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Rouge DHS Agent Chris Dickey And STCU CEO Tom Johnson’s Latest Attempt To Murder Native American Suzanne Dupree


CORRECTION! I may have received erroneous information about Chris Dickey and DHS employment status. With that said…I DO NOT APOLOGIZE simply because of his umbilical cord connection to his evil father Don Dickey and the fact the below information confirms personalized Satanic programming of their DNA as evidenced and documented in their murderous acts of evil targeting a innocent of no crimes Native American Woman Suzanne Dupree!

Other then this ID mistake…the rest of the below info etc and on other blogs is RIGHT ON!

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I have added this LINK to this blog that connects to the below emails from Native American Suzanne Dupree but right now and for the last 2 days…she has had her home broken into through a “secret tunnel” that was put in place by Department of Homeland Security Agent Chris Dickey’s father Don Dickey who she and her husband bought the house from in Kettle Falls Washington. The purpose was to find documents that prove the STCU real estate fraud targeting Dupree and husband on behalf of STCU Tom Johnson’s friend Don Dickey.

Dupree/Belva Schuldt and husband have been and are targets to murder them using a combination of electromagnetic weaponry …some type of poison or gas or both which their murdered friend Rueben McMichael (by Dickey’s friend Dan Byrant) warned her of happening. She has had “power surges” blowing out light bulbs and extreme nose bleeds and headaches and more as you will read in the below email.

“Follow the trail of feces from one anus rectum to the next one to the next one and then you will find a big stinking pile of…”

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Schmuck Tom Johnson STCU President illegally and without cause terminated Suzanne Dupree/Belva Shuldts STCU Membership breaking the very STCU rules he is charged to uphold! In fact the RULES were written by the very Law Firm AKA Farleigh Wada Witt that first “legally attacked” Dupree with threats to “keep quiet” and then after I took these pond scum to task..they “withdrew” and threw STCU and Johnson’s ass under the bus. READ THIS>>>>

Why you may ask? Because Brian Witt and his buddy Wada know that Johnson is TOAST with him being directly connected to the real estate fraud as the MAIN AUTHORITY AND COORDINATOR OF and that he is best friends with Don Dickey who Dupree and husband bought their property from.

Not only that…they also realize Johnson might very well put a blight on STCU that they will never ever recover from! Add to that the fact that NOW this makes Brian Witt and Mark Wada COMPLICIT IN THE CRIME OF REAL ESTATE FRAUD AGAINST DUPREE/SCHULDT and husband ARNIE WADE including ATTEMPTED MURDER BY STCU AND JOHNSON AND FRIENDS!

Wait until these folks learn about STCU and JOHNSON among others like the “membership” and each org each BOARD MEMBER is or ever has been involved in! Good job Johnston, Wada and DIM WITT!

STCU endorsements

It is important to NOTE that Don Dickey, Chris Dickey and Keith Wilder are a part of a group of METH DEALERS/MANUFACTURERS WITH FELON Kieth Allen Widler in Kettle Falls Washington right across from the home of Dupree! .

ALL are buddies of Ryke Dahlen owner of House of Music who with Avista boy and employee Jerry Linquist set up a “hacked router” so they can listen to all phone calls and interfere with all Dupree’s as well as “hidden cams” to see all movements.

Add to this… STCU employee Jeff Mularski who with a McNally working directly with Johnson and Don Dickey and their dis-barred attorney buddy Chris Montgomery and others in Steven’s County ALL worked as a Indian hating KKK team to fabricate the fraudulent real estate transaction DOCUMENTED with Duupree and husband Arnie Wade resulting in their never receiving to this day their DEED OF TRUST that STCU was to give them that had the original boundaries and water rights…which PAPERWORK was looked for by the DICKEY’S when they broke into the lower part of the house as shared by Dupree in the email below.

Johnson not only is in collusion with the Dickey’s but he NOW has gone out of his way to destroy Dupree’s HIGH credit rating by terminating her membership with STCU  and that of her husband!


The below blogs with comments from Dupree document what STCU and FRIENDS have done. Dupree is dealing with a cabal of lying racist KKK murdering diabolical bastards who “fake” as OUTSTANDING members of the community of Spokane…..but NOT FOR LONG!

Well Tom Johnson..for YOU …. those days are over as I shared in the voice mails. Yep…want to play this lying hateful game with me targeting my beloved friends…then know your name will never be the same when it is done and over with…especially if she dies “mysteriously” from unknown causes.

If she does die of “natural causes” AKA poisoned or gassed or the combined affects of “electro magnetic weaponry” and or “elecetrical AVISTA surges”…then know this…both Dickey’s will be dead men.  That operation has already been “put in place” and will be launched and noticed over time…one by one and all I will do is “report it”!

Best do the right thing on Monday Johnson…or ALL of Spokane and every organization, group, church etc. etc….will connect you and each STCU Board member to this proven crime and the MEMBERSHIP will “cancel YOUR STCU ass” even as you LIED in cancelling hers….and you can take that to every STCU BANK!

The below list of “criminal collaborators” on STCU’s Board are soon to be spoken from the HOUSETOPS IN SPOKANE with the goal being to DESTROY THEM WITH THE TRUTH even as they are attempting to destroy Dupree and husband Wade with LIES!


Audit Committee

These blogs expose and NAME the “friends of Johnson”! Not a very nice group Tom…not at all!

Read the email below sent to me in which Dupree shares what has been done to her, her husband etc. by the following as found in the above blogs: Don Dickey, Chris Dickey, STCU, Greves, Lunquist, Mularsky, Allen, AVISTA, Century Tel/Quest, Ryke Dylan’s House of Music and others which blogs contain all the documentation connecting what is happening in targeting of Dupree for murder as I type!

Email 11/25/2016:

Break-in last night basement/Sunroom found this am.

Good afternoon,

Found dresser in Joan’s area moved, drawers opened, documents strewn all over, also found night bedside dresser drawers opened, contents scattered all over floor.
Went through sliding glass door into sunroom, saddle (heavy)& saddle stand moved for access to freezer, which was unplugged.
Dresser is very heavy, together AW & I cannot move it, so cats didn’t in Joan’s suite area.
Cats can’t open drawers, no cat scratch marks, hard to open for a person.
Freezer, which is full of food, disconnected at plugin.
I set it up, cats cannot unplug from plugin.
Mail delivery came this afternoon, tire tracks..of mail SUV putting mail in, nothing there when I went out to fetch.
Did see ATV or 4 wheel tracks coming down off our property across County rd from mailboxes, next to Centurylink-Quest phonebox.
All tracks fresh from constant rain, very muddy.
Started calling creditors about my STCU stays about paying their invoice due Centurylink-Quest call was disconnected even after I was in their auto system as I was being connected to a representative.
1st call was to Avista, they had their money for their recently paid bill by me via STCU check, reprised them of my Expulsion & said by Monday it should be reinstated or we would pay our monthly bill by other means, & the reason behind Expulsion pertaining to our paid in full STCU mortgage that shorted our 20 acres.
Representative said after finding out who was investigating, said looked like I had my bases covered well.
Just was disconnected from Avast Secureline as I write this…hooked up just now by Avast, they are on it!
Been very sick the last two days, the same as before, after being hit yesterday am by EMF Weaponry, headache, upset stomach, the trots, racing heart, severe gut/bowl pain, blistering in roof of mouth, dizziness, weakness in legs, nosebleed (Prolific) Richard was on the phone with me when it started.
Fatigue & extreme sleepiness, all signs of EMF symptoms.
Smelled heavy chemical smell, & was awoke early pm from nap by it.
Been nose blind for 3+ yrs, Joan knows the smell, which made her sick too.
Has to be heavy for me to smell it.
Makes dogs/cats gag & Puke.
Vibrations of ground under house, new cracks on walls, etc recent.
New light bulbs blown out last few days.
You can hear the white noise of electricity coursing through house, makes parrots scream…Sue, Joan, RB knows their sound when it occurs, dogs bark wildly, horses run & buck in paddocks, cows dance from the dirty electrical arcing.
Turkey, duck & chickens go nuts, especially roosters.
Writing this as a deposition if I should die, have been recently in the best of health since our arrival here, feeling strong physically, chores easy, able to eat anything without getting sick, any thing until the last few days, whatever I eat, makes me sick now.
Just like when RB & I first met a yr ago, was on my last leg.
So skinny & weak.
I am eating fresh, good homemade food, nothing canned or pre-made, drinking only bottled water.
My love to you all,


This email outlines the fraud etc etc etc by STCU and CEO Johnson working with Jeff Mularski, McNally and their friends the Dickey’s including her STCU membership being cancelled.

Tom Johnson CEO/STCU
Spokane Teachers Credit Union
Board of Directors
1620 North Signal Drive
Liberty Lake, Washington

Belva June SUZANNE Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman/HakiktaWin’s STCU Membership Expulsion November 22, 2016.
Membership Account AGREEMENT, Bylaws, policies.

Dear Tom Johnson CEO & Board Members,

Received your certified STCU Expulsion Letters today, & thank-you for them & the wonderful opportunity to address them!

My Expulsion only proves your/STCU‘s staff/Employees Hadley, Mularski, McNallay, & CEO Tom Johnson‘s complicity in our 2014 STCU Refi with inaccurate boundaries/Property lines re: illegal May 10, 2010 Survey Certificates recorded illegally by Stevens County auditor-Recording, Tim Grey, & the now law license suspension of Chris Montgomery, Dickey’s/Chris Wright’s/Chase Bank Statutory Warranty Deed holder March 26, 2013 bait/switch “Full Reconveyance” Documents by Montgomery to…at this date CHANGED the property lines/Water Rights (DOE Grantors), which STCU did our “Paid in Full” July 17, 2015 STCU Mortgage Refi January 3, 2014 from.

Which we were never late making a mortgage payment, & “paid in full” in 18 months to STCU.

We have never been late making our STCU MasterCard Payments, MasterCard Checks payments nor any commitment we have made regarding any of STCU lending practices, MasterCard Checks, Secured Certificate loan, MasterCard Credit Card etc.

Any & all things I Belva Schuldt have stated in Social Media is accurate, whom STCU is Partnered with, their criminal activities, backgrounds & history in criminal activities.

I have given STCU full opportunities to correct your errors, as my husband & I were totally transparent & gave/did everything required for our STCU Refi in good faith.

Whereas, as of today…

We still do not have our *Deed of Trust,* with the original 2006 property boundaries, which we purchased from the Fishers Real Estate Sales sheet, not the May 10, 2010 Survey Certificate Don R. Dickey did the very day AFTER my husband viewed this property at 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd. May 7, 8, 9th, 2010, before we made our offer May 20, 2010.

Dickey did not own this property on May 10th, 2010, Fishers did.
Dickey did not do the Quit Claim Deed back from Fishers until May 19, 2010.

We were told to wait until the seller, Dickey had this property back in his name until making our offer re: Denny Blair/Century21-Colville, Washington.

The actual SELLER was the FISHERS!

We purchased this property while still in Canada, relying on the honesty/& in good faith, honesty of seller/Dickey, his Realtor Ken Barcus/ReMax Colville, our Realtor/Denny Blair & Dickey’s attorneys McGrane/Schuermann-“conflict of interest!”

Representing both the seller/Dickey’s & we the purchasers, & Denny Blair’s daughter, Deanna did the Homeowners Insurance required for sale to complete!

We inquired in January 2010 on LandWatch ad of Ken Barcus…while the Fishers still owned it until May 19, 2010…the ad said 20 acres, which your “paid in full/Full Reconveyance” STCU Refi mortgage did NOT match!

The Fishers should of gotten the sale, not Dickey’s!

Dickey lied on his Sales Disclosure about this property NOT having Water Rights, this is the 2nd Homestead Property 1910 First Use Senior Water Rights on this mountain.

No sale of water rights 2006 to Greve from Dickey’s recorded anywhere! Water Rights were never, ever in Dickey’s name, only Hendersons to Schuldt-Wade DOE Grantor March 14 & 19th, 2013 recorded by Tim Grey’s auditor-Recording Office-Colville, Washington.

None of the lies, which was not known by us until “after” Dickey’s banked our 25,000 down payment at the time of the May 21, 2010 acceptance of sale by Dickey’$, nor were we aware of his pattern of Real Estate fraud left-wing lying tactics to this property, as yet!

By carrying the Private Contract of purchasers by Dickey’$ via Stevens County Title Co. & Dickey’s first right to decline a sale by his Private Contract verbiage re: McGrane-Schuermann, Dickey was able to sell this property repeatedly getting the required 25,000 down payment, & when the purchasers clued in to the Dickey Real Estate scam, he would stalk, threaten, harass them until he got the property back.

I shared this with Mularski about Chase Bank refi which we cancelled on the very magical date March 26, 2013,  Chase Bank/Chris Wright’s Chase Mortgage Representative, ruining our credit scores with out our knowledge or permission for any future refi…

Also, found that out after the fact, & Wright had a criminal history while working for Chase.

Ignoring a No Contact Order & 4th Degree Assault, & Chase does not require drug testing of employees.

I remember well Mularski 2013 teaching me the 3 C’s necessary for a refi…

Credit score history, collateral, & capacity to repay the debt.
STCU was very well aware of Arnie’s income, more than the refi itself, plus STCU required another 10,000. down to STCU, which we paid for, for refi, fees, to everyone & everything…!

We PAID!!!

And, yet you/STCU decided to go with Montgomery’s Doctored documents, instead of the original 2010 sales documents, which you had, even the property lines on your Nov 20, 2013 appraisal did not match up, & we didn’t catch it until AFTER STCU refi, but I spoke to Mularski about the changes 2014!

We & Homeland Security Committee members-investigation Team, Boyden is in phone conversations with, numerous investigative journalists, PI investigators, & WSJ is following our case closely, & have everything STCUgot for the STCU refi, including the original 2010 Sale Documents stating we purchased 20 acres!

With the original sale 2010 & our 2014 refi with STCU we were required to pay for Statutory Warranty Deed Insurance….remember???

You have placed STCU by not righting your misdeeds, errors, Farleigh, Wada & Witt’s letter to me, only targeting me, a 1st Nations Woman in the position you have placed yourselves/STCU in by NOT going after with your attorneys/legal council, the real perpetrators in this…instead of me personally, & it is not myself or my husband who is at fault.

Your obvious discrimination, racial profiling, targeting, & Racism of me will be the most detrimental to STCU, & the Expulsion of my Membership at STCU will not just be decided by Board Members, it shall be a very Public affair, with journalists, investgators & media present!

That I can promise you, I can say or write the Truth, as long as I can prove it…which we can with the vast support of many.

With that said, the lines have been drawn…& you are in for the battle of your reputations & lives.All you had to do is do the right & just thing, instead of doubling down with your Expulsion letter today, which only proves STCU‘s guilt not your innocence.

You, STCU will be settling with us for a huge amount of money for your collusion & complicity in this criminal activity.

We did NOT do it to you/STCU, you did it solely by Free Choice & because you continue to think you can get away with it!

Furthermore any ruining of my HARD worked for Credit Score will only result STCU paying out more in the settlement, which will be necessary considering what my STCU Membership Expulsion will cause, which you at STCU are fully aware of!

Screw us once JP Morgan Chase Chris Wright’s very illegal credit score pulls ruining our credit score 2012-2013…shame on us for not finding out until after the fact re: Experience…2014!

Screw us twice SHAME ON YOU, STCU it will only be costing STCU & CEO/Johnson, McNallay, Mularski, plus…more in damages that obviously the way your employees & staff work it, “where the STCU Members bear the COST of your collusion & conspiracy in criminal & unlawful activities.”

This is not in anyway a threat, it is a heartfelt promise…& I always keep my word, ask Mularski!

Now, STCU has to prove beyond any reasonable doubt in COURT your allegations against me, a 1st Nations Woman…!

Which since you, Tom Johnson wrote this letter to me, any legal council you possibly could have had, threw STCU…under the bus!

Saying, do your own “dirty work,” STCU…we are NOT going down with you, eh???

Touch my credit rating, to try to destroy me & any future commerce I wish to do in the future, will only show other STCU Members what you & your STCUBoard Members are ruthlessly are capable of when you get caught absolutely screwing over an STCU member who played by STCU‘s rules & had “Good Faith” in a Members Owned Financial Institution who unfortunately decided to Partner with CRIMINALS!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Belva Schuldt

Oh, yes just one more thing, by the time the dust settles, you will cordiality & very willingly apologize & reinstate my STCU Membership!


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