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Indian Hating Real Estate Fraud Criminals Embedded In STCU Protected By Gov. Inslee, AG Ferguson and Senators Cantwell and Murray



UPDATE: 2/15/ 2017 Hey Inslee and Ferguson…this is a heads up for your sorry lying racist hypocritical asses. Your days are about over for ignoring the attempted murder of this Native American Woman and the real estate fraud criminal targeting her by YOUR QUEER FRIENDS! Protect “immigrants” while allowing for this KKK Racism to target this woman for death so that Don R. Dickey can keep the property she paid for but is NOT in her name. Read my lips ASSHOLES…can you say DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FRAUD DIVISION! Washington owned by fecal sex freaks like you State is now on the MAP and SO ARE YOU!

FOREWORD: Below you will read a documented history of the continuation and representation of the Indian Hating Free Masonic KKK who are being protected by those named below in the Washington State Democratic Party. Their “constituents” have been and are free to this day to target Native American Woman Suzanne Dupree/Belva Schuldt with the crimes listed below. These government officials of Washington State  continue to intentionally ignore what has been done to her by the Indian Hating bastards named below who deserve to and will burn in hell with them right next to their “Democratic Founding Father and Idol” Andrew Jackson!

Image result for indian killer andrew jackson

Founding Father of the Indian Hating Democratic Party

Andrew Jackson: A man nicknamed “Indian killer” and “Sharp Knife” surely deserves the top spot on a list of worst U.S. Presidents. Andrew Jackson “was a forceful proponent of Indian removal,” according to PBS. Others have a less genteel way of describing the seventh president of the United States.

“Andrew Jackson was a wealthy slave owner and infamous Indian killer, gaining the nickname ‘Sharp Knife’ from the Cherokee,” writes Amargi on the website Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory & Practice. “He was also the founder of the Democratic Party, demonstrating that genocide against indigenous people is a nonpartisan issue. His first effort at Indian fighting was waging a war against the Creeks. President Jefferson had appointed him to appropriate Creek and Cherokee lands. In his brutal military campaigns against Indians, Andrew Jackson recommended that troops systematically kill Indian women and children after massacres in order to complete the extermination.

Image result for inslee wa gov

Governor Jay Inslee

Image result for attorney general washington state

Washington AG Bob Ferguson

Image result for U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA

Senator Patty Murray

Image result for senator cantwell native americans

Senator Maria Cantwell

UPDATE: 10/13/16 Democrats of Washington Gov Inslee, Attorney General Ferguson and Senators Murray and Cantwell have concluded ignoring what their “KKK” boys in Eastern Washington have been doing to this Native American woman is of no importance. Guess what BOYS AND GIRLS…your Indian Hating Souls are about to be exposed in a way that you thought could never happen and to the future detriment of your political careers!

Last chance to get this Native American Woman her “deed of trust’… end of story and yours too “jacketed with the KKK label”!

FOREWORD: FYI I am a Washingtonian by birth…Seattle up to 1985. I can attest to the fact that Washington is the West Coast version of the KKK (Spawned by Free Masons!) when it comes to overt and covert hate of Native Americans and has a documented history of murder and abuse that reveals how “black” the the hearts of the Whites in that state are…from “conservatives to liberals”. This in intimate and documented detail example is one that exposes to the max exactly what I am talking about!

Not ONE media outlet or a single government representative included the infamous DOJ/FBI among others has responded to the cries for help from this Native American woman and to the condemnation of in the eyes of God Himself!

Image result for suzanne dupree

PREFACE: Attention ALL members of the Spokane Teachers Credit Union/STCU and any and all businesses working with STCU such as Valorie Serfeyt President of CUSO Financial Services! Just to let you know the Spokane MEDIA has received ALL this information and has been PAID OFF not to publish it…as well as having a “racist history” when it comes to Native Americans objective truth media wise!

When this is all over…when STCU is sued in the MILLIONS…you will no longer have a credit union so I suggest you read the below information carefully from the mouth of the Native American victim herself and her identifying who did what and why and what the legal and financial consequences ARE going to be for real estate fraud, attempted murder and racism targeting this Native American woman…AND not a matter of IF…but WHEN…and as I type that process is in the works!

You can thank the following “employees” for what was done to Belva Schuldt – Suzanne Dupree...

Jeff Mularski

Darin McNalley

And GODFATHER Tom Johnson

REALIZE that every single word and allegation shared below IS DOCUMENTED with STCU paperwork as well as from every single business. mortgage company, bank, law firm, and the Steven’s County offices etc. etc…every single lie, changes in paper work and last but not least in found within this cabal of criminals…attempts to murder her and husband…

AND…the fact that…

NO DEED OF TRUST HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN TO BELVA SCHULDT/SUZANNE DUPREE and ARNIE WADE FOR PROPERTY PAID FOR AS PURCHASED and the reasons why as found in the “illegal document changes” on behalf of and for the criminal perp “seller” and friend of STCU employees involved DON DICKEY!

Read…learn…and WEEP!

AND if anything happens to this couple given there have been attempts to kill them…then only one word will describe what happened to them no matter what the “official report” might be from Steven’s County Sheriff and expert at covering up MURDERS in Stevens County…Kendall Allen (along with the FBI who has worked hand in hand with former Gov. Marc Racicot to bring drugs into the USA in Montana…and am sure in Washington)

By the way…just to let you know…THE Wall Street Journal is “monitoring” this TRUE STORY!

The following are either “in the know” or will soon be and you can take that (your money) to the bank…WHOOPS…sorry…I mean TO ANOTHER CREDIT UNION when this is all done and over with in court…that is if there is any money left in your accounts!


Hey Tom Johnson/Jeff Mularski/and Darin McNalley/STCU Our Deed Of Trust Issue…it is not going away by ignoring the request for what we paid off-shows your complicity!

by Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

FOREWORD TO THE READERS: All the below statements are in the words of Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree. They contain names, dates, and information on what has been done to her and her husband by who and why.

Included is the “history of FRAUD” and those guilty of. NOT necessarily a easy read but for those wanting to know HOW AND WHY what happened to her and husband and who this WILL affect ….namely YOU as members of STCU etc..then I suggest in your own best interest you take the time to read about the “CRIMINALS IN YOUR CREDIT UNION GUILTY OF THESE CRIMES!

Now in Belva Shuldt’s own words...

1. Notice alert to EVERY STCU SHAREHOLDER will be sent & globally published if deed to our 12 acres & house is not signed “paid in full” with survey certificate 2006 the original tax parcel acreages we bought May 21, 2010, maps with recorded Water Rights on deed 2014 etc. and delivered by Friday, you and your STCU Supervisor/Real Estate Darin McNallay best get er done or the shareholders will tar and feather your asses!

Nasdac alerts is following…

2. We really are hoping you ignore this, like McNallay did last week because we, with our legal council chomping at the bit [$$$$] really want to destroy you & your co-conspirators like everyone tried to do to us!

As recorded & documented March 14, & 19th, 2013 by Tim Grey Stevens County Auditor recording of original land surveys 2006, Maps of DOE granted water rights before Tim Grey, Chris Wright’s/Chase Bank, Statutory Warranty Deed Appointed by Chris Wright’s/Chase Bank Chris Montgomery, Stevens County Title Co. Summer Stahl, got busy & changed it March 26, 2013 land base/Water Rights to what STCU Hadley/Mularski refied & paid Don R Dickey….using House & 12 acres as collateral, making the 3 other tax parcels “free & clear” with our ownership in our names recorded by Montgomery, Jan 2014 via “Deed(s) in our names with water rights on Deeds to read ” if any water rights” shows clearly the corruption/conspiracy between all co-conspiritors premeditation & collusion in our murder attempts beyond any doubt!

Showing the “whys & wherefores” of our being stonewalled from receiving Deed(s) from STCU, Stevens County Auditors office, Tim Grey or STCU Statutory Warranty Deed holder appointed by STCU, Trustee Services, Inc.

If we received our Deed as we should have instead of 1 document from TSI, Inc & Tim Grey of Maps, Surveys 2006, & water rights granted by DOE, it would clearly show the land theft/Water Rights theft by colluders listed above.

You cannot legally sell 20 acres on May 21, 2010, & change land base/water rights deeded to this property March 26, 2013 & refi the “change documents by Montgomery by STCU & have it be anything other than Real Estate fraud by all co-conspirators, & then try to murder the victims of this fraud to cover their asses & retain the property for Don R Dickey to provide water for other property owners, which HAS been done.
Guilt proven!

The Dickey’s intention & actions with co-conspiritors show beyond reasonable doubt their collusion, motive, intent, access, & opportunity for their murder attempts made, documented & covered up….
We were never supposed to be living to pay STCU Mortgage off!

3. This Intel is substantiated with STCU appraisal Nov 20, 2013 that I discussed with Jeff Mularski that what we bought from Dickey’s May 21, 2010 did NOT marry up with STCU refi documents.

You cannot sell (Dickey’s) 4 separate tax parcels equaling 20 acres, take 25,000 down payment & after the sale change the property lines, but that is exactly what occurred.

If STCU underwriters didn’t clue in, the Statutory Warranty Deed Insurers (Avista CEO’s previous employment-insurance companies) surely did, I have the documents from Mularski/STCU to prove it.
Our refi STCU-Mike Hadley assured us no 3rd parties (Trustee Services, Inc Silverdale, Washington-Kititat County) would be involved!

Everything pertaining to STCU refi would be done “in house” at STCU Spokane, Washington were were promised, anyone want to hear THAT conversation????

Yep Boyz, you have really crapped in your own nest & exposed alot more powerful entities that do not like this type of exposure & accountability is the key word here!

Why would any Corporations think they could “get away” with such murderous motive & intent???
Immunity to prosecution???
You messed with the wrong 1st Nations Woman, no one threatens me or tries to harm, murder me or anyone or thing I love, period! What have you all, co-conspiritors gained by doing & trying to do this to us????

All you have accomplished is establishing you are a anti-Indian discrimitory, racial profiling, targeting bunch of idiots, currently with your asses flapping in the EYE of a Hurricane, exposed right down to what brand of underwear you wear!
Enjoy the process!
Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree/HakiktaWin
Descendent of Teton Hunkpapa Holy Man & Chief, Sitting Bull via his Sister….Mary Good Elk Woman-Dupuis!

4. Jeff Mularski at Nora Street location/Spokane Head Office…for the record!
And, both AW are STCU members in good standing.
Paid off our Bravada Oldsmobile SUV 14.99%, paid off refi mortgage July 17, 2015,

Credit cards….TransUnion Credit Score Monitoring shows we have never missed a payment or ever pay late to any credit or bills we have, very diligent with Monitoring our use of credit to creditors TransUnion representative said on Wednesday Aug 31, 2016.

AW & I have excellent credit scores.
Will take a hit for cancelling Chase Freedom CC, but at 25.99% APR….who needs JP Morgan/Chase when they are being sued by Greece & other countries for selling bad mortgage loans & passing their criminality lawsuit settlements off to their customers!

Chase Bank was hacked in April 2014, did not notify customers until July, the hackers then used Chase customers personal/financial info to hack IRS & steal more personal/financial info, individuals return money, and hackers then did Identity Theft…

Besides, Chase Bank-Colville/Chris Wright illegally pulled AW credit score 9 times for our 2012 refi with Chase we cancelled (magic date) March 26, 2013, & mine…6 times & I was NOT even on refi application.

All without our knowledge, except twice for AW for refi, once for me original refi/2013 credit card, or signatures, or permission.

We had low US credit scores, coming from Canada 2010, Chase does not use them, we got them up by buying Bravada/STCU, & paying creditors always on time/never late….by Chase pulling them so many times between 2012-2014 kept lowering them illegally.

Have the FICO Credit Scores to prove it, Chris Wright told me to throw away unopened after AW & I cancelled refi with Chase…

Reason why Chris Wright told me just to throw any further mail docs from Chase away…there was Chase’s notice we had been “DECLINED” the refi, not that we cancelled the refi….that came May 2, 2013 with FICO Credit Scores….

And, Chris Wright saying to us afterwards…”How are you ever going to get a refi???”
He knew exactly what he did by pulling our credit scores that many times over 2012-2013….

When investigators started digging, & Montgomery waived 800.00 owing for fixing my credit, (the very man who made Montgomery Statutory Warranty Deed holder, Chris Wright/Chase Bank-Colville) & we had our recorded Water Rights on or 2014 deeds Montgomery recorded in hand…

Montgomery threw Chris Wright & Dickey’s under the bus & bailed, sending our whole case file Sept. 2014 to us….after STCU had paid Dickey’s out our Private Contract mortgage January 8, 2014.

By that time Chris Wright already had left Chase Bank, after 18 years with Chase as a real estate mortgage specialist….he knew he was caught!

I cancelled our checking account with Chase Sept 2014 with Kathy Thomas who had a family connection one of the PI’s

I had hired former Detective Colville, Jerry Muugas who had given me the criminal background on Keith Allen Wilder, drug dealing buddy with Dickey’s after Dickey Senior…Don busted Wilder for manufacturing & distribution of hard drugs using UPS/FEDX….

Wilder ratted out his crew of fellow drug cartel dealers, got a deal, did 33 months got out & went into business with Dickey’s with Border Patrol etc protection!

Then, enter Mr. Greve, the computer genius 2006 taking Dickey’s/Wilder into the future of drug manufacturing & Distribution!

Only problem in their World…

Us, 2010….they figured Dickey’s would get rid of us, like everyone else Dickey & the Status Quo took for everything they owned, including their reputations…re: Fishers before us!
It did not happen as planned…

Nor did the murder attempts, still trying though Aug 31, 2016…with zapping my horse.
And, here we are today with all the perps, all participants/co-conspiritors asses flapping like a kite in a hurricane….
You just have to love it…

5. For the record:
We “Paid IN FULL/Paid off” our refi mortgage with STCU July 17, 2015….
Have the evidence/witnesses to prove it!
Now, I want our Deed(s), all separate tax parcel numbers we still are paying taxes on, with recorded Water Rights on all 4 tax parcel DEEDS!

We own it outright, not the Dickey’s!

Want the original contract 2010 property boundaries, maps etc…everything for the 20 acres, 4 separate tax parcel numbers for 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd, (Orient) Kettle Falls, Washington 99141-9736….& we are NOT a shared residence as Dickey’s background check indicates with Greve/Dickey, & our phone number is not Dickey’s as indicated on background check (GT) as indicated ran Oct. 23, 2014….(Lindquist)!
Busted again, Boyz!
No getting out of this, no free pass, no immunity any longer!
I want to see you fry!
Conspiracy & collusion in premeditated murder irrefutably established for & against Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors!

6. If you don’t actively pursue why we never received our Deed to the 12 acres we did our refi with STCU Jan.3, 2014 paying off “crook” Donald R & Marilyn J Dickey Jan.8, 2014 with Adept the original Dickey/Wade Private Contract (McGrane/Schuermann-Stevens County Title Company/Summer Stahl)May 21, 2010 recorded by Tim Grey auditor recording June 26, 2010…you are implicated Jeff Mularski….you received all the originals & everything else but our 1st born child, only not asked by You/Hadley STCU, because we are to old!

We gave you everything you asked for “All Documents, ID’s, EVERYTHING!”
If you are NOT part of the Solution & produce our Deed, the other 3 deeds/parcels were free & clear when you/STCU paid Dickey’s “IN FULL,” you are COMPLICIT!

7. TSI, Inc says Full Reconveyance doc is release of Deed of Trust, so why did the land base change from 20 acres May 21, 2010 to less land base March 26, 2013???

Why with a Full Reconveyance does it not proceed maps, surveys, ownership, encumbrances (if any) easements & water rights on 4 separate tax parcels, 12 acres & house, only collateral taken??

You can’t buy 20 acres in 2010 & refi in 2014 exact same property, & lose acres…be stonewalled by lenders & have a legal transaction, re: Real Estate Property Sale.


History and And More Information Posted BLOG WISE!




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