the United States of America which cover-up begins at the hands of TWO North Kansas City Police officers who murdered Toni Anderson and ends up on the desk of FBI Director James Comey!

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Me personally…I do believe in a God who will punish the murderers of innocents. I suggest anyone reading this scripture also read the information “Masonic Brotherhood Of Blue” and note that in “their oaths’ they swear to their “god” Lucifer and each other to protect one another no matter what crime they are guilty of including MURDER!

Almighty God (Isaiah 59:3-8) Condemning the Lucifer Worshipping “Masonic Brotherhood In Blue” Of The Murder of Toni Anderson and the curse placed upon the murderers and those complicit with in the cover-up of which curse will remain on their souls upon their death right into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where they will be with their father the Devil…”The Liar and Murderer From The Beginning”!

For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.

None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.

They hatch cockatrice’ eggs, and weave the spider’s web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.

Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands.

Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.

The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.

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Toni Anderson Found 3/10/2017   “No Foul Play” per KCPD. Truth is used again by KCPD when she is found dead in her car.

“AGAIN” is her being stopped by the SAME TWO North Kansas City Police Officers never to be heard from again! TWO OFFICERS is documented in a recording with a KCPD/NKCP dispatcher. At least TWO would be needed to subdue a target and worse…like moving a car quickly with her dead in it under the cover of darkness to a “dump her dead body in her care” safe place that only those guilty would know about.

It  should be MOST IMPORTANT to any and all that from the beginning when Toni was announced missing in the local KC media that IMMEDIATELY in concert the KCPD LIED and stated no Law Enforcement stopped Toni.

3 days later they went public saying NKCPD stopped her. The 3 days allowed them to prepare the script discussed below that is full of lies and contradictions.

The KCPD from the time Toni went missing to being found dead in her car has REFUSED to respond and release to the public, Pete Sanchez Sr. per “petition” signed by her friends the following requests using as an excuse over and over this case is still a “ongoing investigation” with the Missouri Sunshine Law as a “back up” which law was written and put into place by former cop and Missouri Representative Ken Wilson. “Birds of a feather flock together”…meaning this law was constructed by a fellow “Brother In Blue” to protect CRIMINAL COPS WHO MURDER! The use of the Missouri Sunshine Law from the beginning to the end as well as “this is an ongoing investigation” benefits only the GUILTY COPS involved in her disappearance and murder!

  1. Release dash cam recordings of the SUV with TWO officers from the time of the first stop though the end of their shift.
  2. Release THEIR GPS information which would identity their locations and time during their shift.
  3. Release their cell phone “ping tracking” information and phone calls during their shift and 72 hours after.
  4. Release any and all VIDEO recordings that they locked down including the Quick Trip.
  5. Give the TWO officers a independent polygraph test as well as nyy and all duty officers and supervisors including the NKCPD Chief a independent polygraph test.

Withholding that information is the reason that I believe without a doubt Toni Anderson was murdered by the TWO NKCPD officers who stopped her. All “suspects” have been cleared. No evidence of “foul play” leads me to believe there is only one source left to investigate for the FOUL PLAY that murdered Toni and put her in the Missouri River are the last known individuals that she said stopped her.

It needs to be pointed out that in the script prepared by KCPD full of lies included two important and necessary ones to establish a perspective leaving out totally NKCP involvement.

  1. KCPD lied about her cell phone going off right after leaving QT. Truth is her phone stayed “live” into the next day and the “ping” from the phone was found by an outside source to put her in the Parkville area where the search for her refocused. The KCPD knew this but LIED because they did not want that information to be known.
  2. It is on a independent video she was followed by the SAME NKCPD SUV that stopped her the first time which KCPD never acknowledged.

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                          Complicit in the murder of Toni Anderson NKCPD Chief Steve Beamer said nothing.

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”Revelation 21:8

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Toni’s car did not have an accident as some said. It was immediately towed away to prevent any media photos. The story that was released after 2 days of waiting to pull her out was that “She drove into the Missouri River while making a U turn while in a state of confusion and depression because she was “stopped again”

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Before you read what I share below, I ask you to  watch video and read what Sgt. Ben Caldwell of the Kansas City Police Department states as fact about what happened to Toni.  On the video NOT from the KCPD watch Toni leaving the Quick Trip being followed by THE SAME SUV that stopped her and then her text “OMG just just stopped again” the SECOND TIME never to be heard from again.

Caldwell is a pathological complicit in Toni’s murder “Brother in Blue” liar about her GPS, CELL PHONE and her “LAST TEXT” among other things. KCPD not only immediately upon announcing NKCPD stopped her (after 3 days of lying saying they didn’t) locked down all information about her GPS, CELL PHONE (lied about location of last ping/time of “deactivation) Quick Trip video and “others”.

She was found NOT by KCPD but by Team Watters Sonar a God sent company (KCPD lied about searching the SAME area). They immediately beguiled the Toni’s parents to start making “funeral arrangements” AKA No Foul Play, No Signs of Struggle, No Signs of Trauma, All Her Clothes On  (Just a bruise on knee that disconnected her GPS!) because KCPD wanted to eliminate the possibility of a second autopsy and of course CREMATION would do that which is what the Anderson’s did!

The Kansas City Police Department told FOX 4 they have not found evidence to suggest foul play was involved. (No Foul play was the official and never changing position of the KCPD about Toni. Remember they lied for 3 days stating no LE stopped her. Then after preparing their script…they said NKCPD cops stopped her. No foul play was also the last statement made when she was found AKA “no signs of trauma, physical struggle, clothes on…just a convenient bruise located exactly where Toni disengaged her GPS at the QT)

Toni’s father said the mounting evidence leaves little hope that his 20-year-old daughter will ever return home.

“They said based on clothing, from what we understand, they have encouraged us to begin making arrangements at this point.”

Cops Who Murder Innocents…Example NKCPD Cops

KCPD and the FBI are guilty of presenting false evidence

False evidence, fabricated evidence, forged evidence or tainted evidence is information created or obtained illegally, to sway the verdict in a court case. Falsified evidence could be created by either side in a case (including the police/prosecution in a criminal case), or by someone sympathetic to either side. Misleading by suppressing evidence can also be considered a form of false evidence (by omission), however, in some cases, suppressed evidence is excluded because it cannot be proved the accused was aware of the items found or of their location. The analysis of evidence (forensic evidence) may also be forged if the person doing the forensic work finds it easier to fabricate evidence and test results than to perform the actual work involved. Parallel construction is a form of false evidence in which the evidence is truthful but its origins are untruthfully described, at times in order to avoid evidence being excluded as inadmissible due to unlawful means of procurement such as an unlawful search.

Police corruption is a form of police misconduct in which law enforcement officers end up breaking their political contract and abuse their power for personal or departmental gain. This type of corruption can involve only one officer, or it can involve a group of officers in a coordinated effort. Internal police corruption is a challenge to public trust, cohesion of departmental policies, human rights and legal violations involving serious consequences. Police corruption can take many forms.

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Based upon new information made available etc…I periodically update this page. I may appear redundant but it is because of the time line. I ask for your patience and that you will not judge this information as being invalid or without merit because of my obvious weaknesses as a 70 year old former Marine.

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FBI Director James Comey’s Direct Involvement In The Cover-up The Murder of Toni Anderson

Yes…their can be corrupt, lying, raping, murdering and complicit in drug trafficking FBI Agents who in the case of Toni Anderson have followed the orders of their boss James Comey to “stand down” on her murder because she was murdered by TWO NKCPD COPS!

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Darlene Novinger Who I Interviewed 2 Times

Anyone heard of Darlene Novinger? Of course not but I interviewed her. Murdered by the FBI/CIA collective of criminals for exposing corruption within law enforcement and judicial branches at all levels. What got her murdered was when she refused to stay silent about George and Zeb Bush and their drug use.

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Does Vicki Weaver ring a bell? Innocent mother murdered

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Lon Horiuchi by FBI sniper …head shot…holding her baby in her arms! So covering up the murder of Toni Anderson is programmed in the FBI’s spiritual DNA.

UPDATED 3/26/2017 I have added to this page all the other blogs connected those who are involved in the cover-up of the MURDER of Toni Anderson plus a link to the autopsy commentary and a very important statement by Ton’s boyfriend Pete Sanchez Jr. who refused to believe the KCPD LIES!

Blogs with additional information connected to Toni Anderson being murdered etc.

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Toni Anderson’s boyfriend grieves her loss, casts skepticism on investigation into her disappearance

Also I have started a blog radio program.Radio programs about Toni Anderson

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Mother of Toni sharing lies told her by the cops.…search-in-area

PARKVILLE, MO (KCTV) – Toni Anderson’s body was found inside her car when it was pulled from the Missouri River, her mother confirmed to KCTV5 News on Sunday.
The family is still waiting on an autopsy to be completed, but the body in the car has been easily identified as that of Toni Anderson because of the condition the body was in.
The car was found on Wednesday, but could not be removed from the river until later because of a need for divers.
The car was three-quarters of the way filled with silt and the family was told that the car probably would not have been found if it had taken another week to find it. Anderson’s car was found behind Lincoln Navigator, the first car that was found in the river that day.

They believe Toni got turned around and frazzled after being pulled over by an officer and ended up in Parkville where she pulled into the park. There, she drove onto a boat launch that was icy and her car slid into the river. The window of the car was down and her seatbelt was off. Despite being a good swimmer, the water and current would have made it too difficult for her to escape the vehicle. All her belongings were found inside the car and she was fully clothed. She was not injured, outside of a bruise they think came from the GPS device in her car.

She will be cremated once the autopsy is finished, the family said, and they plan to hold a church service in Wichita.

Coverage about the discovery of her car in the Missouri River near Platte Landing Park is below.…138088153.html

I am sorry to say but I believe the KCPD has “coached the mother and father” of Toni Anderson. “CREMATIONS” are always “suggested” by the guilty so as to hide any and all evidence that would incriminate them…and Pete Sanchez Sr. has asked for a second autopsy for that very reason and unfortunately…what is being said by Toni’s father in mother are almost “word for word” from the script KCPD has written from the beginning and shared to protect those guilty among their own who I believe murdered their beloved daughter.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,

First my heart felt condolences over the loss of your beloved daughter.

I have to say this…in all respect…that you are believing liars who I believe are complicit in what happened to Toni and who don’t want you to know the truth. They have lied to you from the very beginning taking almost 3 days to come clean that THEY were the ones that stopped Toni the first time and she said OH MY GOD…JUST JUST STOPPED AGAIN! Was she lying…making that up only to never be heard from again by you, friends and the man she loved…Pete Sanchez Jr.?

They have continuously lied to protect the guilty in their ranks by refusing to share dash cam info etc. etc. (See below in blog) using the “protect guilty of crimes by police” Missouri Sunshine Law…with no releasing of any information about those officers…yes…TWO AS STATED BY A KCPD DISPATCHER to a friend of Toni’s who recorded that conversation when she called and asked that question. KCPD has hidden this information from you, the media and the public…say LIED! Two officers can do what ONE CAN’T!

And now…timing wise of two months from her disappearance…to her being found dead in her car…that dash cam video Pete Sanchez Sr. and son petitioned for might “no longer exist”!

KCPD is now saying Toni’s body showed NO SIGN OF A STRUGGLE, TRAUMA and of course NO FOUL PLAY …oh really? Is that a “Freudian slip”? Or are they making sure that you, the media, her friends and the public believe their lies?

But they did say…their was a “bruise” on her knee which just happened to be exactly where her knee hit and deactivated the GPS unit in her car….this according to their waiting THREE DAYS PLAN attributing  to Toni their planned scenario of her hitting and disconnecting her GPS with her bruised knee at QT but made sure the QT video was not made viewable to the public from then to this day using the Missouri Sunshine Law reason “still an open investigation” LIE to protect THEM!

And of course…by coincidence but for them needed…that Toni’s phone went dead right after her last “still alive” text. And they did not release the PARKVILLE PING info because that came from another source. They said her phone went dead right after she left Quick Trip. Are you going to believe these planners of deception and lies right up to her “NO FOUL PLAY” ending?

Of course they are going to say making U TURN and she ending up in a area she has never been to before, in the dark in her car with an open window and that her slid into the Missouri River and I ask…”HOW FAST” did it slide given the grade and angle….5 mph…10…50?

No way she did not have time to jump out. There was not even a “bruise” on her head from being knocked out if she tried…NOT ONE MARK except on her knee and everything she owned so neatly placed in her car…not moved…not missing out the “open window” and Toni not wearing a seat belt. The open window was needed to SINK the car.

They were on a darkness to daylight time-line…hoping no one would see this. THAT IS WHY 2 OFFICERS WERE INVOLVED…NOT JUST ONE AS REPORTED BY KCPD! One officer could not of done this alone! They may have even had help.

Get ready for the KCPD “toxicology report” which may be another spin used by them to say that your daughter was a drug user or drunk and therefore she was therefore incapacitated and unable to get out of her car and/or that she was at the the park for a drug meet up with someone she never met.

How NOT convenient for Team Watters Sonar Search and Recovery to find Toni in 2 hours upon arrival.  I believe KCPD lied when they said they searched the same spot and did not find her. I believe they did not search the same spot.

Thank God for Team Watters Sonar for exposing the cover-up of KCPD for had it not been for them…you NEVER would of found your daughter.

The KCPD “Blue Line” of the Brotherhood exists to protect the guilty of one another within their ranks. They swear to their “god” to lie in any and all cases including MURDER! It is called the Fraternal Order of the Brotherhood of Lucifer…who is the liar and murderer from the beginning and those guilty of murder who believe the “Liar and Murderer” from the beginning believing that they can get away with murder in the realms of time just as did Cain when he believed the lie that he could murder his brother and get away with it.

Toni knows what happened and why and by who and yes as she now resides in the presence of God healed and knowing that she and you will see her again. But for the guilty…her blood is crying out from the ground for justice and for the guilty….know this…the justice of Almighty God will claim YOU upon “your death” as being responsible for her MURDER when YOU enter the realms of eternity and that is written in the words of the Eternal Judge of All…Jesus Christ. He calls your punishment “The Lake and Fire and Brimstone” where YOU will be with your father the Devil.

Again Mr. and Mrs. Anderson…my sincere heart felt condolences.

One last thing…why have you not asked for an outside investigation instead of believing those who have controlled every piece of information about what happened to your daughter BY THEM? And the dash cams, GPS info and a POLYGRAPH test for the TWO officers?

Richard Boyden.

And here we have the main KCPD media Kansas City TV TROLL JOSH HELMUTH who feared asking the most important questions from the very beginning…and still won’t now because he has to do what he must in order to keep his job…kind of like those in Nazi Germany who said nothing while smoke and ashes engulfed their communities…

Liz Anderson sent me the following message last night. Did not want me to report until now. Says Toni Anderson died in car accident.


The Anderson family statement that was fed to them by the murderers or their daughter

See comments at bottom of page from very insightful and intelligent sceptics and friends of Toni Anderson…tearing to pieces the “criminal logic” of the organization that has lied and perverted the truth from the very beginning about their complicity in what happened to Toni Anderson…NOT an accident or suicide by the way…say MURDER.

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INTRODUCTION: From the beginning KCPD has said Toni Anderson was just a “missing person and no foul play”. Now that she has been found…and BEFORE the autopsy…they are still saying “NO FOUL PLAY”! Only those in control of all of her tracking information and any and all cams.videos police and private (including Toni being stopped 2 times) either refuse to release or have privately lied about, withheld and or “snuffed” using the Missouri Sunshine Law (created to protect and hide criminal cops like these) would continue to say NO FOUL PLAY! KCPD controls all Information about her her body found in her car, the autopsy, her car (which was towed rather then put on a “flat bed” etc. which I discuss below, would continue to say “No Foul Play” because until proven otherwise…I say THEY ARE THE FOUL PLAY and the FBI is in full agreement AND IF I AM WRONG…THEN GOD WILL BE MY JUDGE but for now…no way am I going to believe the KCPD “coached lies”


Related image   Image result for timeline toni anderson missing

When I saw the news about Toni’s car being found…my soul wept uncontrollable tears with cries I know were heard by Toni, the hosts of heaven and Almighty God. I could feel her presence and her love for all of YOU who love her and especially her mother and father who have endured this LE planned and orchestrated premeditated fiasco of lies and diversions including and with the complicity of the FBI that has protected the guilty of those who took the life of their only daughter.

I took it upon myself to call the KCPD detective about Toni missing and stated to him that there was an individual on her FB page that might be looked at as a person of interest. I was immediately informed by that detective that a police officer had in fact stopped her. He would not tell me which department. I then called each TV station and told them and only “Nick” from KCTV5 not only laughed at me but hung up on me!

I contacted Josh Helmuth from from KSHB 41 Action news and shared with him what I felt in my gut might have happened to her and by who. I also was informed by one of Toni’s very good and close friends that she had called and recorded a conversation with a KCPD dispatcher who told her that TWO OFFICERS were involved in the “first stop” and not one as KCPD has said over and over to the media and public.

I called again and asked other questions including the “dash cam” of the officers being released and they said no because this is an open investigation i.e. “missing person and no foul play”. Later a “petition” was submitted to the Gladstone City Hall office by Pete Sanchez and then to the NKCPD demanding the “dash cams” of the officers in the SUV that was involved in the first stop and NKCPD refused then and still does to release those dash cam videos using the “Missouri Sunshine Law” to protect them and hide any and all information that might point to them as being responsible for stopping her…not just once…but two times per Toni’s text. The cam information should also include the complete “shift time” dash cam recordings of that one NKCPD unit. It is not known nor has it been released if those officers called their stop of Toni into the dispatcher.

One thing for sure…NKCPD and KCPD lied for 3 days about whether or not any KCPD officers stopped Toni Anderson.

Here is one the primary KCPD liar and “spin master of “… Kansas City Police Sgt. Benjamin Caldwell…who has made sure every possible angle and individual that might have had something to do with what happened to Toni and never mentions that there were TWO officers involved by saying “”the officer” involved was “questioned and cleared. Notice how he DIVERTS attention from the “OMG I am being stopped again…”!.

Expert and propaganda KCPD expert Sgt. Benjamin Caldwell.

“She got into her car and somehow the GPS tracking device became disconnected,” said Caldwell.


Police don’t know if it simply malfunctioned, if Toni possibly disabled it herself, or if somebody else may have done it when she went to the cashier to pay for the gas.

“But I do know that when she started her car the GPS is no longer transmitting on her car,” said Sgt. Caldwell.

Sgt. Caldwell says phone records and this surveillance tape would ultimately show that Toni was still at the gas station when she sent the text. He says he doesn’t believe Toni Anderson was pulled over a second time. He says Toni’s text saying she was being pulled over again referred to the fact she’d been stopped by cops on several occasions prior to that night.

“Contextually speaking, Toni had a history of getting traffic tickets and getting pulled over by police officers,” said Sgt. Caldwell.


It is also important to note that Caldwell in the interview failed to say “where” Toni was to meet her friend  per the interview with him!

Oh was near the boat dock on the Missouri River near Parkville!


Image result for timeline toni anderson missing

I firmly believed from the time they announced their involvement to this day…that they were involved in and are therefore guilty directly and or with “help” in the stopping and abducting of Toni and subsequently murdering her. I will forever believe this until evidence proves otherwise and in spite of the attacks I have been targeted with when I shared what my gut said…calling it “propaganda” and worse.

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I believe that the KCPD was caught off guard when she was found as noted in the interview . They had publicly announced over and over that they had searched the VERY SPOT she was found by plane, patrols, air and WATER SONAR! In a KCTV5 interview…the female version of KCPD’s Goebbels to replace Darin Snapp…Capt. Stacy Graves in so many words tried to make it sound like KCPD was responsible for bringing in Team Watters Sonar Search and Recovery. Another LIE!

Team Watters Sonar Search and Recovery

Team Watters Sonar was contacted by Mr. Anderson asking if we would be interested in coming to KC, MO to help look for his missing daughter Toni Anderson. we said yes we would be more than happy to help him out but we had to have approval from the Law Enforcement. Upon getting approval from LE we immediately loaded up and left for KC. After arriving in town we began using our side scan sonar and we are sad to report that we located MS Anderson’s vehicle. Remains were found inside the vehicle and they are pending positive ID.

Team Watters would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to Toni’s family and friends,
Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time.
Team Watters would like to Thank KCPD and all the agencies that help in this recovery.
A special Thank You to the Missouri Highway Patrol Dive Team who worked tirelessly for us to recover MS Andersons vehicle from the water.

KCPD was only INFORMED that this company was going to search the SAME EXACT AREA KCPD Graves had said KCPD “searched tirelessly” by land, water, air and SONAR. It was Toni’s father who hired this company.

My take on this…is that KCPD knew exactly where Toni’s car was from the beginning because “their own” were involved in what happened to Toni…and that they did their best to make sure she and her car would not be found. Keep in mind…only those who knew this area knew where a good place to hide a car would be with the limited time-line” for her car to get to where it did and as KCPD said earlier…”Toni was unfamiliar with the area”. There is a question as to whether or not her car was “placed” near the boat ramp “later” but Graves said “no” which means that it could of been. That is why KCPD having control of the car now allows them to “fix the facts” as to when it entered the water.

If Toni and her car were placed in the river within a hour or two at the most before daylight…then we are NOT talking about a lot of time for the perps…say SHIFT TIME AND DARKNESS! If Toni was driving around as some have said and in a area she was not familiar with for “how long” according to the KCPD trolls…she would have been seen during “daylight” by someone given this area is frequented by runners and “dog owners”…think about that because the COPS DID.

Not one sighting of Ton’s car after her LAST TEXT! NCKPD officers or their “friends” had to be QUICK…AKA…Where can they get rid of her and her car…THE BOAT RAMP! Remember that NKCPD cops DO KNOW the area…even if they officially don’t patrol it.

From the time Toni was “missing / no foul play”  KCPD public announcements have not changed including after finding her car. Simultaneously KCPD has also synchronized their official position with their continual REFUSAL to release any and all information about the TWO OFFICERS who stopped her and this being documented in a RECORDED BY ONE OF HER FRIENDS WITH A KCPD DISPATCHER during which the dispatcher confirmed that the “one officer” scenario is a LIE by NKCPD/KCPD. This would make sense given it would take “TWO OFFICERS” to subdue her and move her car from “2d stop” to where they took her and car to be pushed in the river.

Not only that…in most any and all missing persons cases…most ALL LE involved IMMEDIATELY release any and all information about the missing person…cams…suspects…etc etc etc…but NOT with the case of Toni Anderson and KCPD! Not one piece of information have they released. The “ping information” did not come from KCPD/NKCPD which ping information allowed for Toni and her car to be found!

Image result for timeline toni anderson missing

Another “spin” that KCPD might officially release is that Toni had an accident after she left QT. If you look at Toni’s car…it shows no damage from a “accident”that could of resulted from slipping off Hwy 9 on a icy roads…as one KCPD troll said. It can be said though…that from that so called accident area of where Toni’s car went into the river…that for sure…it could not and did not flow “backwards” against the current from “place of accident” theory to the boat ramp area where found.

It is obvious that the damage to her car is not the result of an accident but from pulling it UPSIDE down out of the Missouri river over rocks and or getting her body removed…say the broken glass and wind shield and dented door and roof. There is no front end damage and even the drivers side mirror is intact when if her car rolled in a hypothetical accident…that would be damaged or gone.

Image result for timeline toni anderson missing

In all of the “theories” of what happened to Toni…there has been a concerted effort by the media and the police to ignore,  denigrate, misinterpret and outright deny what Tony texted about being stopped AGAIN AFTER SHE WAS STOPPED THE FIRST TIME.

This is why immediately KCPD put a lock down on QT video cam so as to hide this fact about NKCPD officers following Toni out of QT. This information came from a video cam from a business across the street from QT. QT told me that KCPD had “legally” stopped QT from releasing their video to family or the media.

KCPD also put a lock down on her GPS. The insurance company could not release any information about when this happened or possibly where and I believe KCPD LIED when they implied that “Toni did it” when they said it happened at QT!

KCPD also “locked down” the cell phone PING INFO from the beginning too…keep that in mind…the very same KCPD/NKCPD who said they had no knowledge of her being stopped for 3 days.

The latest TROLL PIMPED LIE is that Toni herself “unplugged” her GPS herself AT QT!…that she intentionally took the time to open the panel in her car to disengage it or did it later…as if she had this plan kill herself or to vanish out of thin air and according to some…take the thousands in collected “go fund money” with her boyfriend Pete Sanchez Jr. and move elsewhere…or the “parents” were crooks working with Toni…or that she had a “sugar daddy” according to some Planet of the Apes Phd  in crime solving…and the endless “trash talk” of others like TransToniKC who is suffering from a “sexual identity crisis” and lives in his mothers basement watching “androgynous” porn for self medication and self administered therapy. Sorry…just had to vent and clear up the “propaganda” of others about Toni…right Mr. Senior?

It is contradictory to the “KCPD trolls/suicide pimpers” (See Below) that Toni’s cell phone remained on while her GPS was turned off if  she did not want to be “found/tracked”. Her leaving her phone on is not a smart move if one is suicidal and does not want to be found by ANYONE!

My take on the phone is that Toni in the physical confrontation with her murderers “ran” and or lost it or it was left on because she was able to throw it and it wasn’t found by her attackers. And because it was still on…the PINGING of her phone was instrumental in getting a proximate location where she was at when she was murdered and her car pushed in the river.Just remember…there is LIMITED TIME to do what they did to Toni Anderson…say SHIFT TIME and DARKNESS! The car and Toni had to disappear quickly.

Lets talk about NKCPD dash cams. No dash cams of the first stop or their “on duty dash cam records” released. There is a record of all dash cam activity including “turning off” the cams. Also there may be body cams if a part of their department. Both should be released.

In talking with FORD…and noticing when I was on one search effort for Toni…the NKCPD has the latest LE SUV’s which according to the Ford Rep…have installed the latest sophisticated “GPS tracking information” that identifies and locates and is on record of where ANY vehicle is at any time during any shift. Releasing this information would accurately identify the location of where those TWO OFFICERS in the one SUV were at.

Also…the QT cam video would/could possibly show how or who “disabled” her GPS unit at this most convenient time if a “stranger” reached in and did that. Note though…that in the beginning of her “missing” that LE said they would not release her GPS LOCATION INFO but later…it was “disabled” for some strange reason. (Kind of like “she appeared lost”…needed directions to the QT which was a LIE.


Now the “Damage Control” for the murderers of Toni Anderson…I would like to introduce you to the LingDetectiveTroll COP AKA  “AceDetective” spawning LIES about Toni having a “mental condition” and that “they” said she was driving around all over…

Read these “spins” about Toni which include “accident and suicide” which obviously lets the NKCPD off the hook. They came off of THIS SITE.


I made this map of the search area after watching the special. When the detective was asked where the last ping was, he said “9 Highway Corrider.” Note, however, that it appears she turns off 9 Highway, staying as close as possible to the river. There are some roads that head toward the river, and I suspect she explored a few of them.

We were told she just seemed to be driving around. Looking at the search area, it really looks like she drove back and forth trying to find a way down to the river. Not sure why she drove past the parks at first, though. Why else would the search area look this way? She must have driven those highways (9-Highway and NW River Road).”

Current direction makes it impossible for her car to float “against it”..

Another CopTroll “Pokey” pimping cover NKCPD lies!

Quote Originally Posted by heartgoesout View Post

Per the pictures Pokey posted, Pokey confirmed that he/she believe the accident happened on Rt 9 (see her exact picture) and floated against the current of the Missouri river and ended up where they found it today. I asked the precise question and it was confidently answered.

Respectfully, I don’t not believe a car can float any distance against a current.

AND THE “TONI SUFFERED FROM A MENTAL PROBLEM” which could very well be the “official position according to AceDetective

AceDetective is offlineRegistered User Join Date Jul 2016 Posts 676

Quote Originally Posted by AceDetectiveView Post
Perhaps I’ll do a full write up tonight, but here’s a wild theory that explains everything: Perhaps Toni was experiencing a personal crisis and wanted to drive into the river. It would explain the seemingly semi-random driving. It would explain the apparent trip down 26th toward the river. And two parks just south of Parkville have boat ramps. The only difficulty with this theory is that she would have had to have tossed the phone at some point, because it wouldn’t work under water.

Well, I have to say, I kinda gave up this forum in part because I was the only person who felt this was a psych issue. It is amazing to me all the theories that just aren’t backed up by the facts. This was a psych issue.

She drove there on purpose. It is so obvious. After watching the Rick Hansen special, and seeing the search area, I became absolutely convinced that she drove into the water. Look at the search area. It’s like she’s trying to access the water. I totally believe she went down W 26 to try get to the river. It makes no sense with the highway there, but it is really the only reason I can think of for her to be there.

And now we have this.

I’m including my quote, because we now know the likely answer to the “difficulty.” She apparently drove back and forth for some time before finally finding her way down to the river.

Possibly schizophrenia.”

This makes sense when you take the 3 days to come clean…hide all information that could help locate a “missing woman…no foul play” using the SUNSHINE LAW to protect your involvement in her murder. Just fabricate a it suicide…end of story!

Wow. It sure seems people can interpret things differently…

I so no collision damage to that vehicle whatsoever. The front bumper is intact. It was rolled into the water, or driven in at low speed. When a vehicle first goes into the water, it floats. It is like a leaky boat. Eventually it sinks and ended up where it was. It is pulled out of the water upside down, so it looks like the current turned it over. Damage to the vehicle is because it was upside down.

It is my opinion that the vehicle was purposely driven into the water at low speed. I am 100% convinced this was a suicide.”


Confirmation Tony was followed by the same NKCPD officer. In the link in blue…a Sgt. Maxwell presents the LIES of KCPD in detail.

Kansas City woman vanishes after early-morning traffic stop; phone, GPS deactivated

And as Toni leaves the gas station in video to get back on the highway known as the Route 9 Corridor, you can see the cop who’d pulled her over continue to follow her until she is out of view of surveillance camera.

As for the upcoming autopsy report…I believe that it will be an extension of the “NO FOUL PLAY” official version of what happened to Toni…which means…Toni did not die as a result of a “homicide” and her cause of death will be attributed to “natural causes”…drowning…or even “suicide” given that is the latest spin by KCPD trollers who are spinning this LIE…that Toni had mental problems…and that she drowned as a result of “killing herself”.

ANDDDDD interestingly enough… there are others who agree with the KILLER COPS possibility…and I say PROBABILITY!



Our PD vehicles were upgraded about 5 years ago to have the GPS integrated into vehicle. It depends on how old the departments radio’s and equipment are. They had dashcam at illegal lane change made by Toni, it would be recorded. But, if he did not call it in, or flip the lights there is a chance that moment may not be retrievable by now as it has been such a long period of time. I do not know anyone at that department to verify equipment but I do have a good friend in Lenexa at PD I can ask. The Police department does not have to release dash cam video and won’t from what Other officers at different PD’s have said. My gut has always said that this had to do with the people (dealer) she was supposed to meet up with. I really feel like your CI scenario or her meet up went sideways somehow. If this officer is / was a suspect at all, they would have another agency take over the investigation and he would have been placed on admin leave during this investigation. It would have been all over the news. I’m still not completely disregarding this theory by any means, just stating what would have happened if he were in question at all by dept. Also, I would think if they have dash cam they would have very up to date equipment in their vehicles. I haven’t seen their equipment, that is an assumption based upon dash cam, and area. Thx

Thank you for saying this. I don’t know who originally brought up the CI/Snitch angle, and I remember being skeptical at first, but then after researching thought it fit in more ways than anything… including an accident. Mostly because of all the sketchiness by LE and everyone around the case. It felt to me as if everyone was being deceptive and they all had different motives for that possibly

I think it’s horrible if dashcam footage is not something that sticks around for at least 6 months. I agree that there should be a good reason to view it, but imo, this is the exact type of situation where it would seem to be useful to dispel rumors etc. thus… I believe there is deception at play.

So am I correct that with the GPS integrated vehicle, there would be record of their whereabouts at any given time during their shift? Do you know how detailed the data is and how long that is stored?

Pete Sr has asked Toni’s parents to request a second autopsy and many from the Facebook group are willing to pay for it.

They also made the great point that the boat launch is very long, at an odd angle, and has the rumble stripping on it which would prevent sliding. So her sliding down the boat ramp while trying to do a u-turn when there is a parking lot right around the corner just doesn’t seem plausible to me.

I found this article regarding the KCMO Coroner’s Office. It was common knowledge when I lived there that if a death did not SCREAM homicide it was determined to be anything else…or undetermined.


“After deputies found a young woman dead in her van with a trash bag over her head, the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office called the death a suicide.
Ten days later, a man confessed to killing her.
After bicyclists spotted a woman’s half-naked, bleach-covered body along a Northland road with a red mark across her neck, the medical examiner’s office ruled the death an overdose.”

Read more here:…#storylink=cpy…protocols.html

sophie taylor is offlineRegistered User Join DateJan 2017

This case could not be not anything other than suicide or homicide. I feel the accident conclusion is a gift to the parents who can live with a comfortable falsehood. They could never in a million years accurately conclude this an accident so quickly. It’s impossible.

-All video footage should be demanded in order to make sure the cop or third/mystery car did not follow Toni.

The footage being described is Toni leaving the traffic stop, not the gas station. This is apparently a slight of hand. A subliminal message, if you will.

All three cars turn right, (which is south) a direction she could not possibly have gone according to Police saying she went to the QT immediately after. Her turning south is also consistent with where she told the officer she intended to go.

-The big problem is she failed to drive directly (east) across the street to fill her tank.

-The cop car applies its brakes as Toni pulls away, but we don’t know about the mystery car. If that car followed Toni, then foul play is likely involved. THE ACTION BEGINS AROUND 3:15.

-The cops, media, and anyone interested in this case can only ignore these facts. It is a catch 22. She didn’t go to the gas station and didn’t drive north after the traffic stop.

-Toni, only could have gotten gas before the traffic stop that we see, which could suggest she was stopped before 4:33.

Quote Originally Posted by Jewels53View Post

Body in Missouri River was missing Toni Anderson, mother says police told her

Liz Anderson said the body was identified from clothing Toni Anderson was last seen wearing.

“There was no foul play, “Anderson said. “I’m so grateful for that.

Read more here:…#storylink=cpy

I feel for her for losing her daughter, but doesnt she flip flop on what happened to her daughter? does the police or some have her ear, so to speak? i would have wanted to wait until the autopsy was finished and then i would have one done by an outsider.

Quote Originally Posted by VictoriaHView Post
Except for the fact that person is STILL out there.
And you’re right, we probably won’t.

I agree with you . I have a gut feeling there is more to it and too political for us to know. If they were stating she was driving at a high speed, lost control and plunged into the lake I could accept that. Turning into a boat launch without any connection we know of and submerging and drowning… nope. I am an experienced kayaker, sailor and have launched many of boats. Launches don’t drop that quickly. There are small schools of fish reported around the launch on the fishing site ( that is not loading). It’s not a deep launch…

If launches were easily mistaken as a road there would be a “whole lotta” drunk fisherman at the bottom of many lakes!

I’ll just say this. This is one of the only cases I can recall where the details from LE (or someone) about the case seemed to change as realities were exposed.

1. She didn’t get pulled over — scrutiny and cell phone proof — ok, she got pulled over, we were unaware.
2. She got pulled over at 9:40 — bank information from family gives concrete time for her at QT — ok, she got pulled over at 4:25 — our bad…
3. Her phone was disconnected at 9:30 pm – car is found submerged and it becomes obvious it could only be active if not in that car — err.. 9:30pm disconnection time was bad information all along.

How were her belongings in her car with the window down? The didn’t float out???

Exactly my thoughts. Why would she have her window down when it was so cold in the middle of the night? Also, how could the body and belongings remain in the vehicle when fully submerged in water? Also, if the current of the water was enough to have possibly moved the car along somewhat, how would her possessions remain in the vehicle? This is all so unbelievable.

Quote Originally Posted by perfectingpinkView Post
Why was her window down? Why didn’t she at least try to exit the car through the open window? Why would her mother think Toni was freaked out after getting pulled over? I would think that interaction was the least stressful of any of her previous interactions with LE.

Unless she there was enough impact to injure her (and thus deploy the airbag), I just don’t understand how she didn’t have time to get out of the car. Regardless of whether she went in front or back end first. The car didn’t sink in 10 seconds.

Yeah I don’t understand either how a bruise was mentioned but body had to be identified by the clothing.

“The family is still waiting on an autopsy to be completed, but the body in the car has been easily identified as that of Toni Anderson because of the condition the body was in.”…search-in-area

All sounds fishy to me. JMHo. Moo and all that. Bruise on her knee?????

eta:  She was not injured

Ashley Arnold‏ @AshleyKCTV5

At this time, they believe Toni got turned around and ended up at the park, was on the [icy] boat launch and slid into the water @KCTV5

It still seems extremely unlikely that she just got “turned around.” Getting onto that boat launch would take a very deliberate effort. Who on earth would make a hairpin turn down a hill toward a river on purpose when there were other much clearer, less treacherous options for turning around within feet? I don’t buy it for a minute. And that park doesn’t seem to be the kind of place you would just happen to stumble upon. Who would go so far off of a well-marked highway into the dark if they had become lost? Do you think we will ever learn why she was north/northwest of the city that night in the first place?

Plus, the car window was open which I would think would negate some of the preservation of the cabin. Also I’m surprised that with an open window + unbuckled, they found the remains in the car as opposed to separate. Not a ME either but I wonder if these signs point to that she was submerged more recently.

Why was her window down? Why didn’t she at least try to exit the car through the open window? Why would her mother think Toni was freaked out after getting pulled over? I would think that interaction was the least stressful of any of her previous interactions with LE.

yes open window plus seatbelt off makes me scratch my head at her still being in the car.

Taking a moment to think about this and Liz’s statements. I too find this hard to believe. I am not sure why I can’t just let this explanation finalize this for me. I see where her mother is coming from. I just don’t think Toni entered that park on accident. Especially after looking at the people and comments on the River’s FB page. That would be one hell of a coincidence.

Sorry but LE has not released a statement yet. Autopsy so fast? Window open, no seatbelt, all her belongings? I’m not buying it.


Because of my work exposing the murderers of Toni Anderson among other women as well as rapists and pedophiles…there are those who have gone out of their way to discredit my work by jacketing me with lies.

One such animated and owned by Satan himself soul is William R. Bunting who has family members in prison who raped/sexually molested children. Bunting as a consummate pathological lying Satanist about me and states emphatically that not only do women deserve to be raped by his hero’s such as Bill Cosby but they should ask for more when being raped! He calls them the “C” word and sent me texts that women like Toni Anderson deserve to be murdered.

For over a year he and my x-wife have cyber stalked me as well as targeted me with death threats along with those of their friends they align themselves with who I have documented as murderers, rapists and pedophiles. Bunting and wife Karen Sue Bunting do not want the truth about what happened to Toni Anderson to be known.

Just felt led to give everyone a heads up as he started a new “William R. Bunting” Facebook account for the purpose of continuing to discredit and denigrate  me on behalf of the NKCPD, KCPD and the FBI who he represents. Thank you. Richard Boyden 3/24.2017

107 thoughts on “Toni Anderson Murdered By TWO Rogue North Kansas City Police Department Officers

  1. I believe something is too fishy as well. Its kinda scary as i live & work in nkc. I used to go to park university which is across from the park & river went there regularly to study it does not make sense nor add up. I believe & hope & pray mr & mrs Anderson get another autopsy & not in KC. she does not need to be cremated. This just breaks my heart & i honesty feel all these things the police are saying is garbage it makes me sick. Her parents need honest answers i dont see how they think any of this makes since. Such a beautiful young girl gone too soon. Please if u speak to her parents tell them to get another in depth autopsy done. My gut from the beginning is exactly how u feel & it breaks my heart. I pray for her family. The truth needs to come out & whatever they did to her needs to be revealed. RIP beautiful Toni! You are with the Lord now & away from all this evil. 😭😓


    1. Thank you so much Carey. I agree with you and my heart is heavy too. The cops are liars but…Toni’s parents have been “instructed” not to talk to the PUBLIC…just them and they have done a good job of beguiling them with their LIES. Even some of her some of her friends won’t share anything with folks like me.

      Her boyfriends father Pete Sanchez called my information when I first met him “propaganda” 🙂 I am doing this as led by Toni’s spirit and with God’s inspiration and for no other reason. The evils of those guilty I know I am exposing and God is helping me do just that. He has no mercy for evil men like these and there is a HELL awaiting them for what they did to To…say MURDERED!

      God bless you Carey for you good and loving compassionate heart!


      1. You all make valid points. But I’m married to a sheriff deputy and they keep stuff close to the vest when dealing with murder etc. they probably are waiting for more evidence so they have a slam dunk case. If it was the cops who did it the department are going to want to get their ducks in a row before making an arrest that way they don’t flee. It hits close to home I have a daughter who is 21. But I would want whoever did this to be PUNISHED to the extreme. But if there are holes in the case they could walk.


        1. I hope there are men like your husband in KCPD NKCPD and FBI who think like him and will do something rather then remain equally guilty as the murderers in their collective collusion of silence per MASONIC OATH! As for the women in law enforcement…they who know should be the first to blow the whistle but obviously they are being pimped by satan the liar and murderer from the beginning. Time will tell…BUT SO WILL ETERNITY! SAY HELL!


    2. After reading this entire document, the re-reading it in its entirety, It is my conclusion that A: I could careless people die every day under curious circumstances with no explanation as to how or why. I am sorry that the Anderson’s lost a daughter, like I lost mine when she was only 27 and the police did nothing this was in California in 2013. Secondly you strike me as a person who sees a conspiracy behind everything. This case strikes me as sloppy police work in the beginning, the middle and the end. No murder conspiracy, just lousy police work from a bunch of people who could care less. Thirdly it seems that you need to re-read your article and edit it again because of the misspelled words to begin with. Fourth, while your theory is interesting to say the least, you have no facts other than suppositions and accusations, no facts. Fifth, if the Anderson’s were really concerned that there was misbehavior on the part of the police, they could go to the State Highway Patrol or even the Feds for assistance which they haven’t done. Cremation is a relatively inexpensive way to dispose of remains with the constant rising cost of funerals today. While it is also a good means to dispose of evidence, you haven’t presented enough facts to warrant a secondary investigation. I am not a police officer nor have I even considered being one. I am only saying that your theory is so full of holes that no judge would even touch it. If you were as a concerned individual as you claim you could request the investigation on your own, which you haven’t.


      1. I also have thought from the beginning the police were involved. I remember thinking…..why haven’t they said anything. Meaning showing dash cam, body cam. And if nothing else the “OMG I’m being pulled over again” even I didn’t take it as meaning “again tonight”.
        How do you get in a park when your on your way to meet friend in downtown KC? This park is 5 miles north of KC, if I remember right,I looked it up.


      2. I agree completely. I said from THE VERY FIRST TIME I HEARD THAT SHE TEXTED,OMG IM GETTING PULLED OVER AGAIN And then seeing the police SUV following her from Quik trip I didn’t realize there were 2 cops but I KNEW that’s who killed her.


      3. I agree with you, this is a theory making people believe as truth. We can not and should not know all the details of any investigation for obvious reasons, family will be updated with every detail but the public should not be. Cremation is also a good thing to do when a person as been in the water for too long, people truly dont understand what that will do to someone. Yes the water may have been cold but our weather has been up n down this whole winter so it wasnt consistently at frozen temperatures. Sometimes people pass and its easier to believe a conspiracy theory over what may have really happened, crazy things happen doesn’t always include foul play. I dont know if there was foul play or not but, This is so sad sorry for your loss and for Toni’s family too.


  2. well, hypothesis 1. if she met someone at that park,,things got out of control, she gets hurt/killed, you park her car right at the cliff edge,,then use your vehicle to slam into the side of hers, sending her down 20 feet(causing said damage) and into the water to . car flipps and rolls and there you go all the damage that is present


    1. Well Clifton…except for the fact the body of the car does not show those kind of dents etc. And the KCPD says her car “slid down the ramp”… read my update please. The windshield looks kicked in. Someone saw a close up of foot prints. If rolled…why are the side mirrors in tact?

      Thank you for caring about her Clifton. God bless.


      1. I have seen dozens of cars which have rolled over and the mirrors are still in tact. Read my previous comments and you will find that while you have an interesting theory, you have no facts to back up your supposition.


      1. Yes Annette but you have to remember who has had control of her body…and have withheld any and all information about helping find a Missing Toni…while failing to find her with their sonar etc…saying NO FOUL PLAY announced before the autopsy results….NO SIGN OF STRUGGLE OR TRAUMA… This is why they are or have to take the time to cover their asses with more fabricated lies as well as making sure there is NO SECOND AUTOPSY and pushing for CREMATION! Thank you Annette!


      2. My question exactly!! Window down….seat belt off….very experienced swimmer (parents comments) car at the edge of river? Sonar supposedly done. Apparently! Not by the boat ramp! BeCause that’s where car was found!
        Body would have floated out of car! Any personal items wouldn’t have stayed in car with window down. Why did they tow it instead of putting it on a flatbed? Any other time when there’s an investigation going on, and a car is involved they put it on a flat bed. Soooo, no ongoing investigation was in place, they the(PD)knew they had explained the situation away/ convinced the parents; Toni had just disappeared….Hummmm?🤔


  3. I believe whole heartedly that it was the police. I live in St.Joseph and just a few short weeks ago my nephew was shot and killed by an officer and the whole story the officer gave turned out to be all lies then we find out that this officer was once an officer in Kansas City and he was relieved of his duties there for wrongful death and ended up with a job in Saint Joseph Missouri inside the police station then finally got released to be a traffic officer and then my nephew gets shot and killed and there’s a whole bunch of lies behind the whole incident my nephew’s name was Jason Fanning and if you’re going to do a piece on this I would love if you would look up the information on Jason Fanning’s death and the police department in Saint Joseph Missouri it’s getting very scary to know that our law enforcement that supposed to serve and protect us as who’s killing us and getting away with it and they’re murderous actions are getting covered up by the police department how are we ever supposed to live and feel safe.


  4. Maybe the window was open because she got pulled over that second time, so she rolled down her window to hand her license/registration to the rogue policemen??


    1. Good insight Morgan. Thank you. That plus as one other reader said…roll down the window so the car would sink quicker as well as smash in the windshield. It was noted by another reader that they saw “footprints” on the hood of her car. Plus there was a “night time darkness time line to keep in mind. Only so much time to get rid of her and the car under the cover of darkness and for sure ONLY NKCPD rouge officers knew where the quickest, easiest and closet “spot” to make her “vanish in thin air” would be!


      1. Richard, this girl was not a stupid girl. She was living a life where she has to think safety 24/7. I had spoke to her before when going with a friend out to have a drink and look at beautiful girls. She was very sweet and friendly and not stupid. As a guy, I grew up going to the strip clubs for entertainment rather than a bar to just sit and drink. Chrome has turned into a very rough club, a lot of thugs, blacks and gang type guys. Not a fun club anymore, and now that I have a daughter I look completely differently at that business.


  5. This is not the first time this type of incident has happened my sister was murdered in 1990 and to this day I believe the police department was involved in can’t get any help or corporation from anyone


    1. My mom died in 1999. My stepfather who is a police officer was involved and it was a coverup by the police dept. case closed fast. Our private investigator has uncovered so many things yet we can’t get a case either. so So sorry this has happened to you too. I feel in Toni Anderson’s case, it’s so fishy and open and shut, as well. It just doesn’t add up.


  6. Makes me think maybe she wasnt conscious when the car was rolled into the river. Window was down to help it sink faster. If you hit your knee, it usually doesn’t bruise in less than an hour and you can’t bruise after death. Was she dressed provocatively? Did nkcpd assault her. Did they do a rape test? Was this a way of covering up a rape? I can understand her parents burying their heads in the sand, they are devastated, but do a second independent autopsy. When the shock wears off, you will see all the holes in the “evidence”. Cremation now will not allow for the truth to be discovered


    1. I agree Dee and thank you for your insights. There was another woman who’s daughter was assaulted by NKCPD officers last year. Good questions that point to the very answers you are implying. Thank you!


  7. Prayin for family and the devil cannot hide! Dark , evil will be brought to light because as a law of the universe… what goes around will come around


  8. Apparently we have a problem…a grandview cop raped and murdered a mother in Harrisonville and an ex girlfriends mother in Grandview. A resource officer for Harrisonville schools was forced to resign, the reasons have been kept from the public…him and other officers were involved in renting a house to take women to so they could get out of their tickets….he was then doing similar things in Harrisonville as a woman casually tried to make the same arrangement as she had with him with another officers…he was caught. In my opinion…. no evidence…. sounds like things got out of hand when they wanted their power favors and they killed her. Our new highschool resource officer cant patrol because of drinking on the job….again, info withheld from public….this cop, he is out for my kids. I wrote the highlights…obviously there is much to tell.


  9. I definitely agree with the writer that something isn’t right. There is definitely foul play. It’s sad her own parents haven’t gone to all measures to find out what really happened and showed no grieve as far as the two video’s I watched which was kinda a red flag to me. Sad how someone else who wasn’t involved in her life cares more than her own blood or anyone close to her.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. One thing I find odd is that her window was down. It’s mentioned that it was icy and cold numerous times but she had her window all the way down? Or does this correspond with what you were saying about how they had to rush and having the window down would allow water in faster and the car to sink quicker, or make it look like she was trying to escape.


  11. I know this area very well, and I know for a fact that no woman would go here by herself at this time in the dark, so the whole story sounds fishy to me, these cops probably frequent this chrome club, I wonder what the chances are that this chrome club has cameras inside of it, and if they do, are any of these cops in these videos.


  12. Another question would be, if this young lady was drunk or acted like she were on drugs, why was she not arrested, these police departments are a joke, I have a 13 year old grand daughter that is being repeatedly raped by a 33 year old man, but the Riverside, Mo.police department has dropped this case and are playing like it never happened, I’m basically at a dead end unless I handle the situation by myself.


  13. The police say there is footage showing the police car traveling in the opposite direction shortly after – therefore, that proves they couldn’t have had anything to do with her disappearance?? NOT THAT THEIR HIGH TECH GPS SYSTEM OR DASH CAMS RULED THEM OUT??? GIVE ME A FKN BREAK!!!! ITS 2017 FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!! IF IT WERE ONE OF THOSE POLICE OFFICERS THAT ENDED UP IN THAT RIVER, I AM POSITIVE, THEY WOULDN’T CHOOSE TO RELY ON NEARBY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE WITH THE UP TO DATE BS THEY HAVE NOW! But wait…. That stuff is there to protect THEM and prove THEIR innocence… Pretty convenient how quickly that went out the window when it comes to this young girl, if u ask me….. Rip Toni 😣


  14. I believe you’d hit the nail on the head! I say this as I went back thru google and YouTube and all Air footage of that day in parkville w both vehicles are gone. With the short version of Toni’s car. I’m wondering if the SUV is now in fact involved and upon me and others have questioned the light colored undamaged vehicle that was towed in front of the SUV on the flatbed yet was never brought up by law enforcement etc.
    I as a mother would never speak of closer before autopsy was done. I would be questioning everything from day one. I’ve been to the ramp and now realize it’s impossible to slid down it and she never seemed lost. Since the beginning of this I’ve felt Toni’s presence at armor and 35 to get on bond bridge as now believing their were two stops and this may be first one. I keep seeing her scream out for help. And I never noticed a mystery vehicle on video as it was a poor one but could that mystery vehicle be the SUV or other that was towed too?
    The big question is why was she abducted, murderd and at some point strategicly placed down that ramp and where she was found?
    Also in still pic side view of car in water there is no slash mark on driver back door but was as tow truck took it. Leads me to believe they did do damage to her car as possible more cover up.
    A second autopsy and all footage of not destroyed need to be released and FBI take over this case immediately!!


  15. I KNEW IT BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING this story and I see it doesn’t mentioned anymore about the police officer that pulled her over . Yes they know something


  16. I don’t think the boat ramp was used nothing goes up river I mean nothing would love for someone to show me the location




  18. Why did the North Kansas City Police Department initially deny that they had stopped Anderson, misleading her family and friends? The area has had reports of people impersonating law enforcement, complete with flashing lights on their vehicles, so there was concern that she had pulled over by an imposter. After the police admitted that they had pulled her over for an illegal lane change after 4:30 am, the officer let her go with a warning, since she said her car gas tank was on empty and pointed her in the direction of a gas station. Yet when the car was found in the river her window was down. She didn’t drive from the traffic stop/gas station with her window down in January. Furthermore why did her GPS unit stop working after she had contact with the police? I feel the police need to be completely honest about what happened to Anderson, because there are too many coincidences and unanswered questions. My heart goes out to her parents because it’s easier to believe that your precious daughter died in an accident, rather than admitting that the police murdered her. It’s odd that the company her Dad hired to help search, found 2 vehicles, in an area that the police said they had searched and nothing was located. The cops need to release any and all info they have on Anderson, instead of trying to help cover up for their brother in blue.




  20. I too am baffled at the events of this poor young woman’s last night. I know the area quite well as I work in NKC and live in Parkville. I don’t get how she was so “lost” when if she followed highway 9 all the way into Parkville, she would have passed two freeway entrances (169 hiway and 635 interstate). The fact that the GPS was disconnected is quite disturbing too.

    I do know that the wind shield was kicked in by the rescuers. That could explain the footprints on the car.


  21. You said that the officers from NKCPD knew the area that her car was found because they patrolled the area. That is incorrect. That is Parkville jurisdiction, and only Parkville PD and Platte County Sheriff patrol that area. After that screw up, I refused to read the rest of your article. Get your facts straight before messing with peoples lives.


    1. No problem Alanna…I am sure those TWO cops have never ever been to that Park in their whole lives…yea right. Does not matter where they were patrolling…it was a matter of knowing where to get rid of a car and body in a short time…so stay in the REFUSE…ok? 🙂


  22. I grew up in the North Kansas City area. I’m 54 years old now and I live away from the city but even as a teenager living there I always knew those police officers were corrupt. A gut feeling so to speak. They’re were such assholes! I’ll pray for the family. Sad . Very sad


  23. Did the parents know she was stripping at Chrome? The family seems like a family a daughter would not be doing that. Either way, If FORD can do that location by her cars computer system you will get exactly where she was and when. Then with her phone records and pings from towers it should all line up exactly with what the Police are saying. If not then a major problem. The boyfriend and the life she was living at night do not make sense either! The boyfriend seems very wimpy like and her night job she would deal with some very rough characters and some good. But an atmosphere of drinking, drugs and exposing your body for money. And some girls include sex…..


  24. The girls she worked with knows if she was meeting a John or where she was going. Her phone calls and texts will show that for 100% accuracy. The manager also drills those girls for information, he knows what she does and does not do. The $200.00 to get in VIP room has cameras in it to.


  25. You sir, are why there is such a division between the public and police. People believe your conspiracy-theory rantings…as an LEOW I can tell you, cops don’t go around hurting people for fun.


        1. And YOU especially if you like the colour BLUE! No worries James…the NKCPD murderers will upon their ‘flat lining’ stand before almighty God…then read my lips…say ‘Lake of Fire and Brimstone’ to be with their father the devil.


    1. just because you are an officer and do the right thing, does very little to assure anybody of other cops… also your words are just that.. words… the vast majority are good people. but it only takes one shit cop and a precinct that is unwilling to out them to make all of you look bad. maybe if you guys did a better job of policing yourselves..


  26. I am wondering who that SUV belonged to? Wondering how many others have gone missing in this way. Also where did they find her phone? And I had thought I had read somewhere that she had sent a text saying she had just met someone who was pure evil. Also google sesrched pictures of her car being pulled out of the river…sure looks like her windshield was broken inwards.


  27. Takes more then a bump with your knee to disable the GPS system in your car, lol. This whole story and evidence is a joke.. no dash cam video? No qt video? No gps on the police suv? What about their cell phones? None of this story makes sense. Why hasn’t a higher authority stepped in and took over this investigation and looked over all the evident NKCPD won’t release? This is sickening, people that are to protect and serve to keep us safe are the ones out there doing the unimaginable and even worse that they’re being protected. Well I hope I never get pulled over and followed cause I’m sure my gps is disabled in my car as many times as I’ve bumped it with my knee since that’s how easy it is. Bring In another department to do the investigation and get to the truth and put these sick bastards away, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that would love to see them where they’re going. Where’s her phone records and the officers phone records? Were they in contact? Friends on fb? Attend the night club she worked at, ever? They’re really pushing towards her meeting up to sell drugs.. maybe there’s more to the story as such as the officer or officers knew her from the club and she was black mailing them? Maybe they went to the club and offered her money for drugs or sexual favors and she found out they were cops and threatened them? I mean there has to be a reason why a cop(s) would do what they did and there’s a few that would give probable cause why they would.. this whole investigation needs to be looked at from square 1 with every angle and question possible for motive why the officer(s) would do it along with phone records cause if she was selling drugs they’d be able to pull up all calls and messages even for the last 7 days to get more leads to that being the case. I’ve personally witnessed myself with my own eyes how corrupt cops can be and staging evidence on their behalf along with psychical abuse while an inmate was handcuffed so nobody can sit and say 100% of all cops are angels and corrupt stuff like this needs to be dealt with.


  28. I’m not really feeling your Police did this motive. A ‘rouge officer’ would need to be able to skirt around 3 counties involved and multiple PD departments. I just don’t think it’s plausible.


    1. Gil…there is a time line in which all of this took place. Only one county and she and car vanished that night after last text with gps and phone off. Ping said same area where she was found. Thank you Gil.


  29. So her car was that damaged from sliding in the river? That and an accomplis did this he followed her, or her boyfriend this was no accident that other car i bet same situation that body is just gone , what about her bf tracking her ? Caught her and anothet man together there?


  30. I have followed this tragic story since it came over the news. No i do not live anywhere around that area, & no i am not a police officer, detective, etc,etc., But i am a parent myself, & have common sense, & a pretty good gut instinct usually. Since day one i told my husband then something just didn’t seem right about this story,&then as time passes story after story just got more&more ridiculous sounding!! I myself have questions like, Was the other vehicle found reported missing, was there anything ever reported about a missing person that owned the vehicle, was it reported stolen,etc,etc.,??? That is Very important,&the public eye has every right to know these answers. At one point i heard they were saying she could have possibly had an accident “Are you kidding me,” i would think someone would have seen something of that nature, I am also one who signed the petition for the videos,dash cam,etc., To be released, if nothing to hide why not show her loved ones? That’s complete Bull, “The sunshine law” O Bologna!!! Why weren’t these police officers serching better than they were they seem to want to take credit for the Wonderful people who were hired by her parents to find there daughter, they spoke on how they did this,this&this, I call Bull Crap again. I read an article about two females being followed by someone impersonating to be the police&the girls recorded there license plate number,etc., After hearing that i began to wonder if that happened to Toni,then i never heard anymore about that, it seemed odd to me that these girls supposivly knew of Toni&worked at a different club not far from where she worked, why weren’t any officers sitting by these clubs watching&investagating things?? Never once did i hear of that!! It’s quit obvious her parents are being manipulated by the police, it’s sad growing up we are taught to trust in the police by are parents,teachers,etc., So naturally that’s what most do, but i know all to well that there are “Dirty Cops” in this world, i didn’t say all i said some, & im finding anymore there to be more&more,they think becauae they have a badge they are above everyone else&they have complete control of everything, makes me sick how they abuse there power. I was praying that someone would speak out about this case, Richard i commend you for what you are doing,your obviously a very caring person&very intelligent,&people like us know when something isn’t right&this whole story is definitely out of character!! Another thing if she was a great swimmer she had plenty of opportunity to swim, but as a female i would have jumped out, & i agree window left down first off it was cold out, no seat belt,why wouldn’t she have had one on,i know myself personally if i had just been pulled over&got pulled over as much as she did so they say, i would make it a habbit to wear my seat belt to avoid being pulled over again. I could sit&write how i feel about this story forever!! My thoughts&prayers go out to these parents&family&friends!! I pray Toni Anderson gets the Justice she deserves, this makes my heart hurt.. And i do believe other young women, older women, anyone for that matter should keep there eyes open & stay aware of your surroundings & don’t trust anyone!!! Again thank you Richard for being a great person&sharing this it really makes so much sense god bless!!!!


  31. I respect the great deal of research you have done on this case. I have followed this from day one and felt in my heart something wasn’t right. To this day I believe something terrible happened to Toni. It’s going to be covered up by them. My heart aches for her. She deserves justice.

    I’m not going to say too much more in here though.


  32. We drove the route yesterday and cameras are everywhere between QuickTrip and where Toni wound up that early morning. Which would not be difficult to spot her car at that time of the morning headed in the direction of Parkville landing. Quicktrip had multiple cameras, the cameras up at the lights by the water dept entrance, cameras at SaveAlot and the restaurant before you even get out of NKC. Then, headed the way that she went; there are buildings (no street lights on that highway to Parkville) but! There are cameras poised everywhere on the buildings on that highway. Including the strip mall, the quick mart, Park College looks right down onto that area, the Fire station and other places where Toni’s car would of had to of pulled around and into in order to get back to that park. Why are people not pulling up those cameras?


    1. Hi Cynthia…I think Pete Sanchez Sr. tried…and others…only found one working and they got that one which showed NKCPD officers following her out of QT. KCPD locked up all they could to snuff any info including QT



      1. Did the autopsy say she drowned? Because isn’t it true that if your dead before your submerged in water your lungs won’t fill up but if your still alive you would breath in and lungs would be full of water? What is the cause of death? That hasn’t been said!


  33. I’ve now looked into this mess further. If you look at the SUV as they are pulling it up from the water it doesn’t look like it’s been down there 2 yrs and to me I say this is point of entry for this and Toni’s vehicle. I believe the SUV rolled on top of hers and caused the roof and front left damage to her car. Also I found a pic of her car on tow and there are branches etc in it. Insistent w where they pulled it up.
    Almost all the video on SUV and qt are gone except for some on crime watch. I’ve played it many times and the so called cop that drives in from of pumps and away from her pauses at one point going from a bigger to smaller vehicle which I believe is the SUV. I believe this was the fake cop(s) that did the second never mentioned one. I believe the timeline is off and her omg text was is correct time but altered on the video I’ve seen. To me I see at least three different views of video that whom ever sliced together to make you think cop didn’t follow her when on crime watch it shows him flollowing her. I wish I could upload video and pics but see no option on here.
    Regardless of scratch on bf face I don’t think he’s involved. He said he lost everything and moved to oklahoma. I believe he was threatened to do so and cops are blowing smoke up parents ass.
    She was murdered and it was a cover up!!! Even if I’m not an expert I’m a mother and a former corrections officer and my gut says it was no accident .
    I also wonder if cops or SUV put a gps etc blocker on her car after she went in to pay for gas? And betting cop SUV had same thing as not to be tracked.
    I also believe they knew each other from chrome as he was a freakient flyer per say.
    Oh on a side not I was at caseys on n oak in Gladstone last night about 8 something and a gold SUV w a clear strip of lights on top had a guy in it at the pump and he was watching ppl. Eyes me too but didn’t follow me when I left. I believe we’ve got a lot of fake cops out there w ties to sex traffic so all be on guard at night!!


    1. Thank you…good insights but some I don’t see as what happened but for sure…the NKCPD SUV with TWO COPS in it followed her. Less then 10 minutes later stopped again…timeline altered to make it that long is what I am thinking. Also…dash cam turned off on both stops…for sure never will be released now. A friend called dispatch and dispatch said TWO COPS IN SUV RECORDED. So the two are in the one SUV. Lots of changes by the cops…as mentioned in the blogs. Thanks again.


    2. I think the same except i,think her car was ran off the road somewhere the suv belonged to the cop as well that car had to be registered right , or not because it was being used for this purpose i believe one cop stopped her followed her until the suv picked up started following her . But why woukd they just kill her . No robbery nothinh . Was it jealousy, mayne she turned him down idk,but the cop kniws


  34. I agree completely. I said from THE VERY FIRST TIME I HEARD THAT SHE TEXTED,OMG IM GETTING PULLED OVER AGAIN And then seeing the police SUV following her from Quik trip I didn’t realize there were 2 cops but I KNEW that’s who killed her.


  35. Ok it is obvious to me you have no medical, forensic, or law enforcement training. All you are doing is stating your opinion and trying to make it sound like fact. From what I gather from your writing is that you are a conspiracy theorist with a severe dislike of police. The Anderson’s have basically asked you to stop and leave it alone by saying the case is closed. So out of respect of her family please let her rest in peace and let her family grieve by letting this be your last post on this topic.


    1. Well Patrick in blue…ask them to release all the information they have refused to release…ok? Including their own GPS info as to where the TWO rogue cops were who followed her out of quick trip and stopped her a second time. I don’t need training of any kind to see pathological liars cover for their cold blood murdering brothers. Ask the FBI whey they have said and done nothing. As for you…you are one of those that in the good book is identified as calling evil good…in this case murder. Go back to your lodge ok? Nice try.


  36. Are you a licensed investigator…? No! So stop using peoples situations to get hits in your blog. Your ideas are so far fetched you have zero proof. If I were her family Id sue your ass. Stop …just stop


    1. Sounds like the truth is hitting home…I should change the color of the type to BLUE…ya think? But you are not her family…you are a member of a family of murderers in BLUE…and not that you believe or not…murderers will burn in HELL…esp the ones wearing BLUE who murdered this innocent woman!


  37. Why would they just kill her i think one cop followed until his buddy started following then ran her off the road took her to the park , but did whay just killed her ? Why was no explination made for her wrecked car


  38. Something is wrong with nkcpd this is not first time this happened when I first heard this on news the head cop said none of her police pulled her over and now story changes


  39. Sept. 7, 2003 my parents got a knock on the door by two police detectives who told them my sister was dead and they didn’t suspect foul play. My mom got a call at 3 a.m. from a woman saying the whose apartment my sister was at beat the crap out of her and blood was everywhere and she tried to clean it up but there was still blood “around”. The guy told the police my sister tripped over a bowl in the kitchen. ……… The #1 cause of death on the autopsy was BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA. We went to the police station and we’re and still are refused page 2 of the 2 page police report with the Sunshine Law being their excuse……… We were told by 2 friend detectives that, basically, the police wrote her off as a low life. She was mentally ill (bi-polar, possibly schizophrenic, and psychotic). Because she didn’t take medication she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. So, an old fart on Independence Avenue, who supplied hookers with oxy (per the woman who called at 3 a.m.) might have murdered again because the police “had no reason to suspect foul play”. RIGHT! At the LEAST Toni’s case involves poor policing. P.S. If you read the Sunshine Law it should help us (the family) but the police are using it in reverse. The guy who killed her may be on Independence Ave. still or in another state or even dead…… if he’s dead he’s burning.


    1. My nephew was murdered in north kc they called it suicide he was shot in head no gun powder on his hands he was shoot on right side he left handed the people who sposse to up hold the law and break should have double sentance


  40. This is a very sad case which begs for further investigation. I was harrassed several times late into the early mornings leaving work at bars, one was across from Ziegfeld’s in late 80’s. Cops stopped me frequently for nothing except my blond hair. KCMO cop with Kelley name badge told me that “we could work something out” if I could not pay $160 ticket, South Kansas City. I assured him that I could pay ticket. Another time in Shawnee/Lenexa, I was stopped by officer wearing fake name badge who said that I had not stopped at stop sign, 2 am. I had guy in car with me and Officer “Mitch Brim” ‘s attitude/demeanor when he realized that I had a witness completely changed. Was let go- no warning. Mitch Brim did not exist as a cop in Shawnee or Lenexa. Cops prey on pretty, young women who mb drinking. Toni may have met her fate due to rogue cop, QT video sb released. Cops can erase dash cam video. My deepest sympathies to family and friends.


    1. Daniel you must be in the “order of protectors of rapists and murderers” huh? What did I not document? What is not true? Oh wait…as Jesus said to your “spiritual forefathers” YOUR FATHER IS THE DEVIL…the LIAR AND MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING!


  41. There are only 2 ways to get into Parkville and the park< why is there not one piece of video evidence? There is a camera on every stop light yet nothing? Unfortunate that Toni didn't have enough street knowledge but yet wanted to play the "game" anyway! Cover-up, yes!


  42. Your slandering of officers is disgusting. Raped, murdered??? Former Marine??? First of all, as a retired Marine myself, your never a “ex” Marine or “former” Marine, your a Marine. You disgust me beyond belief. I’m ashamed they ever let you in, if they ever really did. They have released dash cam footage of all stops, the gave released GPS records, they have released every piece of information needed. Get over it, she was a druggie and fucked up that night. I’ll be sure to forward this over to these officers, maybe they’ll do you a favor….file a lawsuite on your ass for slander and character assassination, considering you’ve put something in writing for the public to see that is untrue or unfounded that can cause damage to one’s reputation. I hope someone shuts you up, SOON. Your a disgrace to your family and to service men and women everywhere. You should have been shot on the head board where you belong, your daddy must not have had enough sense to pull out of Suzy rotten crotch that night…so now we have your idiotic ass. Have a slow and painful death, shit stain.


    1. I respectfully disagree. Toni did not self administer “drugs” per her lifestyle…sorry. Fricken and NKCPD did the video to cover his lying ass. Read his history as a brutal out of control thug and womanizer who almost killed two individuals DOCUMENTED! Toni was last seen alive when stopped ‘AGAIN” by the 2 NKCPD or 3…vehicles including Ficken AFTER she left Quick Trip…then the NKCPD coverup lies etc etc etc…when if this was the TRUTH…why did they wait until NOW to share this altered staged cover their lying murdering ass? Because they had to…because Ficken was “outed”. SO in the video…there are 3 changes and of course…a “long drive” by Ficken to show he didn’t follow Toni… HOW stupid and incriminating when there IS A VIDEO SHOWING HE DID follow her again!

      The reason he didn’t give a “test” etc…was because he had a plan with his buddies that showed up…and her being found dead was the end result…as if a impaired woman could drive to and find a most remote place to drive in the Missouri River… all the time in-between of KCPD lies and discrepancies to many to mention here.

      If what you say is true…then why was and IS the QT video released…and all the others from QT to Parkville showing Toni did in fact drive there all by herself. Funny they were “locked down” by NKCPD before it was announced they stopped her. Why no release of the dash cams of the NKCPD vehicles and conversations of officers after Fickens I am innocent performance? And the conversation with the one officer who pulled up next to him? Of their GPS information where they went and were for the next 4 shift hours? Why a 4 hour gap in the “dispatch” records after the 2d stop…which PROVES to me they stopped her a 2d time?

      Fact is THEY MURDERED Toni Anderson…and God knows that which is why these liars will burn in hell…end of story.


  43. Crooked cops murder African Americans everyday and it’s always covered up to protect police officers. It’s no different, except she’s white. Regardless of the color of your skin no police department will take responsibility for such a terrible crime. They will go to the end of the earth to cover it up. I pray Toni Anderson family gets justice because so many families have not.


    1. FACT IS… MORE WHITES are murdered by crooked cops then African Americans. Fact is…African Americans commit way more violent crime then Whites. Fact is…Whites are targeted by Blacks for murder rape etc…on a daily basis as seen in my latest blog. Fact is…White women like Toni are raped daily by blacks at a rate of at least 54 a day…and that’s ONLY “reported”.

      Whites are more compassionate about what happens to blacks then blacks are or ever will be when it comes to race on race crimes…end of story on that subject.

      And…be assured that BLACKS have no great love in their heart for Whites except a few…and crime stats prove that…google “color of crime”

      AND…it was the JEWS who brought Africans here…major slave holders in the North included FREE blacks…and it is the JEWS NOW who have socially engineered and created the “Black Mind” as well as the economic oppression…even as they have for ALL GOI on this land…and more so of Native Americans’ who are also targets of black genocide of starting with the Buffalo Soldiers to the fact that ALL Native and Indigenous girls and women trafficked in Canada and the US are by BLACKS!


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