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Meet A Rape Promoting Sodomite, Confederate, “Prairie Nigger” Hater and His Adulterating Jezebel

Call this a “Reality Show Blog” about those who spiritually and willingly and knowingly blaspheme Almighty God and Jesus Christ in words and deeds and especially in a filthy vulgar sadomasochistic adulterous and whoremongering “relationship” where demons actually partake of their “sexual perversion” ….say Aleister Crowley who OWNS Karen Sue Andras/Bunting and who she LOVES being owned by!


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Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- Bill “Mr. Explorer Of Every Orifis Rocket Scientist” and Proud Confederate – William R. Bunting

Hopefully most of you reading this NOW have seen the video on YouTube produced by William R. Bunting AKA  Bill Bunting (with his “adulteress” whore…to use his and her words pproval)  say I was “never a Marine and never served”! And that I was a “liar and needed to hang myself”! Spread lies about me boy and I will make your mother famous!

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Meaning of course…ALL the paper work I  “fabricated” which in turn was found by the Veterans Administration because “Yours Truly” …yes…ME…all by myself secretly placed the needed paper…

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Clinton/Obama/Illuminati “Planned Destruction of America”…Say IMPORTED DRUG CARTELS

Digging up old stuff for your eyes only LOL…



And of course…we as “sheep” are fully unaware of this EVIL as it seeps over the border and or already is in place here no matter WHERE YOU ARE! IMPORTED DEATH! Happening now to women, children, families but NOT reported except on where news stories are NOT censored.

So bringing in METH…murdering raping etc…is A-OK with OBAMA and CLINTON huh? Guess so because the truth is they are AGENTS OF SATAN and Anti-Christ son and daughter PERDITION tag team with their supporters who will fill the PIT called the LAKE OF FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!

May Jesus implement his CLEANSING ACTION “Yesterday” is my prayer!

Thrown from bridges, horrifically mutilated, raped or simply ‘disappeared’: Inside the Mexican state where 900 women have either vanished or been murdered and 1,200 raped in a…

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CIA Fueling New U.S. Drug Epidemic Using Cheap Afghani Heroin?; CIA, Obama Team Up to Hide Darkest Secrets

Reality check…say NOW..say CIA is SATAN at work


CIA Fueling New U.S. Drug Epidemic Using Cheap Afghani Heroin?; CIA, Obama Team Up to Hide Darkest Secrets


Across the U.S., heroin use has skyrocketed. But how are these drugs getting into the country, and is the CIA back to its old tricks, using drugs money to fund covert operations?

By Victor Thorn —

The tragic overdose death of Academy Award winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on February 2, brought renewed interest to the subject of cheap heroin on America’s streets. Across the country, heroin use is on the rise, despite the billions of dollars spent by United States law enforcement fighting it. Recently, southwestern Pennsylvania suffered 22 overdoses in little more than a week’s time from tainted heroin, and dozens of users were hospitalized in Camden, New Jersey due to a highly potent batch that was being sold on the…

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Georgia Child Molesters With The “Bunting Name” And Nazi/Sodomite/Pedophile Karen and Sue Bunting are a part of

UPDATED 12/18  Karen Sue Andras…admitted and willing sexual sadomasochistic slave and whore to William R. Bunting AKA “Karen Sue Bunting” Pagan witch Aleister Crowley Demon possessed…wants each and every grandchild in her family to be exactly like William R. Bunting so that they too will end up trying to kill themselves like her son Norman Blaine Shelton Jr. did because of how the sexual perverted men in her past she loved to be with treated him.

And she tries to convince herself and others that she has a good heart!

This is about her rape of any and all women and expert in child pornography language and visualization of “PornoPatner and Child Pornography School Graduate and “pagan husband” who views and call Native Americans “PRAIRIE NIGGERS…William R. Bunting AKA Bill Bunting.

NONE of this is made up or is hearsay but is from the mouths of “Karen and Bill” in word, email, and text sent to spoken to yours truly!

And to think all this started when a “wife” and adulterating whore gave this androgynous he/she bowel movement bi-sexual dirt bag my contact information so he could play this game with me with his lies about me on the www about me not serving etc, death threats and his refusal to threaten me to my face which would of ended this then and there!

So much for being a “Proud Confederate” who’s way of life is a desecration to all things Confederate…say William R. Bunting!

Source: GEORGIA CHILD MOLESTERS With The “Bunting Name” And NAZI/SODOMITE/PEDOPHILE Groups Bunting Is A Part Of

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