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Washington State The Racist Indian Hating Murdering Nazi Example Of Sodom and Gomorrah



My once upon a time home Washington Sate has always been a Indian Hating state for as long as I can remember and that includes being born there.

I remember going to Western Washington University and tutoring English on the Lummi Indian Reservation near Bellingham and the continual legal assault by White Liberal/Conservatives of any and all things “Treaty” or using the same to pad their pockets by disenfranchising White commercial fishermen using the Bolt Decision so that George Weyerhaeuser could make big bucks off of fish farming salmon.

Jumping to my living among the Lakota in South Dakota and experiencing the murdering hate of Whites there of all things Lakota with the FBI working with and protecting the influx of drugs onto reservations by their cartel “buddies” while protecting the dealers on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, and Standing Rock Reservations. Just like the FBI did in Montana working with the Governor Racicot who now is on the Board of AVISTAUTILITES!


Fast track to Native American Suzanne Dupree/Belva Schuldt living in Kettle Falls Washington and she is and has exposed the same drug activity right up the road where she lives. Result of her exposing this has been to be targeted for DEATH by FBI protected drug dealer Don Dickey…former border patrol boy and who still owns the home and property she paid for thanks to Stevens County CRIMINALS who are friends of Dickey’s. (SEE BLOGS PREVIOUS!)

I swore and oath to protect America and Americans and that includes NATIVE AMERICANS from enemies foreign and domestic and Washington State in my opinion is anything but American in their collective and individual treatment of Native Americans with Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree being one major public example.

Message to the perps is…give her her deed of trust and leave her alone with her husband to live a life of freedom and peace or I will pray the wrath of God on you and trust me…God does answer my prayers and I don’t even need to do a “Recall Nam” on you…nope…I have seen my God “drop dead” folks in a second by heart attack etc. The exception to this is if “you murder her”!

All that has been done to her is recorded in the realms of eternity with each guilty soul identified as being of Satan in their attempted acts of murder of this woman and her husband and as my blogs document.

Being a former radio talk show host and now a disjunctive and not very professional syndicated journalist…I have done my best to expose any and all guilty of crimes against Native Americans including by the American Indian Movement and the US Government and now…The state of Washington and in particular Stevens County naming every one guilty of every act targeting Suzanne and her husband and I will continue to do so until justice is given her.

No death threats from me other then for those who if she is “found dead”…and I know who the perps are and then they are my mortal enemies in time as they are Gods. There is not ONE in this State or County who has come to her aid other then a old man they murdered…Ruben Mc Michael which they covered up…say by Dan Bryant with Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen making sure the TRUTH about his murder was and is covered up to this day.

This will NOT be the case Stevens County and Washington State if she is murdered and that is why I have exposed each soul involved in this FREE MASONIC LUCIFER INSPIRED AGENDA OF RACE HATE IN WASHINGTON STATE including ALL businesses involved through their corrupt evil acts targeting her.

You murder her and then know that “all bets are off” and that is my promise and anyone can take this any way they want. Murder me and then all that I have written about is CONFIRMED and if that is what it takes for her story to get out…then so be it!

Semper Fi!







  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Thank-you, Richard Boyden…
    I truly believe, even the most ignorant, worm hole brain, consummate Corrupt criminal here is beginning to understand their situation is most dire….
    Not from us, Maxey…but from the higher echelons of those they exposed.
    We want our Deed, our water rights, us & our animals peace…and, the land boundaries we were sold…
    Dickey/Greves get 2/3 of the water…too bad they wrote checks with their mouths their butts can’t cash…though neither has the Homestead Water Rights of irrigation from Kettle River, domestic, & livestock as we do grantors DOE.
    No one has a drilled well, other than 3285/3295 Orient Cutoff Rd in our area…info, DOE!
    Take your portion, Greve/Dickey, get some wells drilled, folks!
    Nothing is free, and as the old messenger of the Status Quo told me after going thru the motions of doing his job for Wildlife, Fish Stream sent from Spokane DOE…
    Lady, best get your husband home…
    People out here get murdered everyday over water!
    My response was…I do not need my husband home to defend me…
    And, if anyone gets murdered over our water rights…it won’t be us.
    Eventually, all the perps will play the blame game among each other, & they will be murdering each other for getting them into the mess they got themselves into!
    For being what they are…Godless!
    Has nothing to do with us, the victims, as there are many of us…
    It has to do with the choices these perps made themselves!


  2. And, this is a daily occurrence on drug/Pedofile infected reservations/tribal lands across to Indigenous people in Mexico, North America, Central & South America!

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    Indian Country Today Media

    Breaking News: 13-year-old Lakota Girl Gunned Down on Pine Ridge
    Full Name:
    David Rooks

    e-mail icon
    Wednesday morning, just after 3 a.m., 13-year-old Teca Clifford was gunned down in front of three of her friends on the main street of Pine Ridge Village on the Pine Ridge Reservation. She turned 13 four weeks ago, on June 22.

    Police radio traffic indicated the girl had been shot through the abdomen at least once on a sidewalk beside Highway 18 near Yellow Bird’s convenience store and across from East Ridge Housing. The call to Pine Ridge Ambulance Service from police dispatchers was received at 4:03 a.m.

    Although tribal police took two men into custody later that morning, no further reports on their identities or whether or not the men were placed under arrest have been issued. Oglala Sioux Tribal Police Chief Eugenio White Hawk has been unavailable for comment.

    Bob Perry, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Rapid City Office confirmed that the FBI is leading the investigation, but declined further comment.

    Julie Richards, founder of the Pine Ridge Reservation based group Mothers Against METH Alliance (MAMA), wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, “One of my girls was shot this morning and killed by a grown man, our household will never be the same.”

    Richards says her group is repurposing and dedicating a previously planned march against meth on Saturday in Pine Ridge Village to honor the slain youth. The rally is scheduled for 10 a.m.




    • Pine Ridge…the Oglala Lakota are FAMOUS for protecting drug dealers with the help of the FBI… like Alex White Plume… Theresa Two Bulls who’s half breed feral black son was selling cocaine out of her home when she was Tribal PROSECUTOR! Of course the shooters are part of a “political family”… which is why names hidden!

      NIGGA NATIVES… killing their own like NIGGERS… so don’t talk about White RACISM to me when the crimes of rape and pedophilia are ongoing and hidden on Pine Ridge hand in hand with the DRUG DEALERS and their protectors the FBI!


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