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My Personal Thanks To STCU President And Indian Hater Tom Johnson For The Publicity!


UPDATED 11/29/2016

With Personal Testimony At Bottom From Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree Documenting What Has Been Done To Her And Why By STCU!

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This is STCU President Tom Johnson who is complicit in attempted murder, wire tapping  and real estate fraud with his friends in Stevens County Washington!


You fell for the trap boy… LOL… this Nam USMC Vet calls it a “booby trap” using not bullets or guns or anything that might harm one physically as much as you would like to “spin that” to authorities…but rather I used the DOCUMENTED TRUTH about what you and your lying race hating of Native Americans criminal friends have done to Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree and husband who are my personal friends.

AND..FYI…I am also “Executor of their estate” so I have the legal right to intervene and represent them in all areas of their dealings with STCU which is why I left you the messages I did which I hope you replay for EVERYONE TO HEAR! Did you do that Tom? NO! Why not if I was lying, making up crap threatening you etc. Fact is the truth hit you in the nuts and so now you are in a “damage cover your punk ass mode” and in so doing…put the TRUTH ON THE MAP! Outstanding!

Even STCU “Dan the media man” knew me…my number. EVERYONE KNOWS MY NUMBER! All I can say Tom is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! He even asked if I had been contacted by STCU! LOL LOL…guess you slipped a “mickey” in his coffee huh?

I hate WHITE race haters of American Indians like YOU Johnson and all those you worked with to defraud Native American Suzanne Dupree of her property as well as trying to murder her. When I took my oath as a USMarine, I swore to protect this country and it’s people of enemies foreign and domestic enenies and YOU Johnson and your buddies are what I call “Domestic Enemies”. Documented and witnessed attempts to murder her by the Dickey’s and the murder of her friend Rueben McMichael by Dan Bryant show how evil you and they are and YES…I did post and I mean it…directed at the Dickeys, Greves, Wilder and others…if she and husband are murdered…I will deal with them with those I have in the ready to assist and who are in Washington State…keeping in mind…that is what I am from and I know the areas of going way back.

If there are any people who are American it is the First Nations Indigenous of this land which in Washington State KKK FREE MASONIC LUCIFER OWNED WHITES like you have done your best to steal the land of, race hate socially and economically and of course murder with this example of the real estate fraud contract you and your buddies set up for Dupree/Shuldt…THE PAID FOR HOUSE AND LAND!

Hey Tom and STCU readers…even your attorneys Farleigh Wada and Witt who wrote the STCU by-laws and which Dupree/Schuldt did not violate in one point…threw your criminal STCU ass under the bus realizing that what you did IS a prison time felony!

So being caught in LIES DOCUMENTED…you being the emasculated punk ass bitch you are…decided to terminate and did…her STCU membership with the CRIMINAL RACIST GOAL OF DESTROYING HER CREDIT WHICH WAS PERFECT until she trusted your drug dealing buddy Don Dickey who she bought the house and land from and who with ALL of Stevens County and Spokane entities and STCU members worked as a well oiled with Vaseline bathhouse chain to do their dirty deeds making sure that she would NEVER get her original paid for deed of trust with original boundaries and water rights….right Tom? No return calls from Mularski, McNalley and or ANYONE…right Tom?

Hey everyone…get this…Tom even tells her she can’t come to STCU and BE ON THE PROPERTY to tell her side of what STCU HAS DONE TO HER IN TERMINATING HER MEMBERSHIP! Right Tom?

Yep…I promised you I would “destroy you” because of what you are doing to my friends as the racist in collusion with drug dealers, murderers, and pedophiles bastard you are Tom Johnson. This post is just the beginning Tom!

And once more Tom…thanks again for the “media attention” in STCU! How does it feel to be dumb as a rock you asshole?

FOOTNOTE: Below are details and a short overview the words of Suzanne Dupree of her wonderful experience with RACIST INDIAN HATING STCU for everyone’s edification below and of course…

There are LOTS OF BLOGS for those who want to see the documentation which means that IF the STCU Board and Members both ignore and uphold Johnson and his criminal STCU cabal…they are just as guilty and STCU is the Poster Business of Washington State Racism and wins the George Custer Award!

Happy Thanksgiving STCU!

by Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tom Johnson CEO/STCU
Spokane Teachers Credit Union
Board of Directors
1620 North Signal Drive
Liberty Lake, Washington

Belva June SUZANNE Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman/HakiktaWin’s STCU Membership Expulsion November 22, 2016.
Membership Account AGREEMENT, Bylaws, policies.

Dear Tom Johnson CEO & Board Members,

Received your certified STCU Expulsion Letters today, & thank-you for them & the wonderful opportunity to address them!

My Expulsion only proves your/STCU’s staff/Employees Hadley, Mularski, McNallay, & CEO Tom Johnson’s complicity in our 2014 STCU Refi with inaccurate boundaries/Property lines re: illegal May 10, 2010 Survey Certificates recorded illegally by Stevens County auditor-Recording, Tim Grey, & the now law license suspension of Chris Montgomery, Dickey’s/Chris Wright’s/Chase Bank Statutory Warranty Deed holder March 26, 2013 bait/switch “Full Reconveyance” Documents by Montgomery to…at this date CHANGED the property lines/Water Rights (DOE Grantors), which STCU did our “Paid in Full” July 17, 2015 STCU Mortgage Refi January 3, 2014 from.

Which we were never late making a mortgage payment, & “paid in full” in 18 months to STCU.

We have never been late making our STCU MasterCard Payments, MasterCard Checks payments nor any commitment we have made regarding any of STCU lending practices, MasterCard Checks, Secured Certificate loan, MasterCard Credit Card etc.
Any & all things I Belva Schuldt have stated in Social Media is accurate, whom STCU is Partnered with, their criminal activities, backgrounds & history in criminal activities.

I have given STCU full opportunities to correct your errors, as my husband & I were totally transparent & gave/did everything required for our STCU Refi in good faith.

Whereas, as of today…

We still do not have our *Deed of Trust,* with the original 2006 property boundaries, which we purchased from the Fishers Real Estate Sales sheet, not the May 10, 2010 Survey Certificate Don R. Dickey did the very day AFTER my husband viewed this property at 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd. May 7, 8, 9th, 2010, before we made our offer May 20, 2010.\

Dickey did not own this property on May 10th, 2010, Fishers did.
Dickey did not do the Quit Claim Deed back from Fishers until May 19, 2010.
We were told to wait until the seller, Dickey had this property back in his name until making our offer re: Denny Blair/Century21-Colville, Washington.

The actual SELLER was the FISHERS!

We purchased this property while still in Canada, relying on the honesty/& in good faith, honesty of seller/Dickey, his Realtor Ken Barcus/ReMax Colville, our Realtor/Denny Blair & Dickey’s attorneys McGrane/Schuermann-“conflict of interest!”
Representing both the seller/Dickey’s & we the purchasers, & Denny Blair’s daughter, Deanna did the Homeowners Insurance required for sale to complete!

We inquired in January 2010 on LandWatch ad of Ken Barcus…while the Fishers still owned it until May 19, 2010…the ad said 20 acres, which your “paid in full/Full Reconveyance” STCU Refi mortgage did NOT match!

The Fishers should of gotten the sale, not Dickey’s!

Dickey lied on his Sales Disclosure about this property NOT having Water Rights, this is the 2nd Homestead Property 1910 First Use Senior Water Rights on this mountain.

No sale of water rights 2006 to Greve from Dickey’s recorded anywhere!

Water Rights were never, ever in Dickey’s name, only Hendersons to Schuldt-Wade DOE Grantor March 14 & 19th, 2013 recorded by Tim Grey’s auditor-Recording Office-Colville, Washington.
None of the lies, which was not known by us until “after” Dickey’s banked our 25,000 down payment at the time of the May 21, 2010 acceptance of sale by Dickey’$, nor were we aware of his pattern of Real Estate fraud left-wing lying tactics to this property, as yet!

By carrying the Private Contract of purchasers by Dickey’$ via Stevens County Title Co. & Dickey’s first right to decline a sale by his Private Contract verbiage re: McGrane-Schuermann, Dickey was able to sell this property repeatedly getting the required 25,000 down payment, & when the purchasers clued in to the Dickey Real Estate scam, he would stalk, threaten, harass them until he got the property back.

I shared this with Mularski about Chase Bank refi which we cancelled on the very magical date March 26, 2013, Chase Bank/Chris Wright’s Chase Mortgage Representative, ruining our credit scores with out our knowledge or permission for any future refi…

Also, found that out after the fact, & Wright had a criminal history while working for Chase.
Ignoring a No Contact Order & 4th Degree Assault, & Chase does not require drug testing of employees.

I remember well Mularski 2013 teaching me the 3 C’s necessary for a refi…
Credit score history, collateral, & capacity to repay the debt.
STCU was very well aware of Arnie’s income, more than the refi itself, plus STCU required another 10,000. down to STCU, which we paid for, for refi, fees, to everyone & everything…!
We PAID!!!

And, yet you/STCU decided to go with Montgomery’s Doctored documents, instead of the original 2010 sales documents, which you had, even the property lines on your Nov 20, 2013 appraisal did not match up, & we didn’t catch it until AFTER STCU refi, but I spoke to Mularski about the changes 2014!

We & Homeland Security Committee members-investigation Team, Boyden is in phone conversations with, numerous investigative journalists, PI investigators, & WSJ is following our case closely, & have everything STCU got for the STCU refi, including the original 2010 Sale Documents stating we purchased 20 acres!

With the original sale 2010 & our 2014 refi with STCU we were required to pay for Statutory Warranty Deed Insurance….remember???

You have placed STCU by not righting your misdeeds, errors, Farleigh, Wada & Witt’s letter to me, only targeting me, a 1st Nations Woman in the position you have placed yourselves/STCU in by NOT going after with your attorneys/legal council, the real perpetrators in this…instead of me personally, & it is not myself or my husband who is at fault.

Your obvious discrimination, racial profiling, targeting, & Racism of me will be the most detrimental to STCU, & the Expulsion of my Membership at STCU will not just be decided by Board Members, it shall be a very Public affair, with journalists, investgators & media present!

That I can promise you, I can say or write the Truth, as long as I can prove it…which we can with the vast support of many.

With that said, the lines have been drawn…& you are in for the battle of your reputations & lives.
All you had to do is do the right & just thing, instead of doubling down with your Expulsion letter today, which only proves STCU’s guilt not your innocence.

You, STCU will be settling with us for a huge amount of money for your collusion & complicity in this criminal activity.

We did NOT do it to you/STCU, you did it solely by Free Choice & because you continue to think you can get away with it!


Furthermore any ruining of my HARD worked for Credit Score will only result STCU paying out more in the settlement, which will be necessary considering what my STCU Membership Expulsion will cause, which you at STCU are fully aware of!

Screw us once JP Morgan Chase Chris Wright’s very illegal credit score pulls ruining our credit score 2012-2013…shame on us for not finding out until after the fact re: Experian…2014!

Screw us twice SHAME ON YOU, STCU it will only be costing STCU & CEO/Johnson, McNallay, Mularski, plus…more in damages that obviously the way your employees & staff work it, “where the STCU Members bear the COST of your collusion & conspiracy in criminal & unlawful activities.”

This is not in anyway a threat, it is a heartfelt promise…& I always keep my word, ask Mularski!

Now, STCU has to prove beyond any reasonable doubt in COURT your allegations against me, a 1st Nations Woman…!

Which since you, Tom Johnson wrote this letter to me, any legal council you possibly could have had, threw STCU…under the bus!

Saying, do your own “dirty work,” STCU…we are NOT going down with you, eh???

Touch my credit rating, to try to destroy me & any future commerce I wish to do in the future, will only show other STCU Members what you & your STCU Board Members are ruthlessly are capable of when you get caught absolutely screwing over an STCU member who played by STCU’s rules & had “Good Faith” in a Members Owned Financial Institution who unfortunately decided to Partner with CRIMINALS!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Belva Schuldt

Oh, yes just one more thing, by the time the dust settles, you will cordiality & very willingly apologize & reinstate my STCU Membership!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree | November 23, 2016 at 5:52 pm | Categories: SPIRITUAL AWAKENING | URL:

“The much shorter version of my reply to STCU CEO-Tom Johnson & his Board Members yesterday.”
Re: My Expulsion from STCU, lol!

To All,
Made it irrevocably clear of my 1st Nations Status to STCU & Board Members, re: in this WP post, saying everything that needed to be covered.

We told by STCU yesterday…

AW…needed to go to TIM Greys Auditor recording office & get everything straightened out, but I reminded him/AW of their death threat report supposedly from us, Re: Detective Maxie of Colville, same jacketing allegations unproven like Kettle Falls Post Office/Wendy Hill, & now STCU…all alleged BS, with zero evidence…of us doing any of which they alledge….unfounded self-serving cover your own ass false narratives!

Nothing more!

Like the Far-Leftists if you haven’t any proof, evidence or facts, make some up!
We are definitely NOT responsible for what others are called to do in the name of Justice & Righteousness of Our Lord…what others decide to pursue, is theirs, not ours!

I may agree, make like it, repost it…but, it is not my words, our doing.
Only the guilty make up lies, & fear the TRUTH.

It is only they the guilty that must bear the burden of their decisions/actions… however, the guilty shall NOT make the victims into the perpetrators of their own doing, they may try to, but they alone shall bear the consequences, our consciences are clear, & we sleep well at night, not tormented with guilt & fear.

That never leaves the guilty, ever…they live with it everyday in every way. There is no enjoyment in life, only the heavy burden they must continue to carry! Of which there is no redemption, they live in perdition without hope while living, after death…they suffer & suffer their evil deeds they thrust upon the honest & innocent for all ETERNITY

Doing as STCU suggested about our “Deed of Trust” would only give the wicked & corrupt at TIM Grey’s lying through their teeth Auditor-Recording office opportunity for another BS “setup”, just what everybody on the “Dark Side” needs.
An opportunity that would be used against us/AW, without bearing fruit…

(Our Deed of Trust for our purchase May 2010…original property 2006 lines/description, not the bogus bait/Switch 2010 one!)
It is solely the *responsibility of STCU* to get the corrections done, not ours & get it to us!

STCU will want to settle quietly, since OBVIOUSLY they haven’t or can’t find legal council/attorneys willing to risk their (National) reputations going up against the overwhelming evidence, & growing daily against them/STCU for their defense.

A historic case no one not on our side can ever hope to win…even mercenary ATTORNEY$ who get paid whether they win or lose will not jump at STCU’$ need for a Criminal Defense Firm ATTORNEYS.

They/STCU have zero defense for their actions. They are caught, period!

My feeling is, no ATTORNEY for us is needed at this time…

If there is a need, the loser/STCU will be paying the fees & court costs plus damages.

We will get paid by STCU, I will get an apology, our Deed of Trust 2006 20 acres boundaries, & STCU will reinstate my STCU Membership, & not touch my credit rating for fear of other STCU Members made aware of their STCU top staff/Board Members bullying, & ruthless tactics when they are obviously caught by their own doing, not ours, rather than STCU face the very “Public Exposure” in their own location Liberty Lake/Spokane with a global audience by a “Tribal Protest” on their very doorstep!

If they are indeed worried about STCU’s reputation, staff, employees, members etc…& further EXPOSURE?

It is clear, this was exactly not the response they/STCU expected of me, nor can STCU afford to fight in PUBLIC, with cameras rolling, interviews, & most of all the damning photos of Avista boom trucks picking up drugs from my neighbors homes…by the media or on Associated Press Wire.

There is nothing really they can do to us, where they won’t suffer for it in some form or another financially-reputation wise down the road.

Cheaper to keep her & just apologize, fix it, w/Correct Deed of Trust, & pay the piper.
That is just common sense, but from experience we know they are arrogant idiots dumb as a stump bullies, whom find it totally unacceptable/reprehensible getting their asses kicked all over the map by a proud, righteous honest Red Skin Woman standing firmly in HER TRUTH & Power gifted by Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ alone!

And, you all, our allies & other investigator’s-journalists-friends…
Too bad, eh…for them!

He Wicasa Sni Elo!
With Wakan Tanka/JC’s divine justice factored in, standing with us they/STCU do not stand a crying chance in hell of ever winning or beating us.

Hugs, wishing everyone on our “Team” a very happy Turkey Feast,

HakiktaWin/Fears Nothing or Anyone


Belva Schuldt

1:31 PM (6 hours ago)

Property Address: 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd Kettle Falls Washington

Reason for denial re: First American Credo “Credit Bureau”/New Accounts/12395 First American Way/Posts, California/92064/ 1(800)986-4343

Excessive Obligations in Relations to Income

Insufficient Income for Amount Of Credit Requested

Ineligible Source of Income

*”Property Title or Ownership Deficiencies!”

Re: Dickey’s Real Estate scam & pulling of our Credit Scores by Chase Mortgage Representative-Colville, Washington/Chris Wright “Illegal by Law” without our knowledge or permission for perpetrators to STOP any future Refinance by other Banking Institutions/STCU!”

This notice from Credo arrived May 1, 2013 after Chris Montgomery’s changing of our 2006 boundaries/land base & before STCU refi.

We cancelled refi with JP Morgan Chase, *Magic Date* March 26, 2013…

The same date Montgomery recorded, as Chris Wright/Chase Statutory Warranty Deed holder(Montgomery 2016 currently with law licence suspension, conflict of interest etc) with Tim Grey auditor/Stevens County Recording the false property boundaries change from Survey Certificate 2006 to May 10, 2010 when Dickeys did not own this property, Michael-Michelle Fishers did on Dickey’s private contract not Quit Claim Deeded back to Dickey’s until May 19, 2010, to accept our offer & 25,000 down payment May 20, 2010 completely screwing the Fishers getting sale, we purchased from Fishers Real Estate Sales sheet, though inquired about property via Landward/Ken Barcus Remax realtor for Dickey’s while owned by Fishers!

This notice re: From Credo was an Adverse action notice, which Chris Wright/Chase told me after cancellation of refi with JP Morgan Chase March 26, 2013….any further documents from Chase, Wright told me to throw away unopened!

All this Intel is under investigation & may have a forensic audit by all if my reinstatement with STCU/re: CEO Tom Johnson does not occur by 12:00 pm PST today November 28, 2016!

This document & others, clearly show fraud by all parties in collusion-conspiracy within their positions to by any means possible stop any financial Commerce & prove beyond any doubt their premeditated attempts on my life, husband’s & others to cover-up their criminal felony acts against us & provide us, my husband & I with our Deed of Trust 2006 Boundaries/Survey Certificate of which all parties participating in this real estate fraud are & have been “Paid IN FULL” & are responsible for correcting, & are by law accountable for their criminal acts by LAW!
Belva Schuldt


Image result for TOM JOHNSON STCU




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