WARNING: Adult content due to William R. Bunting and Karen Sue Andras “SODOM AND GOMORRAH” lifestyle and their language and lies about yours truly!

Documents I served in photos of me in Nam! Butt plug Bunting won’t spew his filth and lies to my face of course. Typical of a flaming queer faggot!



Meet a full blown sodomite and pathological liar Bill “Butt Plug” Bunting! My stalking liar with no documentation other then his mouth…

In Name I was assigned to 1st Battalion 1st Marines..MOS 0311 as shown in my DD214 and in Country for a total of 18 months in Viet Nam (SEE photos of me and high school buddy John Boden). My company commander Bobby Lain who is now deceased lost his legs when a bobby trap went off that was tripped by the black radio man who took my place while I was home for a 14 day leave / extending in country 6 mouths.  I did this because otherwise I would of done 12-13 months in country and a 4 year enlistee could would be sent back for another full tour which was not my desire!

I have all my paper work…which documents the VA PAYS ME $3300 A MONTH…100 % DISABILITY…AGENT ORANGE CONNECTED WITH DOCUMENTATION OF PROOF OF IN COUNTRY ETC ETC ETC….including 18 months (30 day leave for extension of 6 months and 30 days early leaving NAM by taking “ship” home.

Bunting takes what I was told and or shared as “truth” from my sources not to mention my experiences and distorts them into full blown lies. He made the fatal mistake of distorting what I heard about my best friend Ronald Longenecker who I joined the Corp with. DOD said “KIA” and a fellow “3d Recon” buddy I met said “CAPTURED…LIVED 2 YEARS AND DIED”. As if the DOD has ever been honest about POW’S but the bitch boy takes their lies and turns them against me but that is who he and Karen Sue “HIS WHORE…HIS WORDS”…says about me in “made just for me” You Tube Videos!

Like I am smarter then the VA…the DOD…the UNITED STATES MARINE CORP…and can fabricate, produce false documents and ‘put me in NAM” when I wasn’t! And the only inbred leaking asswipe in the world named Bill Butt Plug Bunting can figure that out! After all…FAGGOTS NEVER LIE! 🙂 WHY…BECAUSE THEY ARE A LIE 🙂

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“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”. Bill Bunting, Rape Promoter and “Rapist”! THE WORDS OF A RAPIST WHO’S HERO’S ARE RAPING OF WOMEN ANIMALS!

OH…then there is his “MOTHER” who raised this dope smoking can’t hold a job pervert who lives in the “woods”…is broke…has no car…and TALKS TO INSECTS! LOL..

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Rocket Scientist Bunting

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Owned by Satan’s demon Aleister Crowley Karen Sue Andras

Karen Sue Bunting…the one and only demon Aleister Crowley who has freedom to access/enter her any time he wants given he now “owns her” using her words shared with me about him appearing to her as a child and saying just that…”I own you”! Sure enough…especially when he can channel inside of her…freeze her so she can’t move or talk!

And Bunting comes from a family of CHILD MOLESTERS!

William R. Bunting is an Alumni and graduate of Paul Anderson Youth Home in Georgia for porn and child porn freaks.

When I found that out it made all the more the sense given the “graphic pedophile language” he used in texts sent to me like “sticking a finger in a child’s ass before ramming him with a cock”…HIS WORDS! Now just where and how did he learn about that if not doing/or experiencing the same OR BOTH in and with his “family”!


“Guys get addicted to pornography because their brains cannot distinguish between pornography and the real thing.

Men who view porn can achieve full arousal within seconds. Because of dopamine reward, sexual images and memories are given priority by the brain because, like hunger and thirst,our sex drive is key to our survival. Like important files on a computer’s hard drive, pornographic images and associated emotions are easily provoked, accessed and opened.

For teens in particular, these images literally soil their brains, corrupt their thought life and pervert their perception of women, dating and love. As a result, guys who use porn extensively may never experience the true beauty of a real girl or the joy of a real romance. They simply settle for porn.

Research reveals that teens and young adults who consume online pornography are more likely to…

  • Begin sexual activity earlier than peers
  • Develop appetite for more graphic and deviant types of pornography
  • Incur persistent emotional problems such as depression, shame and remorse
  • Believe that the most gratifying sexual satisfaction is attainable without love or true affection
  • Believe that being married or having a family are undesirable
  • Develop sexual compulsions and addictive behaviors
  • Believe that deviant sexual practices such as group sex and sadomasochism are common and normal.

Pornography promises much but delivers only lust and temporary gratification. It darkens the heart and degrades the soul. The more one uses porn the greater the chance that they will never find true intimacy or real love. If you need help– get it now, because this problem thrives in secrecy. Talk with a trusted friend, parent, clergy member, or addiction counselor. Your life or your son’s life is too valuable to waste it on porn.”

There ya go folks. It is obvious his mother was a failure not to mention his so called “father”which notice he NEVER talks about and now we know why because that is a “ANAL” subject for William R. Bunting!

By the way…it was me that was stalked. I was stalked by Karen Sue Andras. She is the one that broke the no contact order, asked me to marry her and came to Missouri. There is not record of me stalking anyone with a gun including in Ohio when I went to see her and was stopped and arrested for carrying a gun to protect her if need be from Rusty Loudermilk who almost killed her. All charges DISMISSED!

OHIO is a Nazi state run by  Butt Sex boys like Billy boy and his fecal sex friends. Just thought I would clear that lie up too! And my gut says now more then ever…she murdered her second husband David Resner but when you are demon possessed by a demon who is a murderer…that makes sense.

I worked with and were friends with Vietnamese in their military…some popular forces, some ARVN’s…some Marines…good men!

Semper Fi and Merry Christmas!

p.s. Death threat recording recorded from Bunting!