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Sadomasochistic Arizona Assistant AG Bonnie Platter Is A Pedophile Enabling Marxist Jew Destroyer Of Gentile Christian Families Freak!


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The Eternal Promise of Jesus for Arizona Assistant Attorney General Bonnie Platter and any and all Judges and DCS workers who are complicit in what was and is being done to the Shoars children! For it is all appointed for each one of you to die and then before the Eternal Judge shall each of you stand and from there HELL shall claim your souls!

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The Messiah Jesus Christ and His Apostles!

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The Messiah Jesus Christ!

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The Messiah Jesus Christ!

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PREFACE: So much for GAG ORDERS when it comes to Almighty G-d! And it is from MY HOUSETOP that the SINS and CRIMES perpetuated by Jew Bonnie Platter and the Arizona Judiciary are being proclaimed and with Hashem’s permission and inspiration! Your career is OVER PLATTER!

No wonder this sick pathetic pathological liar and Jew Bonnie Platter…this real deal “shakran” and spiritual “isha raa” likes “Gag Orders” starting in very beginning of the Shoars nightmare from hell experience with Arizona DCS and it’s supporting cast of Judges!

Discrepancies in the official versions of events of the FIRST KIDNAPPING…to set the stage for below!

As reported by Health Impact News, Family and Child Advocate Steven R. Isham, MA, LSBW, met with the Shoars and found a number of discrepancies pertaining to the actions of CPS. Among them:

— The court documents and child protective services documents misrepresent and conflict with the facts.

— There is documentation that has been added to reports that did not occur.

— There seems to be documentation of threats made to the children by the Foster Parents, and by CPS workers to elicit certain behaviors and language.

— [Isham] was unable to discover in the records or through conversation exactly what the accusations are that drew the conclusion of imminent harm and immediate removal of the children from the Parents and from the Grandparents.

— It appears that the Parents and Grandparents participation has already been discontinued if it ever was actively sought during the reunification process.

— It does appear that Parents and Grandparents have actively participated in every condition asked of them. There is nothing that shows they have not fully participated when asked to do so by the court or by Child Protective Services.

AND…They did not “kill their child” as PROVEN and recognized by Judge Cohen which is why he dismissed ALL the lying fabricated by Platter and company charges and why when he was out of town Judge McNally working with Platter reinstated them again with ADDED LIES!


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FOREWORD: Don’t worry everyone..>I am aware of the “gag the maggot” order which is fine with me. After all…yours truly bombed 3 child trafficking/sex trafficking judges who as representatives of Arizona’s “pogrom” of making millions destroying the lives of innocent children and their families out of the water with PERSONALIZED TRUTH about their rouge law breaking part in the Shoars family case….Pineda, Duncan, and Bachus. Interesting that Judge Sally Schneider McNally is staying clear after her lying soul was exposed.

It was Judge Bruce Cohen…a “Real Jew” who realized that ALL the “allegations” targeting the Shoars family were “shaqar“! Oh…there were phone calls from the WALL STREET JOURNAL by the way questioning these NaziZona Judges. No wonder these child hating child destroying family exterminating going to hell Judges went AWOL!

But wouldn’t you know it….here AGAIN comes the Synagogue of Satan Jew “Kedeshah” and Supremacist Arizona Assistant Attorney General Bonnie Platter again riding her donkey into the sun setting west renewing her personalized Gentile Christian destroying the Shoars family “pogram”  sending her DCS “Commissars” all the way from Arizona to Nevada to steal the the Shoars kids again for both money and to cover their law breaking asses not to mention ADDED BY Platter fabricated LIES !

New charges including the family reinstating DISMISSED BY COHEN charges like “MURDERING” one of their children, adding sexual abuse charges, and mother with PTSD. Just shows how desperate Platter and her money making Arizona Judiciary and their DCS was and why they subjected the Shoars children and family again to their unconscionable abuse again!

Now my turn…NO….your turn Platter because I am going to get personal with you like I said I would do Sept 1st!

You don’t know me yet…

richard boyden <>

Sep 1
 Short email to introduce myself. I am an investigator of corrupt Child Protective Services people like you. You are going to be one of the key names in my blog and in the information I’m sending to Wall Street Journal reporters as well as all your CPS/DCS associates and what you have done to the Shoars family and children.

Not informing them of a court date make them look bad to the court and to jacket them with lies about sexual abuse that actually took place under your watch and when in the custody of the abusive bitch who not only took them out of state but country and with your approval along with your associates and you have done this behind a out of town Judge who dismissed the charges you reinstated using Pineda. Not a good move.

Are you a closet pedophile? Anyone who would put a 3 year old boy in a pedophile infested group home is complicit in the sexual abuse of that boy and you knowing about that homes history and hearing about his nightmares says to me that is the reason you kidnapped the children and brought them back to Arizona by lying and making false charges falsified documents etc…was to cover your lying selves.

Read my lips little girl…say FELONY CHILD ABUSE and when convicted and sent to jail with your partners…well…it is there you will know what abuse is when “they” find out what you did to the Shoars children…and hear the audio of them screaming as will the thousands who read my blog…judges…congressmen/women…

Did I say reporters for the second most read paper in the country…not sure…but for sure NO ONE will hear your screams in prison…!

I am going to be your and your partners in this animated by Satan crime…personal nightmare from hell…no…from heaven because the hosts of there know who you really are in your black Godless heart as do I.

You are going to be famous as if you starred in a Oscar winning movie…as a convicted criminal guilty of premeditated child abuse with malice!

Stay tuned…and clean your reading glasses!

Now to give the judges a heads up because they need to know as well as ALL their peers in the BAR etc. etc. who is responsible for their names being shared far and wide in being associated with and complicit in your vile criminal abuse of the Shoars children and trust me…when I am done with you and your buddies…your lives will never be the same…say JUDGES!

Psssst…listen to audio of the children screaming again and picture this…”Brought to you by….

Boker Tov Platter! I keep my promises. I have done some homework on you and your unique and putrid “Jewishness” for my readers and of course for your eyes and those of your “peers” in particular. Your days of destroying Gentile Christian families like the Shoars are about to be exposed and therefore over in terms of your “new jacket” custom designed with intimate detail by yours truly! This Veteran classifies you as a “Domestic Enemy” and I will destroy you with the truth of who you are for all to see!

Just to remind you and the readers…my Grandfather “Zickler” was a German Jew…vanished in South America and my Grandmother married a “Boyden”. I have lived in Israel, put the only Jewish radio program on air in KCMO hosted by Sabra Shula Roman Horing and had a personal letter posted on “Bibi’s” web page warning him of your hero Bill “The raping murdering pedophile” Clinton and his murdering family destroying Wife and demon following witch! So you can’t call me a “anti-Semite” Bonnie but I can call you a Synagogue of Satan Talmudic/Kabbalah Hating Jew of the Gentile Christian Shoars family!

A very appropriate word for you Platter is “sadomasochistic”. It describes who you are in your heart and spirit in what you have done to the Shoars children when you reinstated the dismissed DCS charges Judge Cohen dismissed. I will leave out in the definition the “sexual factor” for the moment and that is and only grudgingly! Of course I personally given your “Gentile Christian child destroying” agenda of terminating parental rights of…I would not be surprised that your life is full of perverted filthy sexual nuances in the flesh. After all Jews like you are the major pimps of both pornography and child pornography! You hate this country and THIS explains in part your “hidden agenda” as the kind of Jew you are as Arizona Assistant Attorney General.

For Jew Bonnie Platter….

Sadomasochism is the giving or receiving of pleasure from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation”

I am convinced Platter you ENJOYED and RECEIVED GREAT PERSONAL PLEASURE hearing the screams of the Shoars children when they were kidnapped again. You are in fact guilty not only of breaking the law but you intentionally did so for the purpose of hurting and abusing spiritually and physically the Shoars Gentile Christian children as the sick pathological lying perjuring Jew that you are!

So you really think you can target the Shoars children AGAIN and get away with it without being “noticed”? You are a vile filthy evil desecration to any and all things TORAH! The best word describing you is “meshubah”!

Your “spiritual DNA” originates from your EVIL Synagogue of Satan genetics and history as found in your Communist  Jewish Heritage because there can be no other reason for you to be who you are in doing what you did and are doing again to the Gentile Christian Shoar family and children.

You readers need to read  about the pathological lying destroying mind of Bonnie Platter in the words of a “Jew like her”! Platter is but one of many quintessential “Destroyer of America” Jews among Jews just like her in high places…like Ginsberg as an example or the Jews in Congress!

LOOK…Bonnie Platter’s ancestors!

What YOU Bonnie Platter is doing is no more or less then what your “relatives” did to Christians in Russia (close to 60 million murdered) except that you do not yet have the power to optimize the complete destruction and murder of as they did. But what you do now and by violating the Constitution” (which you hate and violated with the Shoars family) is found in the history of your Synagogue of Satan “Bolshevik Forefathers” 

They were “Murderers of Christians” and their families…just like YOU except you do this “spiritually and emotionally” as you did to the Shoars children who are still suffering to this day because of YOU being a Whore For Satan. Just how despicable are you Bonnie Platter? YOU Platter would be the kind of Jew who would kill Jews to establish Israel and work for Hitler at the same time!  You use your position to turn Gentile children into “Shiksa Whores” who end up being destroyed.

That is what you want for the Shoars children isn’t Platter? Plus the covering up the sexual abuse of one of the who was ANALLY RAPED which is why YOU ADDED SEXUAL ABUSE CHARGES TO FATHER JEFF SHOARS ISN’T IT?

I would not doubt it in the least Platter if you were not involved in what actually was done to that child being the pathological liar that you are! You more then likely sent them to THE PLACE where that happens to young children which is WHY you would not release the name of the group home! Makes you complicit in CHILD RAPE PLATTER and Jews like you accept the legitimization of pedophilia!

Did you make arrangements for the Shoars child to be raped and put on a “child porn site” Platter?! It is Jews like you that embrace the teachings of the Lucifer inspired Talmud that states marriage with 3 year old children is acceptable and knowingly places young children in homes of known homosexuals and pedophiles! It is also a fact that Jews like you promote sodomy and the “gay” death style while destroying Gentile Christian families like the Shoars in the process because of the deliberate placement of children among those who WILL sexually abuse them!

No wonder you illegally went after the Shoars children again Platter because it is obvious your Synagogue of Satan Jew-ish goal is to destroy them and with the supporting cast of the Arizona Judiciary, Governor Ducey, AG Brnovich, and head DCS “Hit Man” McKay!

Hmmmmm…. say LAW SUIT Platter!

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NOTES….links that expose Platters Marxist Jew Agenda rampant in this country.

Child Protective Services and the Business of Taking Your Children


<<< Platters “JewPrint” to the “J”!

<<< Public COMMUNIST MARXIST SCHOOLS … Platter endorsed!

<<< Platters “Torah” for children and families

<<< Mass MURDER …over 60 million Christians if not more by Platters Jewish “progeny”

How Socialism Destroyed the Family Structure

Another Platter “JewPrint” for destruction of America and Gentile Christian families!

<<< Platter is OK with SODOMY being taught Gentile Christian children because she makes sure any and all children she steals is exposed to her Jewish Communistic society of “Sodom and Gomorrah”!

Is Platter a “Witch”? Hmmmmm..because her ‘Idol” is!

World Wide Child Sexual Abuse and Snuff Networks! Who knows who in Arizona Judiciary is connected to this! 🙂

Platter and her “peers” are GUILTY of this kind of child abuse. Remove all names and add “theirs”!d

AND…this sums up the goals of a “Platter” and those like her….

Thats all folks!

For now that is!

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