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Avista Board and CEO Scott Morris Hired Montana Drug Dealing Governor Marc Racicot

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FOREWORD/UPDATED (click “red” links to links)

This particular blog reveals ALL the connections to those who are either directly involved or complicit in the attempted murder of Suzanne Dupree/Belva Schuldt and her husband Arnie Wade. At the bottom of this blog there is the documentation and naming of each company and perp involved and what they are guilty of.

I chose to do this on this the Devils Day to expose those who are his “angels in time” starting with Avista CEO Scott Morris and his drug buddy Marc Racicot because the primary perps in the attempted murder of Dupree are in fact drug dealers/manufacturers with Don Dickey working direct and with the protection and support of the “COUGH COUGH”…FBI, BORDER PATROL, HOMELAND SECURITY and the DEA (who’s “wannabe dykettes men’ ignored my emails to investigate their involvement.

Add to this network is the world wide child pornography network run by Kent Duane Greves. Yep…they all know each other “intimately”.

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The Avista Board brought aboard Racicot in August of 2009.

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This is what Avista CEO Scott Morris said about Racicot…

“We are pleased that Marc has agreed to join our board of directors. His breadth of experience and knowledge of the Northwest will be great assets for our corporation,”

The three “links” below explain and define exactly what the “breadth of experience and knowledge of the Northwest….” Morris was talking about….




The Republican Party under Bush was considering hiring this drug dealer.

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That is understandable because a FBI Operative exposed the Bush Family involvement in drugs. Darlene Novinger was murdered by Bush when she went public.

It’s all in the Rebuplican family…and Democrat too. Can’t leave them out…right?




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And of course there is the other “common denominator”…pedophiles/world wide child pornography snuff children porn by “Britt” Kent Duane Greves and “friends” all connected in the below links.

“There are clearly two different demons at play here. There is, of course, a demon of homosexuality in those who openly parade their sodomy in the streets. But then there’s a different demon of child molesting that is inside some of these reported molesters … I’m not saying that all of the homosexual are child molesters, I never claimed that. But I’ll tell you in this case, all the child molesters in the Boy Scouts are homosexual. And how can I tell that? Very simple, it’s logical, there were no girls in the tents. Those are men molesting boys and their attraction to other men, or even other boys, is a different demon and we’re calling that out.”



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Great day to share this information…celebrating and honoring Satan Day.

Dedicated on this day to THIS pedophile Satanic Witch…guess who? Click HERE

Here are the links connecting everyone together as protected by the infamous DOJ and FBI who have allowed Avista’s Morrisons friend to what the below links document they have done to this day!



CNN “Schmuck” In A Jewess Body Jessica Ravitz Does The “Redskin” Spin On Standing Rock!

FOREWORD: These Facebook Links are from Indigenous Lakota Dakota and other Nations “News Reports” revealing what Nazi’s in “Jewish Clothing” like Jessica Ravitz and her Jewish controlled media “4th Reich of the Rich” are making sure the world does not see. This is no more or less then the continuation of the historical genocide of “Redskins” by White/Jew/Free Masonic/Christian elements throughout the history of this country to this day. Steal the land and the “natural resources” at all costs…say 60,000,000 from the Jew Columbus AKA Columbo’s to the Black Hills to Standing Rock!


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Yes everyone…there was and still is a Nazi-Zionist connection to racial eugenics and “Indian Country” genocide and Ravitz is ‘Fait accompli” proof of that!

Click HERE and HERE to read what a real Jew wrote about the CNN Bronfman-Ravitz  Talmudic Jew “progeny” and their “Nazi” connection etc. which goes right up to Standing Rock in “Indian Country”!

Below we will share about Ravitz’s “Jewish Family” genocidal history with Indigenous peoples starting with the Jew Columbus!


Image result for jessica ravitz jew cnn

Howdy Jessica! Guess ya didn’t make to the protest site huh? Did you have a nice “spin the story” meeting with your Talmudic hate “Indigenous Goi” boss? Did you happen to discuss that latest article you wrote about “lying may be your brains fault”? How to hide and snuff the violence, beatings, attack dogs, shootings, jailing and by JackBootNaziThugs in their treatment of Lakota/Dakota Oyate…men, women and children, their Tribal brothers and sisters and supporters?

“When we lie for personal gain, our amygdala produces a negative feeling that limits the extent to which we are prepared to lie,” said Tali Sharot,  an associate professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London. “However, this response fades as we continue to lie, and the more it (fades) the bigger our lies become.” (Now go look in the mirror Jessica 🙂 )

You know Jessica…the title to your article should have been “lying may be a Jews fault” when it comes to Indian Country and Standing Rock especially!

“You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel…” Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache

Your “spin” is a plagerization of the Jew owned media’s spin on the racist  Washington “Redskin” team…owned by a KIKE with majority of players NIGGERS by asking “PreTendians” who are NOT “Tribal Members”…who do NOT have anything more then “Cherokee Princes blood” or did they live on one of the poorest Reservations in the country (thanks to Talmudic Jews) like Pine Ridge or Standing Rock for instance…”hint hint” about how the MAJORITY feel about one of the most hateful exterminating words targeting a specific race of people in history starting with one of your own...Columbus!

You are good Jessica but guess what? I am better 🙂 Have you read this yet about the American Holocaust written by…”one of yours”?

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Let’s start with the Bronfman connection to who you work for …CNN ok? How does it feel to work for this family  of Jessica?

To help “reconstruct” if possible your brain…we we need to have a short course in “Follow The Jewish Dots Connection To The Oil Pipeline On Standing Rock” for DUMMIES 101″ OK? Ya ready Jessica? I know your readers will love this!

Lets start with the Kelcy Warren Rick Perry  connection because of $6 million from Kelcy Warren when Perry was running for POUS. Next…there is the Rick Perry connection to…cough cough…Israeli Oil Interests!

“CBS11 devoted more than  7 minutes last night to this Bennett Cunningham report on Rick Perry’s family excursion to Jerusalem, paid for by Texas Israeli oil interests who have scored big in Texas”. Warren is in bed with Israel and Israel works direct with the Jew owned media to hide the truth about all things Indigenous when it comes to Jewish interests…like Standing Rock!

So Jessica, me thinks you need to ‘rewire” your lying brain…ya think?

By the way for you lovers of John Trudell…one of his BEST music buddies works for Warren… 🙂 who owns Music Road Records, a roots label that operates recording studios in Austin and Cherokee, Texas.

Warren’s musical model is singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, who this week put out a statement opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline and announcing that he’ll donate all proceeds from a tribute album of his songs released by Music Road Records to tribes fighting the pipeline:

I did not know anything about Kelcy Warren’s other business as the production of this album went forward. Although as a music publisher there is no legal way to deny permission to a record company to cover a song that has been previously published, I could have dissuaded the artists from appearing on this record had I known. I routinely vet the companies who ask me to perform for them. I do not play for oil interests. I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray. The list of companies I have denied the use of my music is long. I certainly would not have allowed my songs to be recorded by a record company whose owner’s other business does what Energy Transfer Partners is allegedly doing — threatening the water supply and the sacred sites of indigenous people”

A liar just like his best buddy and murdering American Indian Movement chairman John Trudell!

Remember it is not good to lie Jessica but then again…we have to remember the tradition of Goi Hating Talmudic Jews like you and those you work for…especially when it comes to Indigenous Peoples…right?

Hey….how did you like that term “Schmuckette” Jessica? 🙂

Image result for l. frank baum exterminate redskins

I have a trivia question for you and Jews like you Jessica . When was the last time you went to see a play that JEWS LIKE YOU LOVE that was written by a man that called for the EXTERMINATION OF REDSKINS?

Yikes..I forgot I wrote this and it went “syndicated” a LONG time ago. Gulp…hoping it still applies to “you and yours”…yep…it does!

Happy Hanuka Jessica!

My gift to you and yours is this truth that before the Jew Columbus ever hit the beaches…the Messiah of the Red Man who gave them this their land came among them with the promise that His land will be cleansed from the likes of any and all who have listened to the devil to murder His Oyate even as “you and yours” have always done and are doing today at Standing Rock and in spite of a “Trinket Sell Out PreTendian” Carl Bruce and a few others you probably paid to say what they did and who’s relatives more then likely worked with the White/Jew assassination of Sitting Bull!!

Just know that you and yours and CNN and all other Jew owned “snuff the truth” owned MSM have the BLOOD of these innocent Oyate on your head and will stand before Hashem to be judged and condemned to HELL! I promise you that!

Guess that “Washington Redskins” owned by a Kike spin on your story didn’t work after all huh? 🙂



Psychiatrist Says Demonic Possession Is Real…Say Demon Aleister Crowley Sodomite Satanist “Possessing” Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras

UPDATED with links connecting demon possession to sodomy to Satan to HELL which Karen Sue Andras is willingly choosing which is why God’s spirit ceased striving with her…giving her over to a reprobate mind…having pleasure in this UNRIGHTEOUSNESS as a daughter of Satan!



The below links reveal the Satanic sodomy demon possession connection which Bill Bunting represents in a fullness and Karen Sue Andras is now fully possessed by…namely the demon Aleister Crowley who appeared to her as a child. This way of life is what she always wanted and Jesus gave her the desires of her heart to be not a daughter of God…but of Satan himself using his high ranking servant Bill Bunting!


This is who Karen Sue Andras is “married ” to

Aleister Crowley was a child murdering Free Mason pedophile who desired to be “Satan’s Chief of Staff” and who’s life of pure Beast666 evil is the spiritual source…

View original post 1,929 more words

‘OPIUM’ REAL REASON FOR AFGHANISTAN WAR: Why Pat Tillman Was Killed / CIA Suiciding US Soldiers Overseas For Bankers

The War on Terror is a sham. We are just here to guard Drugs for the CIA and Bankers. The American People need to be told.

Two days later Pat Tillman was dead. Executed by 3 shots to the forehead at close range, from a NATO Rifle.

If you are guarding (Opium) Poppy Fields, and you complain, you are “Suicided”

The Taliban Destroyed all the Poppy fields. It was corrupting their country and their youth.

This caused the US Bankers and New York Bankers, to lose $300 million a month in Drug Money.

The rumors are true. United States soldiers guard poppy fields in Afghanistan

Our soldiers are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. It’s no secret. Back in 2006, a friend of mine in the Army sent me pictures of British troops doing that exact same thing. Here is one of them:

British Soldier Guarding Poppy Field in Afghanistan

And, opium isn’t the only drug our government is dealing in! Remember that CIA plane that went down over the Yucatan two years ago carrying 3.2 TONS OF COCAINE!? Allow me to refresh your memory:
[ 2007/09/26/cia-plane-crashes-in-yucatan-carrying-32-tons-of-cocaine. ]

Afghanistan opium poppy cultivation 1994-2007

The Taliban has almost eradicated the poppy fields. No sooner did the war begin and the poppy fields were reborn.

Even The Troops Are Waking Up. We are the “Real” Terrorists.

“Today, the drug movements and networks are controlled by the Americans and the hegemonic system and Afghans are acting as their agents…” But we knew this already…

I have had former students of mine who have served in Afghanistan tell me they have witnessed caravans of black SUVs driven by Americans dressed in civilian clothes, all giving the same name when questioned, pull up to the poppy fields the soldiers were guarding and remove large numbers of plants filling up the SUVs and driving away smiling and waving to the soldiers as they pulled away.

The soldiers know what is going on…

Official: US, NATO Now in Control of Narcotic Trade in Afghanistan

A senior Iranian judiciary official blasted the West’s performance in fighting drugs in Afghanistan, and stressed that the western states, particularly the US, are now in control of the drug trade in the war-torn country.

“Today, Afghans have no special influence in the issue of narcotics but the NATO and western states control drug production and dealings and are busy in this fields,” First Deputy Head of the Judiciary Ebrahim Raeesi said at a conference of the anti-drug police chiefs here in Tehran on Tuesday.

“Today, the drug movements and networks are controlled by the Americans and the hegemonic system and Afghans are acting as their agents,” Raeesi noted.

He blamed the western countries for Afghanistan’s deteriorating drug problems, and added, “They can prevent drug plantation and production through their capabilities in the short run but we are witnessing no action by these countries and drug production has rather found a new form due to their presence.”

The official blasted the western countries for the aggravating drug problem in Afghanistan, and described the huge increase in the production of narcotics in the war-torn country as “a crime against humanity”.

Earlier, an Afghan lawmaker had disclosed that the foreign forces deployed in Afghanistan are involved in the production and trafficking of illicit drugs in the country, adding that the British troops have even trained a number of experts for opium cultivation.

“As long as foreign forces are present in Afghanistan, the cultivation, production and trafficking of drugs will continue in the country,” Nasimeh Niazi told FNA in April.

Heroin-production labs in Helmand, which did not exist before the US-led war in Afghanistan, are now plentiful and work overtly, she added.

Eastern Iran borders Afghanistan, which is the world’s number one opium and drug producer. Iran’s geographical position has made the country a favorite transit corridor for drug traffickers who intend to smuggle their cargoes from Afghanistan to drug dealers in Europe.

Iran spends billions of dollars and has lost thousands of its police troops in the war against traffickers. Owing to its rigid efforts, Iran makes 85 percent of the world’s total opium seizures and has turned into the leading country in drug campaign.

Abuse of Our Military

By Rick Taylor

We should all thank our veterans and current servicemen and women for their service to our country. That is and always will be a “no-brainer”. But over the past several years, after studying what is really going on in the world, I think we can best serve our military, just as they serve us, by making absolutely sure that their mission is in the best interest of their/our country, and not special interest groups or international corporations.

If our country’s leaders really appreciated our military, they would not allow them to be so abused. When they use our military for nation building, international politics, and guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, our military is abused. When whoever is in the White House sends our troops overseas to serve as United Nation “peacekeepers”, they abuse our military. When our military is sent off to war without a Declaration of War by Congress, our military is abused.

When our government can spend billions and even trillions of dollars for military bases and embassies in Iraq and now Afghanistan but cannot maintain safe and sanitary veteran’s hospitals, our military is abused. When our military is forced to take untested vaccines, that make most of them sick, they are abused. When certain government and military officials have interest in companies that sell these multi-million dollar vaccine contracts to the military and thus profit enormously, they abuse our military. When our government allows our military to be exposed to chemicals and the residue from depleted uranium munitions, they abuse our military. When our troops later become veterans and our government often refuses to treat, or even test them for illnesses caused by vaccines, chemicals, and depleted uranium, they abuse our military.

When our supposed enemy, the Taliban, receives American tax dollars, in the form of protection money from companies that bring supplies to our troops, our military is abused. You can call it the cost of doing business, paying off the enemy, so they will let the supplies go through. When this money keeps the Taliban in business, our military is not only confused but abused. When the Taliban is seen being ferried around the country in helicopters supplied by Western companies, our military is abused. If the Taliban is hiding out Al Qaeda and Osama, our enemies, what in the hell are they doing receiving our money?

When there is nearly unanimous agreement from our current political class that our military forces should be kept in the Middle East and now Central Asia as an occupational force year after year, decade after decade, they are abused. To cancel their retirement and extend their duty beyond original contracts is abuse. Whey they reduce the standards of recruits in order to accommodate even felony criminals and foreign nationals, our military is abused. When they send our National Guard off to defend the borders of Iraq, while leaving our own borders open to potential terrorists, drug smuggling, and criminals, they are abused. I could go on and on and on.

The purpose of our military is not to insure the profits or protect the operations of U.S corporations operating in foreign countries. They should not die for KBR, Halliburton, the Carlysle Group, Exxon-Mobil, British Petroleum, Blackwater, Monsanto, etc. I know my critics will say that our military is keeping us safe from islamo-fascists. Is this really true? Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that our borders are open and have been, like, forever? If you were the president and you told us that the enemy hates our freedoms and wants to kill us, wouldn’t you first close the damn door to the country. TSA can strip search granny at the airport, but over one million people a year cross our border and no one in our Homeland Security cares. Perhaps there is a good reason they don’t care.

I will come out and say it. Peace in the world is not the purpose of the U.S. military. Our military’s purpose is to defend the people and property of the United States of America. And the people and property are at home. Anything other than that is an abuse of our military.

Legendary Marine Corp General Smedley Butler, author of “War is a Racket”, said that there are only two things we should fight for. “The defense of our homes and the Bill of Rights”. Anything other than that is an abuse of our military.


The backtracking, the misinformation, the deliberate withholding of documents that required a FOIA request in the first place, and now the demotion of a general involved in the “investigation” – all point to a cover-up of massive proportions.

Tillman had been keeping a journal since the age of 16, and he took it with him to Afghanistan. Two days after his demise, the journal, along with most of his personal property, mysteriously vanished.

Adding another layer of murk, the White House is claiming “executive privilege” in refusing to release documents dealing with Tillman’s death.

But who is being protected?

First they told us Tillman was killed by hostile fire fighting for Bush’s crusade to export “democracy” to Afghanistan. Then they said he was felled by “friendly fire,” i.e., by his own troops. These new revelations suggest – although they don’t conclusively prove – that this fire may not have been all that friendly.

What I want to know is this: how could someone who was apparently killed from 10 yards away – and was hit by three bullets in very close proximity on the forehead – be a victim of “friendly fire” from 90 yards away, as claimed?

All of which raises another, increasingly troubling question: Who killed Pat Tillman – and why?




General McChrystal issued a report siting enemy action for the death but later sent out a report indicating possible friendly fire as the actual cause.

Chris Matthews of Hardall, on July 26, 2007 cited the killing as “fragging” a form of intentional homocide. Autopsy results indicated no possible rationale for Cpl. Tillman’s death other than a premediated murder, with multiple 5.56mm bullets striking the Ranger in a tight pattern.

These were carefully aimed shots fired from only a few feet away, no other explanation is possible although many were given, and supported by the Army. The doctors who examined the wounds said “murder” but the Army had another agenda, one General McChrystal signed onto, one of deception.

What began to come out was that every word released by the Army under the watchful authority of General McChrystal was a lie, not just the murder being depicted as “enemy action” but every detail of the continually changing stories describing what now looks to be a political assassination. Cpl. Tillman had begun to openly discuss views “unfavorable” to the continuation of the war.

Tillman was not the “George Bush” crusader robot he was supposed to be. He had disappointed. He was going to have to pay.

With the presence of a sniper team nearby, a fact previously withheld, the source of the virtual “firing squad” salvo that killed Tillman was obvious. What is also obvious is that Tillman was murdered at the direct orders of the highest authorities of the White House.

One “dead Tillman” talking peace could have been worth a thousand “live Tillmans” in the field, if all of those threatened and coerced had only kept silent.

Whatever Stanley McChrystal does with his life, panding to neocon extremists, the “book” and the tours that go with it or real retirement, the murder of Pat Tillman will follow him to the end of his days.


ADMIN NOTE: Some think the War in Afghanistan was for a Pipeline. Except that the Bush Administration almost had a deal with the Taliban, up to the day of our attack. He was just stringing them along, because he knew the 9/11 Attacks were coming and he really wanted the “Drug Trade”, which the Taliban hated with a religious passion.

[ SOURCE: Veteran’s Today ]


US Troops Protect Afghan Opium Fields

Afghanistan Opium Fields and US Military Suicides and Assassinations:

Some brief history of US military intervention in Aghanistan

Muslim Terrorist Apparatus Was Created By US Intelligence

The Muslim terrorist apparatus was created by US intelligence as a geopolitical weapon. American Central Intelligence organized, trained, funded and armed the dis‐united, Afghan, tribal freedom-fighters under one banner, the Taliban, in order to resist Russian infiltration into the Middle Eastern axis‐of‐oil region (and opium production region).

Once the Russian threat was eliminated, the Taliban wished for legitimacy in their own Afghani national affairs. ‘Corporate’ American domination was unacceptable to the united Afghan freedom-fighters. Prior to 9/11, the US Administration had threatened the Taliban because they were reluctant to grant complete control of their homeland to ‘corporate’ rule. The Taliban were told that submitting to US Administration plans for the region would ”bring a carpet of gold”, but resistance would ”bring a carpet of bombs”.

The CIA has not severed its relationship with Al Qaeda

More on the subject is in the following articles.‐asia/CK20Ag01.html
and here:

Afghanistan’s poppy fields – The opium trillion dollar/year windfall
The oil companies get 80 dollars a barrel….the heroin/opium trade sells a barrel of Afghani opium for 19 million dollars wholsesale.

You figure when the US military is preventing the Taliban, Russians and local Afghan tribal lords access to the poppy fields, and the US military is protecting those same poppy fields….then guess what, whoever is pulling the strings of the US military is bringing in 19 million dollars per barrel of opium sold!!

And that is only wholesale. Street value is above 60 million dollars a barrel.

Oil? We’re Here for the Heroin! (at $19,923,200 per barrel!)

US Sponsored Afghan Opium Drug Trade

Afghan heroin & the CIA – Geopolitical Monitor

The Western world faces the onslaught and deaths associated with heroin addiction

Control of the opium/heroin trade is another reason for taking out the competition in developing nations. This is a trillion dollar per year industry.

Here is a description of the US military and the Afghanistan opium industry:

The US military is now protecting the opium fields which the Taliban, we were told, had been destroying before the war….So think about that for awhile:

Military “Suicides” – Keeping The Lid On The Use Of The Military?
Part 1 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,
Part 2 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,
Part 3 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,
Part 4 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,

Was the hero soldier, Pat Tilman, becoming too dangerous?

Also, scroll down to thread #17 (it is about the seventh thread down) of the following URL link, and listen to this fellow’s comment

Often, weapons are supplied to poorer, cash‐strapped nations in exchange for drugs like opium or cocaine….and the covert American government agents ship the drugs back to America/Europe for resale. In this next video, after the first minute, we learn about .

more on CIA drugs‐for‐weapons trade:

CIA Cocaine Connection
and here:

Tens of dozens of books have been written about the international drug trade, U.S. Government and military involvement as well as on some of the world’s most aristocratic families. Our own government may involve itself from time to time in protecting these people. Remember the huge drug cache found behind the propeller of one of former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s freighters? No usual sting operation was set up to catch those who would come to make the pick up. Just a press announcement to warn the criminals involved.

Canadians pay a dreadful price because of this. Our young forced into prostitution or crime to support their habit as well as too many people dying on our streets. Thousands of ruined Canadian lives. We can thank many of the West’s most respected elite for this trade. They make such obscene amounts of money in this trade this is an extremely dangerous topic and our police & media are aware of this. Justified fear keeps them silent except on the small people selling their dimes.

Sometimes a significant Asian drug lord is caught and exposed for their crime of being in competition with those who are really behind this evil.

Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking

85 percent of drugs produced in Afghanistan are shipped out by US aircraft

Afghan opium/heroin production under CIA supervision

[ SOURCE with Active Links to Posts/Articles ]



Why Me Now Believes My Adulterous Witch Wife Whore Murdered David N. Reisinger Husband Two!!


Image result for karen sue andras

Karen Shelton, Karen Elkins. Karen Sue Andras Karen Sue Bunting…

“xxx” wife who apologized for bringing “sexual darkness” into my life and emailed me she was listening to Satan to destroy me 🙂 ! AND…was upset I would not engage in making “sadomasochistic porn films” to make $ like she is now with Bill Bunting including “partaking of every evil sex act known to man….especially SODOMY”…his quote and now LIVE ON CAMERA!

I mean to bring into your family a family of “pedophiles and raping sodomizing of children beasts” named BUNTING has to be a testament of a “murderous spirit” and outright hate of your own children and grandchildren…ya know what I mean Karen? 🙂 No wonder he removed “Columbus” from his FB profile when I found out about his inbred incestuous relatives 🙂 !

Nice last name you have! 🙂 Has Bill told shared his knowledge about “fingering a child in the ass before it is raped”? Maybe your son Norman might allow his boys to be his “class” for the “new family values” he is bringing into your family…and Amanda too…her little boy…ya think? After all Norman is a fan of “Do As Thou Will” Aleister Crowley who said “sodomizing young boys” was the best thing a Satanist can do and enjoy and Crowley did appear to you didn’t he? Said you had what he wanted? NOW he has your grandchildren thanks to YOU and YES…THEY WILL GO TO HELL…thanks to you and Norman!

OK…sorry about the diversion folks…just had to add that before I forgot. Now back to the theme 🙂

The story she told me was she shot her husband after he tried to shoot her and took the gun away and shot him. Don’t believe it now…not in the least especially since ALL “records” have been removed about David N. Reisinger’s death. Not one word anywhere which means that something was “hidden” from media and public view.

After in answer to prayer she left me…all of a sudden she is texting me that she loves John Trudell of the American Indian movement of documented murderers, rapists, and pedophiles…the same group of US employed protected thugs and FAKE Indians who murdered 12 at Wounded Knee and others including Annie Mae Aquash.

Image result for richard boyden john trudell

John Trudell – re: richard boyden….tokala marine….this… | Facebook

re: richard boyden….tokala marine….this has been an issue for a while now…a private investigator has provided this information……he lives in ava missouri.

John Trudell – just a heads up theres a person goes by the… | Facebook

just a heads up theres a person goes by the names richard boyden and tokala marine stalking the friends on my page…..he’s spreading serious hate and…

Death Threat from John Trudell and the American Indian Movement ……/death-threat-from-johntrudell-and-the-…

Jan 12, 2016 – Death Threat from John Trudell and the American Indian Movement …. Star Exposes American Indian Movement Slander of Richard Boyden.

Then I get the above text from liar and now dead and in HELL Trudell that “we have been watching you for a while” while at the same time on his FB page he lied to his followers saying he did not know who I was but then admitted and then said his “privates detective” said I lived in Ava MO! She as the adulterating whore went to see this murdering bastard and iss complicit in the death threat filed in Douglas County MO naming Trudell.

Then again…when you see the complementary FB page by a rapist of a 14 year old Oglala girl named Lee THE WHITE MAN Whitehorse with the death threat there…guess who…WHO…”likes”…say Karen Sue Bunting/Karen Sue Andras and her whore for black men daughter Amanda Shelton.

THEN there is the email and death threats from her Aliester Crowley sodomite androgenous bi-sexual freak and son of Satan Bill Bunting etc.

So to tell you the truth…being I have forever exposed the FEDS as seen in my blogs and when on radio and since Bunting is also a Coentelpro SNITCH FED…I am convinced now the FEDS sent her to take me out.

Just food for thought and more then that…TRUTH established and Karen Sue Andras has been complicit from the first time she contacted me in preparing the way for my “enemies” to kill me!!

AND… I have exposed the American Indian Movement…the leaders of…and especially her hero Trudell on this blog more then most. Just “google” their names or read THIS!

Interesting that these two owned by Satan adulterating friends of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles would target me with the very lies their “friends” ARE guilty of! But that is how the FEDS work…to divert the truth by jacketing the messenger with LIES… “never served”, “never had a charity”, “never on radio”…I mean what a full time shit for brains failure to debunk what I have DOCUMENTED about AIM, the GOV, THEM and the list goes on.

Just what have they EXPOSED and most importantly..DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE they have any solutions to what is happening? NO and why…because THEY REPRESENT IN WORD AND DEED>>>SPIRIT AND LIE>>>THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF LATTER DAY SODOM AND GOMORRAH!   Bill “Reincarnated” Butt Hurt Bunting

Century Link – Quest Sub Contractor Jerry Linquest Complicit In Attempted Murder Of Native American Suzanne Dupree-Belva Schuldt

GPS Google Map Bingo Bango…don’t think you are NOT “located” BITCH JERRY THE FERRY cause trust me you are!


Glen F. Post III CEO Centurylink


You reading this Century Link Corporate EXECUTIVES? Hope so because you have a low life employee complicit in the attempted murder of NATIVE AMERICAN woman Belva Schuldt of Kettle Falls Washington. Your employee’s name is    J E R R Y… L I N Q U E S T!    He is working with his “bath house buddy” Don Dickey who is a documented drug dealer, land stealer, liar, and guilty of attempted murder of Schuldt and her husband Arnie Wade so that Dickey can get the “reconveyed”…complements of PEDOPHILE attorney Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm…property she bought and paid Spokane Teachers Credit Union for.

Dickey, Montgomery and Wayne Bell president of Stevens Title Company using a fabricated fraudulent “reconveyance” NOT SIGNED BY Schuldt document which KEPT DICKEY on the DEED OF TRUST…say NEVER EVER TRANSFERRED to…

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HughesNet CEO Pradman Kaul Sells “Hackable” Routers Through Criminal Award Winning Dealer House of Music

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A award winning Wall Street Journal Reporter is investigating this story and has ALL the documentation…say “major law suit”!

Exposing Criminal HACKER HugesNet Award Winning House of Music  owner  Ryke Dahlen Who Is Going To Witness The Launching of EchoStar19 In Florida!

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Chief Executive Officer and President of Hughes Communications, Inc. (HCI) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HNS) Pradman Kaul

UPDATED 12/14/2017 with emails from Native American Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree Hughes Net Customer documenting criminal “hacking” by Award Winning HughesNet Dealer House of Music Colville Washington! 


Call and email her (509)684-8359 Aand ask her questions about this. As “EXECUTOR OF HER ESTATE” you can also email me and I will send you documents and AVAST confirmation of HACKING by House of Music or call me at 816-599-1388. Also do a security hack scan and SEE HOUSE OF MUSIC HACKERS at work given they sold her their “Hacked Router” allowing for all she shares below to take place up to this day!

This is not due to your Security, it is due beyond our control by Hughes Network-House of Music installed hacked routers, Intel came from Hughes Network technical support.
Please continue to try & update Avast VPS, & keep for the record how it is not being allowed/blocked from updating…for prosecution of those responsible.
Thank-you, & we love Avast!
Belva Schuldt
The Internet Hughes Network House of Music hacked routers preventing Avast from connecting the internet is always on cloned app is preventing connectivity please make contact with investgators-journalists-friends, Richard Boyden our Executor… 1(816)599-1388 asap for more information Belva Schuldt 11/19/2016
Avast CLEANING just removed hacked routers 207 GB storage from my Android Tablet…keep all data to prosecute Hughes Network/House of Music/Colville forced purchase re: my not meeting their credit criteria to rent clean ones/routers while having 810 credit score & not providing the letter from Hughes Network reason for being declined required by LAW! Also, major parts of Avast Mobile Security has been removed. I want to purchase Upgrade, but for my device Google Play Store purchases for Avast are not safe re: credit card/cloned Avast app!
We all know it has nothing to do with your Service.
Help, Belva Schuldt 11/27/2016
My website is being blocked from loading & my access to it by Hughes Network-House of Music/Colville Wa installed by them hacked routers I was forced to buy instead of being allowed to rent monthly, all criminal acts including attempted murder of myself, husband & witnesses to their criminality…Belva Schuldt 11/14/2026
Avast is not responding, those responsible remain the same re:Hacked Hughes Network routers via House of Music controlling INTERNET connection etc… disconnecting Avast.
Please keep log files for their prosecution. Belva Schuldt 11.11.2016
Avast Mobile Security Android SECURELINE continues to be blocked from loading, internet//Satellite phone via Hughes Network-House of Music-Colville, Washington continues to be disconnected via their hacked routers…in Avast Secureline Mac Address 8c:01:2b:01:41 & IPV4 address is unavailable. This Android Tablet is not a MAC device nor is it a cell phone but it is being controlled remotely by one, which is not authorized by me Belva Schuldt (509)684-8359. When Avast was setup Nov 2015 the alternative email was which is not used for security purposes & I need Avast to use only the Belva Schuldt (509)684-8359 Authentication Credentials for me for Security purposes, which now I have updated Google & my Gravatar info to. Please create ticket & respond, the hackers override changes to my settings remotely. Thank-you Belva Schuldt 11/8/2016
Avast Mobile Security SECURELINE blocked by hacked routers/House of Music/Colville, Washington via Hughes Network please keep me, Belva Schuldt connected to Avast & keep screen shot of Internet wifi interference by hacking perps please.Belva Schuldt/ for legal action by our legal team.We love Avast Security!
Belva Schuldt
Nov 4, 2016 9:47 PST
I deleted uninstalled several Google apps phone/Bluetooth, voice to text, Google voice & now they are reinstalled & my Hughes Network Satellite phone & internet connection routers installed by House of Music-Colville are hacked disabling Avast Android Mobile Security, which Avast notifications say Network-Hughes Network is being monitored, VPN Secureline is blocked from loading, emails continuously queued & feedbacked to Google.
I am prevented from changing Google Authentication Credentials before & now!
I do not want my privacy violated & since you capture everything I want your co-operation in securing my privacy.
WSJ & other renounced global investigative journalists as well as Avast is Monitoring this illegal activities.
Belva Schuldt
3285 Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington
Only semi secure phone number & email address to use to identify me.
I am (maiden name: Suzanne Dupree
Teton Lakota name: HakiktaWin Looking Back Woman 10/30/16
I deleted uninstalled several Google apps phone/Bluetooth, voice to text, Google voice & now they are reinstalled & my Hughes Network Satellite phone & internet connection routers installed by House of Music-Colville are hacked disabling Avast Android Mobile Security, which Avast notifications say Network-Hughes Network is being monitored, VPN Secureline is blocked from loading, emails continuously queued & feedbacked to Google.
I am prevented from changing Google Authentication Credentials before & now!
I do not want my privacy violated & since you capture everything I want your co-operation in securing my privacy.
WSJ & other renounced global investigative journalists as well as Avast is Monitoring this illegal activities.
Belva Schuldt
3285 Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington
Only semi secure phone number & email address to use to identify me.
I am (maiden name: Suzanne Dupree
Teton Lakota name: HakiktaWin Looking Back Woman 10/30/2016


List of HughesNet Officers

Grant A. Barber – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
T. Paul Gaske – Executive Vice President
Bahram Pourmand – Executive Vice President
Adrian Morris – Executive Vice President
Dean A. Manson – Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
Thomas J. McElroy – Chief Accounting Officer
Deepak V. Dutt — Vice President, Treasurer, and Investor Relations Officer
Cleo V. Belmonte – Assistant Secretary
Andrew D. Africk – Director
O. Gene Gabbard – Director
Jeffrey A. Leddy — Director
Lawrence J. Ruisi – Director
Aaron J. Stone – Director
Michael D. Weiner – Director


Image result for ceo hughesnet pradman kaul.

Unbeknownst to HughesNet CEO Radman Kaul is that his “Award Winner” House of Music owner Ryke Dahlen sells “hackable rounters” to customers with one in particular being Native American Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree resident of Kettle Fall’s Washington.

Kaul does not yet know that Dahlen has disconnected the internet service to Schuldt on behalf of his buddies Don Dickey and Tom Johnson who worked together to coordinate a slick “real estate fraud” scam on Schuldt. Johnson is the President of Spokane Teachers Credit Union.

Read this blog for documentation and details about Dahlens friends and what they are guilty of including HACKING HER ROUTER AND PHONES “AS A TEAM” AND WHY!

In a phone conversation on August 10 with Ryke Dahlen, owner of House of Music in Colville Washington, he stated right up front that he was best of friends with Don E. Dickey and Kent Duane Greves.

Dickey was paid for the home they bought from him through Spokane Teachers Credit Union and thanks to his other buddies “barred” Attorney Chris Montgomery, Stevens County Auditor, and Stevens County Title Dickey still has legal title to her property. In fact…the deed of trust has never been changed but remains in Dickey’s name as legal owner.

In his attempt to maintain his ownership, Dickey and his “brotherhood” have made 4 attempts to murder Dupree and her husband. In fact, Montgomery fabricated a “document” that would solidify Dickey’s ownership upon the death of Dupree which given he still IS the owner “legally”, would end any controversy because the law in Stevens County…say Sheriff Kendall Allen and the “Courts”, would make sure the word “murder” would be eliminated in their investigation if Dupree and her husband were found dead.

Enter Complicit in the attempted murder of Suzanne Dupree and husband Arnie Wade the House of Music owner Ryke Dahlen and technicians/ installers of the HughesNet Satellite, Dish Network, and with the assistence of Centurylink Quest rep Jerry Linquist.

Now say “Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router”! This “wire tapping/multiple line users/turn on and off by “controller” say Dickey and Greves among others…was installed by House of Music Audio security specialist/Brandon Keeley. The individual who set up routers/Hughes Network (509)684-6441

Dahlen confirmed in our phone conversation that a “split line” could be set up on “my property” so that those of my family who moved there could be included in the “multiple analog land line network” with their own privacy and passwords with the “controller” being able to “listen” which has been confirmed with Duprees experiences…say listen to, manipulate, disrupt and shut down any and all connections to any and all services that are interfaced with including phone, HughesNet Satellite, Dish Network, and Centurylink! Amazing huh because this is exactly what House of Music set up for Dupree’s enemies!


Dahlen’s House of Music even installed the ability for Dickey, Greves, and all the others to SEE any and all activities in Dupree’s home using the technological devices capable of and all this without knowledge of Dupree!


That’s right…she has NO INTERNET and NO WORKING PHONE! And HugesNet representatives hang up on her.This has been documented by AVAST SECURITIES!

Here are the features of the this Cisco router just to let you know what Dahlen’s House of Music had Brandon Keeley install for his  friend Dickey, Greve, and others to be named.

Dickey is a major mover/facilitator of drugs coming from Canada into the US

The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router is an analog telephone adapter that combines high-quality, feature-rich voice over IP (VoIP) service with LAN connectivity. Easy to install and use, the adapter provides two independent standard telephone ports to connect analog phones or fax machines to a VoIP service provider for clear voice calls, reliable fax connections, and simultaneous Internet and LAN with the integrated router. The standards-based SPA122 is compatible with Internet VoIP provider features such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, distinctive ring, and much more to provide a complete, affordable, and highly reliable VoIP solution.

  • Enables high-quality VoIP service with a comprehensive feature set through a broadband Internet connection
  • Uses advanced voice quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities and the voice Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stack
  • Supports reliable faxing with simultaneous voice and data use
  • Is compatible with all industry voice and data standards and common telephone features
  • Includes a simple-to-use web-based configuration utility for easy deployment

Then there is the Jerry Linquist Century Link AVISTA connection to this “cabol” of KKK Indian Hating murderers! From a blog of Suzanne Duprees.

Open Letter to Avista Corp/Douglas Kyle!

Mr. Kyle,
Lock ring resealed, security cams in place.

Avista’s attempt to call was unsuccessful because it only rang 4 times.

I was outside, missed it but *69 & checked caller ID (509)680-6014.

Recognized the number, checked my little black book of phone numbers, it was Jim/Avista number from several years ago 680-6014!

Had things to do, & called from my satellite Hughes Network phone…

And, I get Jerry Lindquist’s voicemail, you know Jerry Lindquist’s/Centurylink-Quest, & Kan Dhu Electrical in Chewelah???? Richard Boyden called the same 680-6014!

Jerry Lindquist voicemail Boyden got too!

Then, a short time later, Avista/Jim calls the satellite phone # asking if I called his 680-6014 from the satellite phone number!

Not everyone, Doug is as dumb as a stump!

And, after you, Douglas Kyle state June 8, 2015 there were no hazardous conditions with Avista’s 1984 leaking transformer, then threats from Scott, your supervisor locally at Avista file #1505021 at Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, and, finally after trying since Feb.2, 2015 for Avista to remove the leaking transformer…Sept 14, 2015 after another Avista attempt shutdown by Avista repair crew fearing for their lives/Safety because…it was NOT just harmless oil, Mr Kyle it was PCB’s leaking!

Which Avista finally removed 8 months later, legal council for Avista Bret Browning playing silly bitch with Barry Bachrach for months on end, lying, lying, lying…!

The leaking PCB transformer was removed from Orient Cutoff Road by 5 Avista vehicles, one hazardous waste containment vehicle, Avista workers in hazardous waste protection gear, & finally got what should have been done immediately!

All filmed, photographed, witnessed & documented, through the whole Avista removal process while Arnold Wade Was Not Home, Mr Kyle/Avista Corp…

Trying to do it without witnesses, & I alone…gang stalking is illegal!

We know who & what your Avista/drugs-Centurylink-Quest CEO’s are all about with Avista dirty electricity, Smart meters/Transformers with surveillance & data mining capabilities, & the accompanying health hazards associated with them to customers/consumers, including death!

So, Mr. Kyle/Avista Corp….

Your locking ring tag is spot welded, back in place as required, we still pay our Avista bill early, despite your crummy track record with us personally! No one comes here while Arnold Wade is not here, Avista has a serious problem UNDERSTANDING that fact!

Your dirty laundry Avista/Centurylink-Quest Jerry Lindquist is bagged, tagged & exposed…
The investigators know where you all live, all your contact info & what brand of tidy whities (undies) you all where, how you are all interconnected & co-conspiritors & why!

And, for the record Avista/Centurylink-Quest Jerry Lindquist….anything happens to us, our animals, our home, vehicles…the World knows it was no accident, but by design!

Anything you don’t understand about what is written here, Douglas???
Call Lindquist, he has Boyden’s number & the message to all co-conspiritors, “Not IF, WHEN!”

Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman
Arnold Wade
July28, 2016

“Even in the little town of Colville, sometimes people do things right!”

Ryke Dahlen owner of House of Music in Colville Washington.

Local Business Wins National Awards (Silverado Express 11/2/2015)

When a small town business sweeps the competition for national and regional awards, it’s clear that they are doing something right. And that’s exactly what Ryke Dahlen hopes. Colville’s House of Music won both the West Coast Regional and the National Award for Customer Service and Retention from the HughesNet Satellite Internet Company this summer, much to the surprise of the business owner.

In July, HughesNet flew store owner Dahlen to the company’s national summit meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, for the award presentation. Coming from a town of less than 5000 people, Dahlen and his Main Street store left over 200 dealers from larger towns in the dust for customer service ratings and retention. Dahlen says that House of Music has installed and serviced more than 1000 customers in the area. Providing satellite internet for 20 years, the business has been installing HughesNet for the last decade, and the Internet company’s Gen4 service for the last five years.

In Charleston, Dahlen was presented both the national and regional awards by the company presidents along with national and regional managers. It was an unexpected reward for a history of great customer service and good local business practices. “Even in the little town of Colville, sometimes people do things right!” Dahlen says, and the statistics back it up. For more information about HughesNet satellite internet or the other services provided by House of Music, stop by 142 South Main or call 509.684.6441. You can also find them online at or on Facebook at



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