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North Kansas City Police Officers STILL Hiding THEIR Direct Involvement In The Disappearance of Toni Anderson


The Missouri Sunshine Law allows for CRIMINAL COPS to be protected and hide any and all information about their involvement in a crime… SAY what North Kansas City Police Officers did to and with Toni Anderson which is why they won’t and don’t have to release any and all information pointing to their involvement! Think about THAT!  

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Of course you have to remember Missouri and the “Blue Line” AKA Fraternal Order of Police is owned and operated by Satan’s infamous Free Masonry who pledge their allegiance to Lucifer their “god”…who was “The Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” and who inspired the “Blue Line” of protection based upon the mutual oaths made to ‘protect a brother” no matter what crime he is guilty of… treason, lying and murder among others!

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Update 2/4/17

FOREWORD:  UPDATED and “cleaned up” … tried to make readable. Sorry again. Still convinced I am the cops are involved in what happened to her. Prove me wrong COPS or ANYONE and I will apologize. Until then…GUILTY UNTIL THEY PROVE THEMSELVES INNOCENT BY RELEASING REQUESTED INFORMATION!!

If Toni Anderson had robbed a bank or held up the Quick Trip at 2525 Burlington in North Kansas City…she would be in jail now. Seems crimes involving money for the cops and feds means more then the life of this young woman. They even release dash cams about rescuing pets!

Not with Toni Anderson. This lying boys in blue have made a very planned, premeditated and concise effort to make sure that any and all information that should of been by them to help find Toni Anderson be withheld….which is the very same information if released would either show they did not have anything to do with her disappearance OR THEY DID!

This is why I believe the KCPD waited for 3 days to announce that NKCPD stopped her knowing that they did stop her.

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“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  Nazi Joseph Goebels

Substitute “State” with KCPD and their “Goebels” Darin Snapp.

UPDATE 2/4/17

KCPD/NKCPD REFUSES to release Quick Trip video which would allow for a more clear picture of at least ONE NKCPD cop following Toni Anderson after she left if not two…going in the same direction.

KCPD/NKCPD REFUSES to release ANY dash cam of and from the officers involved in the first stop of Toni Anderson let alone any information as to their location after she left QT or whether or not they turned off their dash cams during their shift

KCPD/NKCPD REFUSES to reveal their locations using the PING ID tracking of their cell phones after Toni Anderson left QT.

KCPD/NKCPD REFUSES to use their own built into the two NKCPD officers SUVs that stopped Anderson and where they went after the one followed her out of QT.

This denied and snuffed circumstantial evidence makes them complicit in what happened to her as well as “obstructing justice” given they are the LAST ONES to see her alive!

As for the PARKVILLE PING of her phone…and given NKCPD officers are involved directly and indirectly…they have the “wisdom” to use her cell phone to “divert” attention from them. If she was abducted…then the question should be asked…why the cops refuse to release information about them while at the same time allow for “PingID” to Parkville for how long?


UPDATE 1/26/17 First and least important are my apologies for errors spelling and sentence construction. I have tried to address both. Eyesight ain’t what it used to be having been born with surgically corrected at 3 weeks congenital glaucoma. Brain matter is fading too. Not an excuse for disjunctive sentences etc…just a note to keep in mind.

Thankfully there are those who are kind enough to let me know what and where including the two spellings for Toni/Tonie. So I will stick with Toni while maintaining my belief in what I have shared and why.

Secondly…it is come to my attention and should yours…that the KCPD and their LYING brothers inside the blue circle have told the Andersons to NOT talk about what happened to their daughter as discussed in this commentary and the news etc. There is a YouTube confirming KCPD withholding the fact they pulled her over which LIE was pimped by the KCPD from the very beginning for close to 3 days.

We all know if this was a felon committing a crime…all info would be released. And if a cop was “missing”…any and all information I am addressing would be released. The only reason not releasing information about Toni Anderson is a COVER-UP by the KCPD. By the way…dash cam footage is recorded for 2 months at least. Other road cams video’s information images are erased sooner which is why KCPD is stalling period.


Please read the last word in the last sentence… ABDUCTED! And the only 2 so called “suspects” were interviewed for FIVE HOURS and released! OH OH… the “abductor list” is now reduced to “OMG I am being stopped again”! This is why I have wondered why the family does not yet connect the dots to the NKCPD…the first stoppers…and liars…and I believe the 2nd “…AGAIN” stoppers…say ABDUCTORS.


Understanding the code for Fraternal Order of Police AKA Blue Line is why I believe that unless there is a in depth investigation by a “objective FED agency”…the guilty will remain free.

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Kansas City College Student Sent Cryptic Text Just Before Disappearance: ‘OMG Just Got Pulled Over Again’

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Image result for toni anderson missing

NKCPD LIED from the beginning about their direct involvement even though they saw the news and said  NOTHING for close to 3 days. This was not a matter of “missing time line of waiting 24-48 hours” as their groupies would say to justify this but rather a young woman vanishing ‘instantly” with her last communication to a friend saying “OMG…I am being stopped AGAIN!”

Any logical mind would and should be able to connect the 1st stop which she did NOT say a thing about…having time to do so and yes as friends said…she was stopped a lot…to her last communication when she texted and said AGAIN…which in the context of the FIRST stop by and which the NKCPD hid from the public until they had time to come up with contradictory stories meant NKCPD!. Even one reporter stated to me that the KCPD information changed continually.

There was no release of ANY video until later and that from a cam not at the Quick Trip in North Kansas City she “was directed to” by the NCKPD cop…as if she was lost which was not the case. She knew the area and was going either to another business which she had been to before or to see some friends in KCMO.

Right after her last text was the immediate turning off of her tracking system in her car and the needed information of time and location when that was done which only a “professional” would know about doing. So who got to the insurance company who said and have not yet released that information. Say the “abductors”.

Which begs the question and I will answer that…the reason why that was not released by KCPD was because NKCPD cops were there and turned off that system KNOWING that it would let everyone know where Anderson’s last location was at and timing wise…very important. And who would not want this information out? Say the “abductors”.

Dash cams.

IF the cops are not involved then answering these questions with documentation would clear them as being the “abductors” which is why  the FBI needs to investigate the NKCP officers involved.

So one of two cop connected scenarios took place…when they stopped her a 2d time…is that she resisted and got hurt or worse and of course with NO witnesses…they like most cops who do things to innocent with NO witnesses…dash cam record “snuffed” or turned off necessary for them to clean up what happened.

No witness…no DASH cams sharing what happened to her during the 2nd stop. Did they arrest her? Or if she resisted being stopped again and pulled out of her car…was she hurt bad or worse? This is why I believe the 2nd stop dash cam on their vehicle was turned off before the stop or hidden. With it off…and 2 officers involved…she can be transported in hers by the one which is why her tracking system was turned off immediately after the last text and which for whatever reason the insurance company refuses to release on who’s “orders”? Say “abductors”. 

As for the other option…calling their gang banging buddies in the hood and saying they have a problem…”come and get her”…and if that happened…and if she was alive that by now she has been gang raped…beaten…drugged…sent somewhere in or out of the country for “trafficking” or body disposed of. ”

Her car may show up but I doubt it. If it does it won’t be intact but torched because the last thing the perps would want would be any DNA evidence. Probably a friendly chop shop or crusher got the car or sent to Mexico.

The problem for the guilty whoever they are is that GOD is a witness to their lies and what they did to and with Toni. hey can lie in the realms of time and escape justice in but NOT in the realms of eternity where there liars and murderers will be consigned with their father the Devil in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone FOREVER and this when the boys in blue FLATLINE,

Watch the movie GHOST when the two lying murdering perps died. Watch the demons from hell snag them immediately and drag then into hell. So it will be with those who have done this to this young woman!

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Seems the FBI is NOT going to investigate the NKCPD involvement in what happened to Toni Anderson and this is fine with me because from what I know and have reported as well as revealed about the FBI when a radio talk show host in Kansas City…their spiritual DNA gravitates toward siding and protecting liars, murderers and pedophiles when “they” are a part of the “circle of law enforcement” including big names in high places like the Clinton’s and Bushes as examples.

I named a FBI agent working with CARTELS using Montana as a pipeline DOCUMENTED! Then there is the FBI agent who murdered in cold blood a mother holding her child with a HEAD SHOT not to mention his connection to the intentional burning to death of women and children. I also covered the FBI cover-up of the what FBI operative DARLENE NOVINGER reported naming GW Bush and his and families cocaine connection to cartels. After she went public her husband was murdered and then she was using “cancer bio weaponry”.

Dead bodies galore and the FBI helped hide the truth…say CLINTONS as one example. How about Oklahoma City…the truth about the bombing of as documented by retired AIR FORCE GENERAL BEN PARTIN.

The FBI forever protected a pedophile named BUSH!

And there is FBI working with cartels who are bringing drugs on the Lakota Dakota and Nakota Reservations in South Dakota and other reservations throughout the country.

Then there is the FBI covering up murders and protecting serial rapists like Russell Means and making sure that the 12 murdered and buried bodies by the American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee in 1973 remain  hidden there including Black Civil Rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. who worked with Martin Luther King and they knew because the FBI Agent in Charge at Wounded Knee Joseph Trimbach was there when this happened and the FBI said and did nothing! (But they weep and wail about their 2 murdered agents!)

Connect Wounded Knee to SOUTH DAKOTA SENATOR JAMES ABOUREZK and his working with AIM and the later rape and murder of First Nations Woman Annie Mae Aquash who KNEW that the American Indian Movement was in fact a FED OPERATION protected by the FBI and the “Syrian Sioux” as documented on my blog.

In other words…the chances of the FBI going after the NKCPD in the case of Toni Anderson is next to nothing because their spiritual DNA is inherited from the Liar and Murderer from the beginning  even their father the Devil…just like the North Kansas City Police Department and Kansas City Police Department.

You reading female FBI agent who never called me back as promised?

p.s. Darin Snapp, a spokesman with the Kansas City Police Department is a Satan inspired LIAR about what happened to Anderson and liars will burn in HELL. Now he AKA KCPD / NKCPD state officially that there is NO FOUL PLAY and she is just missing. Everyone should know WHY they made that statement!

AND the FBI best start doing there job…unless that is…they are COMPLICIT!



  1. trod says:

    Mercy, that was hard to read.


  2. Kari says:

    It’s was wet , and cold that night and she was near river . I think I would be looking for tracks towards to river.


  3. THANK YOU VERY much for sharing THIS . I will spend MORE time reading it, as I am WITH YOU!! . MILITARISTIC COPS … CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT .. 😦 …. I SSSoo MISS the “PEACE OFFICERS” … 😦 …


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